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  1. In the world of Arcadia , a great peace has ruled the lands for many centuries. The goddess Feora, with the spirits of the elements, saw fit to ease the suffering of the people of Arcadia, and to seal evil for a great period of time. By doing this, Feora and the spirits believed that the people of Arcadia would become happy, and live peacefully, without war or destruction…they were wrong. Arcadia saw its share of corruption and darkness, but with their powers drained, Feora and her spirits could do nothing to truly stop it. The people of Arcadia began to dabble in the dark arts, and summoned demons, and monsters to haunt the world. The god of evil, Balfor, still slept deep beneath the surface of Arcadia, sealed still by the magic of the goddess and her kin. The more the evil ways of men continued however, the more monsters came to exist, and the more it became evident that the seal on Balfor…was breaking…yet, the power used by the goddess and her kin to seal him…was not yet restored. And still remains weak in comparison, to its former glory… The people of Arcadia came to live with this evil, and sought to destroy it…and so the Order of the Undying Light, came to be, in the holy city of Falnarin. The Order taught the ways of the goddess and the way of light, these holy warriors and priests would exist to defeat the dark forces of the world. Following the words of the goddess from either her own lips, or from the mouths of her appointed Oracles. The spirit of Balfor however, saw fit to create an antithesis to Feora’s great warriors and bringers of hope…and in turn, darkened the souls of men and women across Arcadia, to form the Order of the Crimson Eye. This Order would raze cities, and fill the world with more monsters, demons, and vengeful spirits in order to spread further the darkness of Balfor. In the northern continent of Sanvar, the goddess sent not one, but two oracles, one to remain in solitude and to aid those who would seek her knowledge, in order to begin a new order…for the goddess knew what was to come… The forces of darkness and the Order of the Crimson Eye were planning Balfor’s resurrection. This would mean the destruction of Arcadia, and the coming of a new age ruled by darkness. The goddess, in order to protect her people from this tragedy to come, gave orders to her second oracle on Sanvar…who had become Queen, and her husband, who was once a great knight in the Order of the Undying Light…to use their powers to prepare a new ground to test warriors in order to see if they were fit to serve in the Order, and to fight Balfor’s minions, and to stop his rebirth. There, in the Offenheim mountains, they created the Chamber of Trials. Only those who were pure in heart could pass this test. In turn, they would receive the blessing of the goddess. The king, Voldan, noticed that few were able to overcome the darkness and fear within them, and placed in charge of the caverns his elder brother, a Grand Mage in the Order of the Undying Light. Voldan, in turn, came to the forest on the other side of the mountains…and formed there the town of Wudton, a place for those who failed to become heroes. They lived there peacefully. One day, two heroes came to Wudton, they had passed the trials and sought shelter and food after their rigorous victory, the bitter inhabitants of Wudton were hesitant to assist them, but did so anyway…betraying their own purpose as servants of the goddess, the two heroes, one man, and one woman, both wed members of the small forest town, and became parents to two children. The first child, was named Richard, and second, Aria. The fate of these two children of heroes would come to forge the way, towards a new age of light – in Arcadia. The game Epica highlights the adventures of Richard and Aria, as well as other characters in the game, in their quest to stop the rebirth of the dark god Balfor. They will find out about their own pasts, and meet many new friends, and enemies along the way. They will travel through dark caverns, ancient ruins, cursed towers, endless deserts and even beneath the surface of Arcadia through the dark fires of the underworld – to succeed. We all have a destiny, only some are called to answer it. (PART TWO POSTED NEXT) ---Chapter One – Sanvar 17 years have passed since the two children were born in the small town of Wudton, and life has been merely a passing thing of peace and boredom. The two children always asked about stories of the outside world, asking traders of their travels and the places they had seen…while their own parents had gone away, leaving them behind, they were raised by the Elder himself, and taught basic skills of survival…Richard, a natural swordsman, and Aria – a young girl with a natural affinity for the magical arts. One day, Richard and Aria decided to venture into the forest north of their town, the elder reluctantly let them go, unaware of the fact that a hive of Devil Wasps (See Beastiary), had made its home in the Wudton forest…the two, armed merely with training weapons, are horrified to see the mangled body of a dying guard stung by the foul beasts. His last words are to warn the elder of the wasps. The two return to town, and inform the Elder of what they have found, the Elder, impressed by the two in their natural sense of bravery…allows them to take the weapons once wielded by their parents and travel deep into the forest, to conquer the Devil Wasp, and their Queen. After making their way through the treacherous hive and the deep woods…the two kill the Devil Wasp Matriarch, only to find a strange letter in the main chamber of the hive…taking it back to the Elder, it is discovered that the letter is from a man by the name of Severn, who is a Knightblade of Avaria. He was sent to Wudton’s rich forest in order to obtain food and water for his stricken country, which is currently under famine and drought. The elder, knowing that this was soon to happen, informs the two that they must cross the Offenheim mountains, pass the trials within, and travel east, to Avaria. The two leave for the mountains, sealed with a old key given to them by the Elder…traveling through the dark depths of the mountains, they come to find the gate through unavailable to them…tablets scattered about the passage inform them of a “Gatekeeper†who will let them through the gates and through the mountain range…this in mind, the two find a door in the caverns leading to the residence of an old hermit… The old hermit entrusts the two with the task of passing the Trials within the caverns, and provides them with the key to the chamber – a magical flute, blessed by the spirit of Wind. He also teaches them a song, it is here we learn Aria actually knows how to play the flute, as her mother taught her when she was very young. Advancing further towards the chambers…Aria plays the song in front of the pillar of flame blocking the chamber of trials. But before entering Richard and Aria both notice a switch between two torches on the wall nearby…pressing it opens a hidden passage in the eastern wall…upon entering, they find treasures and items…including a very strange pendant…which they reluctantly take. The trials contain moral and ethical questions, and are answered easily by the pure hearted young man and woman…after passing the trials, they obtain a small crystal ball, which they return to the hermit as instructed…the hermit relays to them more of the legend of the caverns, and before it is done…he releases the power of the crystal into them, and grants them the ability to become servants of the goddess. Richard, will become a great swordsman…while Aria will become a great mage. They make their way back to the gate chamber, and pass through effortlessly…after a bit of rest, they head towards the exit – however, before making it out, they are encountered by a vengeful spirit…demanding it’s pendant back, before a word can be muttered from either of their mouths, the spirit attacks them and a dire battle ensues! The two emerge victorious…and rest up before heading further towards the exit, only to be attacked by a Lamia waiting in the waters…the two defeat the foul demon and finally find themselves on the other side of the mountains. North of them lies the desert capital of Avaria… Upon arriving, it becomes incredibly apparent that this is a city raped by bad circumstance…the waters are dry as are the food stores. As Richard and Aria walk about and ask questions, they are met with a leery eye from the locals…once flourishing infrastructure is now decimated by the lack of food and water for the people of the city. There is no clear evidence as to what is causing that. The townsfolk are incredibly depressed and bitter, and provide little advice to Richard and Aria as they walk around town. Some beg for food, some cry for help, children speak of their lost parents and of faith lost in the goddess…overall, this is a town not only dead economically, but dead in all other forms of the word. The two meet the Chief Elder in the meeting hall, only to be turned away by him due to a lack of proof that you actually passed the trials. The only thing that could possibly be 100% convincing is none other than the letter found in the wasp nest. Upon seeing it, the Chief Elder breaks down and admits the city’s many issues at hand. Two months prior to your arrival, a strange man by the name of Izdain came to the city of Avaria. He demanded allegiance to the dark god Balfor, and demanded a sacrifice of innocence in order to feed the gullet of the dark god. Refusing him, the guard went to attack him, instead…they found themselves torn to pieces by some powerful magical force. Izdain laughed and cackled as he proceeded to call upon his dark magic…ripping the life from the city, and infecting the most precious waters near the city with famine and disease…as well as the food and beasts…the man then vanished into the desert, leaving a trail of destruction and blood. Offering a reward, the Chief Elder asks the two adventurers to find and stop the strange man, and to restore their city to its former glory…should they succeed, among other things, the bridge leading south will be rebuilt. The two agree to assist, reward or not. The Chief Elder informs them as well, that they are ill prepared for the dangers ahead, as well as the desert and the area in general…and offers them the services of one of his bodyguards, a young man named Joachim Azaral. Reluctantly joining up with Richard and Aria, the three set off into the desert to locate the lair of Izdain. The group goes south of town to a small cave, while Izdain is not there, his personal guard are present. Many sites of ritual and sacriligious nature cover the crudely put together encampment among this once seemingly sacred ground. After fighting a large group of Acolytes, a man in black approachs the party, without a word, he draws his staff and attempts to destroy the adventurers - but to no avail, Joachim, holding a dagger to the man's throat, forces a confession out of him as to the whereabouts of Izdain, as he mutters the words "...Oasis...", the man is killed. Aria, horrified by Joachim's lack of mercy, claims he is acting no better than the people they are fighting. Joachim shoves her out of his way as he makes his way to the exit. Regrouping outside, the group makes their way back to town to resupply and regroup best they can. That's what I have so far. At least put down in proper terms. I appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Thanks!
  2. Hello fellow Designers! I have a habit of racking my brain for synonyms, (and sometimes shaking down the internet ) and then implementing them into my written works, be they games or writings. The question I pose to you, fellow designers, is, How do you feel about the use of unconventional words? Things that are a little more obscure? For instance, if I said peregrinator instead of traveller? Or Palaver instead of conversation? As a player, how do you feel when you encounter a word you have never seen or heard? Is it too jarring? I personally enjoy it, because then I can claim it's not only entertaining, but educational! "See, I learned X new words!"
  3. I saw this post and thought this would be a pretty nice thread, as well as help learn about other peoples project. I'll start Name: Kuu (Short for Kudacious) Face (old resources, hiring an artist to remake them soon) Sprite (might remake the sprite) Weapon choice: Spears Character type: Balanced/Wizard RPG Class: Wizard Special abilities and traits: Weak physic powers, weak elemental powers. Small bio: A young wizard who after being attacked by a weak monster (monsters require magic to live, it's like food to them) is along with his little (also witch) sister is sent off to a country known as Vintasia to study and harness their magic among the company of other wizards. Due to another revision, trying to flesh out his personality a bit more.
  4. ihartrpgs

    game design Comedy Guide

    Comedy Guide When I took theatre, my teacher said that comedy was the hardest genre to write. I have to agree with him on that. Not only is writing comedy one of my weakest areas in writing, but there is such a thin line you can walk with it. This guide is mainly what my teacher taught me, but please be aware that I'm not the best when it comes to comedy writing. One good feature of good comedy is intelligence and wit. This can be very difficult to accomplish, which is one of the reasons why most modern comedies use "dumb" characters and slapstick jokes. Does this mean that those comedies are bad? Of course not! But there does need to be a moderation of how much of it you use because the audience/player can get irritated or annoyed. This is the thin line I was talking about. You want to make the player laugh or at least smile, but you do not want to get to the point of being annoying, unless you have a scene that requires the player to feel a short term irritation in order to follow through with the joke. One of the more difficult parts of comedy is what is a joke and what is offensive. My teacher gave a heavy warning to not rely on stereotypes for humor since it's a cheap way to try to get laughs. However, I see it as a bit of a gamble instead of being a "cheap" way to get laughs. There is a better change of someone getting upset instead of laughing. So, how do we get the best laughs? The answer is through characters and surroundings. With the characters, the better developed they are, the better the humor can play off them. If you have the humor compliment the personality of the character, then the humor will come off natural. One way to do this is to have two characters with contrasting personalities try to get through an event. Or, even more simple, have a conversation. What you're aiming for is to have both characters well developed enough that they have chemistry in order to carry the scene and the joke. You can also use your surroundings as a way to make humor. If a character is in a strange surrounding and out of their element, this can set up for some humor depending on how you play it out. You can use actions or even the character talking to one's self as a way to further express the humor. One thing you need to watch out for is how far you take a joke with two characters. It's a very thin line from going to something being funny to being very spiteful. This can cause problems if the audience, instead of laughing, feels sympathetic towards the victim of the joke and see it in poor taste. There are comedies that can pull off violence in comedy. If you do want to use violence as comedy, the best advice I can give on that is to make it as over the top as you can. With parodies, the one important thing is to know the original source well. It's also important to research the original source material to understand the environment and characters. To get a good idea of a good parody, I would suggest Young Frankenstein. I hope this guide helps a little bit, and I'm sorry if it's not as detailed as my other one. Comedy is my weakest genre in writing, so if you do have more questions, I can try to find some links on comedy writing to help you out.
  5. Here's the thing: I've created a fictional universe (well, I am creating, as these things never cease to grow and change). I've decided to use this setting to create my games on, since I'll probably never write a novel with this world or anything like it. Anyway, what about it? Having a universe and placing different stories on it? The stories can be separated by many years, some might happen at the same time. Some can be confined to a country. I've recently started to talk about this kind of stuff on my blog, but I'm thinking about this idea firmly for quite a while because in the end, a rich, complex world would've been created. What do you think about it?
  6. So this is something I kind of posted on my status update, but so many people posted other status updates so fast that it didn't get any replies, so I figured I'd do it here as well. The Four C's of Story Writing: Creativity, the beginning of the other three C's Creativity is the most powerful tool a story writer can grasp, it gives life to a world, depth to a character, and resolution to conflict. Context is what gives meaning to the story without it there is no world, and no basis for a character, nor reason for conflict. Character is what give the story emotion without it there would be no reason to care about the world, without it there would be no hero, no villain, and no conflict. Conflict is the reason the story is there without it there would be no drama, no goal, no reason for the hero to fight, and there would be no point to the story. All of the C's can come from, and enhance each other, you can have little creativity until you, by chance, create an intriguing character who gives you ideas for the world, and the conflict that will arise in the story. All of the C's are required for an interesting story, but there are also others that fit into the equation. I will elaborate on those later. (Leave me your thoughts, and maybe give some thoughts on what game, or books you have read that incorporate the four C's well)
  7. In my current project I have been utilising American English thus far based on the idea that it is more common than British spelling, but I have come to question that choice. As an Australian I am more used to British-style spelling, but I can understand American English just fine and believe I can write in it too (although I will probably make a few mistakes/revert to British every now and then). My bigger concern is what the players will think, i.e. will a certain spelling style make the text harder to read for them, or in one way or another diminish the gaming experience? From what I've found on google the basic idea seems to be write based on where you're from. However, this is always in relation to publishing books and not about releasing a game online which can be viewed by anyone from an English or non-English speaking country. Of course consistency is key, but I am unsure which style I should be consistent in. So my question is: How do you feel about either British or American spelling in a game? Is American English the better choice simply because there is less chance of causing confusion etc. especially with non-English-background speakers, who tend to be more accustomed to the American English used in American media? Also in relation to my project, it is has a very strong Russian feel (it is never explicity stated, but there are very clear Russian influences throughout the game). Might it be worth reverting to British English since Russia is generally classed as a European country, and especially because of its image as the polar opposite of the USA due to the Cold War, might even fervent American spelling supporters take it as part of the immersive aspect of the game (sort of like how Papers Please has characters leaving out articles to mimic a Russian accent... come to think of it, which spelling system did Papers Please use?)
  8. Hi there, I've worked on/off for my project, Eve of Perception. (I think there's a few demos about, but I ended up putting them down due to trying to do too much too fast. I'm using mostly RTP outside some SE and BGM or minor sprite edits). For some background, this is close to the end of my novel series, but I've always known/imagined it worked better as a game. I'm a huge fan of JRPGs, so you may see some cliches in there but a lot of it is built upon backstory from the books, since this game is all about their afterlives. I hope it works well as a stand alone as any references are eventually explained. I've noticed some of my problems are how much information to give out a time. I tend to over-explain. One of my main concerns was that there are 12 playable characters plus a secret character. I know I have to give them all unique personality, so I've attempted to do so as well as make them all intergral to the plot at some point. I should probably explain my story ideas and the characters, though, huh? The story revolves around Matthew, a boy who is remembering bits of his living life. He has two friends, Meru and Pirro, who live with him at an orphanage in a tiny village. Four years prior, most of the adults left to go to war and never returned. The enemy in that war are the Witches (best described as a race anomaly and rare), especially one in particular named Puppet who conqoured the castle that the Reapers called home. Since her appearance Heaven and Hell have collided, resulting in monsters, environmental changes, and side-swapping between Angelics and Demonics. I haven't decided on a code name for the "main" antagonist, but he ends up being the hero's father and Puppet ends up being his mother. The antagonist breeched the Earthly world and Heaven, trying to find the soul of his wife for reasons I've yet to explain. I've tinkered with calling him Origin or Sorcerer, but his real name is Evin. There's a bit more backstory to the game, because after Heaven and Hell collided to make Perception (limbo), of course the two sides wouldn't get along. Lucifiel, Belial, and Leviathan are some of the major badguys. A man named Alec from one of the character's pasts is as well. Well, God was nowhere to be found. God is protected by the Valkyrie, named Kreeno, who weilds the Lance of Longinus. The Demonics slowly began to take over the 4 archangels: Michael, Raphael, (Lucifiel), and Sandalphon. When only Sandalphon, a Reaper named Dream, and Kreeno remained, they decided to play it safe and reincarnate themselves so that they could come back when their side had gained strength via a resistance group (started by the reapers) named Icterid. So they were reincarnated. The whereabouts of the Lance remain unknown. A note about the Lance as well: it is the tool that can rip open the worlds between Heaven and Hell and Earth. So Evin has used it before. Now, the game begins in the village of Conception, where Matthew, Meru, Pirro, and some of the other orphans are playing. It goes fine until Ketal hurts Marta's feelings by telling her that their parents will never return. Meru is very defensive and ends up revealing her mysterious powers. Ketal calls her a witch and makes her begin to question if she belongs in the village. Pirro, Matthew's best friend, loves Meru. Matthew and Meru really have no interest in one another (unless you want them to, later). Ketal sets out into the forest to prove Meru is the reason their Forest Elder, Minos, has gone insane. The group catches him sneaking out in the night and follow him. Halfway through the forest is a cemetary where Ketal reveals his father never made it past the forest and was killed by Minos. He blames Meru and Minos for his father's death and goes to kill the him. The group follows and rescues Ketal, but when they return to the village the Demonics have attacked and burned the village down. They are hunting witches, specifically a "catalyst". Alec, the leader of the raid, is a rogue angel. He takes Meru and Pirro, and then Dream, the reaper from the past, shows up and saves Matthew, taking him back to a hideout a few days away. There's a lot more story past this, but this is essentially the first hour of the game. Here's a breakdown of the characters: Matthew - the main character (he later finds out he is a witch, the first male one in fact). He uses mostly physical attacks and is strong with dark and weak to light. He's pretty quiet and usually only speaks to ask questions and stays focused on his goal. He doesn't mind doing things, but he doesn't feel pressured to go save a farmer or whatever if his friends want to. Meru - I guess she would be your main mage. She starts with a healing spell. She is the opposite of Matthew in attributes. She's pretty stuck up but likes to defend others. She craves change and attention. Pirro - He's one of my weakest characters. He is strong with earth. Matthew is his best friend and Meru is the love of his life. He would do anything to help them, even if/when they turn on him. I guess he defines himself through others, but is generally a food lover and a comedian. ShindoW - She's an angel with undersized wings. She's looking for her younger brother, Shane, who was murdered when they were alive. She's had a long life that led to her suicide and a lot of unresolved issues with other characters. She also wants to help Matthew since they knew each other in their teenage years. Dream - A Reaper and prince of the reaper village. Reapers can turn into grackles (blackbirds). They are said to appear when someone is about to die. Dream is very flat spoken and cold, but mostly because of the trauma his people have suffered. He hates all witches, no matter if they appear good or bad. He will focus mostly on passive skills, states, and debuffs/buffs. Meloni / Sandalphon - ShindoW's foster father in life. He's generally an angry person, but was also a cop in his past life. He's recently awakened in Perception and has direct ties to Matthew, ShindoW, and Scott. He's very religious and is forced to cope with what his side has done in the war. He is an optional character. If you don't recruit him, he will be an enemy. He has strong phsyical and magical attacks. Angel - ShindoW's soul mate. She was killed in a storm when they were young. She's a Healer. She is a kind hearted girl who realizes she has no problems... so she solves other people's problems. She is glad to finally be reunited with the woman she loves. Scott - ShindoW's older brother. He left her on Mel's doorstep after the two siblings had run away from home. Scott eventually succumbed to scizophrenia after a long career as a rock star. He killed most of his friends/family and wound up in an insane aslyum where he met Meloni. (The leader of that asylum is now Belial, fyi) In death, he mostly seeks redemption. He is a chain smoker with a sarcastic attitude and womanizing personality. He specializes in physical attacks. Star - The mother of Scott's children. After an explosion they were seperated and Star took the name Melody because she had forgotten who she was. When they re-met and remembered one another, Scott killed her. Now, she is the Queen of the dragons, an ancient race (I haven't expanded upon them yet). But she is looking for a lover to make her King and continue her great race through a pilgrimage. She is very outgoing and loud and a bit of a country girl. She uses Summons. Kreeno - the legendary Valkyrie, protector of God. She used to be a male friend of Matthew's in school. Her reincarnated personality often conflicts with her ethereal one. For most of the game her Shell/Body and Extract/Soul are seperated. This is another main thing with the plot. Duckie - Duckie is Matthew's little sister, the one Matthew feels he is searching for in the beginning of the game. When he was looking for her it led to his premature death. Duckie is a lonely girl who spends most of her time around her brother. She idolizes her mother, for the worst. (Their mother is abusing them due to cancer in her brain. Unable to cope, this was why Evin felt her soul was gone. He unlocked a way into the afterlife to find her "good" soul again, in the process creating witches.) Duckie is the reincarnation of the Lance and she uses tarot cards. I'm not sure how to implement these yet, but maybe some sort of button press system? Olivar - The least fleshed out character. He's Alice's cat. You find him being robotisized by the Demonics, which gave him the ability to fly and communicate. He's just a cute, fun character. Alice - The secret character. In another reality, she is the daughter of Angel's rape. Matthew is her brother. She is a magical girl who scours time and space seeking the ultimate Witch. She is very relaxed but focused. She will be hard to recruit, requiring a number of triggers, but basically makes the post-game a synch for those that want to do everything with ease, as well as unlocking her own ending. As far as the battle system, here's how it's laid out: There's Life Points and Aura Points aka HP/MP. Soul Points are earned on level up (and you heal on level up) which you use to increase your base stats as you see fit for any character. Want 3 tanks? Go for it. Of course, starting stats fluctuate due to their natural role in battle. There are Physical and Emotional skills. Some characters learn one, others both. Emotional skills tend to focus on healing/attack, while the other is mostly buffs/attack. There are 6 types of magic: Pyromancing, Aeromancing, Geomancing, Aquamancing, Holymancing, and Necromancing. Characters learn Auras (skills and spells) through Books. This book can be used on any character capable of learning the spell. You will gain several for the basics, but there are also special ones exclusive to the characters, as well as combo attacks. Auras can be combined for super charged skills. I'm aiming to make the enemies have some thought required. Each dungeon will basically prepare you for the boss in terms of levels and skills needed, but still require unique strategy. I want the dungeons to be just difficult enough to squeak by. You can save anytime and heal on level up to make it easier. Anyway, I guess I'm looking for thoughts? Opinions? Is something really bad? Let me know Finally, I do have nearly the entire story planned (I'd say 50% + the ending), so let me know if you guys would like to see the complete story so far.
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    Critique my writing

    I did some writing and could use some feedback on how to improve it. This is the starting dialog of the game and it's between Marcus and his yet unnamed wife. He is a 30-40 year old herbalist/alchemist. Scene 1 Marcus: I'm so hungry that my everything is growling. What's for lunch? Wife: Are you serious? Have you made any sales today? I'll tell you what's for luch! Mashed Turnips! Want to know what's for supper as well? Mashed Turnips! M: ... W: I'm sick of this. It's time for you to take a road trip. You know the drill. Stop by Spruce Village and Rocky City before the potions on the shelf go stale. M: What about lunch? W: Hold out your hand. M: Huh? OK. M: Ack! That ain't finger food. This is disgusting! W: Eat up and get outta here. Scene 2 This one takes place outside the city as two guys are being held up by bandits. Perry: Be easy boys. I'm a lover not a fighter. Ken: No tricks here. Just go around back and take what you want. Just stop waving that thing at me. Bandit: Quit yappin and give me your valueables. You are gonna get it in your face if you don't stop delaying. K: You are in charge. We don't like the odds of 2 on 2. There is no resistance here. Just take what you want and let us move on. P: Whoa! Whoa! You almost cut me with that last swipe. Just do as you will and leave us with our lives. K: Be easy, Be easy. We have not done anything to you. What are you interested in? B: Your valueables! Bring them to me. I'm starting to see red. Where I see red, blood starts to flow. You know what to do. Get started. P: Do you see him? K: Yep. P: We are being robbed! You'll be next if you don't help. B: Cutting time. Marcus: Aw Sh.. -Battle start-
  10. I've been wanting to share this for a little while, but here's the first chapter of my finished dissertation (don't worry, uni's over now) that I'm planning on turning into a longer, more full work. Just wanted some opinions on it. It's a big ol' sci-fi existential stream of consciousness crazy read. That said it has swearing, drug references, sex references, suicidal references and just a genuinely 'ick' factor to it, so heed that in mind if you happen to be 11 (in which case what you doin' here). I'm also, when I have waaaay more free time and Onny's done, considering making this into a project, but that's a glimmer of a longshot right now. I can post more chapters if you happen to like it~ But yeah, let me know what you think, and enjoy! It's fairly lengthy at around 2600ish words, but if you fancy going into the mind of a rather depressing guy/environment, then have fun (I copy pastad from MS Word, so apologies if the formatting's a little wonky)
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    I wrote a thing

    FIRE MOTIF, BOOM Yeah, I don't usually write anything emotional so this was a bit of an exercise. I hear it's good to step out of your comfort zone now and then.
  12. Immersive Story, Characters, and Worldbuilding (Character Personalities) Introduction: At work a few months ago I was in a leadership training with a few of the executives and directors that run our company. In one of the sessions of training we were all handed a packet of a list of words with a space next to them just large enough for a check mark. Our instructions were to go through the entire list and pick 10 of these words that we felt best described what was important to us (in terms of values). From there we were to narrow it down to our top 3, and then further to our most treasured ideal. This, was for us to quantify to ourselves, and how we should focus our efforts to lead in our respective roles. However effective this is or is not for leadership, can be argued (I personally thought it was quite telling at least on my own level), but it helped me to understand some of my fellow leaders as well. The test is simple, it draws out the kind of building blocks that make up who you are, how you react to different situations and what your motivations are. I am going to introduce it here as a way to help you build characters that have a variety of different values and hopefully this will help you to craft the character around these values. The Test Here I will list all of the words that were in the list (or at least most of the important ones, and try not to repeat too many synonyms): A: Accomplishment, Achieving, Action-Oriented, Appreciation, Ardent, Affulent, Activity, Advancement, Adventure, Aesthetics, Affilliation, Authority, Autonomy. B: Belief, Beneficent, Benevolent, Balance, Bravery. C: Candid, Careful, Caring, Clean, Creditable, Coherence, Challenge, Change, Collaboration, community, Compassion, Creativity. D: Daring, Dedicated, Dependable, Determined, Durable, Diversity, Duty, E: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Ethical, Equality, Excellence, Economic, Enjoyable. F: Faithful, Fearless, Finesse, Forgiving, Formidable, Free-Thinking, Fresh, Fun, Famous, Family, Freedom, Friendship. G: Galant, Generous, Genuine, Good, Gracious/Grateful, Glory. H: Happy, Helpful, Honesty, Honorable, Hopeful, Humor, Healthy. I: Imagination, Immovable, Informative, Integrity, Intelligence, Influential, introspective. J: Joyful, Just. K: Kind, Knowledge. L: Learning, Legacy, Love, Loyal. M: Malleable, Mysterious, Meaningful, Memorable, Merciful, Maturity. N: Neat, Neighborly, Nimble, Noble, Non-Conforming, Nurturing. O: Obedience, Objective, Openness, Opportunity, Optimistic, Organized, Original, Outstanding, Orderly. P: Performance, Perseverance, Persistent, Personable, Planning, Politeness, Professionalism, Purity, Penitent, Physically Fit, Personal-Development. R: Resourceful, Respectful, Resolute, Reverent, Recognition, Retrospective, Responsibility. S: Strength, Stability, Sturdy, Self-improving, Solitude, Spirituality, Self-Respect, Status. T: Togetherness, Tough, Truthful, Thoughtful. U: Unity V: Valiant, Vigorous, Virtuous, Virulent, Victorious. W: Wise, X: Xylophone? Y: Yes-minded, Youthful Z: Zen   Prime Aspect: The single most important trait the character aspires or adheres to. Major Motivations: A group of 3 traits the character prizes above others (will include the prime aspect). Lesser Motivations: A grouping of traits the character often follows as ideals they feel are important to their life. Though on occasion, will abandon in preference to a more important or pertinent attribute. Ok now, You don't have to do the full test for EVERY single character in your game. But I highly recommend that you do this for your main characters such as your protagonist and their party, and the major antagonists. The reason for the test at all, is to help build a character that is varried from your others. And although there may be some similarities across the board in your party it's the other values that will add the spice to the character's interaction with their teammates. Again, take the overall 10 traits that you want the character to exhibit in their personality, narrow that down to 3 as their major motivations, and then down to one, as their single most cherished virtue. Now, this does not mean that the character cannot act outside of their personality traits (or at least -all- of them). But remember that if your character's Prime Aspect is loyalty, then they would not easily betray someone (generally only when not given a choice, and even then they would have reservations about it). However, if it is one of their lesser motivations, they may on occasion, choose to overlook it, in favor of more self fulfilling prospects. This is what makes people (and characters) interesting.   The Chosen Traits   Opposing virtues: One thing to keep in mind, is how some of these virtues are opposites of one another. These will not easily go together, and you should generally avoid having characters be motivated by directly opposing virtues. I'll give an example. You are generally not going see someone who has solitude as a virtue also have togetherness as well. If the character enjoys being alone, they will more often than not avoid being around other people. But keep in mind that if two aspects don't exactly directly oppose one another but are not entirely along the same lines, the use of these two traits together can make for an interesting combo. For instance a person who cares for affluence, and making themselves appear rich, could also be a generous person as well. Or A person who candid could also be secretive. It's combinations like these that will help to make the characters different from each other, and potentially from anything else you have ever seen before. Subtle Overtones: Also keep in mind, that like real people, your characters are not likely going to go around and say things like "I am loyal" or, "I am benevolent", and some of these traits will be hard to write into the dialogue in a subtle way. This is why the Prime Aspect is so important, because it becomes the character's persona, they are "loyalty", in a sense that when you think of the word you think of that character's actions. Avoid the Monotone: Generally "monotone" refers to speaking inflection or a lack of musical variation. We are going to repurpose the word for the sake of helping make your character's a little more interesting. When I say "monotone" in this sense, I mean focusing on the Prime Aspect of a character TOO much. This is where people tend to think of chracters as flat, or boring. Because they have no other personality if you only flesh out their most important feature. This can be a pitfall that you will see in a LOT of stories, and it's because people choose not to give any time or credence to the characters other traits. So take some time and plan out your major protagonists, give them a little back story and make sure that in some cases their back story affects what is important to them in terms of values.   Character Flaws   Nobody is perfect, and although some of the words on that list are questionable as to whether they are virtues or vices (or bad habits) most of them have a positive connotation. I do not have a list of flaws that could be chosen from in alphabetical order as the virtues. But my advice on this one would be NOT to give your character 10 character flaws, unless you really want them to look like a dirtbag (which you could if you wanted I suppose). Instead just narrow it down to the 3 weaknesses that are strongest and leave it at that (or just decide the Prime Aspect of flaws if you want to keep it simple). But this will help to counteract the "Hero" persona just slightly enough to make them feel more like a living being.   List of Flaws: (in no particular order, just as they come to me) Lazy, Deceitful, Rude, Arbitrary, Vicious, Jealous, Attention-Seeking, Vapid, Vain, Self-Absorbed, Greedy, Stingy, Betrayer, Inconsiderate, Narrow-Minded, Bigoted, Unfair, Unjust. Among others Conclusion What you decide to do is up to you, if you feel 10 virtues arre too many cut it down to 5 or so. Or, you can ignore everything in this tutorial, and deem it usless. However, if you choose to use this material to help you craft believable personages for your games and stories remember that the best examples come from life. Look at the people you interact with everyday, what motivates these people? What are the virtues that they hold dearest? How would they react to a situation that puts them out of their comfort zone? Answering some of these questions to yourself may be the key in making a character truely believable.
  13. So I'm currently making a game that has almost nothing to do with pirates. However, there ARE some pirates in it somewhere, and two of them have a complicated history with each other. How complicated is it? So complicated that I don't even know! They were lovers at one point, but then it all broke down and the guy pirate eventually became evil. Now, since I have spent way too much time writing everything else about the game, my attempt to create this backstory looked really stale and generic. So that's where you can come in! I need some ideas on how to make a pirate love back story interesting and complicated. I'm not a pirate, and I don't know any pirate lovers, so my ideas aren't always the best. There's literally only one scene in the game where the backstory gets explained, so it's not a huge deal or something that lingers on. It's just for some mid-dialogue, so any ideas are appreciated and maybe I can somehow mash everyone's ideas together into one super complex situation.
  14. When you first start a game, you've already decided on game play, sex of the target and age of the target audience. This is about some general tips about how to create an interesting story, not about avoiding cliches or embracing them, but seeing what each type of story with what has been done before. Let's discuss some terms: protagonist and antagonist, not good and evil. I think too many people have this idea that mature means demons, blood and plenty of gore. I will give you the definitions of what these terms mean and why we want to change to these terms. Protagonist: This means from whose point of view the story is being written in. In Lord of the Rings, Frodo was the protagonist and the challenges he faced when trying to destroy the one ring of power. Antagonist: This person, thing or object is merely trying to halt his progress, no evil intentions, but merely because they have different agendas that conflict. By looking at a character with agendas and goals in life, you see them as human beings, even if you don't agree with those agendas. It is up to you to write the character, showing that he is a bad person, not just telling us that he or she is bad. How do you show a character is bad? His actions are the most important thing, not what he thinks as humans base opinion based on other people's actions. He burns down a village and kills everyone in the village. He murders the King and ascends to become King. He rapes women and takes what he wants. His actions should be most important in showing people why they should hate him. Take Final Fantasy IV, Kain was a man, who loved Rosa, who loved Cecil and as a result, there was conflict between the two. He wasn't a bad guy, only had feelings that he didn't state. Let's have a basic character sheet Name: Age: Parents: Important things from his parent's past: (This will effect what happens to your character as it affects what happens to him) Siblings: His life (only important details) up until now: His goal or dreams for his life: His reality or what stops him from accomplishing those goals. Strengths: Weaknesses: A character has to have something to overcome, but let's discuss real people. Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek was a man, who had very positive things going for him. He was intelligent, creative and his greatest flaw was that he was a womanizer. Yes. So, your characters should have real faults that you can understand. Even great men have faults. Now, the next tutorial should discuss about other details of story that I feel are important like the rest of the character types. If we understand these terms, and how they relate to stories, you can create stories that are more mature. One last definition for ya: Mature means things are not black and white, but has shades of gray. I suggest you practice by looking at established characters in your favorite tv shows or movies to see if you can identify things on the character sheet.
  15. Aurumlamina

    Character Quiz

    I figured this would be the place to ask since I'm sure some of you use a similar method to fully develop characters. Not long ago I ran across a fun quiz to take where you would answer the questions as if you were the character you are developing. I can't seem to find it, and though it isn't life or death, it was a very useful tool. Any pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated!
  16. Jay Heartay

    "A Short Horror Story" project !

    Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I hope you guys know you' ll always be welcome here ! I like to let others know what's on my mind. " Yeah but we don't care ! " So negative. If you don't wanna read this, just don't. However, some of you guys may already know Im currently writing for Rebirth Online and that Im searching for other projects to work on. So to prevent myself from becoming bored to death I tought of a project which I named " A Short Horror Story ". What is it ? Simple: every now and then, I would release an RPGMVX Ace game called " A Short Horror Story: <titlehere> ". I would bring legends, myths and ghost stories to life with the help of RPGMVX Ace. Maybe even adapting urban legends into a short game. Here's a list of games I KNOW I'll do: The Corriveau. It is a french horror story, based on real events. A young lady ( Lady Corriveau ) killed 7 of her husbands, in different and creative ways. When the police found out she was put into an iron cage which was hanged to a tree. She died because she didn't eat or drink for days and people were throwing rocks at her. It is said that every night, when someone passes where the Corriveau used to be, her spirit awakens and hunts that person. It is also said she mostly haunts men. Bloody Mary ( The Bloody Queen ). I think I don't have to explain to you guys what's her story. Basically, she was a queen who loved blood. She even took baths in it. She murdered many men and domestics that wouldn't listen to her.It is said that the nursery rhyme " Three blind mice " was inspired from her story: Bloody Mary "cut three men's tails" Three little piggies. Everybody knows about this. It was once three little piggies whom decided to build their houses. The first one built an much fragile house made in wool. The second one made its house in wood and the third one made its house in bricks. However, an hungry wolf tries to blow their houses away. The wolf succeeds in blowing the wool and wood houses, but cannot blow away the house made of bricks. The wolf then has the brilliant idea to enter the house from the chimney, where he falls into a chauldron full of HOT water then dies. Ring Around The Rosy. Everyone knows this nursery rhyme. A modified version of this nursery rhyme appeared in Dead Space. It is said this nursery rhyme was inspired by a ravaging disease that caused many deaths years ago. These being stories, many different versions of them exists. I will try to take the most popular version and turn it into an horror game inspired from it. This is pretty much everything Im planning right now. If you have a question, suggestions you would like to make or if you simply want to share your toughts on this please leave a comment below ! Until next time, ~ Jay ~
  17. Hello everyone ! Just a little entry to tell you a very kind person decided to take a chance and choose me to develop its story ! So I wrote about it all day long and ended up with having a pretty interesting storyline. I submitted the story to the game's creator and I am waiting for its answer ! I hope it will be positive ! If I'll need to make some changes to my story I won't mind that much, there is always place to better ideas when reviewing your storyline again with the game creator. I will give you guys more details about it later if I have the creator's permission ! Until then "stay tuned" (even if it doesn't really applies here but nevermind). Good luck to all of you for your upcoming projects ! If you want to, wish me good luck, your support will be much appreciated ! Until next time, ~ Jay ~
  18. Jay Heartay

    Writer for Rebirth Online !

    Hello everyone ! So if you read my last blog entry, you already know I submitted the development and ending of a story to the creator of a game. He/she already had an intro but no ideas to continue so I asked if I could write for him/her and he/she gave me my chance even tough I am a newbie here. It took me a couple hours to write the overall storyline and I submitted the final version to the creator. I waited for his/her answer and guess what ? He/she found the storyline amazing ! This creator is SiIence, which you guys may already have heard about. I will be writing for his/her upcoming game Rebirth Online. As I said earlier, the intro, the main plot and the ending are already set. I promise you one thing: you will LOVE the story, Im sure of that. I can't give you guys more details, sorry ! I guess you will have to wait and see. "Stay tuned" for future story reveals.. maybe ? ~ Jay ~
  19. Jay Heartay

    Found some interesting projects.

    I searched the forums for people recruiting a writer to make their game better and I was happy to see there were some very interesting projects I could work on ! So I asked a few if my help would be useful to them and the answers have been positive, so Im super excited to get started ! Im trying to work on different projects at the same time. Hard ? Nope, not at all. When you have too much imagination, one single project is barely enough to satisfy you. I'll be working on two, maybe three projects and I can't wait to see where all of this is going take me ! I like being busy because otherwise I get really bored. If you want any help for your story please do me a favor and ask me to take a look at it ! Im sure I'll be able to give you some tips ! Have fun and I wish you guys the best of luck for your projects ! ~ Jay ~
  20. pxlgraphic

    Links, so you can stalk me!

    Here are some links for all my stuffs. Website: http://pxlgraphic.spruz.com/ (New and impeoved one coming soon) Profile Page: http://www.rpgmakerv...258-pxlgraphic/ (Friend me!) The Beneath Project Page: http://www.rpgmakerv...56-the-beneath/ (You can always click the banner in my signature to see it and check for updates) FanSim- The Ultimate Fantasy/RPG Life Simulator (Idea Page): http://www.rpgmakerv...life-simulator/ Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...noobproductions (It has other gaming stuff, too.) Dubstep Thread: http://www.rpgmakerv...c/6624-dubstep/ Music: http://www.youtube.c...fficialcsteiyle Music Topic: http://www.rpgmakerv...ectronic-music/ Webcomic: http://saveasuntitled.com/ Webcomic Topic: http://www.rpgmakerv...25-my-webcomic/ Book: http://www.rpgmakerv...rk-in-progress/ (It's a sci-fi novel I'm working on)
  21. TheDreamWriter

    Creating a Realistic World

    Hey, RMVXA! This is my first blog post so I hope that it is a stunner! How to create a realistic world Start with the Universe. Is the game going to be set across a series of worlds/Realms/Kingdoms/t​owns/etc.? If so, each location will need its own UNIQUE storyline. How did the location come into existence; is it ruled by one leader, a governing body or the King who rules the entirety of the Universe/world/Realm/etc​.; is this leader(s) accessible by the public (i.e. the player)? Once you have the grand-scale story, you can then begin focusing on individual locations and events; shops/inns/pubs/librarie​s/travel stations/etc. and NPCs/quest-givers/shop-o​wners/etc. Obviously, there will be at least one type of every shop (weapons/armours/magic/g​eneral goods/etc.) throughout the entirety of the game. However, you don't have to have every shop type in one town. Maybe have one town have a weapon and armour shop and another have a magic store. Maybe there is a small outreach of civilisation that reaches a nearly inaccessible lake that provides the world's best seafood, but you are unable to stay there for the night as there are no inns or lodgings. Every town/city/etc. must be unique, because repetitive locations will make the player feel as if they have seen it all before; it will be as if they are going around in circles and that quickly bores a player. You also need to allow the odd unexpected action to take place; perhaps, during a battle that you have been preparing for for days, the enemy decides that he doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore and wants to join your party. However, do not make the entire game build up to one event which then doesn't happen; this will severely p**s a player off. If (in the example above) the enemy decides that he doesn't want to be the bad guy and wants to join your party, instead of just letting him join, he has to fight you to prove his worth. That way, the player still gets a battle that he has trained for whilst the unexpected action can take place comfortably. NPCs are also an important feature of RPGs. Most people make a bunch of generic NPCs that say a bunch of meaningless lines. Of course, it would be impossible to make every single NPC in the entire game be dynamic; that would take far too much time and you will, EVENTUALLY, begin repeating their "personality". However, it is important that you make at least a few NPCs meaningful; after all, these are the people that live in the world alongside you; the player has to connect with them in some way otherwise you might as well be playing the game in a world with no other people. Make the dynamic NPCs have personalities and traits; perhaps the inn-keeper is a charming young woman who ensures that all your needs are met, whilst the bartender at the local pub is an ar*e who likes to sl*g off any person who gets on the bad side of him. NPCs should also be affected by world and local events. If a dear friend of your family passes away in an epic battle, the player will remain deeply scarred for the rest of his life; it is, therefore, impossible for the family to welcome you home by saying "Lilies are my favourite type of flower.". Another example would be shop-keepers with a dynamic economic climate. If the economy is booming, the shop-keeper would, perhaps, lower prices in his shop because his goods are selling so well. He may even pay you more if you sold an item to him. Alternatively, if the economy is struggling, the shop-keeper may raise his prices in an attempt to keep income at a profitable level, whilst refusing to purchase items from you until the economy levels itself out. So, as an overall conclusion, the plot-line of the game is important, as this is the information that the player will learn in the game. A lot of the back-story of the world will remain relatively unknown by the player, but you can slip information in; perhaps have a book in the local library that tells of the history of the town. Not many people will venture to the library to learn about the town's history, but it is there for the explorers to see as proof of your planning and development. They will probably even appreciate your game more if you take the time to develop the back-plot of your story before you focus on the "forward-plot". Worlds are the most essential part of any game; maps must be unique and immersive; repeating the layout of shops throughout five different cities just makes them boring. Also, symmetry, although it looks good, is not realistic and, therefore, will detract from your game's appeal. NPCs are the heart and soul of your game; these are the people that can provide with snippets of back-story; they can make you laugh and cry; these are the people that the main character has lived with his entire life. Remember, the player does not step into the character's shoes at the start of his life; he has already lived a large chunk of his life and this must be referenced to. You cannot have a character whose existence is unknown until the player steps into his shoes. Most importantly of all, you will be making this game for real people, just like yourself. Therefore, if YOU do not like a map, a story plot-point, a person, etc., then neither will your consumers. If you do not enjoy the game, your consumers will not enjoy the game. And that then raises the simple question of: Why did you bother making it in the first place? That concludes this post in my blog. Let me know what you think!