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  1. mikb89

    Simple 2 Player script development

    Yeah, n-player sounds nice! You could use an already made script for gamepads, I suppose... I saw them here or in the rpgmakerweb, not sure. Two keyboards look difficult to have xD And you should make it work with XAS or something like that... everyone asks for this when hearing "2 players" xD
  2. mikb89

    Simple 2 Player script development

    The link to rpg revolution doesn't work for me I wrote a 2 players script... could it be mine? Well, it works still with little code, and it has more compatibility, but like you said it handles less things. It depends on what the user want to do ^^ By the way I wanna see the one in the first link xD
  3. mikb89

    Ciao ^^

    Sir, could it be something like "Ce la posso fare"? You know, pronunciation is different from English to Italian. By the way, if you don't need to, don't study it xD Thank you too, Xyster ^^ I was wondering if Sir was the only one in this forum xD Well, I actually posted four scripts of mine! So you can go see them. Mh, rapidly: -Some Popup - show a popup when you're near an event. -Visible Debug - maker tool to help take under control various things. -Audio Pump Up - gives the possibility to use different audio channels and adds various audio effects such as echo, tremolo, reverb, etc. -Ambient Sound - let you hear something (music, sounds) when you're near events. The most you're closer, the louder you'll hear. Also, if you use the Audio Pump Up too, you can hear sounds coming from left louder from the left speaker and same for the right one. I have another script that I'll post soon and I'm making other works that hope to finish quickly :3
  4. That girl in your avatar is cute.

    1. mikb89


      Hi Shin ^^ Yes, she is :D

  5. mikb89

    Ciao ^^

    Ah, right, in Korea language is Korean. Should have thought of that (: "Don't give up" could be: "Non arrenderti" or "Non mollare"... I still don't get what that sentence is haha
  6. mikb89

    Some Popup 2.8

    Thanks ^^ What you say could be done, but I think it is a different thing from this script, don't know if I'll add in it. By the way I'll do tests, and I'll let you know (:
  7. mikb89

    Ciao ^^

    Hello Sir nice to know you ^^ Well, we can do language exchange! I have to learn English well too. By the way is English your main language? Sorry, I'm not good in geography hahaha Thank you for the welcome ^^ And I didn't understand what you were trying to say xD
  8. mikb89

    Ciao ^^

    Many users write introduction titles in other languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, so I wrote mine in Italian xD I like very much VX Ace, so I couldn't miss this forum (: Well, talking of myself, I'm an experienced rpg maker user and I'm specialized in making scripts (which I will post here as soon as possible ^^). I also like drawing and vectorial graphic but I'm not good anyway, and writing. Oh, and I like languages too, else I would have written only "Hello, see you soon!" xD So, what to say... well, hello, see you soon! xD