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  1. Batur

    Chibi's Let's plays

    Hello Chibi! If your schedule is not full, do you mind checking out my game? https://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/
  2. Batur

    Shattered Hourglass

    It's fresh update time! I've come with an another content update. Changelog is here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3996/blog/13239/
  3. Batur

    Shattered Hourglass

    Thank you very much VanillaCube. It was a simple mistake I did on scripts, when I'm going to upload a new version of SH those problems will be solved.
  4. Batur

    Shattered Hourglass

    Hello good folk of rpgmaker vx ace. It's been quite a long time since not updating this page. There are plenty of changes happened since my first post, even the default RTP faces replaced by much better faces. I'm working on my final touches right now, just an optional Arena stage left. You can also check StarPrincessHLC's Let's Plays for more information about my game.
  5. @BOSSBERRY, too many windows for a tiny place, maybe you could delete some of them. It'll look much better. Also north-middle wall's left side one or two pixel off, Other than everything looks fine After the suggestions, I've changed some stuff, added lights, bath's left side covered with wall. Also about empty shelves, our vampire got robbed, so there is nothing left except the keys we can get out of our room. It will be a puzzle/adventure game ^.^
  6. Batur

    Life Trading Skill

    I think you can do it, but if you don't make something like that, make sure your first skill's "Only in Battle" and make your Character only learn first healing skill, otherwise I don't think it'll work as you say.
  7. @Kire, I think the north side of road needs more purple water. Also again for the north side of entrance, maybe adding some unlit torches on walls would be look great. This is my new project's first map, vampire and bloodbathing stuff.
  8. Batur

    Life Trading Skill

    You can use a script for doing that, pretty easy to setup; http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/follow-up-skills/ Make two skills, Example; %25 HP Heal the target.(1), Caster takes %25 Damage (Skill 2), Put the notetag on your first skill ; <follow up 2> , so when you heal any character by %25 HP your caster takes %100 chance of %25 damage.
  9. Batur

    official game show case ChigooX PlaYZ

    Hello OpenWorlder, if you are still taking suggestions for your "Game Showcase" or "Let's Play", I don't care which can do. Can you try my game? It's a quite long game, I don't think you'll do the full walkthrough, anyway here's the link; http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/16805-shattered-hourglass/
  10. Batur

    WumbelMaster's LP Game Room!

    The whole Digimon battle and Agumon's trainer dialogue is optional for the Silly Mode, I've ripped them in Serious Mode, some people don't like the non story related stuff ^.^
  11. Batur

    WumbelMaster's LP Game Room!

    Haha, silly mode unlocks 10+ optional battlers, you can't find them on serious mode, which makes the progress a bit harder After beating the guardian, Agumon will be much easier! Thanks, they are pretty challenging and anti spam attack to win!
  12. Batur

    WumbelMaster's LP Game Room!

    Progress! Yay! With new equipments you have found from ghost, you are pretty much ready to fight with the guardian. Game hasn't started yet
  13. Batur

    WumbelMaster's LP Game Room!

    It's good to hear that, I'm looking forward to your video, thank you for taking your time ^.^
  14. Batur

    Shattered Hourglass

    @JonSnowden and ShadowServant, Thank you very much, I hope you'll enjoy it ShadowServant ^.^
  15. Batur

    WumbelMaster's LP Game Room!

    Hello! It's really fun to watch LP videos. I guess I'll do the first request for you ^.^ Title: Shattered Hourglass Genre: Adventure/RPG Bugs: None (Since my native language is not English, I can count my grammar as a bug.) Wanted to hear: I love criticism, it really helps me to Improving my game. Story: It's a journey about a time mage and a man that wants to get the time mage's powers to create a new world.
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