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  1. dbchest

    dbchest's Datalog

    removing this scene from the main menu is a simple task. open the script in the script editor and scroll to the menu scene code. as you're browsing, you should see the place where all of the commands are manually added to the menu screen. just remove this scene from them. I no longer support rmvxace, apologies; I've made a full transition to mv.
  2. dbchest

    All the Tears that Bled

    I like it very much but I feel like it is a tad unresolved. there are moments where the passion is built to a certain pedigree and is not sustained at that same level throughout: the scar burns the past yearns the memory it haunts me this was a wonderful way to start, imo; it set the tone for the whole poem. my defenseless father my screaming mother again, very powerful, however... my little brother and that monster I lose passion on these lines; "little brother" is a relatively disconnected way to refer to loved kin. I would like to see a better adjective used in place of "little" at this point in the poem. I won't intrude with recommendations; if you make alterations, I would like them to be your own. I feel the same way with "and that monster." it's not just that monster that haunts him, right? it is something particular about it...something in the way it moved, the way it growled, etc that keeps him awake at night, right? it's the little things like this that make me feel like the poem is unresolved, but all the same, the direction is clear and I enjoyed it.
  3. dbchest

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    yo, you're doing an awesome job! i love how you've created a different theme with your artwork. familiar faces, totally different emotional portrayal.
  4. dbchest

    dbchest's Artwork

    sycra is a very talented artist. i follow him on youtube; it was a unique experience to watch him evolve as an artist and develop his personal style. that video posted above is wonderful. I have been very busy with my primary career and my personal rpgmv project (almost ready to announce it to the world), but I still found myself gravitating back to familiar hobbies, haha. this time, I caught myself doodling chibis! chibi:
  5. dbchest


    thanks jackus! you can lock this topic actually; a client has filled this request. apologies.
  6. dbchest


    -bump- did i mention i'm purchasing? haha. no one? really? haha...
  7. dbchest


    spriters, I need a rather large tree with an entrance at the foot. it must blend well with the default rtp. if you think you can help me out, please pm me with your rates. Derek
  8. i'm in league with takeo. i can't view the images via permission issues, but i'm interested in playing the demo as well.
  9. dbchest

    Cryo Weaponry

    i pre-ordered mv back in October of '15. you did a great job.
  10. dbchest

    dbchest's ATB

    hey everyone, i hope my inability to respond has not caused any of you inconvenience; i am at sea once again and so my internet availability is hindered. i will look into some of these issues and report back at a later time; i have been working on a separate battle system in the meantime; it has been taking up the majority of my free time.
  11. dbchest

    Objective Popup

    solid move friend! i'm gonna go ahead and follow it! good luck Will.
  12. dbchest

    Objective Popup

    it looks really good. do you have an official thread in the projects section? if so, provide a link?
  13. dbchest

    Objective Popup

    when do i get to play that game?
  14. dbchest

    Objective Popup

    awe man, that looks sexy!!
  15. dbchest

    Objective Popup

    i did, thanks man! i forget the little things sometimes. that is what happens after a hiatus!
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