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  1. Paradox

    VE - Free Jump

    This is amazing
  2. Looking for scripter / pixel artist [Commission]

  3. Paradox

    VE - Loop Animation

    Have a simple loop animation on an event; <loop animation id: 296> When I go to the menu and then exit the menu, the animation stops playing. What am I doing wrong, if anything? Also, when going from 1 page of an event to another with a different loop animation, it continues to play the animation from the previous page aswell.
  4. Is there any way to create different coloured lights? As far as I can tell, there isn't
  5. Paradox

    CSCA Menu Theme

    Does it replay the BGM from the moment you entered the menu or restart from the beginning of the audio file?
  6. Paradox

    VE - Damage Popup

    I'm sure it's fine, I think the guy is taking a break or something, but I don't imagine he would mind you doing this. pretty awesome anyway.
  7. It's always the simplest solution staring you in the face when you think it's something complicated.. lol and yeah sorry to derail the topic.
  8. That is during battle, it's also not visible when not in the 'Skills' menu in battle, if it's supposed to be there by default then I must have a script that's hiding it or some other problem, but after removing the ATB script the only other battle one I have is Animated Battlers and I can't imagine why that would hide the TP bar.
  9. Hmm. TP skills but no TP bar?
  10. Oh is it? I haven't really looked in to the whole TP system i've been focused on other parts of my game. is there a reason why the TP bar doesn't show up in my battles, is it supposed to?
  11. can this script be used to essentially make a Limit Break system?
  12. Paradox

    VE - Animated Battle

    I have my global settings to invert: true because my monster sprites are setup to work that way. However Holders battlers are setup the opposite way, so I need to invert: false on them. 'C_Strife' => {frames: 4, rows: 14, mirror: false, invert: false, mode: :sprite, action: nil}, 'C_Karin' => {frames: 4, rows: 14, mirror: false, invert: false, mode: :sprite, action: nil}, However it seems changing either the mirror or invert options here has no effect. I can change the frames and rows as a test to make sure the battlers are actually being modified, and they are, but the invert and mirror options have no effect at all. I tried every combination with each one false or true with no change.
  13. Woah, nice timing! It does seem to work with something else I have now ! thanks!
  14. Would a script that adds its own extra bars to the game be required to make itself compatible with your bar mod, or the other way around? I figure if your script modifies the default way in which bars are drawn, and then a script that creates its own new bars should be fine as long as it's using the games default bar-generation-code(??)
  15. Paradox

    Khas Pixel Movement

    I got it working, I don't know why but I failed to read the script thinking it had no configuration at all and so I never set up this # Maps = [1,3,4,5,6,7] Maps = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15] Is there any way to simply include all maps? Is there any way to disable auto-multiply event commands? For example I have 2 events next to eachother to jump the player over a gap, but if you are standing on both of them due to pixel-movement, you will jump twice. Any way to have it only use 1 event? Also, is it possible to reduce the diagonal movement speed? I think it's too fast compared to left/right Edit: I was testing it out and noticed that Events moving around on the map move by pixels too, but they move in much shorter distances. In my game, enemies are monsters on the map like this, and with your script their movements are too small because instead of moving from 1 square to the next, they move by pixels, could there be a way to disable pixel movement for certain events, or even an option to disable it completely for all event-movement? I have Auto_Refresh_Tile_Events = true but events that are changing from an unpassable same-level-as-player event to a blank event that is below the player is not passable.
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