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  1. Caveras

    RPG Maker VXAce Profiler

    This is a nice and interesting helper script, thanks! Only one thing: You mention the graphics.update skipping without providing any info as to what can cause this or how this can be changed/solved. For a regular non-scripting user, such info might be valuable =)
  2. Caveras

    Dual Wield -> Free Hands

    how do i make it so that i maintain equipment tags for individual characters instead of all characters going into default? Dalhan: I've uploaded you my two scripts as I use them right now. The Fomar one is put way below all Yanfly scripts in my game. Maybe just take a look at how I set them both up, especially the lines where the slot types are configured, and maybe it helps with your issues =) YF Equip: http://chapter731.net/uploads/yanflyequip.txt Fomar Dual: http://chapter731.net/uploads/fomardual.txt Edit: Of course it's possible that you use some other scripts that interfere with the setup, but I also use a lot of other equipment scripts too and it still does what it's supposed to. Oh, and you can ignore the additional Shield type under equip type 7 in YF's script, I just wanted to test something there. It works, but i have one problem. it turns every character in the party to have default slot type. I want everyone to have different custom slot types...Please help. Look in the Fomar script I uploaded, there's an area that already has what you're looking for: class Game_Actor def equip_slots # if @actor_id == 1 # return [0,1,2,3,5,4,4] # else return [0,1,2,3,5,4,4] # end end Only thing is, the actor-specific slots are commented out. Change this part to class Game_Actor def equip_slots if @actor_id == 1 return [0,1,2,3,5,4,4] elsif @actor_id == 2 return [0,1,2,3,5,4,3] elsif @actor_id == 3 return [0,1,2,3,5,4,2] else return [0,1,2,3,5,4,1] end end This should give actors 1-3 different slots and everyone else the default slots.,
  3. Caveras

    Link Equipment to Skill/Item

    The game normally doesn't check Skill Type for usable. Adding Skill Type only "shows" the skills in the skill list; the actor CAN use the skill if being forced. My script doesn't change that. However, my script still checks other conditions like MP/TP cost and weapon type requirement. I see what you mean, and you're right. But I've grown used to modifying scripts and inserting certain checks by now, so that's not a problem (for me, at least =)
  4. Caveras

    Link Equipment to Skill/Item

    Except everyone can 'throw' :/ You would just have to create a skill type for Throw, then create single skills for, say, six different kinds of shuriken, and give your destined thrower the skill type. That way, not everyone can throw =)
  5. Caveras

    Link Equipment to Skill/Item

    This sounds like a fine way to integrate FF-like Throw commands! Nice one!
  6. Caveras

    Random Enemies in each Troop

    Not a scripter myself, so I probably can't help you out, sorry. But I'm guessing you tagged everything right? Each tag in its own line? And you understand how TheoAllen's script works? (You create a dummy "swap" enemy and tag it with a desired number of "real" enemy IDs, then move on to troops and create a troop with your desired amount of dummy "swap" enemies, which will be swapped with the real enemies in battle?) Well I guess you understand everything alright, but I only wanted to make sure. Maybe try putting TheoAllen's script above all the other modifications? Other than that, I can't see where it goes wrong, but of course there may always be some script-specific compatibility issues (not a rarity when animated battler scripts or parameter modifications like level scripts are in play).
  7. Caveras

    Random Enemies in each Troop

    what do you mean by that? Try putting the script below all your other battle system-modifying scripts in the script editor. Just tested this because I found it interesting and wow TheoAllen, wonderful script and easy as hell!
  8. Caveras

    Main Music Mini Game

    The RGSS Atelier devs have a script like that - see here: http://www.atelier-rgss.com/ the Evo Expert thingy (3rd video on the homepage). How to implement it is up to you, but generally it seems like the most professional one of that sort of script you're looking for.
  9. Caveras

    Phoenix Wright Esque Evidence Menu

    I am so supporting this! While there are some python-based PW game engines out there (like Novelty, Ren'Py or PyWright, i guess) I'd love to include a PW homage into my projects. Not the easiest thing to accomplish for sure, unfortunately.
  10. Caveras

    Multiple enemy targets

    Check out this nifty thingy: http://himeworks.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/synchronized-battlers/ =)
  11. Caveras

    SSS - Defend HP/MP Gain (Translated)

    Considering other people don't have your games and don't want to edit their Defend command for a variety of reasons, I feel that your post here is somewhat redundant.
  12. Caveras

    Battle Reactions

    Fine script! Thanks for your ever great efforts there, TH ! =)
  13. Caveras

    It's Status Effect Time!

    Charm is actually one of the easy ones. You can make a state, at the top left set it to "Attack an Ally" and then seal the skill types you wish via the Features to the right ^^
  14. Caveras

    It's Status Effect Time!

    Maybe a bit overwhelming, but certainly useful as a first stop: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Status_Effect =)
  15. Caveras

    SSS - Defend HP/MP Gain (Translated)

    This is nice; one suggestion though: Is there a quick way (or rather, a lazy way for me without trying around on my own) to make this apply to states? I just thought it would be nice if you could create Guardian skills or something like that. They would add a state that activates the guard healing. But not every guard move by anyone. Edit: Although it is probably quick enough to add this into Yanfly's Lunatic States scripts and apply the function via notetag, right? I think I can do that by myself, but anyway, thanks for the nice idea =)
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