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Found 83 results

  1. Saiffu

    Akage |Saif Ü Reviews|

    Game Title: Akage Author: Scaptonyx Topic Link Gameplay The Gameplay for Akage is about how the sexy and charming lady who is named 'Akage', slash her way to the culprit who burned her whole village, and her beloved house. Basically, the game showcases the battle system of Sapphire. The game is then spiced up with a system wherein you may enchant mana stones into your equipment. There are various Mana Stones which raises a certain type of attribute. The game also emphasizes on the use of potions to withstand hard battles. My only suggestion would be, maybe add a hotkey wherein you may link items which you would want to use there. I had to open and close the menu to use a potion in my inventory whenever there would be a boss battle. The game also offers several weapons and scrolls, which I found entertaining since picking up such items made me feel rewarded from all the killing Akage has done. I felt stronger and stronger everytime I encountered an item stronger than what I had. Story The story is simple, The Bad Guy burns her house and she chases after the Bad Guy. There were no complications or such which was made. The story was straightforward, considering it was a short game. Resources Used No additional resources was used, background music and system interfaces stay the same and not that much customization. The only additional resource which I spotted are the use of the characters Bust Shots. I say that it was a good idea adding those in the game. It added to the feel of the game and the art which Akage had has charmed me since it is simply how art was like on the olden days. Good job Overall I think the game was made just for experimenting purposes. Overall, the game would be satisfactory for a short game, but lacks a lot, so I'll give it a 6.5/10. That's all I have to say and happy game developing.
  2. Game Title: Red Hand of Doom Author: Kaelan Topic Link Gameplay Red Hand of Doom is a game wherein the mouse is more involved than the keyboard, basically a point and click game. It mimicks the gameplay of an MMORPG, wherein skills would be binded to hotkeys and such. What I enjoyed on Red Hand of Doom is that you are given the opportunity to customize your character any way you like and I tell you that I truly enjoyed this feature of the game. From picking what class, picking what race, specific stats to raise, feats to learn and characteristics to choose. This feature makes you have full control over the growth of your character. A big thumbs up for that. What I dislike is the difficulty and the lack of cutscenes in the game. Like directions on what to do and what quests to take. consequences if i do this and i do that. We do not have any information or any hint of at least the best choice to pick. On the other hand, the difficulty is absurd for the first boss of the game. Just one wrong choice and you'll definitely lose the battle. The presence of a lot of bugs got me stop playing the game. The easy combat mode is rather buggy. You might want to take a look at the heal spell for the cleric, since whenever you hover your mouse there whenever you would want to use it, the game crashes. Similiar to the fear spell, I do not know but when I am about to cast fear, the game crashes again. This is on easy combat though, the bug I found on the normal mode is that if you have already casted fear on the opponent, once you try to cast it again, the game would crash. So fix every bug which is present as quick as possible because how are we going to go further through the game if there are a lot of bugs. And the lack of details on some options, for example, Coup De Grace/bull rush, they suddenly popped out on the menu without any nice explanation whatsoever. What would be the advantage of using such and how to trigger/use it. Overall, I still enjoyed the game and the battle system a lot but the bugs would definitely kill the mood. I did not only encounter bugs once, twice, thrice but at least 20x. Which is truly disappointing. Story The story is a bit confusing, what if the player did not read your history, lore and such on your thread. Then they would have a hard time understanding the game. And again, I have not ventured through the game much since the bugs have been slowing me down so that is all I have to say for now. Resources Used Everything which was used strayed far away from the default RTP style. This just shows how creative the creator of the game is and how he is willing to be different from the others. Everything used was neat and simple, Interfaces were very fancy and had me going. I was so amazed on how you were able to create such a game. Honestly, this is my first time seeing this type of game on RMVXA and I applaud you for that. Music fitted well for this type of game and I could say that every piece of music was used right where they should be. My only complaint would be that the sprites I guess do not show much detail and they are just accustomed to one move set as far as I have observed or is it just that I don't notice their other move sets at all. Overall though, a big thumbs up for originality. Overall For the demo's current condition, I would give it a 5/10 as it is not that playable yet since a lot of bugs are still present and there may be rebalances which could still be made but the game has the potential to reach a 10/10. In fact, you just showed all the game developers out there the potential which RMVXA could have. You proved to everyone out there that RMVXA is a powerful tool and could do such marvelous things. Good Job. I hope you continue on developing the game as I would be waiting for it to be completed. Maybe once bugs has lessened, I might play it again. Again, good job, and happy game developing
  3. This system of events work to get make it possible for you to have the same type of character switcher in GTA5. This means you will be able to switch you character when ever you want, and you can meet the other characters and interact with them and so on.
  4. philteredkhaos

    Making an Airship

    Hey! So I was making a sprite based off of the Blackjack from Final Fantasy 6 (not a pixel for pixel rendition. It has a touch of PK contaminating it ), and I ran into the issue of not being an artist/don't know how to represent a downward angle for this beast when it is travelling north/pointing up. And probably down, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I am just starting out on this spriting/pixel art endeavor so any help would be greatly appreciated! Currently my 'Up' Airship kind of looks like some weird Gold and Onyx tiny headed bird... I will be adding propellers, but any other ideas?
  5. I guess technically it's not combat-free, but as the main character you won't be doing any attacking. My dilemma is I am making a game about a pacifist journeying across the archipelago her island is part of. The MC is absolutely against violence, but the antagonist is her bully. I was thinking a few ideas, including: Have scripted encounters with the bully across the archipelago, but only blocking in combat for a set number of turns. Or random with bully/animals/bandits? Enemies that chase you and deplete HP whenever they touch you. In both scenarios, you would have very limited resources for regaining health, and if you aren't careful how/when you use them, you might just get beat up & out. I am also open to other suggestions of how I should handle this. Below is a pic of my overworld map.
  6. digitalstorm977

    Boss skill idea

    I had this odd skill idea that I felt the need to bounce off of you guys. This is a boss skill, 100% unavailable to the party: It's a skill that targets one character, heals the target for 20% of their HP, then the next turn lowers all of their stats except MHP and MMP, along with reducing how much healing magic effects them. That is until they suffer 40% of their HP in damage.
  7. Nekotori

    The Epic Halt of Development

    Hello everyone, Sad to say this blog post will bring very grim news... all of my projects shall be postponed for a while due to I will be focusing first on some client requests on some commissioned sprites. Well "some" isnt really a good term but "alot" or "plenty" will exactly describe the amount of work that I will be doing. So for my beloved supporters (Hehehehe~) of Dreams and Nightmares, the game will be continued maybe on december or next year. Fear not I wont abandon the project. I just need some time to lend on my commissions. I would also like to announce that I am joining a small team on making a simple fan game. Since the leader of the team saw my Anime Horizon concept (Which can be found here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/26290-anime-horizon/ ). We decided to adapt it and make a total revamp. It will take long before any release dates for the demo can be established but i assure you all that it would be a fun yet simple project. It will feature all of my Sprite Work including Commissioned ones since as stated to my terms, I can freely use my own work For a brief description of Anime Horizon (The Revamped One), it will feature a simple mission/ dungeon based gameplay where in after each dungeon, you return to a lobby where in you can prepare for the next dungeon. It will also feature anime characters as companions for the player. It will also have a "event reward system" where in you can input codes to redeem various goodies, the codes are either given away freely, through events that can be posted here in the forums and as well as for people who participated on in game events So many things to look forward but for now I will be focusing on SPRITING first ^~^ That`s all and thank you for reading my blog hehehehe~
  8. Powi RPG: HELP with Skill Balancing Hello everyone, I need your feedback on my skills that I created for some of my Powi Characters (For the people who doesn`t know what a powi is, you can check my blog ^~^ http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/399/entry-1217-first-attempt-at-making-an-rpg-game/ ) Well the skills are all kinda the same in my own perspective so if you guys can provide skill effects for the said skills, that would be much appreciated. And of course, if you can provide vital info on how to balance the skills will be also nice ^~^ The Basic Formula for almost all skills is a.atk*4 - b.def*2 same goes for magical skills that uses MATK Okay Here it goes... Let`s start! (The images are their cut ins for the battle system Cheers to Theo`s SBS ^~^ And by the way, the skills are using a nifty feature I made up for my game, instead of your typical TP skills, I made TP a extra factor for skills, adding TP to a skill enhances it`s effects by a certain rate depending on the skill itself making Normal Attacks a factor on battles since Normal Attacks gather TP for you to use to enhance a skill in battle. EDIT: I made the buff system unstackable by the way No more stat % abuse xD The Stat distribution: * = 1 (Level 1) 50(Level 99) ** = 2 (Level 1) 100(Level 99) *** = 3 (Level 1) 150(Level 99) **** = 4 (Level 1) 200(Level 99) Powi ROLE: All Around Atk ** Def ** Matk ** Mdef ** Agi ** Luc ** ​Kid ROLE: Support Tanker Atk * Def **** Matk * Mdef ** Agi ** Luc ** Adventurer ROLE: AoE DAMAGER/ SECONDARY HEALER/ FIRE ELEMENT USER Atk *** Def * Matk ** Mdef *** Agi * Luc ** Knight ROLE: DAMAGER/ TANKER Atk *** Def *** Matk * Mdef * Agi ** Luc ** Mage ROLE: HEALER/ BUFFER Atk ** Def * Matk *** Mdef *** Agi ** Luc * Wizard ROLE: MAGIC DAMAGER Atk * Def * Matk **** Mdef *** Agi * Luc ** Snow ROLE: MAGICAL DAMAGER/ ICE ELEMENT USER Atk ** Def ** Matk *** Mdef * Agi ** Luc ** Archer ROLE: DEBUFFER Atk *** Def * Matk * Mdef * Agi *** Luc *** Ninja ROLE: PHYSICAL DAMAGER/ ELEC ELEMENT USER Atk ** Def * Matk ** Mdef * Agi **** Luc ** Zac ROLE: PHYSICAL/MAGICAL DAMAGER Atk **** Def * Matk **** Mdef * Agi * Luc * So what do you guys and gals think? I hope this topic wont eat dust particles xD hehehehehe~
  9. This idea suddenly pops in my mind and I want to discuss to you all if this is a good thing to implement and what other factors it can add to a certain situation in battle. Well the idea is simple: Characters can change Equipment even in the middle of the heat of battle to adapt to certain situations like: Resistances and Weaknesses The Equipment set for characters are: Main (Weapon either ranged or melee), Shield(Responsible for defense and resistance), For example: There are two types of Weaponry in my idea for yet another game *Ranged Weapons* -EX Shells (Explosive Shells) -AP Rounds (Armor Piercing Rounds) -LB Shots (Light Beam Shots) *Melee Weapons* -EX Blades (Exo Blades) -AP Rapiers (Armor Piercing Rapiers) -LB Daggers (Light Beam Daggers) and three types of Shields (Armor) -AEX Shield (Anti Explosive Shield) -AAP Shield (Anti Armor Piercing Shield) -ALB Shield (Anti Light Beam Shield) So the rule is simple, enemies have resistances to certain types (EX, AP, LB) and as well as their attacks and even some enemies change their resistances and weapons so players should also constantly adapt to the situation. By the way, this idea is for a futuristic war against humans and mysterious black entities called Geas. Is it a good idea? Any suggestions about it or any things you want to change? ^~^♥
  10. Bío - Lux Aeterna Violence, sex, drugs. Team Brainstorm Team components: Elisa Monteiro | Matheus Lima | Davi Felipe | Gabriel de Aguiar Gender: Terror / Survival Rating: +18 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bioluxaeterna Awards: 1st place - Better/best project (May & June ) in Mundo RPG Maker forum. Awards of Bío collection: 3rd place - Best game of year (2013) - iMaker 1st place - Best project (September and October 2013) - Mundo RPG Maker 1st place - Best project (May and June 2014) - Mundo RPG Maker Hello guys, well, today i will show the Brainstorm Team project, called Bío - Lux Aeterna. This is the second game of Bío collection. Bío Lux Aeterna is a openworld game, with horror, terror, action and etc. The goal of project it's simulate a real world in a caos, (end of world). The game contains violence, sex scenes, drugs and more things. All project resources are original, and we will sell them with the game Jonathan recently moved to Saint Peter, to attend the local university. He got a job in a record store, and divide the rent of his apartment with two friends: Gabriela, a student of Sociology, and Hector, who like him, studies Music. The three of them live in a building almost completely inhabited by students, who despite not being well taken care of, is close enough to the university so they can go there walking. In recent days, Jonathan began to notice that the news was talking a lot about people being admitted to the local hospital in terrible pain, followed by a deep coma. The doctors were baffled and unsure about what to do. This kind of news was becoming more and more frequent, and soon it was not restricted only to Saint Peter: several sick people begin to emerge in other cities, and in less than three days, the news reported that the same occurs in all parts of the world. The President of the United States of America makes a pronouncement on TV where he says that he will find and bring to justice the terrorists responsible for the epidemic. Countries of the Middle East haste to plead themselves innocent, but in the same sentence, state that they are prepared to any turning of the events - implying an American attack. The world was quite tense when the first reports of people returning from the coma started to emerge. But this was not good news. Disparate information said that the people suffered horrific deformations, and woke up totally uncontrolled, violently attacking anyone who crossed their path. Suddenly, the sick people began to multiply. Apparently, the coma was skipped, and people went straight to the stage of murderous thirst. The deformations appeared in a few days. It was the beggining of the chaos. A.K.A Features (Of non-team members) Khas Awesome Light Effects Gab! Extreme Menu Khas Path Finder Bío exclusive scripts: Bío - Scene_Crafting: A.K.A Recipe book or crafting table. You can use it to combine itens. Bío - Scene_Drop: A scene to take a random item in the map, like foods, tools, or other things. Bío - Survivor Hud: Hungry,HP and sadness hud Bío - Personal fade: Change the fade-time. Bío - Title Screen Exlcusive title. Bío - Scene_Phone This script create a cellphone in the game. you can play music, call, and use de GPS (Map) Bío - Custom mensages A short mensage box. Bío - Monster A.I Artificial inteligence of monsters Bío - Visual/Action equips: Like a lantern. You can activate the map lantern equiping her, and your graphic change City Artwork (Edy007) Name: Jonathan Age: 22 Job: Seller in a Music Store Live at: Saint Peter | Roses building Profile: Custom (Videos) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5BIZT1Pd7o Credits: Tiles - Brainstorm Team (Kauê Luchetta) Chars - Brainstorm Team (Gabriel Guarche) Ãudio - Brainstorm Team (Kauê Luchetta & "Strato") Scripts - Brainstorm Team (Craft, cell, Drop, AI ... ) Scripts - Non-Brainstorm: Khas Light Effects | Gab Extreme Menu Design - Brainstorm Team (Matheus Lima) Story - Brainstorm Team (Davi Felipe) Maps - Brainstorm Team (Elisa Monteiro & Kauê Luchetta) Lights - Brainstorm Team (Gabriel Guarche & Kauê Luchetta) Thanks: All the Bío Followers. All resources of the game is been produced by Brainstorm team
  11. Hi guys i want to showcase my team for Indie Game Maker Contest Title :Darkness of Hope - Save The Heart of Painful Code Project : DoH - STHoP Genre : Short RPG, Comedy, Drama Duration : 30 - 60 minutes Overview It's the side story of the main project, Darkness of Hope. The game tells the story of Checilia Silviana and takes the setting in 5 years before the main story of Darkness of Hope begin. Even though it's an RPG, there is no experience, level, stats or such--it's a completely linear RPG. Synopsis Darkness of Hope: Save the Painful of Heart tells the story about Checilia and her search for the reasons behind her clans's discrimination,by the other clans. "Why?" She asks her parents, but no clear answer is given. "Why?" She asks her sister, Eris, but, still the answer didn't satisfy her. Thus, she was left in the dark with neither answer nor clue .... Then, one day, there came an unknown army that invaded their residence. They killed her father, and her mother. Eris, took Checil into safety. But was it really safe? Features Unique yet Thrilling Battle System! May fortune be with you. While it's all based on randomness, try your best and not to be trapped in endless battle. Solve the maze, cooperative way! You can't solve the labryinthine paths alone.. Screen Shot : Download Game: This game is for the Indie Game Maker Contest, but is not submitted to that event-page. However, a link to rpgmakerweb's event-page can be found there. If you want to vote for this game, you must register first rgpmakerweb. Alternatively, you can vote for us via Facebook and Twitter. * Be sure to install the font to play the game, please read the notepad in the game folder. Click this link for download : http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/207 PATCH for grammar and eye candy map dungeon : Download Patch How to Install : Just extract and overwrite in folder project Fanspage: https://www.facebook.com/DoHProject Awaited suggestions and criticisms: D Contributors Save The Heart of Painful: Story Writer: RonDChild Zenisher Translator: Princess Dewintari Editor: Casian richter_h NachtEinhorn Kuro DCupu Eventer: RonDChild Kuro DCupu Programming Battle: Kuro DCupu System / UI Programming: Theo Allen Yanfly Composser: Theo Allen Jasson Prestilano Freedom House Midi Tam Music Factory Enterbrain Graphic: RonDChild Ciel Hyde Enterbrain Special Thanks: Superkudit LightNightKnight Arc Silverberg Kuru Alvinofelix numfanklewhat Gramadi rpgmakerid.com segitia.net you
  12. VoxPopuli

    Widows of the Vampyr

    Submitted for your approval is my contest entry for the 2014 IGMC. The contest page where the game is downloadable is at the following link: Widows of the Vampire Direct link to Widows of the Vampyr game download Just added: Widows of the Vampyr Cutscene and Teaser Trailer. *** Those who play the game will eventually enter the Dreaded Underground Passage of Invisible-Ness. Some have breezed through it (all areas are passable and accessible), others have scratched their heads in wonderment exclaiming "Huh?!". Never fear, I've created a spoiler section below that offers helpful hints if needed, and upon request I will do a Let's Play walkthrough of the Dreaded Underground Passage of Invisible-Ness *** See the new and patented "Bat-Spoilers" section below toward bottom of post. UPDATE 05July2014: added Character Bios, Credits, and a Spoilers-within-a-Spoilers section (for the Dreaded Underground Passage of Invisible-Ness). Description: Widows of the Vampyr is a family-friendly serio-comic romp spanning several centuries, featuring such exotic locales as Transylvania, a tricky "Underground Passage of Invisible-Ness", the Ruins of Crowsford Abbey, Ravenswode Forest and London. I hope you enjoy! Note: this page will soon be expanded with screenshots, a cutscene trailer video, and other shameless promotional features I just wanted to get the link out there (especially since it was uploaded just before the deadline and does not have any images or descriptions on the contest download page). I hope you will check it out and give me any and all feedback. All comments -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- will be graciously accepted since I'm a newbie with the RPG Maker application and I've learned a lot from all the knowledgeable folks in this great gamemaking community (needless to say, I need to learn a lot more).
  13. McTricky

    Element Shifting Bosses

    So today, I happened to be on YouTube watching the . It's a popular boss fight amongst players and non-players, though I'm not sure whether it's because of the strategy involved or because of the music. As I was watching the boss fight, I started thinking about how I could replicate something like that in Ace, minus all the aesthetic candy. For those not familiar, the Seymour Omnis fight basically involves elemental switching. Seymour has 4 circular glyphs each with four coloured node at 4 sides of each glyph. The colours represented the primary elements of the game (in order): Red (Fire), (Light Blue) Ice, (Yellow) Thunder and (Dark Blue) Water. What ever colour node was aligned would be the magic he'd cast, and he'd cast this FOUR TIMES. He'd also absorb the element if used against him, and would be vulnerable to the opposite element. Each time a magic of a certain element was used, Seymour would automatically rotate the glyphs behind him so that the nodes that were aligned would the next element in line. For example, if the all the nodes aligned were red, then he'd be casting Firaga (the game's highest tier Fire spell) four times, whilst absorbing any Fire attacks flung at him, and would take heavy damage from Ice attacks. If Ice were to be used at this point he'd switch over the nodes so that the light blue ones were aligned, making him use Ice attacks and be weak against Fire. It's important to note that what I'm about to explain here may not be an exact replica of how the Seymour Omnis fight works, mainly because I haven't played the game myself in a long time, and I'm not particularly sure if what I just explained is how the battle actually works. That was just from one observation. None the less, this tutorial will teach you how to make a boss that will change it's elemental attributes upon being hit with a certain element. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: - RPG Maker VX Ace, of course. - Victor Engine - Element States (by Victor Sant) - Victor Engine - Enemy Attack Conditions (by Victor Sant) - Yanfly Engine Ace - Element Absorb (by Yanfly) [Optional] - Knowledge in notetagging. - Ability to follow instructions well. PREPARATIONS: Now for starters we will need to download Victor's Element States and Enemy Attack Conditions scripts as this wasn't possible (for me at least) without those two scripts. Place them where they need to be. I personally have Victor's scripts above everything, and Yanfly's scripts below his. Though, if you experience any problems with Element States, such as states not being applied when they're hit with the element, if you're using Yanfly's Lunatic Damage script, place it under that script. Next we will need to set up your elements. Elements would be found in the top left box under the System tab of the database. You would probably have all your elements there already. With the first two being Physical and Magical and the rest being the actual elements. Whenever I mention Element IDs, remember to refer back to this. Now head to the States tab. For this tutorial we're going to utilize Fire, Ice, Thunder and Water as our 4 primary elements. (Fire vs Ice, Thunder vs Water). So what we're going to do is make 4 new states, one for each element. Name them '[Element] Alignment' ([Element] being...the element or attribute xD). Or you can name them whatever, but just know which one is which. Now leave the main settings blank, but in the Traits section, under Attribute Efficiency, put [Element] as *200%. So for example, for the 'Fire Alignment' state, in the trait section I would be put under Attribute Efficiency, Ice, *200%. Doing this will make the battler with this take twice the damage from Ice attacks when under the state. Do the same for the rest of these new states. OPTIONAL: If you have Yanfly's Absorb Element script, you can add this bit of code to each state's Note's section to make them absorb an element. <element absorb: x> x = the Element ID. So essentially, for Fire Alignment state, you want x to be the Element ID of whatever the Fire attribute is (by default it should be 3). ENEMY SETUP Here's where there's a lot of notetagging involved so try and bear with me here. Note that in the video of the Seymour Omnis fight that I watched, Seymour only quad-cast the magic element he was aligned to. He only used a Dispel spell on one occasion and an Ultima spell on one occasion (though this was used when a summon was out). Reason why I mention that is because this is where Victor's Enemy Attack Conditions script comes in. This script allows for a bit more flexibility regarding the conditions of enemy attacks and when they attack, whilst also bringing back some functions from RMXP. Now the idea is that the enemy is going to quadruple cast his elemental magic. So in the enemy's Traits section, put in Additional Actions as 100% and then do this another 2 times, so that you have 3 of them there in the Traits tab. This will make the enemy attack 4 times without fail. You can make this lower or higher if you want. <enemy action: x, y> conditions; </enemy action> X = the Skill ID Y = Skill rating/priority conditions = the condition that must be met for the skill to be used Refer to the script's instructions for more details at the script's header, however the condition we're going to be using is this one: state?(x) This will check if a certain state (x) is applied. So essentially, what we're going to put in the enemy's Notes section is this <enemy action: x, 10> state?(z) </enemy action> X = will be the elemental skill/magic the enemy will use 10 = this will set the priority rating to 10 making it so the enemy will use it for sure. Z = will be the state ID. You want this to be the state for the element she's going to use. So let's say X was 52 (by default this is Fire II). By putting this notetag in the enemy's Notes section, if the enemy has state z (whichever is your Fire Alignment state) applied, then Fire II will be used 4 times (because of the enemy's Trait settings we edited earlier) with a priority rating of 10. Make four of these. One for each element. By the end, you should have it so that when the enemy has any of the of '[Element] Alignment' states applied, the enemy would use the corresponding skill. Next it's time to work on making sure these states are applied correctly during battle with the Element States script. We're going to be using these two notetags. <element state add x: y> <element state remove x: y> X = Element ID Y = State ID With these we can contol which states stay on and which states go away. This is to prevent multiple different '[Element] Alignment' states piling on, making things awkward and silly...and wrong. This is where the notetagging gets a bit confusing so I'm gonna layout some ID examples of mine. Going by default, Element ID 3 = Fire, 4 = Ice, 5 = Thunder, 6 = Water. Going by my setup in my project, State ID 46 = Fire Alignment, 47 = Ice Alignment, 48 = Thunder Alignment, 49 = Water Alignment So let's say that our enemy is currently under the Water Alignment (State ID 49), and we attack with Thunder (Element ID 5). If I were to use use this notetag: <element state add 5: 48> We change the enemy's state to be under the Thunder Alignment. But what about the Water Alignment state? Won't that still be there? This is where I would use this notetag: <element state remove 5: 49> This would remove the Water Alignment state upon being hit with the Thunder element as well. Of course, we have to do this with the other element states as well. So in this case we'd have to remove State IDs 46 (fire) and 47 (ice) as well, just in case they were applied instead of State ID 49 (water). So using my own ID examples I'd have something like this: TROOP EVENTING I hope I've made some sort of sense so far. Feel free to comment if I haven't. Almost done here, and this section is partially optional. Everything should be set up to get the fight to work the way it should by now, but obviously we need to start the battle with the enemy already having one of the '[Element] Alignment' states applied. You can simply do that by using the Troop event page, and adding a Change Enemy State event command, so that the enemy has whichever element state you want applied. You could also randomize it a bit, by using a randomizer variable that will determine which element the enemy will start off aligned with. Victor Sant explains that by using his State Auto-Apply script, you can set it up so that a state will automatically be added to the start of a battle. Read his post for more details. And to be honest, it's all customizable from here, really. Even the way the battle works. With the right understanding, you can make it so that instead of a A vs B, C vs D, elemental system, you can have a A > B > C rock-paper-scissors sort of elemental system which would work great with this. FAQ I didn't understand a part of this tutorial! Please post in this thread with your concern and I'll try and clarify myself. I tend to get a bit long-winded in my explanations and sometimes they seem rather complex ><. I'm holding off making a demo unless there's like pandemonium and a desperate cry for one. I want my enemy to use another magic/skill/attack just once. I mentioned somewhere in this tutorial that in the video I watched of the Seymour Omnis fight, Seymour broke out of his element quad-casting routine and casted dispel once and Ultima once. I've not figured out the kinks just yet but if you want your enemy to be able to do this, then you can try putting the three 'Additional Attacks: 100%' traits in each of the '[Element] Alignment' states instead of them being on the enemy's traits. That way it'll only quad-cast the magic. Then to have the enemy cast something else, I can only think of manually removing the state(s) through events, allowing the enemy to use something else. OR you can Force Action it through the troop events and conditions. The scripts needed for this have bugs/incompatibility issues/etc! Essentially not my problem. The only problem I had was with Victor Engine - Element States, and that was an issue with Yanfly's Lunatic Damage scripts. I solved the problem by putting the Element States script under that. As for bugs please use Victor's Bug Report page and/or if you're using the optional Absorb Element script by Yanfly, use Yanfly/Archeia_Nessiah/Yami's Bug Fix Report page. This doesn't work exactly the way the Seymour Omnis fight did! Though I have played the game myself, that was years ago and this system was conceived after only one observation of the video I watched of the boss fight (had no internet soon after), so therefore there are things that are wrong/missing/different from the actual fight. But the main thing about this is the ability for enemies to change elements via being hit with an element. How do you make those glyph things from the Seymour Omnis fight? That isn't what this tutorial is for. Heck even I'm thinking about a way I could represent the elements visually. I'm not so good when it comes to graphical things and aesthetics in RM'ing. I'm using certain scripts that cause the name of the state to pop-up when it's afflicted! I would suggest leaving the state names blank in the database. That way, it won't pop up in battle and also this way, you can keep what elemental alignment the enemy has changed to a secret. There are simpler ways to go about this/I have something to add. Post it here, I'll add it to a certain part of the tutorial crediting you. THANKS Victor Sant - for his Element States and Enemy Action Condition scripts that made this possible and his contribution to the tutorial Yanfly - for extra options in adding an element absorb feature with his Element Absorb script Chaos-Avian - for helping me out and contributing ideas into making this work
  14. Introduction: So i was doing this dungeon part in my game and realized that putting plain obscurity would be bad. Then i decided to search for a quick lantern tutorial as i didn't wanted to use scripts and didn't wanted to make my own system because i'm lazy as hell. My surprise was that the systems were truly BAD, impractical, brute and limitated (your map had to be at least 12 from the edges in order to work). Obviously i was like "seriously..." and ended up makin mine. In like 2 minutes. Ten thousand times more simple and effective. Process: Alright, pay attention. 1) First of all, you gonna need to make an image in Photoshop with your screen size (i'm using 640x480 right now but default is 544x416), grab the gradient tool, choose the radial gradient and check 'reverse' This will make the borders black but the center transparent, and this is what we want to do. Done? Alright, now go to canvas size and you have to double the normal screen size. That means, multiply it by 2. Because i'm a good person, i'll let you here the valors 1088x832 (544x416 normal size) and 1280x960 (640x480 normal size). Fill the transparent space with black and save that image (If you're bad at Photoshop or GIMP or whatever, i'll let you the images at the end of the post, don't worry~) 2) Go to the map you want to be the system, it doesn't cares if it is 600x600 or 24x15, this system will work everywhere. Now you gotta make three events (i make three for order purposes and because that is my way, you can do it in your own way) in one we will set the trigger to parallel process, in the command box we're going to use "Show Picture" in order to... show... the picture (i'm smart ) that we made, but be careful, in the X and Y boxes you gotta put the X and Y valor of the screen and you gotta check the "Center" checkbox instead of "Upper left". Remember, default is 544x416 and XP is 640x480 (did i mention that this works in every single RPG Maker? ) so we're going to put those valors in the boxes. To finish, put the "Erase event" at the end. By the way, you can put those valors for a 'transition' or you simply can create two variables (explained in the third step) and put them in the X and Y valors, just check the "Variable" checkbox instead of "Constant". Both ways will work perfectly. Explaining image: Make another event, this one will be in parallel process but do not put the Erase Event. Choose the "Move Picture" command, you gotta put the picture ID. This is where everything gets beautiful (i love variables <3). In the X and Y we're going to choose variables instead of constants (X and Y) so you gotta create two variables, i'll call them "Player Screen X" and "Player Screen Y". Put them in their respective positions. Do not forget that check "Center" instead of "Upper Left" and finally (this is all your please) put the frames delay ~~ the less the quicker the more the smoother, i chose 40 because that's enough smooth. Explaining image: In the third and final event all you gotta do is to create two variables (the variables we will use for the X and Y positions of the picture) and give them these valors: Explaining image: Conclusion: That's all. You got an awesome, quick, flexible, practical and... and practical system. Bonus: Here, grab some images:
  15. Download the Alpha version HERE Well this is my very first game that I ever made so please don't be very harsh.I know that I still need to do a lot of work for this game like the sound part(sorry but the sound part is awful because I never liked to play a game with sound and because of that I'm not so good yet). Because is the Alpha version it doesn't have more than 30 minutes(at max) of play. STORY CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS FEATURES CREDITS For any suggestions please give a comment(preferably on my blog:RyuTenshi).I would like to hear some suggestions for the audio part,and what do you think about my maps. Also if you encounter any script bugs(I use a lot of them) please post a screen shot for that bug and for any kind of bug leave a comment here or on my blog:RyuTenshi Thank you and enjoy!!! P.S.:Sorry for any possible typos or gram mistakes in this post.
  16. Ok. I'm playing with several event / enemy encounter options. I am really liking having events walking around with Event Touch triggers. It looks great and everything works as I would like, with one exception. An event with a sprite walking around tends to lead to a battle with a single enemy. One sprite = one enemy. This gets old rather quickly and obviously abandons all of the depth of battle strategy. Does anyone have any suggestions on incorporating multiple enemy battles with this? I have considered just randomly selecting troops when the event is triggered. This gives some nice pseudo-randomness, but it seems odd to encounter a character once and fight a human fighter and then walk a while, see the same sprite again, but fight 2 human fighters, a dwarf, and an elven archer! I have also considered different colored clothes / uniforms / patches / armbands to signify the "level" / "difficulty" / "size" of the encounter. I.e. blue = 1 enemy, green = 2, red = 3, black = 4, etc. Any thoughts or suggestions? Has anyone seen this pulled off effectively elesewhere? Thanks for your time and input!
  17. NekoLuca

    Such Kitty

    Such Kitty A small project dared by friends to create a game in an hour. Story / Setting / Purpose: The main character, called Eric, hears a noise outside which is revealed to be a cat. He then decides it is his life quest to find the cat. He travels through random towns and fields and eventually finds it in a house. Character Bios: Only two characters specifically, Eric and the cat. Eric: A playful protagonist, he tends to make quick decisions which leads him into trouble. Kitty: A cat bomb. Credits: Everything was made using RPG Maker VX Ace and the RTP Enterbrain defaults. Idea: Myself Co-idea (?): UnrealTension Screenshots: This is near the end of the game where you finally find the cat. This is the town that is overrun by dogs.. This is the start of the game. Features: Was created in an hour. Specifically 1:02. (One hour, two minutes) Minutes of fun! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?tjevqoibcfe9mc3 Known Issues: Not that I know of...
  18. Ok. So, I’m working on a near-future, sci-fi, cyberpunk game with psionics. I love the R. Talsorian CyberPunk 2020 P&P game by which this project is heavily influenced. One thing I want to do is completely omit ‘classes’ and have a skill point pool which players can use to learn any available skill in a build-your-own-class sort of thing.\ I can use a variable or an item as this skill point currency. Some questions I have or challenges I expect to encounter are: 1. What do I do with the single, required class in the DB? How difficult will it be to keep the name of that class from displaying in menus…or can I incorporate that effectively? How do I best use this base class to create a character base? 2. Do I make it so that this base class can equip all items, weapons, and armor and use all skills? 3. How to best handle distributing these points on level-up? 4. The mechanics of learning skills. I’ve looked into Yanfly’s Common Events Shop, a skill shop, or something similar. Any input on these or other potential considerations or suggestions is welcome. Bonus: I’m also thinking of including ‘chipped’ skills which can be learned by ‘slotting’ a skill chip. These skills should be less effective than naturally learned skills and not gain levels with use. They will basically emulate ROM data.
  19. With my other project being a complete buggy mess, I decided I wanted to take on a slightly easier to produce project. Not to mention one that focuses on my unique talents as a writer. What better project for a writer is there then a visual novel? It is a tale of another world, but of a danger to both. Unlike some of my other games, I will be releasing this as a single project instead of in episodes as I think it will just work out better that way.
  20. Development Blog First Entry:- Hey there guys and gals just figured I would try out a new method of game development which is writing a blog as I walk through the process of making my new game Master of the Forge, A game about running a successful blacksmithing operation via the tasks of Blacksmithing, Mining for precious metals and gems, learning new recipes and processing methods, management of resources, management of staff (may be added later but may be added straight away also ) and completing requests from soldiers, mercenaries, kings, queens and common folk alike, Maybe even a god or two Just so you know this game will not be taking it self too seriously there will be a feeling of comedic value although some may not get the sarcasm and funny jiggery pokery it will be there in places Anyway, We shall start off by collecting all the resources that I need graphically for creating my first map, The Forge - Interior.
  21. You know, I’ve been a part of this community for years, upon years, and I just realized something… I have never completed a project. Well, screw that! Time for that to change with this beauty! It’s called, Breathwind: Return of the Dragons. This game will be released in an Episodic Format. It is developed by The Ninth Life Games. Mostly right now I need an Artist to do sylistic panels for the cutscenes (these would be without color with tan style backgrounds, think pencil drawn style). I need mappers as well. I'm also looking for beta testers to test the game during ongoing development, just to give me some feedback on what I'm doing as I go. Episode 0: Death of Honor (Youtube Versions for those with issues in-game) Niko Jose DelValle AKA Obrusnine R.A. Santaella Primary Game Designer: Niko Jose DelValle AKA Obrusnine Map Editor: Syrus Ultima Mapper: R.A. Santaella (These Screenshots do not reflect the current version of the game.) Tidloc - For making the changes I needed to the Questlog script. Syrus Ultima - For fixing up my despicable mapping. RA Santaella - For his small contribution to the Windma World Map. darthsaber89 - For the Title Screen, Logo, and fancy forum text! Titanhex - For contributing a lot of work to the Windma map. Galv - For finally filling my script request! All of You - For playing! Support Breathwind! Like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/BreathwindReturnOfTheDragons Drop this userbar code in your signature! [img=http://i941.photobucket.com/albums/ad260/Obrusnine/341336188316.png] or [img=http://i941.photobucket.com/albums/ad260/Obrusnine/271336188983.png]
  22. Abstract The Tower of Dogrock is a roguelike-JRPG hybrid that focuses on creating a finely tuned dungeon crawler with randomized elements combined with a traditional JRPG experience, featuring an intriguing story that follows a band of characters as they uncover the dark secrets of Dogrock. Setting The Tower of Dogrock takes place in an enigmatic tower which is said to hold a treasure of great value at its peak. The story follows Rava, an adventurer who has come to this forsaken dungeon to find his missing girlfriend. With his partner Elenya, he bravely enters a place where no one has returned from. Together, they will uncover the terrible secrets and ancient horrors that lay hidden within the enigmatic Dogrock. Characters Rava Class: Your Choice! (Vanguard / Shaman / Assassin / Alchemist) Rava is an adventurer who spends his days exploring and dungeon crawling. He is a man of empathy and honor, but at times his emotions can cloud his better judgment. Elenya Class: Shadowpriest Elenya is Rava's strong-willed partner who serves as a stubborn and fiercely loyal companion. She is an accomplished wielder of shadow magic, but sometimes feels as if she is faced with the dilemma of having to choose between chasing her own pursuits and those of Rava's. Features Randomized rooms and events. No two playthroughs will be the same! A finely tuned battle system that demands strategy and resourcefulness. Interesting abilities with different mechanics allow you to creatively build your character in different ways! Choose from four playable classes for your main character! (Currently 2 are available) Select an artifact to bring with you on your journey. Choose wisely! Each offers a unique bonus that will aid you in your quest. A huge item table! Screen Shots Download The latest demo can always be found here! Credits
  23. Okay, so I've had this idea for a trilogy of Star Wars games in my head for a while now. Only just now did I get the small resource I needed to even start working on the game, so big thanks to Leo-Aka for making me the generator parts I needed. Anyways, the game doesn't have a demo at the moment, and since this game is much shorter then the other game I'm working on, I won't be posting one until I have the whole game completed. STORY It has been 300 years since the events Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The galaxy is in a state of peace, with a majority of the systems in the known galaxy being ruled over by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. The Jedi Knights have separated from their original duty of protecting the government by becoming a wholly independent organization that exists to protect the people of the galaxy. Recently though, Jedi Knights have been forsaking the Jedi Order for a ramshackle group of Dark Jedi that seeks to bring the Dark Side back to being the ruling force. Meanwhile, a young and newly appointed Jedi Master has been scouting Dantooine as a possible location for a new Jedi Praxeum. On her return trip to Tython, she has a vision that predicts the return of the Sith to the galaxy. Just as she tries to discuss the vision with the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, the passenger shuttle she is on is pulled out of Hyperspace by an ancient Imperial Interdictor Cruiser. The following chain of events leads to the shuttle crash landing on the planet and Gabrielle being the only survivor. Heavily injured and with no way off of the planet, she quickly discovers that she is being hunted by Dark Jedi. Will she be able to ascertain their purpose on this world? Will she even be able to survive? The future is always clouded, and only time will tell. CHARACTER BIO Name: Gabrielle Korr Bio: Gabrielle Korr is a Jedi Master in her late-twenties. She has managed to attain this rank because of her strength in sword-fighting and because she has a special ability that makes her highly susceptible to force visions. She was the Padawan learner of Jedi Grand Master Nicolas Graun, who is her father figure as her true father (also a Jedi Knight) had been killed by the Dark Jedi Order when she was just twelve. Ever since then, she has been plagued by visions that predict that her thirst for revenge for her fathers death would eventually drive her to the Dark Side. With the help of her father figure, she has been able to push past that and become a highly skilled Jedi Knight far stronger then most of her peers. SCREENSHOTS & INTRODUCTION Note: This game is a work in progress, these screenshots already do not reflect the current version. Note: The Introduction is in video form. FEATURES -A compelling story in the Star Wars universe. -An action battle system. -Use the force for light puzzle-solving. -Evade Dark Jedi using stealth. CREDITS *Unknown, please identify if you know who made it.
  24. Ocedic

    Review: X-Noir

    Title: X-Noir Author: Volrath and Artbane Version: Demo v2.0 Review by: Ocedic Introduction X-Noir is a story-driven detective adventure game with an action battle system and investigation-style gameplay. Presentation The first thing you'll probably notice are X-Noir's unique and well-done facesets. Custom graphics are plentiful in this title, from the tiles to the characters. Some RTP characters slip in like the ones in the therapist's waiting room; these should really be removed as they stick out like a sore thumb in the otherwise consistent modern setting. On a similar note, some characters had facegen facesets that don't match the custom ones whatsoever. It's impossible to give every NPC a unique drawn face, but in that case you should simply use no faceset for those without one. Consistency is key, folks. And truth be told, while the game pulls off the look of modernity, it doesn't quite live up to its namesake of 'noir.' Noir means black in French, and generally film noir involves very muted, gritty colors with an emphasis on highly contrasted lighting. There's a few scenes in the intro that pull of the look, but as the game progresses it looks more like an Earthbound game than LA Confidential. The mapping is very good for the most part. It's clear that a lot of environments were carefully crafted and there are lots of details that bring them to life. Unfortunately, it's plagued by a lot of mapping bugs. You can walk in places you shouldn't, and some tiles which should be overhead are not. The biggest offenders come from the cars that drive around the city, which simply pass through the player. I realize that it's exceedingly difficult to create traffic behavior, but every player is going to try to run themselves over and every one will be pulled out of the immersion of the experience by cars moving through them like ghosts. And on a lesser note, while a lot of attention has been given to the graphics themselves, the visual appeal of the text has not been given as much love. As you can see above, the names in name boxes are scrunched for some reason, and text often fails to fill out the entire message box and is inconsistent in length. It's not the end of the world, but small details like that make the game feel less polished and professional, both of which are qualities that I imagine the authors desire for their title. In terms of audio, the music is quite good but at the same time very limited; you'll hear the same tracks over and over again. Sound-wise, the game has decent use of effects but a lot of it is RTP and doesn't quite fit the tone of the game. The menu sounds in general are the default RTP ones, and they immediately stood out as strange. The authors should really give a bit more consideration towards sound and how it dictates mood and emotion, as it's really not doing its job at the moment. Verdict: Graphics unique, mapping good but buggy, music selection sparse, sound bad, noir look is not nailed down Gameplay The combat system in X-Noir is an action battle system, and it's probably the worst aspect of the game right now. Like every ABS I've played on the RPG Maker engine, it's clunky, unwieldy and a chore to use. Combat generally degrades into spamming shots while moving backwards or sideways, sometimes abusing the AI's poor pathing. But you don't even really need to do the latter, as enemies drop more ammo than it takes to kill them and the game is liberal with healing items. There's almost no chance for you to ever lose. More importantly, it really brings you to question whether this game needs an action battle system, or any battle system, at all. It feels like a tacked on feature that's there so that the project can be labelled a 'game,' and it really casts a shadow over the finer aspects of the game's gameplay and story. It feels so out of place in the context of the story and basically pulls you out of the suspension of disbelief every time it comes up. For one thing, it makes the game feel more like a cheesy 80's action flick than a gritty noir film of the 40's or 50's. It also just makes no sense at all how many bullets people can take. Your main character starts off as a guy who has never fired a gun before, ends up killing about a dozen people in cold blood and talks about getting chicken wings afterwards and somehow comes out of the situation with no PTSD. Where was this guy when we needed to catch Bin Laden? Honestly, I think the authors should give serious consideration to scrapping the entire ABS mechanic and focusing on the game's strengths: its investigation and puzzles. The few puzzles throughout the game are pretty cool, in particular the pipe puzzles in the sewers. It makes sense that a game about a private investigator should have some puzzle solving elements to it; I kind of wish there were more. The investigation sections are nifty, but flawed. It reminds me a bit of LA Noire's interrogation mechanic, but it lacks the visual and audio cues to help the player decide if witnesses are lying or not. The only inflection you get is from text, and sometimes it feels like shooting in the dark than educated intuition. Other times, the answer is exceedingly obvious due to the way the dialogue is presented. Though there isn't much of a way around this, the authors should take a look at it and see if there's any way to expand this mechanic to be more involved. Why not have the classic method of allowing you to contradict statements with evidence/logic, for example? This is used well in both LA Noire and the Phoenix Wright series. Having said that, the investigation sections aren't bad at all and I did enjoy that aspect of the game. Verdict: Investigation mode should be expanded, puzzles well done, ABS is boring, tedious and pointless Story My biggest gripe with the story is that it's really not dark enough for a noir game. The only hint of character weakness is the implied alcoholism of the main character, but he seems rather high functioning for someone with a severe addiction. His relationships, work and health don't seem to suffer at all. In fact, the only indications of his alcohol abuse are the large number of beer bottles strewn throughout his apartment and his constant references to alcohol. For one thing, it's a rather cliched character flaw, and it ultimately doesn't seem like a flaw at all. He never struggles with his alcoholism, when in reality it's a very devastating condition that basically ruins someone's life. It never hampers his investigations or interactions with people and is simply never utilized. And once that faux weakness is out of the way, the game is very much devoid of anything resembling grit. I realize that sex, murder and drugs may not be everyone's cup of tea, but is finding a girl's locket really considered hardboiled? I would have wagered that the authors were going for a family-friendly story, but the use of profanity at least implies that the game wanted a mature and dark story. The game's cases feel like the most boring missions of LA Noire, but those served a purpose in the plot of that game to show the rise of the protagonist from lowly street cop to detective. Basically the game's plot failed to hook me in and I felt the rest of my playtime was out of obligation rather than intrigue. The writing itself is not bad. The dialogue has a great flow to it, though at times it comes across as contrived or unintentionally comical. However, there's rarely a sense of classic noir bitterness or dark poetry. Stuff just kind of happens and characters just kind of say things. One issue is that there's so many filler NPCs, many of whom offer nothing substantial in the way of discourse. Here, the authors were given an opportunity to craft an atmosphere of suffocating corruption and hopelessness that the genre is known for, but instead it's squandered on non-sequitor humor. This is a symptom of the great issue at large, which I believe is that the authors focused on the amount of content rather than the quality of it. The intro's dialogue, mood and setting suggests that the authors are capable of doing noir, but they wanted to create so much content (an entire city) that they simply didn't spend enough time fine tuning the setting. Verdict: Not very noir-esque, uninteresting plot, good writing and good characterization but not utilized in the most effective manner Recommendation If you like games like LA Noire or Heavy Rain, X-Noir is worth taking a look at. The writing flows well, and there are some good moments here and there. However, it comes with a fair amount of tedium and a poorly chosen battle system. If the author can cut loose its faults, better emphasize its noir nature and focus on the core strengths of this title, it could be a great detective game.
  25. Ocedic

    Review: Coats

    Title: Coats Author: Anothergoblin Version: Phase One v2 Review by: Ocedic Note: This project has been updated since this review; this review may or may not reflect the current state of the game. Introduction Coats is a sci-fi survival game that focuses on resource management and character-driven narrative in a post-apocalyptic setting. Presentation In terms of graphics, Coats does a fine job. Visuals are consistent and fit the modern-day theme of the game. There are splash screens littered throughout, and they look great (see above.) The tilesets and mapping are used competently. That doesn't mean there aren't areas that could be improved. A few mapping bugs exist here and there, notably in the observational building where you can walk on blood-stained tiles such as the tables. In general, objects like beds and couches should not be passable in my opinion. It just looks really weird. And while the game looks fine, it doesn't stand out visually which I believe may be the reason this game hasn't gotten as much attention as it could. However, what is there now looks fine and if the author is not interested in taking the graphics up a notch, there's really no pressing need to. Musically, the game has good music and it's used well. Silence is thrown in when appropriate, and the music matches the tone and mood of the game for the most part. I will say that I was a bit surprised by the traditional fantasy RPG style of the music though. I was expecting more sci-fi sounding tunes. Though I think the music works fine, like the graphics it doesn't necessarily stand out or distinguish the game from others. Also, the music almost always feels a bit... hopeful. Which is great if that's what the author is going for, but considering the nature of the setting, if the author intended a more desperate or dreadful feeling, the music should be looked at. Verdict: Good audio and visual Gameplay Coats is essentially a base management game in which you are the head of a research facility. You must maintain adequate levels of food and ammo while keeping your defenses fortified and all the while still making progress on researching the disease. It's certainly an interesting concept and I like the direction the game is headed, but there's definite room for improvement. The first issue is that there's a lack of player choice in general. These types of games should be focused on choices, usually the difficult kind in which there are several areas of resource tension. The most well-done resource tension in this game is ammo vs security vs food. You have a quartermaster who creates ammo every day, but if you want to keep your security up you will have to use ammo. You can also choose to cut into food supply to make your soldiers well-fed and increase security, but this compromises your research time. However, the system lacks nuance and after a few in-game days it becomes very management. There needs to be more variables to make things more interesting. For example, perhaps you need to monitor Skin activity outside your facility, Doing so will give you an idea of how much damage the skins may inflict that day and factor into your resource allocation. Or there could be a pest infestation that raids your food stores. Basically, things kept proceeding at a steady and predictable rate, which doesn't seem to reflect reality and more importantly, isn't very exciting. Another issue is the lack of gameplay variation. Besides managing supplies, you also do a fair amount of talking with your staff. I'll go in more detail on that later, but it does an okay job of breaking up what is otherwise a numbers management game. However, it's still not enough. About an hour into the game, you gain access to this Skin-shooting minigame: The game needs more stuff like that. For example, the above-mentioned pest infestation could require the player to catch the rats. Research could be more interactive. You could choose to take an active part in the defense of the facility, etc. Even something completely distracting like an arcade minigame in the living quarters. It also factors into the player choice thing. Right now, it doesn't feel like the player directly influences the situation of those in the facility other than making some decisions that change numbers. By getting the player more directly involved, it will help create the feeling of immersion. It would also let the player experience the tangible dangers of Skins, which is something that is currently lacking. We see a lot of talk about skins but other than the research section and taking pot shots at them from the rooftop, the lack of encounters doesn't help to give the player an idea of what they're up against. Having said that, what is there is an impressively put-together set of mechanics that makes the player think about at least some of his or her decisions. I found myself anticipating each new day to see what the game would throw at me (usually the usual, but there are days of special events spread out.) Verdict: Needs more interaction, choice and variety, but base idea and design is solid Story Coats takes place during a zombie apocalypse in which you and your team of scientists must find a cure to the epidemic while surviving against the onslaught. The setting does differentiate itself from normal zombie design by making them be skinless creatures known as Skins. It closely resembles Romero's Day of the Living Dead, in which a team of scientists and soldiers tries to survive the zombie apocalypse. Maybe I didn't get far enough, but Coats seemed to lack the science-vs-military theme of that movie. The story itself is interesting; like many zombie stories the reader is interested in finding out more about what happened, why it happened and whether or not the survivors will make it (some or all of these questions are often left unanswered.) One criticism I have is with the introduction. I feel that in a plot like this, you basically have the choice of an impersonal, almost omnipotent perspective such as the movie Contagion, or a personal story that follows one person (and by extension his immediate 'group') and how he or she comes to terms with and adapts to the situation, such as The Walking Dead. The story's introduction kind of mixes both, which I feel weakens the narrative. The main issue is with the pieces of exposition by an invisible narrator that basically tell you what is going on. These really aren't needed and the author should rely more on showing rather than telling. I know he is skilled and capable enough to do so, as the way most of the story is written is well-done. It's just those beginning bits of narration that I take issue with. The dialogue is pretty good, though a lot of characters seem to have cloned personalities, and almost everyone is friendly. A big theme in zombie survival stories is that in spite of the flesh-eating monsters roaming the world, man is still his own worst enemy, and I don't really get a sense of that from this game. Also, some characters completely lack interaction, such as Randall who I thought would be a character you saw much interaction with considering how he was introduced, but he ends up having the same two lines throughout the game. Meanwhile, a character whom you find and take in says the same thing day to day and does nothing else (up until an event involving that character occurs.) Other characters seem to have a large variety of interaction, so I think the author really needs to pay more attention to the lesser-explored characters or cut them. Is Randall really necessary? The soldiers also say the same thing; I get that they're just generic character soldiers but it would be interesting if what they said reflected the current situation and status of the facility. There are also a few typos here and there; the author really needs to export the dialogue (there is a script for this) and proofread the work. There's not that many which is impressive considering the amount of dialogue contained in this project. Another issue with the writing itself is that dialogue sometimes has an inordinate amount of pauses. For example: That piece of dialogue, for example, could be condensed to at least 50% of what it is. The author seems to add a lot of random, unnecessary clauses that could be cut out. Nothing breaking, but just ways to improve the flow of the writing. Verdict: Compelling story, well-done dialogue, some characters are flat or need to be fleshed out Recommendation I definitely recommend this project to those who are interested in story-driven games that try something new, or those who are interested in zombie or survival stories. Though there are certainly improvements to be made, it's still a robust and engrossing game that is well-crafted and well-written. I'm personally looking forward to future updates to this game, which is actually fairly rare for me.