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  1. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Transient is the first one with the "hard boss" music (Battle3 of the RTP). The one that uses Pulse and Trauma, and is immune to physical damage unless Weaken is inflicted on him.
  2. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    For sure, not everyone gets stuck on it - but many people have reported it as their first roadblock. (For those who don't get stuck here, Transient is usually the first roadblock - and for those who do get stuck here, Transient is usually the second.) A lot of it comes down to how quickly you get here; since this battle is very challenging if you're low level, but fairly easy if you're even slightly high level. By comparsion, you have to be very far overlevelled before Transient becomes a pushover.
  3. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Finally got around to making an up-to-date video of battle footage. It's a better choice of battle too, in my opinion, as the one previously shown was a boss from fairly far into the game, that was also to at least some extent spoilery to know the existance of. Not to mention, it's literally considered the game's best (and hardest) battle, so it was neither representative, nor a great idea to show how to beat it in a demonstration video. On top of that, I also got the feeling that choosing such a battle revealed too much of the available options in the game, rather than leaving plenty for the player to discover on their own. By comparison, this one is a battle that's considered to be a highlight when first encountered and for a while beyond, but relatively unspecial by the time the player gets towards the later stages of the game. It's from a fairly early point in the game, and has little plot relevance, so doesn't really spoil anything. Of course, it still shows how you can beat this battle (which is one people tend to get stuck on), but I feel for this battle it's okay. It also shows off the concept of "you need to be strategic" without showing too much complexity. Of course, the biggest problem was simply that the old video was based on an extremely out-of-date version of the game. Here's the new one, which I've also added to the first post.
  4. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    V026b update. This fixes several bugs (including the aforementioned progress-blocking bug); see text file in downloads for full details. Fresh download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yu5bgfg0tosmrf/LoaO_V026_Fresh.zip?dl=1 Upgrade (from V023 or higher only): https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ky0rhudpy0xezg/LoaO_V026_Upgrade.zip?dl=1 Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1252703211
  5. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Have been alerted to three more bugs. Two of them are pretty inconsequential (one is mildly annoying, the other is somewhat exploitable but has no negative effects and is only possible to do once, within a limited segment of the game), but the third is game-breaking, in that it prevents further storyline progress. There are two quests that can be done in either order (including that you can leave mid-way through one and work on the other) about half way through the game. One takes place in water caves, the final part of the other is in a factory. To avoid the bug, complete the water caves before completing the factory. (It doesn't matter how much other progress you make in either area; just which order you finish them in.) If you have a save file that's already affected by this, loading that save in the next update will automatically fix it. Regarding release of the update, I'm going to give it a little bit longer to see if this person reports any other significant bugs first. If not (or once they're fixed), I'll release the update. In the meantime, if you have a save file affected by this bug, feel free to send it to me via PM and I'll fix it for you.
  6. Chibi's Let's plays

    No worries. Thanks for at least taking the time to take a look.
  7. This is in the tileset A1 section of the "Asset Standards" page. Can someone explain what the heck this is meant to mean?
  8. Chibi's Let's plays

    I'd love to see more LPs of my game, if you're still looking for things to play. Legends of an Otherworld It's an RPG Maker VX Ace project with a lot of similarities gameplay-wise to Final Fantasy X. You'll probably want to set aside quite a lot of time if you intend to finish the game; but if you just want to get a brief idea, I'd say that playing up to the Returner fight should be far enough into the game to have a very good idea of the overall gameplay / etc. This game is complete, it'll only get further updates if bugfixes are needed.
  9. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Given that no issues have been reported (besides that one bug fixed in the V026a update) either here or elsewhere, I'm going to declare this game finished now. Bugfix updates will still occur, but I won't be making any further changes to the balancing or adding any extra content. I've requested this post be moved to Finished Games; I'm also going to go back and pretty much entirely redo the first post at some point so that it isn't a mix-and-match of outdated and current info and so that it more accurately represents the finished product.
  10. So, through a bit of experimenting, I've realised that if you were to add an extra data field to the JSON files, while RPG Maker MV provides no way to edit this data, it does seem to preserve it. For example, if I were to add "lastName":"Smith" to an Actor's data in the JSON file, open the project in RMMV, then save it again, although I cannot edit this "lastName" field anywhere in RMMV, it will still be there when I save the data again. RPG Maker MV does not refuse to load the file with extra data either (unlike VX Ace, which threw a fit if the RVDATA2 files contained any extra fields, even if all the required ones were there). This is preferable compared to using notetags for me (it feels much tidier). So I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with using such a method, and knows eg. if there's anywhere RMMV does not preserve extra data, or anything else I should be aware of? (Obviously, I realise it's up to me to make the extra data actually do anything.) I'm not worried about what compatibility issues might exist with existing plugins, as I plan to rely entirely on my own code rather than existing plugins - my concerns are simply if the editor might end up erasing data under certian situations, etc.
  11. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Uploaded V026a. This fixes a bug that causes a crash when the player enters two specific battles (see spoiler tag if you want to know which ones, be aware that one of them is a somewhat significant spoiler). Download links remain the same; you can confirm you've got the fixed version by looking for a "V026a.txt" file in the ZIP. Fresh download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yu5bgfg0tosmrf/LoaO_V026_Fresh.zip?dl=1 Upgrade from Demo V023 or higher: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ky0rhudpy0xezg/LoaO_V026_Upgrade.zip?dl=1
  12. Control on floating follower's sprite

    Sorry, I don't really know much about how the follower system, or for that matter graphic-related scripts (aside from custom dialogs / menus) in general, work. If anyone else knows how to create the graphical effects you're after but isn't sure on how to tie them only to specific actors, I can help with that part.
  13. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Found a significant bug in one enemy's AI. I can 99% guarantee that none of you have fought the enemy in question yet (as it requires defeating every other boss, optional or not, in the game, except the final boss sequence), so you won't have to re-fight anything to get the "proper" fight. Just redownload before playing further. (If you used the fresh download before, you can just use the upgrade version to re-download.)
  14. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    Have to apologise once again regarding changelogs, as the detailed changelog was lost in computer issues. However, the pre-final version (a beta, I guess?) is now here! This contains ALL content, at last! While it's likely there'll be one or two more updates, these will be purely to fix issues with the game - mostly bug fixes if needed, I don't really plan to do any further major rebalancing as I want to start work on a new (related) project soon though may make minor balance tweaks. Forum moderators: Please don't move this to Finished Games yet, as I would like to have a chance to get feedback on and fix such issues before declaring it "finished". Download links: Fresh download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yu5bgfg0tosmrf/LoaO_V026_Fresh.zip?dl=1 Upgrade from Demo V023 or higher: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ky0rhudpy0xezg/LoaO_V026_Upgrade.zip?dl=1 Save files from demo versions remain compatible with this version.
  15. Legends of an Otherworld [V026b update 01/01/2018]

    No, it determines the type. If you want to add multiple slots at a time, you can do it like this: $game_actors[1].extra_equip_slots += [1, 2, 3]