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  1. Hey everyone!! Mainly just been doing some more maps for my game titled (At least for the moment) Masks of Destiny. Just wanted to post some up and possibly get some feedback!! I my self cannot look at them without finding something wrong so i need some outside perspectives! thank you to anyone who is willing always need to get better!!!!!! And if you like the tile set it is Celliana's, she is INCREDIBLE!! So you should check her out UPDATE 2 At bottom of page!! 2-6-15 UPDATE 3 At bottom of page!! 2-10-15 UPDATE 4 At bottom of page, Samples of The Games World Map so far!!! 2-12-15 UPDATE 5 At bottom of page <UPDATED Samples of the World Map!!> 2-16-15 Here are the 3 new maps and below are what they look like in game: Thanks for any feedback! Thanks everyone! I know I suck... but i try! -Moog P.S. - here is a link to Celianna's webpage with her tilesets! http://pixanna.nl/
  2. minefan136

    FNaF Game Update

    Update to FNaF game Hey guys! I just wanted to say, that my game isn't just sitting in a security office. It's a game where you move around and protect yourself from the animatronics. If you didn't see my last post, here it is: Hey Guys! Me and a friend of mine were thinking of starting A Five Nights At Freddy's Game. We have already contacted Scott Cawthon on Copyright notices. So here's what we have so far. You are at home watching the T.V when a Advertisement appears for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It looks like a fun place, so you gather up your children and wife. You go the pizzeria. You then feel a sudden urge to use the washroom. You are very tired from work and you fall asleep. Then by the time you wake up, you go to round up the family and leave. When you get to the main room, all the animatronics are turned off and your family has left. there is a note, and it reads: "Dear Dad. if you are still here, we went home. -Love Anna." You head for the door, but they already put up a metal barricade. You remind yourself that there is nothing to worry about, and you can go to the security guards office for help. Once you get there you find out that nobody is there... you find the security camera system and leave the office. Looks like you're staying the night. You remind yourself again that there is nothing to worry about. You look at the cameras and there is nobody on the showstage. You start to sweat. You look at another camera and you see a light gleam and then shut off. You start to panic... If you guys think this would be a good game, Please tell me. And we can start development immediately. If anybody would like to help with the development, please contact me and my friend at: gamborskim@gmail.com and mdsuddaby@gmail.com We are always welcoming new helpers! we will constantly keep you updated and we will create a site dedicated to the game. There, you can play the game in development. Donations are also welcome! We will also release a trailer to the game soon. ***ALL UPDATES ON GAME DEVELOPMENT WILL APPEAR UNDER HERE UNTIL THE WEBSITE IS MADE*** Thanks!
  3. somewhat proudly presents A game in development by Tsarmina Introduction (Tsarmina) "Didn't your mommy teach you it's polite to say hello?" I'm Tsarmina, resident redhead, global moderator, and misleading cutie. I first began using VX Ace in the summer of 2013, with no previous programming experience. So bear with me, because I’m still learning. ^-^ Ariel’s plot came into my mind, in the form of fragments of inspiration, when I was just ten years old. Since that time, it has evolved greatly in the back of my mind, and has returned not as a novel but as a game. Despite its title and relation to water, Ariel is not inspired by the Little Mermaid. Ariel is a MIST Games production. MIST stands for each of my four personalities—Minzy Lin, Ies Dejarnette, Soizelle Ravenscar, and Tsarmina Vernehawke. Thanks for supporting me in my endeavour, as I am working on this project as a one-man team. Story (Ariel) "Time is a continuum, ever flowing, ever moving." Atlantis is regarded as a myth, where mermaids swim and water swirls. In truth, Atlantis does exist. Of course, this is only a legend in the mind of high-school swimmer Ariel. But beyond her fantasies of shimmer-tailed beauties and clear water lies a real world of witches, elves, angels, felini, avi, and yes, mermaydes. Ruled by a tyrannical queen, Atlantis is about to be thrown into boiling turmoil by the battling political organizations that are rising, ready to destroy the queen's rule once and for all. Cast (Elise) "Who am I?" Screenshots (Safire) "Look into my eyes and tell me what you see." Terminology (Nadeshiko) "I don't think you understand. Let me explain this to you." Gameplay: (Sasha) "Rules of the game...." Features (nemesis) "Ice cream isn't good unless you have a cherry on top." Future plans (Pharhan) "Live in the present, live for the future." Credits (Cordelia) "I can't live without you." Support (Deinara) Support me and Ariel! Here's a fair share of support bars which you can pick from. (Or you can pick ALL of them!) Just highlight, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V into your signature. ...Oh wait, those aren't up yet either. Under construction, fellas. Under construction. To check out some more art by me in the same style as Ariel, take a quick detour to my Resource Laboratory! Dev log (Max) Most Recent Update: 08.29.14: Screenie added Archived Updates:
  4. HuntingSwan

    Streaming Rpg Maker games most days

    I stream games on Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/huntingswan Usually around 1PM (GMT) or later at around 10PM. If anyone would like me to play their game, let me know and give my channel a follow. Otherwise I hope to see you guys there!
  5. My first game! Currently I'm making the story as I go, and it is still in early development. But I do have a general view of the story. Feedbacks are totally welcome! (It's brief, not done yet)
  6. This action adventure game follows a girl who is simply living a country life, currently visiting her aunt she tries to find ingredients for a pie they will bring to their family gathering, but soon afterwards the girl finds her aunt dead lying out on the front porch, soon she will know the truth and fight hard to find it Main Protagonist: Celeste: Age: 16 Type: Cowgirl Sex: Female Description: A fun loving girl who was raised on a ranch, but not taking much into talking like a cowgirl. She is caring and always tries to find ways to help others out. No matter the situation Celeste is almost always cheerful as she looks on the bright side of things! Lily: Age: ? Type: Eidilon Sex: Female Description: The Eidilon of Celeste's Aunt Angela. She is happy most of the time and is motherly towards Celeste. She is the Goddess of Nature and loves animals. Geis: Age: 17 Type: Issilt Sex: Male Description: A childhood friend to Celeste. He is very ugly according to Lily and the two seem to dislike each other although not showing much. He focuses more on Magic and Status Edge: Age: 23 Type: Swordsman Sex: Male Description: Not much is know about Edge, exept that Lily trust him. Something is off about him, and he almost never talks. Lance: Age: 19 Type: Bard Sex: Male Description: A famous bard who composed on many planets. Though he has a horrible curse, he always seems to get kicked in the nose whenever it heals, so he always wears a bandage to hide his nose. He stared in the 1998 film "The Bastard and The Bard" His talent has significantly risen since childhood Presta: Age: 17 Type: Crescent Sex: Female Description: A very popular girl who once saved Earth from destruction from dark angels rising from hell. 1 year passed since this happened and she is looking for her friends who helped her. Raea, Genei, and Alinst She focuses on pure magic Although Celeste may not know it all these people are bound together to take on a threat much bigger then anyone expected, maybe the light will fade out this time... Check this out for an example battle: - Thanks to these YouTube Channels for providing music! Dinkleberg's Channle - Sound Twelve - Video Game Music! - BrawlBRSTMs3 Scripts I use: Hime Yanfly CSCA SeMcDun Raizen Moghunter Woranta Snapshots: Credit: Window Skin: Woranta Music: Dinkleberg's Channle - Sound Twelve - Video Game Music! - BrawlBRSTMs3 - Wolf Editor Producer: Me Battlers: RPG Maker VX Ace - Google Images Facesets/Charsets: http://usui.moo.jp/rpg_actor.html Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Fetures: 1) Encyclopedia: For looking at Weapons, Armor, Skills, Items, and a Bestiary (Monsters) 2) Difficulty Settings: Choose between Earth, Mother, Universal, 4-D, Armageddon, EXP Challenge, and Wealthy Challenge difficulty modes 3) Fight with a unique battle system and gain up to 1000 levels 4) Contains 4 Alternate endings and final bosses 5) Has a long Post-Game story
  7. Hi guys! Okay, so I did a big rewrite on my game, and this is my brand new story idea. ^^ I hope you like it, and if there's anything I need to change, please let me know! (Copied and pasted from my website, by the way. XD) There were two kingdoms, Aelmia and Naori. They both lived in peace…until one day, when the king of Aelmia, Zander, tried to take it over. This started war between the kingdoms. However, Zander fled from the castle, and Naori soon takes over his land. Through all of this, he comes across a group that wants to fight the battle, led by Adelyn, a mischievous elf thief. Zander wants to finish this war and get his throne back, but what will happen…if he realizes what it was like when he WAS in charge? Erm...I hope you guys like it. >///< Once again, let me know if there's anything I should fix! I also have a draft ready for a story of mine called Crystal Tale if anyone wants to hear about that too...^^;
  8. Ympker

    The power of a wish

    Hello Community, Today i want to give you a free RPGM Game i developed in roughly ~7 hours of work. It is called "The power of a wish" and it is referring to a video with the same name in TMC#2. Its gameplay is about 15-20 minutes depending on your playstyle even faster. I used alot of premade stuff and focused on what i wanted to do, which was telling a story, or more rather a lesson, something to think about. So my main work consisted of creating the events and dialogues for the story to be told. Since my vacation ends soon and then it'll be my last school year i didn't make a bigger game, but after school i will create a big project for sure. Please understand that this is neither a top notch game nor something sou would acctually refer to as a real "game". Also keep in mind that i havent put as much work into details here since it was a fast project to try out RPGM for my first time^^ Anyway i'm glad if someone wants to play it and trys it out. (Main-)Character description: Master Player is a young adventurer who whises to be strong like his friends, however he is just too weak (from his point of view). But one day that shall change... Screenshots: Testimonials/Feedback: - Abyss_ - Abyss_ - HalfAway CREDITS - Ympker - RPG MAKER VX ACE (standard tiles and resources of RPGM VX ACE used) DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/za4c4pxapfs7a15/PowerOfAWish_SETUP_EN.exe?dl=0 SCAN: https://www.virustotal.com/de/url/90236818777b8cc090e21576c08db300434c0e34690515bd4bf1b339e219d54f/analysis/1410623434/ Security Reports: - Norton was reported to pretend a false-positive. Bug Reports : - The "Truthseeker" say "TE" instead of "THE". Kind Regards, Ympker
  9. Volke Locke

    The ESP Test

    The ESP Test Abstract: A call resounds around our world for those with a certain rare talent... Now you have a chance to find out if you have the talent to meet that call and have a chance to briefly meet one of the world's most influential persons... maybe? Genre: You could call it experimental in multiple senses of the word. Average Game Time: 1-5 minutes per round depending on options chosen Story / Setting / Purpose: The setting is this world today. The player plays as himself or herself as themselves in our world. They play themselves playing this game for this game is real in some sense of the word. Perhaps a virtual pseudo-reality. The rules of the game are simple. There are five Zener cards. You must select the one that coincides with what my software decides twenty four times consecutively to win. How to play? Statistically, you will get an average of 4.8 correct guesses per round, so this is a very difficult game. You have infinite tries. The first person to win this game is eligible to win a prize, yes, a real physical prize. Honestly, the chances of winning are extremely small. You don't have to accept the prize or even tell us that you beat the game if you don't want to. The information regarding claiming the prize is only available to those who beat the game. There is no such thing as cheating in this game. Mostly, I think it would be fun to try to beat your own score and to beat other people's scores. See who can get the closest to winning. Actually, if you give us a screen shot of your score, we would be willing to host the top score. Character Bios: Yourself - there are no other character to interact with except one. Mystery Character - his/her/it's name and identity will be revealed only if you beat the game.After your score has been saved for the winning round, you may reload the save file and enter a four digit PIN where this Mystery Character will speak to you revealing the purpose and true point to the game. Screenshots: Credits: Volke Locke Falcao (for use of his Mouse Interface System) The Orpheus Institute for Paranormal Research Features: A Mouse Interface System A Grand Prize to the First Winner A Mystery to be Unraveled, maybe? There is also a secret menu that opens up a small music player, but you do have to find it and it isn't noteworthy. Anyone who sends me proof of completing game can get a certifacate of completion, if they want one. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/157k92q9haeb01d/ESP.exe https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixpheekpnrn59ij/ESP.exe Known Issues: No known issues. Please contact me if something comes up.
  10. Here's my 3-part series on creating autotiles! Each video has chapter links in the youtube description so you can skip around. Part 1 covers how autotiles work (see diagram below), the differences between A1-A5, borderlines, counters, etc. Part 2 shows how to create a standard seamless tile -- skip this if you already know how. Part 3 shows how to make an autotile! Follow my order and it's dead simple, and you really don't have to worry about whether things will line up! I show some advanced Photoshop tricks to speed up the process, but you can also use simple tools like the eraser. Part 2 - Seamless tile (skip if you want)
  11. (This is an intermediate tutorial -- I do assume you know how to create conditional branches and things. Beginners can probably follow along but may need to pause/rewind. You can check out my beginner videos in my signature that will explain ALL the basics if you have any trouble.) Here are multiple methods for random loot (stats are not random, only which items you get are). This can be used for items, weapons, armor, etc., and you don't need to only use treasure chests -- maybe an NPC will give you some loot? This tutorial was a request! Let me know what else you'd like to see, in the comments. Malagar updated Galv's script to add some new functions! You can get both here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/25462-galvs-random-loot-drops-v-11/ Visit http://crackedrabbitgaming.com/guides/rpg-maker-vx-ace-tutorials/ for a list of scripts I use in these videos.
  12. "Will the sky be always our limit?" -Pamela Highwind Thanks for dropping by! Sincerely yours, _elvenheart
  13. How to make a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase! Pull out a book and the bookcases slide open to reveal the tunnel. See my signature for the video on sprite formatting if needed. Visit http://crackedrabbitgaming.com/guides/rpg-maker-vx-ace-tutorials/ for a list of scripts I use in these videos.
  14. Since I'm still in a bind with a writing block for pilen I decided to work on another game based on a creepy pasta, named God's Mouth. The Story: A brother sister pair are hiking in the woods when they stumble upon the entrance to God's Mouth Cave. The brother thinks it'll be fun to explore and eggs his sister on into going in despite her protests. On their way back out they realise the entrance had closed at some point behind them, leaving them trapped within the cave. Now they must try to find a way to escape alive or be the cave's next meal. Characters: Sarah is the elder of the two siblings and is over cautious. She's also a horror fan and tried to use that as a reason not to enter the cave. Luke is the younger of the pair and is more eager to go head first. Both he and his sister share a love for hiking which led them to their current scenario. Credits: Sprites= Looseleaf's generator Pathfinder and lighting Script= Khas Event Script= Hime Follower Script= Lemony (now Breaking Owl) Icon script= Yanfly Traveling typewriter font= Carl Krull at Dafont.com Tilesets= RTP Music= Sledge Sound effects= Sound bible Bust+Message Script= Modern Algebra Screenshots: New ones displaying the name input screen, showing the new dialogue window, and the menu screen. Features: Minor changes to the dialogue depending on the character chosen Custom animations for the sprites Dynamic lighting in the cave via Khas' lighting mod Four endings planned being good, bad, worst, and spoof. Custom busts More recent screens coming in soon and also sorry about the spoilers not seeming to work. I'm not really sure why. EDIT: Thank you Cadh TTwTT
  15. I posted this jokingly in a status on here and am really considering doing this in the future. The issue is that I don't want it to be too cliche'd "An RPG Maker game where the main character is a female neko who is kinda stereotypical but acts like a cat for comedy purposes. She learns how to act like a human by being trained somehow to be a better human. It'd be similar to Meowth's story in the Pokemon anime" I can use RenPy to do a VN, but I really figured I'd rather do an RPG game with her somehow... The thing is that I'd want it to be free from too many cliches in RPGs and stuff. I can just picture her story and stuff in my head now.. - A neko female warrior who resides in a village where nekos live. Well, it's one of the places with nekos.. They are the mass of the world. - Youkai, hanyou, and other Japanese monsters reside in a hidden land sealed away for [x amount of years] which they were set free by the big bad of the game. - Big bads reasoning for doing this could be discussed in this thread. I'd want it to be original as much as possible.Maybe he/she just did it out of spite? Maybe just because? Some other reason? - Other party members from the neko warriors village would join her to help stop big bad and fight other bosses in dungeons. - This game would be similar to Legend of Zelda in terms of dungeoning. It'd have somewhat easy puzzles for the player to solve, then get a bit harder. (maybe allow an option for the player to do a easy or hard mode before the game starts?) If there's a script to allow easy ways to add puzzles, that'd be cool. I guess I wanna ask you guys what would make this game not be too cliche'd? Any sorta suggestions and stuff are welcome.
  16. Hi guys, this is my very first game. I think have a pretty good understanding of RPG Maker's system, so hopefully you should expect a game with very little problems. I would greatly appreciate the feedback so I could improve my game the best way that I can. Warning: I use profanity. Update for Version 1.00b: Genre: My attempts at comedy Synopsis: Gameplay: Like a traditional JRPG game with a CATB system. Characters: Game Demo Length: 15-20 minutes Screenshots: Download Link: Known Bugs: Credits for the Scripts: Credits for the Music:
  17. Aquarus

    Logo Script

    I have my first script a basic script that shows an image before the title screen. Screenshots: It doesn't need one Script: Advanced Version: Credits: Instructions: Terms of use:
  18. A complete epic fantasy story crafted from beyond the time of Izschar, the mother planet of two moons; Trizia and Khil. Genre: Fantasy Average Demo Time: 2 Hours Game Progression: Introduction has been completed, as well as the beginning of the sub-plot. Expect to see Moonfall released early 2015 Recruitment: Closed Story Greetings! The story of Moonfall is what makes it really special! Over the past 7 years, the story has been edited and tweaked to make it completely awesome! I've worked so hard to make the story incredible and it's just about reached that point! Hundreds of years have passed since the great war of Trizia and Khil. Over the decades following the defeat of the once allied moons, the crystals which once gave life to Trizia and Khil started to fade, causing the moons to die. Shards from each moon fell to the surface of Izschar, disrupting the balance of life and causing once docile creatures to become hostile. These shards still contained small fragments of life from the two moons, which interrupted the climate and atmosphere of Izschar. Inhabitants of Izschar refer to this day as "The Fall," which eventually once again became the normal way of life. Until a group of scientists discover the potential of what little life was still contained in these shards, soon earning the title of "Flow," now the evil forces whom once dwelled in the shadows of Izschar, have come forth seeking this power. A story woven of deceit and plot twists, soon Jason is twisted and mixed into the amazing darkness that is The Fall. Character Bios: Jason: A young man from the town of Azuel, desperate on becoming to worlds best hunter. He hardly remembers The Fall, but soon gets wrapped up with it's darkness. Emily: A skilled healer who desperately wishes to track down the sub-villian for what he's created and what he's done to her town. Ember: A mage who gets wound up in the darkness of The Fall, he decides to join Jason and his group hoping to find his brother along his journey. Credits: Moghunter Victor Sant Khas Arcthunder Falcao Woratana Modern Algebra Yanfly Khas Nicke Galv Yami *Many many thanks to these scriptors, it would have been hard getting this far without you!* Traversing The Splinter Pines The first boss of the game; Deathcamas The players starting town; Azuel Moonfall supports a player housing system that evolves with the player, later on adding a party swapping crystal, class changing crystal a stash and much more! Features: New Game + Several optional high level dungeons available after the main story 12 Main characters, 10 secret characters Party Switching to play with your favorite cast Complicated class system combinations Secret Classes Over 150 side quests already designed Awesome crafting and scavenging system Rare weapon crafting Over 1000 items already designed Current design supports 50+ hours gameplay (Not including New Game +) Designed for amazing replayability Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dtd1avod9i505q7/Moonfall_Demo.exe This first demo introduces the character and the world among with a small piece of the plot. It's mainly for feedback and testing. Nowhere near the final product, much of this is not final and will be changed. Feedback and comments are MUCH appreciated. Known Issues: None
  19. Genre: Fantasy - Non Commercial Game Progression: Still in development. Much more to do before a demo is released. Early Development Demo may be available in August 2014. Mandatory Party Members: Secondary Party Members:
  20. -Dawn- Hello! I'm a begginer on RPG Maker, and this is my first project. For this game, i decided to make a Cyberpunk Dystopia set in 1939, mixing cyberpunk ideas with some of the culture in the period.It's still pretty crude at the moment, but i have a demo to release and i would apreciate the feedback -Story- "1939, a cold night, sure, but then she came, now God only knows if i will ever see the dawn." The story is set in 1939, in a world where the Dark Age never happened and science never stoped evolving, resulting in a dystopian cyberpunk world where peace is given through total control.The story is about an unknow investigator that is hired by a mysterious woman to find someone, but as always, there is something deeper than it looks, and the job can only get worse by the minute. -Characters- ... An unknow investigator, not much is know about him or his past. Catherine A mysterious woman, she doesn't seem to be very familiar with the City. Hired the investigator to find someone.Why?Only she knows... -Credits- Scripts: Bullpup Shooting Engine 1.8 - AndreMaker Single Character Menu 1.2 - DarkPaladin Sound Emitting Events - Lemony Vehicle On Off Locations - Galv Awesome Light Effects - Khas Followers Control - TDS Text Sound Effect v2 - Zerbu Yanfly Message System - Yanfly Futuristic Resource Pack - Enterbrain Graphics: MatsuoKiato for the Robot, Computers and Door Sprites Avadan for the Mecha Sprite Antares for random NPC's sprites Sound & Music: Bensound - http://www.bensound.com FreeStock Music - http://www.freestockmusic.com FreeSFX - http://www.freesfx.co.uk -Screenshots- -Features- *Focus on point 'n click style puzzles *Action sequences *Shooting Engine provides arcade-like action *Enviroments full of detail -Download- v1: http://www.4shared.com/file/mKquiMDzce/Cyberpunk__1_.html? If you play the demo, please give me feedback, like how long it took to finish, bugs, issues, tips for improvement, etc... -Known Issues-: No known issues at the moment, will update when i have some feedback. This is one of my first posts, so if i did something wrong, tell me
  21. Hey Guys! I need some feedback about this new game that I have made. I'm not trying to advertise it nor trying to tell you guys to vote for it but I just want some honest handed opinions about it because my partner and I feel like we didn't get enough during the 2014 indie game maker contest so we want to ask everyone here on the forum what you think of the game. The link to the download page of the game is here.
  22. Chaos-Avian

    Esper Wing Chronicle FULL GAME

    Story Ok, it seems that God isn't too happy. 16 years ago one of his angels and a devil from the underworld got together and had a child by accident. Whoops. This child was born with angel and devil powers, becoming dubbed the Demi-Child. The angel and demon in question unable to fend off the multitude of angels went and gave their powers to two individuals that would soon be the Demi-Child's guardians before sealing themselves deep inside a volcano (Yes, a volcano is a weird place, just roll with it~). Oh, and Satan doesn't give a single crap about the Demi-Child, which is strange because the Demi-Child could become a stupidly powerful ally... Anyway, our tale begins with the Demi-Child accompanied by a rather eccentric companion... Characters What? You thought I was going to spoil the other 3 main character? Psssh, yeah right! Though so far this is ONLY A DEMO, so don't expect all of the to be available. Oh, and if you don't utilize each character's skills in battle, "you're gonna have a bad time." Also, grinding is encouraged for this game!~ Screenshots Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/?4u4gg0stusjnpgg >28/08/2012 Version< Credits Enterbrain IceDragon Victor Sant Yanfly Kread-EX Mr Bubble Thalson McTricky Galv Gyro COMPLETED VERSION!~ http://rpgmaker.net/games/4581/
  23. Do you like anime? Do you like Mega Man Battle Network? Do you wish to see your favorite anime characters in a video game? If the answer is yes, then this might be the game that you've been looking for. The game is set in an alternate universe where characters from many different anime and video games live together. Don't worry, you are not going to see Goku teams up with Naruto to fight Majin Buu. Characters at that caliber won't be in this game. Initially, the game was made as a fan game for Mega Man Battle Network and Persona 4 fans in mind. But characters from other anime, such as K-On, Haruhi, Lan Hikari, and Hideyoshi Kinoshita will appear as supporting characters. Every character in this game is from a certain anime or video game, so they all have their own facesets and sprites. There will be filler NPCs that you can't interact with, but anyone that you can talk to will be from an existing anime or game. There are also many references hidden throughout the game. You will encounter them when you examine an item or interact with an NPC. Can you recognize them all? I hope you all will enjoy the game. If you liked the game, please leave a comment or like the trailer to show your support. The Adventure Of High School Students Setting Story Characters Download Link Screenshots Credits
  24. Game Title: The Darkest Tower Type of Game: Dungeon Crawler Author's Note: Hi everyone! I've been conceptualizing a game over the past two weeks or so and was wondering if my concept sounds interesting/fun/like something you would want to play. Really, any feedback would be appreciated. Just a few quick notes before I start. That title up there is tentative. I'm not exactly the greatest name creator out there. Another thing. You'll see it (hopefully) when I get into describing the game, but I drew inspiration from a few other games when creating this concept. Those games are: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Catherine, Dark Souls, and Persona 3. And one final point. There's a reason I chose to make this game (that may or may not be made) a dungeon crawler. I'm good with dialogue when it comes to making games. I love writing dialogue. I just finished making a visual novel the other week with RPG Maker VX Ace (which I hesitate to post anywhere than the site it was intended since it was made for a specific audience). That's pretty well all dialogue. But I've always felt like I'm weak when it comes to creating enemies, making skills, balancing everything, etc. So I want to attack that issue directly, make it a central focus, and see if I can improve. Story: A young man named Felton wakes on the roof of a tall tower. He has no memory of how he got there or where he is in the first place. All he knows is that it's dark. Very dark. And he needs to find some light. A lamppost lights up at the center of the roof and a voice calls out to him, urging him to venture down into the tower. Felton is extremely apprehensive, but the voice tells him that the further down into the tower he goes, the more light he will find. The promise of light is enough to convince Felton to take the leap of faith. So down into the dark tower he goes, unaware of the dangers within and of the fact that he's not the only person in the tower. Graphics: Might as well get this out of the way now. Should this game be made, I would pretty well use nothing but RTP graphics. There will be times where the graphical style will change into a sort of retro-rpg look, but that ties into a part of the story that I don't want to get into much. I'll touch on it later. Let's just say... This is what the main character Felton normally looks like. But in the retro areas... Felton looks something like this. Gameplay: Before I go into the characters, I want to talk about the gameplay, as that's the largest focus of the game. I'll talk about it point by point, trying to start with some general things and move on to specifics last. As the story suggests, you'll be spending the game travelling down a massive tower. (I think of it as a sort of reverse-Tartarus from Persona 3. Whereas in Persona 3 you spent the game going up a tower to make it to the top, in the Darkest Tower you spend the game going from the roof down to the bottom of the tower.) The tower is separated into blocks of three floors each. At the end of each block will be a major boss. What is a block? It's an area with a specific setting. For example, the first block could be a jungle. Another block might be set at the bottom of the ocean. Why/How these settings are contained in the tower is all a part of the story. There will be maybe ten blocks or so total. Of course, since the game is set in a gigantic tower, there are no towns. Rather, there are break floors between blocks where you can relax and unwind for a bit. You'll be able to buy some things from a shopkeeper named Jago (whom I'll describe later), speak to any other characters you meet and build relationships (I'll go into that later too), and choose which characters you want to take with you into the next block. These break floors are retro areas, where the graphical style shifts. Going briefly back to the idea of blocks, each block will have its own lore that you can delve into if you wish. If not, no big deal. What I mean by that is that there will be journals, notes, things like that scattered about each block that reveal more about the area you're in. For instance, taking the idea of a jungle block, you may come across the pages of the journal of an explorer. I would hope to think of something a bit more original than that, but just using it as an example. Before I go into the next point, I have to mention that there will be crafting. You can craft healing items, weapons, armor, and so on. On the opposite side of the coin, you can also take apart these items to get raw materials out of them for use in crafting other items. Crafting isn't just useful for that, though. You may need to craft items to make progress through a block. For instance (once again going back to the idea of the jungle block), you may need to craft a bridge to get across a river. So crafting would be an extremely valuable system. You can't get everything for free. If you buy things from Jago, you have to pay something up. Of course, it's not like monsters in the tower are going to be dropping gold or dollars. That's ridiculous. Rather, as you defeat monsters you'll get monster bits, little bits and pieces you salvage from a monster's corpse. While no sane person would do this, Jago likes to eat these monster bits. He considers them a delicacy. And after all, a man's gotta eat. I mean, it's not like you're going to find a McDonald's in the tower. So you trade these monster bits with Jago for items that he's crafted. For the sake of convenience, these monster bits are referred to as "monits". They serve as the currency of the game. Darkness is everywhere in the tower. Finding your way will be difficult without light to guide you. So, taking a cue from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, there will be tinderboxes. You can find them or craft them yourself. There are lanterns hanging on the walls of the tower and braziers in places. You can light them up, and they will never go out (unless there's an event where they would go out or something). You will also get a torch almost immediately after entering the tower. You can light your torch as well to grant you some light. While you can move around with your torch (unlike with lanterns and braziers), there's a time limit on it. You'll get a few scarce minutes per tinderbox. So torches and braziers/lanterns have their upsides and downsides. And believe me, you'll want to have some light. Some of these places are nearly pitch black, and there are no random encounters. Enemies roam around the blocks. Run into one and you start up a battle. You don't want to go blindly stumbling around in the dark only to come up against a group of monsters that you can't defeat. Light is the most valuable thing in the game. You don't want to forget that. Don't think that you can get off by saving/reloading your game every time you run into a tough enemy, either. You can only save at campfires (obviously inspired by Dark Souls). But unlike in Dark Souls where you can just reach out a hand and magically light a bonfire, you need a tinderbox to light a campfire. No magical lighting of fires here. Campfires are the only place where you can save your game, craft items, and rip items apart into raw materials. Enemies cannot draw near campfires, so they are the only safe places in the blocks. So I think by now you're getting the picture. While light is the most valuable thing in the game, tinderboxes are the right up there with it. You're going to need a lot of them. Moving on to the characters, you'll meet a variety of characters as you head down through the tower, all of them in the same situation as you are. As I said before, you can take characters you meet with you down into blocks. I mean, it's not like you can be a one-man army forever (unless...you really want to be). BUT. This is not the "hey, everyone's going to survive" game. Characters will die. Some of them, there's nothing you can do about it. Others, you might be able to save. Some won't die no matter what. But worst case scenario (I planned this out as I drew up an outline for the game), you go into the final boss alone. Might not be a bad idea to prepare yourself to be a one-man army if worst comes to worst. But honestly, you'd have to be pretty oblivious to not save a few people. You might wonder "what about the characters who won't die no matter what"? Who says that just because they make it to the final boss they'll be willing to fight it with you? Chew on that. Last but not least is social links. You can establish social links with other characters and and further your relationship with them during the breaks between blocks. Besides giving you insight into a character's backstory and their character, there are other benefits to social links. You just might be able to save some people from death if you make the right social links. But don't think that you can talk to everyone during a break floor and get your social link with everyone up. You'll be limited to spending time with others maybe three times per break floor. You'll be able to increase your social link with each character maybe 3-5 times (depending on the character), so there's no way you can max everyone out. Battle System: The battle system would be pretty well your typical turn-based RPG system, but with a different view. What I mean by that is it wouldn't be a sideview battle system, but a...backview battle system (that is a horrible term that I just coined, isn't it). You'd be looking at your character's backs (they'd be at the bottom of the screen), and the enemies would be up top. I'd be using Jet's Viewed Battle System script for this. Characters: Okay, now let's get into the characters you'll meet as you go through the tower. I'll just throw a brief description in for each (along with their character portrait, made with RPG Maker VX ace's face generator, using edited parts by Zombie Daisuke [have mercy on this poor soul for using RTP-looking stuff]). Name: Felton Job: Freelancer Brief Description: Felton is the protagonist of The Darkest Tower. He's an anxious coward, always extremely hesitant/fearful of facing danger head-on and exploring the unknown. Of particular note, he has nyctophobia, a severe fear of darkness. He heads down into the tower, clinging to the words of a mysterious voice, which assures him that the further he heads into the tower the more light he will find. Name: Jago* Job: Merchant Brief Description: Jago is the first person that Felton meets in the tower. He's a merchant who's all business, always subtly trying to steer the conversation towards the idea of purchasing something from him. Despite this, he seems to genuinely care for the other people in the tower, handing out advice and always being willing to help others out of binds. He dresses a bit strangely, wearing a cloak overtop of a business suit. *Note: Jago is one character that you can not bring into your party as you go down through blocks of the tower. Name: Etan Job: Healer Brief Description: Etan is a rather large, intimidating-looking old man with a gigantic scar over his left eye. Of course, appearances can be deceiving, as is the case here. Etan is a jolly old man with a heart of gold. He jumps to the aid of others at the moments notice and always seems to have a smile on his face. Still, you have to wonder where he got that scar... Name: Vittorio Job: Knight Brief Description: Vittorio is a young, handsome knight wearing a masquerade mask who believes himself to be practically invincible. Seriously. He's so cocky that he's deluded himself into believing that he can't die. He carries a certain charm about him, which he tries to use to get other guys to fall for him, primarily Felton. Vittorio thinks it's love at first sight when he first lays his eyes on Felton, but Felton might not feel the same way. Name: Rea Job: Witch Brief Description: Rea is a twelve-year-old witch with funny-looking ears. She claims she used her magic to modify her ears in such a way that she can hear better than any man or animal. Whether that's true or not...who can say? Even though she's underage, she's always drunk. Always. Her slurred speech and the never-fading smell of alcohol on her breath is more than enough to give that little tidbit of information away. Aerilyn Job: Dancer Brief Description: Simply put, Aerilyn is a a self-centered slut. She spends all of her time trying to get into the pants of whatever man she has her sights set on. She thinks she's God's gift to men. But strangely enough, she doesn't seem at all interested in getting into Felton's pants. In fact, she seems a bit hostile towards him. Does she just not like him, or is there more to it? Name: Xorn Job: Gunslinger Brief Description: This chubby, balding, middle-aged gunslinger thinks he's the best. He think's he's the coolest guy around. As if to reinforce that fact, he tells everyone that his name is Xorn, an obviously fictional name that he just made up to make himself sound cooler than he really is. When you get right down to it, he's actually a bumbling idiot. That doesn't stop him from trying to act cool, though. Name: Liseli Job: Vampire Brief Description: Liseli is a vampire, although she certainly doesn't come off as one. If anything, she seems like a princess, having a very refined air about her. She says that she's looking for someone in the tower, but how can she know that the person she's searching for is in the tower? Perhaps this elegant vampire knows more than she's letting on. Name: Tristana Job: Multi-Mage Brief Description: As a multi-mage, the sigil on Tristana's head allows her use magic of many kinds. She's also fairly adept in physical combat. But unfortunately, it can't all be good. While the sigil on her forehead gives her great powers, it has also caused her to have dissociative identity disorder, where she switches back and forth between multiple personalities quite suddenly. That can make her a bit of a pain to deal with (to put it lightly). Name: Toshihiro Job: Engineer Brief Description: While Toshihiro is rather young, he's a master engineer. A genius. Give him some junk and he'll turn it into gold, or so to speak. There's just one problem. Toshirio is a mute. He relies on sign language to speak to others. Of course, not many other people know sign language, but there is one person in the tower who does. Akule. Name: Akule Job: Thief Brief Description: Akule is a sullen old man shrouded in mystery. He has strange markings on his face and bandages wrapped around his head that he never takes off. He claims that he is a thief, but says little more beyond that. Despite his unwillingness to hold a conversation, he acts as a translator for the mute boy Toshihiro, as he is the only one in the tower who can understand sign language (as far anyone knows). Name: Itzal Job: Ninja Assassin Brief Description: Itzal is a self proclaimed "Ninja Assassin". It's funny that he says he's a Ninja Assassin, because he wears bright white clothing, the kind of clothing that no ninja or assassin in their right mind would wear (they'd stick out like a sore thumb). Personality-wise, Itzal is cheery. Really cheery. To the point where it's downright creepy. And that's just what Itzal is. Creepy. Name: Hosa Job: Monk Brief Description: Don't let her small frame throw you off. Hosa is a monk, and her punches pack one heck of a wallop. She doesn't really fit the "monk" image all that well. You would think that as a monk, she would be a peaceful sort of person, but Hosa has anger issues. She'll go off on anyone who gets in her way. But more than anyone else, she seems to hate Ruwa's guts. Name: Ruwa Job: Ranger Brief Description: Ruwa is a ranger, well-versed in flora and fauna and survival. She is also proficient with both a bow and a sword. She's a kind, polite schoolgirl, which just raises questions. What kind of schoolgirl knows so much about survival skills and plants/animals, on top of knowing how to use a bow and sword? And that's not all! Hosa seemingly hates Ruwa with a burning passion. What's up with that? Scripts: I've looked up some scripts and tested them all together to make sure that they would all work together and work how I would like them to. Just to give you an idea of what kinds of scripts I would use, here are the important ones: Khas Awesome Light Effects - Obvious one. For a game so heavily reliant on light and darkness, you'd need a serious script for light and darkness. This is that script. Jet's Viewed Battle System - Mentioned it before, but this is for the "backview" battle system. V's Relationship/Bio Window - Used for social links. I made some slight modifications to it (I don't know how to script, so I couldn't do much). A few are cosmetic. The largest modification makes it so that you can update a character's description. So after a character tells you something about their self I can reflect that in the description, like in Persona. Multiple Crafting Script (ported to VX Ace by Venka) - Used for the crafting system. Dismantle Items Script by Mr. Bubbles - Used to dismantle items. Yanfly Engine Ace: Save Script - Gives more detailed information when you save. I set it up to give you extra bits of information such as how many times you lit your torch, how many braziers/lanterns you've lit, how many campfires you've lit, how many floors down you are, and how many social links you've initiated. That's about it. I know it sounds like I'm already making this, but I haven't formally started it yet. I just set up the scripts to make sure that they'd all work together, made up the characters/an outline of the game, and made a test map to test the whole torch thing and whatnot. So for now, this is still a concept. I don't intend to start on it immediately, either. And if/when I do start on it, it's going to be a very casual development. I'm not going to be hitting this for hours and hours every day. Maybe just an hour or two here or there. It's certainly an ambitious concept. There's a lot going on. It'd be a boatload of work. Which is part of why it wouldn't be a good idea to go too hard on it. I have a tendency to overwork myself to the point of exhaustion when it comes to making things with RPG Maker, so I want to avoid that. So like I said before, any feedback would be appreciated. Want to know if it sounds like I'm onto something that sounds fun or not. Or maybe there's some glaring problem with it. I dunno. We'll see.
  25. RPG Maker used: RPG Maker VX Ace Genre: Fantasy About Dragon Reign: This game is a fantasy adventure where you go to different places. It is also a remake of my Eternal Destiny I just changed the title to fit the story better. The game will feature my own custom artwork and I'll try to make it the best I could. Not met to be rude or trying to be but please respect my story and DO NOT judge it before you play the game. I DO NOT care if its cliché. One thousand years ago in the world known as Vallan the Dragon of Darkness lived a castle called the Castle of Rubius. It was that it caused monsters to roam the world. The monsters would attack towns, villages, and cities once every month. However there was a young prince named Clovis who vowed to venture through the Castle of Rubius and destroy the dragon once and for all. The only to kill it though was with the legendary Dragon Sword that was hidden in the Shrine of Dakota for centuries. Clovis managed to obtain it though and went to the Castle of Rubius that had twenty floors. No one ever made it to the final floor though to fight the Dragon of Darkness. However with great effort Clovis made it to the last floor and managed to slay the dragon once in for all or so everyone thought. Afterword the Dragon Sword seemed to have lost its power, but Clovis returned it to the Shrine of Dakota regardless. Now that it has been one thousand years the Castle of Rubius reappeared about ten years ago and the monsters came back and began to roam the world once again attacking towns, villages, and cities once a month at least. This met that the Dragon of Darkness was back. So many great warriors, and knights tried to conquer the Castle of Rubius but all failed and never made it to the final floor. What many of them fail to realize is that they need the Dragon Sword to even put a mark on the Dragon of Darkness. The world: Vallan is a very mystical place with a lot of places to see and visit. However since the Castle of Rubius reappeared it has been very hard for people to travel from place to place do the the monsters roaming around. Please note I am not good at explaining my characters, so please at least give my game a chance. Main Characters: Credeits: Scripts: Yanfly Message System Yanfly Party Yanfly Menu Yanfly Party Sized Menu Battle Engine Symphony Mog Ougi Animation Mog Advanced Weather Mog Animated Title Screen Mog Self Switch Sensor Mog Scene File A Mog Touhou Map Name A battle voice script not sure who made it. Music: RPG Maker 3 for PS2 RPG Maker 1 for PS1 Meeting the Arch Enemy from RPG Maker DS (Not Used yet) Paradise of Rubble from Tears of Tiara (Not used yet) Enterbrain RTP Knight of Fate not sure who made it but is used for boss fights. Cross Pain_D not sure who made but is used for the last boss of the demo. Graphics: Character Sets: RPG Maker VX Ace Generator or edited Face Graphics: Bases are from Legend of Valhala Battler are from Ragnarok I only put them together or edited them I can't remember who made them. One of pine's charactersets The face bases are from a pack I got at 66rpg and so are the cutscene backgounds. Also the dragon image I am unsure about but if anyone knows who made it let me know so that I can credit them Demo: NOTE: I uploaded the game and audio file seperatly so it would download faster Make sure that you download both the Audio and game file and extract the Audio file into the game folder. Audio file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z1zsvw0uoobke4z/Dragon_Reign_Audio.zip Game file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z3ku5gl88evmhot/Dragon_Reign(2).zip EDIT: I added a poll to decide on which battle system to use. Please vote or say which battle system that you want. EDIT 2: Poll voting is over. Sorry.