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  1. BigEd781

    DMO - Random Name Script

    Ok. C# has the same "problem" though (no tail call recursion), so it's curious as to why you hit it so quickly in ruby. But yeah, recursion is rarely used in non-functional languages, and it is never actually required. There are of course problems that lend themselves to recursion like walking the nodes of a tree (i.e., directory traversal, etc.).
  2. BigEd781

    DMO - Random Name Script

    Just Just curious... why do you believe that a name generator requires the use of recursion? You can certainly use recursion in ruby, though there is no tail call optimization so you may well blow the stack if you call your function recursively too many times. I'm interested in what you meant by that statement.
  3. You say that you call the method like so: $class_name.whatever That would be incorrect. The name of the class is not the same as an instance of said class. Creating a class does not magically create a gobal variable along with it. You would need to create it first. $some_var ||= SomeClass.new #some_var.whatever
  4. Because the UI doesn't have a chance to update. Windows works via a message queue. You can call draw() all you like, but if you're in a tight loop you never allow the message queue to process and you see only the last update. You are circumventing the basic game model of initialize_data(), update_data(), draw_screen().
  5. You Rock!! Now I see why your attitude and personalty are so great for a mod! Just a simple NO! was a perfect answer! I am your pupil my master...jk (star wars qoute)

  6. Interesting. Is RGSS3 moving to a zero-index standard? I haven't had a chance to browse the new scripts yet. RGSS3 is a library, it has nothing to do with ruby the language, which has always used zero-indexed arrays. If you look at the $data collections you will see that they are padded at the beginning as to allow more natural access to elements based upon their id in the database.
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    Miscellaneous Options

    Jet.... these scripts are great and all, but... get a life bud! Damn!
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    Hi. ^^

    Welcome bud.
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    Yeah that's right

    I need no introduction... .... But I made this topic anyway.
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    I am Amy Pond

    Welcome fellow programmer.
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    New Forum, new smells

    I think I remember you from my RRR days... welcome to the site.
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    The RPG Maker Legend

    Hello ROOTB... Franklin.