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  1. Advanced Game Time v1.2 By V.M. of D.T. Introduction The Advanced version of the Game Time script. This version features customizable time increments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekdays, months, years, you can set them all however you want. As well as a new tinting system, no more taking control of the built in tint, this one uses it's own and comes with support for Khas's lighting effects script (since that's a big deal). And last but not least, message codes to include time variations in your messages! Features - Customizable time increments - Customizable tints - Message codes! Screenshots None at the moment How to Use Plug and play and customize if needed. Script Click here for the handy pastebin! Want to go the extra mile? Click here instead! Some extra custom times I threw together for fun: Harvest Moon-esque Olden times RPG thingy (kinda?) FAQ None yet. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any non commercial and commercial project. Author's Notes This script hasn't been thoroughly tested but works for the most part. I'm sure there are some bugs remaining. Give it time. Donations always accepted and appreciated through Paypal: sumptuaryspade@live.ca History V1.2 - Fixed KHAS no tint bug - Multi-line custom clocks! - Changed the way notint maps work (notetags instead of an array now) V1.1 - Save/load time - Custom clock setups - Year post (AD/BC/etc...) - Fixed KHAS bug - Allow use of tint in battle - no tint maps actually no tint - Clock in the Menu - Map Note tag to stop time - Option to sync with PC time Want a feature that you don't see here put in? Feel free to comment and I'll see what I can do!
  2. Eventing: Fine Tuning v3.2 By V.M. Introduction You know what's boring? Having to conform to the guidelines set before you! Really though, this adds a feature to fine tune the x, y position of an event's sprite through a script call in set move route And now more!! Now you can set the rotation, hue, zoom, as well as mirror effect or rotation of events! And even more... waypoints and fades and self_switches and more! And yet more.. like special jump and move commands that just make cutscenes easier Features - Fine tune the x, y position of an event's sprite through a script call - Set rotation, hue, zoom, mirror effect, or rotation of events as well! - Set move routes using waypoints - Easily fade in and out events, change self_switches from within set move route, or randomly teleport Screenshots You should look at these, really How to Use Place script in. In any set move route command, use the script calls listed in the script usage section Demo A project with a single map showing several of the endless uses for this script! Isn't that fancy? You can download it here: Download (v3.1) Script Convenient Pastebin: Here FAQ None At The Moment Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any project with credit given Author's Notes Nothing now.
  3. Basic Real Time (System Time) v1.0 by V.M. Introduction Simple module to provide a series of functions and escape characters to incorporate system time into games. Features - Use conditional branches to activate or not based on current date or time - Incorporate current date or time within message boxes - Use current date and time within scripts How to Use Plug and play and read. Script Convenient Pastebin: Here Not so convenient but more helpful link here: Here FAQ None at the moment. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any project with credit given
  4. Basic Options Menu v1.1 By Vlue Introduction Ever had people complain your sound effects were too loud? Or music maybe? If they have, or if they haven't, there's this script now. Provides your players with an options menu to do things like... change the volume of bgm and se and etc... woo. Compatible with Basic Window Resizer, Basic Message SE, and Basic Autosave just so I can have a cooler screenshot of an options menu! Features - It's an option menu. So you can option menuy things. Like change the volume of BGM or SE. Screenshots How to Use Plug and play! Or setup as needed in the script itself. Script Grab it on the pastebin here: http://pastebin.com/LjRsUGeH FAQ Nada Credit and Thanks - By Vlue - Free to use in any project with credit given, commercial or not! Author's Notes I wasn't kidding, Basic Autosave and Basic Message SE were just created to make that screenshot better.
  5. Basic Quest System v1.1a By Vlue Introduction Is your RPG too boring? Do people get lost easy? Do you want to make a mock MMO? You don't have to answer yes to any of those questions, but it helps if you want to use... Basic Quest System! Which gives you quests and junk. Yay. Features - Create quests with objectives and stuff. - Quests can rewards gold, or exp, or items, or nothing, it's up to you! - Nifty accepting and completing windows! - A quest log! - A quest overlay! Screenshots How to Use Make a lot of quests, set up quests in events, enjoy! Script On pastebin, as usual: http://pastebin.com/tyM7s1Pj FAQ Q: I have a question. A: No you don't. Credit and Thanks - By Vlue - Free to use in any project, commercial or otherwise (despite what my accountant says (hah, like I have an accountant)), with credit given Author's Notes ... of these scripts now.
  6. Advanced Recipe Crafting v1.0 By Vlue Introduction It's like Basic Recipe Crafting, but advancery! This script allows you to implement a crafting system into your game, complete with many options including different crafting categories each with their own skill levels. Amazing! Features - Craft items using various different recipes and ingredients - Limitless categories and skill levels - Variable success rates - Multiple Crafting options! - Banana Bread!? Screenshots How to Use Paste script in, set up recipes as needed. (Recipes need to be learned before they show in the list, via the script call learn_recipe(id), recipes that are learned but can't be crafted due to level requirements will not show in the list) Script As usual, on the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/HG1yFEj6 FAQ None yet. Ask me anything! Credit and Thanks - By Vlue - Free for use in any project, commercial or otherwise, with credit given - Donations always welcome! Author's Notes I got nothing. It's simpl, really... trust me. Don't look it up.
  7. Special Keybinds v1.0 By V.M. of D.T. Introduction This neat little script allows you to bind almost any key on your keyboard to do one of three things in game. Toggle a switch, add a preset amount to a variable, or call a scene. How to Use Plug and play and customize as needed~ Details in the script Script Convenient little pastebin! Right... here. Not here. FAQ None atm. Credit and Thanks - By V.M. of D.T. - Free to use in any non-commercial project Author's Notes The hardest part was writing out each constant equivalent for the keys x.x Every key was not tested, post if a certain one doesn't work.
  8. Vlue

    Multiple Map Layers

    Already did (wow, almost exactly a year ago, one day from your post). It was updated and allows for an infinite number of layers.
  9. Vlue

    Proximity Events

    I'm not sure what you mean? Script for enemy encounters?
  10. Vlue

    Advanced Game Time

    If you wanted to disable the button you can just change it to anything else like.. :none and I'm pretty sure that won't make anything explode.
  11. You use the map id's (minus the zeros, so if the map id is displayed as 002, then you use 2) seperated by commas. For example, notints on maps 5, 6, and 37 would be: NOTINTMAPS = [5,6,37]
  12. Easy enough. Updated the pastebin with a PARTIALRESTORE options, will only restore an amount equal to the max hp/mp an actor gained on level when set to true (false by default) (should work, probably)
  13. If you could link one of the scripts I can take a look.
  14. Vlue

    Popup Window

    Oops, haha. Fixed that up.
  15. Vlue

    Sleek Item Popup

    Try, on Random Equip Affixes, putting this line (there's no line numbers on google docs so its near the bottom and reads obj.suffix_id = obj.random_suffix) below that line: obj.make_name(obj.name)
  16. Vlue

    Popup Window

    I've updated the script, it should work in any scene provided you can find a way to make the script call. (Reread the header, because it's different if it's not called in an event)
  17. Vlue

    Basic Quest System

    Yes, objectives can go above the max, you're not doing it wrong. If you don't want it to go above, you'll have to check if it's already maxed. One way you can do that is using the script option in conditional branch and going like this: obj(:questid001, :obj1) < 3 And whatevers in the conditional branch (your adv_obj call in this case) will only happen if the obj value is below 3 As for 2. What Wren said. In this case you'd use: $game_quests[:questid001].turned_in? or $game_quests[:questid001].completed?
  18. Updated but forgot to upload! Oops. The pastebin has been fixed now, and yah.
  19. Vlue

    Sleek Gauges

    Instead of commenting it out, try changing width to 1 or something ridiculously small... I have no idea what it will do, but maybe it'll work!
  20. Vlue

    Sleek Item Popup

    I'd have to see the Item Affixes script, if'in you could link it.
  21. Vlue

    Advanced Game Time

    There might be another script changing the way the project saves files and preventing game time from being saved, try placing this script below any others and seeing if it solves the problem.
  22. And the exterior maps was tinted before you entered the interior map, then when you leave again it's gone?
  23. Vlue

    Proximity Events

    Of course, just use a conditional branch to (somehow) determine if the party is too strong and go from there when it's in range.
  24. Vlue

    Sleek Gauges

    If you want to not show the TP Gauge, you can just comment out the draw_gauge line in draw_actor_tp and it only shows current TP, so I'm not sure what else you are looking for. If you wanted to hide the max values for hp and mp all together, you can edit the draw_current_and_max_values function in Window_Base and just comment out the lines that draw the / and the max.
  25. Vlue

    Formation Bonus

    I don't see that error when using the script you linked with Formation Bonus (with form under galv). Selecting attack works fine, the hero attacks, enemies attack, turn ends, etc. It might be another script causing the problem for you or perhaps something in your settings from either of these scripts.
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