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  1. Silly me, because I already was thinking like you, that there was something with my VXAce version, I didn't think of trying something as basic as that. It works perfect now, all popups appear, with both, enemies and actors, only one time, states show up just fine. well, you can say that your script is fully compatible with CP's Battle Engine now ^^ Thanks for everything
  2. Almost sure it isn't, also the way I get it, no popup won't show up at all unless a state is inflicted at the same time, for example, the damage popup will always show up when someone dies and when it happens, the damage popup appears twice, be it an actor or an enemy, either way, I get no popup at all EDIT: Your script is also compatible with MOG's Battle HUD (couldn't believe, only a few are compatible with this guy's flashy scripts) but the Log will always show up at the left. EDIT2: found how to move the log, In MOG's Script, at line 985 change this: BATTLE_LOG_POSITION = [0,0]
  3. I agree with that, specially since it wasn't on my plans to use VE's Damage Popup anyways. But, can I ask for one last thing? is a compatibility patch for this Popup script: https://cphouseset.wordpress.com/scripts/cp_battleview/ since it is the most compatible one with CP's Battle Engine, and when using it with your script, it won't give any error, but the Popups just won't show up. EDIT: Also, I already tested your script with Theo's battle system, well, only with the two demos he provides (since I planned first to go with that system but ended up dropping it) and with the first demo, the system itself, it works perfectly fine, but the Animation Sample demo somehow doesn't. It would just skip all the animations and action sequences, it will just do the damage with the character and enemies doing nothing but the stand animation. The version I used to do the test was v1.4.
  4. My settings are just as it comes, since I tried to use it because of your script, and yes, I have those versions. And already tried copying again from Victor's Google drive and the bug persist, I really have no idea why is this happening.
  5. Well, I am out of words now, because of your last post (and after making another blank project with only VE Basic Module, VE Damage Popup and your script) I found out that even deleting YOUR script, the bug persists, so it may be the basic module or damage popup's fault... (Don't know, maybe something went wrong with copy/paste) To think that this problem may have been solved a long ago, I am really sorry for all of this. (But I am still very thankful with the new update, I am really thinking in no using any popup script as your script does all I need and in a way that fits perfectly with CP's Battle Engine.)
  6. Ok, regarding CP's Battle Engine, first, I gotta say that the sideview is not one of it modes, it can be activated no matter what mode is chosen, the different modes just kinda change the Battle Status and stuff(it was a mistake in my last post to say that the SBS was one of the modes). And so of it fives mode, this script is fully compatible with the first four, the fifth one is not compatible for obvious reasons: It makes the Battle log text to be shown in the bottom window so, of course it would collide with this script. But so far CP's Battle Engine is fully compatible with this script as longs as it's using one of the first four modes, and I think that compatiblity with Mode5 is unnecesary. And now the bad news... I still can't get rid of the Enemies's Collapse bug with VE's Damage Popup, not in my project nor on a blank project. (tried with setting the patch both to true and false, but as long as the Damage Popup is in my Script's List, the bug will still show up). Although, since now we can make the battle log display the damage and stuff, making it not necesarry to use with a damage pop up script, I gotta say that I am really satisfied with the result so far.
  7. Nice! I'll go grab it right away! I am actually using CP's Battle Engine which has 5 different modes, one of them being sideview, I will test your script with those modes and tell you about it ^^
  8. Oh, I'll be looking forward to the update, thank you very much for your efforts with this script. ^^
  9. I did kinda imagine that was the case, well I might try to use VE Actor Battlers and some Battle Status's script (like MOG's) to get something like CP's Battle engine does in Mode 3. I will still be cheking this thread in case you update the script, thanks for everything ^^ Edit: well, that thinking was kinda dumb of my part, as I am still getting that bug with victor's popup since the problem is not the battle system, but the popups.
  10. In my actual project I am using CP's Battle Engine by Neon Black(https://cphouseset.wordpress.com/scripts/cp_battleview_2/) but I already tested it in a blank project like this: And with that battle system there are only a few damage popups that work kinda fine(Victor's, Yanfly's, but the popups appear in the wrong location, MOG's, but it will only show the ones made to an enemy, and CP's own popups, but since the 2.0 version of your script, it lost compatibility with this, the popups won't show up, only when a state is taken off and in the dead animation). So, Victor's kinda my only hope to use that system + your battle log.
  11. Ok, now it works, the bug still persists with Victor's Damage Popup though, but as soon as I comment out that script, it works perfect, so I will just look for another pop up script. Thanks for your effort ^^
  12. The bug is still there :/ tried it in both, my actual project and in a blank one.
  13. Yeah, I know. I use victor's damage popup in my project and it works fine, but still has the same bug that I mentioned earlier.
  14. It's a really nice script, makes my battles look with way more "style", and the option to add like "quotes" to the log when using skills, simply the best, I really like it. But I am having a minor bug that is ruining my battles and it is that the enemies battlers won't disappear after they get killed, the battler image will just stand there, doing nothing and won't even be selectable. This is on a new project, there is no other script more than this one, I hope someone can help me with that, Thanks in advance. ^^