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  1. FluffexStudios


    Hello all, We are a group of small developers who worked on our game project Stitched for the past 3 years. Stitched got greenlit several months ago and ever since we been hard at work to make this project into an amazing horror narrative experience as possible! Now we are very happy to announce that our game is released on Steam! Check out our game below: http://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/ Abstract: Stitched is a horror adventure game about a girl who is trapped in a doll factory. Genre: Horror, adventure, puzzle, mystery Game Progression: Game finished Recruitment: None at the moment Demo: None at the moment Story / Setting / Purpose: Stitched strings together the thrilling story of Catherine Stockholmes, an otherwise ordinary girl. The story begins with Catherine waking up in an eerie doll factory. With a great desire to escape, Catherine is forced to venture through the factory. But little does she know that terrible fates always befall the curious ones. Will Catherine muster enough courage to needle her way out of the factory? Or will she fall into sheer despair and perish? For more information, please visit our steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/ Character Bios: Catherine Stockholmes: An 18 year old girl with a sweet and honest personality. She was diagnosed with a serious heart condition at a young age. Her symptom will worsen whenever she is frightened. This can potentially lead to her passing out or worse, death. Doll: A mysterious doll that displays a calm and stoic expression. She seems to know more about the incident that occurred in the doll factory than she lets on. Boy: A strange but simple boy who is constantly searching for his missing parents. He seems to be seeking for more than just his parents... Credits: { Project Creator/Lead Developer } Minh Nguyen { Assistant Developer } Joshua Kim Phi Ton Sagar Patel { Lead Artist } Betsy Luk { Illustration } Dorothy Kim - Webmaster/cutscene arts Melanie Ho - Cutscene arts Yvette Tsui - GUI arts Yu-Hsuan “Irene” Ti - General arts Yung Nguyen - General arts Allison Nguyen - General arts Cyan Chan - Concept arts { Graphical Resources } ‘A.M’ ‘Ayene’ ‘BenBen’ ‘Caitlin NicNubill’ ‘Flaming Teddy Productions’ ‘Hanzo’ ‘Mack’ ‘NanikasiraTkool’ ‘Pixel’s World’ ‘Rainbow Jello’ ‘Recife’ ‘White Patisserie’ RPG Maker XP Horror Interior Tiles - [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA, LTD; creator: Frontier Works Classic School Tiles - [Copyright](C) Sherman3D Modern Day Tiles - [Copyright](C) 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC; artist Lunarea { Voice } Catherine Stockholmes - Dorothy Kim Dark Figure - Dorothy Kim Doll - Karen Lee { Music/Sound Effects } Darren Curtis John Hammer "Train destruction.flac" by CGEffex of Freesound.org "Glass Smash, Bottle, C.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org Survival Horror - [Copyright](C) Joel Steudler The Emporium of Copper and Steel - [Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA, LLC Musician Murray Atkinson Sinister Hollows - [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA Co., LTD; Pack Creator: Murray Atkinson { Programmers } Minh Nguyen Phi Ton { Scripts } ‘Acezon’ - F12 Reset Fix ‘Amaranth Games’ - Mouse ‘Near Fantastica’ - Mouse ‘SephirothSpaw’ - Mouse ‘Shaz’ - Mouse ‘Lanthanum Entertainment/Adiktuzmiko’ - Map HUD ‘Hime’ - Title Large Choices ‘Khas Arcthunder’ - Lighting Effect ‘Mithran’ - Text Cache ‘Moghunter’ - Picture Gallery ‘Raizen’ - Sliding Puzzle Game ‘TheoAllen’ - Pathfinding ‘Yanfly’ - Movement Mod, System Options, Save Engine ‘Zalerinian (~ZF)’ - Keyboard Manager { Game Engine } Enterbrain (RMVXA) { Testers } Joe Nunez Joshua Kim Minh Nguyen Nhu Pho Phi Ton Sagar Patel Saveen Chadalawada Triet Nguyen Trailers: Screenshots: Features: Compelling story: - Drives gameplay and exploration. Unsettling atmosphere: - Feel the suspense of not knowing what lies behind each door. Meticulously detailed, hand drawn cut scenes: - Original art brings scenes to life. Thoroughly developed characters: - Make decisions based on character actions and motives. Heart-stopping chase sequences: - Tread carefully. A variety of engaging puzzles: - Solve puzzles in order to progress as well as unlock secrets. Price: $6.99 Check out our game on steam and on itch.io For other media: Facebook Twitter IndieDB Steam Discussion
  2. sriden

    OTHER Polaris 03

    The FAMAS community presents Click on the picture to see the full size Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0PlgTzeSwg Status: completed game, collaborative project with varied gameplay Genre: science fiction, puzzle, adventure Languages: English & French Game length: minimum of approximately 2 hours Engine: RPG Maker XP Graphics and music: custom In a near future, your space shuttle crashed in the middle of Antarctica. You are unharmed but your spaceship is shattered. In order to survive, you will have to explore the depth of an odd structure, nearby the crash site... DOWNLOAD POLARIS 03 v1.2 - final version - 113 MB Other link via itch.io : https://sriden.itch.io/polaris03 People who have worked on this game: Criket forêtnor NanakyTim Nemau Roi of the Suisse sriden trotter Zam Alex RoiEsper + foretnor + Zeus81 We also want to thank these people for their help: AlterEgo, Darxenas, Felwynn, Shin, Zim Check the original soundtrack of this game on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVMZOdhK5G0 DOWNLOAD POLARIS 03 v1.2 - final version - 113 MB
  3. RishigangiX

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    She was one of the best in her line of work. She had it all - the money, the fame, the respect of her peers and the fear in the eyes of her enemies. But sometimes all it takes is one hit from the bitch called life to knock you off your feet. Following the tragedy of the RM-8 incident, Eva Reynes finds herself in a life drenched with alcohol and music, with no care in the world for her job and her responsibilities. Evenings once spent chasing criminals were now spent chasing bottles of whisky. On one such evening, she got a call from her apprentice and friend, Damien Wills. He had been framed for murder. "Just this time" were her words when she put on her overcoat and headed for the scene of the crime. But when she finds out that this case somehow connects to the one case which ruined her life, how will she react? Are there answers at the end of the road, or will she end up chasing shadows leading nowhere? How will the years of drinking and reclusion take a toll on her when it matters the most? Walk in the footsteps of the legendary Eva Reynes and unveil the truth. Warning: Eva Reynes: Volume One is a dark, sadistic mystery game which gets increasingly difficult, and there will be no hand-holding after the tutorial. After the first episode, you will be on your own to make deductions and find clues. The game will NOT warn you if you go on the wrong path, miss clues, or make wrong deductions, which may eventually put you on a one way street to a bad ending. At times you won't even know where you made the mistake. - Unique personalities, complex and unpredictable plots, and a captivating story. - Investigate crime scenes, search for clues, make deductions and find out the truth. - Engage in timed discourse battles; point out contradictions using the evidence you've found. - Manage and develop skills/traits like Personality, Perception, Discourse, etc. - At times you'll have to choose between being a good person or a good investigator. - Original content and artwork. - Several bad endings, one normal ending and one true ending. Website: https://www.potatobraingames.com/eva-reynes RMN: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10841/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PotatoBrainG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PotatobrainGames/ Lead Developer: Rishigangi (Potatobrain Games) Graphics: Sage Takeda Avery Cyanide FirstSeedMaterial Sturmfels PandaMaru com_sho Cvrtis bougainvillea Chalkdust hiddenone waifu2x Bokou Indrah whtdragon Enterbrain [Copyright](C) 2012 KADOKAWA, INC; DEGICA Co., LTD artists Archeia, Marimo, Caz, Ocean's Dream, Thernz scripters Yami, Liquidize Music samkfj Kerrigan Marrion Fields Production shimtone MAKOOTO Amachamusic MakaiSymphony RengokuTeien Scripts: MOGHunter Yanfly - yanfly.moe Khas HimeWorks Soulpour Archeia DreamX Takeya Kimura Shaz Karberus Hudell ExHydra PHLiM2 Kamesoft Tor Damian Design
  4. OldPat

    PSYCHE Locke

    - Download Link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/l1bcseuuf9oxm9s/PSYCHE+Locke+-+1.0.2.rar - Screenshots - - Introduction - PSYCHE Locke is a short 2D Puzzle/Adventure game, with a dark and cyberpunk-y setting, which was created for the Theme Roulette event held by rpgmaker.net. Unfortunately, the game couldn't be released in time for the deadline. Still, I worked hard in order to finish the game and release it anyway some time after that. The main theme of PSYCHE Locke is "Yourself", the concept of identity. The game focuses on Locke, a strange being, a "Psyche", who's trying to retrieve his former self and his lost memories. As a Psyche, Locke has the ability to merge his soul with that of other people, manipulating them. The player can merge with, almost, any NPC he encounters during his playthrough. Possessing someone allows the player to do certain things or talk to certain people, helping him progressing through the game. I hope you'll like PSYCHE Locke and that you'll have fun playing it. I'm very proud of what has been done, even though it's a short game made in a very small time frame. - Story - Locke is a Psyche, a peculiar being. He can read other people's feelings, other people's thoughts, their personalities and yet he can't comprehend them. He has lost his former self, his memories... he's nothing more than an empty husk. He can feel other people's emotions but he doesn't know what those mean, why people feel that way. He's incapable to. With the help of Doctor Aidi, Locke goes on a quest to retrieve his former self. While questioning his own identity, Locke is also pursued by SEELE's Special Unit, led by Colonel Jade Ichizen, an emotionless and ruthless woman that wants to capture him in order to study his abilities. Will he be able to survive inside Cognitus City and find his lost self? - Gameplay - PSYCHE Locke is a Puzzle/Adventure game. In order to progress through the game, the player has to use Locke's abilities. Since he's a Psyche, Locke has the ability to merge his soul with that of others, manipulating them and accessing their memories and personalities. Manipulating certain people will allow you to progress and do stuff that Locke alone wouldn't be able to do. For instance, taking control of a very slim person will allow Locke to fit inside small air ducts and gain access to new locations. Taking control of a charismatic person will allow you to give orders to someone else, while taking control of a strong person will allow you to move heavy objects around. At the same time, Locke can access other people's Mind Palaces. That's where all their memories reside, and where you can talk to a specific person face to face, learning what their true fears are and what their personality is like. Someone with a very strong personality may be able to persuade others... or perhaps you can use that people's connections to your advantage. Investigating the Mind Palaces and merging with other people in order to solve small puzzles are the core mechanics of the game. The game also features a simple stealth system. Locke will be hunted by SEELE, an organization which is really interested in his powers. He will have to avoid contact with SEELE's Special Unit. If one of those soldiers find Locke it will be instant Game Over, so the player will have to move around carefully while trying to solve the game's puzzles. - Characters - Locke Locke is a Psyche, a being with the power to merge his soul with that of others. He was experimented on by SEELE until the day Doctor Aidi saved his life. Because of those experimentations, Locke lost his memories and his former self. He's nothing more than an empty husk at the moment, capable of listening to what others think and feel but without understanding them and without having feelings and emotions of his own. Doctor Aidi Aidi is a doctor who worked for SEELE, until the day she decided to save Locke and escape SEELE's secret labs with him. She's a very "professional", "serious" doctor, but she's far from being a "cold" individual. She always stays by Locke's side and tries to help him recover his lost self through psychoanalysis. Perhaps as a way to atone for her sins? Or there's more to it than that? Will "The Forger" Will, known as "The Forger" in the underworld, is a member of the Haven's Army of Freedom, a rebel faction which consists of civilians tired of SEELE's tiranny. He's very well known among criminals because he's the only person capable of forging fake IDs for the citizens of the Lower Sectors of Cognitus City. He's quite shady and he doesn't get along well with strangers, but when SEELE's a common enemy he can become quite the ally. Colonel Jade Ichizen The Colonel of SEELE's Special Unit is a very mysterious and twisted individual. It almost seems like she can't feel any sort of emotion whatsoever. She's cold, ruthless and will do whatever it takes in order to complete her mission. She will do whatever is necessary to find Locke and capture him. She's also quite skilled, probably one of SEELE's best soldiers. Not much else is known about her. - Credits - A game by: OldPat PSYCHE Locke Characters by: OldPat Chara Editing by: HROT Killveran89 Font by: Allen R. Walden Third-party Scripts by: RPG Maker Source Joke TheoAllen Modern Algebra Victor Sant Velvet Isis Betatested by: Dragnfly (Proofreader) Master Danix AliceMisaki Killveran89 Owari Musics by/from: 2 8 1 4 Blade Runner Evangelion Maduro The Ink Spots Special Thanks to: RPGMaker.net - For being awesome! Frogge - For the not-1-by-1 pixel rain. HROT - For supporting me all the way during development. And, of course, a special thanks goes to YOU! Thank you for playing or just being interested in my game. I hope you've/you will enjoy it! See you!
  5. Trailer: Music http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZBhf-J6qUSg http://youtube.com/watch?v=oGPAw58yA94 http://youtube.com/watch?v=YVRj4asxVMk http://youtube.com/watch?v=JzSogSiN3OU Lets Plays http://youtube.com/watch?v=sQY9KwIPSmI http://youtube.com/watch?v=Jibcwv9WuKM http://youtube.com/watch?v=07Fo2FxXS7s http://youtube.com/watch?v=7yaQGKYLoZM http://youtube.com/watch?v=i2Pq04JiLuQ HorrorVale is a spooky RPG about ghosts and skeletons and vampires and stuff. Centered on the main character, Alice, you're on a quest to save your zombie dog! There's lots of unique and interesting characters to meet on the way, and the game itself acts as a parody, or a love letter to the Horror Genre itself. Taking place in a strange place known as "The Underworld", undead monsters roam freely and live "peacefully". On her way to HorrorVale High, Alice is suddenly thrust into an adventure beyond anything she can imagine as she goes on a quest to save her dog from a mysterious group of monsters known only as "Creepies", who showed up without warning and are causing trouble! Please check it out and let me know what you think! DEMO: https://gamejolt.com/games/horrorvale/366063 https://alarkus.itch.io/horrorvale Reviews: Popcorn Horror - http://popcornhorror.com/review-horrorvale/ It's also worth it to subscribe to our official YouTube channel. We'll be uploading more updates as well as songs from the soundtrack in the future.
  6. Orgaya


    The first in any incorporeal step is to rise and become cognizant of your own desires. All walks of life must adhere to this simple concept. Resistance to such is to follow what is laid out before you, progressing infinitely through kalpas created over nonsensical dreamstates. How? Because all paths are laid out regardless of prior choice. The most difficult area in this regard is to accept this as an absolute, and move forward with what is necessary. Defiance is not optional. You only have a single directive - comply. Description Geiken is a mystery/philosophical story set in a fantasy/sci-fi world, inspired by games from the Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout series. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness. Decisions can be made that alter the course of the narrative and the landscape of the finale. There are six different endings that occur based on prior choices. Abstract: A narrative-focused game with an emphasis on player-protagonist engagement and unintended consequences based on player choice. Genre: Mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi Game Progression: Complete Demo Length: 20-30 minutes (Download is at the bottom of the post.) Trailer Story Characters Current Features - A 20-30 hour main storyline spread across 10 quests. - A quest journal system. - An in-game compass that points to your current objective. Can be turned on and off. - Combat is ABS, meaning you fight on the map. Companions are also able to fight alongside you. - 30+ optional dungeons. - 20+ side quests. - 100+ unique weapons, armor, and items, all with different abilities and stats. - Many readable, in-game books that expand on the lore. - Open world gameplay. Screenshots Videos Version History Credits Downloads (RTP stands for "Run-Time Package", which is required for RPG Maker games to work. If you've already played an RPG Maker VX Ace game on your computer, chances are you already have the RTP. Download the Non-RTP version if that is the case; if this is your first time, download the With RTP version.) Non-RTP With RTP (The demo is merely the beginning area with little restriction. There is no story, you start with a basic weapon and healing spell, you can explore the island freely, and you can talk to any of the NPCs. This is just to allow anyone who is curious to see what the game offers.) Demo Non-RTP Demo With RTP
  7. Perang Cemen

    Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest

    Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest If you didn't judge a book from it's cover then don't judge a game form it's cover too! This is The BEST Rpg game Ever Game Progression 75/100 Average Demo time: Up to 8 hour. Story about the world of Perang Cemen In a world, where monsters take many forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever. It all begins with Lexar, who has a dream given to him by the god Zukan. In this dream, Zukan commands Lexar to become his champion, and take up arms against the legion of monsters. Lexar is not entirely willing to do this, believing that humans and monsters can coexist peacefully. Is Lexar's fate tied to Zukan's will, or will he be able to choose his own path? Central Character: Credit's: Notes on Gameplay: Screenshots: FEATURED GAME: Download Last Demo Download Full Game (Game Still in progress) Some Guide: (If you never heard Rpg Maker Games before) -Basic Controls Arrow Keys: Move around. Hold Shift Key: Dash (When you move) Esc/Num 0/X Key: Cancel/Menu Space/Enter/Z Key: OK -Shortcuts Alt + Enter: Switches between window mode and full-screen mode. Alt + F4: Forcibly exits the game. At early of the game, don't make zukan angry or he will send you to your grave. If you have trouble with the game just leave comment or PM me. Perang Cemen. Linked page...(See it from different perspective) View1 View2 View3
  8. SamuelsAttic

    Chronicles and Fables: ARENA

    Abstract: Its an untypical role-playing story-adventure in the culture-oriented cold-blooded setting that has an emphasis on non-hardcore&still fun realism and has multiple original endings during all story through. Genre: ActionRPG, Adventure, Survival , Story with multi-endings Game Progression: The game is fully completed Recruitment: None Story / Setting / Purpose: *Describe the story and setting of your game in as much detail as possible. *If your game does not feature a traditional story or setting, then explain the premise behind the game and the goals the player must achieve. The story is about humans, about the strong one and a weak one and also about decisions. Some decisions could be made by the player but some others - by the strong ones and player could only deal with its consequences. The game has the Gothic-like dark fantasy setting, full of diverse people that represented specific guilds, cultures, businesses. The purpose is all about joining undefined yet story with the main character that is just facing the consequences of the others' decisions at the start but then - starting to write a story by himself. All this happens in the setting, full of humans of specific culture and behavior, doing different things in some certain way but each of it - at last is all about the same - the money and goods for them. Character Bios: There are no main characters except the player with undefined behavior. Features: 1. Action fighting system. Scrolls, range' and melee' weapon types included (about 50 overall) 2. Hunger-thirst-rest system. It cares that you don't think your character is a biorobot. There are also 2 hidden characteristics that fully depends on the player's decisions. 3. Crafting system. Its Gothic like and comprises food and weapon crafting. 4. Multiple story endings. According to the game designer, you have the main character's purpose and the obvious way to achieve it. Like you usually do. But this time you are the mind controller here, so who says the story must end one way? Studio's game designer envisaged it. 5.Kind of open world. Locations here as well as its inhabitants are part of the setting and you are the only one who can make them part of the story. So walk freely, there is gameplay besides the story. Download: https://samuelsattic.itch.io/arena Screenshots: Known Issues: 1. There isn't pixel movement and the maps are drawn, so there could be some surprise problems with movement close to walls and some objects. Credits: Credit and thanks to: Kyselyov S.S sonic NerdiGaming Yanfly rmrk.net eugene222 Galv Mepps Khas SheolShade Dirge Neon Black Glitchfinder Apellonyx V.M of D.T Falcao Seer UK & OriginalWij Riff Joerao Benjamin Carr Quigon AntiCasper
  9. Overview: Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Mystery, side-scroller Recruitment: Pixel artists, menu designers Synopsis: Chance knew from the day he was born that he was bound for greatness. Unfortunately, Chance was horribly misguided in this assumption. In the far-away city of Los Cactus, there have been murders most foul. Monster-kind is being shunned from the streets, the blame for these murders falling on their shoulders. An election on the horizon threatens to jeopardize their position in the world even further! Just who will step up to save them? Unfortunately for the monsters, that person is Chance Thomson, a hopelessly errant detective who struggles to tie his own shoelaces! Monster-kind's only hope lies in he and his new partner, a mysterious lady named Grace. With her help, can Chance shape up and solve the mysteries surrounding Los Cactus? Play as Chance in a collection of mysteries against tricky foes and cunning set-ups! Piece together clues to discover the villain's narrative, and do your best not to nab the wrong guy! Meet a wide cast of colorful characters, from zombie waitresses to your very own Slime Friend™, and try to break a very inconvenient sleep cycle! Characters: Gameplay Features: Screenshots: Credits: Of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without the help from my wonderful team, and many of the generous contributors in this community: Want to show your support? Here's a banner!:
  10. Naveed_Ashfaq

    Twice Upon A Time (v0.1.1)

    Twice Upon A Time Latest Version: v0.1.1 Made in RPG Maker MV. Available for Windows. Current Gameplay: ~2-3 hours. Genre: RPG, Fantasy Download Now! Ending Notes: I appreciate your time for reading this thread, trying out my game, and any feedback you may provide. You're the best!
  11. Question: How many Nitro Brains do you need to deliver the world's best present? Hint number one: You are Quidget, wiener dog slash genius inventor slash science ninja. Hint number two: You and your assistant Beatrize just build a Lightning Oven. Hint number three: You have the feeling that setting up this Secret Brain Chamber was an extraordinarily good idea... Quidget is Team Tailnut's entry to the Degica IGMC2017 game jam. It's a spin off of our current game in development, Peninja - The Funky Sexy Love Ninja RPG. Genre: Adventure Playtime: About 20 minutes of scienterrific fun! The game is completely playable in it's current state. Due to the short time frame in which it was completed, you might find so boogielicious bugs though Click on the picture to go directly to the itch.io download page! For science! Have fun playing and don't you punch the Electric Igor! ---- Game goal: You forgot to bring your package to the post office. Animate a hunky hulk to deliver it for you! Characters: Quidget the Wonderwiener ist a genius inventor and an inventive genius. For him, animating the dead is as easy as chewing out the filling of a stuffed pig! Beatrize is Quidgets trusty assistant, quick with her wits and even quicker with her tongue. Don't let her make you mad - you are not, repeat NOT a mad scientist! Credits: Team Tailnut: Dezue - Story and Art OniGiri - Programming Plugins: Sound: Known issues: If you finish the last quest and want to pull the Big Bony Lever, please do so from below, so the ending cutscene can roll smoothly. Grab your Nitro Brain NOW!
  12. Perang Cemen

    Perang Cemen Pertempuran Kuno

    Q:What is this? (you may ask) A:This is.... a good game, that's all. Screenshot If you don't like the screenshot, look this! Genre: RPG + Fantasy Game Progression: completed game. Demo time: 1 h 17 m 21s (More or less) Full time: 12h or more Story: Character Bios: Credits: Download Demo(Fixed): Download Full: Known Issues:
  13. Stapleton

    De'Vine: World of Shadows

    Small details: This game will be commercial and will cost $9.99. Summary: Play as Kuan a half-demon born in Hell. And enjoy many features such as: Explore a vast open world with many quests and things to do. Complete the story and save the world from Kuan's demonic father. Indulge in the full card battle system. With 150 unique cards forged with the crafting system. Take a break from the battles and spends days farming with over 33 different crops. Use them to trade, sell, or eat! Over 100 side-quests. Over 100 towns. Fast paced no wait battle system. Turn-based is also featured. Genre: Fantasy, JRPG. Game Progression: How far am I?? About a month and a half away!! Story: 100% Farm system: 100% Card system: 100% Mapping: 98% Music/Sound: 25% Scheduled game release Q4 2017. Characters: Kuan: Half-demon and main protagonist. He is betrayed by his father and strung along while seeking his revenge. Amos: Demon and father of Kuan and Chung. Main Antagonist. Anri: A poor and helpless girl that gets caught up in the midst of things. Oblivious to the eternal conflict. Priestess Audie: A benevolent priest that watched over Kuan while he was dormant. Master Sage Oat: Kuan's guiding hand. And soo many more.. How much further can I go without spoiling?? Story: Kuan and Chung lived normal lives in Hell until their father got a hold of an amulet made by Griswold a Demonlord. This amulet was forged as a treaty between Angels and Demons so they may nullify the power of the Ancients. The Ancients were beings of enormous power each created on their own accord. Negative energy that lies dormant for too long within varying dimensions finds a host and thereby creating an ancient. These Ancients threatened both Heaven and Hell. For the first and only time in all existance, Angels and Demons came together to create a trinket so strong that they only allowed those with human blood to possess it. That is when Amos, being obsessed with the Ancients, created a blood ritual and had 2 sons of his own. Both half-demon and half-human. They were able to wield this powerful amulet and do his bidding to seal the Ancients. But alas, Amos' plan to sacrifice Kuan was revealed and instead Chung gave his own life to save him. Nevertheless a portal was opened to the mortal realm and an invasion of demons scourged the land. ----------- 1000 years later, Kuan awoke from his sealed prison after Master Sage Tenoch's seal shattered. Priestess Audie and Master Sage Oat quickly but with great caution take him in and hope that he can be the new "Hero" of this age. For just as it does every 1000 years, Lucifer sends an invasion of demons to try and reclaim the mortal realm as a stepping stone to Heaven. From here on, it is up to Kuan to stop the invasion and put an end to malevolence once and for all! Screenshots: Battle System: Features of the battle system: Fast paced battle system with over 20 playable characters. All having their own sets of skills and classes. Not turn-based. React quickly with 6 preset skills that are hotkeys into your controller or keyboard. 1-6... 6 being alchemy bag for all characters. No resources aside from TP which only parents one ultimate skill. The other 4 are all situational. So think before you act!!! Customize your character by changing their class, a well balanced equipment system with major perks for all big 3 armor types, flasks to increase parameters. Armor system has varying potentials. For example, any class can wear any armor. Give your DPS heavy armor to keep them alive longer in combat! Buffs mean everything. Without them hard difficulties are essentially impossible. 4 Difficulty settings including a super easy that allows for the Battle System to be turn-based. Random encounters... They can be turned completely OFF. Aside from dungeons and even there they are limited to 2-3 per floor. CARD Battle System: Features of the CARD battle system: Collect essences from rare versions of World Map monsters. Forge the essences into cards using the Cardcrafting station in your Headquarters. Take those said cards into a battle with 1 of the over 100 battles throughout the world. Select up to 7 cards per battle. With a limiting power of 25. Better qualities cards use MORE power. Defeat 7 Card Hubs throughout the world to face up against the Card Champions in Tarn. Rewards after each victory and the NPC's even talk smack during the battle! Farming System: Features of the Farming System: Till the land anywhere in farm area of your Headquarters. Plant a seed of one of more than 33 different crops! Water them and watch them grow. Will take patience... Of course. Excellent yield that can make you quite a bit of Mola! A chicken coop where you can raise chickens. Get Eggs or if the ratio is right, get more hens and roosters! A livestock farm where you can raise cows and sheep! Get wool or milk, and again, if the ratio is right more animals! The Economy: Features to manage the currency. Random shopkeepers around the world will be randomized per play. With random goods and random purchase multiplier. An auction house where you can bid with other NPC's. They are witty bastards! Caches inside houses serve as a quick means to getting loot. Careful, when you steal them your karma goes down! Well balanced to provide a good means to getting armor, accessories, and a bunch of other useful items. Playable Characters: Other Notable Features: A sleek and simple menu system for clear navigation. A vast tutorial page that you can call up on your own accord. An encyclopedia to describe states, enemies, and so fourth in more detail. An achievement system that also has stats depicting how much damage you've dealt and so fourth. A descriptive parameter chart so you can get an idea of how best to customize your battle members. All enemies level with you. Meaning every battle is a challenge. Only story battles cannot be skipped! Levels grant more stamina to run longer, better sustenance control, and vigor! Credits:
  14. Kudaaj330


    Trailer -GOALS- Flavor: Fantasy Overhead Old School Action RPG Production: Map production:50% Scripting/events60% Sprites55% Artwork 70% ALL worked on daily. Special Thanks: Special Thanks!! Make sure and hit that follow button! Ignarus' Facebook Page Here and Twitter Page Here
  15. Tsarmina

    Sugar Sweet

    unreasonably proudly presents.... Story: 95% Characters: 90% Graphics: 20% Eventing: 02% Databasing: 30% Mapping: 30% Overall progress: Getting tougher :< Welcome, welcome! I’m Tsarmina, resident redhead and confuzzled game designer. Sugar Sweet is meant to be a short, cute, and completely adorabilus game! And of course, it’ll be sweet. As always, tankyas for supporting me in my endeavour! I love you all! XOXOXOXO "There’s a tale from a long, long time ago. Yes, it’s one of those ancient tales that people think never happened." "May I see your IDs?" "Look look look! It’s beautiful!" "These boxes full of…um…prawn-a teeth. What are these??" "You have to understand the connection." "A spoon full of sugar…brightens my day!" "You're making me blush! Stop it!" "…Thank you." ♥ Support me (and Spec hehe) and Sugar Sweet! Here's a fair share of support bars which you can pick from. (Or you can pick ALL of them!) Just highlight, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V into your signature.
  16. tropical8878

    The Cruxis Sword

    Warning: This game contains fantasy violence and mild language. The Cruxis Sword Relive the days of classic rpgs such as final fantasy and dragon quest with this faithful recreation of what a traditional rpg is all about! Set in its own world with its own Lore, The Cruxis Sword will make you think that you were playing an rpg on the SNES. Genre: Traditional RPG Status: The game in its entirety is complete from start to finish. This game includes a playable demo that should last players between 30-60 minutes, depending on how they want to play. It also includes 2 challenging bosses at the end. Both the full game and the demo can be found here: https://tropical8878.itch.io/the-cruxis-sword The full game is $4 and should last between 7-10 hours, depending on how you play. Setting: Ooroborys is a world were humans and beings called essences live side by side. No one knows the orgins of the essences (most don't even believe they exist), but researchers know that they have something to do with the Cruxis sword (known as the crystal sword to the humans).An evil essence is on the verge of awakening the last possessor of the Cruxis sword, an ancient human king named Demilos, whom wishes to put the entire world and its kingdoms under his rule. The planet (Ooroborys) considers Demilos a threat to its existence, so it has subtly chosen 4 humans to fight against this parasite (without their prior knowledge). You control our 4 heroes as they travel the world and its kingdoms, fighting to keep Demilos from awakening. Characters: Traiye: is an optimistic 16-year old boy from Ralin villiage, a small villiage in the Labimine forest. He made contact with the planet one day with his friend Primera at an Auroa (the games take on magical energy) deposit, giving both of them powerful latent aura's (the games take on magic). He can also be hard-headed and a little introvert with his feelings. Primera: is more on the pessimistic side, but she is still light hearted with a good attitude, even though she can be a little smart-alecky at times. She, like Traiye, made contact with the planet through an Auroa deposit and gained the ability to use her latent aura. Aalani: is a knight captain of the ancient Shandelean civilization. She was the person tasked with killing Demilos in the first place, but only managed to seal him in his own weapon. Upon hearing about the re-awakening process of Demilos in the future, she volunteered to be put to sleep until that time to warn the people of the present of Demilos' awakening. Kymshi: is a knight of the modern Shandelean military that assists our heroes under orders from the king of Shandel. Researchers have been experimenting on Kymshi using the latest techniques in Auroa developments, making him imperative to the team. Credits: I scoured the internet, looking for any and all the free for commercial use resources that I could find, so my list of credits is pretty long. These include graphic resources like tilesets, character sprites, window skins, battlers, and icons and music resourses. I made sure to credit everyone whose resources I used in a text file and the games ending credits. Graphics (tilesets) Enterbrain Mack Alaurable Indrah Liberty Kaz Aindra Evil Eagle Cait Ayene-chan magicredfox.deviantart.com candacis PandaMaru Metalraptor Palsa EraYachi Reives TheBigTricky HyperSnake22 GIMP Battlers: Michael Galefire Liberty Enterbrain Belzark Icons: Enterbrain XxJapoZeroxX Music: Aaron Krogh (http://www.gdunlimited.net/forums/topic/8865-free-music-resources-by-amkrogh89/) Audacity Sound Effects: Enterbrain Character Sprites: Enterbrain Soichi ( the Kingdom of The Rise and Fall Symbol: http://ameblo.jp/makapri/) Tokuro Chocolate Mint Tree (http://mintk.blog79.fc2.com/blog-entry-2.html) Window Skin: UncleSatan’s Features: - 7-10 hours of epic but old-school rpg gameplay. - Well designed, detailed boards give a sense of atmosphere to the game's 21 different locations. - Item and magic-based battle system offers plenty of room for articulate strategies, especially against the game's bossess. - Fast but strategic battles that play out in first person, ala Dragonquest, but with more flare. - Intriguing story line with its own lore (as in, not borrowed from other rpgs) and likeable characters. - Beautiful soundtrack Don't forget that you can grab the demo here: https://tropical8878.itch.io/the-cruxis-sword Currently, there are no known issues, but no one is perfect. Reporting found bugs and glitches is always appreciated.
  17. cyriax_games


    Blue Forest. A beautiful balance between story and gameplay. Blue Forest invites you to explore a mysterious and challenging new world. Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Fantasy, RPG, Open World Game Progression: The game is in its final stages of development. Story / Setting / Purpose: Sorry! That info is top secret, haha. The idea of Blue Forest is to go into it with as little info as possible. Your goal is to explore and discover what puzzles and/or enemies await you. Character Bios: Soul Boy ... that's you! Credits: I am the sole developer of Blue Forest. Screenshots:
  18. Sir Allsen

    One Piece - Memory Island

    Name: One Piece - Memory Island Creators: Henry and Luiz Engine: RMMV Genre: Adventure Start Date: 10/01/2017 JOIN US IN OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZfwyVhFIvzppzblhWnrtw "FROM FANS. TO FANS." One Piece: Memory Island started as a small project between two brothers. At first, it was just a concept. We knew we wanted to make a game about our favorite Anime, but we weren't quite sure about where to start. We were just discussing the idea and doing minor things. Then, suddenly, the first Straw Hat battler was ready and perfect. That gave us a giant hype, so we started to actually MAKE the game. Soon after that, we had animations for skills and a few enemies. Later, we had developed a fun combat system, where one would actually have to strategize to achieve victory. And so on... As time went by, our hype for the game had grown ever further, as more and more was made and the game was finally taking shape. Now, couple of months later, we have our first playable demo! We still have a long road ahead, but we are excited to be doing this and hope will be able to finish it! We own them everythin. One Piece - Memory Island wouldn't exist without them. Yanfly Engine Plugins - For everything, basically! SumRndmDde - For making our game FUN! ShokugekiNoZeff - For the One Piece Resources! MogHunter - For his amazing plugins! ....and many others! Q: Are there any SPOILERS for people who have not yet finished seeing ONE PIECE? A: Well, kinda. The events in this game take place after the Thriller Bark Ark, so if you haven't yet watched it, there will be spoilers in the character's skills. Q: When will it be finished? A: We don't know. We make as much progress a day as we can, but we can't put a "Release Date" yet. Q: Where are all the credits? A: There will be a huge cutscene when you finish the final version of the game, thanking everyone for their support and assets. Q: Which languages will be available? A: Only english. Q: Who is your favorite character from One Piece? A: For Luiz, the answer is Usopp. For Henry, it's either Luffy or Usopp.
  19. presents... Four Eyes is a story-driven, sci-fi/romance adventure game about a spaceship captain and a narcoleptic alien stranded on an unfamiliar planet. Download it now on itch.io and GameJolt! Stuck on a puzzle? A full walkthrough of the game is now available! Want to help support this project? Just pop this banner in your signature and link it back to this topic! Thank you so much for viewing my game!
  20. Ryan Entertainment This is our first project about a turn-based RPG game and the second project using RPG Maker VX Ace. Despite of lacking experience, we have tried our best to make this, to test our skills and to enjoy our passion in game development. Your supports are the motivation for us to keep on working and providing more good quality games in the future. We hope you will enjoy it. Warning: We have just found out a critical bug which prevents you from completing your story, so we have made a patch to solve the problem. We are truly sorry for this. Please follow the link below to download the patch file and move it to your folder game (Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Tale of Cindrivia/Patches/) Patch link: Patch File 1. About Project 2. Story 3. Playable Characters 4. Special Game Systems 5. Screenshots 6. Known Issues 7. Credits 8. Download Links We have divided our game into two types: "Installer" and "Installer Free" Thank you very much for playing the game! We hope you can enjoy it!
  21. Abstract: Nostalgia attack Genre: Retro 16-bit Puzzle Adventure Game Progression: Game completed. 3 years in development. Release date 1st of March 2017. Lenght: 10-15 hours of gameplay Over 50 nostalgia-packed levels, pixel graphics, and a great electronic chip-tune soundtrack. Inspired by games like Sokoban, Ilomilo, the Adventures of Lolo series and old school game titles from the Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo SNES systems. GAME TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5Sq4Nc1Bjc evil Seeds THE GAME Toots and Coots are evil Seeds, mushroom loving eared tadpole demons. They aren't very strong or agile, but what they lack in strength, they make up for in cleverness and patience. They must find the way out of the tower from which they are imprisoned. Clear all the mazes, get all the mushrooms and escape the tower alive. Rumor has that they weren't the first ones to be imprisoned. COLLECT THE ORBS Toots (the red evil Seed) can collect the red and orange Orbs. Coots (the blue evil Seed) can collect the blue and aqua Orbs. GET THE KEY Once all Orbs are collected the chest will open and you will be able the grab the key. GET OUT Once you grab the key the door will open. Get to the door to proceed to the next level. Features: • Retro 16-bit pixel graphic • Great electronic chip-tune soundtrack • Over 50 levels • Challenging puzzles • FREE TO PLAY (No Advertisement) Download: Release date: 1st of March 2017 Available at: http://evilseeds-game.com/ Known Issues: I known to cause mild to severe nostalgia. EVIL SEEDS CREDITS: GAME DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING by François-Maxime Ayotte 3RD PARTY SCRIPTS Galv, HimeWorks, Yanfly, Falcao, Game_Guy, Neon Black, Rycochet, SirBilly, Zeus81 SOUNDTRACK by Timmie wong - DDRKirby(ISQ) http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/ddrkirbyisq https://www.facebook.com/DDRKirbyISQMusic http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoBhx2o-pEfwaCQk1VwGWdA François-Maxime Ayotte GAME TESTERS Frédéric Arcelin Dan Tu Pham Quang Michael Martineau GRAPHIC RESSOURCES Ryan914, Vanya, GregMustache, Tyxerus, OneCutStudio SPECIAL THANKS TsukiHime, DrDhoom & Quasi, Galv, KilloZapit, Valérie Bibeau, Catalina Chirila PROGRAMMED WITH Ruby Game Scripting System Enterbrain, Inc. / Yoji Ojima
  23. Hello! For the past week or so I have been hard at work...not really but it sounds like something good to say. From what started as an idea of a character has evolved into a single Act, like a play. I present, Act I: Curiosity Killed the Cats...or Gave Them Superpowers. When I began writing this, I didn't think it would be something I would want to convert into a game. I initially wrote it as a TV Show/Movie script. A little backstory about myself, I'm a writer. Not professionally or anything like that, just a hobbyist writer. I like writing fictional stories about various topics/ideas...from the supernatural to the mundane and everything in between. I enjoy this as it gives life to the many characters I create while I'm at work, lawn care is boring lol. This is also why what I am presenting to all of you now exists. I know it isn't perfect, it may not even be good to some, but I thought it was a decent start. Which is why I'm sharing it now...well, that, and so I can possibly get some feedback from the members of this community. Whether it be positive, constructive, or straight up negative...I want to hear it. Thank you in advance, ToxSic23 The Game - Act I.txt
  24. StrangelyCloudy

    Continued Absence

    *Note: This game is still in it's very early stages and subject to change! Torn from your everyday existence, you must survive a war torn dimension while dealing with things you barely knew about yourself. Welcome to Amachyria, a strange realm where two dimensions overlap in even stranger ways. Two different races have inhabited this realm for as long as time can remember: the Elder beings, and humans not too different from us, living in relative harmony. By the time you get there of course, everything has all gone downhill after a new monarch took over, and now this quirky, strange realm has been plunged into war. Of which, you are now caught in the middle. Amachyria is hardly the only strange thing around, you have lived in your old home for ages, so why does this place seem so familiar? Where do these powers come from? Only the guardian can answer that, and she won't talk until this war is put to rest. She seems to be hiding something, but staying alive long enough to find out will take strength, wits, and the ability to deal with the strange companions that will join you on your quest to stop this endless fighting. Be clever and take the hints the universe gives to you, and more pieces of this puzzle will reveal themselves to you. A good warning to keep in mind, however, is that the queen is not the greatest threat you will face on this journey, and certainly not the last. Features - Nearly full custom tilesets and graphics, done by yours truly - A full crafting systems for making armor, weapons, and more, by Coelocanth - A predicted charge turn battle system by Yami - An options menu so you can tune everything to your liking! By V.M of D.T - Full busts for every character that matters! - Custom skills for each party member, with animations art by Timmah/LexusX - An adorable bunny merchant who has everything an enterprising peace bringer should have (at that point in the game at least) - Three unique bosses to beat, along with 11 distinct enemies and - a key part of any fantasy adventure - the final boss! - Lots of puzzles to solve before moving on to different areas Again, a warm welcome to Amacyria, the strangest place this side of the universal rubicon. Divided into five distinct areas (That you're allowed into anyways), all provide something... interesting. to the world of Amacyria, probably things you take for granted here. The first that comes to mind is the empty fields. This was probably a really cool place at one time, but torn apart by war, it's just wilderness and buildings now. This is where you start, and may even return to at some point. Nonetheless, many things you learn to survive are learned here, but the only thing that matters anymore is the guardian's temple, which stands abandoned and yet perfectly intact. If you ever become lost, the guardian may provide some insight. Then there's the Valley of Color, where if you're eyes aren't burning out of your head from over-saturation, you're not doing it right. Everything here is always very bright and vivid, except for the people, who prefer pastel shades strangely enough. All the color in Amycyria is mined here to be used for all sorts of things. Why, if it didn't exist, everything would probably look like a blank coloring book. And we couldn't have that, now could we? Next up comes with Peaks of Equation, a strange place where everything seems to have been cut to razor precision at perfect angles. Nothing about this place looks natural in the slightest, even the flowers seem to grow in textbook geometric formations, and all sorts of neat things can be discovered in the mountain caves. Neat, that is, if you enjoy math, algebra, and the like. Even if you don't, you do have to appreciate their use in life, and this is where it all comes from. In Amycyria at least. Semi-finally, is Sugar plains, which is just the stuff of dentist nightmares as it sounds like. The grass is candy, the trees are candy, even the houses. the wildlife, and the water are all some kind of candy. They've developed a special sort of magic to help normal plants grow, which is the only reason hypertension doesn't run rampant, but I wouldn't suggest breathing the air too long without brushing your teeth anyways. And flossing, just to be on the safe side. Your journey will no doubt bring you across many strange things, places, and especially people. Many are there to help you, some seem ambiguous, and another just wants your money. First, let's define three terms: Human - your average, everyday person Elder Being - A strange race of beings that mostly appear as shadows. However, the more human they look, the more powerful they are. Shifter - People gifted with the power to take the shape of some creature or another, mostly at will Isleen, the main character The little girl you play as! despite her small size and young age, she is very smart and won't stand to be pushed around. Andra, the guardian The mysterious guardian of something. Despite her ambiguous title, she seems to be the one who put you here, and the one with all the answers. Atheria, the priestess Atheria is one of the few Elder beings who managed to resist the queen's control and escape. She heads the resistance movement against the queen and helps other survivors. Jevith, the teacher A patient Elder being a few years older than Atheria, he is kind and peaceable, and thus has no love for this war. But he was a fighter once, and will teach you everything he knows. Princess Veria, the fifth A native citizen to the valley of color, she is cheerful and more than a little quirky, sometimes seeming to be in a different world entirely. Rith, caught between worlds Hailing from the Peaks of Equation, Rith seems neither Elder being nor Shifter, and isn't welcome with either of them. No one is sure how his impossible existence came about, but it's usually the least of his worries. Camille, the merchant If there is two things Camille loves, it's collecting things and money, so he sells things he collects for money. Don't let his cute appearance fool you, he can lug around things (and money!) several times his weight. *Note that a lot of this is all a work in progress and subject to change The battle system (Getting an overhaul, temporary screenshot!) A small mockup to showcase some of the completed tiles (More will be added later) Every color in this image has been saturated to the extreme for the valley of color. Except for the sprite of course. Credits *Note that as this game is still in progress, this section may grow and change with time Battle engine and charge turn battle system done by Yami Crafting system by Coelocanth Options menu by V.M of D.T (A.K.A Vlue) Animation art by Timmah/LexusX The graphics done so far, all by me Menu/Save/Shop engine all done by Yanfly Face to bust script done by Galv
  25. Hi, after some months of hard work, thinking and fun, I finally managed to create a game introduction. I hope you like it, just as I liked to create and share this with you. Story Characters Some screenshots I apologize for any grammar or other mistakes I made, since English isn't my native language : ) Grain is in a early development stage yet, that's why I'm searching for some drawers to help me and my team with the graphics and pictures. Credits to: Clouds MilaVasileva milavasileva.deviantart.com/ar…otoshop-Brushes-150978401 Wheat Field Brushes photoshopfreebrushes.com (Free for personal, non commercial use only) vintage newspaper by sophiaastock sophiaastock.deviantart.com/ar…intage-newspaper-44286078 BrushScriptStd fontzone.net underwood champion by Vic Fieger Bebas Neue by Dharma Type Drawings:(The good ones) Mikael, Mijani, (The bad ones) Matt Mats (Matt Mort)