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Found 28 results

  1. The great Vitrolic Virtue studio and its gracious director Alan Smithee presents. Utopia VII - Pixel Perfekt We at the VV studio hope you will have fun playing this game. [Short Synopsis] Utopia is a special place where technology and magic coexist together, can its newest citizen become a hero and save this city? [Introductory text ripped out from the game] [Goals] Play as the newest citizen of Utopia and save the city from destruction. But can you save the city from the greatest evil? The Perfekt Pixel. [Credits] Game Director: Alan Smithee Main Artist: Allen Smithee Main Peon: Vodun Secondary Peon: Vaskamos Tertiary Peon: Airsaber [Download] Mediafire Download Itcho.io game page rpgmaker.net page [Last Few Words] Big thanks to loved ones, haters, and loyal fans of: Utopia I: The Lost City Utopia II: Forgotten World Utopia III: Journey to Eden Utopia IV: Perfekted World Utopia V: City Divided Utopia VI: Last Eden Special Thank you to our GamePaid donors: - Airsaber - ??? - Profit - Drago5k - Thanatos - Karrmel/DisFunctional - Alistair Smitee - GNDAM - Neomi - PunkX121 - Lisa You are the best! For the game to work install fonts, VT323-Regular and VL-Gothic-Regular, located in Font folder. If you have any problems, commentary and suggestions. Please send an email to vitrolicvirtue.studio@gmail.com (Plus in the name of the game refers to game jam on itch.io, igmc2017. Game was meant to be an entry there but was released with a big bug and had to be taken down. Now years later, the game returns) [ScreenShots]
  2. Pedrovin

    Shopbot Sisters

    Author: Pedrovin Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Genre: Puzzle ............................................................................................ INFO The following was created as part of a gamejam, created in roughly 5 days. In the world of Nerale, sentient robots known as Souldroids thrive among humanity. This is the tale of two Souldroid sisters known as Ail and Ali, the mascots of the Shopbot Supermarket Services franchise! Ali, the oldest sister does get a little rough, and her younger sibling decides to take revenge by changing the store's warehouse into a small gauntlet of puzzles. ............................................................................................ Screenshots ............................................................................................ Download Normal version, can be played by anyone! http://www.mediafire.com/file/q0t373si9mx5vut/Shopbot_Sisters.7z/file Open Source version, require a copy of VX Ace to play and open in the editor. http://www.mediafire.com/file/e9ns6lbtnl1pr77/Shopbot_Sisters_-Open_Source-.7z/file ............................................................................................ Credits All art assets and game-making. Pedrovin ( Pedro Marques ) Music Will Ultigonio Bowerman Wyvirin Scripts Yanfly Moghunter Mithran Raizen Rikifive Racheal GaryCXJk modern algebra
  3. Starmage11

    Elf's Diary

    Playable Characters: NPCs (Non-playable Characters): Features: - A Short, simple and fun 2 hours long game - Engaging strategic free turn based battles - Simple story-line with themes about friendship, faith and determination - Small but beautiful areas to discover - Colorful and fun characters to get to know with Elf's Diary Goodies: My simple art for Faint: Finnuval 's awesome Faint art: Elf's Diary Remastered Trailer: CREDITS: I hope that you guys will enjoy the game as much as I did making it.
  4. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Warning: This story-driven RPG contains Yuri(Lesbian) undertones and mildly suggestive themes! Progress: Full game out~! released 9th of March 2019. Last update 7th of September 2019 Full Download! (MediaFire) Full Download! (Itch.io) Also added a trailer! Additional Screenshots: Corruption of Laetitia imgur Library Downloads: Full Download! (MediaFire) Full Download! (Itch.io) Old demos for preservation purposes: Demo 4C Demo 3 Demo 2 Changelog since last release: Added more 'feedback' to the first trial of the redemption arc. Replaced Malayna's generic "Demon's rampage" skill by a new skill "Meteor strike". Replaced Gaia's generic "Tornado" skill with a new one "Dance of Death". Made it so that if you skip the first tactical battle you are offered the tutorial again later. Fixed spelling errors. Added rare consumable: bombs Updated the CG for being defeated by Malayna and Rilliane being tackled by a goo girl to their definitive ones. Fixed a bug that could occur if you razed the first big city but weren't otherwise 'pure evil' up to that point. Fixed a possible lock if Rilliane got knocked out in the second battle against Alastar while you were friends with her. Added a number of extra NPC reactions to events in the game. Fixed Riliane not updating graphics when equipped with the Leekblade All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
  5. An adventure puzzle game In Inherited Sins, you will play the role of Aryan, a simple traveling merchant who because of an innate ability he'll be involved in a rather dangerous situation. Aryan will have to escape some horrific ruins that have been the last abode of many unfortunates for more than two centuries. The only option for our protagonist will be to collaborate with a very peculiar fairy that apparently has also been trapped in that place. Inherited Sins is a game focused 100% on puzzle solving, there are no combats but there are enemies that will make your walk through the ruins something more dangerous. The game is mostly inspired by the titles of Team ICO and the The Legend of Zelda franchise. Travel between the physical and the astral plane to solve puzzles and continue advancing in your adventure, but be careful, because the creatures of the spiritual world are too dangerous... Thanks to the lighting script (Khas Ultra Lighting) it has been possible to provide the maps with a very interesting atmosphere without losing performance. Aryan: He is a simple merchant who has been locked in dangerous ruins. Apparently Aryan has done something very bad for what he has been sentenced to die. Fressia: A peculiar fairy that has been trapped in the dangerous ruins of Asendra. She must collaborate with Aryan to escape from there. Download from itch.io: https://kermex-games.itch.io/inherited-sins
  6. Download: https://mega.nz/#!9ZRhjCbL!8HpvPhyRNqJznBZYF3gbFC1GTa2vVT0_K_Jvyfaj39I TECHNICAL INFORMATION: PLOT SCREENSHOTS: FEATURES CONTACT US: remainderstudios@gmail.com
  7. SpongeBound104

    SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    -Story- In the peaceful town of Bikini Bottom, a dark omen is coming.... Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer is planning on sending all to the horror of eternal darkness before destroying the universe itself... However, an ancient prophecy has predicted that Giygas's plans will fail due to the existence of a boy named.... "SpongeBob"... The prophecy says that six boys and one girl, known as the Chosen Seven, will find the power of all eight "Your Sanctuaries" and defeat Giygas.... It is all up to SpongeBob and his six friends to stop Giygas and save the universe. They will meet new friends from other popular cartoons or games and team up with them to stop the evil that blocks light from shining..... Can you help them stop it? -Gameplay- You play as SpongeBob and his friends traveling through a large world with many things to explore. Exploring has an Earthbound feel to it. You fight in random encounters similar to Earthbound Zero and battle in a turn based battle system controlling seven characters at once! Sadly, rolling HP is not in this game, the HP and PP system is similar to Earthbound Zero. This is a simple game made in RPG Maker VX Ace in a span of 6 months so many defaults still exist. There are many similarities to Earthbound and Earthbound Zero (because the game is based on that!) such as skill names and enemies. However, this is not a pushover game. It will be unforgiving if you're not prepared! The story is about 40 hours long. There are many secret dungeons and bosses that really test your skills! -Main Seven Character Rundown- (There are many other characters but these are the main seven you’ll be using.) SpongeBob: White Mage - High HP, Speed - Average PP, Offense, Defense, IQ, PSI Defense, and Luck Patrick: Knight - Low HP, PP, IQ, PSI Defense, Speed - High Offense, Defense - Average Luck Gary: Black Mage #1 - Low HP, Offense, Speed - High PP, IQ, Defense, PSI Defense - Average Luck SquidWard: Red Mage - High HP, Speed - Average PP, Offense, Defense, PSI Defense, IQ - Low Luck Mr. Krabs: Fighter - High HP, Offense, Defense, Luck - Low Speed, PSI Defense, IQ - No PP Sandy: Black Mage #2 + Monk - Low HP, Defense - High PP, Offense, Speed, IQ, PSI Defense - Average Luck Plankton: Black Mage# 3 + Thief - Low HP, Offense, Defense, PSI Defense, Luck - High PP, Speed, IQ -Videos (Can these substitute for Screenshots? My phone can’t do that..)- -Credits- Several tilesets used from Aindra’s Corner Several scripts used from Yanfly Several scripts used from Victor Engine Music from Nickelodeon (Most Converted to 8-bit.) Several songs from Square Enix games Several songs from Nintendo games Several songs from DarkNES Several songs from Rainbowcrash88 Several songs from Kil6969 Several sounds from Earthbound SpongeBob sprites from NoJoy -Download Link- https://gamejolt.com/games/spongebound-the-attack-of-giygas/386085 -Known Issues- - Sandy and Bowser’s sprites are slightly messed up, Sandy’s tail sometimes pops up in front of her while walking, and Bowser’s too big for the Party Menu, so he covers other character’s sprites sometimes. - Sometimes, Pray and Dance do nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s a small error with a script I’m using. It’s from Yanfly but I don’t know how to fix it. - I used RTP sprites for the fish in Bikini Bottom. There used to be fish sprites but they got taken down, so I couldn’t use them. Disclaimer- SpongeBob SquarePants, related characters and places are owned by Nickelodeon. No copyright infringement is intended. This is a free fan-game and should not be sold. There are many other cartoon and video game characters that are in the game but if I put this disclaimer for all of them it would take forever! Just know that this is only a fan-game and copyright infringement for all game series in the game IS NOT intended. -Extra Notes- - This Game is basic and uses a lot of RTP things. Don’t judge the game because of that! I’m not a good sprite artist, so I couldn’t really do anything about that.... (My best sprite of Pearl looked like a gray and pink blob...) - This Game is hard and has a lot of difficulty spikes and puzzles! Just know that before you play!
  8. lianderson

    Wooden Ocean

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/M8xkdy4UnXk Available now for $12 Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/684000/Wooden_Ocean/ Itch.Io:https://lianderson.itch.io/wooden-ocean Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheWoodenOcean Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheWoodenOcean Discord: https://discord.gg/ne8K6Qx The Wooden Ocean is a full length RPG inspired by games such as Dark Souls and Dragon Warrior. It is set at the physical edge of the World where no sunlight ever reaches. You are on a simple quest to find your brother. Nothing more, nothing less. Combat, customization, and exploration are the heart and soul of this game. Everything else is secondary. Features: Screenshots: Credits:
  9. OldPat

    PSYCHE Locke

    - Download Link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/l1bcseuuf9oxm9s/PSYCHE+Locke+-+1.0.2.rar - Screenshots - - Introduction - PSYCHE Locke is a short 2D Puzzle/Adventure game, with a dark and cyberpunk-y setting, which was created for the Theme Roulette event held by rpgmaker.net. Unfortunately, the game couldn't be released in time for the deadline. Still, I worked hard in order to finish the game and release it anyway some time after that. The main theme of PSYCHE Locke is "Yourself", the concept of identity. The game focuses on Locke, a strange being, a "Psyche", who's trying to retrieve his former self and his lost memories. As a Psyche, Locke has the ability to merge his soul with that of other people, manipulating them. The player can merge with, almost, any NPC he encounters during his playthrough. Possessing someone allows the player to do certain things or talk to certain people, helping him progressing through the game. I hope you'll like PSYCHE Locke and that you'll have fun playing it. I'm very proud of what has been done, even though it's a short game made in a very small time frame. - Story - Locke is a Psyche, a peculiar being. He can read other people's feelings, other people's thoughts, their personalities and yet he can't comprehend them. He has lost his former self, his memories... he's nothing more than an empty husk. He can feel other people's emotions but he doesn't know what those mean, why people feel that way. He's incapable to. With the help of Doctor Aidi, Locke goes on a quest to retrieve his former self. While questioning his own identity, Locke is also pursued by SEELE's Special Unit, led by Colonel Jade Ichizen, an emotionless and ruthless woman that wants to capture him in order to study his abilities. Will he be able to survive inside Cognitus City and find his lost self? - Gameplay - PSYCHE Locke is a Puzzle/Adventure game. In order to progress through the game, the player has to use Locke's abilities. Since he's a Psyche, Locke has the ability to merge his soul with that of others, manipulating them and accessing their memories and personalities. Manipulating certain people will allow you to progress and do stuff that Locke alone wouldn't be able to do. For instance, taking control of a very slim person will allow Locke to fit inside small air ducts and gain access to new locations. Taking control of a charismatic person will allow you to give orders to someone else, while taking control of a strong person will allow you to move heavy objects around. At the same time, Locke can access other people's Mind Palaces. That's where all their memories reside, and where you can talk to a specific person face to face, learning what their true fears are and what their personality is like. Someone with a very strong personality may be able to persuade others... or perhaps you can use that people's connections to your advantage. Investigating the Mind Palaces and merging with other people in order to solve small puzzles are the core mechanics of the game. The game also features a simple stealth system. Locke will be hunted by SEELE, an organization which is really interested in his powers. He will have to avoid contact with SEELE's Special Unit. If one of those soldiers find Locke it will be instant Game Over, so the player will have to move around carefully while trying to solve the game's puzzles. - Characters - Locke Locke is a Psyche, a being with the power to merge his soul with that of others. He was experimented on by SEELE until the day Doctor Aidi saved his life. Because of those experimentations, Locke lost his memories and his former self. He's nothing more than an empty husk at the moment, capable of listening to what others think and feel but without understanding them and without having feelings and emotions of his own. Doctor Aidi Aidi is a doctor who worked for SEELE, until the day she decided to save Locke and escape SEELE's secret labs with him. She's a very "professional", "serious" doctor, but she's far from being a "cold" individual. She always stays by Locke's side and tries to help him recover his lost self through psychoanalysis. Perhaps as a way to atone for her sins? Or there's more to it than that? Will "The Forger" Will, known as "The Forger" in the underworld, is a member of the Haven's Army of Freedom, a rebel faction which consists of civilians tired of SEELE's tiranny. He's very well known among criminals because he's the only person capable of forging fake IDs for the citizens of the Lower Sectors of Cognitus City. He's quite shady and he doesn't get along well with strangers, but when SEELE's a common enemy he can become quite the ally. Colonel Jade Ichizen The Colonel of SEELE's Special Unit is a very mysterious and twisted individual. It almost seems like she can't feel any sort of emotion whatsoever. She's cold, ruthless and will do whatever it takes in order to complete her mission. She will do whatever is necessary to find Locke and capture him. She's also quite skilled, probably one of SEELE's best soldiers. Not much else is known about her. - Credits - A game by: OldPat PSYCHE Locke Characters by: OldPat Chara Editing by: HROT Killveran89 Font by: Allen R. Walden Third-party Scripts by: RPG Maker Source Joke TheoAllen Modern Algebra Victor Sant Velvet Isis Betatested by: Dragnfly (Proofreader) Master Danix AliceMisaki Killveran89 Owari Musics by/from: 2 8 1 4 Blade Runner Evangelion Maduro The Ink Spots Special Thanks to: RPGMaker.net - For being awesome! Frogge - For the not-1-by-1 pixel rain. HROT - For supporting me all the way during development. And, of course, a special thanks goes to YOU! Thank you for playing or just being interested in my game. I hope you've/you will enjoy it! See you!
  10. Valjean83

    Second Savior (Complete Game)

    DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ytncasZKvHWmyLtmFw6_nPle6JRq_2zb "It has been one thousand years since the once called The Legendary Hero defeated the evil god Kheelion at the top of the top of the Black Spire known as The Claw. Afterwards, a great abyss opened up swallowing The Claw as well as The Legendary Hero. After a long quest, peace had been restored to the land of Hectalia. That peace would not last. Many felt it in the air but would not say. Evil was not dead. Kheelion had found a way back...after all this time. The world calls for heroes when they are needed, and those heroes often aren't offered a choice in the matter. This is the story of a boy. A boy who would go on to do great things. Someone who might follow in the Legendary Hero's footsteps and be The Second Savior." Hectlia is an idealized world where Sin does not exist. Humans are good by nature but are sometimes corrupted by demons with malicious intent. There are gods that govern different aspects such as memories and time. There are rumors that the oldest god and father of all, Jehova is dead but the faithful remain devoted. Dragons are not trusted because deep in the past, a black dragon named Hesperex attempted to wipe out Humanity. There are three kingdoms: Margel, Falnire and Greylin who once formed the Triad of Justice to ward off monsters. Since the times of peace, they have drifted apart. Three beings called The Tyrants roam the lands, standing for Depression, Obsession and Deception. Their names are Ghazzadrin, Syd and Morrow, and in ancient times, they were the only ones to accept Kheelion after their brothers and sisters were destroyed. Characters: You: A boy of about fifteen. You have a younger brother named Ethan and an Uncle named Cyrus who both live in Margel Town. Camille: Your best friend. Her parents want to marry into money but that's not what she dreams of. She is a cleric who favors spears. Cliff: Captain of King Myden's soldiers. He is unwaveringly loyal to the king. Axes are his weapon of choice Vlad: A vampire who hasn't been himself lately Leah: A girl who has lost her memory Rane: A girl who has lost her home to a curse Tania: Someone who has lost someone. She is a paladin who seeks revenge. Muillidan: A dark wizard with terrifying magical power Creator: Matt Tomecko Composer: Matt Tomecko (Pages Turning) Composer: Adam Tomecko (Scaling The Mountain, Skarnill's Tower) Music from various video games Special Thanks to those that made materials and scripts so this adventure could Be made. These people include: Yanfly Fyzzo Galv Pacman Modern Algebra Neonblack DoctorTodd Omegas7 Woratana Hime Fomar Effectus and the input and inspiration from so many known issues: This game uses The Effectus script. Every now and then an error will pop up that mentions a 'disposed window' concerning this script I do not know how to make this error go away, so any input into this problem would be most appreciated. This is not a high encounter game. I have played rpgs where every step involves a fight with monsters and this can be tiresome. I would like your input on the encounter rate. It is managed by a script that makes an encounter more likely for every step you take. If you prefer more fighting there is an option presented that lets you summon monsters to battle. Have fun saving the world
  11. HarvesterOfEyes

    Light of the World

    Hi everyone. I’ll try to keep this short and not too verbose. This project has actually been complete for about 2 months now, but since I tend to harbor feelings of self-doubt in things I do, I debated with myself as to whether it was suitable to be shared. Ultimately, I decided that it’s probably good enough. I welcome constructive criticism, feedback, and of course any bug reports are very much appreciated. Background “Light of the World” is my RPG project that I worked on over the past 2.5 years. Ever since I was a kid, it’s been a dream of mine to create my own game, so I’m happy that I finally could realize that dream. However, it would make me even happier if others could enjoy it, since that’s the whole point of video games! Because I’m not a programmer and not good at graphic design, I was fortunate to be able to work on my project with RPG Maker VX Ace. When I started making my game, I had two specific goals in mind. First, I wanted to compose all the music, and I wanted it all to be good. In my opinion, the best video games all have stellar soundtracks, so I put my absolute all into writing the music for “Light of the World”—and I hope it shows! Even if nothing else about my game is good, in the very least I hope my music is something that people can enjoy. My second aim was to write up a good storyline, and while I do think there are things I could’ve done better, I’m overall satisfied with the result. Here’s a quick rundown of some things you can expect: Language, alcohol, and one sexually suggestive part of the story; I’d say my game rates probably around “PG13,” though that’s just my opinion and I’m not in the business of ESRB ratings (So I'm not sure if this post would necessitate one of those "mature content" banners; my first instinct would be to say "no" but I'm not 100% familiar with the guidelines here on what qualifies as "mature") ~10 hours of gameplay Starts off kinda boring but it gets better (trust me) Closed-world RPG with minimal random encounters and a fixed level progression; no grinding needed Challenging boss fights Story-driven Decent variety of puzzles strewn throughout the game 42 original music tracks Lots of shoutouts and callbacks to oldschool games ranging from Resident Evil to Fire Emblem and everything in between Vanilla RPG Maker VX Ace assets are used because I’m not good with graphic design I also recorded a short 10-minute video describing my thoughts on my project, in case you’re interested in hearing. It’ll be on my YT channel, alongside all of my music tracks for “Light of the World.” If this all sounds like it’d be fun to you, then I’d love if you would give my game a shot. If not, then that’s fine; I wish you the best either way. Story You play as Lucy, a new recruit to the Adventurers' Guild, a multi-national association with goals to explore the world and establish peace and prosperity wherever possible. You'll be starting off on a newly-discovered island by the name of Lairotut. On the surface, there doesn't really seem much to this generic adventure premise, but if you stick it through, you just may be surprised at where the journey takes you. Screenshots Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/8suax36ef3ojy6y/Light of the World.exe?dl=0 Credits Music, writing, production, bug testing – me One music track (“Astronomy”) written by Albert & Joe Bouchard, Sandy Pearlman (Blue Oyster Cult), which I then transcribed into a .midi file RPG Maker VX Ace Developed and produced by Enterbrain & Kadokawa Games. This includes the game engine, most of the graphics, the ambient sound effects (rain, wind, etc.), and basic sound effects. DLC pack for some extra assets Adiktuzmiko boldpaste2 Candacis Deathswallow Ksi Marquise Matombo Matseb2611 Pandamaru TheInfamousBonBon Scripts Victor Sant – basic engine, numerous battle system scripts, and anti-lag Yanfly Engine – skills with HP costs (Lucy is very grateful!) Daimonious Tales Games – keybinding, options menu, HP bars for battles, popups for obtaining items, Syvkal – pretty stat bars for the status & battle screens (HP, MP, TP, Atk, etc.) Shadowmaster9000 – playtime display in the pause screen William Couillard – Final Fantasy-inspired battle log Seiryuki – advanced inventory categorization Lecode – status effects display on enemies during battle Melosx – more detailed save screen Hime Works – RMVX Ace Vehicle BGM fix I believe I hit on all the requirements for submitting a thread, but please let me know if there's anything I missed. Thanks!
  12. Download through Itch.io by clicking this link! Synopsis "You walked unspeakable distances, until you found this peculiar forest. A glade immersed you in peace. As you kept walking, you found a place full of life—Heartland. Everything here gives you the peace you have been craving for. Yet you keep trying opening your eyes. You do not remember anything about yourself. If you do open them, you will get to see the truth. And sometimes, the pitch-black darkness is a better place to stay in." The Game Heartland is a narrative-based, story-rich, psychological-esque, linear RPG with a different take on battles. The gameplay is rather straight-forward, being based solely on the completion of the story. Though to make it to the end, you'll first have to face off familiar faces from your past through one-in-one, strategical, meaningful and decisive battles. All the events of the game and your actions are narrated in a second person point of view by a narrator. Through him, you will get to know the mistery amongst Heartland—and you yourself. The game heavily focuses on atmosphere to engage the player into the narrative, relying upon a plethora of nature sounds, beautiful scenarios and excellent background music which will take you in a singular journey to the discovering of the very truth. Battles have a peculiar twist, in which classic commands such as "attack", "guard" and even "items" are completely removed. Instead, you will get to choose between physical (Swordplay) and magic (Sorceries) techniques, as well as the Remnants bequeathed from your enemies, as you defeat them. Each opponent is a boss-like fight, and you will have to find the best skill composition to a strategy in order to defeat your foes. Heartland features no gameover, but the game won't advance until you win. Showcase (Click thumbnails to enlarge!) Author Notes Patch 1.01a As of 29/11/2018, the patch 1.01a was released in order to fix the obnoxious collision bugs that the game had,\. as well as other minor issues. With this patch, the game now promises to be fully playable without breaking immersion. The patch is allocated in the Itch.io page, so don't forget to grab it from there because it's vital!
  13. captainhellfire

    Pirate RPG - Bloodbeard's Revenge

    Ahoy mateys! Me first game, Bloodbeard's Revenge has just released here on itch.io! You play as the mad pirate Bloodbeard, returning from a successful voyage with a ship overloaded with gold. But a mysterious treasure seems to be more than the crew can handle and is calling out to beasties that seem to be appearing more numerous with each passing day! This game is based on the adventures of me pirate band, Captain Hellfire and The Wretched Brethren so be sure to check us out if ya like tunes with extra rum and swashbuckling! Check out the game trailer here Credits: Utilises scripts from Moghunter, Galv, Yanfly, Modern Algebra.
  14. CodeHunterEx

    Puzzle School (Word Game)

    Synopsis: Puzzle School is a word puzzle game where you have to guess what a word is. Similar to the old 'Hangman' game. There almost 3000 common English words included in the game so it should keep one guessing for some time. When you start the game you will notice a choice for 'Normal' and 'Tablet' mode. The difference between them is the amount of animations going on. Normal mode has more than tablet mode. Tablet Mode is good for running on computers that are slow when running in Normal mode. Try not to get too PUZZLED Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ee2at4ycqp7iw7g/PuzzleSchool.zip?dl=0 Credits: Background from 'School Tiles" which can be found here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/rpg-maker-vxace-tileset/classic-school-tiles Game design and font used created by me, Code Hunter (Lawrence). Main character and teacher character created in VX Ace. Simple scripting used in game created by me except the word selection created for this game by TheoAllen and edited by me. Screenshots:
  15. Legends of an Otherworld Legends of an Otherworld is an RPG Maker VX Ace project, with the strongest focus being on gameplay. If you're after a compelling story and beautiful custom graphics, look elsewhere. If you're after a challenging game that requires careful skill selection, good equipment setups, and so on, you've found the right game. The gameplay of Legends of an Otherworld is significantly inspired by that of Final Fantasy, and in particular, Final Fantasy X. Those who are familiar in depth with Final Fantasy X's stat mechanics, equipment system and battle system will have little trouble figuring their way around Legends of an Otherworld's systems, even though they do have several differences. However, the difficulty is much higher - the difficulty of a standard playthrough of Legends of an Otherworld is comparable to some of the more-advanced challenge runs on Final Fantasy X. Grinding will only get you so far; strategy is vital. And there's plenty of optional content for even more challenge, if the main game isn't enough for you. Current version: Version 026b Story Two young girls, Tara and Leanna, awake to find themselves in a strange place, some kind of cave unlike anything they've seen before. The only thing on their mind - get out, and get home. However, between the emergence of a connection between this strange cave and an almost-forgotten ancient legend, significant pressure from their hometown's ruler to investigate, and the actions of a crazy power-thirsty cult; Tara and Leanna can do little to avoid being sucked into a quest that many wouldn't even acknowledge existed... And so, the legend begins... Characters Tara Ascira A young fighter from Saria and the main character of Legends of an Otherworld: Curse of Saria. She can be playful at times but is generally a very mature and serious person for her age. Leanna Haysworth Tara's best friend and cousin, also a fighter. Unlike Tara, she is always in a fun-loving mood and sometimes finds it hard to take anything seriously, but is very reliable when she needs to be. Harley Ryder A white mage from the town of Nyatta. He is a very down-to-earth type who likes to know everything about everything, and spends most of his time investigating legends and mysteries. Amanda Surugie A black mage from Nyatta. Despite her young age, she is very grown-up, and is the main protector of the town. She often works with Harley on his investigations but prefers working alone. Ivy Sorra A mysterious blue mage. She tends to be very much the quiet type who usually keeps to herself. She is very interested in monsters, perhaps being the reason she became a blue mage. Alicia Bascoe A secretive young girl trained as both a thief and a ninja. She is excessively overconfident, partly but not completely justified by her high level of fighting skill. Her hatred of the ancient legends goes beyond just disbelief, almost as if it's personal in some way... And more... Screenshots I'll spoiler tag these to save a bit of space. They contain, at worst, extremely mild spoilers. Map Images Battle Images Battle Video (Mild strategy spoilers for an early-game boss) Another battle video. Spoilers for a boss (still an early-game one) often considered to be a roadblock. Features CTB Battle System "Ability" system in place of armor AP-based flexible skill learning Complex enemy AI. See below for more info. A LOT of gameplay. One LP'er has worked up a 40 hour savefile, still hasn't completed all available content, and there's still a bit more content to come. About the Enemy AI, I felt the default options were far from sufficient, so this game features a system in which some enemies (many, especially random encounters, do still use the default system) determine their moves from a script rather than the default condition+priority=action method. This allows for smart use of status spells, more complex patterns, and so on. To give one example, an early-game boss will cast Cure only on an ally who'll actually benefit from it, and will heal herself of Silence after 3 turns the first time, and 2 turns after that. Another enemy, an optional boss, will counterattack with random status effects, but never one that the target already has - and he'll use Darkness first if he was hit with a physical attack, and Silence first if it was a magical attack. One of the bosses around the middle makes VERY smart use of Haste and Regen, and will stop casting Cure when inflicted with Zombie. These are just some examples of the complex AI found in this game (of course, not every enemy has such a complex pattern, some are very simple). Content Warnings The content in this game is pretty mild, shouldn't offend most people. There's a bit of harsh language here and there, but that's about it. (Now, whether the difficulty may offend people is another matter...) Credits I hope this is everyone. If I've missed anything, feel free to point it out! Enterbrain - This one's obvious. RMVXA itself, as well as the default scripts and RTP resources, and the Samurai Addon Pack. Ninjamida - Well, it's my game... so pretty much all the game design. And about half of the custom scripts. Yanfly - The other half of the custom scripts. All freely released ones. Thalzon - HEAPS of freely-released battler sprites. You're a legend, dude. PentagonBuddy - Freely-released battler sprites. Scinaya - Freely-released battler sprites. Alt_Jack - Freely-released battler sprites. Geluf - Freely-released music. Geowolf - Freely-released music. Squaresoft/Square-Enix - Final Fantasy, especially Final Fantasy X, was a huge inspiration to this game. So I feel credit is due there. Links No, Link isn't in this game sorry. ...okay, that was a terrible joke. Here you go: Download V026b Steam Workshop Official Facebook Page Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP Save files from recent demo versions (V020 or newer) will work fine on the full game. LPs, Guides, etc If you want to make an LP of this game, write a guide for it, whatever... go ahead! You don't need to ask me first. However, I would love to see it, so please let me know about it! Known LPs: SentinelProxima's LP (All storyline content except final bosses, most sidequest content, and a low-level-game side series that's currently up to about the halfway point of the game)
  16. Orgaya


    The first in any incorporeal step is to rise and become cognizant of your own desires. All walks of life must adhere to this simple concept. Resistance to such is to follow what is laid out before you, progressing infinitely through kalpas created over nonsensical dreamstates. How? Because all paths are laid out regardless of prior choice. The most difficult area in this regard is to accept this as an absolute, and move forward with what is necessary. Defiance is not optional. You only have a single directive - comply. Description Geiken is a mystery/philosophical story set in a fantasy/sci-fi world, inspired by games from the Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout series. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness. Decisions can be made that alter the course of the narrative and the landscape of the finale. There are six different endings that occur based on prior choices. Abstract: A narrative-focused game with an emphasis on player-protagonist engagement and unintended consequences based on player choice. Genre: Mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi Game Progression: Complete Demo Length: 20-30 minutes (Download is at the bottom of the post.) Trailer Story Characters Current Features - A 20-30 hour main storyline spread across 10 quests. - A quest journal system. - An in-game compass that points to your current objective. Can be turned on and off. - Combat is ABS, meaning you fight on the map. Companions are also able to fight alongside you. - 30+ optional dungeons. - 20+ side quests. - 100+ unique weapons, armor, and items, all with different abilities and stats. - Many readable, in-game books that expand on the lore. - Open world gameplay. Screenshots Videos Version History Credits Downloads (RTP stands for "Run-Time Package", which is required for RPG Maker games to work. If you've already played an RPG Maker VX Ace game on your computer, chances are you already have the RTP. Download the Non-RTP version if that is the case; if this is your first time, download the With RTP version.) Non-RTP With RTP (The demo is merely the beginning area with little restriction. There is no story, you start with a basic weapon and healing spell, you can explore the island freely, and you can talk to any of the NPCs. This is just to allow anyone who is curious to see what the game offers.) Demo Non-RTP Demo With RTP
  17. Insydnis

    The Legend of Relic

    https://insydnis.itch.io/the-legend-of-relic The Story involves Relic whom like the others in his village, have been plagued by nightmares. Relic's nightmare comes true, and thus his journey for revenge sets out in the most perilous outcome. Screenshots: Features: I may make the game longer depending on request. Credits: Hp menu by Ventwig And last but not least, I hope you enjoy the game and music as much as i have making it!
  18. SamuelsAttic

    Chronicles and Fables: Labyrinth

    Abstract: The Epic hybrid of the main mechanics of the Dungeon-crawler and Battle-royale games, united in dynamic single-player fantasy adventure in a dark fantasy setting. Genre: ActionRPG, Dungeon-Crawler, Battle-Royale, Survival Game Progression: The game is fully completed Recruitment: None Story / Setting / Purpose: Here is not a much of a story, the purpose is to escape the Labyrinth with as much loot as you could take. And like other battle royale games - faster than your opponents. Time for each of the stages is limited and opponents are aggressive. The one who escapes - wins and saves his life, getting one of a few endings. The setting is Nordic Dark fantasy. Character Bios: There are no main characters except the player with undefined behavior. Features: 1. Huge and diverse map - the Labyrinth. Some say it is so enormous - that the character could die 99 times before reaches all of its' rooms. 20 times from mobs, 30 from other players, 40 from hunger or thirst, and 9 - from the old age. All we know - it definitely would be fun and surprising anyway. 2. Custom character that could belong to one of 4 classes. Each with its own difficulty and preferable game style, for real (because they are actually all the same when it is about weapon type effectiveness. The differences is much more interesting). 3. Two game mods. 4. Survival system. 5. Plenty of bloody cold weapons, as well as opponents and monsters. Download: https://samuelsattic.itch.io/labyrinth Screenshots: Known Issues: None Credits: Credit and thanks to: Kyselyov S.S Kyselyov Antony Zinenko Yevheniya Ivanov Max sonic NerdiGaming Yanfly rmrk.net eugene222 Galv Mepps Khas SheolShade Dirge Neon Black Glitchfinder Apellonyx V.M of D.T Falcao Seer UK & OriginalWij Riff Joerao Benjamin Carr Quigon AntiCasper
  19. SamuelsAttic

    Chronicles and Fables: ARENA

    Abstract: Its an untypical role-playing story-adventure in the culture-oriented cold-blooded setting that has an emphasis on non-hardcore&still fun realism and has multiple original endings during all story through. Genre: ActionRPG, Adventure, Survival , Story with multi-endings Game Progression: The game is fully completed Recruitment: None Story / Setting / Purpose: *Describe the story and setting of your game in as much detail as possible. *If your game does not feature a traditional story or setting, then explain the premise behind the game and the goals the player must achieve. The story is about humans, about the strong one and a weak one and also about decisions. Some decisions could be made by the player but some others - by the strong ones and player could only deal with its consequences. The game has the Gothic-like dark fantasy setting, full of diverse people that represented specific guilds, cultures, businesses. The purpose is all about joining undefined yet story with the main character that is just facing the consequences of the others' decisions at the start but then - starting to write a story by himself. All this happens in the setting, full of humans of specific culture and behavior, doing different things in some certain way but each of it - at last is all about the same - the money and goods for them. Character Bios: There are no main characters except the player with undefined behavior. Features: 1. Action fighting system. Scrolls, range' and melee' weapon types included (about 50 overall) 2. Hunger-thirst-rest system. It cares that you don't think your character is a biorobot. There are also 2 hidden characteristics that fully depends on the player's decisions. 3. Crafting system. Its Gothic like and comprises food and weapon crafting. 4. Multiple story endings. According to the game designer, you have the main character's purpose and the obvious way to achieve it. Like you usually do. But this time you are the mind controller here, so who says the story must end one way? Studio's game designer envisaged it. 5.Kind of open world. Locations here as well as its inhabitants are part of the setting and you are the only one who can make them part of the story. So walk freely, there is gameplay besides the story. Download: https://samuelsattic.itch.io/arena Screenshots: Known Issues: 1. There isn't pixel movement and the maps are drawn, so there could be some surprise problems with movement close to walls and some objects. Credits: Credit and thanks to: Kyselyov S.S sonic NerdiGaming Yanfly rmrk.net eugene222 Galv Mepps Khas SheolShade Dirge Neon Black Glitchfinder Apellonyx V.M of D.T Falcao Seer UK & OriginalWij Riff Joerao Benjamin Carr Quigon AntiCasper
  20. ShinNessTen


    Tod is an ATB based RPG with a slightly different approach to strategy. The story revolves around a chicken that an unknown entity called the Unholy Cat has made into a grim reaper. You play as that chicken which the Cat has fittingly titled "Tod" and your objective is to find out what the Cats motives are and how to stop his evil schemes! In this game, you have no breaks from fighting your way out of the Cats evil chains that trap you inside his realms. To survive and make it through the game, you have to rely on your survival instincts and plan ahead accordingly. There are no Towns, Inns or any resting places for you to find. You have to rely on yourself and your allies that you will find along the way. There are many optional areas to visit and many things to discover... so be sure to snoop around every corner. Make the best of everything you can find. Let's list some features: -Engaging Combat mechanics -A somewhat simple story -Tons of optional things to find -Overall liniar experience with a couple of diverse scenes! -Short and to the point completion time(probably) -TONS of extra modes for you to try out! ->(NOT YET IN THE GAME)<- -The Story that you left off with will continue into the next game, depending on which password you have acquired. And much more! Screenshots: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/um2mxah92oe08du/Tod+-+Almost+finished+game+demo.7z Credits:
  21. v2.0 NOW RELEASED! http://store.steampowered.com/app/717190/Super_Dungeon_Master/ TURN-BASED COMBAT NOW IMPLEMENTED! NON-COMMERCIAL VENTURE! ~ feel the love! Abstract: A top-down remake of the 1987 FTL classic Dungeon Master., complete with all 24 original characters – and bonus areas! MasterGenre: Retro RPG Fantasy dungeon-crawler, action battle system, arcade, silly. Game Progression: Completed and released on Steam. Even has 32 Achievements and an online community. Recruitment: ARTISTS - a man has to know his limitations. I want this game to be more 'Anime' - it has perhaps deviated a little too far from its RPG Maker roots... Download: Latest versions can be grabbed from here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/717190/Super_Dungeon_Master/ and more information here: http://dungeonmastercom.weebly.com/ Forum: https://dungeon-master.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30244 ~~~ Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff Story: You are Theron, student to the Grey Lord. You are tasked with resurrecting four trapped champions and beating the infamous dungeon of Lord Chaos deep within Mount Anaias. Your team must find the fabled Firestaff and empower it so you can outwit and defeat Lord Chaos. Features: Character Bios: Features all 24 original characters from the Dungeon Master game: Credits: Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff. V1.06, RPG Maker VX Ace Screenshots: Download: Coming soon. Known Issues: Dev Site: http://dungeonmastercom.weebly.com/ Forum: https://dungeon-master.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30244
  22. cradth

    Kasatmata - Chapter 1

    KASATMATA (THE SEEN) - CHAPTER 1 Full + Extended version Developer : Radian F (cradth helverd) Latest version : Chapter 1 Extended v2.20 "Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm." +STORY & CHARACTER+ Kasatmata - Chapter 1 begins during the recording of the TV show called "Beda Dunia", a "supernatural-challenge" reality show where the contestant will stay in a "haunted place" for an hour and a half without the lightings except a candle. You'll lead a brave guy, Satria, who doesn't believe in ghosts. He's a non-believer of all things supernatural, seek anyone who can prove to him that ghost is real. This time, he's trying to uncover the tricks behind the show, but in the end of the challenge, something is coming up. The TV crew are gone without a single trace. Is this part of the show? Or could you reveal the truth behind this strange event? You may interpret the plot and decide the final act as you wish. +FEATURES+ You'll find 5 different endings, each holds different conclusion from one another, the good ones bring you a revelation and the bad ones will bring up more questions. The game's average playtime ranges from 45 minutes ~ 2 hours to reach the good endings. Brave Meter is the only attribute you have to watch over during the exploration. It will vary and determine the amount of fear effects you may withstand. Lower Brave Meter also means you'll see more supernatural phenomena before your eyes. You can use computer mouse to play this game (one-handed gameplay wise). Choice is yours. +SCREENSHOTS+ +VIDEO+ +CREDITS+ +DOWNLOADS+ Yosh! Have fun! \ (^o^) /
  23. ~~~~~ DOWNLOAD ~~~~~ Download link and main website here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/ ~~~~~ NEWS ~~~~~ Oct 1st, 2017: Version 2.0 is now available for download! Many improvements have been made and this will most likely be the final version I will ever release. Full details can be found on the newest blog entry here. ~~~~~ SUMMARY ~~~~~ Legends Of Illarion 2 is the long awaited prequel to the 2009 RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion. The prequel takes place in ancient Illarion at the dawn of time, many centuries before the events of the first game. I consider it mostly to be an old school type of rpg reminiscent of FF6, Lufia 2, etc. You don't need to play LOI before playing LOI2. You can play either game before the other and there won't be too much spoilers involved. The first LOI contains a larger more diverse world with more interrelated story elements and characters, while LOI2 is a little easier, smaller, and more straight forward than the first game. ~~~~~ STORY ~~~~~ "We are but mortals who cannot fathom the true nature of the gods. Whether they are kind and benevolent, or vengeful and angry, I cannot say. The only thing that is certain, is that their power is real, and we must always be wary..." The world of Illarion is at its infancy, having been created by the gods for only mere centuries. An Entity appears, born from the evil growing in the very hearts of mortals, bringing destruction and chaos to the realms. The gods await worthy heroes to appear and defeat the Entity. However, as time passes by, none step forth to save Illarion. In desperation, one goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, using deception to cause a group of mortals to begin a journey to defeat the Entity. But do they truly fight to save Illarion, or do they fight to fulfill their own selfish motives? As they squabble amongst themselves and get ever closer to the promised end of their journey, the gods play their cruel hand and begin to reveal their true intentions... ~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~ slightly modified battle/menu systems based on 3rd party scripts (mostly Yanfly) touch encounter battle system voice clips for character skills skill points system and many custom battle skills characters with multiple skill sets depending on weapons equipped many interesting puzzles (all of which are skippable) simple gathering/crafting system (blacksmithing, potion making, etc) diverse environments inhabited by various races. using "emotes" to describe character actions approximately 15 hours of gameplay ~~~~~ VIDEO ~~~~~ Gameplay Footage:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7txyxkko8_g ~~~~~ SCREENSHOTS ~~~~~ ~~~~~ CHARACTERS ~~~~~ Legends Of Illarion 2 features an ensemble cast: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/characters1/ ~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~ Created by Dyluck Created using RPG Maker VX Ace by Enterbrain None of the graphical or audio resources used belong to the creator of this game unless otherwise specificed. All resources belong to their respective owners and are not used for commercial purposes. Graphics (Including but not limited to): -Enterbrain -Square Enix -Mack and Blue -Looseleaf Generator -Celianna -Mr Bubble -Toasty -Rinmaru -Princeofredroses -Various other resources from the internet Audio (Including but not limited to): -Enterbrain -Square Enix -Game Arts -Mistwalker -tri-Crescendo -Media.Vision -Neverland -Capcom -Nintendo -Konami -Illarion -Various other resources from the internet Scripts (Including but not limited to): -Yanfly Engine Ace and associated scripts -Mithran Text Cache -LoneWolf Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix -Euphoria Itemoff -Soulpour777 Actor Specific Equipment -Mr Bubble Crafting System -Neon Black Passive Skills -Karin's Soulkeeper Map as Battle Background -Syvkal Menu Bars -Various Moghunter scripts -Various Himeworks scripts Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or this trailer unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.
  24. Dorian Tokici

    Darkblood Chronicles - Steam

    STORY Omaj - Defy Expectations Omaj is a group of individuals that defy expectations by presenting captivating visual stories that open the imagination and inspire critical thinking. Join the retro JRPG revival movement with Darkblood Chronicles, the story about a young woman named Samantha. Her adventure begins with a strange foreboding nightmare, wherein she sees herself atop a guillotine with a hooded man standing above her, axe at the ready. She is startled awake as the axe comes down, but it seems to be just her dad, knocking at her bedroom door. It is early in the morning, though the sky is still as dark as night, and rains pours with ferocity. Sam arrives at school only to find that the power is off and the road back home has mysteriously vanished. Meeting up with an acquaintance of hers, Ethan, they are led around the school by a shadowy figure. They corner the figure, which turns out to be a quiet and mysterious girl named Sin, and realize she was manipulating them into following her all along. What comes next is the culmination of the strange occurrences that happened since the morning's wake. With the flick of her wrist, Sin opens a vortex to the dark realm, dragging Samantha and Ethan with her. In the journey that follows, Sam hopes to learn why she has been dragged into the dark realm, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding a tragedy that occurred two years prior. Unravel the mystery, and face your darkest fears in Darkblood Chronicles. FEATURES • Survival horror RPG, featuring a dark, mature and complex story. • Dialogue choices that determine one of five possible endings. • No random encounters. Explore and solve puzzles at your own convenience. • Active-time battle system reminiscent of old-school JRPGs. • Imbue Samantha with over 40 unique skills to create your own unique play style. • 3 fully fleshed out main characters and over 40 playable support characters. • Over 20 hours of gripping and addictive game play. SCREENSHOTS CREDITS
  25. kory_toombs

    Tears of Revenge

    Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10321/ Tears of Revenge is a Completed Game made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Keung and Jian are out for for blood after their parents are murdered in front of their eyes. Tied together by the unbreakable bond of brotherhood the two brothers come up with a list of people responsible for their parent's deaths. The game starts out as the two brothers are carrying out their first assassination mission. Being solely driven by grief and revenge the two are willing to throw away their lives to find the peace they desperately desire. The game uses Yami's side view battle system with Yanfly's Free Turn Battle. In this system you can choose the order in which you execute actions. In addition some weapons and armor grant additional actions per turn. Features: Time Fantasy Graphics Classic Fantasy Music Pack RMN Music Pack No Random Encounters Difficulty Selection New Game Plus Triple Triad Card Game RTP Independent Credits: Created by Kory Toombs First Town map by MissNile Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine v1.09 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22* Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System v1.05 Yanfly Engine Ace - Free Turn Battle v1.02 Yanfly Engine Ace - Anti-Fail Message v1.00 Yami Engine Ace - Basic Module Yami Engine - Battle Symphony Version: 1.16e* Class Changing by Hime Triple Triad Script by Raizen and RyanKamos CP Terrain Tags script Version 1.2 by Neon Black Display rounding error fix by Neon Black KGC_BattleDifficulty Ace converted by Tsukihime Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix by Lone Wolf Extract Events v1.01 by Shaz *Adapted by Rad. Leviathon found at Avangs Ship edits by coyotecraft Title Screen artwork from Magic: The Gathering Title Screen text from flamingtext Game Over screen by Ikari Window Skin by ItaHoly Time Fantasy Resource Pack DS Resource Pack DS Plus Resource Pack Classic Fantasy Music Pack RMN Music Pack Gimp 2.8.22 RPG Maker VX Ace