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  1. This game may not be for everyone, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory for more information! The very fabric of reality begins to fray as conflict spreads to engulf the realm, its erstwhile rulers fade and wend t'wards the morrow- bleak and despoiled. Ever traveling, searching for a way to avert the coming of the end. Planets, Stars and Moons all do naught but make it seem in vain. Do not forsake it, the legacy they leave you. A calamity comes to serve as shallow comfort in lieu of cosmic deletion. A bitter choice between a transient existence and an infinite hell. In that morass of sadness and sacrifice, find your truth. Use that truth to lead the way that others may follow. Demo Coming December 2022 Raised by a single father from youth to the cusp of Womanhood, three girls enjoy a life of luxury on an unusually shaped Island on a World called Vahnus. One day, one of the Sisters notices the Sun of their world is shrinking, but despite a track record of being wrong in terms of apocalyptic prophecy, she is not given much credit. But it isn't long before she and her sisters find themselves plunged deep within a conspiracy that is bigger than all of them. The Sun Soon would set on this mortal world. A compelling onslaught of tricky twists, trifling turns and charming tirades. This is Project Fantasia. In a universe similar to our own but different in many ways, awaits a menagerie of magnificent worlds to explore and peoples to meet. The rules of the cosmos are strange, yet can be bet or broken... A malleable form from which only the secrecy of its nature stops it from being a utopia. The administrators who are often refered to as "The Twins" deem this universe a mistake, and seek to rectify it's deviation. Of monkeys and fae, of elves and gods. The world is a fantastical blend of sci-fi and culture pronounced in a way that feels genuine and yet alien. The features are many and the bullet-hell combat is an intense ride with magnetic music and crazy mechanics to help up the ante! However, if you don't wish to be challenged to a degree you can't yet face, there exists a story mode to help make the story more prominent. - Fast-paced action combat, with lots of bullets, color mechanics, maneuvers and gear progression to make it more manageable. - Relatable well thought out characters with a lot of dynamic appeal and charm. -Intense conspiracy-based story that grounds the game from the first moment and keeps you there to the last. -Explore several planets and recruit heroes to join in the Final Battle of Freedom, some places and heroes you may recognize, some... not so much! -Alike most of the CCC's games, we intend Fantasia to be easy to grasp even if you've never played one of the others in our line-up. -Well thought out cinematics that have pushed my abilities (and Vegas Pro's stability) to their limits. -A Brilliant Musical Score by a Composer who is incredibly talented. "You lost the moment you let her live." "Above the jungles of Haven floats Spaceport 9, upon which a crisis recently occurred!" "There is no mercy Power thinks to harbor, you... are on your own." "A visit to the past reveals the trauma a decade suppressed." "An instigator, but not an assassin." "The Ruler of Wisdom questions the authenticity of an Evil God's words."
  2. Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter Somewhere in the Underworld two girls fight... OVER CANDY! Draw your katana, load your cannon! It's time to rock! CGYC:BRS is a small Black Rock Shooter fangame I'm working on. The game is a silly Zelda clone with very light puzzle elements made with RPG Maker VX Ace and Falcao Pearl ABS. It's supposed to be my first actual release and it's completed to 45-50% I'd say, and some things are WIP still but will be replaced eventually. Feedback is appreciated! If anyone would be willing to help me test the game's design and find bugs, I would really appreciate it! Just contact me here or on my GameJolt page. Play the latest version here: https://gamejolt.com/games/cgyc_brs/519739 Changelog: Screenshots: More here (some are previews from WIP stuff btw): Credits
  3. That One NPC

    Alpha Squad [Rebirth]

    ALPHA SQUAD Created by M.J. Saulnier "In 2034 a US deep space probe discovered a planet inside the Milky Way galaxy containing alien life forms. One-hundred and twenty years later, mankind set foot on the planet for the first time... and the war has been raging ever since. Fifty years of combat later, I'm in a UNEGA transport shuttle on my way to the surface. My name is Kayleigh Dawn Mahoney. I had nothing to leave behind, because I lost everything a long time ago. I enlisted at seventeen after my mother died and my father slipped into an abusive, drunken stupor. He'd get so hammered he didn't know who I was, that I was his daughter. I'd turn into some cute little thing he figured was his girlfriend. It wasn't as bad as you might be thinking, but I had to leave, and so I did. After basic training, and a slew of aptitude tests, I was selected by the United Nations of Earth Galactic Alliance to take part in a top secret training mission for the Marines. How could I refuse? Five years later, here I am, headed for a hostile alien planet, lightyears from home, what little I had to call home. It's all so far behind me now..." 2204, The Milky Way Galaxy The shuttle rattled and shook about as it entered the planet's atmosphere. It vibrated violently, producing a loud clanging noise that suffocated the thoughts of ten rookie soldiers. They had been through thousands of intense, realistic drills and simulations, but nothing could prepare them for the real McCoy. Heated, intense combat with an alien race unknown to the regular citizens of earth. It was known that we were away fighting a foreign threat to our planet, but the details get a little mixed up over the lightyears. The truth is a luxury most governments can't, or won't afford to divulge. They didn't know the truth, and most of them weren't ready for it. Kayleigh Mahoney cast her beautiful brown gaze at her best friend Keira Smith. "Are we there yet?" she said, imitating a young child in the back seat of a car on a long trip. Keira laughed. Her medium length blonde hair spilled over her shoulders from under a forest green bandana. She chewed gum through her smile and rolled her blue eyes, looking to her left at Trevor Hanken, who was sound asleep, drooling on his own shoulder. She shook her head in shock, looking back at Kayleigh. "I don't know how he can sleep through this," Keira said. Kayleigh shook her head, laughing at Trevor before she got more serious. "I just can't wait to get there, you know? Settle in, meet this Sarge guy." Jonathan Rhodes looked up from the memo he had been reading. "Who is this guy, anyway?" "They say he's some kind of hero down there. That his men worship him, and the hostiles fear him," David Carlyle spoke up. He leaned forward, an intensity twinkling in his eyes. "They told this one story back on the base ship..." ***** "Negative Ghost 1! This thing is like the wrath of god! We need air support!" Captain Reynolds shouted into the radio over the sound of distant shouting, gun fire and grenade explosions. He sat in a poorly dug trench, screaming into a hand-held communcations device. Sergeant Sean Pentecost lay on his side to Reynolds left, awaiting orders, and growing impatient with the entire situation. The Captain shouted a variety of profane words before he stood up, keeping his head low. "This is the deal, troops! Command wants that Titan taken down, now!! Air support is a no-go on this one, gents. We're on our own!" Sarge leaped from the side of the trench, approaching one of his soldiers. He took a grenade launcher from him, throwing it around his shoulders and shouted across the line. "Cover me!" He took off over the edge of the trench and into the desolate, arid battle field. Miles of rock and dirt. Cloudy, stormy skies that only clear up a few times a month, and odd, unearthly creatures everywhere. Thousands of them marching forward toward the human front. Leading the charge was a giant. The beast was easily four, five-hundred feet tall. It seemed to scrape the sky as it charged forward, crushing any of it's own who failed to avoid it's devastating strides. They shook the earth beneath him, creating the sensation of a series of small earthquakes. Sean didn't flinch, nor hesitate. He pressed forward, fired round after round from his assault rifle. He picked the hostile alien soldiers off one by one at a distance as he ran toward the Titan. Ahead was an old human trench, evidence of a time not so long ago when they had won this battle, only to be driven back by the unrelenting attacks of the natives. He shot two of them in the trench, and three more beyond it as they threw crudely fletched spears in his direction. His shot, even on the move was deadly accurate. Ahead of him, a massive alien spike hit the ground and lodged in the loose, moist soul. The impact lifted dust and clumps of earth into the air. Sarge avoided the massive alien missile that lay in his path, striding to the left, ducking under the upper portion that protruded from the ground on an angle. He dropped his rifle at his side, reaching around his back to pull the grenade launcher around his waist. Moments before reaching the edge of the abandoned trench he took aim and fired a single grenade round into the sky toward the Titan. He pulled a grenade from his vest, pulling the pin as the explosive round hit the Titan in what would be it's face. He lunged sideways into the air over the trench, throwing the grenade with all his might before he fell safely into the trench in a fetal position. The Titan collapsed slowly, creating a massive earthquake, and a raging dust cloud that covered a two mile radius, sweeping over the human line like a sand storm. As the dust began to settle, and the men hacked and coughed the dust from their lungs and throats, the silhouette of a soldier holding a rifle at his breast emerged from the haze. It was Sergeant Sean Pentecost, head hung low, breathing heavily. He stood proudly over the trench. "Hope you pussies were takin' notes." ***** Keira popped a bubble of gum. "This guy sounds hardcore," she said plainly. Johnathan Rhodes leaned forward resting elbows on knees. "There's no fuckin' way it went down like that." "Why not?" Carlyle asked, crossing his arms. "You're tellin' me his whole unit let him go it alone?" "They were shook up, John." "Bullshit! And what kinda grenade launcher can stop something that big? What was it? The only grenade launcher on the planet at the time?" Carlyle laughed. "He's not some kind of god, Carlyle. He's probably some hard ass old man who saved a few asses and won a few battles along the way, so they gave the guy a few medals. Few years and some half-in-the-bag mess hall magic later, the guy's some sort of inhuman alien killing machine." An argument erupted amongst the soldiers, and Kayleigh began to feel like she was the only one on that ship who was focused, nervous, or even worried. She looked down at her lap, a wave of anxiety falling over her entire being. What did she get herself into?
  4. That One NPC

    Final Fantasy (Tribute Series)

    Introduction Part 1 Reflections From The Future "My name is Hans Venechenko. You don't know me, but you know our story. You know her legacy. It's a story of love, hate, friendship, betrayal, courage, and sacrifice. All the hallmarks of a good story. It's about rebellion, men and women taking a stand to defend their land and people before there was nothing left to fight for. It's the journey of how one girl from the slums of Zenobia inspired the world to form a revolution. To take our freedom by force, although at a grave, and unforgettable cost. This is her story, but it's my story, too. And I'd like to share it with you..." Introduction Part 2 Desert Rose Ana Maria Grace rolled over in her comfy bed of soft, warm, purple sheets in her cozy room. She was sound asleep, dreaming of some better time and place. A land of innocence, love, and peace. Angelo slept comfortably beside her. He was her large, furry brown dog. Her beautiful blonde hair rested over her forehead, covering her left eye. Her sparkling emerald gems were shut as she slept the morning away against her fluffy purple pillow. The buzzer inside of her old mechanical clock clang its usual dull, metallic, insistent racket. New clocks had something called a chip that was made from data or something. Here in the slums of Zenobia, there was no fancy, fussy technology. Bikes that ride themselves, you just sit and stare at people passing by. Neat little boxes that show moving pictures. Nothing so sophisticated. The inner city was like something from a comic book or fiction novel. Some futuristic metropolis turning time like the inside of a clock. Late at night you can look out your bedroom window, peer north into the night sky, and see it's lights glowing, flashing and blinking like stars hung just above and below the horizon. She opened her bright green eyes quickly, smiling wide. She smacked the plated spring on the clock, silencing it for another twenty-four hours, and leapt from her bed, startling Angelo as she did so. He slowly got up off the bed, jumping to the hardwood floor with a surge of energy that would last for the next 12 hours. "Can't come today, Angelo. I'm goin' to the inner districts," Ana said, leaning over in the doorway. She shut the door on him, and he tilted his head with a whimper. She jogged down the stairs of her tiny home, running into the kitchen where her mother was sitting, reading the Zenobian Times over a cup of tea. It was a shabby little home nestled into a nook of Zenobia's slums, but it was cozy, warm, neat and welcoming. "I made breakfast," her mother said lovingly, eyes fixed on the article still, no doubt retaining the words as she spoke to her daughter. "Not hungry, Mom," Ana replied, kissing her on the cheek, heading for the door. Ana's mother looked over her shoulder at her oldest daughter as she grabbed her coat from the rack. "Stay away from those left-wing, hooligan friends of yours!" her mother yelled out to her as she dashed out the door. The streets of Zenobia were bustling that particular morning. Buildings, trees, structures and rooftops towered over power lines and into the sky. Bikes, strangely built cars and trucks filled the busy streets. Some were paved or stone, others were run down dirt roads, usually in a series of gritty backstreets networking the outermost corners and reaches of the slums. Far beyond the cluttered, towering groupings of buildings, the massive structures and sky scrappers of the inner core of Zenobia loomed on the horizon like pillars of the heavens, watching over the poverty, despair and corruption that ensued every day amidst the outer slums... That One NPC Presents... Inspired by Squaresoft's Body of Work From 1987-1999 Created by M.J. Saulnier(That One NPC) Dedicated to Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Final Fantasy fans everywhere
  6. Norpoleon

    OTHER Knocka Dora - Re-knocked

    DISCLAIMER: This game contents violence & use of drugs. Well, I finished a remaster of my all-time classic "Knocka Dora" I programmed a few years ago. It's now completely in English! "Knocka Dora - Re-knocked" is a Horror-Adventure-game with Action-RPG-elements, stamina-system & an absurd sense of humour. I was inspired by * Clocktower * Agoraphobia (Meister Räbbit) * Dark Souls * Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" * own experiences I gathered in a nut house * my babycake *: I crafted almost everything in this game by myself. (If this is a good thing you have to answer for yourself lel.) [: Story: The game is set in a German mental-health hospital in the year 1999. Doreen overacted again. After various drug benders she winded up in a psychiatric ward again. But in two weeks she will be released, when suddenly an ancient evil, which haunts the hospital for decades, embarks once again & slingshots Doreen into an alternate reality. Changes to the original game: * completely in English * Stamina-system, altered ABS * graphics completely in a 16-bit-esque, minimalistic retro-style * a few new songs * highscore at the end of the game * and here & there a little tweet or gag, I thought was funny when I made it Screens: Marco... Polo! You socialize in the smoker's lounge of the hospital. And socialize means smoking without a break & don't say a word for hours. Supplier of electric energy hate that trick! How you can save energy costs with this infestation. Refresh your health at the sinks in the hospital. Refresh your soul in this beautiful park in the night. Refresh your... WHAT THE FU** happened here!? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's the link to my Magenta-Cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/I5BpEjgX Have fun. Norpoleon_IIme.
  7. BackAlleySnowma

    In search for a team

    Hello there, I'm your Back-Alley's Snowman here in search for a team to work with on my free project. It's a funny little game about a protagonist that was thrown of a place called Demon Lord's company by his boss. Landing into a nearby trash can, he meets a woman there named Mao who convinces him to go back and convince his boss to give him his job back. After the adventure begins imagination is the limit. Our party must pass through the many floors of the company. Defeat enemies, solve puzzles, find keys and companions and overall make it to the top floor. That's the synopsis. I'm the writer so there are many things I lack. I need: - Pixel artist (Sprites)(Open) - Pixel artist (Backgrounds) (Open) - Composer(Open) If you're interested please comment or contact me at my discord: nero#3104 I'm using RPG Maker MV. Thank you for your time.
  8. pacheco96

    Lords of the City

    Lords of the City is an RPG adventure, comedy and a little bit of drama type of game, inspired by Paper Mario and Earthbound, using a fun and engaging combat system where timing is key! _____________ STORY _____________ A story about tragedy, comedy, drama and... A mustache? Our story begins in Terra,a planet located in the Cookies N ’Cream galaxy, where thousands of years ago, a demon swept through many towns, until four wise men of light destroyed him, leaving only a part of himself that was... A mustache. Hundreds of years later, with the new technology arriving, new cities were built, one of them was Diputs City, built near where that fight happened years ago. One day, Anthony, a 19-year-old man, for unknown reasons, was exploring in the ruins of an island near the city, in search for that demon's mustache. By endangering his life and deciphering various riddles, he finally found the mustache and by mere act of fun, he decided to put it on. What he didn't know, is that the mustache still had a huge power of the demon and it took control of his body! And Anthony became ... Antonio. He started doing small evil things at home, such as not washing the dishes or hiding the remote control, but little by little, his evil was growing, to the point where it bothered our new "heroes," Luke, Mark, David and John. He assaulted the Donut shop where Luke wanted to go buy one and took all of them, he stole Mark a video game, a robot in which David worked for years and to John ... Well, he didn't took anything from him, but because of mere destiny, he joined those who would be his new friends, on a mission to put an end to the chaos of Antonio by assembling... The Holy Razor. _____________ CHARACTERS _____________ LUKE - 21 YEARS OLD ❏ Relentless but not so brilliant ❏ Packs a punch ❏ Kind of a bully ❏ Selfish ❏ Carefree ❏ Had 5 girlfriends, only 1 was official Luke was kicked out from his parents’ house in Prosperity Sub at the age of 18 because of his carefree attitude. He now lives in Debris Suburb, a place where all the lower class live. MARK - 20 YEARS OLD ❏ Gamer ❏ Freak ❏ Uses lots of video game logic ❏ Never kissed a girl ❏ Has a crush in a female video game character Mark lives with his mother Helga, in the Prosperity Suburb of Diputs City, the place where the rich people live. He is not very interested in friendships other than the people found in online games and he spends almost every day in his house's basement, playing video games or commenting on forums. His mother is waiting for the day when Mark does something with his life to finally being able to live alone and bring more men to the house to party with them. DAVID - 22 YEARS OLD ❏ Smart ❏ Sociable ❏ Analytical ❏ Perfectionist ❏ Nagger ❏ Arrogant David is an exchange student, he lives alone in an apartment in the Nature Suburb, where the middle class live. About to graduate as a mechatronics engineer, for his professional project he designed an incredible robotic weapon, which was later on taken by Antonio one week before having to present it. JOHN - 20 YEARS OLD ❏ Shy ❏ Coward ❏ Loyal ❏ Good friend once he trusts ❏ Emotional ❏ Low self-esteem John never met his true parents, he lives in a forest that is next to Diputs City, with 2 witches. They told that his parents abandoned him in the forest and that they decided to take him home and adopt him, but John has highly doubts about this story because they were always mean to him, always making him feel like he was worth nothing. Since then, he has always try to discover his real past. _____________ FEATURES _____________ -A fun and exciting 8-12 hours adventure from start to end! -Sidequests that are literally out of this world! -A combat inspired by Paper Mario with a twist! -Four great developed characters! -Some dramatic scenes! -Comic book styled graphics! -A mustache! -Explore a suspicious school, fight in a "boxing ring", join(NOT) a sect, escape from a crazy rich guy who wants to murder you all, kick some gangsta, and more! _____________ BEAUTIFUL SCREENS _____________ _____________ VIDEO _____________ DEMO NOW AVAILABLE! Hi! A new demo has been released! The ultimate demo! Fixes lots of gameplay issues, and lots of improvements as well! See by yourself! https://mega.nz/#!FlJHzCJS!MYAN06OHxGRndQItkGsN8yAnabvdnzWdxZuRFELkU8I TBD: 2020 Copyright © 2020 _____________ Follow on: https://twitter.com/lordsofthecity https://www.facebook.com/lordsofthecity/ https://www.instagram.com/playlordsofthecity/
  9. Hi everyone! 😀 I'm new on this forum, I just wanna show you what I'm workin' on till many years with rpgmaker2003. The game is almost complete, in few days I should be able to publish it hopefully 😄 Long story short, let me introduce you to: Synopsis: Madness Fantasy is the crazy story about five friends who end up facing a thousand vicissitudes to defeat a criminal gang by working undercover for the police. To do this they will have to face incredible situations, where they will appreciate the life and value of happy times. The game is made entirely by me in rpgmaker2003 and it will be available in english and italian. The story is long 27 chapters and the soundtrack is composed by 62 original songs. Promo trailer (game features): Story trailer (story and characters): Like GTA, there's a city map to explore, but you'll be allowed to freely steal vehicles and go everywhere you like! Basically you'll have to take on some missions which will lead you to many surreal adventures rich of minigames and dialogues. There also will be a lot of secondary quests too! While playing you'll have your position and your objectives under control in the game map anytime thanks to the GPS system. Through game menu you can access multiple options, for instance you can switch between FreeMode or Story and play the game as you want. You can also have access to Trophies, which are special "powers" you can use to customize the game (e.g. you can unlock the power to change the climate in FreeMode). Jackie, Max, Marv, Hank and Dex are the heroes of our story. One evening they decide to go to Oddcity to have fun, but during the event Hank meets a guy and here they get in troubles. There's a police raid and our heroes are taken to the police station and forced to work undercover to be able to infiltrate the Big I, the gangster organization that rules the town. I will show you more screenshots and explain more features in the next days... What do you think about it? 😄😄 It tooks me many years to develop it, I would really appreciate your opinion about it, thanks to all of you 😉
  10. Hello, mates! My name is Gabriel Wagner and I'm a composer, sound engineer and vocalist. I'm looking for game project in RPG/Action genres. I write music in the style of Jeremy Soule (Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind and other): atmospheric, magical, perfectly fit in the adventures, buttles, fantasy stories or horrors. I specialize in music for games in RPG/Action genres and always try to create an atmosphere that perfectly convey the game mood and generates new emotions. I try to make music unforgettable. A lot of attention to harmony and details helps to move us to other places, into magical worlds. My work was strongly influenced by classical music (especially orchestral and choral music). I have a great experience of stage performances and work with many musicians. Official site with portfolio and information: gabriel-wagner.com Just portfolio: soundcloud.com/gabrielwagner Get in touch: ostwagner@gmail.com The works are here: https://soundcloud.com/gabrielwagner/sets/hangarah-portfolio-2018
  11. Insydnis

    The Legend of Relic

    https://insydnis.itch.io/the-legend-of-relic The Story involves Relic whom like the others in his village, have been plagued by nightmares. Relic's nightmare comes true, and thus his journey for revenge sets out in the most perilous outcome. Screenshots: Features: I may make the game longer depending on request. Credits: Hp menu by Ventwig And last but not least, I hope you enjoy the game and music as much as i have making it!
  12. SamuelsAttic

    Chronicles and Fables: ARENA

    Abstract: Its an untypical role-playing story-adventure in the culture-oriented cold-blooded setting that has an emphasis on non-hardcore&still fun realism and has multiple original endings during all story through. Genre: ActionRPG, Adventure, Survival , Story with multi-endings Game Progression: The game is fully completed Recruitment: None Story / Setting / Purpose: *Describe the story and setting of your game in as much detail as possible. *If your game does not feature a traditional story or setting, then explain the premise behind the game and the goals the player must achieve. The story is about humans, about the strong one and a weak one and also about decisions. Some decisions could be made by the player but some others - by the strong ones and player could only deal with its consequences. The game has the Gothic-like dark fantasy setting, full of diverse people that represented specific guilds, cultures, businesses. The purpose is all about joining undefined yet story with the main character that is just facing the consequences of the others' decisions at the start but then - starting to write a story by himself. All this happens in the setting, full of humans of specific culture and behavior, doing different things in some certain way but each of it - at last is all about the same - the money and goods for them. Character Bios: There are no main characters except the player with undefined behavior. Features: 1. Action fighting system. Scrolls, range' and melee' weapon types included (about 50 overall) 2. Hunger-thirst-rest system. It cares that you don't think your character is a biorobot. There are also 2 hidden characteristics that fully depends on the player's decisions. 3. Crafting system. Its Gothic like and comprises food and weapon crafting. 4. Multiple story endings. According to the game designer, you have the main character's purpose and the obvious way to achieve it. Like you usually do. But this time you are the mind controller here, so who says the story must end one way? Studio's game designer envisaged it. 5.Kind of open world. Locations here as well as its inhabitants are part of the setting and you are the only one who can make them part of the story. So walk freely, there is gameplay besides the story. Download: https://samuelsattic.itch.io/arena Screenshots: Known Issues: 1. There isn't pixel movement and the maps are drawn, so there could be some surprise problems with movement close to walls and some objects. Credits: Credit and thanks to: Kyselyov S.S sonic NerdiGaming Yanfly rmrk.net eugene222 Galv Mepps Khas SheolShade Dirge Neon Black Glitchfinder Apellonyx V.M of D.T Falcao Seer UK & OriginalWij Riff Joerao Benjamin Carr Quigon AntiCasper
  13. Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point Alpha 1.1 Introduction EC:AttSP is the first part of Eric Chronicles, a series telling the story about Eric and his glorious quests. Story Have you ever started a project in RPG Maker VX Ace? Then most likely you've encountered Eric, the bravest of all heroes. Have you ever wondered why he is standing in the sea? Probably not. What if the new, empty project itself was actually a game for the whole time? Are you ready to give it a serious approach? Features - ERIC! That itself makes the game great! - Includes RTP graphics, sounds and music! Unique content! - Silly adventure! That silly, that it's so EPIC! - Poorly designed villains! jk, there are no villains at the moment. - Unlimited amount of Hand Axes! LITERALLY! - Seas, islands, fishes and even more axes! NO KIDDING! - Well designed mechanics! Now everything makes sense! - Collect all keys to get out of the water, because reasons! 100% LEGIT! - Die if you'll fall into the bottomless pit ... in the sea! YEAH! - Original gameplay as a result of science in RPG Maker XV Ace. Screenshots Eric in the middle of Difolt Sea. I guess you've never listened to Eric's thoughts... What is better than hand ax? A TRIPLE HAND AX! Maybe not hand axes, but they're dangerously upscaled! Characters Eric.png Eric The bravest of all heroes. He experienced many silly adventures and defeated many poorly designed villains with his hand ax, the legendary default weapon. Credits Download Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point (ALPHA 1.1) Game Auto Manual
  14. "Consequences are inevitable. In this world, we are taught that once you choose your path, there is no going back." Made by Skyusagi. Lortrec: Uprising is the first episode of the Lortrec Project. Genre: Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Medieval, Mystery Progression: [REDACTED] Current Version: [REDACTED] "Shall we proceed?..." [Closed Beta v3.3.1 - Unavailable]
  15. Canvas This is a game for those who love to explore, experiment, and discover. Welcome. Story: Arrym is a Wraith, one of an elite band of thieves notorious for taking on big jobs. He has all the talent in the world, but what little motivation he once had has all but dried up. Branak has the opposite problem. He is a Wisp, a newly inducted member of the guild, with seemingly misplaced dreams of greatness. He is determined to prove himself in the eyes of his superiors and take his place among the Wraiths. They are partners. In the midst of completing a job and evading their sworn enemies, the Knights of the Thorn, they are presented with a bigger job. Much bigger...and far more noble than they would typically agree to. Battle System: Almost everything on-map in Canvas is evented, including the battle system. Use an assortment of pixel-based attacks and abilities to dispatch your enemies in a variety of ways. You can anger them with arrows, stun them with bombs, throw them into each other with gusts of wind, and more! Each on-map enemy was carefully crafted with its own behavior, movement style, and methods of attack to provide the player with challenging and often thought-provoking encounters. Your on-map weapon will change appearance based on the weapon you have equipped. Features: Character swapping - each with their own unique "tool" and advantage/disadvantages when it comes to combat (Weapon range, attack speed, etc.) A variety of shared tools/abilities acquired throughout the game, useful for combat and puzzle solving. Item crafting Area maps Bestiary Glossary Characters grow based on your AP allocation A free-jump system that works hand in hand with my... Robust elevation system - Ties in with projectiles, tools, line of sight, jumping, etc. Puzzles aplenty! - You will need to experiment with your tools, and then come up with new and creative ways use and combine them. Mini-games galore! - As you explore the world of Canvas, you will discover many evented mini-games to add variety to the gameplay. They are all fully-interactive game systems as opposed to pass/fail based on a number or stat systems. Lockpicking (2 versions) Mining Fishing Pickpocketing Blacksmithing Persuasion Screenshots: New Screenshots: * The game is around 15 hours long The game is unencrypted, and for those who own RPG Maker VX Ace, I encourage you to poke around and explore. Download: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5517/ Credits: You might also like my first game, Manifest, which can be found here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3694/
  16. http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/25/yep-50-buffs-states-core/ Go to 6:22 in the video so you'll know what I'm asking about. Does anyone know the syntax that would force the actor who has a state (that lasts a few turns) to perform a skill/action when said state expires? (This would be like a curse state, that kills the actor when it expires) And, similarly, syntax that would have a chance (let's say 50%) of forcing the actor with said state to perform a skill/action upon their turn starting, before their chosen action/skill? (this would be used like confusion in Pokemon. 50% actor will get a state that prevents them from acting that turn)
  17. RayChan


    beta is out in testing : http://arion.my-free.website/download or https://www.mediafire.com/?eir3dmi11i1dhc6 Story :In the Beginning of Arion you open to chasing the main boss of the story while you are drugged on a potion that will in 2 minutes make you forget everything. after you lose to the boss you will have to start from the beginning of arion which is at Hermes's territory you fight Hermes, and after you defeat him he teleports you to the Field of Kato which is filled with slimes, rest of the story you unfold as you go. Setting :it is mostly in the older time periods of the forest. for first town its more Forest like second town is a Snow town and third village is forest like. Purpose : i Actually started on RPG maker to do 1 thing make a Action rpg game because as i was looking in the Game List for RPG maker VX Ace i saw there weren't many Action games only around 8 to 10 and i thought it'd be unique to make an Action RPG game where even though the characters are 32 x 32 you can still change the way you look and stuff. Game Progression : 33% (demo coming out in 11/1/16) Recruitment: I am looking for a scripter, Artist, and a mapper. Characters: only 1 Character is Available in Arion because having 2+ characters would mean making 2 different stories and basically copy and pasting a lot of text from the story and just changing names. Since there is only 1 character in game and the character is mainly a sword user I will make it so that for your second Weapon you can basically use a Staff or a Gun still deciding. Credit : Features : Feature ScreenShots : Game ScreenShots :
  18. LaMulana

    elation - in progress

    VX Ace – In Progress, Science fiction, pearl ABS, Space Exploration, Non-Linear elation Abstract: Explore the solar system. Genre: science fiction / action / rpg Game Progression: Most of the major work is done. Still need to add npc's and missions. I expect to publish the game in the 2nd half of 2017. Recruitment: I have not decided to ask for help yet. If someone with talent wants to assist, I may be open to it. If you include a Demo. please indicate the average demo time: I have no idea how long it would take someone else to play the sections I have finished. However I have not made a demo YET. If there is sufficient interest i may consider it. Story / Setting / Purpose: An Old system built by unknown culture is activated. A machine with advanced AI integrated with biological tissues. 3D Printer fleet complete with mining and harvesting autonomous units. Harvesting activities are disrupting various planets and planetoids. Federation members ask for an investigation. (ANYMORE INFORMATION WOULD RUIN THE STORY) Character Bios: Admiral Grain - a Altruistic Galactic Safety Administrator. After many successful missions for the United Federation of Planets, Grain has taken off his wings hoping to transition into a peaceful desk job in a far off sector of the gamma quadrant. After weeks of decrypting and analyzing incoming transmissions He starts to compile disrupted and scrambled distress calls from all over the quadrant. After many failed attempts to reach the federation, Grain realizes something has gone wrong. With the rank of Admiral and no one to answer to Grain decides to investigate the quadrant while continuing to transmit his telemetry to an all but responsive Federation Headquarters. SCREENSHOTS: SOME OF THE ART Credits: Scripts used: 8 Dir Move - JV Master Script MOG - Animated Title A (v2.1) – Moghunter Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 MOG - Weather EX (v2.1) – Moghunter MOG - Chain Commands (v1.4) – Moghunter – NOT USED YET Khas Awesome Light Effects – Khas Arcthunder Fullscreen++ v2.2 – Zeus81 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Save Engine v1.03 Yanfly Engine Ace - Save Engine Add-On: New Game+ v1.00 Miscellaneous Options By Jet10985 (Jet) Ring Menu Version 1.2 by Syvkal Yanfly Engine Ace - System Options v1.00 Basic Window Resizer v1.1 – V.M of D.T (Vlue) Drop Options Version: 1.1.0 – modern algebra Direction Fix Button – Hime – NOT USED YET Galv's Event Pop-Ups Fog effect V1.5 Falcao Galv's Superman Ability – NOT USED YET Item Rarity – Hime Galv's Basic Music Player In-Depth Maps v2.1 – FenixFyreX MOG - Simple Anti Lag (V2.0) – Moghunter MOG - Anti Animation Lag (v1.0) MOG - PICKUP AND THROW (v1.2) MOG - Event Text Popup (v1.0) – NOT USED YET MOG - Parallax EX (v1.2) – NOT USED YET Remember Event Position 1.0 – Shaz – NOT USED YET Overlay Maps – Tsukihime – NOT USED YET Overlay Map Zoom – Tsukihime – NOT USED YET Patch for khas awesome light effects and Overlay Maps ???? GameOver with choices – bStefan aka. Regendo module TurnInPlace – ???? Khas Pathfinder – Khas Arcthunder- NOT USED YET KMS_MiniMap – TOMY@Kamesoft Etude87's KMS MiniMap Add-on ver.1.1.4 – Etude87 CaitSith2's Vehicle Passibility 1.1 – CaitSith2 Window_MapNamePlus – Majirefy Gamepad Extender v1.0b – Lone Wolf Perfect Pixel Collion System – Cidiomar R. Dias Júnior CollisionHelper – Cidiomar R. Dias Júnior Toolbar Addon for Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v3 – Sixth Auto-Unequip Tools for Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v3 – Sixth EXP Bar Fix for Falcao's ABS – Sixth Basic AI Module for Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v3 – Sixth Kadafi - Command Disabler Version : 1.2 – Kadafi & Sixth Projectile Update Patch for Falcao's ABS – Sixth Timed Enemy Drops v1.1 – Sixth Yanfly Engine Ace – Button Common Events v1.00 Map Screenshot – Hime Zeus Video Player v2.3 – Zeus81 Basic Autosave v1.1 – V.M of D.T (Vlue) Script Event Page Conditions v1.1 – V.M of D.T (Vlue) Basic Recipe Crafting v1.1a – V.M of D.T (Vlue) – NOT USED YET Artwork: spaceplanetspack1bygm_shaberb ___Evera_Nebula_by_freelancah_ Dance_in_the_Stars_Background_by_thebakablonde Audio: Nothing is final in terms of audio. I have composed most of the tracks the game uses. There are songs hidden throughout the game. There is also a music store in the game. So I will be using more than my own compositions, but not necessarily the artists I will be listing. For the time being I have a few artists that I will name because they are actually used in my beta build. While they may not appear in the final game here they are anyway. RoccoW – various tracks: https://soundcloud.com/roccow, http://freemusicarchive.org/music/RoccoW/ Arc North – various tracks: https://soundcloud.com/arcnorth, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqawukswZ0GUo4efsX9kLGw, https://www.facebook.com/ArcNorth Rakim – When I be on the mic ----->>> will probably remove this track. A bit of fun for testing. Tilesets: I have not really decided on certain tilesets. Most tilesets had to be edited for my purposes. I have a bunch of sets I have not used yet for commercial reasons. Besides RTP tiles: hyptosis_tile-art ayene_chan - plant tiles Jerom future-joy-tilee steampunkishtile considering using celianna tile sets?? I need to contact Celianna about commercial use. Features: Emphasis on exploration, non-linear level design, and role-playing elements. find and use items,weapons, skills ranging from swords and knives to guns and expendable items such as bombs or rockets. obtain health restoratives, equipment and items that boost attributes. -Uses the Falcao Pearl Active Battle System. -Hundreds of items, weapons, and skills to find. -much more.... Download: -NA- Known Issues: -NA- I Have been hard at work for 2 years on this. It is going really well. I have done a lot of the work, it is a process of putting the material out there. So this will be an evolving type of post. Material will trickle in. I hope to post a DEMO around Christmas Eve or Day. It's funner that way hehe.
  19. ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— ————————— —————————
  20. Every time I try to post a status update, I see "Action failed." My status updates do post, but it bothers me to see it everytime I post a status update.
  21. Resident Evil RPG Shooter Abstract:A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with signs of cannibalism on the victims' remains. The S.T.A.R.S.are assigned to investigate the murders. Alpha team finds the helicopter of Bravo team in the Arklay forest, they find the remains for the helicopter, and their fellow comrade Joseph, then are attacked by some dogs. Alpha team escapes into the mansion where they must find any survivors and fight of any creatures they encounter Genre: Action, Shooter Story / Setting / Purpose: You arrive at the mansion, and take control of either Chris Redfield, or Jill valentine, you are searching for your comrades who you lost contact with. There was cannibals attacks in the forest and STARS was sent to investigate. Character Bios: story Credits: Scripts : Facesets: Facemaker by Foxrichards - http://foxrichards.deviantart.com/art/FaceMaker-52755515 Tilesets - Made myself. Screenshots: Videos: Features: Shooting system notes you pick up like in the games Combinable herbs When injured sprite changes UI While walking around, to check your health and ammo without going inventory Guns and ammo Save via typewriter and use ink ribbons Knifing system Mini-maps on all maps. Puzzles like in the games the character sprites u see in the pictures may not be used in final product Redoing my project in RPGMAKER VX ACE I only have two rooms done so far, but I finally got my inventory working . I changed to VX ACE because XP scripts was too buggy and not fixable and crashes occasionally. So i will be using vx ace and Event everything I can. Enjoy
  22. inchismaniac


    This is the trailer of the game; " /> " /> " /> " /> " />
  23. "While not an individual world, the common name is associated with that of a realm consisting of multiple planes of being, one dependent on the other with each having boundaries that do not seek to conform with those of mankind" Précis... Decades ago, a group of curious explorers ventured to the Ancient Ruin of Inyaa. Only expecting to find the derelict home to a long gone civilization, these men had come across a stone. They were quick to assume that their discovery was only one of a kind and extremely rare in it's worth. After transporting it back to their hometown, they realized that this stone was the farthest thing from a common treasure. The stone had an unexplainable power to put whoever exposes themselves to it's mysterious radiance in contact with what they assumed were Gods. After these claims, the rock was dubbed "Mother Mercury" by those who had heard of it's capabilities. Those with dark and corrupted minds however, would experience happenings that were much more horrifying. They reported sightings of nightmarish demons and other sinister figures. This would cause mass amounts of people across the world to go insane, whether it was directly from their experience with the stone, or from complete shock that such things could happen to people. Not long after, those with mastery of Cosmic Arts found out ways to manipulate people with the use of illusions, claiming that said illusions were avatars sent by the Gods themselves. This would only cause more corruption among other people. The use of Cosmic Arts in this way would go on to be called "Art of Ragnorak". In the midst of the chaos that was stirred all these years ago, two feuding cults emerged based on their opposing beliefs of Mother Mercury's origin and intended purpose. The two being the "Saturnine" and the "Magisters". One night, while members of the Saturnine were in the middle of conducting their usual private research, a break in occurs in their main building. Two cultists, Oran Saderos and Kilzan Vivette, witness this while on their post and go to investigate the disturbance. Your experience of a strange, fantastical setting begins here... Playable Characters... Kilzan Vivette, the Radiant Shifter Oran Saderos, the Edge Tamer Reala Vanderyt, the Astromancer Tajh Antoni, the Naught's Ballista Combat Mechanics... This game will be using Moghunter's Linear Motion Battle System. Since it was made by him and only uses Scene_Battle, I have plenty of room to add more to the combat, seeing as how it's been compatible with just about everything I've thrown at it. Also, I must note that I plan on this being an a rather difficult game. This may or may not take you multiple attempts (especially in the beginning) to get used to a new challenge. Each character has only 100 Mana Points, which are used for that character's Arts. The amount of MP a character has does NOT change upon leveling them up, but can be increased a small amount by equipping certain Gears with passive abilities.When you're out of MP, you are only limited to a generic attack. This was intentionally set up like this as a way to prevent spamming on parts of the game that are intended to be difficult (like a boss fight). To prevent the player from being hopeless or having to use an item when out of MP, taking damage will restore a small amount of MP per hit. The characters will have a TP Meter that will fill up when either taking or dealing damage. When you have sufficient TP, you will be able to equip and perform certain Arts that are more useful (sometimes situational) than your other Arts. Another feature involving the use of TP are the character's Shadow Arts. These are each character's most powerful Arts and require large amounts of TP. To pull these off, simply use a certain ability while having sufficient TP and it will automatically chain after the attack. Terminology... Omega Arts - Special attacks used by characters that aren't magic based and don't require any time to cast before using them Cosmic Arts - Magic based attacks. They consume more Mana than Omega Arts and require time to cast. The name comes from the ancient belief that these abilities are influenced by the power of the universe and the Gods themselves Art of Astromancey - An ancient method of learning and performing Cosmic Arts. This is the most commonly accepted and efficient method of performing these god-like feats Art of Ragnorak - While this is very similar to that of Astromancey, this technique involves the use of nightmares and what some consider to be illusions. The more corrupt the user, the more powerful their Arts become Port Yvell - A port located on a small island. This is the only town on this island and is home to Reala Vanderyt and Tajh Antoni. Yvell thrives off of it's advantage of not only having a common transport method, but it's diverse geography gives it's inhabitants access to a wide variety of resources Ancient Ruin of Inyaa - An ancient and obscure city that was populated at an unknown point in the past. It is commonly mentioned in folklore to have had very abstract spiritual practices and rituals. After Mother Mercury's discovery, the city has become a subject of mystery and debate Saturnine - One of the cults that formed after Mother Mercury's controversy. They believe that the stone was formed by protectors of Inyaa and cursed by a Shaman as a way to protect the city from greedy travelers with a potentially dangerous intent Magisters - The second cult that arose from Mother Mercury's discovery. These people support the idea that the stone generated in the depths space through the will of the Gods, and that it was sent to their planet as a means of contact between them and whoever was "lucky" enough to stumble across the mysterious rock. To the Magisters, this served as a crucial piece of evidence that the Gods haven't given up them, as this is widely speculated Visuals... Features... Combat - Moghunter's Linear Motion Battle System -Unique Desperation Moves -Enemy HUD - Moghunter Bonus Gauge -Non-restricted Combo System Other -Moghunter Weather EX - Khas Pixel Movement - Khas Light Effects - Quack Character Afterimages - Zeus Map Effects -RPG Maker MV Battlebacks - XS Message System -XS Map Hud Disclaimer... I apologize for this topic looking unappealing or if I did this wrong, as I don't use forums. If there is something I can do better on, please tell me. Thanks. There's a video with footage of the project here: https://youtu.be/g_WuXb_oBJU I just couldn't find out how to get it in the post.
  24. Ryan Entertainment This is our first project about an Action-RPG game and the second project created by RPG Maker VX Ace. Despite of lacking experience, we have tried our best to make this, to test our skills and to enjoy our passion in game development. Your supports are the motivation for us to keep on working and providing a good quality game. Thank you so much for paying attention. 1. About Project - Game Title: The Yggdrasil - A Tale of Cindrivia - Genre: Free to Play, Turn-Based Action RPG - Engine used: RPG Maker Vx Ace - Platform: Windows - Language: English (However, English is not our mother language so we are only able use some simple structures and there might contain some grammar mistakes. We are truly sorry for this, but we will try our best to improve the in-game texts) - Number of Scripts used: 138 (Might increase in the future) - Author: Ryan Entertainment Studio - Progress: Under-developed (50%) - Number of Participants: 2 (James Ryan & Forte Chaos) - Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8o9TplGHyh5eUJGdm9MV082ZEk/view?usp=sharing (Update: Please avoid downloading this because of some critical bugs, but it is still playable.) - Contact us: via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RyanEntertainmentStudio 2. The Story 3. Playable Characters 4. Special Game Systems 5. Screenshots & Videos 6. Credits Thank you so much for supporting our project!
  25. Prologue: Thirteen years ago there was a Kage(A Kage is the leader of a land) named Alex (who is Spark's grandfather). Alex went to defend the Land of Grass from three out of eleven beast spirits who were attacking it. Among them was a fire dragon that burned anything to ashes, a water sea serpent that had great healing abilities and lightning bird that was as fast as the speed of light. Alex fought them head on, but in the end Alex used a powerful sealing xtu to seal the spirits in three children who were chosen by him. By using up his entire life chi to save the lands Alex died. Thirteen years later there is an academy for ninjas. Here is where we will meet our main characters. Max, who is the popular kid in school, also is very arrogant. Next we have Maddie a girl who is in love with Max just like all the other girls in school. Then there is a very energetic ninja named Spark who is best friends with J.C. The fourth is a ninja named Kitt he is very slow person also he cannot use any xtu. And last we have the main character J.C who is in love with Maddie (she does not know or acknowledge this) and is best friends with Spark. Main Story: After passing the finals J.C is put into his ninja group named Team Phoenix and the leader being his older brother Zane. J.C's teammates consist of: Spark, Maddie and Max. After being grouped Team Phoenix does some training exercises to prepare them for their first mission. The story then continues to tell the tale of J.C and his adventures. The Heroes The Villains World Setting: A fantasy setting with both a Modern and feudal japan mix. This Game Has: 1. About 10 - 20 Hours of game play 2. Great and Unique Story 3. Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine 4. Over 200 Creative and Unique skills! 5.Over 200 Creative and Unique items! 6.Over 200 Creative and Unique Weapons and Armor! 7. Over 100 Creative and Unique Enemies! 8. Yanfly Engine Ace - Save Engine Add-On: New Game+ v1.00 9. Interesting and relatable characters! Rated: T Violence strong language suggestive themes Game Download Links: Screen Shots: Villages: Shops & Houses: Menu & Battle Screens: Dungeons: Credits: (Note: There is no credit script, however in the "READ First" folder there is a credit list) Destiny Warriors Video Intro Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf6An3XStJI ................................................................................................................................................................... If you see your or someones work that I have left out of the game please let me know so I can give them credit as well. Please report any errors, grammar issues and etc. for update fixes. Feed back is appreciated!! ...................................................................................................................................................................