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  1. It wouldn't let me only apply those states under certain conditions, such as only when wearing a hat, or only when above level 50, etc. Without that functionality, I am stuck with the VE script unless Kayzee is inspired to make one. :P
  2. I am trying to add a notetag to Actors (and only Actors), in this format... <notetag: 3> The notetag's function would be to read the integer (3) and return the icon and name of the armor (and only armor) associated with that ID number. That information would then be displayed in a draw_icon and draw_text call in a method that can tell which actor it is on. For the life of me, I can't seem to get this to work. Now, I should note, I have avoided ever learning anything about making my own notetags in the 800 years since RPG Maker VX Ace came out, so I understand very little about how they work (but I do love that so many of you do know how they work, because scripts are pretty rad when we can just notetag stuff). I have tried to learn a little from looking at other scripts code, but I am sort of lost when a lot of the things in notetags that parse things looks like gibberish, and note tag code friendly seem to be written differently on a per-author basis. So, please help another would-be scripter learn how to do this, and maybe I can apply that knowledge to updating some of my older scripts, too. :D EDIT: I actually got the effect I wanted to work (with notetags!), so this issue is solved, but if we wanna use this thread to discuss note tag stuff I am all for that.
  3. Doesn't seem like it offers conditions to be evaluated on whether or not a state should be applied or removed. I would need that.
  4. As long as it allowed custom conditions I'd be all over that lol
  5. Thank you for the fix, even if it isn't the most optimized. Can always figure that out later AND that is something I wouldn't be against paying for. Just sayin'. :D
  6. Alright, so I should note that the items in question that I am testing are both accessories (Yanfly Equip to be able to equip multiple). Equipping object 1 in the example (state 50) in the first accessory slot and then equipping the second object (state 51 relying on state 50) in the other accessory slot, and then switching both with each other, both return the same issue. I then changed the first object to an entirely different armor piece (a hat) and an accessory, same thing. If it is checking equips by slot ID and doing so in ascending order, the hat comes before the accessories in ID number, and thus should have worked (assuming I even have the right syntax). So I put the passive state on an item that comes AFTER the accessories, and guess what? Works fine. So I guess it checks them in descending order (from the bottom slot ID to the top) Now this presents a huge problem either way, because the order in which it checks is causing certain passives not to work when they rely on another state. Doesn't seem to affect any other calls I made in the passive state tags so far for anything. So, is there any way I could potentially fix this, or am I just boned here?
  7. OH! A battle pose in the VE - Animated Battle script! OK! Yeah, as Roninator said, just change the row/frames you want to use for a dead animation. One other thing, if you are using a different style of battler (:sprite, :charset, :kaduki and the elusive, never-explained-but-its-there-and-it-works :default), make sure you are using the proper syntax. Some of them require you to use the row's name rather than number, like: # Pose displayed when incapacited <action: dead, loop> pose: self, row dead, all frames, wait 4, return; </action>
  8. Gaining the new passive state (51) that I am aiming for is not dependent on the equipment specifically, it is dependent on the actor having another state (50). That state can be added by other equipment or abilities in battles, etc. The only condition I want for having state 51 is by first having state 50. Surely, there has to be some expression I can put in that eval to check the actor's current states. I should point out that the character I tested with already had state 50 applied before even trying to equip ANYTHING (just for testing) and it still would not give them state 51. The script is versatile, I've used it to do some pretty wild things with equipment, but checking for a state should be a simple thing in the grand scheme of things. It's super weird that it doesn't have support for that up front, but there has to syntax that exists to check for it.
  9. Are you saying that when you kill an enemy, their sprite begins rotating? If that is what you are saying, that is not a function of that script. There is no functionality in VE - Custom Collapse that would cause a sprite to begin rotating, as it is not one of the tags you can use. Are you sure another script isn't causing that problem? Try disabling every script except the custom collapse one.
  10. Oh, you're looking for a CTB (Conditional Turn Battle) system for battles. There are a few for VX Ace, if I'm remembering right.
  11. OK, so, I'm having another syntax issue, with VE - Passive States (found here) So, I have a passive state on a piece of gear, let's say it's an accessory. <passive state: 50> true; </passive state> ^ That is the note tag applied and it works just fine. Now, I have ANOTHER piece of gear, let's say it's also an accessory. This one has this tag: <passive state: 51> state?(50); </passive state> This should mean that the actor would have both of these passive states when both of these items are equipped at the same time, due to the first time applying state 50 at all times when equipped, and the second item applying state 51 when the actor also has state 50 applied. That second note tag there, does not work. Here, in the script instructions... # Useful script calls: # Here some useful script calls that can be used: # # state?(x) # checks if the battler is under state ID x So, either this was written in the instructions in error, or it was poorly explained on what syntax exactly, to use. That's what I need help with. I have tried a million different ways to do this. Just to assist a little more, here is the code in question that handles custom evaluation in the conditions for a passive state. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * New method: passive_state_custom? #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def passive_state_custom?(notes) eval("#{notes.gsub(/\r\n/i, ";")}") rescue false end Thanks for any help!
  12. One question, why would you need to remove it? Couldn't you just... not make enemies rotate in your custom collapse animations? I just took a look through the script, and there absolutely no mention of any rotate tag, or even the word rotate. Can you explain the issue you're experiencing with a little more detail?
  13. Using VE Passive States script ( https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/passive-states/ ), I am able to accomplish a few things I want to do when characters equip certain pieces of gear. What I am now looking to do is also look into how to check which TYPE of gear is equipped in the script tags as well. <passive state: 3> !@equips[1].is_nil? && @equips[2].is_nil?; </passive state> The above code works fine as it is checking whether or not the actor is a) equipped with something in slot 1 and b) NOT equipped with anything in slot 2. This is great for states that increase ATK or some other stat when wearing, let's say, a body armor but also no shield. However, if I wanted to check if the actor was 1) equipped with something in slot 1 and 2) that the item equipped in slot 1 is a shield (from armor types in the system tab), that is where I run into issues with the syntax. I cannot seem to get it to work unless I use something like this: <passive state: 3> !@equips[1].is_nil? && self.armors.any?{ |eq| eq.atype_id == 2 }; </passive state> This will tell the script "There must be an item equipped in slot 1 (etype_id) and ANY item the character has equipped in ANY slot has to be id 52 (atype_id). As you can guess, this creates a lot of lag in menus when the game has to check every single piece of gear the character has equipped in order to return true or false. It gets even worse if a character has multiple passive states for different types of gear. I would like it to only check that specific slot (etype_id 1) for that type of armor (atype_id 2). I expect that the lag will be reduced significantly if I can get this written out correctly. Thanks in advance for any assistance! EDIT: It appears this works, figured out by searching through some other calls dealing with equips. <passive state: 3> !@equips[1].is_nil? && self.equips[2].atype_id == 2; </passive state> So, no need for the help, but I hope this can help anyone else using this script who may have been wondering about how to check for specific gear slots/types.
  14. Coolie

    Help request for Effects Box script

    So far, it is returning an error on line 113 citing an undefined method for "each_with_index" EDIT: I believe I fixed that problem, I'll let you know if any issues pop up. Thank you for your help!