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  1. It was a feature I was planning to add, but could never get it working correctly. Sadly, it probably won't happen unless someone more knowledgeable than me pulls it off. However, if I do get it working that way, I will be sure to update the script here.
  2. WCouillard

    Kread-EX Vampiric Damage Mod?

    Thank you so much! :D Works great!
  3. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

  4. Unfortunately, that has the same effect in both examples. It always returns as false. Before, it was always returning as true because I forgot to add the required ; at the end of the line, but even with it, it then always returns false. So we either get always true (no bueno) or always false (also no bueno). *sigh* REALLLLLLY wanna get this working. What else can we try? I appreciate you guys helping! EDIT: GOT IT! self.armors.any?{ |eq| eq.atype_id == 5 } This worked. Thank you guys for helping me out!
  5. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    That is actually doing the opposite of the desired effect. The above unequips characters when selecting change and swapping two party members who are already in the party. Characters who are already in the party, and remain there, should not be unequipped. Only when a character ends up in the reserve, should they be unequipped. It's annoying, I know. Since it has to check and compare both slots being selected, it's not as simple as the first edit, where the remove command simply strips a character's equipment.
  6. Unfortunately, neither of those are working. The first one applies the passive state with and without the right armors equipped (always returns true), and the second has no effect (always returns false).
  7. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Did that, same result. It returns an error when trying to swap two actors, and a different error when trying to swap an actor with an empty slot. I'll start digging around for incompatibilities.
  8. No, I have an accessory, which has the effect of increasing a stat when also equipped with a hat. See what I mean? The state applies the stat buff, the passive state tag on the accessory would have to see if the actor is also equipped with a hat.
  9. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Only things I've edited in were things to show some background images, which is why there's extra lines. Never messed with any of the mechanics of it, other than the line added in this thread to remove equipment with the "Remove" command. So I copied the text over again, made sure there were no hidden characters (can sometimes happen when copy/pasting) and now it returns an error saying that "id" has no definition, even though it should be clearly defined before this line happens. Strange.
  10. The notetag is on the armor, to apply a state on the actor. But, I have some things like "Boost HP regeneration by 10% when wearing a hat" and such. So I'd like the passive state to only be "true" when the actor equipped with the armor in question to have a certain armor type included in their equipments (in this example, a hat).
  11. Trying to use VE Passive States to apply states based on if an actor's equipment currently has X armor type (light armor, hat, etc.). I feel like I'm close to getting it to work (no longer getting game crashes), but the effect isn't doing anything. Would anyone be able to tell me the proper syntax to check using this script? VE - Passive States <passive state: 77> actor.equips.include?($data_armors[304...324]) ? true : false; </passive state> Currently, this isn't causing a crash, but it isn't working (and this one is meant to directly check an actor's equipment, rather than it's type, which would be better). Anyone know where I'm going wrong here?
  12. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Hmmm, that is returning an error for me. Tested with a new save file. YEA: Party System:1306:in `on_list_ok': undefined method `battle_members_array' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) The line in question is the line you added in your previous post. $game_actors[$game_party.battle_members_array[replace.id - 1]].clear_equipments
  13. WCouillard

    YEA Party System: Unequip when Removing?

    Ah, so I was looking at the wrong thing. I figured it'd be something added to that remove_actor method. Thank you! :D EDIT: So, that works perfectly, but only when removing a character with the Remove command (which, I realize, is what I asked for). However, if using the "Change" command to swap a character with one in reserve, the character who gets removed still keeps their equipment on. Anyway we can make that remove equipment when swapping characters (but only for the one who ends up in reserve?) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # on_list_ok #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def on_list_ok Sound.play_equip replace = $game_actors[@party_window.item] actor = $game_actors[@list_window.item] index1 = @party_window.index actor_id1 = actor.nil? ? 0 : actor.id if actor.nil? $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = 0 window_refresh @party_window.activate return end actor_id2 = replace.nil? ? 0 : replace.id if $game_party.battle_members_array.include?(actor_id1) index2 = $game_party.battle_members_array.index(actor_id1) $game_party.battle_members_array[index2] = actor_id2 end $game_party.battle_members_array[index1] = actor_id1 window_refresh @party_window.activate end I believe it'd be an edit to this method.
  14. Would anyone be able to assist me in modding Yanfly's Party System to make it so when a characer is taken out of the party via the "Remove" command, their equipment is also removed? #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Remove All Equipment #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def clear_equipments equip_slots.size.times do |i| change_equip(i, nil) if equip_change_ok?(i) end end This is from Game_Actor, which does exactly what I need, I'm just having some trouble getting it to run this when a party member is removed in Yanfly's Party System. I'm not getting crashes, but I don't seem to be able to get it to actually clear out the equipment. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # alias method: remove_actor #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias game_party_remove_actor_ps remove_actor def remove_actor(actor_id) game_party_remove_actor_ps(actor_id) return unless @battle_members_array.include?(actor_id) index = @battle_members_array.index(actor_id) @battle_members_array[index] = 0 $game_player.refresh $game_map.need_refresh = true rearrange_actors end Here is the aliased method from Yanfly's Party System which handles removing an actor, which is in Game_Party.
  15. When using Font.default_shadow = true, is there a way to set the opacity of the shadow created?