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  1. Morality Metre for Menu Version: 1.0 Author: DiamondandPlatinum3 Date: December 8, 2012 Planned Future Versions You tell me Description This script puts a morality bar inside of your menu, allowing you to have different colours and titles along with it. Features Shows a bar inside of your menu which displays your current morality, the location of this bar can be move at user discretion Screenshots Instructions Setup what is necessary in the editable region of the script Script Get it from Here Patches / Add-Ons Morality Title Escape Character: This Add-On makes it so that in any of your events, when you display a variable with the same ID as the Morality Variable, it will convert the display into your current morality title. Morality Gauge Difference: This Add-On makes it so that your morality metre now shows the offset between good and evil. The more you align yourself to one type of morality, the further the gauge goes in a certain direction. Credit DiamondandPlatinum3 ThanksBunni89 ~ for requesting this script Support Post in this thread or PM me. Known Compatibility Issues I am unaware of any scripts it doesn't work with; if you find any, post in this thread. Demo A demo is unnecessary for this script, just set the values and you're on your way. Author's Notes Ah morality... the one of very few things that stops most of us from dual-wielding blades and commiting mass-murder, notice how I said most. Terms of Use If you can find a use for it, this script is free to use in non-commercial games. If you want to use this script in a commercial game, please understand that I expect a free copy (that's means you PM me and let me know that you plan on using it for a commercial game).
  2. Chucksaint

    LVL decimals

    Hi there! How can I put for instance LV 1 to LV 01? also how to change the color if the first case is 0 ? thanks in advance
  3. Hello there, again sorry to be asking this, been stuck for awhile... I find Moghunter's Kekkai script really awesome. What it does is that it kind of changes battle background while at the same time implements a lot of cool effects like Reverse Damage, HP always = 1, etc that does not wear off after turns like status effects. I'm finding it a bit difficult to customize however. The script comes with 12 effects but they are all negative for the player. I wanted to 1) make copies of all those effects but make them damaging to the enemy rather than the player, 2) add more effects that Moghunter didn't include like "lower Fire Elemental damage while Kekkai in effect" etc. I'm having some trouble just adding effects however as the script would not pick up on any effects I added other than the given 12. Would someone know how to try to even add in a customized effect based on Moghunter's Kekkai script? (I thought about just finding another animated battle back script that adds in status, but I'm not sure if it'll turn out as cool as Moghuner's...plus I do want there to be only one 'Kekkai' in effect so it's not exactly the same as status). Thank you for reading! Here's the code and the demo. #============================================================================== # +++ MOG - Kekkai (Bounded Field) (v1.4) +++ #============================================================================== # By Moghunter # https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/ #============================================================================== # Permite o inimigo invocar uma barreira mágica (Kekkai / Bounded Field) # onde serão adicionadas regras no campo de batalha. O sistema inclúi # efeitos animados simulando o Kekkai ativado. #============================================================================== #============================================================================== # ● UTILIZAÇÃO #============================================================================== # Modo 1 (Event) # Use o comando abaixo através do comando chamar script. # # kekkai(ID) # # ID do Kekkai # #============================================================================== # Modo 2 (Skill) # Coloque o comentário abaixo na caixa de notas de habilidades . # # <Kekkai = ID> # #============================================================================== # Para cancelar o Kekkai use o comando abaixo. # # kekkai_clear # #============================================================================== #============================================================================== # ● As imagens devem ser gravadas na pasta Graphics/Pictures/ #============================================================================== module MOG_KEKKAI BOUNDED_FIELD = [] # ☢CAUTION!!☢ Don't Touch.^_^ #BOUNDED_FIELD[A] = [B,C,D] # A = FIELD ID. # B = Description (Kekkai Title). # # C = Effect Type. # 0 - Enemy Power UP # 1 - Enemy Defense UP # 2 - Enemy Invulnerable. # 3 - Party Damage Reverse. # 4 - Party always 1 HP or 0 HP. # 5 - Party always 0 MP. # 6 - Party Power Down. # 7 - Party Defense Down. # 8 - Seal Skill & Guard Command. # 9 - Seal All Commands. (Except Guard Command) # 10 - Slip HP Damage. # 11 - Slip MP Damage. # # D = Background File Name. # E = Background Animation Type. # 0 - Scrolling # 1 - Wave # F = Scroll Speed X / Wave Power. (0 - 10) # G = Scroll Speed Y / Wave Speed. (0 - 10) # H = Opacity. (0,255) # I = Blend Type. (0- Normal / 1 - Add / 2 - Substract) BOUNDED_FIELD[1] = ["Curse of Dreams and Reality.", #Kekkai Name 3, # Effect Type "Background_1", # Picture file Name 1, # Animation Type 4, # Scroll Speed X 4, # Scroll Speed Y 150, # Opacity 0 # Blend Type ] BOUNDED_FIELD[2] = ["Balance of Motion and Stillness.",5, "Kekkai1", 0,1,1,255,0] BOUNDED_FIELD[3] = ["Mesh of Light and Darkness.",9, "Background_1", 1,4,10,250,2] BOUNDED_FIELD[4] = ["Boundary of Humans and Youkai",2, "Background_5", 1,4,4,155,0] BOUNDED_FIELD[5] = ["Boundary of Life and Death.",4, "Background_8", 0,0,0,255,0] BOUNDED_FIELD[6] = ["Boundary of Life and Death.",4, "Background_8", 1,1,1,255,0] BOUNDED_FIELD[7] = ["Hakurei Dai-Kekkai.", 3, # Effect Type "Reimu_Hakurei", # Picture file Name 1, # Animation Type 4, # Scroll Speed X 4, # Scroll Speed Y 150, # Opacity 1 # Blend Type ] #Definição do poder de ataque do campo. ATTACK_PERC = 100 #Definição do poder de defesa do campo. DEFENSE_PERC = 100 #Porcentagem de dano no efeito Slip. SLIP_DAMAGE_PERC = 20 #Posição do texto (Title). (x,y) TEXT_POSITION = [310,0] #Alinhamento do texto. (0..2) TEXT_ALIGN = 1 #Ativar o efeito de zoom no texto. TEXT_ZOOM_EFFECT = true #Definição da cor da fonte. FONT_COLOR = Color.new(255,255,255) #Apresentar os efeitos em danos. (*É preciso ter o script MOG_Damage_Popup) EFFECT_POPUP = true EFFECT_POPUP_WORD = "Kekkai Effect" EFFECT_POPUP_INVUNERABLE_WORD = "Invulnerable" EFFECT_POPUP_REVERSE_DAMAGE_WORD = "Reverse Effect" end #============================================================================== # ● Histórico (Version History) #============================================================================== # v 1.4 - Compatibilidade com MOG Battle Camera. # v 1.3 - Compatibilidade com o MOG ATB. # v 1.2 - Correção na compatibilidade com o script Advanced Battle Hud. # No efeito Drain. # v 1.1 - Melhoria na codificação. #============================================================================== #============================================================================== # ■ Game Temp #============================================================================== class Game_Temp attr_accessor :kekkai attr_accessor :battle_end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_initialize initialize def initialize @kekkai = [false,nil,nil] @battle_end = false mog_bounded_field_initialize end end #============================================================================== # ■ Game Interpreter #============================================================================== class Game_Interpreter #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Field #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def kekkai(id = nil) id = nil if id < 1 $game_temp.kekkai = [true,id] end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Clear Kekkai #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def kekkai_clear $game_temp.kekkai = [true,nil] end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Clear Bounded Field #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def clear_bounded_field $game_temp.kekkai = [true,nil] end end #============================================================================== # ■ Bounded Field #============================================================================== class Bounded_Field include MOG_KEKKAI #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize(viewport = nil) $game_temp.kekkai = [false,nil] $game_temp.battle_end = false @effect = ["",0,"",0,0,0,0,0] @phase = 0 create_kekkai_text(viewport) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Create Kekkai Layer #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_kekkai_layer if @effect[3] == 0 @kekkai_1 = Plane.new @kekkai_1.bitmap = Cache.picture(@effect[2].to_s) stretch_battleback(@kekkai_1) if $imported[:mog_battle_camera] @kekkai_1.ox = @kekkai_1.bitmap.width / 2 @kekkai_1.oy = @kekkai_1.bitmap.height / 2 else range = (@effect[4] + 1) * 10 ; range = 500 if range > 500 if $imported[:mog_battle_camera] camera_range = [[$game_system.battle_camera_range.abs, 100].min, 0].max rxy = [Graphics.width * camera_range / 100,Graphics.height * camera_range / 100] else rxy = [0,0] end speed = (@effect[5] + 1) * 100 speed = 1000 if speed > 1000 @kekkai_image = Cache.picture(@effect[2].to_s) @kekkai_1 = Sprite.new @kekkai_1.x = -range @kekkai_1.wave_amp = range @kekkai_1.wave_length = Graphics.width @kekkai_1.wave_speed = speed @kekkai_1.bitmap = Bitmap.new(Graphics.width + rxy[0] + (range * 2),Graphics.height + rxy[1]) @kekkai_1.bitmap.stretch_blt(@kekkai_1.bitmap.rect, @kekkai_image, @kekkai_image.rect) center_sprite(@kekkai_1) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Stretch Battleback #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def stretch_battleback(sprite) return if !$game_system.battle_camera return if !MOG_BATTLE_CAMERA::BATTLEBACK_STRETCH return if sprite == nil camera_range = [[$game_system.battle_camera_range.abs, 100].min, 0].max old_bitmap = sprite.bitmap ; perc_s = 105 + camera_range perc_w = Graphics.width * perc_s / 100 perc_h = Graphics.height * perc_s / 100 sprite.bitmap = Bitmap.new(perc_w,perc_h) sprite.bitmap.stretch_blt(sprite.bitmap.rect, old_bitmap, old_bitmap.rect) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Center Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def center_sprite(sprite) sprite.ox = sprite.bitmap.width / 2 sprite.oy = sprite.bitmap.height / 2 sprite.x = Graphics.width / 2 sprite.y = Graphics.height / 2 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Refresh Kekkai Layer #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh_kekkai_layer dispose_kekkai_layer create_kekkai_layer @kekkai_1.viewport = @kekkai_text.viewport rescue nil @kekkai_1.z = 9 @kekkai_1.opacity = 0 @kekkai_1.blend_type = @effect[7] @kekkai_1.visible = true end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose dispose_kekkai_layer dispose_kekkai_text $game_temp.kekkai = [false,nil] end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose Kekkai Layer #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_kekkai_layer return if @kekkai_1 == nil if @kekkai_1.bitmap != nil @kekkai_1.bitmap.dispose @kekkai_1.bitmap = nil end @kekkai_1.dispose @kekkai_1 = nil if @kekkai_image != nil @kekkai_image.dispose @kekkai_image = nil end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose kekkai Text Bitmap #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_kekkai_text_bitmap return if @kekkai_text == nil return if @kekkai_text.bitmap == nil @kekkai_text.bitmap.dispose @kekkai_text.bitmap = nil end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose Kekkai Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_kekkai_text return if @kekkai_text == nil dispose_kekkai_text_bitmap @kekkai_text.dispose @kekkai_text = nil end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Create Kekkai Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_kekkai_text(viewport) @kekkai_text_duration = 0 @kekkai_text = Sprite.new @kekkai_text.viewport = viewport @kekkai_text.z = 160 @kekkai_text.ox = 120 @kekkai_text.oy = 16 @kekkai_text.x = @kekkai_text.ox + TEXT_POSITION[0] @kekkai_text.y = @kekkai_text.oy + TEXT_POSITION[1] @kekkai_text.visible = false refresh_kekkai_text end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Refresh Kekkai Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh_kekkai_text dispose_kekkai_text_bitmap @kekkai_text_duration = 0 @kekkai_text.bitmap = Bitmap.new(240,32) text = @effect[0] @kekkai_text.bitmap.font.size = 22 @kekkai_text.bitmap.font.bold = true @kekkai_text.bitmap.font.color = Color.new(0,0,0) @kekkai_text.bitmap.draw_text(0,0,240,32,text.to_s, TEXT_ALIGN) @kekkai_text.bitmap.font.color = FONT_COLOR @kekkai_text.bitmap.draw_text(2,2,240,32,text.to_s, TEXT_ALIGN) @kekkai_text.zoom_x = 1.00 @kekkai_text.zoom_y = 1.00 @kekkai_text.opacity = 0 @kekkai_text.visible = true if $imported[:mog_battle_command_ex] $game_temp.refresh_battle_command = true #if [8,9].include?(@effect[1]) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update refresh_kekkai if can_refresh_kekkai? update_kekkai if can_update_kekkai? end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Can Refresh Kekkain? #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def can_refresh_kekkai? return false if !$game_temp.kekkai[0] return true end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Can Update Kekkai? #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def can_update_kekkai? return false if @phase == 0 return true end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Refresh Kekkai #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh_kekkai $game_temp.kekkai[0] = false @effect = BOUNDED_FIELD[$game_temp.kekkai[1]] rescue nil if @effect != nil refresh_party_effects refresh_kekkai_layer refresh_kekkai_text @phase = 1 else @phase = 2 end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Refresh Party Effects #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh_party_effects if @effect[1] == 4 or @effect[1] == 5 index = 0 for i in $game_party.members i.hp = 1 if i.hp != 0 and @effect[1] == 4 i.mp = 0 if @effect[1] == 5 if $mog_rgss3_battle_hud != nil i.battler_face = [3,0,40] end if $imported[:mog_damage_popup] != nil and MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP i.damage.push([MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP_WORD,"Kekkai Effect"]) end index += 1 break if index >= $game_party.max_battle_members end end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Kekkai #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_kekkai update_kekkai_layer update_kekkai_text if !$game_temp.battle_end if @phase == 1 if @kekkai_1.opacity < @effect[6] @kekkai_1.opacity += 5 @kekkai_1.opacity = @effect[6] if @kekkai_1.opacity > @effect[6] end @kekkai_text.opacity += 5 elsif @phase == 2 update_kekkai_clear end else update_fade_sprite end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Kekkai Layer #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_kekkai_layer return if @kekkai_1 == nil return if @effect == nil if @effect[3] == 0 @kekkai_1.ox += @effect[4] @kekkai_1.oy += @effect[5] else @kekkai_1.update end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Kekkai Text #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_kekkai_text return if @kekkai_text == nil return if !@kekkai_text.visible return if !TEXT_ZOOM_EFFECT if $imported[:mog_battle_camera] @kekkai_text.ox = -$game_temp.viewport_oxy[0] + 120 @kekkai_text.oy = -$game_temp.viewport_oxy[1] + 16 end @kekkai_text_duration += 1 case @kekkai_text_duration when 1..20 @kekkai_text.zoom_x += 0.005 @kekkai_text.zoom_y += 0.005 when 21..40 @kekkai_text.zoom_x -= 0.005 @kekkai_text.zoom_y -= 0.005 else @kekkai_text.zoom_x = 1.00 @kekkai_text.zoom_y = 1.00 @kekkai_text_duration = 0 end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Kekkai Clear #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_kekkai_clear return if @phase == 0 return if @kekkai_1 == nil @kekkai_1.opacity -= 5 @kekkai_text.opacity -= 5 if @kekkai_1.opacity == 0 dispose_kekkai_layer dispose_kekkai_text_bitmap @kekkai_text.visible = false @phase = 0 end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Fade Sprite #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_fade_sprite if @kekkai_1 != nil @kekkai_1.opacity -= 5 end if @kekkai_text != nil @kekkai_text.opacity -= 5 end end end #============================================================================== # ■ Spriteset_Battle #============================================================================== class Spriteset_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_initialize initialize def initialize mog_bounded_field_initialize create_bounded_field end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_dispose dispose def dispose dispose_bounded_field mog_bounded_field_dispose end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_update update def update mog_bounded_field_update update_bounded_field end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Create Bounded Field #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_bounded_field @bounded_field = Bounded_Field.new(@viewport1) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose Bounded Field #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_bounded_field return if @bounded_field == nil @bounded_field.dispose end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Bounded Field #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_bounded_field return if @bounded_field == nil @bounded_field.update end end #============================================================================== # ■ Game_Battler #============================================================================== class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_effect MOG_KEKKAI::BOUNDED_FIELD[$game_temp.kekkai[1]] rescue nil end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_execute_damage execute_damage def execute_damage(user) execute_bounded_field_effects_before(user,bounded_effect) if bounded_effect != nil mog_bounded_field_execute_damage(user) execute_bounded_field_effects_after(user,bounded_effect) if bounded_effect != nil end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Item Apply #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_item_apply item_apply def item_apply(user, item) return if bounded_nil_effect_enemy?(user) mog_bounded_field_item_apply(user, item) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Nil Effect Enemy? #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_nil_effect_enemy?(user) return false if bounded_effect == nil return false if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) return false if user.is_a?(Game_Enemy) return false if bounded_effect[1] != 2 if $imported[:mog_damage_popup] != nil and MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP self.damage.push([MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP_INVUNERABLE_WORD,"Invunerable"]) if bounded_effect[1] == 2 end @result.clear return true end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded Field Effects Before #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_field_effects_before(user,bounded_effect) case bounded_effect[1] when 0; bounded_power_effect(user) when 1; bounded_defense_effect(user) when 2; bounded_invunerable_effect(user) when 3; bounded_reverse_damage_effect(user) when 4; bounded_nil_drain_hp(user) when 5; bounded_nil_drain_mp(user) when 6; bounded_power_effect_actor(user) when 7; bounded_defense_effect_actor(user) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded Field Effects After #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_field_effects_after(user,bounded_effect) case bounded_effect[1] when 4; bounded_nil_actor_recover_hp(user) when 5; bounded_nil_actor_recover_mp(user) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Power Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_power_effect(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Enemy) return if user.is_a?(Game_Actor) dam = @result.hp_damage * MOG_KEKKAI::ATTACK_PERC / 100 dam = 0 if dam < 0 @result.hp_damage += dam end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Power Effect User #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_power_effect_actor(user) return if user.is_a?(Game_Enemy) return if @result.hp_damage < 0 dam = @result.hp_damage * MOG_KEKKAI::ATTACK_PERC / 100 dam = 0 if dam < 0 @result.hp_damage -= dam @result.hp_damage = 0 if @result.hp_damage < 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Defense Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_defense_effect(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) return if user.is_a?(Game_Enemy) dam = @result.hp_damage * MOG_KEKKAI::DEFENSE_PERC / 100 dam2 = @result.hp_damage - dam dam2 = 0 if dam2 < 0 @result.hp_damage = dam2 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Defense Effect Actor #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_defense_effect_actor(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Enemy) dam = @result.hp_damage * MOG_KEKKAI::DEFENSE_PERC / 100 dam2 = @result.hp_damage + dam dam2 = 0 if dam2 < 0 @result.hp_damage = dam2 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Invunerable Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_invunerable_effect(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) return if user.is_a?(Game_Enemy) @result.hp_damage = 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Reverse Damage Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_reverse_damage_effect(user) return if @result.hp_damage == 0 return if user.is_a?(Game_Enemy) if $imported[:mog_damage_popup] != nil and MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP self.damage.push([MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP_REVERSE_DAMAGE_WORD,"Reverse Effect"]) end @result.hp_damage = -@result.hp_damage if @result.hp_drain != nil and @result.hp_drain != 0 @result.hp_drain = -@result.hp_drain if $mog_rgss3_battle_hud != nil user.battler_face = [3,0,40] end end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Nil Drain HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_nil_drain_hp(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) @result.hp_drain = 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Nil Actor Recover HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_nil_actor_recover_hp(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Enemy) @result.hp_drain = 0 self.hp = 1 if self.hp > 1 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Nil Drain MP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_nil_drain_mp(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Actor) @result.mp_drain = 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Nil Actor Recover MP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_nil_actor_recover_mp(user) return if self.is_a?(Game_Enemy) self.mp = 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Item Effect Recover HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_item_effect_recover_hp item_effect_recover_hp def item_effect_recover_hp(user, item, effect) if bounded_effect != nil and bounded_effect[1] == 3 execute_bounded_reverse_item_hp(user, item, effect) return end mog_bounded_field_item_effect_recover_hp(user, item, effect) if bounded_effect != nil and self.is_a?(Game_Actor) execute_bounded_seal_hp end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded Reverse Item HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_reverse_item_hp(user, item, effect) if $mog_rgss3_damage_pop != nil and MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP self.damage.push(["Reverse Effect","Reverse Effect"]) end value = (mhp * effect.value1 + effect.value2) * rec value *= user.pha if item.is_a?(RPG::Item) value = -value.to_i @result.hp_damage -= value @result.success = true self.hp += value end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded seal HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_seal_hp return if bounded_effect[1] != 4 self.hp = 1 if self.hp > 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Item Effect Recover MP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_item_effect_recover_mp item_effect_recover_mp def item_effect_recover_mp(user, item, effect) mog_bounded_field_item_effect_recover_mp(user, item, effect) if bounded_effect != nil and self.is_a?(Game_Actor) execute_bounded_seal_mp end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded seal MP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_seal_mp return if bounded_effect[1] != 5 self.mp = 0 if self.mp > 0 end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Regenerate HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_regenerate_hp regenerate_hp def regenerate_hp mog_bounded_field_regenerate_hp if bounded_effect != nil and self.is_a?(Game_Actor) execute_bounded_slip_hp execute_bounded_seal_hp end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Regenerate mp #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bounded_field_regenerate_mp regenerate_mp def regenerate_mp mog_bounded_field_regenerate_mp if bounded_effect != nil and self.is_a?(Game_Actor) execute_bounded_slip_mp execute_bounded_seal_mp end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded Slip HP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_slip_hp return if bounded_effect[1] != 10 return if self.hp <= 1 dmg = self.mhp * MOG_KEKKAI::SLIP_DAMAGE_PERC / 100 dmg = 1 if dmg < 1 dmg = self.hp - 1 if dmg > self.hp self.hp -= dmg if self.hp > 0 if $imported[:mog_damage_popup] != nil and MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP self.damage.push([dmg,"HP"]) self.damage.push([MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP_WORD,"Kekkai Effect"]) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Execute Bounded Slip MP #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def execute_bounded_slip_mp return if bounded_effect[1] != 11 return if self.mp == 0 dmg = self.mmp * MOG_KEKKAI::SLIP_DAMAGE_PERC / 100 self.mp -= dmg if $imported[:mog_damage_popup] != nil and MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP self.damage.push([dmg,"MP"]) self.damage.push([MOG_KEKKAI::EFFECT_POPUP_WORD,"Kekkai Effect"]) end end end #============================================================================== # ■ Game_Interpreter #============================================================================== class Game_Interpreter #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_effect MOG_KEKKAI::BOUNDED_FIELD[$game_temp.kekkai[1]] rescue nil end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Kekkai Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def kekkai_effect return if !SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Battle) return if bounded_effect == nil index = 0 for i in $game_party.members break if index >= $game_party.max_battle_members i.hp = 1 if bounded_effect[1] == 4 and i.hp > 1 i.mp = 0 if bounded_effect[1] == 5 index += 1 end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Command 311 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_command_311 command_311 def command_311 mog_kekkai_command_311 kekkai_effect end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Command 312 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_command_312 command_312 def command_312 mog_kekkai_command_312 kekkai_effect end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Command 314 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_command_314 command_314 def command_314 mog_kekkai_command_314 kekkai_effect end end #============================================================================== # ■ Scene_Battle #============================================================================== class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Use Item #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_use_item use_item def use_item check_kekkai_effect mog_kekkai_use_item end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Check Kekkai Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def check_kekkai_effect return if @subject.is_a?(Game_Actor) skill = @subject.current_action.item if skill.note =~ /<Kekkai = (\d+)>/i id = $1.to_i id = nil if id < 1 $game_temp.kekkai = [true,id] end end end #============================================================================== # ■ BattleManager #============================================================================== class << BattleManager #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Init Members #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_init_members init_members def init_members $game_temp.battle_end = false mog_kekkai_init_members end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Process Victory #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_process_victory process_victory def process_victory $game_temp.battle_end = true mog_kekkai_process_victory end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Process Abort #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_process_abort process_abort def process_abort $game_temp.battle_end = true mog_kekkai_process_abort end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Process Defeat #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_process_defeat process_defeat def process_defeat $game_temp.battle_end = true mog_kekkai_process_defeat end end #============================================================================== # ■ Window Base #============================================================================== class Window_Base < Window #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Bounded Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def bounded_effect MOG_KEKKAI::BOUNDED_FIELD[$game_temp.kekkai[1]] rescue nil end end #============================================================================== # ■ Window ActorCommand #============================================================================== class Window_ActorCommand < Window_Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Make Command List #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_kekkai_make_command_list make_command_list def make_command_list return if kekkai_enabled? mog_kekkai_make_command_list end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Kekkai Enabled? #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def kekkai_enabled? if bounded_effect != nil and (bounded_effect[1] == 8 or bounded_effect[1] == 9) if @actor != nil if bounded_effect[1] == 8 add_attack_command add_item_command else add_guard_command end end return true end return false end end It can be found in the demo here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/download-page-1/
  4. Hello there, sorry to be asking this, but I was stuck on this issue for awhile... I'm using Moghunter's Actor Picture CM script, and it creates an actor image in the format of (Actor+Battler.id.png) in battles. I was wondering if there's someone kind enough to help me out by adding a function which can CHANGE the actor image mid-battle by, for example, flipping a switch. So for example normally I'd use Actor1.png for Actor1 which is Eric, but Eric casts a spell called "Transform" which will change his actor image to Actor2.png instead. (I initially wanted to add a swapping actor functionality to achieve this effect, but this seems incompatible with Moghunter scripts overall). Thank you for reading! Here's the code and the demo. #============================================================================== # +++ MOG - ACTOR PICTURE CM (v2.1) +++ #============================================================================== # By Moghunter # https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/ #============================================================================== # Apresenta a imagem do personagem durante a seleção de comandos, com efeitos # animados. #============================================================================== # ● Definindo o nome das imagens dos battlers. #============================================================================== # 1 - As imagens devem ser gravadas na pasta # # GRAPHICS/PICTURES # # 2 - Nomeie os arquivos de imagens da seguinte forma. # # # ACTOR + ID # # EG # # ACTOR1.png # #============================================================================== # ● Histórico (Version History) #============================================================================== # v2.1 - Melhoria na codificação. # v2.0 - Correção de não atualizar as imagens dos battlers quando se # adiciona ou remove um battler no meio da batalha. #============================================================================== module MOG_ACTOR_PICTURE_CM #Posição da imagem do battler. (Para fazer ajustes) PICTURE_POSITION = [0, 0] #Definição da opacidade da imagem. PICTURE_OPACITY = 255 #Velocidade de deslize SLIDE_SPEED = 40 #Ativar o efeito da imagem respirando. BREATH_EFFECT = true #Definição da prioridade da imagem na tela. PICTURE_PRIORITY_Z = 101 end $imported = {} if $imported.nil? $imported[:actor_picture_cm] = true #=============================================================================== # ■ Game Temp #=============================================================================== class Game_Temp attr_accessor :bpicture_cm_need_refresh #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_battler_cm_initialize initialize def initialize @bpicture_cm_need_refresh = false mog_battler_cm_initialize end end #=============================================================================== # ■ Sprite_Battler_CM #=============================================================================== class Sprite_Battler_CM < Sprite include MOG_ACTOR_PICTURE_CM #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize(viewport = nil,battler_id = -1) super(viewport) filename = "Actor" + battler_id.to_s self.bitmap = Cache.picture(filename) rescue nil self.bitmap = Cache.picture("") if self.bitmap == nil sc = (Graphics.width / 2) - (self.bitmap.width / 2) + PICTURE_POSITION[0] @size = [self.bitmap.width + PICTURE_POSITION[0] ,sc] self.visible = false ; self.opacity = 0 ; self.z = PICTURE_PRIORITY_Z self.ox = 0 ; self.oy = self.bitmap.height ; self.x = -@size[0] self.y = (Graphics.height + 10) + PICTURE_POSITION[1] ; @cm_visible = false @breach_effect = [1.0,0] ; @battler_id = battler_id ; @active = false end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose super self.bitmap.dispose end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update super update_slide end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Active Battler #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def active_battler(battler_id) @active = @battler_id == battler_id ? true : false self.visible = true if @active ; @cm_visible = false if !@active end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Refresh Battler CM #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh_battler(cm_visible, battler_index) @cm_visible = cm_visible active_battler(battler_index) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Slide #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_slide if !@cm_visible self.x -= SLIDE_SPEED if self.x > -@size[0] self.opacity -= 25 if self.x <= -@size[0] or self.opacity == 0 self.visible = false ; self.opacity = 0 ; self.x = -@size[0] end else self.x += SLIDE_SPEED if self.x < @size[1] self.x = @size[1] if self.x > @size[1] self.opacity += 10 if self.opacity < PICTURE_OPACITY self.opacity = PICTURE_OPACITY if self.opacity > PICTURE_OPACITY update_breath_effect end self.visible = false if can_force_hide? end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Can Force Hide #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def can_force_hide? return true if $game_temp.blitz_commands_phase if $imported[:mog_blitz_commands] return true if $game_temp.chain_action_phase if $imported[:mog_active_chain] return false end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Breath Effect #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_breath_effect return if !BREATH_EFFECT @breach_effect[1] += 1 case @breach_effect[1] when 0..30 ; @breach_effect[0] += 0.0004 when 31..50 ; @breach_effect[0] -= 0.0004 else ; @breach_effect[1] = 0 ; @breach_effect[0] = 1.truncate end self.zoom_y = @breach_effect[0] end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Force Hide #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def force_hide @cm_visible = false ; self.visible = false ; self.x = -@size[0] self.opacity = 0 end end #=============================================================================== # ■ Spriteset_Battle #=============================================================================== class Spriteset_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Create Actors #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_battler_cm_create_actors create_actors def create_actors mog_battler_cm_create_actors create_battler_pictures end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_battler_cm_dispose dispose def dispose mog_battler_cm_dispose dispose_battler_cm end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_battler_cm_update update def update mog_battler_cm_update update_battler_cm end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Create Battler Pictures #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_battler_pictures @battler_pictures = [] for i in $game_party.battle_members @battler_pictures.push(Sprite_Battler_CM.new(nil,i.id)) end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Dispose Battler CM #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def dispose_battler_cm return if @battler_pictures == nil @battler_pictures.each {|sprite| sprite.dispose if sprite != nil } end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Battler CM #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_battler_cm refresh_battler_cm if $game_temp.bpicture_cm_need_refresh return if @battler_pictures == nil @battler_pictures.each {|sprite| sprite.update } end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update CM Pictures #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_cm_picture(cm_visible, battler_index) return if @battler_pictures == nil @battler_pictures.each {|sprite| sprite.refresh_battler(cm_visible, battler_index) } end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● CM Force Hide #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def cm_force_hide return if @battler_pictures == nil @battler_pictures.each {|sprite| sprite.force_hide } end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Refresh Battler CM #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh_battler_cm $game_temp.bpicture_cm_need_refresh = false dispose_battler_cm ; create_battler_pictures end end #=============================================================================== # ■ Scene_Battle #=============================================================================== class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base if $imported["YEA-CommandEquip"] #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Command Equip #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_yfcm_command_equip command_equip def command_equip @spriteset.cm_force_hide mog_yfcm_command_equip end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_cm_picture_update_basic update_basic def update_basic mog_cm_picture_update_basic update_picture_visible end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Update Battler CM Active #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update_picture_visible return if @actor_command_window.nil? cm_visible = can_cm_picture_visible? cm_id = BattleManager.actor.id rescue -1 @spriteset.update_cm_picture(cm_visible, cm_id) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Can CM Picture Visible #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def can_cm_picture_visible? if $imported[:mog_atb_system] return false if $game_system.atb_type != 0 return false if $game_message.visible return false if $game_temp.battle_end return false if $game_temp.end_phase_duration[1] > 0 end return false if $imported[:mog_active_chain] and $game_temp.active_chain return false if $imported[:mog_blitz_commands] and $game_temp.blitz_commands_phase return false if @party_command_window.active return false if BattleManager.actor.nil? return false if @actor_window.active return false if @enemy_window.active return true if @actor_command_window.active return true if @item_window.active return true if @skill_window.active return false end end #============================================================================== # ** Game Interpreter #============================================================================== class Game_Interpreter #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Command_129 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bpic_cm_command_129 command_129 def command_129 mog_bpic_cm_command_129 $game_temp.bpicture_cm_need_refresh = true if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Battle) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Command 335 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bpic_cm_command_335 command_335 def command_335 mog_bpic_cm_command_335 $game_temp.bpicture_cm_need_refresh = true if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Battle) end end #============================================================================== # ** Game Party #============================================================================== class Game_Party < Game_Unit #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● Swap Order #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias mog_bpic_cm_swap_order swap_order def swap_order(index1, index2) mog_bpic_cm_swap_order(index1, index2) $game_temp.bpicture_cm_need_refresh = true if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Battle) end end It can be found in the demo here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/download-page-1/
  5. First of all, apologies if this isn't the right forum for this. I've been trying to set something up in my game where you go to the menu, go to your items, use a specific item in a specific place, facing a specific direction, and this causes something to happen. It's that "in a specific place, facing a specific direction" part I'm having trouble with, though. I've heard tell you can set this up with common events, but I haven't been able to find any good tutorials that set up what I'm looking for - the closest ones I found have the player activate an event, which calls up the item menu, when I want the player to call up the item menu themselves. Can anyone explain how I can accomplish what I'm trying to do? (One more thing - the item I want my player to use is currently a key item, but that doesn't have to be necessarily so. I'm perfectly willing to just have it be a regular item, albeit one that doesn't disappear from the inventory until it's used in the right place.)
  6. Author: Calestian Name: Achievement System Version: 1.4 Features: Setup Instructions in the Script. How to use: Conditional Branches: Images: Script: Link:Achievement System
  7. This is RBS for those that haven't heard of it. I have been using this script paired with Yanfly Engine, battle system, and character switching for a year. Battles have been testing fine and the scripts are perfectly compatible... until now. It's something I never bothered to test before because everything was working fine. As you may known, Yanfly's character switching allows ROSTER sizes larger than 4 (not party size; my battle parties are limited to 4). However, when a 5th character joins, and I attempt to run a battle, I get the following error. The relevant bit of the script looks like this (bolded is the line that's called out in the error) I am not a scripter and don't really have a handle on what I'm looking at. To me this module is pretty clear about what it DOES, but I don't know what's producing an error. I looked through the manual on Ramiro's blog (linked above) but couldn't figure it out. Again, this error ONLY occurs when 5 or more characters have joined the team. So my only guess is that RBS is trying to call info for the other members even though they are not actually in battle. What really confuses me is that, this isn't a new feature with Yanfly, is it? VX Ace could always have (unlimited?) characters join the team, but no more than 4 active battlers. So would RBS also break without Yanfly? I will gladly provide more script, as I'm guessing the error is happening earlier in the script. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me problem-solve! I tried contacting the author directly, but it's been many months with no reply.
  8. I am wanting to include a Power Bracelet like skill to Falcao's ABS system (https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/8809-falcao-pearl-abs-liquid-v3-update/), and I found Mog made a Pickup and Throw event (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-pickup-and-throw/) script, but it is on at all times. I want it so that the player can only throw an event if they have the Pickup and Throw skill equipped in the skill bar. Can someone please help me modify Mog's script to work like this?
  9. Tsukihime

    Map Drops

    Map Drops Author: Tsukihime Overview This script allows you to discard items from your inventory and onto the map. You can then pick it up later. Features Drop an item onto the map, either manually or using script calls Dropped items can disappear overtime (decay time) Customize decay times for individual items and equips Dropped items are displayed using their icons Add map drops using script calls Usage Go to your item menu and press the A key (game "X") to drop an item Then see it on the map. To add a map drop using script calls, use add_map_drop('w23', amount) add_map_drop('a12', amount) add_map_drop('i1', amount) Where the "w" means weapon, "a" means armor, and "i" means item. You can specify a specific x,y position on some map. By default, the position is your player's current position, and the map ID is the current map's ID. add_map_drop(string, amount, x, y, map_id) add_map_drop('a3', 1, 4, 5, 2) #create item in map 2 at position (4,5) add_map_drop('i1', 2, 3, 3) #map_id is omitted add_map_drop('w2', 1) # x, y, and map_id omitted) If decay time is not 0, it will disappear after that many seconds.You can choose whether dropped items will disappear or not. To specify decay times for individual items or equips, tag them with <drop-decay: n>Some configuration options available: Default_Disable - dropping items from inventory is disabled by default. Access this through $game_system.mapdrop_disabled through script calls if you need to change this throughout the game. Enable_Maps - you can only drop items in certain maps Enable_All - you can drop items on any map (overrides Enable_Maps options) Download Script: Download here Notes Does someone want to improve the script by providing a nice confirmation window as well as a number input when discarding? Also, creating the chest opening animation is kind of tedious. Someone want to do that? It's basically printing out the page list for an existing chest event and then copying all of that in script.
  10. Hello! I was hoping someone could help me a small change to MOG's Battle Result script. By default, when you level up and learn skills, it will cycle through all the new skills you've just learned. The issue I'm running into through is that I actually give characters a bunch of skills upon level up, but only access to certain skills, based on their class. What I'm hoping is to tweak the script to instead of going through all the unlocked skills, to instead just say "New Skills Learned" once (as opposed to giving the message for each individual skill). I hope this makes sense. By all means, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
  11. Demintika

    Digital Clock

    I was playing with Thread and come up with this script. Introduction: A script that creates a digital clock on a corner of the screen, constantly reminds the player what time it is. The time displays is the player's computer's current time. Use: Plug and Play. Also, there are some script you can use: Clock.position = new-position Moves the clock to the new position. new-position can be 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 0 - Upper left 1 - Upper right 2 - Down left 3 - Down right Clock.stop Clock.run Hides and shows the clock. Script: http://pastebin.com/a90gL43M
  12. (Not sure where to post this, hope this is the right place. Sorry if it's not.) Is it possible to change the color of the font shadow? I saw it was possible for the outline, but i can't see any way to change the shadow. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hey, so i would like to make an accessory that boost your defense but only when you have low hp. I would like the item to have high stats, but those stats would only be active while having low hp, when the user's hp are not let's say below 25% the accessory doesn't provide any stats bonuses. How would i go about that?
  14. Chucksaint

    Level up & Enemy drops in battle

    Hi there, So I've been thinking, is there any way to show in battle after killing an Enemy an actor level up? Or is just processed after the battle? And enemy dropped items on death mid battle ? thank you
  15. Chucksaint

    Theo TSBS + Ao no kiseki

    Hi Guys, so I've managed to make TSBS work with Ao no Kiseki almost in perfection, but sadly the <slow> and <cancel> doesn't work... I think they have similiar methods hence the "incompatibility"(?) Any one knows how to fix this ? Thank youu
  16. Hello, me, a complete noob in scripting, want to get some help. I want to create an enemy that's able to counterattack if they are in a certain state or 'stance'. The game does have the 'counterattack' state that has the general idea, but I want to make it slightly more complex. First, I want to try to make a state of counterattack that will only counter magic attacks. Normal attacks will still do damage, but it will evade magic attack sort of case. Second, the game's normal counterattack state only counters with a normal attack. Is there a way to make the enemy counter with, say, a spell instead? Of course, they will only attack the player that attacks them last. Can anyone help me?
  17. Like, let us be fair here. I've got it about halfway there, but there are some parts that confuse me, like the <buyable> tag, where does it go? @Seriel was helping me on this earlier, but with the parent script, Shop Manager, and kinda dropped off after I got that figured out. Also, how do I set level restrictions on spells? This part really confuses me as there's no clear instructions on this at all. It's like getting a midi keyboard with an instruction manual that doesn't tell you how to reset the factory settings after changing the SRAM battery. I have the classes setup to be able to learn the skills, so that isn't the issue. I just don't know what is. I mean, I could do a bunch of event commands for this, but there comes a point where troubleshooting that is not worth it. For reference, this here is the script in question. And Shop Manager too. Edit: Thanks to @Kayzee for assisting me with the vague instruction on where the <buyable> tag is supposed to go. The notetag box for skill learning by level is where it goes, and the vague instructions don't make that clear at all. Way to go! lol Anyway, this is taken care of. I will revise the script in question and make those instructions more clear.
  18. Okay, so I've been working with this for a bit and I love that I finally have a way to customize face and sprite graphics in such a way (even if it is resource-heavy); having (finally!) the ability to add/remove adornments without having to have a massive library of pre-rendered images on hand and a lot of eventing and such, like the application of cosmetics for one instance (there's no script I've found that allows this!), or changing hairstyles, among other things, this script does wonders. Now, onto the locked gate. That locked gate comes with the name, 'emotion sets'. Now, I have already, every single possible face graphic to have a four by four array of different possible emotions with every variation that these apply to. That part is fairly easy to reproduce en mass on the graphics end, but the issue I'm having is the following: If I tell the engine to change the face graphic of any given composite actor from index 0 to any other index, it does NOT LOAD PROPERLY, and the result is that only one or two pieces are displayed, and this IS NOT FIXED by changing the face graphic back to index 0. This really blew the whole story line I had in mind out of the water, until I figured out that having the standard face graphics with the '$' in the filename is the culprit. Removing that from all the standard graphics for composite sprites and faces and editing the script proper to use those instead, emotion sets work properly, but then, it completely destroys the composite sprite image...leaving a blocky mess in its' wake. That is where I am shelving-level stuck and frustrated. @Kayzee also uses this script, but I actually question how helpful she could be in this regard because what I am doing is far more complex and robust in comparison, though to the end user it wouldn't necessarily appear so, so I dunno. Am I screwed here? Or am I missing something so overtly simple that I'll be banging my head against the wall ('STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!') later for? For reference, this here is the script in question, and yes I have version 2.1. As you'll be able to see, the author has completely abandoned their script for reasons unknown. Thanks in advance for a swift reply. (or since it seems everyone think I deserve it - a swift kick to my arse lol)
  19. Hi everybody ^^ Here i present you my last scripting project, this script allow you interact, with events, game player, game map terrain tiles, game characters, the feeling of realism is inminent, in version 2.0 you can use powerful tools that allow the game developer to create a professional game. Featuring the next 13 enguines - Interactive Push system - Interactive Pick Up system - Interactive Fall System - Interactive Jump System - Interactive Sensor Vision System 2.0 version! tools - Interactive Tool HookShot - Interactive Tool Flame Thrower - Interactive Tool Bombs - Interactive Tool Barrel - Interactive Tool Blade - Interactive Tool Arrows - Interactive Dynamic Light Effects - Interactive Dynamic Drop All in one ^^ Changes on 2.0 version - Added 8 more engines including tools - Character graphic is showed when picking up an object - Char anime has been applied - Added an auto character graphic, so the tool anime are showed for every single character - Fixed some minor bugs It is important to know that this is not an ABS script, this just provide you a set of powerful engines for the game development, but if you are ingenious you can create your own abs system using this scrip kernel. If you have any pixel movement script installed get rid of it otherwise it may alter the native X and X axis Rpg maker offer - The push system allow you to push events to your desire place, allow you to press targets and easily tell them to do something when collide, events can press targets by themself if you give them movement - The pick up system allow you to pick up events and move it wherever you want when you throw the event you can easily tell them to do something afther throwed - The fall system allow you to fall to espeficific tiles, events fall, fallowers fall, events can make the player fall, also you can make something happen when an event fall - The Jump System allow you to jump by triggering the action key, followers jump together with the player. - The Sensor vision system allow you to activate any event within a vision range between the player and the event, the event deactivate when out range - The tool hookshot allow you to pull yourself to a different positions in the map, you can grab objects from x distance and also start events tagged - The tool flame thrower alllow tou star events tagged, burn torchs, burn the barrel etc, create a ligh effect to see in the darkness - The tool bomb allow you to explode some areas activating events tagged, bombs can be picked and throwed, game party is affected if the bomb hurt them - The tool barrel is a native tool created for this system never seen before in a game, you can make a lot of things as: use it as a lantern, pick up throw, burn the barrel with the flame trower, can be grabbed with the hook shot, allow tou to solve puzzles, push events from the push system and much more. - The tool blade allow you clean your path by cutting grass or wherever you want to do with it, also you can apply drop to it - The tool Arrows aloow you to activate events from long distance, you can interact with bombs like creating a bomb arrow at real time - The dynamic light effects allow you to create real lights on event tagged you can set intencity, direction and do a lot of things. - The dynamic drop allow you to create events to drop items jus by tagging a simple command. Instructions All the instructions are inside the script. Credits By Falcao Demo version 2.0! Mirrow 1: http://k006.kiwi6.co..._system_2.0.zip Mirrow 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?cc9ldtb0tv32qn7 2.0 Patch with bug fixes and add-ons Once you have installed this script you can install the new patch for this script, adds a quick tools selection window, and a service pack with bug fixes and much more! http://www.rpgmakerv...7556#entry57556 Script Wiki documentantion PDF This wiki contain a very detailed information of this script, contains pictures explanation and more FA Int PDF Script code I recomend you to download demo but anyways here the code, you will need the graphic provided in the demo http://pastebin.com/SD8KtFCv Video Here a video showing the features of this amazing system: Video of new version 2.0! Video of the version 1.7 this no include tools
  20. I implemented a multi-currency script for my game and it works just fine. The only issue I have ran into is not knowing how to create conditional branches to check for different currencies as to allow or not allow actions. Is there a way to run the currency through a conditional branch? Im using the multi currency script for a "casino". You exchange gold for a different currency just for the casino and That money is used to play games and exchange for prizes. Think like the old Pokemon Red and Blue casino. However, I cant see a way to run a check against the amount of the second currency to confirm whether or not you can play. Without that check, you can just play all the games for free. Hopefully, what I wrote makes sense and someone has an answer for me. I tried to run "if currency(1) >=1" as part of the conditional branch thinking it would work and it crashed my game. lol.
  21. Author: Calestian Name: Multiple Currencies Version: 1.1 Features: User can set more than one different currencies. There is a new Menu tab displaying all currencies. Different shops can use different currencies. Images: Script: Link:Multiple Currencies
  22. Hey everyone, Okay, so I've been fumbling around with this particular script and scouring the internet for an answer regarding this issue, before coming to the professionals here in the community. This may be a HUGE noob question to be asking, but I can't seem to find a fix, or anything online relating to it. The script does seem to run as it will scan the map. It just doesn't push any further when it completes its scan. When I was attempting to scan a map shot of one of my maps, it offered me the error message: "Script ' Game_Interpreter' line 1411: TypeError occurred. can't convert Array into Bitmap" I don't know if anyone here has run into this before, of if anyone has found a fix before, but I would really appreciate you help. I assumed it was User Error from the beginning, and it still might be, but it seems the script was implemented properly. The map isn't too large, I don't think; it is 70 x 40, if that helps. Is there a specific extension I should use to make the "Blank" file? I used Bitmap/PBMP, JPEG, PNG, and they all seem to bring the same response. Or honestly, what would cause the script to not be able to convert? I'll post a screenshot of the error message. Thank you for your time!
  23. Chucksaint

    Battle Guests

    Hi againn, I don't know if already exists (I found nothing at least) So I have theo - TSBS battle system right now, is there any way to implement a system of guests? (Like ffXII?|?) For instance, in battle we can see/heal the guest and the guest takes actions such like attack/heal/skills but the player cannot control him
  24. N.A.S.T.Y. Animated Main Menu Nelderson's Awesome Scripts To You I wanted to make something like this for VX, but I guess I got to Ace first..... This will make the main menu animated as you go into it.....I plan on implementing a bunch of features, at a later time. I just figured to release it, and see what you think. As always, ask me any question, or suggest something in this thread! EDIT: Updated script for transitions upon leaving the main menu.
  25. Hey guys, I need some help please So I'm using the awesome "Large Sprite ☆" script by Neon Black you can find here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/large-sprite-☆-display-fix.22243/ It is required for larger sprites being shown correctly with ☆ tiles. The Problem: As you can see it works as it should for standing beside, in front and behind the pillar. But whiIe walking diagonally between the side tiles of the pillar and the tile right behind it it won't work and the player appears above the pillar until he stops moving. I tested it on vanilla ace without diagonal movement scripts and used move route to let the player walk diagonally between these tiles but got the same result so it is definitely an issue with Neon Blacks script. I tried to contact Neon Black but it seems he isn't active anymore. So.. can anyone please help me fix this? Greetings Kias