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  1. SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this dark force, and restore the Great Spirits to their former selves. He must do this while also racing to prevent a war from breaking out, as the princess of the Kingdom of Meridia prepares to avenge the death of her father, killed under mysterious circumstances. FEATURES - Travel across an open world on foot or on horseback. - Day/night cycle combined with dynamic weather will make for an immersive experience. - Push, pull, climb, and swim! There are many options to engage with your environment. - Discover a multitude of secrets—hidden caves and dungeons provide rare rewards. - Mini-games and side quests. - Custom inventory. PROJECT INFO Naima's Melody is being developed in RPG Maker MV. The game has been in development for 4 months so far and features a ton of custom resources and scripts. We are two developers that are very passionate about this project and especially excited to develop something that most believe is too difficult if not impossible in RPG Maker. If you like what you see here please follow our game studio's twitter to keep updated on the development progress: Twitter SCREENSHOTS VIDEOS CREDITS We plan to keep post updated with current developments, thanks for stopping by!
  2. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 1 18+

    Warning: This game contains Nudity, Mild Language, Fantasy Violence, and Suggestive Themes Please Note this is just a demo for right now. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Important Notice: If you downloaded the game on 9/26/2018 please re download, because I had to replace New Game Plus with Hime'sSyncSaveData Plugin.
  3. Renryuu: Ascension is an adult fantasy RPG that follows the story of Ryen, A half dragon. After stumbling upon a plot to place an imposter on the throne Ryen takes the oppertunity to seize power himself. His duties and adventures as the new king will take him from the streets of the Capital to the far corners of the world. Renryuu is a fully realized RPG filled with excitement, Danger and the company of beautiful women! Your party starts with just 3 characters, but during your travels up to 12 people will join your group. All 9 girls from the party will have at least 3 Cgs, Going from a naked scene to a full night of fun once your relationship is high enough. As well as additional CGs of side characters that can be found around the world during your journey. - Explore an open world environment filled with quests! - The economic system is varied and multi-faceted. - Construction projects for your country, Like roads, A laboratory, Mines and others - Game mechanics include skill trees, Battle dynamics, Tradingmaps, Minigames and more. - Engage in international Diplomacy. - Many hours of gameplay .. and more with every update! Initial Partymember: Optional Partymember: World: CGs: Others: - As there is still much to do, several areas are empty - Some political options or researches have no effect yet - Some plugins are not completely integrated yet My own server | MEGA www.naughty-netherpunch.blogspot.com
  4. Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has seemingly become infested with ghosts that only she can see- that is, until a fateful day. Demo ♦ Twitter ♦ Discord Characters Screenshots Full Game Details $4.99 on Steam and Itchio (and possibly other stores) 1-2+ hours Multiple endings, several ways to go about smaller things that changes the scenes you see Several battles and bosses Credits (A full list of credits can be found in the demo in the chance I missed some) Art, design, & scripting - MikomiKisomi Writing - Omega Fallon Walking sprites - Ava Plugins - Yanfly, Atelier RGSS, Galv Music - Purple Plant Music Sound Effects - Gamemaster Audio Icons - Avery's Icons
  5. Strongerus

    Tales of Kandaria

    Hello, everybody, this is Tales of Kandaria, Every human has a soul, then the question is what about the monsters? Usually, humans see the monsters as stupid creatures. Then if we give a soul to skeleton what would happen? This game is about a skeleton which is weakest of the monsters. ınterestingly, he has a soul but has no memory of itself. Join him with his quest to find himself. This game as still at the beginning of the development phase. I intend to finish it as fast as possible without sacrificing any aspect of the game. Game development will consist of 3 parts; 1-Chapter I (Born to Rule) 2-Chapter II(?) 3-Chapter III(?) I have some interesting ideas and curies. What are u thinking about them? If you support me in my quest to make this game, I would be very happy. Every month there will be an updated version of the game, polls and lots of Illısturions. Demo of the game can be found at the link below. I am very interest to know your comment about it. For Windows; https://mega.nz/#!SXgy0CaR!MjARESj6FeiknlaAv_1OsbIdE3CinJ-RuQGZ5YtVhHQ For Mac; https://mega.nz/#!HTY0yITS!utAz-3SGoc1cjUluGNliAbU_5kdLHs90ADPk67d39hQ Don't forget to share a comment. If you want to support me here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/talesofkandaria Credits; Yanfly (yanfly.moe) Aaron krogh(Musics) YouFulca(musics) Akashics(akashics.moe) Strongerus
  6. Developer Note: What you see here is a work in progress! Anything lacking "polish" will be polished eventually. Presents: ...It's Cyberpunk, but with less punk? The year is 802-11a... In the United Serial Baud, Node and his girlfriend Lady are Drivers. As Drivers, they take on various kinds of jobs for the citizens of CPUcity to get by and pay their rent. When Node is duped by a supposedly high-paying client into installing a virus—created by a Cyberian terrorist group and disguised as a security update—into the U.S.B's core system, he is framed for capital treason and backed into a corner. As the virus begins to spread, Node is wanted for termination by the BIOS Justice Force and thrust into the fight of his life! Now Node, with the help of Lady and his long-time friend Krysto, must deal with the creator of the virus and save the U.S.B. from certain destruction... ●Six playable characters. That's ONE more than five! (...Do the math) ●Unique presentation and feel! This ain't just another 'standard RPG Maker' game. ●Animated cut-scenes made in Toon Boom Harmony. (The same software that's used to animate shows like Rick & Morty!) ●Link up! Hitting enemy weaknesses or landing critical blows on them gives you a chance of hosting special combination techniques. ●Feel the prices of a certain business are too high? Take a play out of the Definitive Hustler's Fundamentals and hustle those pesky shop keepers into giving you some temporary lower prices! But don't abuse the hustle or you'll piss off the shopkeeper... ●Channel your inner Psion! Find MODS and MOD chips to customize which Psionic abilities party members bring to the fight. ●An original soundtrack composed by Chris Austman, formerly from the band AM Static. [slowly being added to the game] ●(Pending) Mini-games? Credits:
  7. Meep007

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    I shall house my edits and recolors of MV resources in this here thread. No custom requests right now, sorry. (Spites, tiles, generator parts, etc.) Terms of Use: These are RTP edits, so they are free to use in commercial and noncommercial projects as long as you own a legitimate copy of RPG Maker MV. Same as Enterbrain's terms. - You MAY NOT redistribute these resources. They are for RPG Maker forums only. You CAN however, link back to this topic. - You CAN edit the resources I have converted. (For now it's just the windows) Be sure to link back to this topic if you do. Credit: Enterbrain, not myself. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't get them to work, most these sprites need an '!' before its name. Sprites: People: Sleeping Sprites: Windows: Exterior Window Recolors: Interior Window Recolors: Door Recolors Part 1: Door Recolors Part 2: Chest Recolors: Crystal Recolors: Flame Recolors: Switch Recolors: Vehicle Recolors: Tilesets: Tent Recolors: Bed Recolors: Roof Recolors: MISC: What that's it?: Yes, unfortunately for now. More tiles coming soon. CURRENT PROJECT: N/a PROGRESS: N/a Enjoy~
  8. MikeTheBum


    You find yourself unhappy with your life. You've always longed for a sense of peace and wholeness but can never quite seem to find it. You want to change your life but can never quite get the spirit to do so... One day your character decides that they can no longer stay stagnant in life. They decide that if they stay the way they are they will remain unhappy, but if they leave they may potentially find wholeness through the action of changing their life. At this point the character is unsure of where to go or what they should do. They've always like the idea of a simplistic life of a small town. So the character decides to move to the small town and start their new life as a farmer. This is where the story begins.. Upon arriving to the town you've noticed it is broken and rundown. The environment is dead and seemingly lifeless. Seeing this makes your character discouraged. The character has a sudden realization that they have no other choice than to continue their life here as they went all in on this farm. You find the strength within you to keep going and make it your objective to restore your farm (and the town) so that you may finally have the life you have always dreamed of. A life of completion and wholeness. Reincarnation is a farming simulator and includes features such as: Fishing - Mining - Farming - Full customization of player house - Rebuildable environment - Cooking - Relationships/Marriage of specific NPCs - Character Customization - and a few others.. *Potentially this game could have a minimal combat system and the ability to customize your farm land. (However, these are works in progress and I am unable to tell if they will be suitable for the game.) Right now I am working on festivals and character portraits... Anyways. Have a nice day and i'll keep you guys posted. Credits: MikeTheBum - Everything excluding plug-ins GALV - Map Projectiles, Tools, Simple Crops, Event Spawner, Invader Mini Game https://galvs-scripts.com/ MOG - Time System, Time System HUD, Treausure Pop-Up, Footsteps, https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chrono-engine/ SRD - Super Tools Engine, HUDmaker, Character Creator EX, Camera-Core, Character Choices, Collision Checker, http://sumrndm.site/ Yanfly - Core Engine, Message Core, SelfSwVar, Item-Core, Item Synthesis, Region Events, Region Restrictions, Move-Route Core, GabWindow http://yanfly.moe/ SoulPour777 - https://soulxregalia.wordpress.com/ Shaz - Character Offset HIME - Large Choices http://himeworks.com/mv-plugins/ Big thanks to all plug-in creators.. Without the plugins used here, this game would not be possible. Thank you. (I have a twitter (https://twitter.com/M1keTheBum), if you are interested in seeing more regular updates for my game.)
  9. Chrisx994

    Time Keepers - Beta V. 0.1

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Time Keepers is a rpg based on ATB system. Its features are: ATB: wait system Two playable characters with unique style and abilities Riddles, Quick Time Events, Puzzles Weapon enhancement system Explore a big castle full of mysteries and monsters Unlockable costumes A secret boss SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Time Keepers is a rpg based on ATB system. Its features are: ATB: wait and active system. Two playable characters with unique style and abilities Riddles, Quick Time Events, Puzzles Weapon enhancement system Explore a big castle full of mysteries and monsters Unlockable costumes A secret boss IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT OST All the credits will be added soon DOWNLOAD English version: here Italian version: here Known Issues Some grammatical errors in the English version - It will be fixed as soon as possible Lights: In some areas when a battle starts light will suddenly change - It will be fixed FPS drop - I'll fix it when I'll understand what causes the issue Screen freeze - Same as the other, it happened only twice in 4 tests, so I guess it is random Atb wait type only - it will be fixed soon States turns don't follow the atb turn - it will be fixed with the atb Text file with credits missing - I'll add it with corrections next week! CREDITS
  10. Unigo115

    Manoss (Demo)

    Manoss is a visual novelistic game with a few point and click puzzles in it. The game is mainly story-based with choices that can change the story. In the Glodju faction, Indigo is an ordinary person simply wanting to live his life, until something unexpected happens that may change the course of the faction's way of life. Go through the perspective of this character in order to figure out what's going on and maybe stop it. Credit to Starbird Resources, Whtedragon, Com_sho, and WispyVee for the tile sets. Credit to Sumrndmdude and Yanfly for the plugins. Here's sumrndmdude's website http://sumrndm.site WispyVee's Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinnerwiener Game Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12gVR67MSy1HTKbHNjVNOZF6bl7dWT3K3/view?usp=sharing
  11. Amysaurus

    Amy's MV Resources

    Hey guys! Here's what I've been working on for MV so far! Windowskins: Icons: Sprites: Balloons: Facesets: Miscellaneous: Terms of Use: - You can use my work in any non-commercial project, with credit (Amysaurus or Amy Hohman is fine). - You can edit these for personal use, but don't post edits without my permission! - You may link to my resources, but don't repost my work without permission.
  12. RishigangiX

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    She was one of the best in her line of work. She had it all - the money, the fame, the respect of her peers and the fear in the eyes of her enemies. But sometimes all it takes is one hit from the bitch called life to knock you off your feet. Following the tragedy of the RM-8 incident, Eva Reynes finds herself in a life drenched with alcohol and music, with no care in the world for her job and her responsibilities. Evenings once spent chasing criminals were now spent chasing bottles of whisky. On one such evening, she got a call from her apprentice and friend, Damien Wills. He had been framed for murder. "Just this time" were her words when she put on her overcoat and headed for the scene of the crime. But when she finds out that this case somehow connects to the one case which ruined her life, how will she react? Are there answers at the end of the road, or will she end up chasing shadows leading nowhere? How will the years of drinking and reclusion take a toll on her when it matters the most? Walk in the footsteps of the legendary Eva Reynes and unveil the truth. Warning: Eva Reynes: Volume One is a dark, sadistic mystery game which gets increasingly difficult, and there will be no hand-holding after the tutorial. After the first episode, you will be on your own to make deductions and find clues. The game will NOT warn you if you go on the wrong path, miss clues, or make wrong deductions, which may eventually put you on a one way street to a bad ending. At times you won't even know where you made the mistake. - Unique personalities, complex and unpredictable plots, and a captivating story. - Investigate crime scenes, search for clues, make deductions and find out the truth. - Engage in timed discourse battles; point out contradictions using the evidence you've found. - Manage and develop skills/traits like Personality, Perception, Discourse, etc. - At times you'll have to choose between being a good person or a good investigator. - Original content and artwork. - Several bad endings, one normal ending and one true ending. Website: https://www.potatobraingames.com/eva-reynes RMN: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10841/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PotatoBrainG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PotatobrainGames/ Lead Developer: Rishigangi (Potatobrain Games) Graphics: Sage Takeda Avery Cyanide FirstSeedMaterial Sturmfels PandaMaru com_sho Cvrtis bougainvillea Chalkdust hiddenone waifu2x Bokou Indrah whtdragon Enterbrain [Copyright](C) 2012 KADOKAWA, INC; DEGICA Co., LTD artists Archeia, Marimo, Caz, Ocean's Dream, Thernz scripters Yami, Liquidize Music samkfj Kerrigan Marrion Fields Production shimtone MAKOOTO Amachamusic MakaiSymphony RengokuTeien Scripts: MOGHunter Yanfly - yanfly.moe Khas HimeWorks Soulpour Archeia DreamX Takeya Kimura Shaz Karberus Hudell ExHydra PHLiM2 Kamesoft Tor Damian Design
  13. Fair Warning this game contains mild nudity, and strong language. This game takes place thirty years after Arc 1, and Arc 2. You do not Have to play the first two games to understand it. You do not even have to play the first two games to play this one. Graphics: Kodakawa FSM Material for MV Music: Adventurer's Journey Pack RPG Maker 3 Music Pack If you notice any music that sounds familiar, and know who it is let me know so I can credit them if I forgot to. Plugins: Olvia Yanfly Mog Hunter If I forgot to credit anyone please let me know. Some the maps were done by my friend Hazelsoft Demo Download: https://rose-guardian.itch.io/militibus-elementis-divinermature-content It is also a submission to a jam called Finally Finish Something 2019. So rate on the jam page if you like it.
  14. RoseGuardian

    Militibus Elementis Arc 2 18+

    Warning: This game contains Nudity, Mild Language, Fantasy Violence, and Suggestive Themes Please Note this is the full game. If you find any bugs, please let me know. Important Notice: If you want to use your save from arc 1 you have to copy the save folder first, then select new game, and then when it asks if you want to use your save from arc 1 choose yes.
  15. I've looked all over for an answer to this issue but i can't find one It Greyed out the weapon equip and won't let her equip any weapon
  16. Purple Phantom

    Purple Phantom in MV

    Have you ever wanted Purple Phantom to be in your game? If so, this is the resource for you! While this version defaults for MV, you're a simple resize away from having this magnificent character in any RM engine! Purple Phantom (also known as Stevie Skerry) comes in a variety of classes for maximum uniqueness! Each class comes with a sprite, battler, downed sprite and a face. I don't know what faces you need in your games, so I only made a default one. I assume you guys can take it from there. Angel Demon Mage Magical Girl Thief Warrior I'll update with more classes at a later date. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy! TERMS OF USE: Credit Purple Phantom. No use in H games. No having me swear - I'm a good phantom! (Usually.) Perfectly fine for commercial and non-commercial use, with credit and letting me know you used it, 'coz it is technically me. lolz Let me know what classes you think would be fun to have me as!
  17. PlanetTzero

    Paracreat demo

    Paracreat! Download: Link demo version Credits plugin: yanfly message core - battle status Here is the first information about my game that I will submit to the IGMC 2018! Screens: Own Challenge: I want to create a game with Paracreat that comes very close to Gameboy with look, music and technique. In addition I have even loaded a program that virtually emulates the original Gameboy sounds. Graphics are not pixelled by Nintendo but by myself! Resolution Now to the story:
  18. PlanetTzero

    I.Am Production

    Before i start a few words: I.m working hard on my projekt since month and i guess the demo will come in a few weeks. Gamedesign, Graphics, artwork, music, tilesets, sprites, 3DModeling and eventing is done by myself. English translation by: Commander Bert he help me a lot to Translate the game from german to english.Big thanks to you! Scripts credits: Galv-Scripts Yanfly I.Am Production is a Sci-Fi Survival Game... Story: In 1932, Professor Levitt made the discovery of his life. He found deep beneath the Mayan temple in Mexico, Yucatan the fossil of a Mayan queen.... Character: Features: Screenshots: Gameplay and teaser Video:
  19. Hello there, here's something different from a classic RPG, a point-and-click, like Riven or Myst. This project is very particular, because it is set in a real city, with real people, citizens, who interpret themselves in a dystopian version of our town Carrara, (Tuscany | Italy). Carrara is the capital of marble, it's a city famous all over the world because of the quality of the most famous stone with which they built the greatest works of humanity, from Roman times to the Renaissance. In this story, the city has been hit by an apocalypse. The narrative is actually rendered in a horror fashion for mere provocation, as a consequence of the decline experienced over the years by many Italian towns, which were previously famous and full of tourists and nowadays languish in desolation. We have translated the game in English just to show the structural wonders of our city, even if in a dystopian and horror fashion, just to create a contrast between fiction and reality... The game is based on real photographs of the town, which has been mapped in Google Map style, at night or at dawn when nobody was around. Then, each scenario has been transformed in a dystopian style. This game has episodes, think of a TV series, this is the first episode! PS: Suggestion... save your progress frequently, and don't make noise... Follow us on Facebook for updates! Or website! Game Trailer
  21. posfan12

    Datsville RPG v0.8.0

    Abstract: Datsville RPG is based on the community Lego project of the same name started in 1999. There is a SourceForge page that talks about Datsville. Releases: The latest release of the RPG can be downloaded from my homepage. Older releases are no longer hosted on Google Code or SourceForge. Genre: The RPG starts out in a contemporary setting. Sci-Fi elements may be added later. I'm not sure yet how much combat there will be in the game, if any. Game Progression: My progress so far is mainly in getting the graphics working. The source 3D models need to be converted to POV-Ray format, rendered into images, and then cropped and imported into RPG Maker. There are only three characters in the game at this time - mainly to help me figure out how to script events. Recruitment: I have no idea for a story at this time. If someone were to join the project and write a story that would be awesome! Story / Setting / Purpose: As I said, I have no story now. I would like a PG-rated experience in a contemporary setting with possible Sci-Fi elements. I want to incorporate the original model designers as NPCs in the game. This is already the case with the first two NPCs. Character Bios: Here are the main characters so far: From left to right and top to bottom: 1. Owen, hero 2. Thug, enemy 3. Terell, hero 4. The doctor 5. Technomancer 6. Sanford, guns expert 7. Rockstar, enemy 8. Esmée, ninja Additionally: a. Jeff Stembel is the mayor of the town. He always wears a bow tie and top hat. b. Brian Sauls owns the apartment complex at the West end of town. He has rooms for rent. Credits: The following people have contributed Lego models to the project: Allan, Nicholas Andersen, Jacob Sparre Bliss, Steve Burger, Thomas Dennet, Ryan Eriksson, Tore Farver, Rob Gallagher, Mike Gatrelle, Ben Gerber, Alan Gevaryahu, Jonathan Glöckner, Fredrik Gonzalez, Joseph Gould, Tim Hess, Duane Horvath, Michael Isaksson, Anders Jackson, James Lambrecht, Bram Loch, Kevin Moolhuysen, Manfred Probst, Joachim Sauls, Brian Sproat, Jeremy Stembel, Jeffrey Svensson (now Palmberg), Martin Teed, Tamyra VanZwieten, John Virsik, Rene Virsik, Robert Walton, Calvin Wilson, Jonathan Zide, Leonardo JAYSTEPHER The Lego Nerd Dennis Osborn Kevin Wilson David Till Joe Davenport Kevin M Bane Alex Taylor D M Garcia Michael Heidemann A full list of authors and what specifically they contributed can be found in this table. New contributions are always welcome! Currently I am using some Enterbrain resources, but I am fazing them out. In addition, the Enterbrain scripts I am using include the following: Yanfly Engine Plugins by Yanfly LeTBS combat scripts by Lecode TDDP_BindPicturesToMap.js by Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth SilvSkipTitle.js by Silver Rhyme_MapSmoothScrolling.js by SpeedDivider fullscreen.js by Christian Schicho easystar.js by Bryce Neal AS_InputSettings.js by Astra Cat ARP_TitleCommandExit.js by Atreyo Ray Screenshots: Videos: More videos here. Features: The game currently features true-to-scale overworld map explorations and one simple quest. If I add combat, it's going to be TRPG style combat like Shining Force or Fire Emblem.
  22. Abstrack : Legenda Kristal is an adventure game using a historically accurate Indonesia as a base, to preserve it's history among it's young people. It's story focuses on the struggle of a young man convincing heroes of the past to defeat Dajjal, and his troops, from destroying mankind in the future. Tags: Game In Progress Game Progression : Story (50%) , Maps : 100% , System: 100% , Music: 80% (Game Complete Schedule : 12/28/2018) Commercial Game Type Language : Available in Indonesia & English
  23. EdgarKingmaker

    Chaos Prophecy (Working Title)

    Chaos Prophecy: Abstract: A lengthy RPG adventure of magic, chaos, and the apocalypse. Genre: High Fantasy RPG Game Progression: Prelude Act complete. ETA Unknown. Recruitment: Scripter for one script, and one modification. Music, and possibly sprite assistance. Average Demo time: Once it's ready, the demo is to encompass the whole first act as one of the main characters. This ought to be about 5 hours of play. This does not include side quests... or dialog skipping. Required: Story / Setting / Purpose: Chaos Prophecy is about a pair of characters who were brought together by the intervention of some jerk from the future who thought he could end some crazy prophecy by killing them. The main characters, a pugilist and a mage apprentice, end up needing to adventure due to this jerk's intervention. At the beginning of the game, the player gets to choose between the two (a la Star Ocean 2,) and the course of the story varies quite a bit depending on who is chosen. During Act 1, the pair must dispel the jerk's magic that has swapped their souls, making them control one another's bodies. They must travel across the continent, either by way of deadly spider caves, or by meandering around through three different towns in order to reach the temples of the goddess of order, whose powers can restore their souls. Trouble is on every step of the way, as monsters become more active and the temple becomes overrun with the undead. They must battle the forces against them in order to restore themselves, only to then get pulled deeper and deeper into the clutches of the chaos lords who are desperately trying to stop them. Over the course of this lengthy tale, the main bulk takes place on a world inhabited by 4 main species, humans being one of these. The others are the ri'pado, the dodeeja, and the eikarians. Respectively humanoid rabbits, rats, and monitor lizards. At the end of most of the acts, the party is pulled into another world by one chaos lord or another where they attempt to thwart the party on their own ground. The game's climactic act occurs during the apocalypse, where after obtaining the ultimate weapon from Death, they must face off against the deity of chaos mid-resurrection. Character Bios: This game gives the player the opportunity to recruit up to 8 characters along their quest. Some of these only available depending on which one you choose to play as, and some of them requiring certain side quests. The current list has 12 characters of different lands, backgrounds, and personalities. Kreyshi Tholdon - A pugilist guardian of Springvale, the starting town. She is stoic, but usually does the right thing. Often she responds to injustice with her strong ri'pado legs. Aramil Moonbrook the 12th - A mage apprentice. He is the 12th in a long line of ri'pado sons who were given the name of their bloodline, then sent off to learn the secrets of magical absolution. He's shy, but as the game goes on, he comes further and further out of his shell. Padlan Hemlock - A monster hunting ranger. The only way to get him is to agree to slay a psychic boss giant spider. Having him increases money gain greatly, as he's able to retrieve body parts and valuable goods from fallen enemies a lot easier. Mareanne Windsong - A priestess who joins the pair in order to help them with the ritual. She's the only character you're forced to have in your group for most of the game. She is, however, silently judging the team and their actions the whole way. Tozo Ironhand - A goodly knight who leaves his land in order to investigate the chaos cultists, (if you convince him to.) He's a tank. A spear and shield and heavy armor tank. He's also annoyingly noble at times. Todoza - An inquisitor who's already investigating the chaos. The resurrection of the chaos deity would not fall in with the plans of her own religion, and would get in the way of Uzzadujoza's reign. She is likely to follow along with the group with her own agenda... and more in following acts... Credits: Currently I'm using quite a few of YanFly's scripts. I'm also using one of Galv's. (The character animations script.) One of DreamX's (random augments.) I'm looking for at least one more script... for more control over SV_Actor images. I'm doing most of the sprite re-working. Making fighting-game style SV battlers. I'm looking to furnish the game with more music and sound. Currently not top priority. Screenshots: Features: Story! Characters who feel a little more realistic in personality than the anime-style thinking of most RPG characters. Multiple game arcs, depending on who is chosen, and what choices the player makes. (Because I... love Dragon Age. So inspiring.) Fighting game inspired SV Battlers. (Now, if only I could figure out how the get more frames and more flexibility of what battlers show.) Humanoid animal people! (Four species populate the main world. Humans are one of them, and no traditional fantasy species were used... unless you count skaven and lizardmen, which two of the game's species resemble.) In depth combat and monster AI design. You won't be getting away with simply attacking everything to death. Known Issues: No demo yet.
  24. OctoberRaven

    The Adventures of Kusoge

    ​Game Title: The Adventures of Kusoge Abstract: In a land where fantasy meets insanity, one hero (and three allies) fights against the tyranny of Tyrant King. Genre: M-Rated Comedy/Fantasy RPG Game Progression: Released on Steam: PAGE LINK Recruitment: Graphics, Music, JScript Programmers (Volunteers Only, Please) If you include a Demo. please indicate the average demo time: ~5 min Required: Story / Setting / Purpose: *The Kingdom of Settingsland has suffered under the thumb of the evil Tyrant King for too long, and the Candy Cane Knights are prophesized to be the only ones capable of overthrowing him. You play as Kusoge, one of these fabled knights, looking to overthrow the Tyrant King... after all, ladies dig a world-saving hero. Character Bios: Kusoge: The main protagonist, a Candy Cane Knight who is one of the few who can master his order's ultimate weapon Baby Daddy: Kusoge's father, who is also a 50 year old baby and war veteran. Rat Bastard: Trained assassin and friend of Baby Daddy who joins the party for plot reasons. The Fourth Guy: Gun Kata specialist who the party recruits because having four people is just how things are done. Credits: *Using RTP assets, including self-generated characters using the character generator tool. *Using music by Komiku aka Monplaisir, with permission. https://chezmonplaisir.bandcamp.com/ *Using HeroMachine 3 assets for battler images. With permission from Jeff Herbert and AFD Studios LLC. http://www.heromachine.com/ Screenshots: For some reason my third screenshot isn't showing. Link. Features: *Comedy! Lots of it! Lots of adult comedy too! *Everyone who gets the game also gets a free pony that shits ice cream... wait, sorry, that's something Peter Molyneux promised for Fable 3. Yeah, I can't do that. Download the Demo: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b6mththga2tadcx/AABlGX84SmxiPlNZ1LvSDm0Ga?dl=0 Known Issues: None yet.
  25. Overview: Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Mystery, side-scroller Recruitment: Pixel artists, menu designers Synopsis: Chance knew from the day he was born that he was bound for greatness. Unfortunately, Chance was horribly misguided in this assumption. In the far-away city of Los Cactus, there have been murders most foul. Monster-kind is being shunned from the streets, the blame for these murders falling on their shoulders. An election on the horizon threatens to jeopardize their position in the world even further! Just who will step up to save them? Unfortunately for the monsters, that person is Chance Thomson, a hopelessly errant detective who struggles to tie his own shoelaces! Monster-kind's only hope lies in he and his new partner, a mysterious lady named Grace. With her help, can Chance shape up and solve the mysteries surrounding Los Cactus? Play as Chance in a collection of mysteries against tricky foes and cunning set-ups! Piece together clues to discover the villain's narrative, and do your best not to nab the wrong guy! Meet a wide cast of colorful characters, from zombie waitresses to your very own Slime Friend™, and try to break a very inconvenient sleep cycle! Characters: Gameplay Features: Screenshots: Credits: Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without the help from my wonderful team, and many of the generous contributors in this community: Want to show your support? Here's a banner!: