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  1. Goodbye quotas, hello again unlimited internet. Aaahhhhhh

  2. Ahahahah, that updated pokerap with all pokemons up to gen 5 (or is it 6)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kayzee
    3. magic2345


      Actually I was talking about the one made by collegehumor, but that one's also funny XD

    4. Thejaxinator
  3. Wow, this time I found a debate about democracy, communism and anarchy in the comments of a comedy manga. 10/10

    1. ShadowfrostZen


      Sounds like a good manga.

  4. What do you call a story that is always building suspense...FOREVER?

    1. Kayzee


      A boring story. You need some sort of engagement curve or else the reader has no chance to decompress and take in anything.

    2. Tsukihime


      A cliffhanger.

  5. Finally got myself a set of dice for tabletop rpgs :')

    1. Rezanta


      Nice x3 I only have 2d20's over here. :P

    2. Nirwanda


      Now you only need to make some real friends and you'll be all set to play D&D. Oh....wait that was me. :(

    3. Antioch
  6. magic2345

    Meta and 4th wall breaking?

    If it fits with the tone of the game you're going for, then go for it. But if I see jokes like that in every other dialogue, it gets boring fast unless it's really funny and unexpected.
  7. magic2345

    Song Skills

    Wait, I swear I've heard Nightshade from somewhere before. Oh! Brahms! Techno Version Nightshade Choose one ally or enemy and mimics their stats but not their skills. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan
  8. magic2345

    Opinion For A Parallax Mapping

    Look at the picture below. I'm really not sure if those are intentional or not. Ignore the second outer line of the middle one.
  9. magic2345

    Opinion For A Parallax Mapping

    I know right, I can't ever seem to get that right when I parallax. The urge to overclutter is real. Oh, I just noticed a few weird parts. On the bottom part of the map where the moss ends and the tiles start, there's a part that looks like the moss got cut off. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not. And then, to the right of it, there seems to be a hard line between a darker green and a lighter green. You probably accidentally deleted something there.
  10. magic2345

    Opinion For A Parallax Mapping

    Dang, you're really good at this. XD For the second one, the only thing that kinda irks me is probably.....the placement of that cave. Since it's the only thing not aligned hahah. Other than that it's another awesome map!
  11. magic2345

    Song Skills

    Heavy Targets the whole party. Cures all status effects and increases their stats ONLY IF they originally had a status effect. (This song was pretty hard to come up with a skill XD) Brothers by BEPA (I advise reading the english lyrics for this one...or not )
  12. magic2345

    Opinion For A Parallax Mapping

    Yep, I would totally still play a game even if it doesn't have parallax mapping. Whoa, that's one awesome map! Those yellow lights really make the whole thing feel mystical. One thing I find a bit odd is the giant tree's shadow. Have you tried not using the shadow at all? It might look better without it. Also, there's a tile that you probably missed on the upper right corner of the map. It's one of the tiles that delineates between the cliff and the top.
  13. magic2345

    Song Skills

    Yell Fire - A type of fire formed through specific sounds. It burns the enemies' minds, causing them intense pain. Has a chance to inflict confusion depending on their Mdf compared to your Mat. The higher their Mdf and the lower the user's Mat, the higher the chances are and the higher the damage is. Flavor text: Those with steadfast minds beware, as it will consume you. c = b.mdf/a.mat ; if c >= 0.5 ; b.add_state(x) ; end ; 100*c EDIT: Crap I got ninja'd Lillium - Invokes good memories to everyone that listens to it, and then twists those memories into horrible nightmares. Weakens the listeners' Mat and Mdf. Also deals damage to their MP. Flavor text: The bane of all casters. Braveheart
  14. magic2345

    My Game Screen Shots

    Oooohhhhh very nice maps! Some things I'd like to point out: 1st Map: You can use shift mapping to make the trees go behind the northern cliff if those trees are autotiles. 2nd Map: Perhaps reduce the font size for the EXP and the EXP amount on the HUD. All in all, the maps looks awesome. Making the cliffs more random might look better, try it out! :3 For that img button, you need to put in the image's direct link. You can do this in photobucket by going to the right and copying the Direct link over there. For example: Don't forget to put big images inside spoiler tags!
  15. magic2345


    That's an interesting idea! This sparked some ideas in my mind. Maybe making a strong skill that can only used when those specific enemies are there with them. Heck, maybe a universal poison state for everyone, but that enemy gives their friends a regen state to neutralize the poison. Oh, maybe killing the elite actually transfers the buff to the killer or the party for a set duration. Wow, I suddenly have tons of ideas. XD
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