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  1. I miss this community, the MV one is too big and chaotic.

  2. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Hidden Doors. [WIP]

    Yes. and even without giving credits to me. but I would appreciate it if you would.
  3. P-P-Preordered! <3

    1. Rikifive


      P-P-Preordered five times? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      ~ But please don't spam in here ~

  4. P-P-Preordered! <3

  5. P-P-P-P-Preordered! <3


  7. TheHarmp

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    As proud member of the former Myspace generation, I represent to you all: TheHarmp.
  8. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Hidden Doors. [WIP]

    Thanks! I myself think the box with the rope turned out really good! I'm not too sure about the stairs, the upper tiles (where the stairs are hidden) aren't done as well as I'd like, so I might try to perfect those.
  9. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Hidden Doors. [WIP]

    Thanks lonequeso! If you do make a haunted house, I'd love to see it! (and also a little bump for updating the original post.)
  10. As I'm getting back into Gimp editing things, I'd like to know if any of you could use anything specific? I could use the practice.

  11. TheHarmp

    BAL3RI0N's pit of shotscreens.

    Jeez this is beautiful. Keep it up!
  12. I'M BACK BABYDOLL! ~<3

    1. SpookyMothman


      Hello hello, TheHarmp!

    2. TheHarmp


      Mothman! How've you been? :D Glad to see you're still around!

  13. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Hidden Doors. [WIP]

    Hidden passageways, doors, ropes, levers, or ladders. Originalsare RTP (and Mack I think), edits by me (TheHarmp) Feel free to use when. where and however you see fit. and as always; any and all feedback or comments are welcome. (Yes this means you can use it commercially, with or without giving me credits. Just go nuts.) Thankyou. (ps. if it's easier for the forum to have all my edits or graphics in 1 topic, please let me know, otherwise I'll post new topics for each subcategory.)
  14. TheHarmp

    Takeo's Doodle's

    I really like the girl in the green hoody as it is. It was quite clear to me you were going for a windy effect, it looks stellar, Good job.
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