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  1. I will try and summon Sixth! I have the right ingredients and the summoning circle to summon him.. I hope... Come forth Sixth! I need your help! By fixing your "Battle Royale + Sixth's ABS Bugfixes Patch" Please!
  2. Abstract: A roguelike rpg with an active combat system. Genre: RPG active combat Roguelike. Average Demo Time: There is no end in the game. But I'd say 3 hours. Game Progression: Demo version 0.67. Upcoming Update: Story / setting / Purpose: The land of Kaldia is wounded by 3 shattered crystals and the gods can't remove it! It corrupts monsters in the Canyon driving them mad. Little do people know that the Canyon is full of dungeons and mysteries. Your job is to recover the 9 shards and.... well do what you want! destroy them, sell them, use them for power or give them away! Each will unlock a achievement as you repeatedly roam the dungeons with 16 different races and classes! Why did I make this game?: My friends and I love roguelike game like D&D, dungeon crawls, TOME, etc. So I decided to make my own and share it with my friends. In the end it turned up here. Character Bio: You can play as 16 different races all hired to recover the crystals. Will the make it or will they rot like the rest I hired! Challenge: Show off your achievements of the Ancient Dungeons' progress. Make a picture of your resent achievement! Can you get them all? I dear you try! Far in the future changs: I want to change all the sprites hopefully to something better. Whenever I got time I will draw my own sprites or get help from anyone who wish to help me. For now I will use these sprites. And not to forget! I will also work on fixing the grammar and small detail mistakes! (I hate my dyslexia). Credits: Features: The game contains some extra controls. Arrows to move around. Z to interfere with objects. X to open the manu. Shift to run. A to open the god options (if you are worshiping one). S to use your equipped weapon. D to use your second hand weapon. F,G to use items. Q to rest and restore health. W,E,R,T to use spells or skills. N to modify your Action bar. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!EwglgR6Y!jQi5lBxhVrjCsveIAHcF3MEIyluSHhi9djpdq-Oi9Fg Known Issues: An item drop from a foe does not popup when picked up. Pease report any bugs in the comments. Be specific and detailed.
  3. Devildimos

    Zelda Hearts System

    Hey, I think the example heart file is missing. I can't see it atleast. Can some one send it to me or tell me how I should creat it with Gimp Thanks <3
  4. Devildimos

    EST - Emerald's Skill Trees

    Hey. After maker the first class with a complate talent tree which worked. but than I made the secend talent tree. I know where the problem is. but I don't know how to fix it. All works normaly but, when I scroll over the Dash in game it give me this error. Script 'Skill Trees Ace v1.5d' line 196: ArgumentError occurred comparison of Fixnum with nil failed so. Class ID 6. "Dash" => ["skill_object", [523], [["points", 1], ["tree_points", 5, 1]]], So the problem is ["tree_points",5,1]]] When I chance the 5 to 0 it works fine but than it needs 1 point in the warrior skill tree... Class 6 skill tree 6 => ["thief_tree", "passive_tree", nil, "Thief Tree", "Passive", ""], now I am stuck. I have no idea how to fix this. Than I came a cross with another error. I got a event for testing that will give me 10 level ups. Playing a class 6 I go to the skill tree and this error I get Script 'Skill Trees Ace v1.5d 'linee 766: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method '>=' for nil:NilClass What am I doing worng? Why did the first class I made go right and the second not? I am confused Greetings. (some reason the spoilers don't work :s)
  5. Devildimos

    Equipment bonuses Depending on class.

    Awesome. I never though it would be called Trait control! I even totaly forgot about Victor. I am bad... Thanks alot! you help me more than ever!
  6. Devildimos

    CSCA Achievements

    @casper667 Ah okay. Then it would be awesome to add switchs as a reward. For example getting the achiev 100.000 gold and it will turn switch x = true as a reward. is that posseble?
  7. Devildimos

    CSCA Achievements

    Would be awesome to add switches to gain a achievment then only var. This way you can make even more achievments. triggering a switch that rewards you an achievment. :swi = turned on in $game_switch[id] :swi, swi = turned on in $game_switchs[id,id] or someething like that.
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