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Found 28 results

  1. Glasses

    Item Colors

    What does it do? Adds color coding to items. Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Item Colors Created: 2015-10-26 Version: 1.0 Screenshot: Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Just practicing.
  2. Glasses


    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Crafting Created: 2016-03-27 Version: 1.0 What does it do? Allows players to craft items. Video: How to use? First, you'll need 2 new files in data folder: Recipes.json Disciplines.json Recipes file will hold all recipe data and Disciplines file will hold data about disciplines. I *highly* recommend checking sample files that are located in the demo of this plugin. Discipline object looks like this: And file structure looks like this: [ null, object, object, ..., object ] "ID" - to identify which disciiplice is which and for plugin calls. ID > 0 "Name" - how discipline is called "IconID" - icon for discipline "ExpFormula" - leveling formula for discipline, level stands for current discipline level "MaxLevel" - max possible discipline level "Categories" - Categories to organize items when crafting "Background" - Give a background to crafting. Leave it empty - "" to use default background. Images go into img\System Recipe object looks like this: And file structure looks like this: [ null, object, object, ..., object ] "ID" - To know which recipe is which. ID > 0 "Name" - How it appears in crafting window "IconIndex" - Icon for recipe "Result" - What items and how many of them result by crafting it, can be more than one item. "Requires" - What items and how many of them are required to craft it. { "Type" - item type - "weapon", "item", "armor" "ID" - item ID "Amount" - how much of the item } "Discipline" - which disicipline's recipe is this "Category" - under which categories will item be shown, can be multiple "XP" - XP given for the discipline "LevelReq" - Discipline level requirement to craft it "Learned" - how is the recipe learned - "start" - from the start, "command" by plugin command, "levelhit" - unlocks automatically when hits required level Plugin Commands: Crafting Start [DISCIPLINE_ID] - opens scene to craft with discipline Crafting GainExp [DISCIPLINE_ID] [EXP] - give exp to certain discipline Crafting Learn [RECIPE_ID] - learn a specific recipe Examples: Crafting Start 3 Crafting GainExp 1 100 Crafting Learn 5 Script Calls: $gameSystem.getDisciplineExp(DISCIPLINE_ID) - returns EXP of a discipline $gameSystem.getDisciplineLevel(DISCIPLINE_ID) - returns LEVEL of a discipline $gameSystem.isRecipeKnown(RECIPE_ID) - returns if recipe is learned $gameSystem.knownRecipesNumber(DISCIPLINE_ID) - returns amount of recipes known Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Demo: <Link: Mediafire> Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free non-commercial projects. For commercial use contact Mr. Trivel.
  3. Hello community! How is it going? I need help with a teleporting system, i'll explain it so you can tell me what i can do to make it real! The home of the player will be a map that can be accessed via an item. I want that item to be used only in towns (specific maps) When you activate it in a town, it will place a teleport to the home map, and you can go in and out of that map at will (always returning to the same town) When activated in a new town it will place the teleport there, but erasing the previous one. How can i do this?
  4. Hiya. Is it possible to change the name and icon of an item in-game? Thanks.
  5. Name: Simple Item Tracking Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-06-06 About the plugin: Adds a small window above gold window (or in place of your choice) that shows tracked items and variables. Screenshot: How to use? Change tracker name and tracked amount colors in plugin manager. To add tracking use the following plugin calls. For adding items to the tracker use this: AddTracking [TYPE] [iD] [TYPE] - item, armor, weapon [iD] - ID of the item/armor/weapon Example: AddTracking item 1 AddTracking weapon 3 For adding variables to the tracker use this: AddTracking Variable [VARIABLE_ID] [iCON_ID] [NAME] [VARIABLE_ID] - ID of the variable to track [iCON_ID] - Icon to show in the tracker [NAME] - Name to show in the tracker Example: AddTracking Variable 5 17 "Bosses" To remove items or variables from being tracked, use such plugin command: RemoveTracking [TYPE] [iD] [TYPE] - item, armor, weapon, variable [iD] - ID of item/armor/weapon/variable Example: RemoveTracking variable 5 RemoveTracking armor 7 Plugin: <GitHub> How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  6. Glasses

    Save Items

    Name: Save Items Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-13 About the plugin: Maybe you wanted to have different groups of actors going through story, or maybe the party split up for the next encounter and moving on their own. And that requires the party to remove currently held items, so another party moves on with their story. In that case, this plugin does just that. Screenshot: Another party has it. How to use? Save items by using following plugin commands that suits items you have: SaveItems All SaveItems Items SaveItems Armors SaveItems Weapons SaveItems KeyItems Reclaim saved items by using the following plugin commands: ReclaimItems All ReclaimItems Items ReclaimItems Armors ReclaimItems Weapons ReclaimItems KeyItems Keep some items in your inventory before sending all of them away: KeepItems Items [iDs separated by space] KeepItems Armors [iDs separated by space] KeepItems Weapons [iDs spearated by space] Example: KeepItems Armor 1 2 3 6 7 Clear item to be saved list with the following commands: KeepItems Clear All KeepItems Clear Items KeepItems Clear Armors KeepItems Clear Weapons Plugin: <GitHub> How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  7. Name: No Item Categories Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-10-29 What does it do? Removes item categories from item menu scene and from shop scene. Screenshot: None. How to use? Plug, change parameters in Plugin Parameters if needed, and you're done. Plugin: <GitHub> How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  8. Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Unlock Shop Items Created: 2016-03-16 Version: 1.1 What does it do? Unlock new items in shop by selling or plugin commands. Screenshots: How to use? Setting up Recipes: Items tagged with any of these tags will be available in the shop. <InShopByDefault: [sHOP_ID]> - Will always appear in shop. <InShopByCommand: [sHOP_ID]> - Will appear once unlocked with plugin command. And the last is little longer, it takes multiple lines: <InShopByRecipe: [sHOP_ID]> [TYPE] [iD] [QUANTITY] </InShopByRecipe> [sHOP_ID] - ID of the shop [TYPE] - Item type, i, a, w - i:item, a:armor, w:weapon [iD] - ID of the item in database [QUANTITY] - How many have to be sold in total There can be any number of lines with item requirements. Examples: <InShopByRecipe: 1> i 5 100 i 2 50 </InShopByRecipe: 2> <InShopByRecipe> a 12 1 w 2 1 i 15 10 </InShopByRecipe> Plugin Commands: DynamicShop Enter [sHOP_ID] - Enters the shop of this plugin so there's normal shop still available. DynamicShop Unlock [sHOP_ID] [TYPE] [iD] - Unlocks item to be permanently available in the shop. [sHOP_ID] - ID of the shop [TYPE] - i, a, w - i: item, a: armor, w: weapon [iD] - ID of the item in database Examples: DynamicShop Unlock 1 w 55 DynamicShop Unlock 2 a 15 Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for non-commercial projects. For commercial use contact Mr. Trivel.
  9. Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Hide Item Quantities Version: 1.0 What does it do? Allows to hide specific items quantities. Image: How to use? Add tag <noq> to note fields of items which should not display their quantity. Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  10. Glasses

    Open Shops

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Open Shops Created: 2016-03-18 Version: 1.0 What does it do? This plugins allows player to open a shop for a single item instead of going into whole shop scene with multiple items. Also allows to see whether item was bought or not and set an image for it. Video: How to use? Calling the shop is done via plugin commands: OpenShops Normal [TYPE] [iD] [sHOW] - Opens shop with item to buy. OpenShops Single [TYPE] [iD] [sWITCH_ID] [sHOW] - Opens the shop and saves if item was bought. [TYPE] - Item Type - a, w, i: armor, weapon, item [iD] - ID of item in database [sWITCH_ID] - ID of switch which will be TRUE if item was sold and FALSE if it wasn't. [sHOW] - Show number of item party has? True/False. Can be omitted. Examples: OpenShops Normal w 5 OpenShops Single i 133 19 OpenShops Normal a 9 true OpenShops Single w 16 28 false As to how to set images for items, use following tag in any item's note field: <OpenShopImage:imageName> Images go into img\system NOTE: There's no space after : Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  11. Hi there, I've recently discovered that my items that are supposed to completely recover a character/the whole party (like Final Fantasy's Elixir and Megalixir) don't work on dead characters... I've set the items to remove Death and all other statuses, and restore 100% HP and MP, but I can only get it to work on either ONLY living characters, or ONLY dead characters. Any ideas how I might get around that? Preferably without a script, but willing to use one if that's the only way. Thanks for your time!
  12. Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Item Sell Price Created: 2016-03-15 Version: 1.0 What does it do? Allows to simply define item's sell price in it's note field. Screenshots: Was too expensive. How to use? Use the following tag for any item note field: <SellPrice: [PRICE]> [PRICE] - default sell price. E.g.: <SellPrice: 9999> <SellPrice: 2000> Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download the Plugin: Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.
  13. Hiya! I'm very new to the forum and this is my first time asking for help on RPGMaker VX Ace. ^^ The thing is, when the player want to use a consumable item they go into the menu and choose items, right? Then they pick the item (a potion or whatever) and the game brings up an "Select Actor" screen where they choose who should use the item. They remain on this screen until the press the back button, even when they run out of the consumable item they picked. I want to change it so that when they have zero of the consumable item, they automatically go back to the "Select Item" window instead of remaining on the "Select Actor" window. To put it another way; When they use the last item, the effect is applied and then the "Select Actor" window is closed. Any help is much appreciated! I don't know if this requires scripting on not, so I posted it on the Support Forum. Sorry if that was a mistake. Anyway, thanks in advance, guys!
  14. Hi, can anyone help me add traits/effects to item from code? I'm trying: item.effects.push({"code": 12, "dataId": 2, "value": 50}); but its set mp recover to NaN
  15. Hey, I tried to use the custom formula in items. But here is the thing, I'm unable to use the item outside of battle. Why? Item: Unable to kill of Eric If you are wondering why I don't use the effect list to kill him. It's because I want to do some other stuff aswell in the formula! Since it works fine in combat I don't understand why it won't work outside of combat If anyone could explain this to me I'd be very happy Edit: It doesn't work even if you just put a number in there. Thx in advance!
  16. I searched around but for the life of me, I just can't figure out how to do this: I want to have and item, that, on consumption, kills you instantly (-100% HP), but BEFORE it does that, I want it to display a message. I've tried using a common event as one of the item's effects, but it always takes away the HP first, which, in turn, causes the message not to show up at all if it is the last member of your party that consumes it, due to the game ending. How can I make it so it shows the message and then drains your HP? Or perhaps, drains the HP, shows the message and then gives you the Game Over? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I'm new to the forums, so I'm sorry if I've done something wrong in this post. PS: If somebody wants to know why I have an item that kills you instantly, it's because it's a sort of "Figure out which item is the right one, because the wrong one will kill you" kind of thing.
  17. Silenity

    Item Limit Break

    Just need a simple plugin that allows the max items to be way above the normal x99. Like x9k or x1billion dont matter. But definitely prefer 9999+
  18. Name: Salvage Items Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-12-13 What does it do? Allows players to salvage unneeded items and get something back. Screenshots: How to use? To make items salvageable just add the following tag to items: <salvage> [TYPE] [iD] [QUANTITY] [CHANCE] </salvage> [TYPE] - Item type. w - weapon, a - armor, i - item [iD] - ID of the item [QUANTITY] - How many player gets from salvaging [CHANCE] - Chance of success - 1.0 - 100%, 0.5 - 50%, 0.04 - 4% Example: <Salvage> i 8 1 1 i 8 1 0.75 i 8 1 0.25 </Salvage> Plugin: <Link: Github> How to download Script. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As. Terms of Use: Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin. Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project. Free for non-commercial projects. For commercial use contact Mr. Trivel.
  19. â– Information â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› EST - Build And Decor EX Version: 1.2 By Estriole File name: EST_Build_And_Decor_EX.js â– Introduction â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› Conversion of my EST - BUILD AND DECOR SERIES script from ACE. Mainly this script make you can have 'decoration' item that you can place to customize your map. if you're using my EST - EVENT SIZE AND TRIGGER plugin... you can also make the decoration as building. this plugin also include EST - DECOR MOVEMENT conversion from ACE instead making it separate plugin. thus this plugin named: EST - Build And Decor EX â– Features â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› - bind 'decoration'/'building' to item. it's actually event in template map. - you can separate decoration by category. ex: building, wall, furniture, etc - you can move the decoration freely using parallel event page and selfswitch â– Changelog â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› v1.0 2015.11.10 Initial Release v1.1 2015.11.12 add documentation on how to use this.isAnyEventOnSelf() also minor bugfix on that method to recognize Through event. v1.2 2015.11.23 add mouse detection for decor move: Left mouse click => set event movement to that coordinate Right mouse click => cancel decor movement. set selfswitch cancel (so you can create event page to delete the event and give item) â– Plugin Download â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› Download Demo â– How to use â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› Open the spoiler Below (it's quite long) â– Dependencies â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› mandatory: EST - SAVE MAP EVENT EST - CLONE TRANSFORM DELETE EVENT optional: EST - EVENT SIZE AND TRIGGER EST - GRAPHIC SHIFT EST - REGIONMAPLOADER â– Compatibility â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› I'm new in JS... and MV is new engine... so i cannot say for sure. but it should be compatible with most things. â– Parameters â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› > VarIdForSelection Variable ID to be used to item selection default 7 > DecorMoveSwitchId Switch ID to mark decor is being moved. also to stop player movement, open save, open menu default 7 > DecorMoveSelfSwitch The self switch to flip when finishing decor movement A, B, C, or D default C â– License â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› Free to use in all project (except the one containing pornography) as long as i credited (ESTRIOLE). â– Support â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› While I'm flattered and I'm glad that people have been sharing and asking support for scripts in other RPG Maker communities, I would like to ask that you please avoid posting my scripts outside of where I frequent because it would make finding support and fixing bugs difficult for both of you and me. If you're ever looking for support, I can be reached at the following: [ www.rpgmakervxace.net ] pm me : estriole â– Author's Notes â•’â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•â•› This is FINAL part of the EST - DECOR AND BUILD SERIES. EST - SAVE MAP EVENTS EST - CLONE TRANSFORM DELETE EVENT EST - EVENT GRAPHIC SHIFT EST - EVENT SIZE AND TRIGGER EST - BUILD AND DECOR EX EST - REGIONMAPLOADER
  20. Hello, I'm having a little trouble saving space on the formula box, on an item, not a skill, and I wonder if any of you could help me use the following item formula in a more compact way: I've 4 actors each one has, a "power" or whatever variable v[1], v[2], v[3], v[4] Basically I want: if a.id==1;v[1]*3+20-b.def*2; elsif a.id==2;v[2]*3+20-b.def*2; end; And so on, taking on account the 4 actor's variables: if a.id==1;v[1]*3+20-b.def*2; elsif a.id==2;v[2]*3+20-b.def*2; elsif a.id==3;v[3]*3+20-b.def*2; elsif a.id==4;v[4]*3+20-b.def*2; end; It works so far with 2 strings but it's too big to fit on the box. Might there be a way to first determine who is the User and then do the rest of the formula so I don't have to write it for each elsif? Thank you all in advance.
  21. Zelda-Like Item System from Ocarina Of Time This is a tutorial that I made for merdouille44 on this thread. I wasn't sure if this would be beginner or intermediate. It requires a little bit of knowledge on how to set up the system, but it is not too difficult overall. The Graphics The first thing you need to do is make the HUD Interface. For me, I just tried to mimic the Ocarina interface. You can use mine if you'd like, but I'm not the best when it comes to making graphics. To make this simple, I am using the Q, W, and A buttons to use each item. Next, we need to have the items. I just exported the ACE icon set and then grabbed what items I will have for my game. For this tutorial, I'm just using two items, but you can add as many as you'd like. I chose the letter and the potion. Now, import all these graphics into your pictures folder. Getting the HUD Working Now we are ready to get the HUD working in game. First, go to the common events tab and make a new common event. Set the trigger to parallel process and then create a switch and call it Zelda_HUD. Now, the first thing you do in this common event is make a conditional branch. If the Zelda HUD is on, we are going to have the hud graphic show up. Else erase the picture. I set this up so you can turn on the HUD easily during cut scenes or if you want to have the player press a button to turn off the system at will. This is what your common event should look like so far: Next, we need to have the items show up. You are going to make a variable for each item. For mine, they will be called Zelda_Potion and Zelda_Letter. Each variable is going to be linked to the Q, W, and A button. This is how I am setting mine up: 1 = Q 2 = W 3 = A Make a conditional branch and have it set if Zelda_Potion = 1. In the else statement, you will have if Zelda_Potion = 2, and in that else statement, make it so it is Zelda_Potion = 3. The last one will be Zelda_Potion = 0. In that one, you do not need to check the else statement, and you will put Erase Picture. This is how yours should look: Now, we need to make sure that when we have one item set, for example, to Q that another item cannot be used in the Q slot. To do this, we need to make another conditional branch and have it as Zelda_Letter = 1. In the else statement, you put the image of the potion. Do this for all the branches we just made except for the Zelda_Potion = 0. Here is how it should look: Now you need to do the same thing for the letter. Now the images will not overlap one another. If you have more than two items, just follow the same layout as above. You will have to do this for every item you want to use. Now we are done with the hud! Making the System Work Now it's onto the last part. We need to make the system actually do something. Since I am using the Q, W, and A buttons in game, I will be focusing on the L, R, and X buttons in the interface. Q = L W = R X = A Now, make a conditional branch to where if the L button is pressed. You do not click the Else statement. Inside that, you make it that if Zelda_Potion is = 1, then you drink the potion. For me, I just added a text saying I drank the potion and then erasing the icon from the HUD, leaving the Q button empty again. You can replace it with an empty bottle and have it do whatever effect you would like. In that else statement, you will have it so if Zelda_Letter = 1, then it will do that interaction. For me, I just put a text saying that this is Zelda's letter. You will do this for all the buttons. Just remember to change the variables accordingly. Here is how mine looks: And that is everything! You have now created a 100% item system just like the one in Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.
  22. I want to create an event that the player selects 2 items each from a separate category (i.e. a base and a core) then uses the combination to create a character of a race and class based on the selections I want I already know how to work this basically but I need advice of solidifying it's mechanics I intend to do in a magitec manner So any tips or suggestions?
  23. Anderson88

    item Item drops.

    Item drops have always seemed... exciting. Whenever you defeat that holy Superboss, or something of the sort, and they drop a super sweet weapon, you always feel good to have it pop into your inventory, as a reward for your efforts. But when drop rates come into play, how frustrating do things get? Enemies who have drop rates of, say, 25% or 50%... if you get them, hurray! If you don't... how would you even know that they were supposed to have a chance to drop it? ...And then they become missable after. If you did know however, won't fighting the boss over and over to get that drop be very tedious? (FF9 Ozma for that darn Pumice) I suppose if the boss was very difficult (in my opinion bosses should all be), you should be handsomely rewarded with that nice item drop, but many games don't do this, even with their tough bosses. I think that if the enemy that is being fought isn't missible, like a common encounter, it's fine to have a low drop rate for its loot, but... when it comes to bosses, how should item drops work? Some games have, for example, a guaranteed boss drop of a nice weapon, and then a chance to drop a potent healing item... There are also some games where the performance of the battle determines the loot gained (like a five star ranking gives you a drop rate boost). So what do you guys think?
  24. Hi everybody, i'm thinking about a complex, touching game story. It will be something about elements war (fire, water .... ) But i don't figure out anything yet. I'm so confuse. Could you guys give me some ideas, a story perharp?
  25. HyperFlash

    Fish item Icons

    here is some fish that you fish out on games theres more fish i'll be doing like river, Sea, cold, crabs and some original fish