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  1. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Hello @vivi21. Currently i'm really busy. I don't know when, but i'll see what's wrong.
  2. Lecode

    Turning script on and off with a switch

    Hello. Try this. Replace these lines: def ducking? Input.press?(Jet::Stealth::DUCK_BUTTON) end with: def ducking? Input.press?(Jet::Stealth::DUCK_BUTTON) && $game_switches[ID] end Replace ID with the ID of the swtich you want to use.
  3. Lecode

    Body Targeting system

    Sorry i'm really busy now... :/
  4. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Sorry for the delay, I didn't have too much free time.
  5. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    I plan to do an update. I'll fix it at the same time. Thanks for reporting this.
  6. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Update. # -- V. 0.81 # Added an option to change a variable when # a challenge is completed or failed Check these lines: #------------------------------------------------------------------------- # â–¼ Variables that change when a chall is completed or failed # [ value, ID ] # value = the value that is added or subtracted to the variable # set ID to 0 or less to disable the feature #------------------------------------------------------------------------- Var_Completed_Chall = [1,30] Var_Failed_Chall = [-1,30]
  7. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Okey, i'll do it tomorrow.
  8. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Update # -- V. 0.8 # Added an option for challenges occurrence # Added an option for better compatibility # Fixed a bug with the chall Assassination # (please take again the chall maker)
  9. What would the world be without animes ( and VN ) D: ?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. richter_h


      More cartoons, perhaps?

    3. Lecode


      It would be darkness :@

    4. Wren


      No macross, therefore, I wouldn't be the person I am today...?

  10. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    o.o There is no freeze, for me. Well... it seems that the bug has disappeared with the update. Have you really the latest version ? EDIT: Done.
  11. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    In a blank project yanfly's stuff and my script work well. Can you make a screenshot of your script list ?
  12. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Which script are you using with Aftermath and Yanfly engine ? Yeah, you're right.
  13. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Update : Works with both Yanfly engine & victory aftermath. But make sure to put this script below them.
  14. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    Unfortunately not realy, but i'm working on.
  15. Lecode

    Battle Challenge

    This is not surprising if you have a script that add a battle result of something that happens a the the battle beginning. I am working on to try to make it compatible with this kind of script.