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  1. ihartrpgs

    mapping [REQUEST] In-depth Parallaxing Guide

    Yay! I'm glad you got it working!
  2. ihartrpgs

    mapping [REQUEST] In-depth Parallaxing Guide

    What type of computer do you have? For my new laptop, I have to press the FN button then the F key because it's set up a bit differently for me.
  3. ihartrpgs

    eventing [REQUEST] Kill X Amount of Monsters Quest

    Thank you so much for adding your suggestion! Don't worry about it being a month old; many will appreciate your tip. I put a link to your response in the top of the thread so others can find it easily.
  4. Talk to X Amount of People Requested by PoorCollegeGuy devonm0 made a great addition here. The first thing you want to do is make the event where the quest is. For mine, I am going to do a grandmother looking for her grandchildren. In the event page 1, you want to add the text and then make a switch that activates the quest. The next event page, you will have the conditions switch set to the quest. Next, make a variable for the quest. Make a conditional branch and set the number to the amount of people you need to talk to. Inside that, you will have the completed quest and you will turn off the quest switch and then turn on self switch B. The third page will have the self switch B on, and have the message with after you completed the quest. Now, to make the children, the simpilist thing to do is to have the variable add by 1. This will make it easy to copy and paste the event. The first page is talking to the children before the quest. The next page is to have it to where the quest is on. It should include the variable and a way to make it so that you do not keep selecting the character after you increased the variable. And that is all there is to making a quest where you need to interact with an X number of people.
  5. ihartrpgs

    interior parallax feedback~

    Those look great! To get rid of things becoming blurry when you resize it, try this:
  6. ihartrpgs

    I don't understand...

    Hi, You will need to set the other two to parallel process.
  7. ihartrpgs

    mapping [REQUEST] In-depth Parallaxing Guide

    There are pros and cons of parallax mapping. It does take up quite a bit of time, even with the short cuts I'll show off. However, it does feel worth it once the map is completed. I like to map both in the editor and parallax mapping. If you'd like, I can do an in-depth mapping tutorial for the editor as well. With mapping in both, I can't tell you which one is better over the other. I love both methods and switch off and on depending on the game. There are ways to make the parallax maps smaller if they are too big as well. The first method is to save the background as a jpg and all the transparent areas will be filled with black. You can also use TinyPNG, which compresses the png maps as well.
  8. ihartrpgs

    Sim Game Mockups: HUD and Chibi Maker

    I am wanting to do a hybrid of sims and the construction/building games. Unfortunately, I am going for ambitious at the moment, and plan to work on the game to see what I can add and what I will have to cut. ^-^ Sims is my favorite franchise as well. I do know that I will eventually have to go to the recruitment thread and see if anyone is interested in joining a team to work on this project, but I want to try to get as much done by myself first as I can.
  9. ihartrpgs

    mapping [REQUEST] In-depth Parallaxing Guide

    That sounds like a great idea! Feel free to keep making suggestions. I would love to continue with the series and help others out with their maps.
  10. I have made up a few mockups for my sim game. The first one is the HUD. I have three that I am toying with and I am not sure which is the best one to use. Next up, I have the chibi maker mockup. You do not need to have a coat of arms if you do not want it. The red circles are things required and the white circles are optional. Please feel free to comment on what you like, dislike, think I should change, etc. The clothes will probably be set to one whole outfit like the Sims 1 was. This is due to the fact that the chibis are small and I'm not sure how much having separate shirts, bottoms, and shoes will do. If you wish to have them separate, please let me know and I will go ahead and try to make them separate. You can make suggestions on this journal, or you can do so at my website. I will also be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the game as well.
  11. ihartrpgs

    mapping [REQUEST] In-depth Parallaxing Guide

    I'm not too sure. I could go over how to map certain areas, but everyone has different styles on how they like to do things. I'm a bit sad that this might be the last chapter. I could keep an eye on this thread and see if anyone requests anything down the line, or if anyone needs an in-depth tutorial on something else, which I would be more than happy to do. EDIT: Outside lighting is done. I can't think of anything more to go over, but if someone requests something for me to go over, I will continue to make chapters for this guide.
  12. ihartrpgs

    mapping [REQUEST] In-depth Parallaxing Guide

    Hi, The next one should be coming today or tomorrow. I am struggling a bit on what things to go over after the outdoor lighting though. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to request them. ^-^ HalestormXV, your maps look impressive! Like I mentioned in your thread, I love the beach and your town. It has a very cozy feel and the music you picked fits the town so well. I'm really glad that my tutorials are helping you and others out. If you need me to go over anything, please let me know and I will be more than happy to put it into this tutorial.
  13. ihartrpgs

    So I am New to Parallaxing....

    It looks really good. I love the beach that you made and the town is so cozy.
  14. ihartrpgs

    June ReStaff Witchcraft and Fantasy 2014!

    Nice work on your side too, dear. Afraid I had to rush mine up, but glad to make that sprite anyway. Can't wait for the next one! Waiting for Jonnie to tell us the next theme is like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. And you did an amazing job, Spectre! I love the shading and coloring.
  15. ihartrpgs

    June ReStaff Witchcraft and Fantasy 2014!

    I'm so glad to see this up now. Great job to everyone, and the theme was so much fun to do.
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