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  1. one of the lousiest things ever are loading screen scripts for Rpg maker.

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    2. Rikifive


      But in one of my RM games the loading screen was legit, as things required a very short moment to load. Think of big parallax maps. :P 

    3. Kayzee


      @Rikifive As I have said before, I have little problems with legit loading screens that actually serve a function. But making one properly is more tricky then you might think, and it's only worth doing if the loading screen takes much less time to load and display then most of the loading it's doing. Plus big parallax map images really make RPG Maker slow anyway.

    4. Rikifive


      I had just a screen saying 'loading' to notify players, that the game is loading, rather than having a confusing black screen for like 2 seconds. Of course, the loading screen was gone as soon as the game was ready to go, without any fancy things.



      Actually a 10000x800 map didn't cause problems in terms of performance. (at least for me) :P Few walking editor's events on map causes more FPS drops.

  2. This ain't so bad. I will get used to it and in a month or two I wouldn't be able to imagine the forums were ever any different.

  3. Why call magic, magic? In a fictional universe where magic exists, it is not a supernatural phenomenon. It's a real and existing function which can be studied. At that point it becomes science, no?

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    2. Kayzee


      @INDOJIN: Not saying all that necessarily isn't true, although I think you are being overly reductionist and literal. But that's not the point anyway. The point is, a fictional universe where magic exists doesn't have to follow that kind of logic, and in fact usually doesn't. If Arda in Lord of the Rings was literally sung into existence by angels creator by the creator god Eru, then that's what happened.

    3. Kayzee


      Maybe you could say it's actually a simulation somewhere (heck some people think ours is), but it would never be canon and is kinda lame to say. Or hack, look at Discworld which takes place in a universe where the laws of physics explicitly take a back seat to the laws of stories. And what I have been trying to explain is these works are just as valid as speculative fiction as the hard sci-fi approch, they just rely on different metaphysical assumptions.

    4. Kayzee


      I mean if you think about it, how many fantasy stories just flat CANNOT take place in a physical world? Quite a few. Now you can argue all you want if such a world is likely to form without any reference to some sort of full physical reality, but that's another question.

  4. Seeing as MV is on sale on steam atm. Is the program updated often? I don't think VX Ace ever downloaded a single update.

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    2. lonequeso


      There's some pretty good DLC for Ace so it's good that a lot of it is getting converted to MV. Obviously original content would be even better.


      @Indojin- I don't have MV. From what I hear there's still a lot of bugs, but sooner or later they'll be fixed either by the company or by users.

      If it's on sale, you might as well get it. I'm waay too far into my game to covert everything. Otherwise, I'd already have MV.

    3. Tarq


      I picked it up out of curiosity. The lag is real.

      Judging from their latest newsletter they seem more interested in adding more features than fixing existing problems...

    4. Rezanta


      MV loves to lag music, but otherwise I don't experience too much of a problem. (Although MV is twice as sensitive to minor mistakes than what Ace was.)


    rmmv One Loves the Sunset

    I saw a post of yours on Reddit. That art style is CRISP. Plus the setting as well. Quite good to see a change from the usual high fantasy sword and board adventure.
  6. Came here after a long time. Good to see a lot of old members active.

    1. lonequeso


      We all have no lives =p

    2. Chaosian


      One of us, one of us!

    3. Rezanta


      One of us- Ugh, welp, back to my tree then.

  7. I have a weird habit where I accidentally add a 't' after words that end with "gh".

    1. INDOJIN


      And to be frank I've had 'enought' of it :P

    2. MasterTaffer


      Fight the urge.


    What games do you think needs to be made?

    The kind which mixes RPG and Simulation. I love games that tells stories through its mechanics. Kinda like FTL and Mount and Blade. One that mixes simulation and a FF Tactics style combat would be sweet.

    Grinding? Is It Bad?

    The general consensus is that grinding shouldn't be mandatory to progress in the game but should be rewarded if the player chooses to pursue it. Whether or not the characters become easily overpowered depends on how well you design their stat progression and exp requirements in relation to how soon/late you introduce stronger enemies.
  10. Three WIP villages. I think the first one is a bit too big but I'm really happy with the second and third. http://imgur.com/a/cBe3N

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    2. INDOJIN


      Is it just scenery that's sorely missing or is there something else?

    3. Chaosian


      Look at the maps, in some spaces, the screen is going to be almost - or even completely filled with just one repeating tile. If you can break it up with other objects (as as rocks or flowers), things might look better. Houses are also looking pretty boxy.

    4. INDOJIN


      Should I refer to the 3-tile rule? I used to use it but then I felt it made things look too cluttered in game. I mean, they looked great in the editor but once in game they looked jarring. I think I need to practice on it until it's neither cluttered nor bare. As for the houses, they're just a note to myself that "there's a house here". I will be trying to spice those up without a doubt.

  11. Any way to make arrows appear in message text? Like "That way↑"

  12. How many houses (or buildings) are too many for you when mapping villages/town/cities?

    1. INDOJIN


      And the average map size you use for a typical village, town and city.

    2. Paddy


      It varies depending on what you have in your village, town or city, how many people live there, etc, etc.

    3. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Wat paddy said

  13. Never knew that a decent mouse would be such an upgrade over a cheap one. Everything feels better now. Browsing, gaming, RPG Making.