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  1. Anyone else getting constant error messages here when trying to view topics? Because I sure am, lol.

    1. kyonides


      Same here every so often.

    2. Rikifive


      This happens from time to time due to poopy host; I have to mail system admin each time this happens.

      I know it's frustrating...

  2. I am going to add move speed on the fly (which is proving a bit difficult so far), and interaction with "button press" and "player touch" toggling within the next few days, typing code is a bit difficult right because I am recovering from a shoulder surgery I had this past Tuesday, but I took the notes on some feature stuff. These things will apply to two vehicles (land, ship), so it'll be more of a "Land Vehicle + Ship Vehicle Options" script in the next update. Changing how the airship functions in regards to those same features seems a bit too much trouble for too little gain. If you're able to encounter enemies while in an airship, coding would have to be added for troops that you'd be able to meet in the air, as well as being able to set a battle background for those battles, which I would assume would also need settings via region IDs so they wouldn't all be the same worldwide. I may add this in the future for 3.0. but I can't promise it.
  3. Script Updated to v1.07 Encounter support for ship/airship added. Altitude support for airship added. Walk animation/step animation setting for Land Vehicle removed (redundant, now automatic based on vehicle type)
  4. Script updated to allow or disallow walking animation when piloting the vehicle.
  5. Coolie

    Skill that causes enemy to flee?

    Quick and dirty way to do this: Create a skill that will make the enemy flee the battle. Set this skill in the enemy's moveset. Make it only use this skill if the enemy is under the effects of the Fear state you made. This is default functionality in RPG Maker MV. Give it a ranking to decide how likely it is to use the flee skill.
  6. So, Yanfly's Stat Allocation plugin is working wonders for a project I am working on, but there is one thing I'd like to change. It seems that the plugin adds flat stat increases to the parameters you can upgrade (I am talking about MHP, MMP, ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF). I'd like to alter this to add these increases to the BASE parameter. For example, a character at level 1 that has 200 MHP uses AP, items, what have you, to alter their MHP by another 100. I'd like the new BASE stat to be 300 MHP. In this way, it will be possible to further upgrade the character's MHP exponentially with gear or states. +50% MHP buff from gear with 200 base HP: +100MHP +50% MHP buff from gear with 300 base HP after using Stat Allocation to add +100 MHP: +150 MHP Any help in making this change would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!
  7. self.windowskin = Cache.system("Window") Try changing the line in question to this.
  8. Looks like the option in the YEP_Core plugin to launch with the console open is set to true. Set that to false and that should go away. EDIT: Just want to add, you can press F8 during play to open the console manually to look for error messages and things.
  9. Hey, a situation where I can help! OK, so Kayzee had it right. Here's some other stuff I've been doing with it also. To check if a character is equipped with a certain weapon type while also NOT using a shield (Doublehand): <passive state: x> self.equips[0].wtype_id == 1 && @equips[1].is_nil?; </passive state> Checking to see if the character is equipped with ANY weapon (could be used to create a bonus for a weapons master, but not benefit a bare-handed fighter) <passive state: x> !@equips[0].is_nil?; </passive state> Conversely, to check if a character is NOT equipped with a weapon (providing the state to a character who benefits from being bare-handed): <passive state: x> @equips[0].is_nil?; </passive state> You can probably also reference this if my syntax is right... <passive state: x> !@equips[0].is_nil? && self.equips[0].name == "Legendary Sword"; </passive state> To create a state that only benefits the character when equipped with a specific weapon, by name, rather than using the ID (because it would be easier for you to read what it's doing rather than see numbers. This would ensure that the slot would have to first not be empty, then check for the equipped item's name. Another one that I didn't test but should work... <passive state: x> self.skill_learn?(y); </passive state> Should check if a character has skill ID y learned, and thus return true (could be used to create a state that empowers a certain skill once it is learned)
  10. Just to get the ball rolling and because I am lazy (but mostly to get the ball rolling), does anyone happen to know the name of the function used for displaying a character's status in menus (YEP probably alters this as well)? Also, would there be a way to offset every battleback image's Y value? Windows in this project I am helping with ae all opaque (no transparency) so there is no need for the battleback to go all the way to the bottom of the screen. But, I don't want to squish it or stretch it. I simply want to change the Y value by subtracting it by a certain numerical value. I'll take a look now to see if I can do that on my own and find the function for it, but if anyone knows exactly where to look, that'd be rad.
  11. Coolie

    Help with mathematical formula

    Yeah it might be a better option. I was hoping to save myself from that level of data entry on something, but it would definitely work better setting the value for each level on each curve.
  12. Coolie

    Help with mathematical formula

    It is a formula that exists in a game already that I was trying to convert to RMMV, so it'd have to stay. Anyway, I got it to require about 11 million EXP to get to level 99 by changing it up a little, which is good enough for now, haha.
  13. Coolie

    Help with mathematical formula

    Yeah I think those symbols are for readability. Genius! It definitely no longer returns a 1, but it's still not giving the number it should be giving. The formula is referencing the amount in EXP a character would need to gain their next level. Hmm... let me get some exact numbers. OK, so in-game at level 1 it takes 36 EXP to gain level 2. That's about normal (number should be 37 but I assume it is rounding down rather than up, that's fine for now). To get to level 3 from level 2, it should take another 169 EXP. However, it is returning a level up at 131 EXP and TOTAL EXP of 167 (again, rounding), rather than 169 EXP and a TOTAL EXP of 205 (169 plus the previous 36). So yeah, this is definitely working, it's just slightly off the numbers it should be giving, I think.
  14. Don't see a thread for RMMV questions that don't deserve their own thread (if there is one, I apologize)... Anyway, I am hoping to convert a formula I am looking at on a wiki page to its equivalent in JS. From the wiki page: Growth Factor * 500000 * { [ Current Level / 99 ] ^ ( 5 / 2 ) - [ ( Current Level - 1 ) / 99 ] ^ ( 5 / 2 ) } Growth Factor and Current Level would obviously be written using actual integers (or referencing a variable) in the JS version of this, but so far I have only been able to have it always return a value of 1.
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