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  1. Pringlesguy

    3D 360° Photosphere

    What if someone scripted a 360 degree frontal battle system with this style lol.
  2. Pringlesguy

    Pathway: Desire+

    By chance do you have the Original copy I can compare?
  3. Pringlesguy

    Pathway: Desire+

    No biggie, I'll try and finish it asap to see if I can see any adjustments needed in difficulty adjustments.
  4. Pringlesguy

    LordSquirrel's World Map Collection

    Do you take request?
  5. Pringlesguy

    Pathway: Desire+

    I liked everything but how easy it was.
  6. Pringlesguy

    Demon Lady - Redesign

    They both look really good, but I kinda prefer the original.
  7. Pringlesguy

    RMV - Battle Weather

    Are you able to make the weather affect people though?
  8. Pringlesguy

    Demon's Revenge

    Congrats, I hope I'm as lucky eventually.
  9. Pringlesguy

    CardGame inspired skill and battle system

    Wait how do you use multiple images?
  10. Pringlesguy

    Art poo

    I will make sure to remember you when I have money, how much would you charge to... draw things.
  11. Pringlesguy

    Demon's Revenge

    If you need money for the project http://www.patreon.com/ might be your best solution, it lets people "Subscribe" to a monthly subscription type deal of funding you instead of Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  12. Ah now I know what you mean, I implemented that npc for some test purposes(you usually don't get gold capped by the first npc )and I forgot to delete it,thanks! No problem, the first part can't be skipped so it was kinda annoying.
  13. A Belly dancer in the beginning of the game gives you a bunch of items and then freezes the game on some cards.