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  1. Hi, so I finished the demo for my current project Summer Solstice about guess what? The Summer Solstice. During last years festival Summer (the main character) 's best friend Spencer got attacked by a demon and now he is possessed and trying to stop you the player from completing the rituals. The rituals take the form of minigames which all have unique game mechanics. There are also random encounter battles and boss fights. The player also gets to explore 5 areas. I really need feedback for this game though because this project is for my EPQ (extended project qualification) for my A levels and I really want to include user feedback in the project. On the itch.io page where you can download it there is a survey which I have linked for you to complete after you play it. There are about 3 hours of gameplay and all the graphics are drawn by me So you playing the game you can have fun and you can also improve some random person's A level grades haha. https://wildgypsy.itch.io/summer-solstice
  2. SYNOPSIS Odicia follows the journey of a fire mage named Eyala Troy, as she and her comrades set out on a dangerous quest to bring an end to the Kingdom of Valhara’s corrupt crusade to cleanse the world of mysterious mystical beings known as Scions. Created by illustrators Oliver Hamlin and Cameron Lee, Odicia at its heart is a love letter to the classic JRPGs, shonen manga, and various other cartoons and video games that have inspired their imaginations since childhood. Through retro-inspired visuals, music, and gameplay, Odicia immerses players in a nostalgic experience that evokes the feeling of playing an RPG classic on the consoles of old. FEATURES Original Visual Assets No default or premade RTP! Custom made, retro-inspired sprites, tilesets and animations. Engaging Exploration Travel through a variety of dungeons that encourage player exploration. Utilize each character’s unique Field Abilities to solve puzzles and discover secrets! On-screen Enemy Encounters No random encounters while exploring dungeons! Engage enemies through direct contact. Ambush enemy units by approaching from behind. Turn-based Combat System Use a character’s Rage and Will to unleash skills, magic, and fury upon the enemy! You decide which abilities each character takes into battle. Fun and Diverse Characters Recruit nine permanent playable party members, each with their own unique set of skills and magic. Original Music Soundtrack and sound effects composed by Lil Kevo 303. SCREENSHOTS DEMO LINKS
  3. The world of Hal'Veshja, created by the god like beings known as "Arcus". Is home to various life forms, embuned with the laws of the Arcus. Yet centuries later, human kind has taken the world by the helm, building their empires and kingdoms. Taking regions of Hal'Veshja for their own, with little regard for the laws of creation in place. Now the central nation of Axandrum, wages an all out war with the southern nation of Uhdaga. King Abdollius of Axandrum, has attempted a pact with Uhdaga's leaders. One that would ensure that the fortold promise day, is one of everlasting peace and not the ruination of all life. As so the Holy See & Keeper Order have predicted, from the ancient text believed left by the Arcus. Join Axandrums Elite Court, as they are called to arms by their King to defend the Kingdom from not only their regional threats, the Norgon's. There grows a looming mystery surronding the appearance of Dark Artifacts, connected to a powerful source. Uncover the mystery, and defend Axandrum. Currently released on: Itch.io - EoAPrelude
  4. Helloooo world ! So we've recently released the demo of our game "Konran:Zanki GATE01", a sci-fi, survival visual novel made on RPG maker ace. It doesn't seem like we've raised much attention (we're modest people we seemingly no really "marketing" knowledge), we're somewhat struggling to revive the existence of our game. So here is the trailer for you to watch ! Enjoy ! Rpg maker central page : Itch.io download : https://polarmoonsoft.itch.io/konranzanki Gamejolt download : https://gamejolt.com/games/konranzanki/375204 Twitter : @PolarMoon3
  5. I decided to release a small demo/base/thing for my modifications of Saba Kan's random dungeon scripts. Attached here is a very striped down demo, but hopefully some people will find it useful as a base or something. dungeondemo.zip Included are seven different maps that hopefully show off some examples of different types of levels. Look in the map properties notes for some of the different options. There is only one type of enemy and a dummy chest item for examples in each map for now, and some maps have traps. There are things I wrote that I didn't include here like dungeon enemy level scaling and randomly choosing items for the chest just to simplify stuff. (Made some basic documentation here.) Edit: Updated to make traps work right, and added the blank tileset for dummy map. Edit 2: Few more bugs due to left over code fixed. Edit 3: Added code to randomize rect devision more, and to subdevide blocks more. Updated the sample dungeons to reflect this (mostly Dark Place, it's insanly cramped and maze like now). Also traps shouldn't spawn on top of other traps anymore, and the entity placement may be faster. Edit 4: Fixed a big bug related to room lights not being disposed and makeing games not save right. Edit 5: Added code to make paths across map edges for wraping maps. Edit 6: Small fix for using this with the new version of my Cache Back script. Edit 7: Fixed shops and added the missing script to fix the debug shop work.
  6. Tarq

    Sovereignty: TCG

    Boring Bits: Download: Non-RTP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrzc6tjjwhxe63b/Sovereignty V5.2.2.exe?dl=0 (let me know if you require a version with the RTP) Story / Setting / Purpose: Character Bios: Screenshots: Trailer: Planned Updates -Enemy AI improvements. -Larger card pool. -Card redesign. Credits: Engine/RTP provided by Degica/EB! Assets from XP, VXA & MV RTP Tsukihime's Equippable Limits script Rikifive for all his help with the menus. Known Issues: Nothing significant currently.
  7. Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point Alpha 1.1 Introduction EC:AttSP is the first part of Eric Chronicles, a series telling the story about Eric and his glorious quests. Story Have you ever started a project in RPG Maker VX Ace? Then most likely you've encountered Eric, the bravest of all heroes. Have you ever wondered why he is standing in the sea? Probably not. What if the new, empty project itself was actually a game for the whole time? Are you ready to give it a serious approach? Features - ERIC! That itself makes the game great! - Includes RTP graphics, sounds and music! Unique content! - Silly adventure! That silly, that it's so EPIC! - Poorly designed villains! jk, there are no villains at the moment. - Unlimited amount of Hand Axes! LITERALLY! - Seas, islands, fishes and even more axes! NO KIDDING! - Well designed mechanics! Now everything makes sense! - Collect all keys to get out of the water, because reasons! 100% LEGIT! - Die if you'll fall into the bottomless pit ... in the sea! YEAH! - Original gameplay as a result of science in RPG Maker XV Ace. Screenshots Eric in the middle of Difolt Sea. I guess you've never listened to Eric's thoughts... What is better than hand ax? A TRIPLE HAND AX! Maybe not hand axes, but they're dangerously upscaled! Characters Eric.png Eric The bravest of all heroes. He experienced many silly adventures and defeated many poorly designed villains with his hand ax, the legendary default weapon. Credits Download Eric Chronicles: Adventure to the Starting Point (ALPHA 1.1) Game Auto Manual
  8. The Town That Feared Nightfall NOTICE! This will be updated with each new update to the game itself (current update is in the exe's name). Abstract: A small town is suddenly gripped with fear as a killer randomly picks them off at night, and only you can save them if you're quick enough to find them. Genre: Horror, murder mystery, and MLP FIM (Friendship Is Magic) Average Demo Time: 30 minutes at most Game Progression: At the moment the game only goes up to the end of night 2, which can end in a couple of ways. There are unfinished bits, like characters having no lines at certain parts. I'm trying to mainly focus on the story and important moments, but I will go back and add character lines after I get enough of the story done. The game will take a long time to finish and fully write, since there are more than 1 outcome to certain cutscenes, hence why you'll see characters just standing idly and mute. My best friend, Silvergunner, tested the game and told me to resize a house or two to better match the building's outside shape. So I'll be doing that sometime in the future, also---and spoiler for night 2 so read at your own risk. Also, if you play the tutorial lvls there is a glitch that I just cannot fix. I'll be posting a topic about it but basically it's a pathfinding/stealth issue. Other than that my friend reported no other glitches, but if you manage to run into one be sure to let me know. Also! Almost forgot but if you play the game then do so as the female character. Why? Because I wrote 85% of the game's cutscenes so far for her, I'll have to go back and rewrite nearly every single cutscene with the male character, which I'm not gonna do until I get most of the game completed. Recruitment: I can't really pay to recruit people, but whoever plays the alphas and help report bugs and such will all get credited when game is completed. Story / Setting / Purpose: The game will be mostly set in a single town (it's mostly empty with a in-game reason given). You can pick between a male or female character (again pick the latter for now, unless you want to see her cutscenes as the male character) who arrive in town on your way either to a collage or to become a teacher. However, when you stay overnight you are awoken by a scream. A pony is found dead, and it is only the beginning as you soon become the victim of a sickening game. If you're quick you can save the lives of a few ponies, but take to long and their death is on your hands (or just let them die for a very bad ending, you monster XD). So if you play your cards right you can save more than 1 life (WHEN I fully write said outcomes), a key feature is your choices and the possible paths, endings, and character interactions. The purpose of this game is take a old yet still commonly used story and rework it with a new twist. Taking something old and breathing life into it with a totally new spin, and if you're a FIM fan you'll know what I mean when you play the alpha which only begins the mystery. Another key feature I want to do is leave enough open for people to theorize and connect all the dots like they would for the FNAF series. So you'll be getting clues and pieces to a puzzle that, when you get every possible ending and scenes, are still left with enough to want to theorize and figure out the key question that the game never gives you. So, in shorter words, a cult classic is what I'm hoping to create. Character Bios: Credits: Well at the time of this current alpha the credits would be: Rainbow Jello and Recife for the blood titles, Jet for the chase script, Eric Matyas for the game's main theme ( www.soundimage.org ), Rikifive for her help with the chase script I had to give up on, D.S.Sirius for telling me branches were a similar way to collect and reuse letters, William TheUnproPro and Mystic Sword Gaming for their video tuts over at youtube, Wewius for allowing me to use his scroll vectors (with minor edits) from DA. Avery for the telephone sprites, Enterbrain and Flaming Teddy Productions for the hospital room, ~JV~ as well as Twitch for a few custom items, and Silvergunner for helping me by test playing. Also I would like to credit Conan McPhee (http://pinkamenathegame.tumblr.com/) as without his permission to adopt the randomized characters in his game, then all of the OCs (least Speedy, Silver Shadow, Axl, and Yumi Everton) wouldn't had existed. Screenshots: NEW image of the killer, as well as what he/she would look like in the Equestria Girls world. You can already see the killer in the game's main title, so not really a spoiler. -In-game screenshots- Not really screenshots but here are a couple avatars I drew for the game. Features: Turns out, and thanks for Silvergunner trying this at pure random, you can use a controller to play the game! Tho he did so by using Xpadder, which is a free program that lets you use PC/Laptop/emulators with a controller. Give it a try if you prefer a controller over a keyboard! Also the key feature to the game, after I fully write it all, are different possible paths and cutscenes. Ugh it'll take a long time to write all of this. XD Download: (will regularly update) http://www.mediafire.com/file/bowvi09bs4dm6wt/The+Town+That+Feared+Nightfall+6-13-2017.7z I used the options so you can play it even without RPG Maker. Known Issues: For info on all issues and updates I added a Readme inside the zip.
  9. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    Abstract: A game loosely based on the first Dragon Quest. Genre: Classic RPG (Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior style) Average Demo Time: At present, can be completed to the point I have finished entirely in two hours if you speedrun, about three to five for the average player. Game Progression: I have decided to split my progression into how long it takes to complete each landmass. So far, I have finished the first landmass (save a dungeon that will accessed later), out of a planned total of five and all the areas unique to them, hope to be finished by the end of this year or sooner, time permitting. Recruitment: I need help in bugtesting (scripting help especially) and some musical and possibly graphical assistance (mostly either with making my music loop and/or helping me with some graphics I may need to finish my project I cannot cull from other sources). Story/Setting/Purpose: The same as the original Dragon Quest. Rescue princess, stop the Dragonlord. Will have some story alterations, elaborations, and some things invented out of whole cloth, but the core remains the same as the original. Character Bios: (fully fleshed out, everyone else is a WIP) * (Playable) Roto - Descendant of Loto (I know, Roto is the same name in Japanese, meta joke), farm boy from the province of Kol who likes to read, is a bit shy around girls, but has a big heart and wants to be as heroic as his ancestor. * (Playable) Mara - A mage of Tantegel Castle, friend of Princess Lora. A snarky hedonist, yet is often practical and to the point. Idolizes the Queen of the Succubi, Lady Tera. * (Playable) Sarah - Soldier in the army of the Constitutional Monarchy of Tantegel, was the bodyguard to Princess Lora, was given a scar trying to prevent her capture, was given dispensation by the commander of the Tantegel Army to assist Roto in recovering her. Very serious, a devout follower of the Goddess Rubiss. * Tera: Of all the demons and spiritual beings who defied Rubiss long ago when the Demon King Zoma decided to oppress humanity, Tera and her followers sided with Rubiss and aided humanity. Tera's followers are considered allies of humanity and Rubiss in return, and Tera had artifacts from her realm stolen by agents of the Dragonlord which were cursed which she is trying to retrieve in the present day. Credits (so far, Readme at Github repo for this game will have the latest info) == Features (taken from readme, repo has latest info) == * In battle, you have a "TP Meter". Once it hits 100%, you basically get several stat boosts due to the adrenaline flowing. It will only last at least until the battle ends, though, or unless you die. Using any move that uses TP points will lower this below %100 and remove the boost until it recharges, so bear that in mind. * Speak with the castle chancellor (the guy between the king and queen where you start) if you want to change the difficulty of the game. * You can change most of the other game options via the "System" submenu in the player menu. * Added a "Biography" menu option, so you can learn a little more about your playable characters. * Speak to Brent the castle librarian to receive a Key Item that will serve as the ingame encyclopedia, usable from the item menu. It's still WIP, but does have the bestiary worked in at present. Downloadable Links: https://mega.nz/#F!VM8iGYzL!pc8SDIOJ7H-aoPqDdQ3hEw (All public betas including latest release found here)
  10. KainLightsworn

    Ad Lucem

    Abstract: A return to the days of old RPGs, when the world was simply focused on Black and White Morality... or so it seems. Genre: High Fantasy Turn-Based RPG Game Progression: This game is still in the early stages of development. I seek, by the end of it, to have a 15-20 hour+ game on my hands. The latest demo has been added as of April 27, 2016! https://soundcloud.com/kainalexander/sets/ad-lucem-music A deep and engaging choice-based story which can lead to multiple endings, varied party reactions and interactions with events on-map, combat which requires a bit of forethought and fast reflexes, a deep skill combination system which (with the full party) can lead to over 80 new skills in-battle, NO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS, combat in which the tide of battle must be carefully monitored, a stealth system, a dueling system for periods of mano e mano, a crafting system, fully-voiced battles, (eventually) fully voiced cutscenes, ORIGINAL SCORE and ORIGINAL FACESETS. RPG Maker Source Seer UK and Original Wij Victor Engine Yami Raizen Blackmorning Yanfly Moghunter Jet Kread-EX Galv Vlue Coelocanth Archeia Tsukihime Modern Algebra WilliamtheUnproPro (for his many tutorials used in making this project!) =SCRIPTS= Enterbrain (RTP+DLC) Game Character Hub Woratana (Windowskin Generator) =MAPS, SPRITES, SFX= Steven Kelly/Sarifus Alex/Aldrius =VOICE ACTING=
  11. Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around with RPG Maker ever since VX came out (and even got a couples of demos out here and there), and I think I’m finally ready to commit to a full game! I’d really love your feedback for this first ‘real’ project. ABSTRACT: Hailey Comet and the Tower of Eul is a role-playing game that focuses on sharp writing and streamlined gameplay. SCREENSHOTS: GENRE: The game is a Fantasy solo RPG. GAME PROGRESSION: 20% - There are no more major gameplay overhauls to be made, or game-breaking technical issues to be adressed. From here on it's just getting down and dirty with designing dungeons, coding events, and writing dialogue. - Right now, I'm actually on leave from school, so you can bet I'm making the most of my time with this hobby of mine. Who knows, RPG making might even be my true calling. CREDITS: - Yanfly for all the plugins I’ve used. - IAmGyrowolf for some of the music. (his soundcloud is -> https://soundcloud.com/gyrowolf) RECRUITING: - Artists for a custom portrait and spritesheet for the protagonist. DEMO TIME: - It's only half an hour long, but I bet you'll like it DOWNLOAD (220 MB): - Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcaszu81dyxsfse/Hailey%20Comet.zip?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STORY/CHARACTER BIO: The protagonist is a member of the royal Comet family. A century past, the prince of Comet used his royal magic to seal the Dark Lord Eul in the evil king’s own tower. He fortified this seal by awakening the magic within the other magic Towers across the land. With Eul defeated, the kingdom enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity. Hailey is a skilled adventurer, herself, and does all she can to live up to her family’s reputation. However, the royal magic protecting the seal has begun to falter, and Eul’s influence is beginning to corrupt the Towers and the lands surrounding them. Monsters have begun to appear, leaving the kingdom in danger of suffering under dark ages anew. The current heir to the throne, Hailey Comet, is tasked with undoing Eul’s corruption and putting a stop to his scheming. Will she succeed? GAMEPLAY: The player progresses through the plot by completing quests, bite-sized scenarios scattered across the map. Each quest offers a different gameplay experience for the player. Monsters and rivals are fought in a conventional turn-based system that has been hyper-compressed for a light, yet engaging experience. - Before she can restore the magic of the four Towers, Hailey must complete all of the Quests on the current map. Each Quest drops you right into the action onto a small ‘board’. The player will have to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and commune with the locals to complete the objective. - Combat has been streamlined from the default battle system to a unique, but easy-to-learn system. The player’s primary options are [Attack] and [Defend]. Attacking consecutively builds up your Heat; the more Heat the character has, the stronger they’ll be and the more bonuses they’ll have. You’ll be dealing pitiful amounts of damage until you can build up a decent amount. Defending reduces damage and restores your HP, but also drops all of your Heat. It’s up to the player whether they should continue to attack to build up Heat or to fall back and start anew when it’s safe. Features specific to the Special Demo Edition: - The first two Quests take place in a cellar, and a bandit hideout. The cellar will have you searching for pests in a basement, while the hideout will have Hailey sneaking past guards to reach the boss. - The first Tower, the Tower of Gales, is played as a platforming puzzle. - The third quest takes place in the run-down, crime-ridden city of Crimeya. The player must explore the town in order to find a way to enter the base of operations of the Blacktooth syndicate. - This special demo version also features a bonus boss. A mysterious boy from another world has been sighted around the Isles of Ire. Could he know anything about the Towers? KNOWN ISSUES: - A lot of the programming during battle is done through common events, so you might run into some bugs. For example, the player character will continue to use "follow-up skills" even on a KO'd opponent.
  12. Dear Community, I am happy to be back and working on a new project. One Cut Studio presents to you: TREASURE QUEST version 1.10 (BETA Dem0) Trailer: Click here to view the game's trailer. Demo Download Link: Mediafire Download Known Bugs for the Demo: (Many have been fixed in the latest version) Abstract: Navigate mazes, solve puzzles, look for secret treasure. Genre: Puzzle/Maze RPG Game Progression: An alpha demo is ready containing the first three levels of gameplay. Recruitment: No recruitment needed. Story / Setting / Purpose: Now with more story! This game is intended to be a pick-up and play arcade style game. The goal is to get the highest score possible by collecting as much treasure as you can. You play as Max Banks, a treasure hunter following in the footsteps of his grandfather. After his grandfather's death, Max inherits an old journal and a map marked with locations of various treasure sites. Max makes it his mission to fulfill his grandfather's dreams and gather all the treasure he can. Features: Screenshots: PROGRESS/CHANGELOG ***NEW*** Level One: Finished Level Two: Finished Level Three: Finished Level Four: Finished Level Five: Finished Level Six: Finished Level Seven: Finished Level Eight: Finished Level Nine: Finished Bonus Level: Concept Planned Currently postponed Mini-Game: SLIME SHOOT: Finished Achievement System: 65% Completion. Opening Cutscene: Finished OST: 0% Completion. (May release with RMMV BGMs for now).
  13. CodeHunterEx

    Demo Post

    I have made a demo for RPG Maker VX Ace that shows some nice effects using Neo Black's Terrain Tag script and doors (doors inside the building, not just going in and out of a building). What area of the forum would I post this as well as a good explanation of it's use?
  14. acpreg123

    The Cosplay Heroine

    The Cosplay Heroine This will be my very first project but pls bear in mind that im still working on it.I accept any criticism so feel free to tell me so i can edit it better ill post a demo it is about 30+ mins if you grind like crazy.... pls enjoy!!! Genre: RPG,Comedy,Adventure Progression:as of now about 10% is completed Story: Yui Hasegawa is your average cosplayer and gamer but she has been summoned in an RPG like world called Calidia, will you be able to find out why she is summoned? Characters Yui Hasegawa:A very normal everyday cosplayer and gamer, likes rpgs and mmo games,even with a strange hobby she is a very positive person. Claresse Ludenia: An angel with a strange addiction to cute things and weird traditions. More characters in further updates. Credits scripts by: Yanfly Blakmorning Himeworks Music: Aaron Krogh RM Coalition Resource Pack Face emotions: Granny's list Screenshots: Download Without Rtp:http://www.mediafire.com/file/sea4qpivltm4mss/Cosplay+Heroine+NO+RTP.exe Download With Rtp :http://www.mediafire.com/file/rtbui0e7yx8vhfh/Cosplay+Heroine+RTP.exe Issues: there will be some sprite issues and spelling and grammar faults in the demo or any errors that i dont know just comment , if you want any suggestions and improvements feel free to ask.
  15. (Due to one reference to tobacco-usage and one brief reference to sex; other than that, it's pretty much PG). ​Game Title: Fate of Mystria (free to play) Abstract: Catruya Auroran, a young innkeeper, visits her boyfriend, Xhalite Elza, in the countryside of Nungia after months of not seeing him. After getting the approval of Xha's father, they agree to move to the large city of Port Cyros and get married. Unfortunately, Fate had other, far greater plans... Genre: Fantasy/RPG Game Progression: The game has just begun. I intend to make it pretty long. It'll be at least 6mo-1yr before it is complete (estimated). Recruitment: N/A at this time Average Demo Time: 20-30 minutes long. Story / Setting / Purpose: Fate of Mystria is set in the medieval fantasy realm of Mystria (Year 1106 of the 4th Age). It features four main characters: Catruya Auroran, Xhalite Elza, Xate Elza, and Tiel Kiri. They were brought together by Fate to fulfill their destiny- to become the reincarnations of the "White Wizards." The White Wizards were the First Mystrians. When they left the World after the First Age, discord soon followed. In the Second Age, turmoil rocked the landscape, as warring nations and corrupt men took control of the Birthground (Hallovania - where the White Wizards came into the world). This land, in the Third Age, after the conflicts stopped, was taken over by Zyaji Dakbrude for the last part of the 3rd Age. They say that the (now godhead of a relatively new religion) Queen of the Alhari slew him in the last battle of the Third Age, with her dying in the process and becoming a goddess- supposedly. Dark forces gather now in the land once known as Hallovania (now it is a territory called Yovania) that seek to cover the realm in eternal Night. The Sixth Year of the War between Nungia and Yovania has come. The once allied state of Fyera has turned on the Nungians with the election of their new chancellor. Now, Nungia fights a war on two fronts: Yovania to the West, Fyera to the North. Tiagor, the Island-Nation East of the coast of Nungia, has not yet made a move in the War. Our Heroes inevitably get dragged into this conflict as Fate has willed it... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first MV Project! I hope to learn a lot over the course of working on it! Also, yes, it is 100% free to play. This is not how I make money, so I am glad to make it free! Character Bios (in order of appearance in game): Catruya Auroran - The main character. She's in love with Xhalite. She was once an innkeeper, but when she met Xhalite, she soon gave that life up and ended up becoming involved in a massive quest spanning two continents. She is an immigrant from Fyera before the War began. Class: Mage Hometown: Zaverai, Fyera Likes: Mead Hates: when people get in her way Xhalite Elza - A kind and confident, maybe even foolish at times, young man with a talent for wielding a sword, and he has a good heart. Loves Catruya and wants to marry her. Class: Hero Hometown: Eshyr Rural Community, Nungia Likes: Mashed potatoes Hates: Spiders Xate Elza - (has a small part started in the demo) A student of Divinity and a scholar of ancient languages and history. Xate is Xhalite's sister. She came back from school only to leave home once more! Class: Priest Hometown: Eshyr Rural Community, Nungia Likes: The Goddess Keliqura Hates: Yovania Tiel Kiri - (hasn't appeared in the demo yet) A dragonkind (half-dragon soul) thief with good intentions that lead to illegal actions. Loves treasure and shiny things. Class: Rogue Hometown: Undas Major, Tiagor Likes: Gold Hates: Paying for things Credits: Inno Setup Compiler - for providing the framework to make the game installer .exe Yanfly - for the AWESOME game-changing (literally!) RPGMMV plugins: http://yanfly.moe Hudell - for the Currency and Date/Time HUD plugin: http://hudell.com/blog/mv-plugin-orange-hud/ Julian "Szyu" Heinen - for the crafting system plugin: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/49243-szyus-crafting-system/ SumRndmDde - for his excellent RPGMMV video tutorials on YouTube DriftwoodGaming - for his excellent RPGMMV video tutorials on YouTube Soulpour777 - for his excellent RPGMMV video tutorials on YouTube Echo607 - for her excellent tips and tricks on YouTube Galv - for the custom title plugin: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/63507-galvs-custom-title/ Gameus - for the Quest Tracking System: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/49234-gameus-quest-system/ Shaz - for a special timing plugin used when gathering resources: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/50474-multi-timers/ My friend Kino - For his multitudinous contributions to the World of Mystria! Screenshots: Features: -Higher resolution than default -Multiple currencies -Crafting System (Alchemy, potion-craft, only at the moment) -Weapon/Armor augmentation -Day/Night Cycle, and a pretty much complete Time System (with days of week and dates!) -Beastiary -Quest Log -Side-view battle Download (Current version: 0.01_3) Click the link below to download the game demo setup. Run it to install the game (comes with an uninstaller located in the game files) DEFAULT LOCATION of all game files ---> C:\JBX Studios\Fate of Mystria (Pre-Alpha) (Dropbox link) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69471103/FoM_PreAlpha_v001_Setup.exe UPDATING THE GAME: 1) Uninstall the previous version using the uninstaller 2) Run the newly downloaded "FoM_releaseType_vXXX_setup.exe" 3) Run the game. Also, please let me know if you find bugs/errors etc so that I can get to work on fixing those ASAP! CHANGE LOG (updated 11/11/2016) **Changes since last release: -Added new area (Eshyr Woods West) -Started new storyline quest! (Cat, meet the Kitty) -Removed HP/MP/XP HUD as it was superfluous -Changed the windowskin -Put text on top of some NPCs and events to identify them -Streamlined the Quest Update by using Yanfly's "Gab Window" plugin -Minor changes to dialogue Known Issues: *Not all areas in this first part have been completed. Will upload an update with new areas as soon as they are finished. *The Guidebook is still a work in progress. *The Game Files take up >500MB. I'll try to make it smaller soon! *The story/writing needs some more work before I feel satisfied with the first few scenes.
  16. Echoes of Creoya Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?sbi6v567zrbemtr Hello everyone! Thanks for clicking here! This project I am working on is still really new, and actually my first attempt at making a game. But I feel like I've put a decent amount of time into it so far, mostly learning how to use RMAce. The main purpose of posting this demo for you all is I really want some feedback. It would be nice to hear the opinions of others whether or not I should continue with this project and get more serious with it. I don't want to waste my time on garbage, haha. Don't be afraid to hurt my feelers! Abstract: An orphan lives in a world constantly at war between two main powers: the Ecelan Empire and the Paxaeba Kingdom. With his childhood friend, he embarks to find out more about his past and where his place is in a world that is controlled by an unknown influence (cliche, eh?). An old-school style rpg influenced by many popular ps1 rpgs. Game Progression: Overall this is probably 1-5% complete. Haha. I have a lot of ideas for the story line, and I have ideas for introducing ~8 characters total. This would hopefully end up being a full scale rpg, and I would shoot for something like 30-40hrs of gameplay. So far, knowing exactly where to go, the demo takes me 20 minutes to finish, even less if I run from all random encounters. One thing I haven't done is skills, so although there isn't an ending to the demo, leveling up doesn't really do much for ya. Story/Setting/Purpose: The main character is awoken by his childhood friend so that they may attend a festival in their small town of Goldmund on the continent of Ecelan. They must enjoy their time together, as the following morning, the main character will ship off to fight a war against the rival kingdom of Paxaeba. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that their country is corrupt and they must set off, with the help of comrades met along the way, to try and find what exactly pulls the strings of their world. I have a decent idea of where the story will go, but I have been changing it quite frequently as I actually make it. I hope this is enough. Don't really want to spoil it. It's a short demo Characters: -Zane- An orphan with a kind heart trying to find his place in the world. -Erika- Zane's childhood friend (maybe more than friends). She sticks close by to Zane as he always protects her. Screenshots: Features: Side battlers, non-vanilla game musics (some), lockpicking minigame Features Planned: Sidequests initiated by bulletin board, a sort of crafting system Credits and Acknowledgements!!!
  17. tlbearer

    Demon Seals (Demo up)

    So when RPG Maker MV came out I decided to make a small game to test it out and such. I have been working hard on it and as for my other two games, working on bugs in them. My other two games might be switched over to MV, but as of right now I am not sure about that. Now onto what this topic is about. Story: About 200yrs ago there was a war between humans and demons. Demons could control monsters and it was a surprise that the humans won, but it is said that they won because the Spirits of the Elementals helped them. Most humans have forgotten about the demons now and live in blissful ignorance at least that was until monsters started to come out of the dungeons and ruins they lived in. The only way that the monsters could amass in such a force was if the demon lord and his three generals were back, but that should be impossible because they were sealed away at the end of the war. Someone or something must have broken the seal, but it seems the seal isn’t completely broken as the demon lord and his generals are never seen coming out of their respective dungeons or ruins. Features: -Male or Female Main Character who you name -Currently 18 characters are going to be recruit-able (Up to 30 in the final version of the game) -A small base for your characters that can change depending on who you recruit -Summons Characters: Main Character: Male and Female Version Screen Shots: Credits: Story made by tlbearer Characters made by tlbearer and close friends(They don’t want their names revealed yet) Plugins made by Yanfly, Yoji Ojima, Mr. Trivel, and gamues Character Generator Parts made by Mutationlvori Demo: Windows Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B__-lk0avkdAdnk5NjAyVmJSRnc&usp=sharing Mac Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B__-lk0avkdAQVQ5TFpldnZNbUU&usp=sharing ​
  18. Fixed some minor issues with Demo V1! Demo V1.2 is being updated as we speak. Again, sorry for the lack of Mac support; I will have it up shortly.
  19. 2BitsLP

    Demo fixed

    We realized there was a small problem when uploading our demo to Drop Box. The problem has since been fixed and we'll also be adding the Mac version soon!
  20. Good news!! The art was just completed tonight. There was (another) delay due to changing graphics for icons/skills and just being too tired/sore to finish the face plates. However, that's all done for now and the demo will be out Wednesday!! Hope you all enjoy :3
  21. I know I've been quiet but I've been working on the demo still ^^; I completely finished the fishing system, but it won't be usable until Demo V.2 For those curious, here's my plan: Demo V.1: Complete up until Phlegethon Caverns event + Battles are playable + Cooking system briefly usable + CONVO system active Demo V.2: Complete up until Wolfsbane Forest event + Fishing system added! + Shindo, Meloni, and Pirro are playable Demo V.3: TBA I know it doesn't look like much, but keep in mind all of the custom content like Mack sprites, battle sprites for characters and enemies, and other things like custom sprite movements. ^^; You'll see what I mean~
  22. Story: In the early 1990s, there was a software company called EduWare that published crummy educational games for children. I specifically remember this one game called “Harry’s Happy World.†The premise was pretty simple -- you play as a grown-up named Harry, who has a job and a family. As you played, you needed to find ways to keep Harry happy while balancing all the things adults have to do. It was just like real life. Or, so I thought. The game was intended to teach kids the values and responsibilities of adulthood in a computer simulator. But, shortly after its release, the game was recalled from the market as hundreds of complaints were filed against the company. Since then, EduWare labored to keep knowledge of their failed project hidden from the public light, until they were sued and went bankrupt in 2001. Don’t bother web searching for their site -- it’s been taken down. The game began innocuously enough; bright colors, cartoonish characters, and some pretty hilarious dialogue. At first, it looked like just one big joke -- like real life. All you did was go to work, go shopping, mow the lawn, pay the bills ... Piece of cake, I thought. But then the game began to behave very strangely. It gave me some error messages, then graphic corruptions, and then the game crashed into a blue screen. Whenever I recovered the game from one of its crashes, everything about it just kept getting ... more twisted. More insane. Eventually, I couldn't handle it, so I just stopped playing. Later I learned that hundreds of children who played this game have reported nightmares. Some have been prescribed medication their entire lives for the horrifying things they witnessed in the game. I was one of them. Three weeks ago, while I was sorting through junk in my garage, I found the disk to “Harry’s Happy World.†Immediately, I wanted to break the disc in half and burn it, but decided against it. Instead, I cleaned up the disk and put it in my drive. Wouldn’t you know, it actually plays. Mostly. I have meant to upload this game for weeks now, but I’ve just always hesitated to actually do it. I want to forget it and move on, and yet I just feel like if I show the world this horrid thing that destroyed my childhood and has kept me on Prozac for twenty years -- that even caused me to attempt suicide two years ago -- it might help me to find some resolution. What I’ve uploaded so far are just fragments of the game -- the file was corrupt when I found it, so there are substantial portions missing. I’m still working on repairing the data, but I think there is enough here for you to play through and get a substantial idea exactly how fucked up this supposed “children’s game†really was, and why the company was shut down. Let me know if you would like to see the game in its entirety, and I will do my best to recover the rest of the data. This is my first and only warning: please play “Harry’s Happy World†only at your own risk. Genre: A children’s game, but seriously ... this is not for children. Demo Time: 10-20 minutes. Game Progression: * Story: 30% * Maps: 97% * Sound effects/music: 30% * Character sprites: 50% * Dialogue: 45 % A few of the important characters: * Harry: An upstanding citizen of Happy Town, his sole purpose in life is constant happiness. * Harold: Harry’s best friend and reclusive writer. * Helen: Harry’s wife. He lives to please her. * Haley: Harrry’s co-worker ... and something else. Credits: * AABattery for Single Save File script * Seer UK & OriginalWij for Fixed Picture script * Yanfly Engine Ace - Parallax Lock v1.00 * Hime for Custom Event Trigger script * Yanfly Engine Ace - Button Common Events v1.00 * Simple Diagonal Movement 1.0 by Shaz * Word Wrapping Message Boxes, by: KilloZapit * Galv's Move Route Extras * Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System v1.05 * Skip Title Screen by JV Master * Fullscreen++ v2.2 for VX and VXace by Zeus81 * Backspace for Window_NameInput by Gambit * Map Effects v1.4.1 for VX and VXace by Zeus81 * Galv's Cam Control * Yanfly Engine Ace - Stop All Movement v1.00 Screenshots: Features: * Mood meter Indicates your happiness. When the game begins, Harry is happy. But when you’re an adult, things happen -- you step on a bug, you read a sad poem, your wife cheats on you -- that make your sad, and your mood meter drops. It is up to you to find ways to be happy. If you are sad ... the game begins to malfunction. Known Issues: * Sometimes the menu becomes screwy, background will vanish. * Some transfer points might guide to wrong location, since the game relies heavily on parallel maps. * Occasional demonic possession of your computer. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mtzlxulkya9qo6f/Harry%27s%20Happy%20World%21.exe?dl=0
  23. this is a remake with rpg maker for fnaf world here is the download https://mega.nz/#!8N...nngRtmuc6zW5I_M [story] (note that the story is getting a MASSIVE rewrite) in the local (not yet opened) amusement park Fnaf World made by Scott Cawthon Fred bear, one of the main animatronics was checking up on the security systems near the pinwheel circus but when he got back the security doors closed on him he went to the middle of town just to find that everyone was gone! not just the ones that are extremely elusive like golden freddy, everyone! but the 4 members of the original cast were still there and as bonnie explained everyone was hit with a bolt of lightning that he described as glitchy but there was a list of animatronics in the park and it said that the toys were still ok but they were going for a routine inspection of the auto chipper and 1 bolt was seen going in that direction they all deduced that the auto chipper has gone haywire so they set out to reclaim there park [characters] we have to start out fred bear the lovable leader of the group feddy fazbear the singer in there band freddy and the fazbears also taken up being a magican bonnie the bunny a guitar playing country bunny, loves corn chica the chicken the kind pizza making bird she loves both eating and making pizza foxy the pirate fox adventurous pirate allways ready to sail the 7 seas credits Fnaf World ScottCawthon music mostly from either FnafWorld [scottCawthon] RpgMakerVXAce [rpgmaker] final boss theme original by toby "radiation" fox remix by Jeffery Watkins Mashup ZenoMorphic Tendencies tilsets rpg maker vx ace most mystirous pizarias/hauted house [WIP] by \/ five nights at FB Sable Lynn Joshua Shaw /\------------------------------- overworld characters I fnaf 1 characters by chaosian I fnaf 2-3 characters by willer111 I some edited by me I some by the makers of I fnafb-----------------------------------I [characters] all characters by scott cawthon custom in battle characters by angry thunder 50 scripts yanfly Hime keep this code safe RXQglitch a few notes to keep in mind before playing if you want to go on the path to the good ending (even if this is only a demo) the easiest way to do that is to choose see credits at the beginning when your done playing through the demo i honestly recommend going into this with rpg maker and messing around with some stuff, there's a ton of content that has been finished but is impossible to get to including the final boss itself but i recently found out that the demo ending dosnt work properly and its a demo i'm not gonna spend the 3 hours it takes to upload fixing something like that so just so you guys know it ends at the dusting fields also i plan on including the fnaf 1-3 establishments as special areas you need to go through to get the good ending and i would like some ideas here's the ideas i have so far fnaf 1 find buttons around the place that drain the power once there's no power left you can go inside the security office and get the item needed fnaf 2 absolutely no idea fnaf 3 you have to go through the mini games from fnaf 3 and get the happiest day i also thought that spring-trap would walk around the place and if he catches you you have to fight him or run away [a beefed up version not the version you fight to recruit] other topics http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/37757-if-below/ http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/37743-fnaf-world-script-and-other-stuff-request/ http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/38331-fnaf-world-characters/
  24. DARK HARVEST Abstract: Two teenagers attempt to escape Purgatory. Genre: Supernatural, Dark comedy Average Demo Time: The demo lasts anywhere from fifty minutes to an entire hour of gameplay. Game Progression: Chapter 1 simply needs a little bit more cleaning up, while as of now I am midway through development of Chapter 2. I actually expect the completed game to be released by either the end of the year, or summer of next year. I'm giving myself a lot of time to make sure it's up to good standards. Recruitment: I would REALLY like if the game had it's own original soundtrack upon release, as of now I'm using royalty free songs, save more "Grisly Reminder" and "Pepper Steak" as the battle theme. (Do not worry, I specifically asked Alias Conrad Coldwood for use of the song in the demo, and he gave me permission.) STORY/SETTING/PURPOSE: The game starts immediately after the deaths of two teenagers named Lloyd and Lily, who find themselves lost in a mysterious forest. Soon, they encounter an eccentric deity who calls himself The Reaper, and he informs the two of them that they are now in his realm, Purgatory. He states that he has taken possession of their memories and that they are now being forced to participate in his Dark Harvest for his own amusement. If they wish to get home safely, Lloyd and Lily must traverse the Five Labyrinths of Purgatory, which is filled with beasts, ghosts, and demons with a thirst for blood, as is the rules of the Dark Harvest. For every labyrinth they complete, they are awarded a fragment of their memories, eventually leading up to the memory of their deaths, and how they even ended up in Purgatory together. If Lloyd and Lily successfully complete the Dark Harvest without dying, then they are awarded with the choice of ascending to heaven, or waking up alive once more. However, if they die during the Harvest, then their souls are forever property of The Reaper. CHARACTER BIOS: THE REAPER: The ruler of Purgatory and it's five labyrinths. He is an eccentric deity with unfathomable power and an even more unfathomable sense of humor. His cold, mechanical face shows others nothing but happiness, no matter how much hate is within him. He takes pleasure of various kinds in the suffering of others, especially younger people. He uses souls caught in between in Purgatory as pawns in his Dark Harvest, for mysterious reasons, and is not afraid to use anyone. He believes human life is nothing but the funniest joke of all, as he believes any and all hope humans have is meaningless, and that he might as well use their meaningless souls as entertainment. LLOYD: A neurotic and nervous teenager, he is nothing but scared of all of this surroundings 99.9% of the time. However, his skittish behavior is the only reason he's lived as long as he has. He is not a complete coward though, and constantly values the lives of others more than his own, and is willing to protect people he barely knows, as long as no one innocent has been hurt. When he is comfortable though, he doesn't refrain from being sarcastic and giving a smart attitude, with most of his insults being thickly veiled. More often than not, he speaks with a stutter that he can't control. Despite his fear and anxiety, he's more than willing to cooperate with others for the greater good. He is one of the two playable characters in game. LILY: She usually has nothing but anger within her, and lets the world now it constantly. Lily hates to put up with anything she considers pointless or frivolous, and has a low threshold for anything odd or strange. She is quick to deny he current situation of being dead and outright refuses to believe anything that is out of the ordinary. Her temper is only but a thin veil to her true personality filled with insecurities and whatnot. On several occasions, she is very much vocal to her feelings and doesn't hesitate insulting someone that's annoying her or her friends. However, she is more then willing to cooperate with someone if she is forced to, and only takes a few moments to warm up to someone. She is one of the two playable characters in game. ELIZA: She's another girl Lloyd and Lily encounter wandering Purgatory. Her past is a mystery, and unlike a lot of people that end up in Purgatory and participating in the Dark Harvest, she has no partner and is instead forced to survive on her own. When she first ends up dead, she's stricken with fear and goes into hiding. Despite this, she speaks in a calm and collected tone and knows her current situation quite well. She doesn't allow her emotions to get in the way of her goals and does all she can to get home, all while putting out her calm and chill personality to all that she encounters, to assure them things will be okay. However, her own calmness can get in the way of her goals from time to time, as she can be quite lazy on more than one occasion. If she had to describe herself, she'd say she's "A dumb Hipster with a will to live, damn it." ??? (SHOP KEEP): Just a cute ghost that wants nothing but your love and hugs! He is very squishy and likes money. CREDITS *MUSIC* Title Screen Music: MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE "Grisly Reminder" Battle Music: Alias Conrad Coldwood "Pepper Steak" (Yes, he gave me explicit permission I can use it in the demo.) Chapter 1 Overworld Music: LULL "..." The Reapers Theme: MICHAEL TUSHAUS "DARK CARNIVAL" Boss Battle Theme: AARON KROGH "BOSS BATTLE" *GRAPHICS* GHOST SPRITES/BAMBOOZLE'S SPRITE: MaKayla Brown Forest Tileset: Mack SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD HERE KNOWN ISSUES -Due to some misplaced events, the sounds of running water in some maps never plays again upon exiting the roof for the first time, but plays again if you walk through the original entrance where the sound first starts playing.
  25. Hello Everyone ! I'm new here .. um .. first of all , I'd like to introduce a game project I have been working on , it's called " Atsuya's Quest 1 " .. um .. the main menu so far looks like this : it might be changed later .. as for the story , Atsuya is a young boy as the same age as mine , who went to the 7th dimension through his computer , actually , the 7th dimension is a copy-paste version of the real world , the upcoming danger will affect badly on the real world , that's why Atsuya and the 3 more chosen must save the 7th dimension ( an the real world as well ) from the High Seraph Lord and his summoner [ 1st High Seraph Lord out of 12 ] this how the characters look like : as for the battle : I'm using videos OGV in all summoning skills , such as : I don't own any scripts , artwork , videos , music , etc .. I only own the idea , the story , the characters idea , bosses idea , etc ...
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