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  1. Hello, all! Our team is looking for a special someone who has experience creating animations in-engine using RPG Maker. We have a plethora of animation graphics in place already so you wouldn't have to create them yourself. What we need is someone who can animate the graphics using the game engine. If you do not have RPG Maker VX, we will provide a key for you. Requirements Worked with RPG Maker before. VX and/or Ace preferably. Great imagination. Have patience. Open to making around 30 animations. If you have animations you'd like us to see, please post/link them! Compensation Negotiable. The team is willing to pay a fair price for the animations. We send payment through PayPal. Thank you for your interest!
  2. No problem; glad to help! Did my reply help you with what you were looking for or to do?
  3. OMG! A fellow VX user!! You did not waste your money; I assure you! I still use VX and I prefer it over ACE. Nothing wrong with ACE but I started on XP and VX back in 2008 so both of those engines have a special place in my heart. 🤗 Now, on to your dilemma: map regions. This can be fixed easily with DerVVulfman's Terrain Tags & Tileset Editor. It allows you to assign each tile with a number much like the region IDs. What's more is that it comes with its own nifty editor! HOW TO USE 1. Install the Tileset Reader script above the Main script. (attached to post) 2. Install the Tileset Reader patch UNDER Tileset Reader but ABOVE Main. (attached to post) 3. Click Apply > OK > then close RPGVX. 4. Launch Tileset Editor. There's a menu on the right that shows you the controls and how to add/edit/remove terrain tags. IMPORTANT: Before you close the editor, make sure you save your settings by pressing Ctrl! This will create a Tileset.rvdata file in the editor's folder. 5. Go to your game's folder then go to Data. Put the Tileset.rvdata file in the Data folder. 6. You're good to go! TIPS If you're using custom tileset graphics for your game, copy them and paste them in the editor's Graphic/System folder. Need to edit the Tileset.rvdata file? Simply place it back to the Tileset Editor's folder and launch the editor. Want to know what terrain tag a player is stepping on? Use this script call: You might be thinking, "This is too much for a simple region ID". But, if you're skilled enough, you can play with this script to do whatever you want. I have quite a few (a lot) more scripts for VX if you should need them. You can have something like this in your game which uses terrain tag 1 as the water tiles (TDS Reflect; attached to this post): Tileset Reader Patch.txt Tileset Reader.txt TilesetEditor.rar TDS Reflect.txt
  4. Abscond


    Not sure if anyone remembers me from years ago...but that's OK! I like a fresh start. So think of this as if I'm a new member For the past 8 years, my best friend and I have been developing what was first a little project that has now turned into a full-fledged game. We've had a lot of hiccups in the development cycle; bad hardware, no budget, lack of motivation, you name it—but we won't let that stop us! Development has ramped up heavy this year thanks to what seems to be random tid-bits of luck lol go figure So far, we have: A development website: Abscond A publisher: GameDev Unlimited Patreon: CYBERDRIVE NINJA 忍者 Social Media: Facebook & Twitter Anyways, we hope to share the game with you soon. Like, follow, subscribe, and all that jazz. Prepare for awesomeness!
  5. Abscond

    Stealth, Protagonists, and Themes

    Thank you, @Novem! Your input is greatly appreciated!
  6. Abscond

    Stealth, Protagonists, and Themes

    Thank you for your response, @Kayzee! I'm archiving this as I type. Side note, I'm Haitian so I'm familiar with the old Baron I don't do voodoo, though lol
  7. Abscond

    Stealth, Protagonists, and Themes

    Don't be afraid to answer, guys! Your answers will help us greatly! Bump. Edited topic to explain the purpose. Removed the download attached. Made the questions visible in-topic for ease of access.
  8. Abscond

    Hi everyone!

    Yo there! Welcome to the forums. Happy to have you and I can't wait to see your project and resources!
  9. Abscond

    RPG with no levelling / stat growth?

    I see what you're saying. A game like Metroid or Batman Arkham does this well. But those games used more mechanics in combat other than just the equipment. In the case of Metroid, you can jump, shoot at different angles, power up a shot, etc. Unless the OP wants to do something similar to using the tools the player gains in the battle system, I don't think a non-leveling system would work effectively. @Ninjamida What form of combat are you using? I assume you're using a turn-based system.
  10. Hello, fellow game devs! We are Abscond Games, and we need a little bit of help. My team and I are designing a stealth, action RPG and we'd like some input into how the game will be structured. We'd like to hear from you about what kinds of mechanics you like in RPG Maker games. The things we want to improve are: Our current stealth system; which feels limited. We'd like to add more features that we think players would love. Things like noise and lighting are already being implemented. We want to make each character in the cast feel "real" and relate-able. We're working out motivations for each character to give them a 3D personality. The theme of our game is a stealth, action RPG...with ninjas. It will be difficult; lightning fast reflexes are going to be needed! We want to know if people are interested in this concept. Below are a few questions that we think can help in steering us in the right direction. Thank you in advance! Question 1 What is your favorite stealth game? Question 2 What did you find most memorable about the stealth mechanics in that game? Question 3 What did you find least memorable? Why? Question 4 If you could, what is one thing you would do to improve the stealth? Question 5 Do you prefer stealth a game with stealth as the sole mechanic or an option to go “guns blazing”? Question 6 How would you rate the stealth mechanic’s difficulty? 1 2 3 4 5 Easy Difficult Question 7 Who is your most favorite protagonist? Can be a game, show, movie, book, etc. Question 8 What was that character’s goal or purpose? How were they motivated? Question 9 What is one personality trait you would remove from that character? Why? Question 10 Same as before, who is your most favorite antagonist? Question 11 What made that antagonist evil? Question 12 What was their goal? Was it accomplished? Question 13 What would you do differently if you were the antagonist? Question 14 Do you like futurism and cyberpunk themes? Question 15 Do you like ninjas? Question 16 Do you like action RPGs? Thank you for participating!
  11. Abscond

    Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Along with what @Tarq said, don't overdo it. Having it sprinkled around the game from time to time or lightly hinting at it is fine. But if every other joke becomes "We're in a video game", it becomes tasteless.
  12. Abscond

    RPG with no levelling / stat growth?

    Very interesting idea but it won't be an RPG without a leveling system. What I think is that by removing the leveling, the strategy component is removed. It's now entirely based on what gear the player has. Good gear = win, bad gear = lose. Not much strategy besides looking for the best equipment before the boss battle. With the leveling system and a Point Allocation system like @HeckHound mentioned, the player now has the option to choose which stat is most important to him/her. Priorities in choosing your own stats is the best strategy to me.
  13. Abscond

    Too many skill choices?

    Are the skills unique? By unique, I mean they do different things like damage, status effects, cooldown, etc. I've seen skills that were just copied from another with slightly more or less damage output. The skills have to be meaningful or else the player won't use them and thus would be a huge waste of your time. Around 20 skills seems reasonable as long as each skill provides a different (and significant) outcome when used. In my project, we're aiming for the protagonist to have around 10-15 skills. Each entirely different from one another. Also, each skill can be leveled up to 3 or 5.
  14. Abscond

    Whole map versus Room-by-room?

    From my experience, a singular, large map would eventually cause lag. Unless, of course, you have an antilag in place, but they're not perfect. My suggestion is that you'll have to think ahead on how long you want your game to be; which will have an impact on your final map size. If you were to make medium sized maps, complete with rooms and hallways, I think that would alleviate that problem. @Kayzee seems to have the right idea. Maybe find a script or plugin that would do the heavy lifting for you? To answer your questions: 1. Unit by Unit. But don't limit them to just hallways or rooms. Maybe a hallway with multiple rooms. Or a room with multiple hallways? 2. Kind of confused by what this means but I'll try to answer. What I would do is create the entire dungeon as one large map. Then select portions of said map to paste it on a separate, smaller map. Do that until all parts of the large map are broken up into smaller maps. 3. What kind of features specifically? Common events can help with this. 4. I think you'll need to be a little specific with this one. 5. Not that I know of for MV. 6. This can be evented but very time consuming. Depends on how much time you're willing to spend doing it. 7. If there aren't any plugins already, then this can be evented, too. I once made a Pacman mini-game entirely out of events. Again, depends on how much time you want to invest. 8. Can be evented but I'm certain there's a plugin floating around.
  15. Abscond

    Hiromu's Art Shop

    Hey! How large are the final images in pixel dimensions?