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  1. Create a copy of Window.png in your game’s folder and name it Window_Enemy.png This script meant to be used alongside An active battle system, you may encounter other issues in the default battle system. I’ll try to help with any incompatibilities, though.
  2. I am trying to create a quick script to display the turn count in battle, and have it update when a turn ends. However, I can't seem to find any actual turn count stored in the default scripts anywhere, other than increasing turn counts for States only. Enemy battle AI can be dependent on turn count, so it must be stored somewhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. All of the states I want to hide have 0 priority set and a blank icon, so this should work fine, right?
  4. Script updated to v2.05 - Fixes a bug that was drawing blank icons on skills with icon ID 0, when it should have been ignoring them. - Cleaned up redundant code.
  5. Any idea where I'd put that? I have tried a few things and keep getting crashes. Clearly, I'm getting the syntax wrong. This is the one way I have it written where it doesn't crash, but I'd need to test more to make sure it's working. def draw_actor_battle_icons(actor, x, y, width = 144) icons = (actor.state_icons + actor.buff_icons)[0, width / 24] icons.each_with_index {|n, i| unless n == 0 draw_icon(n, x + 24 * i, y) end } end EDIT: OK, that seems to be helping with the lag a little bit. Now, is there something I can add that tells this method to only draw up to let's say, four or five icons at any time for an actor?
  6. OK, so I have another issue. This is just a QoL thing to alleviate what I believe to be the cause of some lag. Actors state icons being drawn in battle still draw an icon when that state's icon ID is 0 (a blank icon). I am trying to only show the icons of states that actually have one. Characters in my game can have many, many states applied at once, passively and I believe it's causing a bit of slowdown in fights. def draw_actor_battle_icons(actor, x, y, width = 144) icons = (actor.state_icons + actor.buff_icons)[0, width / 24] icons.each_with_index {|n, i| draw_icon(n, x + 24 * i, y) } end So I cloned the method that does just that, but I am looking for a way to eliminate any state icons that return 0 from this. I expect that "n" is what refers to the icon ID?
  7. Working fine, but it seems like maybe it's working the old way for enemies? Is there somewhere else I might have to change that code that I changed? Just seems like enemies with an ATK buff are hitting for insane damage, but it could just be me.
  8. LOL, I had this exact line hours ago but it was "ft.value - 100" godddddddddddd I'm a fool. Thank you! :D
  9. This is exactly what I want to do when it concerns param increases only. The EX and SP parameters can be left alone. I am terrible with math-y things, it's confusing me more each time I mess with it. Anyone want to be a gem and help me achieve this? Param features (such as ATK * 180%) should increase the BASE param only by 80% of the base value (so really, it should be more like ATK + 80%). If TWO things are equipped that use this feature, it should add the bonuses together, not multiply them in order (as in ATK +80%, then NEW ATK VALUE + ATK +80%). def features_pi(code, id) features_with_id(code, id).inject(1.0) {|r, ft| r += ft.value } #WC end So when I change features_pi to do addition rather than multiplication... it is now giving +33 to a stat that has a base value of 30 when a 10% increase is applied. So it looks like it's giving it the 10% bonus (+3) as well as doubling the stat's base value (+30) for a total of +33. I thought maybe the 1.0 in the inject there was to blame, but changing it to 0.0 just made everyone's max stats a value of 1. *sigh*
  10. #============================================================================== # ** Scene_Load #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This class performs load screen processing. #============================================================================== class Scene_Load < Scene_File #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Processing When Load Is Successful #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias coolie_on_load_success on_load_success def on_load_success coolie_on_load_success $game_switches[186] = false end end Paste this as a new script under Scene_Load and you should be A-OK. Just change the "186" I put in there to "138" or whatever switch you want to turn off/on.
  11. Is there a way for me to simply change this to not work this way, rather than use that other script? I have a lot of percentage stat increases locked behind character level (using Hime's Feature Conditions), so that script would likely create a bigger problem by not being able to control WHEN those stat increases would take effect (looks like the notetag will take effect upon equip with no other conditions allowed).
  12. OK, phew, this might be a long post. I am trying to change how the Feature for increasing or decreasing a parameter works. The feature being the one found in actors, classes, states, etc. I simply want it to only multiply the value by the BASE PARAMETER. Parameters increased from equipping gear (like a sword with +60 ATK) should not be considered in the equation. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Parameter #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def param(param_id) value = param_base(param_id) + param_plus(param_id) value *= param_rate(param_id) * param_buff_rate(param_id) [[value, param_max(param_id)].min, param_min(param_id)].max.to_i end Here, in Game_BattlerBase, we see that is giving us the sum of the base parameter and the "param_plus." However, simply commenting out the param_plus part makes equipped gear no longer give any flat stats whatsoever. So I did this instead. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Parameter #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def param(param_id) value = param_base(param_id) value *= param_rate(param_id) value += param_plus(param_id) [[value, param_max(param_id)].min, param_min(param_id)].max.to_i end I had no need of "buff rate" so that was also removed. OK, so now gear still gives the stats they are supposed to and the parameters should only be multiplying by the base parameter. Problem solved? I wish. OK, so I have an item that increases ATK by 3% (103% in the features tab). A character can equip four of these at the same time. Each one they equip, though, is giving slightly more ATK than the last one equipped (i.e. first one equipped is raising ATK by 3% of base value, let's say that equals 12. The next one equipped is increasing ATK by 13, then the next by 14, when all of them should be 12), even when the param formula is telling it to simply set the increase in ATK based only on the base parameter. This is what I cannot figure out. Why does it do this?
  13. It was a feature I was planning to add, but could never get it working correctly. Sadly, it probably won't happen unless someone more knowledgeable than me pulls it off. However, if I do get it working that way, I will be sure to update the script here.
  14. WCouillard

    Kread-EX Vampiric Damage Mod?

    Thank you so much! :D Works great!
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    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?