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  1. So, as I'm making my first game and planning for more in the future, I was wondering how ya'll tackle the designing process of your projects. For me, it usually starts with a rough idea that then I write on a notebook, as well as doodling characters or mechanics here and there, to help me visualize what I'll be making. Of course then I try to make a prototype of what I'll be making, to make sure my ideas are possible. Sometimes I do the prototype first and then jot down the rest but eeehh. Of course I update the notebook as I go along, with dilaogue and cutscenes or map/level designs. So, how do you guys tackle the design of your games? Do you have any tips? A friend suggested I make a GDD and look for testers, do you bother with these aspects or ignore either of them?
  2. PhoenixSoul

    Entry 00D: RPG Maker MZ

    Well, there's not a whole lot I can say as of now, but from what I have seen, MZ looks very promising, and I love seeing coders dropping their code projects here (if only graphic artists would do so as well lolz), but until I get a fair chance to try it for myself (is there a demo version?), I cannot really commentate on it. I mean, four mapping layers plus the 'auto' option does make it sound like mapping will be very dynamic potentially, which that alone has caught my interest enough to wanna see more, but though I own MV, the cost is still far too high and way more than I ever have in my Steam Wallet. So, I will wait... It may be five, six years before I see MZ, if ever, but, that's how being underprivileged goes.
  3. Full Game Title: Tales of Eadris: The Shattered Crystals Genre: Fantasy/RPG Completion Time: N/A yet Creator: Takeo Games Distribution: Non-Commercial Availability: None yet Completion: 5% System: RPG Maker MV Summary: [WIP] .:Crystals:. Fire Crystal Nature Crystal Water Crystal Wind Crystal Earth Crystal They're also rumors of a Corrupted and Holy Crystal, a balance of night and day, however no one has seen these Crystals, only read of them in a ancient library guarded by the Al'Furians. Vessel Crytals .:Races:. Humans Elves Kiminoneko Al'Furians Dwarves Hands are really cold, so will update this over time haha. My boilers broke so there's no heating... Feedback or discussions are welcome! This is the story/lore of my current game, so any improvements or ideas are welcome!
  4. There are several different answers to these questions from several different sources. As one or two of you may know, I'm focusing on art right now before I begin to actually work with the game software itself, since that requires me to essentially learn an entirely new field, but I have experience in art and storytelling. So, I'll have specific questions over the next month or so concerning pixel art (since the general questions have mostly been answered). 1. What is the difference between a "character portrait" and an "emotion sheet"? Is the latter the technical term for it? I'm aware that the latter is generally 384x192, consisting of eight portraits, but I've so far been unable to differentiate between these two terms. For example, this is an early version of my male character's "emotion sheet" (or whatever it may be called): And here's an example custom (I think) "emotion sheet" I've found online: These are so different that I'm not sure whether I'm doing something incorrectly. Would it be wiser to create a fuller portrait first, and then crop and edit the face region? Or does my version look stylized enough that a normal player would find it permissible (and hopefully not amateur)? 2. I've found "emotion sheets" that are different dimensions. Would this cause a technical problem in the game, and is it wise to continue using the dimensions I'm using? 3. Is there any critique you could give me about my attempt at an "emotion sheet?" It seems to be profoundly more pixellated than the other example image, and although that's passable, since the style of the game is rather pixelly, but I'd prefer some kind of smoothness to the image as well, and I've tried several types of color variation and shading, but this is the best result I've gotten so far. I don't have professional instruments. Thank you for reading my post.
  5. Is there a list somewhere that shows the general dimensions for pixel art? I'd like to make custom full buildings and custom tiles and even character sprites, but I can't find any dimensions for those things and I'm afraid importing something with incorrect dimensions will disrupt the game.
  6. Headshots for the main 4 female characters are done, and have been updated in the forum post. I'm working on the dudes right now. I wanted to make Madeline kinda chubby, but she looks like she's puffed up and tripping on LSD a lil bit. Well, I knew she wasn't going to be the easiest to get right going into this, and I'm going to be fussing over that character design until the day this game is released. But yeah, here they are. Somewhat improved, for the most part. I'm bad about thick eyebrows. I love em. Seeker must have them. Uh, well, it's past 2 am in the morning so I'm kinda loopy (and spent about an hour composing what's below this section of the blog entry) and I feel like I've already talked about these characters before. This was more of an art update than an info update. I guess I could tell you a little bit more about what Madeline's involvement is. I haven't talked about her, very much. So Madeline is the woodcutter's daughter. MAN it is weird not capitalizing those letters. Anyway, her father is a lumberjack for a government program, and she (along with her mother) lives in government-funded housing in a government-funded town (I wanna call it Grismell but that's not permanent). Madeline is the person who has been leaving behind fragments ('clues' laced with energy from the past that can be observed)... Which is pretty much just an excuse for backstory as well as playing a different part of the game. Madeline lives in an era before the destruction, and the dates of her fragments line up when everything went to hell. I'm not telling you anything you won't find out in the demo. You do get to play as Madeline, but there are differences. First, there's no combat. You don't fight as Madeline, and you don't make decisions that can get you killed as Madeline. You learn the story as you go, and the more time you spend on this, the more you'll learn about the history. There are different ways to do things as Madeline, but they all kind of lead to the same event. Your decisions don't shape your history, in this mode. They just define it. I'm considering making it affect an ending to the game. Not sure what that would be, though. WOW, I'm loopy. Alright, really, that's enough. Super tired, here, and there's no way I can English right now. Moving towards the topic I totally wrote about before this... --- My favorite female characters, and the show/cartoon/anime that I feel portrays female characters the best is R.O.D. the TV. I mean, the plot doesn't know what the hell it's doing, but the three main female characters are really stunning. I've only watched the Japanese version, and those voices are really spot-on, too. Without giving too much away, I kind of want to take a ...well, a big section out of this journal to talk about what I mean. If you're only here for TWD info and not my ramblings, we're done talking about the game specifically from this point on. Now, one thing you need to know about me is that if there's one thing I do NOT want to do, it's get wrapped up in this whole business on how women are represented in the media. To be quite honest with you, I don't care about this social justice/feminist/whatever it's called anything that's out there right now. It's not even a matter of being neutral, I just don't care. As long as the character is written well, I have no good or bad opinion over what the character actually is. But there are some things about the main female leads in this show that I feel are worth pointing out. They're... I almost kind of want to call them 'tropes that don't rely on being tropes', but they're not even that. They're just so unexpectedly amazing and not typically what you see, especially in anime. Let me just get started, you can watch an episode or two if you feel like it, and we'll make our opinions from that. Also, I'm going to try to leave out as many spoilers as possible from the series, but if you want to go into it blind, then stop reading here and come back after you've seen what you wanna see. Let me go ahead and give you some background over what this thing actually is. So, R.O.D. (Read or Die) was a light visual novel that stemmed during the big visual novel boom in Japan's early 2000s. Visual novels are still a big thing today, but in the 90's-early 00's they were RAMPANT. R.O.D. revolved around a scifi plot regarding a woman named Yomiko Readman, a powerful paper master. A paper master is someone who can manipulate paper in many, many different ways. Yomiko is the OP of all paper masters, let's put it that way. Anyway, this installment received a somewhat short manga, as well as an OVA. Enter R.O.D., the TV-- An anime series based off of an adaption of the visual novel Read or Dream (the successor to Read or Die). Instead of one paper master that can do it all, we've broken it down into three sisters from Hong Kong that play to their strengths, and to their strengths only. Michelle Cheung, blonde and beautiful, plays as the support. Her attacks aren't the strongest, and she usually uses her abilities to aid the other girls. She usually brings along the ammunition (stacks of paper in a briefcase) and chooses a bow and arrow as her weapon. Maggie Mui, the middle sister, is quiet, reserved, boyish, and tall. She's the defense, using paper-manipulated familiars to aid her in battle. And, finally, the youngest: Anita King. She's the offensive role, using speed and agility to deal attacks. The paper at her disposal usually resembles throwing knives/stars. There are more female characters involved in this story that are damn good, but I'm just going to stick with the sisters for now. Another character, Nenene, is one of the few golden pitbull-exterior/labrador-interior characters (commonly known as 'tsundere but not really in fact not at all') in anime. But we're just taking about the sisters. This thing is really gonna be pages long as it is. Let's start with the obvious: The oldest sister, Michelle. She's kind of airheaded, cheerful, and I'd bet somewhere in your head you're thinking 'easy sex appeal'. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, this character is an easy shot at the generic promiscuous older sister with a larger than average rack and an extensive knowledge of male parts. You aren't wrong for thinking this, however this is most certainly not the case. Aside from a very brief suggestion of puppy love between the youngest sister and a boy around her age (as well as two side characters around this age, as well), there is no blatant romance/sexual situation involving a female character in this entire series. Actually, the most developed relationship is a male character with a young daughter, and I can't remember if there was a wife or girlfriend or even a living mother in that family. Continuing on. It's very clear that Michelle is objectively the prettiest and the most attractive of the group. The flowing hair, the figure, the big doe eyes... Yet none of this is the focus of her character. In fact, I can't recall a single incident in the show where she consciously (or not) uses her looks to her advantage. Comments are made about how pretty she is between the sisters, but this doesn't define her character. The older men who run the bookstores in their town refer to her as 'that one scary lady that buys everything on the shelves, hide yo books', not 'that hot blonde who wears the tight clothes with a sweet aaaassss'. Speaking of that, Michelle isn't drawn to wear anything revealing. She usually wears some kind of sweater and long skirt. Graceful, with kind of an innocent elegance. Whimsical. Never, never slutty. And not really sexy, either, to be honest. This is literally the 'sexiest' thing she wears: It's a bodysuit meant to be worn underneath her uniform. All the girls wear them in their own styles. Because in the previous pictures, those clothes are made from paper. This next bit is worth noting: Only a few minutes after the scene that this shot was used in, Michelle was cornered in a room and had to hold a defensive line for Anita. She sets up a barrier, creates a stock of ammunition, and has a clear plan and position for what she's going to do. Of course, she gets overrun because the people she's fighting are grown ass guardsmen with heavy armor, shields, and guns/smoke bombs... But really think about what's happened here. You clearly see what she relies on: Her brain. Her intelligence. She doesn't bat her eyelashes and use sex appeal to woo the guards, she doesn't disguise herself to sneak past them, she doesn't pull some random power or plan out of her rear... She uses her resources wisely and clearly sets up a solid plan of defense/distraction in order to buy as much time as possible for her sister. We are not left to infer this, either. What she does is clearly shown to the audience... Not just 'I have a plan' with a quick cut to the action. We see the barrier, we see the ammo... We see what this character is capable of and how she thinks. I would just like to point out again that this is the character that could have been the easiest to work with: The older, sexy sister. We see this trope used... Everywhere. It's not even JUST in anime. It is EVERYWHERE. It's a generic, easily identifiable trope, and in some cases it's not a bad one to work with. I'm one of the biggest character snobs that ever snob'ed, and I've got this kind of character in my repertoire. But it feels like they went the extra mile with Michelle, and that kind of effort is noticed and very much appreciated. She's not reliant on her looks or her physical appearance for character recognition... She's identified by her role in the family, her obsession with books, the weird noises she makes in her sleep, and (I swear, this is real for her as well as Maggie) the kind of literature/authors she likes. "A room without a book is like a body without a soul." -Michelle Cheung Let's move on to Maggie, the middle sister, and my personal favorite. She's just so bro. So bro. (That bird has a name, it's Mr. Woo. I'm not joking.) Maggie's character is a little more simple... The gentle giant, the protector of the group, the brick wall with a soft heart. She makes weird noises when she cries and will often make a nest under a table to read in. But it's not what they're doing, it's how they're doing it. Anime isn't shy to giving the big guys some kind of gentle feature like finding delight in small animals or flowers, being romantic, having a soft spot for a specific character... Maggie has a different kind of vulnerability. Legitimate fear in restriction. I know that sounds weird, so let me explain. Maggie's the guard dog of the group. If there's a punch thrown towards Anita or Michelle, Maggie takes the hit and grits her teeth. That's her job, that's what she's there to do. She's certainly not stupid, in their own respects all of the girls are intelligent. However, whereas Michelle would concoct some kind of trap, Maggie would be the one to carry out the plan. She doesn't typically think, she just 'does'; she acts in the moment. And whatever she does is for her sisters. ACTUAL SPOILERS AHEAD So when Anita is in a hostage situation and Maggie's on the phone with her captor, she doesn't know what to do. It's either 'trade the friend for your sister', or 'keep the friend and we kill your sister'. Because of her loyalty to her sister, Maggie reluctantly holds her friend hostage. She takes a tissue from a box, forms it into a knife, and is just completely in tears. She's helpless in this situation, she can't do anything to save her sister, she can't throw herself under the bus, and she doesn't know what to do. She loses it. And even she doesn't make the decision, her friend tells her 'hey it's cool, I'll trade places with your sister'. ACTUAL SPOILERS ARE DONE There's another scene (in episode 13, which might be the best of the series) where Maggie's facing off against a particularly strong opponent by herself, and she's legitimately terrified of him. She's not weak and she's not a coward, but she has to actually smack her cheeks to snap herself out of her fear (which previously made her shake). This not only makes Maggie more relatable as human being, it shows how strong her opponent is. This fight, while poorly executed in the animation (cuts to other scenes, and whatnot) is the best in the entire series. And the conclusion of said fight is likely to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Maggie's also incredibly humble, and somewhat self-depricating. She doesn't hate herself, but doesn't hold herself in high esteem. It's something that we're only given glances of, but it's interesting. It almost reinforces that what she does is for her sisters, and not herself. And I like that. It's a common theme, but it's not often presented like that. Regardless of how she views herself, I love Maggie. I truly do. She might not be an incredibly complex character, she doesn't carry any kind of social statement, but that is FINE. She's an honest character, and sometimes those are the best. Last but certainly not least, we've got Anita. The youngest, the offense, the hot-headed, emotional, most believable adolescent character in any anime I have ever scene. Anita's the only sister who can't stand books. She absolutely hates them, and she's not afraid to let you know. She does like frogs, and milk. Plenty of milk. Milk. Anita's a damn good kid. She's probably the most believable character in the entire series based on her responses to certain events. For example, returning to that episode 13 (which I've referenced for each character, now) she has to make a pretty far jump. She does manage it, and lands harshly on her back. None of this twirl-n-flip you see nowadays, it's more like 'hey, guys, wait up a second, I think I just BROKE MY #@$!ING SPINE'. There's one freaky episode where reality starts to distort (again, plot ain't so hot) and an old couple tells her to come with them. They can live a good life, sit by the window, watch porn together... To which Anita screams, cries, and takes off running. Appropriate freaking reaction. She's bullheaded and brash, but she's still a kid. She cries when she's alone and in trouble, she gets scared when she does things on her own, and she's loyal to her sisters but very uncomfortable and without-direction when she's not around them. There's also this relationship between her and a classmate that's described in the show as an Ann of Green Gables scenario and it's really, really good. I'll exclude it from this entry, but it's a hell of a friendship. We're about to delve into kind of weird territory, now. Let's touch on the subject of the panty shots. We know what they are, and they do kind of exist with Anita. But it's not meant to be alluring. It's not any of this underage, 'loli' behavior that we see more and more of (especially with the imouto type shows, lordy those are some... those are something, alright). Any kind of underwear visibility we see with Anita is because she's so childish and flamboyant in her movements. Pink hair aside, Anita's kind of an athletic tomboy. She's climbing around like a monkey on a jungle gym, flipping over railings and staircases, no duh the skirt/dress is going to ride up. When this does happen (which is only a few times in the show, like three MAX) it's not one of these butt-shot, frilly pink panties with glitter and glow effects that are on-screen for half a minute. It's one or two frames of animation, it's always involved with her expression-movements/agility, and the actual image is little more than an amorphous blob. By which I mean this is not meant to show the 'forbidden sex appeal' of a younger character. It's meant to convey the extent of her action. Anita's a rambunctious scamp, and rambunctious scamps don't have time to blush and 'kyaa' over a revealing shot. They don't even have time to notice it, not when there's trees to climb and faces to smash in. Much like my appreciation for how they handled Michelle's character, I take a weird appreciation in how they handled this with Anita. Finally, let's take a look at these girls as a whole. What's even more intriguing is how much the girls admire and need each other. Maggie especially admires Michelle, and often says that she wishes she can be as smart and as cool as her older sister. To which Michelle usually reassures her that she's smart/cool, herself. It's one of the few 'girl power' shows with a team that ACTUALLY feels like a team. Not this 'oh girl X is distracted by a hot boy we need to fight this with the POWER OF GLITTER'... These girls are family. When they're together, they function perfectly. When one of the wheels falls off, the whole wagon collapses. ACTUAL SPOILERS AHEAD When the girls figure out where they came from (which is kind of when the plot deflated, in my point of view), they realize that the life they've been living has more or less been a lie. Anita, being the youngest and the most emotional, freaks out the most. She bails ship and the three separate. Anita returns to the place they lived in and has a mental breakdown. She doesn't go batcrap crazy, but she talks as if her sisters are still around, she lives as if life hasn't changed, and it only enforces just how much she is emotionally dependent on her older sisters. And, afterwards, we realize how true that holds for Michelle and Maggie, as well. ACTUAL SPOILERS ARE DONE Also, the outfits of the girls are actually character-defined in their style while still remaining uniform. Not just a color change/boots and hair are different thing. They don't show them in these outfits as much as they should, in my opinion. Again, the anime's plot doesn't know what the hell it wants to be. Is it a coming of age story, is it an action thriller, is it a family drama... It tries to be everything without being anything, and the ending is kind of a slap in the face. Even though I can't find information to back up this theory, I think there was a budget issue. Japan isn't exactly known for its astounding economy, especially with the natural disasters that have been taking place over the past couple of decades. But the few fight scenes that air are pretty cool. The show is about a 5, the characters are around a 9-10. Some of the best, if not the best I've seen. I really want this remade. I want the characters to stay the same, and the plot reworked. Because this is seriously one of the few gems out there.
  7. Yuugami

    Shin Megami Tensei Month!

    So what is this thing I call Shin Megami Tensei month? Honestly, a lot of why I’m doing these blog posts is because I really don’t have much to put into my blog while I try writing the first part of the scenario for my game’s story. Sometimes, I like to ramble on a bit, and I guess a blog could serve to do that. Originally, I was considering making this series of topics into a bunch of videos, and maybe I might do that for some of them. However, despite what all the ladies I know have to say otherwise, I don’t think my voice is “sexy†or “smooth†– I think I’m probably alone in that, but the point is that I don’t want you guys to hear my voice yet. >/////< Plus, I’ve always expressed myself better through writing. I’m certain a good portion of you are familiar with the Persona series, more specifically Persona 3 and Persona 4 – in fact, many of you probably consider it to be one of your top jRPG experiences, and many more of you are interested. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the tag Shin Megami Tensei attached to it, which is mainly there because of Atlus’s decision to market the games as such when releasing them to the gamers of the West. However, I do doubt most of you went any farther than that, which is fine – we’re not obligated to explore a franchise, that’s just something we should do by choice, and exploring Shin Megami Tensei was a choice that I didn’t really regret. I made a fairly incoherent blog post after finishing another run of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, and I suppose you could say that this project of mine is probably going to be an extension of that. The game that featured Dante from the Devil May Cry series was what started it all for me, although Persona 4 was what brought me back more into exploring what Atlus’s most popular franchise had to offer. A short background on this franchise would be that Shin Megami Tensei is the third after Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in terms of popular jRPGs for the Japanese people. Of course, we got games like Youkai Watch challenging that notion, but this franchise has had a very long history in the gaming industry, especially when it comes to the mechanics of capturing monsters and using them as your own. This mechanic, of course, was made popular by the Pokemon titles, although they certainly weren’t the first to use it. In fact, the first game in the entire MegaTen franchise, Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei was released in 1987, versus the first Pokemon title, Red and Green, being released in 1996, nearly a decade later. Inspired by a series of books released by the author Aya Nishitani (these books aren’t very good, so unless you’re curious, I wouldn’t bother reading them) MegaTen often dealt with issues such as the scenarios of a world lacking free will versus a world where freedom was rampant, and often portrayed its various mythological figures in ways that certainly did not appeal to some. In fact, many people would say the franchise would come off as agnostic, although others would argue that the writing of the games were a result of being creative and establishing a universe that could be revisited multiple times. My personal stance is that I really don’t care – while the plots of most MegaTen games could be considered decent, and often times fresh when compared to the trope-heavy stories of most other jRPGs, I for one don’t think too much about the overall writing of the plot. Some of these games don’t even have much of a plot to go with, depending on which route you usually try to play for: despite Nocturne doing an excellent job of keeping me interested with its world, I was most definitely not interested in its story. The closest thing that game had to a plot was in the True Demon Ending, and I would argue whether or not that was even a decent plot. Of course, games like Digital Devil Saga had stories that I personally thought were fantastic, but the point is that even MegaTen is unable to escape its own tropes. When you become familiar enough with the series, you begin to expect certain story elements to appear once more, and if you even learned about the art/story direction for any future Shin Megami Tensei game, it’s not too difficult to see what kind of story we are to expect. I would probably consider than to be MegaTen’s greatest flaw, but in the greater scheme of things, that seems really minor. The gameplay, for one, can be considered the best realization of a slower turn-based game – there are no action buttons, but logic and knowledge play a big part in winning battles. The designs of the demons are often hand-in-hand with their mythology, and one could even guess what a demon was weak too just by looking at them. If nothing else, Kazuma Kaneko’s demon and character designs have played such a large role in making this series what it is. Bless his soul, and may he frolic in a field of flowers forever. Demon negotiation and fusion are the main staples of the game – being able to converse and persuade an opponent to lay down their arms has always been a focus in most Shin Megami Tensei games (there are exceptions, of course, with Digital Devil Saga, Persona, and Devil Survivor). In fact, Toby Fox once said that the conversation mechanics of Shin Megami Tensei was an inspiration for him when he decided to add conversations in his game Undertale, if that’s of any interest. And demon fusion is beyond addicting, that deserves it’s own post. Speaking of Undertale, I once heard a story where a girl once believed that Shin Megami Tensei was a spin-off of Undertale. I cried. Anyways, for this series of blog posts, I will be talking about various topics regarding the franchise, because I want to discuss them, and also because I hope people in this community will take notice and try to visit these games themselves, hopefully beyond Persona 3 and Persona 4. The following is a list of what I will probably talk about, as of now, but if you want me to talk about something, let me know. I haven’t played all the Shin Megami Tensei games, but I have played a good portion of them, and have a good bit of knowledge about the ones I haven’t played. Shin Megami Tensei IV – The Greatest Entry in the Series, or the Worst?: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1842-shin-megami-tensei-iv-the-greatest-entry-in-the-series-or-the-worst/ Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final – The Things to Know:http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1843-the-need-to-know-on-shin-megami-tensei-iv-final/ Shin Megami Tensei – iOS or SNES: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1845-shin-megami-tensei-ios-or-snes/ The Persona Project, with and without Tadashi Satomi: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1846-the-persona-project-with-and-without-tadashi-satomi/ Demon Design - Orpheus: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1847-demon-design-orpheus/ Demon Design - Izanagi: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1848-demon-design-izanagi/ Demon Design - Vulcunus/Maia and Apollo/Artemis: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1853-demon-design-vulcanusmaia-and-apolloartemis/ Demon Design - Seimen Kongou/Amon Ra/"Persona" Vishnu: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1854-demon-design-seimen-kongouamon-rapersona-vishnu/ The “traditional jRPG MegaTen experienceâ€, aka Digital Devil Saga: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1855-digital-devil-saga-the-traditional-jrpg-experience-for-megaten/ Demon Design: Varuna/Varnani: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1856-demon-design-varunavarnani/ Breaking Down Devil Survivor - Part One (Gameplay): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1860-breaking-down-devil-survivor-part-one/ Breaking Down Devil Survivor - Part Two (Story/Characters/Music/Localization): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1862-breaking-down-devil-survivor-part-two/ Genei Ibun Roku #FE - We Didn't Ask For This: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1863-genei-ibun-roku-fe-we-didnt-ask-for-this/ Demon Design - Jack Frost: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1873-demon-design-jack-frost/ Devil Summoner - A lighter-toned Shin Megami Tensei: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/465/entry-1885-devil-summoner-a-lighter-toned-shin-megami-tensei/ Demon Design - Cu Chulainn/Tam Lin: The Protagonists of MegaTen: Demon Design - Krishna: The Antagonists of MegaTen: Demon Design - Fiends: The Hall of SMT Fame: Demon Design - Masakado: Kazuma Kaneko - The Man Named Shin Megami Tensei: Demon Design - Vishnu: The Music of MegaTen – the unique style of Shoji Meguro and Ryota Koduka: Demon Design - Lilith: The Mechanics of Demon Fusion and Negotiation (or how to play the games in general): Demon Design - Pixie: The Animes of MegaTen - Yay or Nay: Demon Design - Lucifer: The Future of MegaTen:
  8. TIME System Some player didn't like time system integrated to their game. The reason is simple, most of script using fully automatic system where the time will keep flowing with certain configuration set. And it cause the player afraid the time would limit or delaying for what they want to. So what should we do as developer who want include time system for their project ? Here is the idea Rule 1 : Use time system only for cosmetic. If not, then this thread is not for your project. Let's see the example. Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of time. The sky color (tint), whether the shop is closed/opened or the some side event like when some enemy may active / appear. It doesn't matter if you finish the dungeon on the midnight or pull the master sword on the dawn, everything doesn't change much. This cause player move freely and just enjoy the gameplay. Even so, the time system in Ocarina of time also limiting some important side quest. For example where you need to shoot an arrow at dawn to receive fire arrow which is important weapon. Uh, why not just play the "sun song". That's right... this will lead to the second rule. Rule 2 : Use eventing for semi manual time system. This will solve the problem where player might to rush or wait. How ? Just make the time is static. And to make the time flowing, use event such as : 1. Random encounter will add 10 minute, while evented (battle) might vary. 2. Entering a door might add 1 minute. 3. Sleeping on Inn will send you to certain time 4. entering world map from a town will add 10 minute Of course to prevent player walk back to back to modify time as they will (easily), you need extra eventing skill. You can add more custom time like crafting, camping, fishing etc depend on your feature. It will make the player (partly) have the control the flow of time. Weather And then the second idea is weather because it would more fun to link these two feature. Weather system might add for some depth feature or just cosmetic. You don't want boring "oh, now is 6.59 AM, if I transfer to other map, I will see the bright sun (day tint)" The easiest weather system is random whenever a new set of time coming. But it won't funny if you have heavy rain with cloudy tint and then transfer to other map but suddenly the the sun is brightly shining. Or you might see the rain pour all day. To make some advance weather system, here is what I have in my mind. 1. First decide which season when your game start (or placed). For example : rain season on tropical region. 2. On every beginning of the new day (0:00AM) put event to calculate how many the time will divided for chance of change the weather. Just random it. For example : random 5-15 and then result in 11. 3. It mean on the next 24 hour, there are 11 chance for the weather to change. 4. Use random variable again to set when a new set of time will coming. And the store it to many several variable. If we planned to never make more than 20 chance of weather changing, just prepare 20 variable and then store it by using eventing. Here is my example. And then for every you transfered to new map, it will check if the current time (Hour) are include on one of the Variable [time x]. If so, then it will change outdoor tint from normal to cloudy or cloudy to normal. How to decide whether its rain or just cloudy ? How about the rain itself ? how to configure when the heavy rain, normal rain or just drizzle. Depend on your eventing skill, the weather system will make the game either fancier or just plain feature. So, what do you think of it ? Do you have any better idea to improving time system ? Any idea or reply would be appreciated.
  9. Hey! I'm working on an old fashioned RPG and since I believe in making everything unique and interesting, I design each house from scratch and try to keep it different and original. The thing is, that's the number one thing that frustrates me and makes me sometimes quit and then come back to making my game at another time. But since I realized there's only so much you can do to really keep it original, I thought about just copying my previous houses and maybe redesigning a bit... since it'll be the same eventually. I'm talking about like 20 cities with at least 7 houses including shops. I was wondering how do other people deal with making a game that has tons of maps and still keep going with it? (I'm not saying I don't enjoy making my game... but you have to admit map designing is frustrating when you try to keep it at a high level)
  10. This is in General Discussion not Theory and Development because I'm not looking for someone to tell me how much worldbuilding I should do. I'm just curious how far you all go with it. I'm sure it quite naturally varies depending on the size and focus of your project, and that's fine. There's no right or wrong answers here. What I often do, and why: What do you do? How do you address worldbuilding in your projects (and/or stories, if you're a writer, which I know some of you are).
  11. Knighterius

    Level Grinding

    Hello, So I was making my game and I noticed that my players might have to level grind a few levels before defeating a boss battle ahead. What I was wondering was, do people think it's bad that a game makes you level grind? Do you think that your level should be just fine if you do everything possible in the dungeon? I honestly enjoy level grinding, especially when lets say my level is 11 and to defeat the boss I need to be at around 15 I'd gladly go and battle some more and hone my skills. What do others think? Would you rather not level grind? Would you rather base it all on strategy? I feel my game is going to border on both but I'd like to know my friend's opinions Over and Out, Knighty
  12. Well I guess you could argue this would apply for any 2.5d game but let's roll with Strife: Quest for the Sigil.Last commercial game made with the doom engine and is actually a fairly interesting bird in that it did the action RPG bit years before deus ex (yet still three years after system shock.) I know of a guy that's basically converting system shock to RPG Maker using scripts to keep the 3d world effect, but frankly... I was thinking something more straightforward in a top down world, but with the game's elements in there for monsters, story, npc's, and so on. My problem is how to make top down resources on a game that's 2.5d (meaning there's nothing already made that would work for the perspective I want.) On the bright side enemy sprites already exist, Ditto with weapons, effects, sounds, and even music (the re-release has everything recorded from a roland sound card to mp3 and I'm pretty sure i have the midi conversions of the source tracks somewhere.) There's also portraits of the different notables so that could be incorporated. Lastly there's the fact that the basic map outlines are already drawn so all I would have to do is pencil everything in, though I suspect there would be a lot of reworking on some of the more blatantly maze-like levels since I hate having absolutely no idea where I am, what I'm doing, or where the switch I just flipped opened. So basically battle, music, and sound. It's world tiles and battle backgrounds that would be a problem (assuming I don't want to take screenshots from the game and chop apart. That's actually not a very bad idea.) The other problem is I'd basically be making up the damage values for things out of fat air. Doom Wikia lists health values, but all the damage outputs are formula and I'm not sure what i'm looking at. Edit: At this stage I'm just spitballing ideas. Not equipped in any way shape or form to take on something like this.
  13. LordSquirrel

    So, RPGs.

    So, I've been playing a number of RPGs lately on a multitude of platforms, consoles, PC, mobile devices, even watching a small portion of a DnD game. This is mostly due to me putting off work on my own projects because I'm a lazy punk with the physique of an obese telly tubby, and partly because I've been trying to find an answer to a question I've had for awhile, the question being "Why do we always say that story is the main strength of RPGs?" This is a common opinion I hear, "The gameplay is generic, but the story is good, and honestly, that's really the only part that matters in these games." or something similar, mostly when going through RPG Maker forums. I always want to challenge this stance, but whenever I think about the metric ton of RPGs that I've played, I honestly can only ever come up with one or two examples, that I end up realizing later were just as boring as other ones. Now, this is probably just me, and I'm perfectly willing to except that. I know a few people who really like the gameplay in Earthbound and the Persona series, but I honestly feel that the RPGs that follow in the veins of these game, or other Final Fantasy esc-games, have never had good gameplay, or un-engaging at the very least. I don't really have much of an answer to why this is, even after playing somewhere around twenty RPGs in the past three weeks, but I do have a few ideas as to why. First possibility: Gameplay that never really changes. Through the multitude of games I've played recently it struck me that most RPGs never really shake things up. For example: In final fantasy 4, you learn everything you ever need to know for the entire game. There is never a time where the game throws you a curve ball that forces you to adapt or radically change up your strategy or ways of playing, even games like Dark Souls fail at this, all you ever need to do in that game is roll around until you learn the enemy's moveset and then wait for an opening. There is the occasional boss that plays with this, but it's usually only one boss and you never have to adapt again. Second possibility: Slow, or uninteresting gameplay. Let's face it, turn based battle isn't the most interesting combat, now is it? And fancy side view battles can only remain fancy for so long. It's another thing that I've noticed in most of the games I've played recently, they always have either frontview/sideview TBB/ATB systems with the normal Physical attacks, four elemental magic attack spells, light magic for healing, dark magic for curses and the like, usually poorly balanced, or lacking in any real challenge, and those that do have "challenge" mistake overpowered enemies that take five hours to kill as challenge, and not, you know, giving them some kind of interesting patterns, or strange status effects, or any kind of ACTUAL challenge. And they usually when they have ATB, then the bar takes so long to charge that it might as well be TBB. And that's really all that I have, well, at least all I have that I can actually explain without going into fifteen paragraphs like I usually do. But anyway, what do you guys think? Do either of the two possibilities seem plausible? Am I talking out of telly tubby shaped rear end? Do you have your own ideas on why gameplay tends to suck in RPGs? Or do you think that the kind of gameplay we normally have is perfectly fine? Leave a comment and discuss away!
  14. Title. Do you think it's a good part of the game? Do you feel that luck in itself has little place in an RPG? Discuss. EDIT: Found out that apparently the luck stat does not directly control criticals, evasion, hit, etc. That's more what I'm talking about, the element of random chance.
  15. Hello, my name is Cheynise and well, I'm new to this whole thing (not the engine btw, I've been practicing here and there with it). I'd like to discuss on logics and directions on certain gameplay elements and if they can be integrated with or without a script. I'm working on a demo game that once I get down to the main mechanics, I can go straight to designing 2 game ideas I have: one being a survival simulator, which is a little like Lone Survivor (though not entirely with invisible gauges), and a dating sim but with stats. I've not gotten down the whole list of what mechanics I need to discuss but as I progress on my demo, I'll ask more in this forum. If this demo comes out good, I'll showcase to everyone so they can use it as reference. I won't be jumping onto my ideas so soon until I fully know I can do these steps on this demo. 1st major mechanic is time progression but not by seconds, minutes or hours. Basically both ideas I have do have a similar approach to some life sim games like Persona, Dandelion, etc - time being divided into periods and each period can only be progressed after completing a number of events or action points I guess. There is a calendar involved and a deadline (like Persona, you have only one year) but time does not progress like a clock. I've tried looking at how to do this but I'm not too sure if I'm on the right track and most tutorials revolve around time ticking by. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. Doesn't have to be just finding tutorials, can also be discussing logic if this sort of thing can be done with the events and such (though I'm wondering how events can be reset when a new day comes in game but still keep items/stats untouched). Thank you for taking your time. Here's how my demo will be looking btw. It's simple right now, with collision included. Bleh. (click to enlarge)
  16. Hi, I noticed they don't make rpg games like they did back in the NES and SNES era. So what is your favorite Saga, NES or SNES rpgs? Mine are(I only have four because I was just a kid during that era and my grandparents wouldn't let me play anything that was a rpg): SNES- Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest SNES- Breath of Fire 1 and 2 SNES-Tales of Phatasia NES-Dragon Quest and Dragon Warrior Saga-Phantasy Star 4
  17. When you are making a game, and one of the towns has a Tavern/Bar/Pub type of building, what - if anything - do you sell there? My first thoughts were to sell some drinks that gain back health or mana, but that seems redundant with the existence of the potions in the game. So now my thoughts are to simply sell something like "Whiskey" that gives a temporary boost to agility (sort of playing on the whole "Liquid Courage" type of idea), or some form of smaller stat bonuses or something. So what do you guys sell in this type of a building, where it isn't necessarily a shop, but it still sells things? This question could be expanded into the Inn, and things of that sort as well. If you sell something in a building outside of the stereotypical shops (armor, weapons, potion-like goods, and so on), what do you sell?
  18. I certainly have many months of development left in my game, but this is something I've been considering and tossing back and forth for a while. My game is the idea of the princess gets kidnapped, but rather than playing the soldier to go save her, you play as the princess as she makes her way back home. At the start of the game, you play the cliche young soldier who meets the princess and has some stupid little crush on her right from the get go, but right after she's kidnapped, he disappears from the story. Something I wanted to do was have a little clip that is based completely around something else in the game (I study creative writing, so a lot of lore went into this game. I have no shortage of other things to focus on), and have the character going through all of it be the soldier you play in the beginning of the game. What are your thoughts on that, though? Would it be better to focus on, say, the world and lore, in advertising, or admit from the start you are going to be playing the princess? As writing this, a thought that came into my head (As I imagine these all as Steam Videos) is the end noting that you "lead the princess back home." but I don't know if that's too silly.
  19. There are so many different ways to map, that I thought it might be fun to discuss the styles you prefer or techniques you like to use. You can talk about using the editor, tiles, parallaxing, using events to map, etc. I'll start off first. For starters, these are the most common map styles that I've seen: However, there is this trick where you can make transparent front walls like this: All you need is the fixed pictures script, and the mapshot script is recommended.
  20. purplekirby54

    What is considered "Taboo"?

    So i've been in these forums... very little, I must admit. And from the looks of things, you guys are very good at doing what you do. You all make really good games, have very nice art, and are very kind and helpful. Good community is good. That being said. What is considered the 7 deadly sins of using VX Ace? For some background as to why I'm making this thread: I'm trying to make a game with just the stock tile sets, character creators, but I'm trying to remake from scratch all the Skills and Weapons for balance purposes (the double attack thing pisses me off to no end), and I'm trying to use as much of the vanilla scripts and battle styles to the fullest. Though, to be fair, I've used a few of Yanfly's scripts for some easier battling / formation editing for this game, cus the way the stock battle screen was? Yeeeeeeah, no fun. Anyway. Expect me to be posting a bit more often from now on. :v
  21. ​I'm sure many people have fond memories regarding typical RPGs: wield a sword, find treasure, defeat a bad guy, and save the world. But they get tiring. We want something new! Something exciting and different! But still something that stays true to original RPGs. To put it shortly, what game ideas do you think are different from old school rpgs? PC is actually the bad guy? RPG set in the modern world e.g. New York City? PC is the magic user instead of a swordsman?
  22. AnxiousMonkey

    A title would be nice

    The point of this post is for ideas. If I end up using your ideas in my game, and if I ever finish it, I will put your name somewhere, it is my first game, so I plan to do it right and credit anybody worthy of it. I would very much appreciate any ideas for a title of a game, or any in game functions that would be nice to have or fun to have in this type of game. I would very much hope to get the game done by 2015, which gives me a lot of time, But considering that I can't even finish a 6 hour drawing, who knows how far I'll get. If I come up with a demo, I'll post it asap once I find out how. Comic sans is quite a nice font. Anyways, I'm currently working on a game, and I'd like title ideas and ideas for a future plot. So far I have mostly ideas, and the database is well on it's way. The class system is finished, and I will go into sprite design later, Much later. The game's lore is very simple at this point, I have not even a name for the land in which it takes place. I'm an odd person, and it reflects on my game. It's a very light game, quite happy, with rather dark themes, and it goes towards ruins and wrecked societies, which plays into the plot. I suppose that part and the aspect as you have very little direction as to which way to go could be a direct consequence of my lovely experience with Dark Souls. One of my themes I've thought of so far would be shown through the king, who gives most of the tasks in the early and late parts of the game. Early in the game, he is quite nice and is interested in what you have to say, but as time goes on he begins to become secretive and gives less of a damn about what you think, and he begins to feel better than you, and acts condescending. The lore is based on elements and the power to manipulate them, and how it is rare to be able to, but is a useful gift. Along with the elements, there is a constant war going on between them, as they loath each other entirely, and darkness has seemingly vanished, but as strange behavior of wildlife begins to appear, civilians begin to question their authority, who refuses to tell them anything. You play as a character who is upbeat and rather ignorant, doesn't question many things. As he progresses, he begins to question, and then begins to become critical, which could be emulating the process a child matures. Mostly though he's really ignorant and happy, because everybody loves to act like a child now and then. Anyway, On to game play. The scripts I am using are as follows, they all work and I am very pleased with them. If any makers of these read this, Thank you for your fantastic scripts, I am quite satisfied with them. Animated Battlers - Jet ( http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/500-animated-battlers/ ) (Using animated battler sprites from Holder, those are great too. Very well done.) Adjust Limits - Yanfly ( http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/adjust-limits/ ) Ace Equip Engine - Yanfly ( http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/ace-equip-engine/ ) Shield Blocking - Mr. Bubble ( http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/2980-shield-blocking/ ) Equipment Requirements - Fomar ( http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/1320-equipment-requirements/ ) The game consists of 11 classes for the 2 main characters, and 2 extras for fixed class characters. Each class has a necklace, courtesy of Yanfly, which adjusts their limits appropriately. Necklace effects will be in parentheses next to the class. Fighter Classes Warrior, 1H Sword. (+ATK, +HIT, +CRIT) Fast and durable DPS. Bruiser, if you will. Medium defense and overall damage. Berzerker, 2H Sword. (-HIT, -AGI, +CRIT) Slow and massive damage burst. Lots of attack buffs, ATK Nuker. Massive single target damage. Knight, 1H Sword and Shield. (+TGR, +MHP, +DEF) A standard tank, very beefy, equipped with high defense plate mail and a shield, capable of blocking, courtesy of Mr. Bubble. Rogue Classes Thief, 2 Daggers. (--TGR, +AGI, +CRIT) A fast thief, who can provide bonus agility to the entire team and gives bonus gold gain. Is very stealthy, hardly noticed by enemies. Assassin, Katana. (+ATK, -TGR, +CRIT) As the name says, they're powerful assassins. They do % based damage and can shred enemies down for the bursters to finish off. High single target damage. Trap Master, Trap Set (+++AGI, +HIT) The trap master has double agility, allowing for almost always attacking first, and his team cannot be surprised. He has large crowd control. Magic Classes Sorcerer, Staff (+MAT, +MMP, +MDF) A standard sorcerer with single target crowd control and DPS. Later has access to large AoE spells. Black Magician, Scythe (+MAT, +ATK) A massive damage mix of a Sorcerer and an Assassin, with powerful black magic. This class can only be accessed later in the game, and is tough to find. A very powerful enemy, who is commonly named the Boss Slayer. Has access to missing health spells, powerful finishing moves. Works well with an assassin. Healer, Wand (+MHP, +MMP, +AGI) A powerful healer, who can heal his allies very quickly at the use of agility. His spells have a large cooldown, but are very powerful. Some can even defy death for a few turns. Ranged Classes Archer, Bow (+ATK, --TGR) A fast archer with knowledge of pressure points, providing access to paralyzing shots. High single target damage. Artillary, Cannon (+DEF, 1%AGI, -HIT) Massive AoE damage, very slow. as you can see, he only has 1% of his total agility present. Though slow, he is extraordinarily power, and has access to large AoE explosions, but they don't always hit. Fixed Classes. You can either choose Patch the Pumpkin King, or Visto, the Technician. Pumpkin King, Scythe (+ATK, +MAT, +DEF) Like a black magician, but less offensive and more defensive. Focuses around the dark magic of the pumpkin patch. This is halloween, this is halloween... Technician, Wand (+MMP, +MAT, +AGI) A class that can send his advanced drones to ravage enemies armor, or can output pulses of energy to slow down and stun enemies, or demolish their mana pools. Those are the classes, and I can't wait to see them in action. They will have skills that can be linked together, and I'm still pondering whether to put in a skill shop system, or whether I should just have them learned per level. That's another thing I'd like input on. If you read the whole thing, Thank you very much for your interest, I'm very passionate about it and can't wait to see it finished. P.S., There is also a crafting system, and a refining system for weapons and armor.
  23. kayden997

    Cutdown on battles

    Gameplay and story are one thing. You interact with the environment in order to progress through the story. Battles are a completely different aspect. Battles are used for for filler, roadblocks, challenge, meta game, and even the end game objective. Gameplay for battles aren't hard to figure out in most: select attack or skill, select target, let the sparks fly. Developers add a few twists to with with different abilities, states, resistance, etc. but it all boils down on how often the player will be put through this. I can't tell you how many times I've played RPGs having battles used as just filler and character stat progression. The story, environment, and world is what makes it interesting and more fulfilling to continue. I know that the later levels will include me and two others using our skill and items to take down the health bloated monster. But does it really have to be such a struggle to make it to that point? Am I really focusing on the story now or am I focusing on how many feinds it will take to get another stat point to add to my dexterity. Unless the battles are unique every time I enter one, it will seem unnessesary to me to even try. Are my reasons far fetched? Do you agree or disagree with my points? Call 1-800-combat5, and see if the rest of America is with you.
  24. RetroExcellent

    Starting of something new and fun

    Hello everyone, as you probably know. I LOVE to write eventing tutorials. I am also convinced that there is very little that cannot be done with events. So the purpose of this blog is to discuss what sort of tutorials and events people would like to see. I'm looking for ideas on eventing tutorials to write and I love a good challenge. I will likely post new tutorials on this blog as well as the VXA.N tutorials sections. So let's discuss, what sort of events are people looking for? Do you want puzzles? Alternate Shops? Alternate Leveling? New ways to encounter enemies? Mini-games? Let's be honest, the options are really limitless. I hope to hear from many of you soon, at the very least let's try to narrow down a type of event for the first entry! Do you want mini-games, mining, fishing, battles, gambling, puzzles? Let's think!
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