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  1. Incredible. It worked--for now. Needs further testing--it needs to work for 11 simultaneous party members. Thank you!! EDIT: yes, it's working for a full party! Thank you again.
  2. Yes, of course! RBS - actions.txt RBS - engine config.txt
  3. Ah, I'm sorry about that. I had no idea the links were dead. I guess that confirms the author has vanished! I will attach the script with the error. Thank you for the suggestions! I will try the load order, although Ramiro's instructions were to put Yanfly first. It's worth trying. As for TheoAllen's battle system, if RBS proves to be unusable, I'll switch over. I took a look and it seems packed with features, although I'm hoping it's easy to drop into my project as a replacement (without too much customization). I don't want too much flashiness, but it seems this system gives lots of control over that. RBS was the only good side-view system I found when I began my project, so I just stuck with it. But this suggestion may change things for the better! RBS - classes.txt
  4. This is RBS for those that haven't heard of it. I have been using this script paired with Yanfly Engine, battle system, and character switching for a year. Battles have been testing fine and the scripts are perfectly compatible... until now. It's something I never bothered to test before because everything was working fine. As you may known, Yanfly's character switching allows ROSTER sizes larger than 4 (not party size; my battle parties are limited to 4). However, when a 5th character joins, and I attempt to run a battle, I get the following error. The relevant bit of the script looks like this (bolded is the line that's called out in the error) I am not a scripter and don't really have a handle on what I'm looking at. To me this module is pretty clear about what it DOES, but I don't know what's producing an error. I looked through the manual on Ramiro's blog (linked above) but couldn't figure it out. Again, this error ONLY occurs when 5 or more characters have joined the team. So my only guess is that RBS is trying to call info for the other members even though they are not actually in battle. What really confuses me is that, this isn't a new feature with Yanfly, is it? VX Ace could always have (unlimited?) characters join the team, but no more than 4 active battlers. So would RBS also break without Yanfly? I will gladly provide more script, as I'm guessing the error is happening earlier in the script. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me problem-solve! I tried contacting the author directly, but it's been many months with no reply.
  5. axiobuild

    Tidloc's Minimap

    I'm trying to figure out how to work this script. After reading the comments at the beginning of the script, I still don't understand. I wanted to look at your demo to see how it works, but the demo itself seems to crash when I: 1. select the minimap option from the menu 2. press enter while looking at the screen that comes up
  6. Much better title music than last time. Opening text: "made possible they're rulers"->change to "made possible by their rulers" Did you know the Slave is invincible during the hero battle? I assume that's intentional. Still having problems exiting town... now the "It's dangerous to go alone" message follows me at random times when walking around town. This only happens after I try to exit. I will try this again later, I must be doing something wrong because other people aren't having problems.
  7. axiobuild

    Check: Chapter One

    Some title music would be nice--unless the silence is intentional. Sky's status description, "weilding"-->spell check. On the world map, Yuita is represented with the "ruined houses" tiles... yet, the town is in perfectly good shape. If you want to show the town is in especially poor condition, the buildings should show signs of disrepair. Inn, upstairs, when you attempt to enter a room, the message reads "You don't the key for this room." Pub-->west, bottom corner has a dummy staircase. Pub-->upstairs, second room. When you approach Sky doesn't automatically say it's locked (you have to press the action button). You forgot to set it the event to "on player touch" like the other doors. Is Sky's hair... changing colors...? "recieved"-->spell check. The event that is used to talk to the bartender should be placed one tile north. The way it is now, the player can be facing Apple, press the action key, and bring up the pub menu. "Lets"-->spell check. When doors open (all doors in Yuita) there is a regular wall tile behind it (so it looks like there is no opening). "theif"-->spell check. "say's"-->spell check. Weapon shop-->description for Magic Staff runs off the screen. Mt. Yuita-->your trees are missing tops. Mt. Yuita-->I walked a long way to that west part of the map only to discover it blocked was off. And no treasure to reward my inconvenience. :\ Check your description of the Long Sword. When Sky uses Aura Blade, he says "Aura Slash". I actually find the cut-ins for Aura Blade to be quite annoying. How exactly did the general obtain descriptions of Sky and Apple? "conveinient"-->spell check. "Well! Why don't we see i---"-->this line is cut off in-game. Those forced encounters are too much after the boss battle with Kerberos. I had no chance of getting out alive. Not enough money was given to buy enough potions back in town, and Apple was easily taken out by Kerberos. Sorry--no interest in replaying this in its current state. Closing comments: Mapping is subpar (Mt. Yuita) to average (Yuita). Mt. Yuita (outside and in the volcano) especially needs some work; it has too many long straight edges, and generally looks unnatural. I like the conversations that pop-up. However, I'm not sure how I feel about them being on a timer (or whatever's causing them). In Tales games, conversations are optional, and a notification will appear *without interrupting the game*. In other words, you have a choice to view it or not. I'm not criticizing your treatment of conversations, as I myself wouldn't know how to make it Tales-style. Just a thought for possible improvement.
  8. Judging from the descriptions you've written for your characters, I'm sensing some serious sexism here. Perhaps that wasn't your intention. You have gone out of your way to mention something about each female character's physical attributes, and even three of your male characters mention something about their relationship with women (two of which are not favorable, and one of which is entirely irrelevant). Your characters seem shallow and unlikable. I hope your game is a parody. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is, considering you named one of your characters after a washed-out and emotionally challeneged quarterback.
  9. Good to know. I wonder, can I save at one point, keep the save file, and restart from that save file when an update is made? Can't say much about the gameplay, as the intro battles were obviously intended as Lufia-type high-level hero fights. However, I liked the intermittent dialogue during these battles, spices them up and adds to the drama. As mentioned previously I didn't get out of the village so I didn't get a feel for regular battles. Mapping is just fine so far. I have no comment on the Nexus: it's meant to be a sort of celestial/nether/other dimension type of place, so it looks how it's supposed to look. Nothing offensive about the village--in fact I would rate it above average. As for the story, there is certainly promise. Obviously the main bad guy has some baggage that we'll eventually discover. I'm wondering if the King's son will actually be dead (I'm guessing not!). I imagine the heroes in the intro scene will become mentors for the main character(s), or perhaps must be rescued at some point. However, even though I never actually was able to leave the first village, the main character's... well, characterization felt shaky. Spritely young man eagerly does odd jobs around town. As you know, it's a bit cliche. At least his family's still alive and actually living under the same roof--you definitely don't see that very often in RPGs! So, I'll give you points for that. (unless you're going to throw a plot-twist at me where they all get stomped right away or they're not his real parents or they're really demons in disguise or something like that?) Understood. I'll take that as a compliment. I'm an elementary school teacher myself, so I expect I probably do sound like one even when writing posts on forums. Huh. Where in the world did I come across it? Well, I'll figure it out and report back. Yes, I think I'll have another go at it. And you're welcome.
  10. (Playing non-RTP version) Stream of consciousness commentary. Looooooots of grammar and spelling issues. I tried to keep things in order of when they occur to make the errors easier for you to find: First of all, the title screen music is...unbearable. "mediatation"-->check your spelling. "What is the update general."-->Is this a question? Might I recommend rewriting as "Do you have an update for me, General?" "Hahaha"-->It's just laughing, but you must *never* have a dialogue box without any punctuation. In this case, you'll either want to use an ellipsis (...) or an exclamation point. "On that logic"-->Change to "By that logic," if you must use the word logic, but really there's no logic to be referenced here. The General has taken the initiative, so the sentence may as well just read "I ordered our troops to muster." "Again you show my faith..."--> change to "Again you have shown that my faith is well-placed." "Go to the troops, inform they"-->check this phrase! "Finally, Revenge"-->Is Revenge a proper noun in your game? If not, it doesn't need a capital R. In the status menu for Mesforath, double-check your description. "totally bent up" should be "totally bent on" In the status menu for Slave, again check the description. "forced" goes off the screen. Spell check "concious". "vengence"-->spell check. This occurs twice. "If I was able to move freely"-->again, get some punctuation in there. An ellipsis would be appropriate. Slave skill called "Vamprism"-->spell check. "Attrium"-->spell check. "Godamn"-->spell check. "wil"--spell check. "I because you are his spawn..."-->No idea what you meant to write here. Maybe, "Because you are his spawn... I will see you share his fate." When the good-guy reinforcements show up... ugh, that music. So awful. "I'LL SEND YOU ALL TO HIS SIDE!!!!!etc." And now I have to backtrack on my comments regarding punctuation. You always need it. But not THAT much! One exclamation point will do. "existance"-->spell check. "is what keep the Nexus"-->change to "is what keeps the Nexus" "but an exception person"-->change to "but an exceptional person" AHHHHH the renaming screen is in Japanese. My hiragana is OK, but not enough to form a complete name. "Its"-->You need to fix these. Most of these should be contractions, i.e. "it's": It's a map... It's Dad... It's Mom... It's an assortment... It's about damn time... Hopefully it's more than slimes... It's a note... The practice dummy is a nice touch. "Barging into my parent's"-->change to "Barging into my parents' room", as both parents are living in the home (right?). "I've had it for awhile"--> change to "a while", two words. "themselve"-->spell check. I like the cat. Hey, the game locked up after your Zelda reference. I can't move! Had to stop there. One last thing: are you certain about the word "Phantasmial"? Perhaps you meant 'Phantasmal'.
  11. axiobuild

    Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    -The encounter rate for the first dungeon in the game seems a bit high. I really wanted an autobattle command by the second floor. -Unpleasant first dungeon design. -This is quite nitpicky, but you may want to change the name or at least the abbreviation of money. I keep thinking I earn thousands after a battle ends. Use something without a K in it. Sorry, I gave up. >.< Ran out of potions before I was able to find the way out of the first dungeon. In that time, wandering around and getting mobbed by enemies, my characters had gained 5 levels--might want to check balancing, unless that was your intention.
  12. You've got some good taste in music, there. I also appreciate the completely minimalistic trailer. Trailers like these are so much more effective that the rapid-fire clips set against a backdrop of bad orchestral and/or metal music we're used to in the mainstream. I'm interested.
  13. axiobuild

    Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Does "strong religious themes" or "atheistic views" really necessitate a content warning? The devil-worshipping part is a fair warning, and is normally labeled as "occult themes". But there's nothing particularly inordinary about religion or atheism. It is the 21st century, after all. Any extreme content related to either would be suitably covered by "occult themes", as neither religion by itself nor the lack thereof are considered by the mainstream as harmful to minors in any way. Anyway, I didn't jump in just to rain on your parade--actually I'm going to try this out and post feedback later.
  14. The spoiler tag under Custom Animations doesn't open. Otherwise, looking forward to this!
  15. I have a question about Ramiro's Battle Engine (doesn't seem to be answered on his blog). During battle, all(most?) actions make the camera zoom in. I'd like to disable this so there is no camera zooming during battle. Anyone know how I might do that? Ideally, I'd like to disable the battler/enemy graphic scaling as well.