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  1. I'm currently working on a project where combat centers around raising your critical hit chance through using certain abilities and inflicting states on the enemy, as well as avoiding taking critical damage from the enemy. I am wondering if there is a way to calculate and display an actor's chance for a critical hit as part of the battle gui as well as their chances of taking critical damage from the enemy? Preferably as percentages that can be refreshed after every action. I'm still just experimenting with the system so I'm open to any suggestions on the matter.
  2. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ CHRONO TRIGGER❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I tried this jewel, for me the biggest in the crown, if not the crown itself when it comes to RPG video games, when I was about 5 years old. I played it 30 minutes and lost it, because I was playing it on an Xbox emulator that had multiple Snes games. But they were enough for me to never forget it. Years later I was able to play the DS remake, and then I played the original on a Snes emulator, and to this day I am playing it again on PC. What I always loved about this game was its BATTLE SYSTEM: The System is Rpg in turns but in continuous time, you can stay stopped and the enemies will attack you. It is positional, that is, your attacks will have an effect according to the position of your PC, such as Chrono spinning with his katana, or attacking in a straight line. The battlefield is the same map you move on, so there are no randomized combats, at all times you can see your enemies and when you have contact with them the fight will begin, except in cases where some enemies are hidden and mugged. As the battlefield is the same map you play on, THERE ARE NO TRANCISIONS, like a clasical Final Fantasy or Pokémon Game where the screen goes dark and you switch to the battle screen; saving the player a lot of time and keeping it in a constant rhythm. The attacks of the characters are combinable, both of your team and those of the enemies, the latter forcing you to think which enemy you eliminate first so that he cannot throw you at his partner as a projectile or wait for the lesser enemies to be accommodate to execute them of a technique. Chrono Trigger Battle Tutorial Short Gameplay Finally in Chrono Cross (the sequel), the transitions came back, and it changed the whole game but they added an interesting component, the Weak Strike, Medium Strike and Heavy Strike from a classic fighting game, they moved it to the RPG, giving the opportunity to do combos according to your strategy in battle. It would also be interesting to add weapons that break, or the use of ammunition such as arrows The question is, can a Chrono Trigger Battle System be achieved in RPG Maker XP? With the additions that I mention I have repatted several forums in both Spanish and English and I have not found any Script with that Battle System. I have seen the Script of Weapons that break, that of ammunition, but not the battle system on the map. To what I found were several real-time combat systems but always side battle Even though! There is a Script called Vision Sensor that causes an event to be activated according to the player entering the sensor zone, which may well be contact with an enemy, or an enemy seeing you and heading towards you as in Pokémon. Nor have I found a script that does weak, medium and strong hit. Is it difficult to learn RGSS2? I deviate, what I'm really looking for and I have hopes, not that it exists, but that it can develop is: Is there a script in RPG Maker XP that uses the map as a battlefield? Is there a way to recreate Chrono Trigger's combat system in RMXP or is it Impossible due to its programming language Finally, I know that this is possible in RPG Maker MV, that there is a whole Engine that Moghunter made: Otherwise I guess I'll have to move to RPG Maker MV (?) 😢 😢 😢
  3. Hello! I'new to the RPG Maker community, even tho I used RPG Maker for years, I never asked for help in any kind of forum of anything, (So sorry If I post into the wrong category, and I don't speak native english). My game have to be finished in 3 months for a school project, so I want to ask what's the best way to efficiently finalizing my game. The game has 3 stages of development like basically any game has I think, which is: -Maping -Eventing -Database So whats the efficient way to develop my game? should I focus in finalizing all the database, then maping and then eventing? Or doing everything as the game need's It? Maping everything, eventing and then contructs the database? What steps should I do to finalizing the game? I would really apreciated who helps me.
  4. Now, this is likely a contentious subject, but for me, it's fairly simple. That said, there are a lot of games out there that have recognizable, licensed music that is (mostly) available to the public. I could make a list of them, but that would take a long time to do because you'll find this music in so many different genres of games, and this has been a thing since the mid 90's, which saw a big jump after CD audio inclusion became popular. The two main questions I wanted to ask are... 1) What do you think of games having this kind of music in them? 2) Are you planning/wanting to do the same with your gamedev projects? My answers: 1) It's a mixed bag as far as end results go, but in general it's fine by me. 2) As long as it's copyleft/public domain, it's possible. Otherwise, I may use them in building stages but never final releases and not public releases either.
  5. As I said in a status update, today I added a second actor who was intended for puzzles and special dungeons. I wanted to talk a bit more about my ideas behind them and how they will work, but didn't want to ramble on my status for 50 pages like I often end up doing so... Hey, I haven't made a blog post thing in a while, here is a good excuse to! I have said before, but Dwimmerdelve is based a lot on the Mystery Dungeon series of Japanese roguelikes or other games in the same style. While I do plan to do my own little twists on the formula, I want to implement as many features from the series as I can. I think at this point most of the basic stuff has already been done, but I still have a ways to go. Anyway, a common feature of the series is to have a little puzzle/tutorial mode with hand designed puzzle maps, and special dungeons that the player basically need to complete from a fresh character (if the whole game isn't that way already). Both require the ability to "reset" the character. Now originally I had the game do this anyway after every death anyway except for any items the player kept in storage, which is the way Shiren the Wanderer handles things. But I decided that although all your carried items should still be lost and all the player's progress toward your next level, it was better to allow the player to keep their current level and skills and make level 1 challenge modes/dungeons for those who want a more classic hardcore experience. So I needed to think about how best to let the player keep their progress mostly safe even if their character is reset. I found it the easiest (for now anyway) to just have a second actor who more or less is an identical copy of the first who's status can be discarded and reset at the start of a run. I did come up with a kind of neat idea for how that would work in lore actually. I decided to make puzzles and such take place in a special dream world under my control, hence why the player can't bring anything and the player's character reverts to their 'natural' state. It's not really their body, but a 'dream pawn'. As a bonus it also gave me a more direct way to play with the player! After all, I abducted them to play, but I mostly ended up standing around in my house in game not doing much. Not anymore! Now I can play in their dreams! Even added a little cutscene that shows me casting a sleepy spell on them, and they wake up in bed after. That also gave me idea of calling the special level 1 dungeons "Nightmare Dungeons". I haven't made any yet, though I have a bunch of old bonus dungeon maps I made ages ago before I really started working on my game properly that might make some good ones. One of them was eventually changed into a normal dungeon, but some of them are a bit too weird to really fit in anywhere. Such as one being a sort of half lava cave half swamp and another being a sort of bathhouse with elevated walkways. Not sure if I should go with my original idea for them though. The way I designed them originally was they were all parts of one big dungeon, and one of the dungeon maps was a kind of 'hub' map with like 5 different exit teleporter places of different colors, each which would take you to a different map next floor, which would have an exit back to the hub. Each map had a completely different look and feel, but one thing they all shared was wrapping borders which could be disorienting unless you were looking at the minimap (wonder if I could make the minimap kinda scroll centered around the player and wrap around too, but eh, maybe later). Anyway, still have lots to do before i quite have everything working the way I want it too, but the basic idea seems to work pretty well!
  6. FeniXCLI - Open source RPG Maker MV plugin development tool FeniXCLI is a lightweight, easy to use RPG Maker MV plugin development CLI that helps you generate and setup entire project with no configuration required, just an easy to follow guided setup. It helps you develop plugins for RPG Maker MV by combining necessary development tools. These tools help with the building of all your plugins and serving files to a server for easy testing and streamlined productivity. Project Website | Gitlab Repository | Guide Features Project Setup Generate and entire project, download an MV demo game and automatically install and configures packages Live Server Start a live development server and reload when changes have been made to your plugin source code. Modern JavaScript Start writing with next generation JavaScript, split code into modules and import packages, no setup required! Roadmap Babel support Auto configuration for all packages in setup nwjs live reload support Live package install (install packages simply using the import keyword) Frontend GUI (For those who are terminal illiterate) Quick Start Create a new directory and open the terminal(Linux) or command prompt(Windows) and run the following commands. Install npm install -g fenix-engine-cli Setup a new project fenix Run the development server fenix dev F.A.Q Q: Is it ready? A: Yes and no! However, I only say no because it is in no way ready for a child to pick up and use, but it is ready for any developer that feels like giving it a try! Q: How will this make plugin development easy? A: It provides a consistent and easy to follow workflow and environment so that every plugin is developed in the same manner and with the same standards as any other developed using FeniXCLI. It also makes things easier by letting you develop your plugins in separate files which are bundled together to create a production ready plugin. Q: How can I get started? A: Follow the getting started guide Q: What is FeniXEngine? A: FeniXEngine is the name of the project which includes tools like FeniXCLI and FeniXTools. This open source project's mission is to make plugin development easy enough for a child, powerful enough for a developer.
  7. Hi! I want to make a skill that "captures an enemy" (lowers enemy's defense and magic defense while stunning them for three turns) but in returns, stuns the user in the process in a "Capturing state" (Prevents from attacking), but has a chance to lose the state if attacked, and if the user loses his state, so does the enemy and vice versa. I tried to do it in the damage formula, but it is not working, is there a way to do this?
  8. (Important Note: The Lortrec Project's engine is RPG Maker VX Ace, not RPG Maker MV) Hello everyone. Well, as some of you may (or may not) know, I am planning to revive the Lortrec Project sooner or later at some point in time, possibly still in 2017. However, one of the first things I would like to immediately change in Lortrec: Uprising is the current battle system I'm using. I'm actually pretty tired of turn-based battle systems, whether I'm using an ATB (Active-Timed Battle) System or not, it just doesn't satisfy me anymore with how unfairly easy or unfairlly hard it can be, how slow or fast things can get, and not even my balancing measures will be able to solve these problems because, to me, it is a flaw within the very system. Now, I'm not saying this with the intent of upsetting anyone who enjoys this system, but rather trying to look for alternative systems that may satisfy me and fit exactly what I need, based on the game's overall style. In this topic, I would like to request your opinion, but mostly your suggestions on a new battle system. Yes, I have considered an ABS (Active Battle System), but at this point in the game, doing the entirety of battle-related things from the very beginning will be an exhausting process that will cause the game to be even furtherly delayed, including the fact that most ABS scripts out there, even the most popular ones, are not well optimized and may cause the apperance of many more difficulties. Back to what I initially wanted to ask of all of you: What suggestions do you have for a new/different battle system? Feel free to give more than one example.
  9. Introduction Hi community! I been working on this idea for a very long time now, but i want some feedback to know if it´s worth the try. RPG Maker Vx Ace is what i´m going to use. I´m a spanish speaker, therefore i´ll put all my effort on writing this so you can understand me. Plot Magic days tells the story of a boy/girl whose life changes a morning when after waking up, finds him/her self transformed in an antrophomorphic animal, in a medieval world filled by people of the same kind. In this fantastic world, magic fills the every day basics, wars are a thing from the past and the population grows haealthy and happy. The protagonist wil have to find out why he was transformed into an animal and transported to this world where humans don't exist. A weird character, in the form of an alien, will guide the protagonist through the world, teaching him/her how to survive in this extrange place, only to find out that the real purpose of the travel is to stop an evil faction, trying to introduce war machines that threatens to change the way the world works. Well, this is the plot so far. I want to recall that this project is not a furry fetish game as it may sound, it´s inspired by the worlds of "Kung Fu Panda" and "Zootopia". The image that inspired me to work on this project is a Pokemon fanmade ilustration named "Delphox's Cauldron" by Bluekomadori. (i.imgur.com/zPfl0jq.jpg). The world will have a magic enviroment as no other, as it was stated before, the antrophomorphic animals live in this world where humans don't exist. Beacause of this, fairies, magic creatures, forest entities and natural spirits live among the people, making the world more fantastic than it already is. Graphics In this aspect, i like it to resemble that of "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance", but with better quality on the sprites and tiles. The player will be able to see the changes in the armor or weapons equipped, altought it may not be much of a change, but it´s something i like seeing in games of this quality. I put some links for you to see the style i´m talking about. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/d/de/Cyril_1.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20110426060626 http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/3/36/FFT-Warjilis_Trade_City.png/revision/latest?cb=20111215233444 https://img.delvenetworks.com/gdX9KjCLT1wmBYosX6fyt0/zVOzFuvrS8MgrC3TK0mtOQ/OwP.540x302.jpeg http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/f/f6/Bervenia_Palace_2.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20110424032626 http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/9/94/Giza_Plains_1.PNG/revision/latest/fixed-aspect-ratio-down/width/480/height/480?cb=20110426062303&fill=transparent Game mechanics The gameplay will resemble that of "Legend of Zelda" with an isometric view, ABS combat system, lots of puzzles and a house where the player will have to craft lots of tools to get through the dungeons. The classes will be locked in to the three basic classes of RPG (warrior, mage and thief). Every class will have it´s own type of house where the player will have the chance to craft the tools to pass through the game. Every class will have a diferent way to solve the puzzles. Warrior - The way of the warrior is through it's strength and toughness, it will resemble a lot to the "Barbarian" in "Diablo 2", with screams that will let him buff powers as he may need. Some of them are for jumping over a cliff, other are for getting through a wall, opening a door, take down a tree to cross a river, etc. In the house, it will be able to craft weapons, armors, train new moves, power buffs and battle tactics. Mage - By the arts of magic, the wizard will solve the puzzles thanks to being able to craft potions, scrolls, cook power crystals in the cauldron, learn new spells from the grimoire (spells will be found in dungeons or sold in the library) or call some spirits for help. (minions/pets) Thief - Crafting traps, strange artifacts, or utility tools like a rope stair or a hook shot will only be some of the things the thief has in hand to solve the puzzles. He can also learn new acrobatic or juggling skills. By wall running or climbing the rocks, the thief can get to the other side of a pit. Weapons and Skills - This is a feature that i like from the .hack // IMOQ games. Classes will not have ability trees, in this game the weapons grant the skills, such as a sword allows the warrior to make a spinning attack, a dagger grants the thief the ability to throw it and retrieve it, a staff can have a fire ball skill or an electric field. Crafting weapons will be much more exciting, because you will have the opportunity to choose the skill you get, although sometimes it may be random. Features - Making money by killing monsters is a thing from the past, it may sound strange, but isn't it stranger that a monster living in a forest, miles away from civilization has 3 gold coins in his guts? for me it is. Loots that give money are only a thing that you will find if you kill a guard, a bandit, an enemy with reasoning that knows what use that coin has. Therefore money can be made by selling some potions, weapons, armors, tools. Also, there will be mini games, were you can stand on a park and sing, dance, play an instrument, show some skills, sell stuff that you crafted, and if the people likes it, they will throw some money in to your hat. These mini games resemble that of "Guitar Hero" and "Dance Dance Revolution". And a special feature for the thief will be that of walking among the people, watching a NPC doing the same stuff, if the crowd is to distracted with the show, the thief can get some money by pickpocketing them. The End Well, that was hard to write! I'll be waiting for some good feedback, critiques, questions, did you read anything that you believe can´t be made in RPG Maker VX Ace? Anything extra you want to know? Plus, as you can see, this will be a very hard game for one person to make alone. Therefore, if the feedback is good i´ll be opening a "Team recruitment" thread. First i´ll make the game non-commercial, but if it gets to much attention money doesn´t hurt... Thank you for reading, i hope you like the idea. Good bye community!
  10. Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around with RPG Maker ever since VX came out (and even got a couples of demos out here and there), and I think I’m finally ready to commit to a full game! I’d really love your feedback for this first ‘real’ project. ABSTRACT: Hailey Comet and the Tower of Eul is a role-playing game that focuses on sharp writing and streamlined gameplay. SCREENSHOTS: GENRE: The game is a Fantasy solo RPG. GAME PROGRESSION: 20% - There are no more major gameplay overhauls to be made, or game-breaking technical issues to be adressed. From here on it's just getting down and dirty with designing dungeons, coding events, and writing dialogue. - Right now, I'm actually on leave from school, so you can bet I'm making the most of my time with this hobby of mine. Who knows, RPG making might even be my true calling. CREDITS: - Yanfly for all the plugins I’ve used. - IAmGyrowolf for some of the music. (his soundcloud is -> https://soundcloud.com/gyrowolf) RECRUITING: - Artists for a custom portrait and spritesheet for the protagonist. DEMO TIME: - It's only half an hour long, but I bet you'll like it DOWNLOAD (220 MB): - Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcaszu81dyxsfse/Hailey%20Comet.zip?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STORY/CHARACTER BIO: The protagonist is a member of the royal Comet family. A century past, the prince of Comet used his royal magic to seal the Dark Lord Eul in the evil king’s own tower. He fortified this seal by awakening the magic within the other magic Towers across the land. With Eul defeated, the kingdom enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity. Hailey is a skilled adventurer, herself, and does all she can to live up to her family’s reputation. However, the royal magic protecting the seal has begun to falter, and Eul’s influence is beginning to corrupt the Towers and the lands surrounding them. Monsters have begun to appear, leaving the kingdom in danger of suffering under dark ages anew. The current heir to the throne, Hailey Comet, is tasked with undoing Eul’s corruption and putting a stop to his scheming. Will she succeed? GAMEPLAY: The player progresses through the plot by completing quests, bite-sized scenarios scattered across the map. Each quest offers a different gameplay experience for the player. Monsters and rivals are fought in a conventional turn-based system that has been hyper-compressed for a light, yet engaging experience. - Before she can restore the magic of the four Towers, Hailey must complete all of the Quests on the current map. Each Quest drops you right into the action onto a small ‘board’. The player will have to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and commune with the locals to complete the objective. - Combat has been streamlined from the default battle system to a unique, but easy-to-learn system. The player’s primary options are [Attack] and [Defend]. Attacking consecutively builds up your Heat; the more Heat the character has, the stronger they’ll be and the more bonuses they’ll have. You’ll be dealing pitiful amounts of damage until you can build up a decent amount. Defending reduces damage and restores your HP, but also drops all of your Heat. It’s up to the player whether they should continue to attack to build up Heat or to fall back and start anew when it’s safe. Features specific to the Special Demo Edition: - The first two Quests take place in a cellar, and a bandit hideout. The cellar will have you searching for pests in a basement, while the hideout will have Hailey sneaking past guards to reach the boss. - The first Tower, the Tower of Gales, is played as a platforming puzzle. - The third quest takes place in the run-down, crime-ridden city of Crimeya. The player must explore the town in order to find a way to enter the base of operations of the Blacktooth syndicate. - This special demo version also features a bonus boss. A mysterious boy from another world has been sighted around the Isles of Ire. Could he know anything about the Towers? KNOWN ISSUES: - A lot of the programming during battle is done through common events, so you might run into some bugs. For example, the player character will continue to use "follow-up skills" even on a KO'd opponent.
  11. Vox Dia

    Twynog Machinov (Soulborne)

    Twynog Machinov Race: Skeldian, Lunarian Age: 2300+ Affiliation: Four Harbingers of Apocalypse (Formerly) Grand Executioner of Requiem (Currently) Guardian of Sasayakijinja (Currently) Threat Level: High Twynog is the legendary undead (reanimated) Skeldian warrior and a signature character of Soulborne. He is a reliable and creative soldier of the Netherworld who hailed from the Lunar City on the Moon, had once been the only son of the Watatsuki Royal Family. He now walks the world of Sargosso, bound to the Harbingers’ Mask, a sentient shield with a maniacal personality, as Sargosso’s first War God. Twynog resides in Sasayakijinja, living with Gwendolyn Komatsuzaki, the Netherworld’s ghostly princess, and her guardian Honoka Minami. His post is at the southwest of the ghost shrine at a nearby ocean expanse called Nanban Kaigan. Twynog has a rather ghastly appearance that accents his Lunarian background. He wears a red bandana around his head that has several runes written on it with what looks like charcoal, a dark purple dress with a strap on the right over a white short-sleeved blouse, steel and leather gauntlets, several femto-fiber ropes wrapped around his body, buckled boots on both his feet and a large belt around his waist. Twynog wields a great tricksword (a Lunarian broadsword that combines with its sheath to create a greatsword) and his Mask, which is a large, seemingly-living, magical shield with the face of a skull adorned on the front, with glowing purple runes etched on the sides of it. His eyes are empty sockets with red glowing pupils. Twynog is an extremely skilled swordsman, seeming to have retained his finesse with a sword, shield, and greatsword alone from his past life. While he does wield weaponry, he also possesses strange magic abilities, such as teleportation and manipulation of ghostly skulls and arms. Twynog can also manipulate the subconscious of foes, a power that can quickly turn the tide of battle in his favor. This allows him to manipulate the hidden aspects of the mind of his foes in various ways, such as having them relive traumatic moments and force vivid illusions and hallucinations unto them. Despite his brash attitude and informal demeanor, Twynog reveals that the most important things to him are not any sort of fame, glory, or power, but actually upholding his beliefs and protecting those he holds most dearest. He has sworn upon his life to destroy the Abyssals and Lunarians, not giving up on his mission for even a second. He is incredibly loyal to the Grim Reaper Samael, the Royal Advisor Junko, and is incredibly vengeful towards those who have done him wrong or betray him. One the other hand, Twynog’s Mask is a complete polar opposite, since it contains his uncontrollable hatred and insanity. The Mask shares Twynog’s voice as it cackles with glee in the midst of battle, enjoying any form of combat Twynog is engaged in to a disturbing extent. It doesn't speak and has a very one-track mind, always hungry for war and general chaos to unfold as it relishes in the agony of others. The Mask has the ability to stop any incoming force completely, regardless of speed in which said force had traveled.
  12. pleasedelete

    How do you start your story ?

    Greetings dear fantasy people ! I have been a little inquisitive today , I noticed that the manner of producing a storyline differs from people to people . As an exemple , I usually start mine after having created , what I would call , a "captivating cast" ! Most of the time , I cannot start producing a game or a plot without having first created characters that I would have affection for . I would then plunge them into a gripping storyline full of twists to finally create an engrossing title ! (engrossing sounds as a pretty odd adjective .) Now , I was wondering , what is your first step toward the creation of a game , story or whatever else ? Do you first try to find an appealing title ? Do you rather want to create an awesome story first ? Or , just like me , you first want to conceive a "captivating cast" ? (Perhaps do you even have another manner of proceeding ? Like imagining the environment or whatever else .) Feel free to respond ! It seems interesting to witness how each of us proceed to the development of the creativity ?
  13. Hello! For the past week or so I have been hard at work...not really but it sounds like something good to say. From what started as an idea of a character has evolved into a single Act, like a play. I present, Act I: Curiosity Killed the Cats...or Gave Them Superpowers. When I began writing this, I didn't think it would be something I would want to convert into a game. I initially wrote it as a TV Show/Movie script. A little backstory about myself, I'm a writer. Not professionally or anything like that, just a hobbyist writer. I like writing fictional stories about various topics/ideas...from the supernatural to the mundane and everything in between. I enjoy this as it gives life to the many characters I create while I'm at work, lawn care is boring lol. This is also why what I am presenting to all of you now exists. I know it isn't perfect, it may not even be good to some, but I thought it was a decent start. Which is why I'm sharing it now...well, that, and so I can possibly get some feedback from the members of this community. Whether it be positive, constructive, or straight up negative...I want to hear it. Thank you in advance, ToxSic23 The Game - Act I.txt
  14. philteredkhaos

    21 Days Gone, 9 More to Go

    The month of June has been an eventful one. It seems like all things are coming together quicker the more I work towards them. Strange, right? Lol. I have nearly completed the first game I have ever started. I was hoping to have it done a few months ago, but I had a strange issue that borked my project files, and I lost the motivation to redo all that I had done, even though I had notes. Then a second game got blasted to oblivion, and another user informed me (at the same time I realized that) I could copy old project data files (like actor.dat) over to the broken folder and hope it's compatible. I ended up not being able to fully recover one of my games because, but I didn't lose as much as I otherwise would have without the fix. So far, I have completed my demo for 'Moral of the Story'. It has had some major updates and a lot of content added. I have also nearly completed 'The Passafirst' for a full release. I hope to have that ready to go by June 30th, which seems reasonable. Until I remember I overestimate how much I can get done in the RM engine when I work on my games. I was working really hard on a game demo that I was hoping to release with the opening of my site. Then I realized, since it's a seasonal game, it would probably be better off being released as either a demo or the full game when the season actually comes back around. Be on the look out for something something seasonal! And finally, I have my site built, and ready to go online. I am just waiting for my capital to arrive. I had run short of funds to purchase a domain name and now I hope to do that on the last day of the month. With any luck I might even be able to launch my site on that day, though I think realistically it will be July 1st when I put my website open to the public.
  15. lonequeso

    Unique Bosses

    One of my favorite things about RPG's are the boss battles. I like them because generally, they're not something you can just spam the same skills over and over to beat. They force the player to actually stop and think about what they're doing. This post is for those bosses. The well thought out ones that require more than "attack "attack" "heal" "attack" Repeat. I'm curious to see what unique challenging bosses people have come up with. I'm working out the fine details of one myself atm the moment, too. I'll show you mine, and you can show me yours..... ...that came out all wrong NOTE: At this point in the game the player will have 10 actors in the party and can switch them in battle. There's a five turn cool down before they can switch again so they have to be cautious. I was having some fun recently with some of Thazlon's Battlers. He was some Goos, basically bigger slime that have some facial features (eyes, mouths, etc.) He has a "Goo King" that I'm using for a boss. He is surrounded by his loyal subjects: 2 "Goo Knights" 2 "Goo Mages" 2 regular "Goos" They are fiercely loyal. The very first turn the King uses a skill that gives the knights and regular Goos a special cover status using Hime's Cover Conditions. They cover only the King regardless of his HP. So to get to the King, you have to eliminate the 4 enemies covering him first. This is easier said than done, of course. All the Goos in general aren't particularly hard to kill. By the time the player gets to the fight, they should know some of their elemental weaknesses/resistances thanks to the Ace Battle Engine. Problem is, the regular Goos can heal their allies. The King can also fully revive dead allies, and can and will use his special "Cover" skill throughout the battle after "X" turns. I'm going to have it so he does that only 1/3 of the time when an enemy is dead. Otherwise, it'd likely be damn near impossible to win w/out leveling waaayy up. The King also likes to buff his and his subjects' DEF and MDF. The Mages can silence the player's party, too. Fun fun But wait! There's more! After the fifth turn the King summons his "Court Jester Goo." Yep you read that right I'm playing with his specific skills/parameters atm. Stat wise he's fairly weak, but he is very hard to hit with magic or physical attacks and almost impossible to crit. He won't Cover the King. He does use a fun Provoke state I made. It works like Confuse, but the Restriction is set to "attack an enemy" It also puts "Provoke" on the Jester, so the afflicted will be more likely to target it. He probably won't have any damaging skills, maybe just the basic "Attack" skill so he's not spamming debuff and status conditions. There's lots of obstacles to stop the player from damaging the King. While the player is dealing with them in the early turns, they are sure to notice the King heals HP and MP every turn. HE is vulnerable to two different damage over time states to counter that. Even after you eliminate his defenses, he can revive allies, so you have to be ready to eliminate the ones that can Cover him again. Devious, no? The most fun part of this is the complete lack of backstory I provide the Goos. I want to have a very fantastical feel with it. I offer no explanation to how this society of Goos came to be or why they live in the cave they live in. All they player knows is for some reason they're protecting the mineral you're trying to collect. And that's after the battle. It's all up to the player's own imagination How'd ya like it? I can't wait to hear some other people's ideas.
  16. Hello, everyone. So, I know very few of you still have access to Lortrec: Uprising (only the Testing Team and two friends of mine have it), so I'll explain how things are, involving the Battle System: It's a Sideview Battle System with ATB System added to it. In this case, the ATB System has three modes: Wait, Semi-Active and Active. When "Wait" is chosen, time will always stop once it's the player's turn or during attacks, slightly similar to the default system of VX Ace. When "Semi-Active" is chosen, time only stops when you are going to choose specific things, like selecting who you are going to attack or during attacks. If "Active" is chosen, time will NEVER stop. Knowing that, I gave the player the Option to change the ATB Speed whenever they wanted to. HOWEVER, I realized that would be way too easy, which is what I want to avoid in most circumstances. So then I started to think... "What should be done to Lortrec: Uprising's Battle System?" I would want to keep the ATB System, but I would also like to make it playable for everyone. The default ATB Speed is "Semi-Active". Letting the player choose the ATB Speed whenever they wanted kind of started to bother me, so I wanted things to change. Then I came up with two possibilities, and I would like you to let me know which one you would prefer more, and why. "What should be done?" Permanently lock the ATB Speed at Semi-Active. Let the player choose the ATB Speed, but only ONCE, at the very beginning of the game. Please vote the Poll above and post your reply explaining why you would prefer it. That is all. WARNING: The poll will be closed on Friday. Once I post a reply saying so, all votes casted after that will not be considered.
  17. lonequeso

    Sneaking around

    I'm playing with some different ideas of how I want an event to run. The player reaches a city called York. When they go near the town center, they find a small crowd gathered. Some of the King's soldiers are standing there. They are hunting for a resistance movement that they believed is headquartered in the city. This is both good and bad news for the player. The main objective is to overthrow the King. By overthrow I mean kill. Don't worry, he has it coming This resistance could provide valuable allies. Problem is, if the soldiers find them, there's going to be a bloodbath. The King is kind of an execute first, ask questions later type of guy. The King is also aware of the player's own quest to kill him. After the soldiers give their speech about loyal citizens reporting strange activities or any sighting of the resistance, they bring up the main character and his party. There was already a bounty on the player's head. Beforehand, bounty hunters and mercenaries were the only ones who knew of this. The King expanded that to the people of York, offering a reward for any information on your whereabouts. Luckily, everyone hates the King so no one is going to rat you or the resistance movement out. (I may have one or two NPCs summon the guards on you.) The soldiers are now garrisoned in the city, and they are using York police force for some extra manpower. Night falls after the previous scene plays out. The player has to find the resistance movement while avoiding the guards. This is the part I'm playing around with. What is going to happen when a guard see's the player? I have a couple ideas in mind. I'm open to suggestions, too. Option 1: Option 2: I considered having being thrown in jail a consequence of losing a battle with the guards. Losing the battle would be a rare occurrence so I don't feel it be worth the time to set up. Those are my two ideas. I'm open to other ideas, too. What do you guys think?
  18. Greetings lower lifeforms! Welcome to the second entry of the Wish to the Stars development blog. Today, we will be going over some things I've been doing in chapter 1. First off: We have a functioning chapter selection area! Yes. We have chapter selection. There will be 11 chapters, most will have 2 parts to it. One where you play as the character Aiden, and another where you play as the character Aria. Some of you may be wondering why I decided to do a map instead of pictures for selecting the chapters. Well, the main reasons is because I am not very talented at drawing pictures, which would have led to very boring and uninspiring chapter images and a map made for a more interesting way of navigating. The other reason is because I really like Fable 3... Yes. I know what you are thinking. Feel free to ostracize me. I won't complain. Anyway. I really like the idea of all of the menus being abstracted out and having everything from the menus being put into an interactive environment. Now, Fable 3 managed to make it a massive chore more then anything fun since they literally abstracted almost every single menu out of the game. I'm only doing this for the chapter selection area. I also like the chapter selection in the game Sacred Tears TRUE (http://store.steampowered.com/app/316840/), which is similar to this. So, I'm basically stealing from other, probably better, games. Anyway. The chapter selection will allow you to go to any unlocked chapter and play through it at whatever level the characters currently are, along with what equipment and money they have. Being certain levels will unlock new events and such in previous chapter. This is meant to give the player as much freedom as possible when going through the game and to allow them to play through whatever chapters they feel like without feeling like they have to find everything right as they are going through them or else they will have to restart the game or load a save. The next thing on the list: Mapping! The first town area of the game is complete! The village of Ander. Which is the home of the two main characters. It has six sections to it: The Grove, Village Center, Waterfalls, The Eastern Side, The Farms, and the Brody Homestead. All of which will be accessible during both sides of chapter 1. There really isn't anything else to say. And now the last thing on our list is: Characters! Names, nick-names, descriptions, and some side notes on every character has been entered into the database. Aiden and Aria's class information has been entered into the database as well and are currently under going some testing. The rest of the character's class information will be entered at a later point as well. Here is a current status on all of them: Aiden: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: TESTING. Aria: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: TESTING. Cavall: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Marcus: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Galahad: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Eden: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Anyway, There really isn't much else to say since not much of the story has been put in yet, outside of a small intro scene, so I will leave you guys off with the percentage completion of each chapter. Chapter completion percentages. -Chapter 1 completion: %30 -Chapter 2 completion: %0 -Chapter 3 completion: %0 -Chapter 4 completion: %0 -Chapter 5 completion: %0 -Chapter 6 completion: %0 -Chapter 7 completion: %0 -Chapter 8 completion: %0 -Chapter 9 completion: %0 -Chapter 10 completion: %0 -Chapter 11 completion: %0 Have a good day everyone. -LS
  19. Hello everyone. Through most of last month I had a poll up for people to choose the top 4 characters to be in my MV project. Well. Now that I have MV, and have had time to get familiar with it, I have finally gotten around to starting the project. This blog will be either bi-weekly, or monthly as a way to keep you guys up to date on the progress of the project. I don't really have much to say for this entry, so I'll just leave a completion percentage for each chapter. Chapter completion percentages. -Chapter 1 completion: %10 -Chapter 2 completion: %0 -Chapter 3 completion: %0 -Chapter 4 completion: %0 -Chapter 5 completion: %0 -Chapter 6 completion: %0 -Chapter 7 completion: %0 -Chapter 8 completion: %0 -Chapter 9 completion: %0 -Chapter 10 completion: %0 -Chapter 11 completion: %0 Anyway. Good day to you all, and I look forward to working on the project.
  20. Let's preface this: I have never successfully finished a project. I always get bored and move on to other things, or I decide it's simply to difficult for a solo developer at my level. That said, I really care about my solo project. But I have a good idea for a much simpler game. I'm still torn between the two; Should I stick to my solo project to the end, or put it off like all the others or something more attainable as a solo? My current solo project is an open-world Rogue-like in space. You will get to buy spaceships, explore alien worlds that are randomly generated, find caves and dungeons that are also randomly generated, fight pirates, and explore multiple branching story-lines. I could do this, or I could do my much more attainable second idea: A story-line driven game that pits you in a race against the villain. It's simpler to explain, at least.
  21. I don;t want to call it an epiphany, but I realized something important wile developing my game. I've probably done it unconsciously before or because I was being lazy :wacko: , but this is first time I actually realized why I was doing it. I reached the point in my game where it becomes a lot more open ended. There was a bit of a hitch though. There was still one character left to join the party. Not making something linear to force this to happen could potentially throw the character balance way off. There wasn't any earlier point in the game where I could add her. So I had to force the player to go to the town where they would meet her. I reconciled that situation pretty easily. As the player crossed the bridge to the open-ending area of the game, I had a merchant appear with a cart with a broken wheel. The player then was going to escort Mr. Merchant to where I needed the player to be. I was originally going to make it a full-fledged escort quest where the player was guided to the town and had to keep the merchant alive. Then I realized something. All that merchant really is, is a plot device to get the player where I need them. Why am I going to to put the time and effort into a quest when that's really all I want to do? I didn't make sense. So instead, the player is now just automatically transported there, the event where they meet the new character happens automatically. Problem solved. Everything's peachy. The reason I'm sharing this seemingly pointless thing is I'm sure everyone on this forum who actively making a game has run into a situation of deciding upon what kind of quest(s) to put in their game. It's important to understand the goal of whatever situation you're putting the player in. Simple things like my situation don't necessarily require a complex method of achieving them. If you feel you're game's lacking in quests, by all means use it as an opportunity to add one. However if you already have a variety of quests ask yourself if it's worth the time and effort to add a quest. Just some food for thought. Do with it what you will.
  22. This is the problem when you create a spur-of-the-moment story, I think. Here goes nothin': I started making my game, and it asked for a title. I put "Sleepless Nights", since it sounded cool and was kind of a joke based off the fact that I knew I would spend many a sleepless night im lame soz making the game. Since that's the title though, I wanted to incorporate that into the game itself somehow, and I'll explain how I did that later. I also have to warn that if any of the stuff (including this paragraph itself) doesn't make any sense it's because I thought of it all at 2 in the morning one night and decided to just roll with it. So first I made the protag. He didn't have a name, so as a placeholder I put "X" [you start in his house, so the maps were literally called "X's Room" and "X's House"]. This eventually (for some stupid reason) ended up becoming his beta name for the story, since I don't know what else to call him and I thought the name fit somehow. The game starts you off in X's room; he wakes in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm. He goes downstairs and finds a letter near his door. When he reads it, it says that he's been selected for a "mission" that he needs to protect someone very important. If he declines to the offer it implies that not nice things will happen to him, so he decides he better listen to the Call and go find this person. As he wanders around the forest [which the map is titled "a forest lol" since I didn't have a title for it] he goes to the lake near his house and hears a scream. Two people [a lady Paladin named Anne and a male Thief named Zavier] have a mage [female named Bluebell, a reference to an old Pokémon file I had] captive and are about to kill her. X bravely rushes to the scene and demands the girl be let go! Zavier tries to convince Lady Paladin to let Bluebell go, but she has none of it and battles X. She loses and her and Zavier leave. After they do, he goes to Bluebell and asks if she's alright. She says she's fine, but won't explain why those two wanted to kill her. Linking the two events together, X realizes that Bluebell is probably the person he's supposed to protect, and explains this to her [also mentioning the letter, which she finds perplexing]. She then mentions that she has to go somewhere important, and asks if X is willing to escort her, since that's what he's supposed to do anyway. He agrees (since he figures he has no choice) and the two head off to their adventure! Sorry for the wall of text, but that's all that I have so far. Literally. I just finished this cutscene the other day. I'm predicting a few questions, so I'll (hopefully) answer them here: Why did Bluebell get taken? ...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nah, kidding. That I'm not actually sure of yet, but I know she was in the wrong about something because a Paladin wanted her gone, and you need to do a lot to piss those guys off to the point of such extremes. PALADINS ARE LAWFUL-GOOD THEY WOULD NEVER-She teams up with Zavier because he's kind of "changed his ways". He was a Robin Hood type thief that gave his goods to the poor and downtrodden (though when he was younger he was the actual type of thief). Plus I think Anne needed someone sneaky to help her with this. Also she wants Bluebell gone because she probably thinks she's evil or something. Since I haven't decided what Bluebell's deal is or what her link to the letter people is, that's kind of ambiguous as of yet. What's "Sleepless Nights" got to do with this?I wanted to make some kind of running theme with "nightmares" and "reality" where some parts of the game take place in a nightmare or a dream and other parts take place in the real world, and it's up to the player to figure out while they're playing which one they're in. I'm not sure about this idea though because it might make the story needlessly complicated. If nothing else at least the opening takes place at night and the two pull an all-nighter...? =D...? So um. What do you all think? Should I just scrap this, or try to keep going with it? and if anyone read all of that this late at night I will love you
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    Off to the races

    When I was kid, there was this really cool SNES game I played. So cool that I cannot remember the name :/ The game itself was fun, but there's one aspect in particular that was really unique. It's probably been done again since, but I've never seen it. Monster races! Pretty much what it sounds like. Like a horse race, but with monsters! It was super simple, and really cool. The track was just a straight line divided into five (I think) sections. Five different monsters participated, all with different odds. You'd get gold on the monster of your choosing, and you watch them go! A couple games have done similar things. The dog races in Legend of Zelda, chocobo races in Final Fantasy. I don't remember one quite like this. I'm thinking of using that in my game. I'm actually thinking of putting in a full-fledged casino, but that may be a pipe dream. Monster Races. Good idea or stupid one?
  24. Hello everyone, FLG'sRetnuh here . This thread is to help develop what the theme of an alternate dimension in my game is. You see, according to the story's current plot, an evil wizard from an alternate world, is trying to stretch his dimension into the regular world. What he doesn't know, is that this will destroy the universe. The hero of the story then has to battle through the two dimensions to find him, and stop him. The part i'm having trouble coming up with, is the theme of the alternate dimension that half of the game will take place in. Originally i was going to make it an 8-bit dimension, but that idea was scrapped, as it would limit the capabilities of the game, and just doesn't seem like a good idea. So, do any of you have ideas for the theme of this alternate dimension?
  25. I had a heck of a time trying to get something that I considered to be, at least from a gamer angle, to be relatively simple to work properly in RPG Maker VX and it caused me to wonder if maybe there was a better way to go about it or if I should have coded instead tried to do everything within events. So here's how this worked. In my game, you get to select 3 staff members out of 10 to assist you with your initial consultation for a mind jump, wherein you jump inside a person's dream and the 3 staff members that sit in for the consultation will also assist you in your jump. The patient that you're getting ready to interview is ex-military and during the staff meeting prior to the consultation, Tyler, your chief security coordinator (also ex-military) vehemently declines being included in the consultation, even though you wanted him in as a sort of expert, given his background. As a result, he's either locked in to the consultation or out depending on your decision during the staff meeting. So here's how I wrote the events. X Y Z ABCDEFGHIJ X - StaffConsult1, Y - StaffConsult2, Z - StaffConsult3 A-J - Initial staff member positions. The best way to think about the above is think about the scenario in Final Fantasy 6 (3 on the U.S. SNES) where the team divides up and you can select which scenario you want to do and in what order. There are 2 pages for each event. The first page is the one we'll be looking at mostly, but the second page is there just in case the person is dead, at which point it checks for KaremaDead=ON for example and has no graphic selectable there if that is so. Let's say you go to select Karema (initially at the A position). First it checks if Karema's number (1 in this case) is set to StaffConsult 1 or 2. Why not 3? Because there's a parallel process running where as soon as 3 is not 0, it asks if you'd like to confirm your selection. If you want to start over, it resets all character positions (except Tyler) and resets StaffConsult 1, 2, and 3 to 0. Anyway, back to Karema. If it's confirmed she's at StaffConsult 1 or 2, it asks if you'd like to remove her or not. If so, that StaffConsult (1 or 2) is set to 0 and she's reset back to where she was. HOWEVER...this was my first issue. There doesn't seem to be a way to do an OR statement. See, what I really wanted was... If StaffConsult1 == 1 OR StaffConsult2 == 1... But you can't do that, at least not with eventing. As a result, I have it set up like this... If StaffConsult1 == 1 Choices - Keep, Remove Keep, Skip to Label End Remove, Reset Karema, StaffConsult1 == 0, Skip to Label End If StaffConsult2 == 1 Choices - Keep, Remove Keep, Skip to Label End Remove, Reset Karema, StaffConsult2 == 0, Skip to Label End Lots of other eventing stuff that I'll explain momentarily Label End Don't get me wrong, it works, it's just that there's redundancy I wish I could get rid of. What I WISH I could do is set up some sort of quick array feature that would check them both for 1, then replace with 0 if the choice is to remove. Alternatively, I could also disallow the ability to change people in the middle of the operation and have it where you have to select 2 other people, then choose to start over. The other problem is without any sort of array or indexing function, I then have to call a common event called NumberToName that simply says if StaffConsult1 is 1, then StaffName1 is "Karema"...but that particular event line is repeated 10 times...then 10 more for StaffConsult2 and StaffName 2...then 10 more for StaffConsult3 and StaffName3. Again, it works, it's just a pain. Furthermore, it's going to need further refinement somewhere down the road because as it stands Tyler is not selectable within this instance ONLY because I deliberately exclude that ability this time, so I'll need to create a clever locking method for that. I am actively studying Ruby as well as several other scripting/coding languages (I actually have a bachelors in computer information systems, but I'm not a huge fan of coding, go figure). What are your thoughts? And definitely let me know if I posted this in the wrong area. Edit: I just realized I didn't explain how the rest of the eventing works. So let's say Karema is at position A and StaffConsult1, 2, and 3 are all 0. If you select Karema and it confirms StaffConsult1 and 2 aren't 1, it asks Add/Don't Add. If you choose Add, it checks if StaffConsult1 is 0 and if so, then StaffConsult1==1 and Karema's position gets set to X. If StaffConsult1 is not 0, it checks if StaffConsult2 is 0 and if so, then StaffConsult2==1 and Karema's position gets set to Y. If neither of these are true, then StaffConsult3==1 and Karema's position gets set to Z at which point the parallel process kicks in.
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