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Found 57 results

  1. That One NPC

    Let's Make an MMO

    Anyone also share the dream of making a good, quality 2D MMO that captures the essence of the classic JRPG, in a massively multiplayer setting, with modern features and logic? I am good with creating worlds, lore, plots, characters, Sprites, and icons edits. I am a workhorse looking for a project where multiple people can combine their talents and efforts to produce something truly noteworthy. This is an evolving thread and I will be adding ideas and concepts over time in addition to what others bring to it.
  2. Something that has always bothered me about many RPGs is how there are multiple instances where you will be going into a weapon/armour shop and spend a lot of time buying and selling stuff. It feels weird to think that the characters will hold their starting weapon and then throw it out the window for something they have possibly never seen before. This is also the case with armour, one moment your fastest character has casual clothing, BOOM, now they'll wearing shining knights armour. So after playing Blue Dragon, it gave me inspiration for how I made character stat progression. In Blue Dragon, there are no weapons or armour, instead, you have the character's dragon/soul and accessories that act as armour. My idea is that each character has their own unique weapon that they keep start to finish, whenever they beat a boss that drops an upgrade for their weapon, they can (game is still in progress, so deciding between the two) either go to a specific area to get it upgraded or it is upgraded right on the get go. Accessories will still be purchased from an item shop along with another feature in my game. Other than that, that's an idea for my game. To me, it feels satisfying to watch the little parts of characters grow as well. What are your thoughts?
  3. ... So, Here is the place where we're going to show our ideas about skills, any great skills you have in mind, you had in your game, why don't you share it here? We can call this is "Skill's Sanctuary" #################################################### #################################################### Cool eh? Here is the first one! This is the must-have-skill in your game #1, Poison Bubble >Pop up from beneath an enemy, it explodes like a bomb and deal damage to only one enemy 25% * a.atk + 300 Poison damage >Then after exploded, it cast poison gas to all enemies +30% chance to Poison all enemies How about that?
  4. Lord Vectra

    The Follower Idea

    Okay, my friend and I cooked up an idea for the follower issue. What if when person 1 follows person 2, the system automatically makes person 2 follow person 1. And then, you just rename "follower" to "friends"? I really hate the follower system and prefer the friending system XD
  5. Introduction Hi community! I been working on this idea for a very long time now, but i want some feedback to know if it´s worth the try. RPG Maker Vx Ace is what i´m going to use. I´m a spanish speaker, therefore i´ll put all my effort on writing this so you can understand me. Plot Magic days tells the story of a boy/girl whose life changes a morning when after waking up, finds him/her self transformed in an antrophomorphic animal, in a medieval world filled by people of the same kind. In this fantastic world, magic fills the every day basics, wars are a thing from the past and the population grows haealthy and happy. The protagonist wil have to find out why he was transformed into an animal and transported to this world where humans don't exist. A weird character, in the form of an alien, will guide the protagonist through the world, teaching him/her how to survive in this extrange place, only to find out that the real purpose of the travel is to stop an evil faction, trying to introduce war machines that threatens to change the way the world works. Well, this is the plot so far. I want to recall that this project is not a furry fetish game as it may sound, it´s inspired by the worlds of "Kung Fu Panda" and "Zootopia". The image that inspired me to work on this project is a Pokemon fanmade ilustration named "Delphox's Cauldron" by Bluekomadori. (i.imgur.com/zPfl0jq.jpg). The world will have a magic enviroment as no other, as it was stated before, the antrophomorphic animals live in this world where humans don't exist. Beacause of this, fairies, magic creatures, forest entities and natural spirits live among the people, making the world more fantastic than it already is. Graphics In this aspect, i like it to resemble that of "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance", but with better quality on the sprites and tiles. The player will be able to see the changes in the armor or weapons equipped, altought it may not be much of a change, but it´s something i like seeing in games of this quality. I put some links for you to see the style i´m talking about. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/d/de/Cyril_1.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20110426060626 http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/3/36/FFT-Warjilis_Trade_City.png/revision/latest?cb=20111215233444 https://img.delvenetworks.com/gdX9KjCLT1wmBYosX6fyt0/zVOzFuvrS8MgrC3TK0mtOQ/OwP.540x302.jpeg http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/f/f6/Bervenia_Palace_2.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20110424032626 http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/9/94/Giza_Plains_1.PNG/revision/latest/fixed-aspect-ratio-down/width/480/height/480?cb=20110426062303&fill=transparent Game mechanics The gameplay will resemble that of "Legend of Zelda" with an isometric view, ABS combat system, lots of puzzles and a house where the player will have to craft lots of tools to get through the dungeons. The classes will be locked in to the three basic classes of RPG (warrior, mage and thief). Every class will have it´s own type of house where the player will have the chance to craft the tools to pass through the game. Every class will have a diferent way to solve the puzzles. Warrior - The way of the warrior is through it's strength and toughness, it will resemble a lot to the "Barbarian" in "Diablo 2", with screams that will let him buff powers as he may need. Some of them are for jumping over a cliff, other are for getting through a wall, opening a door, take down a tree to cross a river, etc. In the house, it will be able to craft weapons, armors, train new moves, power buffs and battle tactics. Mage - By the arts of magic, the wizard will solve the puzzles thanks to being able to craft potions, scrolls, cook power crystals in the cauldron, learn new spells from the grimoire (spells will be found in dungeons or sold in the library) or call some spirits for help. (minions/pets) Thief - Crafting traps, strange artifacts, or utility tools like a rope stair or a hook shot will only be some of the things the thief has in hand to solve the puzzles. He can also learn new acrobatic or juggling skills. By wall running or climbing the rocks, the thief can get to the other side of a pit. Weapons and Skills - This is a feature that i like from the .hack // IMOQ games. Classes will not have ability trees, in this game the weapons grant the skills, such as a sword allows the warrior to make a spinning attack, a dagger grants the thief the ability to throw it and retrieve it, a staff can have a fire ball skill or an electric field. Crafting weapons will be much more exciting, because you will have the opportunity to choose the skill you get, although sometimes it may be random. Features - Making money by killing monsters is a thing from the past, it may sound strange, but isn't it stranger that a monster living in a forest, miles away from civilization has 3 gold coins in his guts? for me it is. Loots that give money are only a thing that you will find if you kill a guard, a bandit, an enemy with reasoning that knows what use that coin has. Therefore money can be made by selling some potions, weapons, armors, tools. Also, there will be mini games, were you can stand on a park and sing, dance, play an instrument, show some skills, sell stuff that you crafted, and if the people likes it, they will throw some money in to your hat. These mini games resemble that of "Guitar Hero" and "Dance Dance Revolution". And a special feature for the thief will be that of walking among the people, watching a NPC doing the same stuff, if the crowd is to distracted with the show, the thief can get some money by pickpocketing them. The End Well, that was hard to write! I'll be waiting for some good feedback, critiques, questions, did you read anything that you believe can´t be made in RPG Maker VX Ace? Anything extra you want to know? Plus, as you can see, this will be a very hard game for one person to make alone. Therefore, if the feedback is good i´ll be opening a "Team recruitment" thread. First i´ll make the game non-commercial, but if it gets to much attention money doesn´t hurt... Thank you for reading, i hope you like the idea. Good bye community!
  6. Hello! For the past week or so I have been hard at work...not really but it sounds like something good to say. From what started as an idea of a character has evolved into a single Act, like a play. I present, Act I: Curiosity Killed the Cats...or Gave Them Superpowers. When I began writing this, I didn't think it would be something I would want to convert into a game. I initially wrote it as a TV Show/Movie script. A little backstory about myself, I'm a writer. Not professionally or anything like that, just a hobbyist writer. I like writing fictional stories about various topics/ideas...from the supernatural to the mundane and everything in between. I enjoy this as it gives life to the many characters I create while I'm at work, lawn care is boring lol. This is also why what I am presenting to all of you now exists. I know it isn't perfect, it may not even be good to some, but I thought it was a decent start. Which is why I'm sharing it now...well, that, and so I can possibly get some feedback from the members of this community. Whether it be positive, constructive, or straight up negative...I want to hear it. Thank you in advance, ToxSic23 The Game - Act I.txt
  7. Hey folks, I'm here with a idea of mine for a game. Now, before you go: "Your title is misleading! Change it!" I have one main question to ask on top of this: Basing a game off a race of elves or humans is one thing, but is it fine to go whatever route for races? Continuing on: I'm not going to do anything fancy for showing the plot and characters (mainly because no drawings/pictures for them), which I hope you enjoy! Characters: Krown- Good to heart, sweet, caring, and flat to politics, this Raven archmage is cunning and smart, much akin to his species. He has a crush on Neenie, which when he's alone without seeing her, he falls into depression at times. His main mastery in spells deals with Yin/Yang sorts, like Light and Dark, Buff and Debuff, Heal and Damage, and Death and Revive. His weapon of choice isn't your general staff, either. He wields a half-scythe, half scythe-shaped (although more cone-ish) staff, which he wields with vigilant care. As a young child, he served in 27 wars since his 6th birthday. Neenie- A lovely Elf Owl that works around the clock as both a scribe and archmage. She tends to get thrown around by many other small chores, and with her clumsiness, she tends to forget what she was doing before the current task. Her main spells deal with the earth, which she creates a dramatic scene by jabbing her staff into the ground to help focus the spells. She's also been chosen to lead a convoy for Grace. Myrla- The Grand Mage of the mages, Myrla tends to be preppy, sassy, and hardheaded to opinions. She uses the legend of the "White and Black Bird" to keep Krown from getting together with Neenie. However, the Snowy Owl wants the Raven all to herself. Grace- Queen of Azureles, Grace tends to worry about how clean she is more than her duties from time to time, but her wits and elegance with dual-thunder swords awes the girls and woos the guys. She's a showoff, much to her Swan species, and loves to strut if it captures the crowds attention. Plot) Seven years passed after the first war with the Striders, spider-like creatures focused on killing off the avians, and Krown was deemed an Archmage. Without prior knowledge, Krown learns that he's been cursed to follow out an ancient legend: "When a female of dove's wings and a male of hawk's talons are to join as one, the realm of the sky will fall to the roots of the forest." To make matters worse, the love of his wife, Neenie, keeps being thrown away from him due to Myrla believing the legend claims that Neenie is the dove's side of the omen, and tries to get Krown to marry her in place. Will Krown be able to advert the future and erase fears of his life, or will the legend become true and become the brink of despair for all feathered beings of Azureles?
  8. CSEmber

    Energy Synthesis

    So I want to do something that seems very difficult to actually do since I have no idea what scripting would be involved. What I propose is that rooms with certain things have a flag that allows a gauge to fill. With the data stored in that gauge, you can use it to create an item. The way I imagine the actual synthesis, it's like a magic gauge, but instead of casting spells in battle, it creates items. Reason I want this: My main character in the game I am creating is a sentient plant-based creature. I want her to have a photosynthesis gauge. I want her to use this 'energy' collected in sunny areas to create healing items for other characters. I then plan to have further synthesis (which I plan to figure out with an already existing crafting plugin) where she can create 'sunstones' to fill the gauge even when it is dark. It can also be used in many other ways, by making the gauge variable by character (name/fill rate/color). ie say you have a vampire. Fix the flag to the use of 'blood' items, and you can make a 'resource' management type thing. If you want it to be like you have to be in water to fill a bottle or something, have the flag attach to a region, and have the gauge fill with 'water' to convert empty bottles to full bottles. However it's used, having a gauge fill with both item and area flag seems like an invaluable thing. If I can't figure out how to script/event this, I suppose I could have 'sun fonts' which supply 'sun energy' as an item which can then be used as a crafting item. I would, however, prefer it to be an automatic gauge-based thing. It makes more conceptual sense to me.
  9. NazoFox2501

    Story idea questions

    As someone new to the forum, I have a few questions regarding the literature section. 1. Can you post story ideas to see if anyone is interested in working on them? 2. Can these ideas be based off of something already in existence ("Alice in Wonderland", "Faustus", the works of H.P. Lovecraft, anime, etc.), or do they have to be entirely original? 3. Do you post general ideas, story excerpts, all of the above? If story excerpts, then do they have to be written as short stories or scripts? I would really appreciate it if someone, preferably a long time member, could answer.
  10. Mortigentus

    Community Driven Game

    Okay so here's the situation. I got rpg maker vx ace because i wanted to start making a really good rpg. However my idea of a good story and what your idea of a good story is are two completely different things. I need a story but not just any story an epic story. One driven and created by the community of people who want to play this game. So im here to see what you guys have as ideas. Characters, Beginning plot, Bosses, Mechanics anything and everything. I mean i could make the usual save the princess from mister meany or save the world from very bad guy. But i want something complex something worth spending 16 to 24 hours of your life or more to play i need twists i need everything good. But i don't know whats intriguing you guys do. So tell me what you find intriguing so i can make it a reality.
  11. Lord Vectra

    Game Idea: Color Land

    Color Land is a story-driven game. I created a book of this and I wanted to convert it to a game. Story There are two types of people: The colored and the colorless. The colored are the light of life while the colorless are the end of it. By the decision of the Color King, he leads a group of Color Knights called "Divinion Knights." They fight against the vile colorless but that is not their true goal. They must defeat the "Ungodly Light", the one who formed the rebellion to gain power. He uses ungodly methods to gain ungodly powers that should never be trusted in one's hands. Will the Divinion Knights win against the colorless abomination or will they die followed by the extinction of light? Characters Apex, Knight of Loyalty Zeff, Knight of Battle Kalcos, Knight of Wisdom Roth, Knight of Freedom King Asail, Knight of Leadership Apex - He is the most loyal to King Asail. He likes to represent loyalty as, to him, loyalty is key in life. Apex is just as skilled as he is loyal to King Asail. His skillset has many guardian-type skills which allows him to defend others and grant him stat boost. Apex was an escort for the King before he was recruited as a Divinion Knight. He has great Defense and Attack. Zeff - He fights as if he is by himself. He loves to fight so he likes to represent battle. His skillset, as you can imagine, is full of offensive abilities. He has many follow-up skills so, if lucky, he can kill multiple enemies within a turn depending on the foes you are facing. Even though he can dish out pain, he's not very good at taking it. His most powerful ability is "Songs of Pain" that grants him skills and, unlike most skills, these skills get stronger as his HP get's lower. He has great speed along with his strength. Zeff was a former-gladiator before he was recruited as a Divinion Knight. Kalcos - One of the most powerful wizards in the history of Color Land. Many of his skills come with conditions, thus, making him hard to play with sometimes. Fortunately, these skills come with destructive and positive effects. Kalcos is the typical boring nerd you see on the media. He believe the wisdom is the only thing that matters in life. He has great MP and Defense. Roth - He fights for freedom. He's a friend of Apex's because they were both Escorts for the King. Roth is skilled is swordsmanship and has many holy skills. Roth was a former-templar before he became an Escort and still holds his skills as one of the best Templars in his order's history. Like Apex, he has many guardian-type skills but also balances it with offensive skills. He has great Defense and Health. King Asail - He fights for the glory of his land. He will endanger himself to help others who are in need. His holds the spirit of the Color Dragon, thus, making him the dominant Divinion Knight. Even with all this power, he is not unstoppable. Many of his skills require HP instead of MP. This man has high Attack, Defense, and Health. He has the ability to revive allies from their deaths. Game Mechanics Knights who die in battle will be dead forever if they are not revived before the end of battle. This is permanent and you can't regain them afterwards nor can you get replacements. I plan to make this game between medium and short. This game will be closed-world and not open-world. This is just a sketch but what do you guys think?
  12. Alright, so I think many of us may have played a game where you kill one enemy, and many more of that kind jump you and sometimes, sadly, kill you. From giant goombas splitting into two goombas, or one Heartless rallying other Heartless, or just in general Monster Hunter and Xenoblade style. I have tried this idea already, but I'm not sure how (and if) I should set it up. For example: In my current game, you can attack the pups of Frezeragas, which are dragonic wolves. Once you do, however, the parents eventually come in and ruin your day, thanks to the fact that you can't do much but fight back against those bulky things. Otherwise, I'm unsure. What do you guys think?
  13. Rezanta

    Magic Barrier

    Hey folks! There's an enemy of mine I've had a question on for a while now. As the name permits, the Magic Cross, as it's called, uses its famed spell, Magic Barrier, on itself or an ally. The barrier causes all damage and negative statuses to become nullified until the end of the turn. Considering that, do keep in mind that the game isn't meant to be that easy. All feedback is welcome!
  14. Alrighty, this idea goes a bit into a spectrum I, myself, have no skill in drawing yet. We all know how animations of moves, like Golden Sun, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and even games like Final Fantasy have certain attacks that trigger a screen animation where the screen isn't the battle, but transitions into the attack. For example, the summons in GS first show the actual spirit/god you summon, then they appear and deal their attack to the enemies. Pokemon and Dragon Ascent is a decent example to explain as well. Sure, it starts out like Fly, but then shows off Requaza as it attacks, before the actual attack connects. My question to you is: Are they really necessary, or should it just be one set graphic?
  15. I asked a very similar question but this one is a bit different. As some know, in World of Chaos, I plan to create a Church. In Dragon Age: Origins, you get x amount of exp when you find lore. Since Church is an ongoing lore, what if I did the same thing for it. As some of you know, I'm creating a bible for my project. Therefore, at the right times, I can quote the bible when needed without having to think of a verse out of thin air. For example, here's a situation where the bible was quoted. This gate is forever frozen from non-melting ice by Gust, the God of Ice. Gods 4:6 "My ice is like my power, it cannot melt." Here's another The bible does specifically state that Magnificent is no fool... Gods 1:14 "Magnificent, God of Chaosia, is the most cunning of them all; he can have lies within the lies of other lies." Note: I plan to add one more verse but i haven't gotten to that part of the bible yet. Back to topic Every time you come in, you learn something new. Basically, like a real church, you learn more about the bible. Every time you go, you read more into the bible and is taught how to understand it. With this you gain a small amount of exp. This is optional so it's not like one of the gods are going to come up and say "Go to church or die by the will of the gods." With this I plan to give more exp on other things you do while in the church. For example, The priest says "In the bible, why is Lord Eldust talked about in 3rd person? Why couldn't Lord Eldust write about himself?" Note: Lord Eldust is the God of Dragons You are given a choice to raise your hand. You get 3 choices to answer it correctly and the correct answer would be: "Because the Bible is the Word of the TEN not Ten PLUS." You get x amount of exp for getting it right and then priest says: "Exactly, that's also why only ten of them are 1st person and the other four is 3rd person." Then the priest explains why the Bible of the Ten wasn't made differently to include all gods and rename it something else. What you guys think?
  16. Ello folks! Today I want to see what some would think of a kind of character. Any and all feedback is welcome! Name: Lek Nisshoku Age: 20 years old Main Weapon: Cards (No, he's not a remake of Luxord from KH) Secondary Weapons: Staff, sword, and runes. Main Strategy: Lek focuses on gambling for his cards, and as you go, you have to watch your MP as an amount of the deck left. However, your maximum deck size follows your level. You have the basic elemental cards, like Flare, Lightning, and Frost, but then you have some that work with buffs or remove buffs like Card Shield, Erasement, Blank, and Swap. I'll list some stats of the cards below, to show how they affect how much you can do with them. Flare Card- Costs 100 MP- Deals fire damage to all opposing enemies. Can be blocked or absorbed. Lightning Card- Costs 100 MP- Deals Lightning damage to all enemies. Damage can't be stopped, but can be absorbed. Judgement Card- Costs 500 MP- Has a 25% chance to kill any and/or all enemies. Does not work on bosses and may kill Lek instead. (20% chance) Card Shield- Costs 150 MP- Moves before some ations and boosts defense. Also grants the Card Shield state, which protects and ally or Lek from damage that turn. (May last another turn if it's cast on Lek or chained on the same target.) Blank Card- Costs 300 MP- All state changes are removed from everyone. Also causes Lek to be silenced afterwards. So yeah, that's the basic jist of how the cards work in cost and all. In the previous games I've used him, his MP started at 1000 and you had access to Flare, Frost, Lightning, Swap, Card Shield, and Judgement. In VX, I had it set where you bought the cards and you basically learned them, but I didn't have anything to make the effects random, besides normal common events which didn't help much. Otherwise, I feel as if he's a solid character, but what would you think? Class: He's a gambler and a king...The most interesting mix I've seen. Questions If anything should be changed about him, what do you think it should be? Do you think cards are a good idea for one character, or if one has it, should all characters have it? Should they focus on TP instead of MP? If yes, then what amounts would seem aeptable? Those are my main questions for now. Thanks for veiwing and I hope some are inspired! (Note: You don't have to answer all the questions if you don't feel up to it.)
  17. Handsome-Man

    Idea Feedback for strategy

    Trilogy Battle System For Simple Emergent Complexity (Creative Commons) EDIT: so after doing a little more work on this, I am starting to notice an emergent pattern of complexity with this system that makes it very Its very easy to use to make certain situations arise. I encourage people to play around with it to discover what can be done with this game type. So I've been doing some work the last little bit on how to make enemies that make things interesting and really make the player learn how to use their skills and force them to use different skills, not just spam the same string of skills again and again so this is my idea I have been operating with so far: every time a player uses a skill on an enemy, they de-buff an enemy skill AND buff an enemy skill. I was thinking along the lines of making a cross between a fighting game and an rpg and how each move has a risk and reward attached to it, whether in the context of leaving the attacker vulnerable to skills based on position while also hampering the offending parties incoming attack . The monetary buff/de-buff , SO FAR only lasts the one turn with all enemy attacks based on a stat, attack, speed, A-S-D. A Skill = - Speed, + Defense, S Skill = - Defense, + Attack D Skill = - Attack, + Speed It's still in the early phases, but the idea I have so far is for enemies attack patterns to be based on this triangle. For example A Dwarf's skill patterns ( / designates randomly which attack it will do) : A, S, S/D, D/A, A, S,S, D/S/A/ Other elements of this battle system Battle actions fall into three categories: Skill, Ability, Enchantment. Skills build TP for Abilities and Skills, Abilities would be considered magic, special abilities, extra strenuous abilities (example: Warriors, big wild and meaty can use war cry as an innate skill but Squires, timid , innocent and coffee boys probably need to work up the courage (through multiple encounters of combat) to execute such a move, thus for the squire, it is an Ability) and enchantments effect all users, I'm thinking flipping stats characters are proficient in (still under development) Probably not with all battles, but my end goal is for battles to build up to a climax moment, a big burst attack / or burst attacks similar to how in golden sun, the player had the option of strategically playing djinn in certain combos, building them up to when they can unleash the summon. I am working on a demo where I am experimenting with trash mobs but of all trolls/dwarfs/slimes. Also currently, because I just began this demo, battles are 1 v 3 , player vs Mob. This is just the rough Idea so far and I am curious as to what the community thinks, potential pratfalls, or problems.
  18. I have been reading a lot lately on this forum about doing team projects, and I think it would be a fun idea, though I do see its shortcomings. I have an idea for a system we could do that might work, though. It has three phases; and in each one the work load is distributed across everyone based on what they volunteer to do, with only a little that they are obligated to do. People can join and leave at any time during the process. The first phase is the Voting phase, which starts after the initial people have all joined. In it everyone creates polls of all their questions, and the answers define the game. Things like the Genre, Art Style, whether the game is free or not, everything. The second phase is the World-building phase; in it we all decide as a group the game worlds history and common themes, and then we each get a chunk of it and decide on a loose geography for it, and if their are people, history and culture. Past that it's up to the person what they do with their chunk. Finally the third phase is the Game development phase. Each of us are required to make one in-game region and a boss. Any other contributions, such as resources and music, is up to the contributor. It's also an option to ask others for help making your part of the game. At the beginning of the phase we elect someone to design our hero or heroine, and someone to design the villain, and some people to design each of the party members. And that's the idea. One thing I should mention: I would like this game to be sexually clean. It's just important to me.
  19. Lord Vectra

    Game Idea - X Marks

    I'm currently making an evented only game called "X-Marks". I'm using absolutely no custom scripts. Note: I'm going to go through this thoroughly so this might be long and you can skim if you want to. Story: You and a group of people are hired as assassins for the government. Your leader is the president of the country you serve. Unfortunately, the president died mysteriously. The new president does not agree with the X - Mark project and wants it gone. The X - Marks suspect that the new leader is corrupted. Before they could investigate, their new president framed them for murdering the president. Now the X - Marks are on the "Most Wanted" list. The X - Marks will get to the bottom of it; they will make sure the entire country sees the new president's true colors. Unfortunately, you guys had to split up. You guys didn't want the enemy to capture you all at once. You and the others are following X-Mark protocol, and are meeting at a certain place. A place that the former president didn't write on paper encase it got to the wrong hands. As each of them is getting to the "certain place", Devin Graves, being automatic leader, decided to stop the new president's operations, while still going to the "certain place", to find evidence and data that will be highly needed if they were to accuse the new president of anything. Note: Sorry, I know that was a lot at once. In the game, you wouldn't be dumped with info like that. Main Character's Story: His name is Devin Graves. He killed his parents because they became Terrorist. He later joined the X - Markers, a group of assassins and spies who destroy Terrorist groups. Devin Graves is the best of the X - Marker and has high level artillery. His Artillery X - Mark Gauntlet: He can pay online to the X-Mark cloning store to buy things like potions, weapon attachments, grenades, etc. He has special abilities like X-Shock which stuns the enemy for one turn. it has fiery touch which burns enemies and can make them panic. Panic is ineffective against certain enemies like the Juggernaut, who is also immune to fire, shock, bleed, and stun. The gauntlet also has an X-Shield which increases defense by x% for x turns but in return, your MP goes down by 3% slowly(This can vary depending on the X-Shield's power). X - Eye: Comes with various abilities like... Thermo Vision Hack into things It can scan enemies to give them a lower defense Frequency Checker - It can detect nearby hack-able stuff.(passive) It's power comes from the damage received and given by the wielder. If enough power, the wielder can activate it's full potential, giving them hyper reflexes(+X% EVA, CRI, and CNT). His Knife, Extinction, can cut through walls.(if the game prompts you to do so) When it strikes the enemy, has a chance of making the opponent bleed; if the opponent can't bleed, they can be stunned for one turn. His assault rifle, Pirate, has absolutely no recoil on it. It has a built in X-Tracker. Used against enemies who use virtual shields, smoke, or anything that makes them immune to normal attacks. His pistol, Storm-runner, is an automatic pistol with speed reload. When you reload this weapon, you get an extra action on your next turn. Evented Systems Thermo Vision Auto-Sprint Stealth System Attribute System Reading System Combo System HP/MP on screen The Finisher System(thinking about it) Thermo Vision You can activate this any time. There will be a large glow to show you where the enemies are at. By having this active, your energy will slowly decrease. Auto-Sprint That's kind of self-explanatory Stealth System Sprinting is disabled while in stealth. You can only go in stealth on certain occasions. For example, you can turn off a switch to temporarily disable lights and communication systems. If you do it this way, you have a certain amount of time before the lights automatically get turned back on. If you kill him within the time frame, now worries and you get 4X XP bonus but if you fail to do so, then XP bonus is off and one soldier comes every x turns. Max is 4 soldiers. On certain enemies, you get special abilities, like with Juggernauts, if you have EMP stamps, you can disable the Juggernauts armor and their defense is decreased by x% for x turns. Attribute System You gain points every time you level up. You spend them all stats. There will also be extra stats that will influence the damage output of certain skills and weapons along with the normal stats. Reading System This is self-explanatory. Combo System Certain moves will activate combos. The commands for the combo will pop up on screen. You will either press "D" or "S" during the combo sequence. HP/MP on screen This is self-explanatory The Finisher System(thinking about it) You can do finisher moves to certain enemies. For example, you fight a boss. When his HP get low enough, you can do a special move that gives you an XP bonus. I'm going to have custom art. No RTP is being used. Also, in the game, these will be custom countries. None of the countries will be real. Title Screen That's all I got for the game right now. What do you think?
  20. Brosephus180

    abs Project Difficulty

    So I've been getting my toes wet with RPG maker, learning the basics(Eventing, Tilesets, Using basic scripts, etc). I want to implement ABS Combat. How difficult would it be to use and modify this to my liking? If it's possible, what's the simplest ABS to use? I have modified some scripts before, but they were very simple changes.
  21. I have an idea that I really want to implement, but I have no idea whether I should script it, event it or what. And bare in mind, I have no scripting experience whatsoever. Sorry if this topic is in the wrong place, I couldn't decide where to put it. I want to make it so that certain Items are unidentified when the player first finds them, like in Blades of Avernum/Exile; meaning that their names are generic ("Blue Glowing Stem", "Red Sword") and their descriptions only tell you what you would see and feel in real life. But then you can take it to an expert or something to have them Identified; after that the items will have it's actual names and maybe the descriptions would tell you how to use it. I would event it so that their are two versions of each item, and when you get the unidentified version identified, an event takes away the item and gives you the identified version from then on. But the problem is I can't make monsters drop different stuff based off switches, so they would always drop an unidentified item, even after you have previously identified it and should know what it is. I could just make it so all items have generic names and descriptions, And leave identifying them up to the players memory, but would you guys find that annoying?
  22. I didn't want to make a ton of individual posts, so I made it into one post. I created multiple games at the same time. So therefore, I won't get bored. Holy Slayer(Inspired by Ninja Gaiden II) A man named Dan is a Templar Ninja. He's one of the best in the holy clan. The holy clan is a clan of Templar Ninjas who kill strictly by Gods command. Their mission is to rid the world of sin. They must kill all demons. None can fight Greater Demons since the Holy Slayer has not been chosen. Dan and his brother is the best in the clan. They had a very close relationship. Once Lucifer's resurrection has come near, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit had to pick the Holy Slayer to fight off Greater Demons. The Holy Slayer was to be the Templar Ninja who would slay Lucifer. They would forge a sword called "The Holy Slayer." With this weapon, they would give it to the Holy Clan Leader, and then he gives it to the chosen. They have picked Dan as the chosen one, but his brother Shak didn't like that. Shak felt that he should've been the one to get the sword. So he joins Lucifer to quench his thirst for power. Dan must kill the 7 Greater Demons of the 7 deadly sins. Dan needs to slay the 7 Greater Demons and Lucifer, so that sin will be no more. Shak has became one... Greater Demon of Aggression. The seven has became eight. Dan knows Shak is blind, and the Devil is just using him. Will Shak battle his own flesh and blood to the death, or will he yield, and return to the order? Dan & Shak - When they were boys their father was a alcoholic. Their mother... she was a drug addict. She abused meth. Both were horrible providers. They were also neglectful. Dan and Shak had to get their own food. One day, Dan and Shak comes home with food for them. They found mother on the floor... bleeding. Father comes in, and stares at the boys. He almost looked... soulless. "Hiding food from me, boy." The father comes closer with a knife. "I'm the provider of this house and no kid is going to show me off." Shak was always the braver one. He grabbed a knife and said "If you want this food, you'll have to come through me." Dan ran to mom, and he looked at her. That's when he knew she been dead for a few hours when Dan and Shak left. Shak was 17 and Dan was 15. Shak and the father was fighting. Shak almost lost... until a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere. Shak and Dan looked at where it came from and... it was God. God said "Come with me. I will show you a real family." God recruited them in the Holy Clan. The Holy Clan treated them as family. That is when Dan and Shak had a bond that was nearly unbreakable. Unfortunately, jealousy broke that bond between brothers. Now it takes Dan to repair that bond because jealousy might take his brothers life. As you see, this is kind of like a double-story. Dark Ages(Inspired by XCOM and Fallout 3) You fight off a threat... an alien threat. Aliens called the Atlieds. They abducted you as well as others. The Aliens brought you and a few others back to earth... or at least what's left of it. You decide to form a team to fight off the threat. You are on earth searching for people who too was abducted and was "experimented" on. You establish a hideout for your team. You hope to learn Intel of the Atlieds and find out what they are planning. Afterwards, you will seek to it that the Atlied threat is terminated... for good. Main Character(You decide the name) - You remember nothing before you were abducted. You have dreams about people but you don't know who they are. You find out you were abducted for A LOT of years. Therefore, there is no physical way to remember the past. One of your recruits say they saw the Atlieds ejecting memory and injecting it to high raking aliens. Why do they want his memory? What will they use it for? and most importantly, why send him back to nothing? Man of Blood(Story inspired by Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion) The young elf's name is Tyrome. He is a gladiator in the arena. Sold to slavery once he became an orphan. He's haunted by nightmares and visions of his parents. His father was a soldier. He was also the champion, chosen by the Gods, to defeat Elizabeth, Queen of the Dark Arts. His father failed and now his destiny has been passed down to Tyrome. Tyrome shares the same flame of his father in battle. Sadly, there are many things Tyrome doesn't know. So the last of the Prime Priest must teach him of his true origin and not what he hear on the streets. Tyrome is more than just a slave. He's more than a man. He is a champion of the Gods. I'm starting to run out of ideas with this game(I have 48 different games, 42 I haven't started yet)so anything you think will be a good addition to the game plz tell me. Secret Ashes You play as Felicia, one of the guardians of the secret ashes. The ashes are the remains of a very powerful witch. Before the Witch's death, she casted a spell on herself called "Spiritual Ashes". Her spirit as well as her power is bound to the ashes. The Witch's name is Nya. In order to absorb her ashes you must read "Spiritual Absorb". This spell was made for Spiritual ashes. Since the Witch's spirit is bound to the ashes, the ashes would be absorbed to. The ashes were hidden away in a very GIGANTIC rotten, nasty, dark, and spooky-looking, building and Felicia's job is to make sure Samuel does not reach the book, and if he does, don't let him get the ashes. If that fails, Felicia will have to make a huge sacrifice. Through the game, the spirits will play tricks on her. Give her flashbacks of her devastating past. She was abused when she was a kid. She did horrible things when she was younger... and she regrets every single one of them. Evil spirits like to feed off of that. She will be going through some physiological issues throughout the game. Also, she will be fighting evil spirits who are personifications of her past. This game will be dark and spooky, and there will be creepy noises(heavy breathing, foot steps, shadowy figures, strange lights, out-of-the-blue enemies, etc.) Earth Remainings Jack lives in a city. It is the last remaining city on earth. A lot of other cities are infested with monsters. Monsters that mysteriously came out of no where. It's called "The Dominating Apocalypse". Jack joins an order that was forged at your city. Jack and a few others were sent on a mission to go to an abandoned city. The city where this all began. Once Jack gets there, Jack finds out that there is more at stake, and there is more than meets the eye... nothing is what it seems. Jack - Uses an assault rifle. He is the type that's very cautious. He thinks everything through and executes the best plan. He as a leader mentality. Jack has a wife and kids at the city and he has every intention that they stay alive. Paul - Uses a shotgun. He is the least cautious guy. He has a warrior mentality. He is old but it doesn't hold him back. His kids died from the Apocalypse, and due to this, his wife died of grief. He made an oath to his wife, before she died, that he will join the team and help others protect their loved ones. Trina - She is the only child. She joins the team to protect her parents who are not well. They both have lung and live cancer. She uses an assault rifle as well. Don - He uses dual pistols. He is the quickest in the team. He doesn't do a ton of damage but he has skills he learned from his father, who was a high ranking military commander. Don's father died while fighting against the monsters. His mother abandoned him and his Father when he was really young, so he has no idea how she look, or whether if she's alive. What do you guys think? If you have any ideas you wanna add, I'd be glad to hear them.
  23. Since this is probably never going to see the light of day by my hands, I thought I'd share an idea I had with you guys just for funzies, and ask what you think about it. Be critical, I don't mind! If I play devils advocate to myself though... The Basics Genre: Dating-Sim/Slice of Life (I think) Setting: Modern/Military Target Audience: Young Adults and Teens Maturity Rating: T or M for instances of the following: Alcohol and Drugs, Sexual Situations, Mild Nudity, Suicide, Violence Passive Gameplay Procedurally Generated via numbers Use the mouse to interact Story At the age of 17, you are a new recruit at the [unnamed] Military Base and Academy. Your goal, personality, and the way your life proceeds all depends upon a series of questions. You will be sent on missions when you earn them, and your rank may very well rise, but not without hardship and training. You may or may not find love, fulfillment, and happiness in this path, but it is not for everyone. This is a slight alternate universe to our own, not everything is exactly true to real-life, several liberties are taken. Various NPC interactions with "Interest" variable. Interest goes up with 'good' interactions regardless of whether NPC is a potential Friend of Love Interest. GUI Elements Clock is shown at all times Next to clock are speed setting buttons for 'normal,' 'fast,' and 'fastest' speeds. On pause screen, options to view various parameters, shown in "bar" format. Save option Exit option Gameplay Elements Gender - Male or Female, determines which NPCs will show interest in the Player. Appearance - The way your avatar looks. The following are set as variables. The majority, if not all, of the "gameplay" depends upon their values. 20 Emotions 20 Class Skills 20 Personal Skills Character Types Listed in Classes in the Database Each of these have a Boy/Girl counterpart Determines HP, ATK, DEF, AGI, and LUK Needs more options Gameplay In the beginning of the game, you're either brought to a plain black screen, or a blank room. >With the black screen version, questions will appear randomly. In this version, no prior instructions is given. >With the room, you click on various objects and questions that "relate" to the object appear. Your avatar is visible as a ghostly wisp with no discernible features. In this version, the instruction "left click to interact" appears. A very long series of questions begin, starting with asking if you are Male or Female. The answers to the questions will determine your gender, appearance, personality, skill parameters, and emotion parameters (listed in Gameplay Elements) Depending upon the players answers, the gender is set, the value of one of these variables goes up or down, the characters appearance fits their answer, a name is set. A few questions branch (if you answer Female, for example, you are asked if you like using dresses. Most questions do not have continuing branches like this.) Questions continue in the same vein as the following examples- This is what I have so far, for the game to work there would need to be more questions, but I think you get the idea. If you're interested I'll write the choices for the answers, and the parameters they effect. (Massive block of text warning) Depending upon the final value of the variables effected by the questions, your "type of character" is chosen, your "class list" is given to you, and you are given control of your character. Time is momentarily frozen, and there are a few set interactions in your room. Progression From this point on, the player is only able to freely move about their room, and nowhere else. You may study in a subject. You may view your class schedule, or accept a mission. You may test out of a class and into a new class. You may 'start a project.' (Making a piece of art, making a thesis, etc.) You may practice a combat skill. You may respond to letters or send a gift to someone. You may interact with your pet. You may sleep to the next day After sleeping to the next day without going on a mission or other such events, the player is transferred to classes for a set amount of time while the clock ticks away at the hours. where your class skills and personal skills raise or lower depending upon your emotional values. Class skills raise depending on things like focus, inspiration, whatever emotion is fitting for the current class. A few emotional values are effected, if your laziness is high your class skill will rise at a low rate, so on so forth. Meanwhile, you will get the choice to click on your classmates and professors to interact with them. Particular NPCS can be friends or love interests. Schedule Example Sometimes an event will occur at certain times once a relationship value with a character has been achieved, one of your emotions reaches a certain value, The player gets no choice in how these events transpire, or their outcome. The outcome of events, the responses of NPCs and possible love interests etc. all depend upon the value of whatever variable applies to the situation. Event Examples: These events are what break up the monotony of the gameplay. That's about the gist of it. Tell me what you think <3
  24. I'm relatively new to RPG Maker personally, but I've been helping a friend with an RPG for about two years, and we've played around with the system quite a bit, and I had an idea for a side project. I'm not currently happy with the sheer amount of options available, as I'm afraid there's too many. This sparked from the idea of having limited options with a more strategic approach. Quick overview: it takes place on a turn-based grid system, where on the player turn, the player acts as the commander and directs where all of the available party members move, as well as the attacks and skills they use. After the player acts, then the enemies. The second important part is Gear Shifting. Every character can Gear Shift for 1 AP. All weapons are elementally augmented to either Fire, Ice, or Wind. Gear Shifting changes this element from Fire to Ice, Ice to Wind, or Wind to Fire. This is important, because you deal no damage to an enemy of the same element, full damage to an enemy of a weaker element, and half damage to an enemy of a stronger element. Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Wind, Wind beats Fire. It's rock-paper-scissors, basically, but there's no bonuses for having the right element, only penalties for the wrong ones. Characters have between 1 and 3 AP to spend every turn, which recharges back to full at the beginning of the next turn. The other mechanic is SP, which is spent to use Skills. You recharge 4 SP each turn, and the maximum is 20. Oh, and Dodge is a guaranteed miss from an enemy attack, though enemies also have AP and SP, so they can attack multiple times, depending on the situation. I decided to name it Gear Shift for the time being after the main mechanic I want to focus on. There are eight characters of different classes: Every class has one trait that sets them apart beyond their Vitality, Power, Move, and AP rating. Brute--Pummel: Basic attack push enemies away 1 space. Scout--Shadow Step: +1 Dodge for every AP remaining at end of turn. Support--Recharge: If no action is taken this turn, recharge to full (20) SP. Medic--Damsel in Distress: +1 Dodge for every adjacent ally at end of turn. Shift--Utility: +1 Extra AP next turn if any AP is remaining at end of this turn. Grappler--Grapple: Basic attacks pull enemies until they are directly in front of you. Versatile--Trekker: Can pass through water and cliffs freely. Wildcard--Prepared: +5 Extra AP at the beginning of every battle. Does not recharge. I'm not sure if I would want to take an RPG approach to this by focusing on upgrading the character weapons, or purely a strategy approach. I have a mock logo of it I can attach later if people want to see. Opinions? Constructive criticism?
  25. Lord Vectra

    Game Idea - Stories

    I'm making a game called Age of Corruption. Here is the other post about the game... Main Story of the game - http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/30032-game-idea-help/ Classes Destructive Tank - Destructive strength with tank speed Brute - Brute strength and average speed. Speedster - average strength and very fast. Lightning - Very weak but lightning fast Bosses/Sub-Bosses All Bosses and Sub-bosses get a 10% bonus to all stats except for speed. Konata, Vectra, and KFC are a mystery mwahahahahahahah.(They're the 3 main bosses) Jordyn Fee - Military Commander/2nd in command(Speedster) The most fierce and loyal combatant of Konata, Vectra, and KFC. She has 3 versions of herself... Jordyn Fee(Pink) - Fire & War 10% stronger than normal speedsters. Jordyn Fee(Blue) - Lightning & War 20% stronger than normal speedsters. Jordyn Fee(White) - Peace, Lightning, & War 40% stronger than normal speedsters. She has a hot temper. She is the 2nd best fighter in the world. Konata admires her great skill in combat and granted her the title of Military Commander and 2nd in command. She has the ability of flight and laser eyes. Blue gives her super speed and white gives her teleportation. Paytin Harris - Fire & Lightning/Hitman(Brute) Paytin Harris was a wanted hitman all around Red(i)City. Red(i)Enforcers finally captured him. Vectra gave Paytin a proposal. Paytin can still be a Hitman but his hitman. Paytin agreed and Vectra did some "modifications". Vectra gave Paytin cybergenetic implants that gave him abilities. He has extra strength, extra defense, laser eyes, cybergenetic reflexes, and can shoot lightning bolts. Erica Chapman - War/Hitwoman(Speedster) Erica had the same story as Paytin. Her and Paytin are partners in crime. Vectra told Vanessa Hummel to teach her the power of Gold. Erica can create gold from mid-air. From this ability, she can make many objects. She is only adept to this ability and is not a master like Vanessa. She has no special abilities besides Gold but she is a bit more stealthier and strategic than Paytin. Caramel - War/AKA Vanessa Hummel/Erica's Teacher(Brute) She teaches Erica how to use Gold as a weapon. Caramel is a master of Gold. She can teleport and strangle her enemies. She can also absorb gold to make herself more powerful. Alyssa Rau - Lightning & War/Technician/Commander of the Red(i)Enforcers(Lightning) Alyssa is a robot that was created by Vectra. Alyssa has many abilities due to her being a robot. She has the ability to transform into a motorcycle or into a sniper rifle. She is 10% better than any of the other Red(i)TronEnforcers and has greater skill of the Discs(weapon) than any of the others. Vanessa Ansara - War & Lightning/Weapon Specialist/Enforcer(Brute) The most dangerous of the Enforcers. Is a bit more fierce and ferocious than the others. She has a military/wrestling fighting style mix. Due to her military training and her wrestling skills she has many unique abilities. She can shoot perfectly without aiming, can shoot any high-powered gun with one arm, good reflexes, good reversals, 10% better than any other Red(i)Enforcers, and is very experienced with grabs, and combos. Is equal in skill against Paytin. Mark Everette - Chaos & War/Secret Weapon(Destructive Tank) A robotic Gargoyle-Dragon. Alyssa's own creation. He's a powerful war machine. Was programmed to do Vectra's bidding. Can breathe fire, fly, very powerful chest beam, and a laser that can explode on contact. Reagan Grant - Ice/Strategist(Lightning) Reagan may be weak but her quickness makes up for it. She is 20% faster than the lightning class(fastest class but weakest in the game). She can be tough because she is very strategic when fighting her enemies. She has an unpredictable fighting style which makes her a very unique fighter. Her weapon is a crystal ball and with this she can do many things. She can turn herself invisible, reflect all ranged attacks, strangle her opponents, and can use her orb and transform it to other forms such as the claws which can do various things to enemy such as burn them, freeze them, make them bleed, poison them, or shock them. Jackson - War/Reagan's Guardian(Destructive Tank) Jackson is a WereKing. His species is legendary rare and he is a destructive tank(the slowest but the strongest class in the game) meaning his kind is 30% stronger than normal destructive tanks. Unlike most WereKings he can talk. By him being a sub-boss in the game he will be an additional 10% making im 40% stronger than destructive tanks. Even with all this strength if you use certain moves to make him slower then that will give you a greater speed advantage. Owen - Lightning, Mythic, & Ice/Robotic Master(Speedster) Owen is the leader of the Red(i)Programs. His kind was created by Vectra. His kind is called "Red(i)ProgramX". Owen's kind is more rare than Very Legendary. His kind goes under the Impossible category since they're almost never seen since they're always in space. This gives him an additional 50% bonus to all stats except for speed. Like Reagan, he is strategic as well. Must think smart when facing him in combat. This creation was the first step to a new type of magic called Cyber Magic. Matthew - Lightning & Ice/Pixel Master(Speedster) Matthew is Owen's right hand man. He will be fighting alongside Owen. He is rare giving him an additional 10% bonus to all stats except for speed. He is kind was also created by Vectra. Danielle Grzech - Lightning/Vigilante(Lightning) A vigilante who is against Konata, Vectra, and KFC. She sees the corruption in the cities and wants to stop it before it's too late. She will be your friend later to help you fight them. She has the ability of teleportation. Alexanderson - Nature & Fire/Vigilante(Speedster) His kind is called Forest Magicians. He is Danielle's husband and vigilante partner. He is 10% stronger than most Speedsters. Zoe Ramirez - Mythic & War/Blade Witch(Destructive Tank) A roman witch. Summon Spartans to attack her enemies. Has the power of time and death. She seeks revenge against KFC since KFC murdered her everyone in her home city. Erin Begley - Nature/Witch of Decay(Lightning) A close friend of Zoe. Likes to poison and weaken enemies overtime. Fights alongside of Zoe. With both witches fighting alongside each other you might want to be careful. Jacob Mass - Ice/Hitman Killer(Speedster) Is a friend of Danielle's. His job is to find and kill Paytin. Of course he always loses against him. Jacob Mass has a few unique moves. he can switch between sword & shield to dual wield swords. A sword will pop out of his shield to make it dual wield. He is 10% faster than most speedsters. Alaina Herrera - Ice/Hitman Killer(Speedster) A friend of Jacob Mass. She takes on Erica. She comes close but Erica always seem to be a few steps ahead.
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