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  1. Worked like a charm! Thank you. The list of names is kept in its own script, so it's about as much work as typing out a notetag would be, anyway. One of these day's I'll move into using them, though.
  2. OK, so, I am trying to pull the target's name during a damage formula method, and compare it against a list of names stored in a global variable. When the target's name matches any of the names stored, a little something extra gets added to the damage formula's output. A state is also required on the user of the attack (that part works fine already). I don't seem to be getting the proper syntax, but I've tried a whole bunch. Looking for some help on this one. if a.state?(968) && ?????? modded_damage_value = damage_value *+ 1.5 end Where the ?????? is, that's where I'd need to put the proper syntax to compare the enemy's name (I'm assuming we'd begin with b.name) to the list stored in the global variable, like so: $enemy_human = [ "Captain", "Goblin", "Soldier", ] What it is aiming to do is increase damage output by a certain amount if the user has a certain state and is targeting an enemy of a certain type (in this case, a human enemy, which are all listed inside that global variable).
  3. Dual Wielding isn't a thing in my game, so no worries there. Thanks a ton for the help, bud!
  4. In Window_Status, where equipments are drawn, I simply want to "hide" the weapon. I don't want the game to unequip anyone or anything, but just not show the equipped weapon (in my project, weapons are actually armors, because actual weapons set the character's animations, it's complicated). @actor.equips.each_with_index do |item, i| draw_item_name(item, x + 340, 48 + line_height * i) end ^ This is the code in question, which lists all of the actor's equipment. How would I get this to simply not show the first result in the batch of results that it pulls?
  5. These are not default functions of the Window_BattleLog class, so I would make that a new script outside of this, if it were made. I'll keep it in mind.
  6. Yep, got it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  7. Looking for all the places I would have to change the base VX Ace codes for Parameters to make them ADDITIVE and not MULTIPLICATIVE. What I mean is, let's say we have an accessory that increases HP by 100%, worn on an actor with 500 Max HP. His Max HP would now be 1,000. Now let's equip another. His Max HP is now 2,000, instead of 1,500, which is the way I'd like it to be. It should only increase the BASE value.
  8. WCouillard

    VE Animated Battler Issue

    Nevermind, fixed it. Kaduki mode can only have three frames, for any higher it must be set to :sprite and :default mode.
  9. WCouillard

    Land Vehicle 1.05 [Update: 09/01/2015]

    It should use the walking animation just fine by default, if memory serves.
  10. WCouillard

    Editing YEA Victory Aftermath

    You're telling it to draw in the same place as the gold text. draw_currency_value(@ap, text, rect.x, rect.y + 24, rect.width) Try that instead.
  11. Second option, to choose one integer out of every number included in all the ranges in the array. I'll give it a test! EDIT: Works beautifully. Thank you.
  12. This has probably been covered here before, but what would be the easiest way, using a script call, to grab a random value from an array and store it in a variable? For example, we have an array of integers, let's say something like.. random_id = [1, 2..22, 24..100] Whenever I try to use different ways to pull one of the integers in the range above, it returns an error citing "cannot convert Array into Integer," which is understandable. What I want to know is, how do we take ONE integer from the range above at random, and then store it in the variable to be used further down in the script call?
  13. Returning an error of "No implicit conversion from nil to integer," on the sprite.x line of that code. I feel like I should also note that the reason I coded it the way I did, rather than just use a sprite.new, is because it has to load this image once for each party member, not just one image.
  14. Haven't posted in a while, but I have a seemingly easy thing to code that is giving me a small migraine. I've got an image showing during battle, that rest behind each character's information in Window_BattleStatus. However, I'd like it to actually show over that information. Trying to change to Z value of the image being shown is returning errors or simply not working, so I'm sure it's just a matter of me putting it in the wrong place. Been a few months since I've coded anything, so I'm a little rusty, but here's the method which creates the image in battle. def draw_actor_hud(x, y, enabled = true) bitmap = Cache.system("Actor_Battle_HUD") rect = Rect.new(0, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height) contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, rect, enabled ? 255 : translucent_alpha) bitmap.dispose end This is within Window_BattleStatus. This method is then called here. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Overwrite method: draw_basic_area #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_basic_area(rect, actor) width = $data_system.opt_display_tp ? 640 : 640 draw_actor_name(actor, rect.x, rect.y - 5, 100) draw_actor_battle_icons(actor, rect.x + 328 , rect.y, 168) draw_actor_hud(rect.x, rect.y) end Also in Window_BattleStatus. Can anyone tell me the proper way to alter the Z value to make the image I'm calling show over the character's battle status information?
  15. WCouillard

    Script to Delay Battle Start?

    #============================================================================== # ** Scene_Map #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This class performs the map screen processing. #============================================================================== class Scene_Map < Scene_Base def perform_battle_transition Graphics.transition(60, "Graphics/System/BattleStart", 100) Graphics.freeze end end Change the 60 to something higher to make the transition take longer to complete.