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Found 47 results

  1. RoooodWorks

    Fear - Survival Horror

    May contain Scenes of explicit violence and gore. Downloads Fear Download Fear RTP Download Summary You take control of Josie and explore a scary mansion, discover bodies, lots of blood, and all you have equipped is a trusty flashlight. For the moment there is only an intro, no enemies either, but there is lots to explore and a few things to check. Setting The setting is based in a mansion which seems to be abandoned - bloody bodies everywhere, food left untouched, TV's left on with no signal. TBC: Choices when talking to the five co-workers. Battery packs to recharge flashlight Binder save points, (pages are used to record your progress) Only one is available in the game Different endings. Romance You only have equipped is a flashlight, which requires batteries, and depletes when used. Story Josie and her five co-workers enter a mansion, the doors locked behind them. What will they find, and how will they escape? Will who or what haunts this mansion capture Josie or will she succumb to whatever haunts the house before she can escape? Characters: Credits: Screenshots: Videos:
  2. MEPH'S ENVIRONMENT MANAGER (formerly Meph's Grab & Throw) MephistoX & Meph's Lab Introduction Environment Manager is a script that adds new actions for the player and the events such as grab, throw, swim, push and more. Making the life easier for the eventers and to add puzzles and more interactive world. Formerly this script was only grab & throw, and now will be growing by adding new actions and types of environments. I thought to make in a plugin way, but decided to create a whole script to make it easier and if you don't want an option, just don't use it. Features - Easy to Use & Implement - No Methods Overridden - Grab & Throw Plugin - Swim Plugin in regions. Action and Environment List - Grab & Throw - Swimming by regions How to Use Copy Both Scripts from the Demo: 1. Core Scripts (Some Methods that make the system work) 2. System Script (the Main System) Read the System Header to know how to configure the different kind of actions and environment types, see the demo for more info. In the demo press Q for throw and W for swimming, press the objects to grab them. Script You'd better get the Demo Demo http://dl.dropbox.co...Environment.rar ScreenShot Imagine that you are in a stupid dungeon, and want to destroy some vases. Or that you have to save a nice chick from the ugly slimes in the water: FAQ No questions so far. Credit and Thanks - MephistoX and don't remove the header. - 1 Method gotten from the MACL 2.4 (By SephirothSpawn - Mog for the Carrying character Author's Notes It doesn't include built-in functions for automatic grabbing for now, and just include a little example of how to assign input for actions because i don't want to manipulate so far than the actions, not the way of how activate them. Try the demo, and if you find bugs, please tell me, if you have an idea of an action or an environment just tell me .
  3. Have any of you played the sample game Crysalis? I'm trying to make a crafting-in-battle system like the one in that game. As of now, I was able to make a skill (create and consume a potion) appears only when certain items are in the inventory and them consume these items to use in the skill. But I couldn't make the skill disappear after consuming these items. Can anyone help me understand that game's system better? If you don't know the game, here's the link to download it http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/sample-games thanks in advance
  4. I am looking for artist that can make Kirby character I will not commercial this project but this game will be free to play i'll give credit to the artist and music producers that helped with this project and HAL for the other projects.I will not copyright Kirby characters that is needed for the project.if i'm copyrighting Kirby characters I'll chose another Kirby character.Thank you and have a nice day. Artist Requirement: Beam,Hammer,Bow Hats and the rest you can make your own Kirby hat in needed Music Producers: Any music that can fit in except copyrights music Extra: also if you made a template of level that has kirby style or fit is fine Type of Project: VX ace style animators: kirby character needed in cutsences Coders:For battle system for kirby to dodge or block and attack More Details:Soon
  5. lu1dak1d09

    Item Drop Scatter Items?

    Hello I Need some help in tying figure out something so simple maybe? but so hard just cause i dont get it. i battler script from falcao pearl abs liquid v3 update battle system, with yanfly scripts as engire core. i have mosnter drop item script. when a monster dies and drops items showned on ground. and i add multiple drops to a single monster like maybe 8 random items at 100% jsut to test it to see if it works, and it does in wich it drops all 8 items but in 1 pile... ( look at 1 pile.jpg picture ) so my question is how can i make the drops be scattered different directions instead of being in a one pile to pick up? and also. when i go over an item it tells me the name of the item ( look at items pickedup.png picture. i dont think its supposed to be png but watever there it is. ) thanks. -----------------------------------------------------Luis Rodriguez
  6. Static

    Just Joined!

    Hello Everyone I am Static, a freelance Game Developer that Uses RPG Maker VX Ace and RPG Maker MV. My Current Game Project is Sword Art Online - Time Core. I use RPGMaker Central a LOT, so having my first post approved would be great. Thank youu!
  7. Squishybrick

    rpgmakervxace Dungeon Master 2

    Mature Warning: Possible unintentional/accidental drug usage and very few but some foul language included. Abstract: A dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements, and great variety. Genre: See "Abstract" Game Progression: Complete, releasing demo Recruitment: Game entirely made by single person, none needed. Game Length: Full Game - 9 to 12 hours Demo - 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours. http://www.mediafire.com/file/1k5j4iieoxsa0e0/Dungeon_Master_2_Demo.zip [The Demo] Story: You control a group of adventurers seeking the "Dungeon Master", a strange overlord of an even stranger realm, which is responsible for the disappearance of many noble adventurers. You are tasked with heading through "The Paths", an enigmatic system of pathways dotted with strange symbols that teleport you to various realms all across this dimension. Can you survive the onslaught and reach the dungeon master? Or will you be but another tale of woe? Character Bios: The game is more focused on the gameplay itself, rather than the characters, and though your characters may individually fall victim to traps or avoid them, there isn't any real development going for them. Credits: Creator/Ideas - Squishybrick Scripts-------- Item Rarity - Hime Item Stack Size - Hime Mana Shield - Hime Active Cost - Hime Toggle State - Hime Chest Drop Randomizer - AdiktuzMiko Anti-Fail - Yanfly Passive States - Yanfly Passive Skills - Neon Black Drop Options - modern algebra (rmrk.net) Custom BGS------ Thunder - Squishybrick [The player heading through "The Path", in the demo] [The player visiting one of the "Temples".] [A screenshot of the inventory page, with some various collected items] Features: The demo perfectly encapsulates most of the main features my game has to offer, and, if beaten, will tell you everything you need to know about what the full game offers.. But obviously it'd be lazy to just let my demo do all the talking, so here's a basic explanation/run-down on how the demo/main game works.. The gameplay is quite simple. Once you're actually in the path, you're set on a non-deviating path leading down. In this path are "nodes", miniature portals on the ground which teleport you to various locations each time you step on them. Growing stronger in this game is not done by EXP, but instead, equipment and stat-ups.. Some of the "nodes" may take you to a realm known as a "temple", which contain one of the various demi-gods that rule over this dimension.. Most of them offer you one of two choices. A free permanent stat-up if you pray to them, or, a different special reward depending on which god it is.. For instance, kaiser, the god of wealth, may offer a chest which gives a random amount of gold to you. Brutus, the god of endurance, may offer a random piece of armor-based equipment, and so forth. Among the nodes, there are two other main types you will encounter.. One being "Village" nodes... Stepping on one will teleport you to a random village. There are various different villages you may end up in, each one unique.. Some villages don't sell weapons, but extra-powerful armor, some villages might include a higher chance to encounter special merchants wandering around, some villages may sell special items which you may use to help you along the way, and some villages may offer discounts or special services unique only to that village. The last thing I'll explain, is dungeons.. Among the nodes, a dungeon node is also something you will encounter often. A dungeon node will take you, unsurprisingly, to a dungeon, which to your dismay/pleasure merely looks like "another path, but horizontal this time".. Within a dungeon, you will face enemies, specific to that dungeon.. There are many flavors of enemies you may encounter. Some strong, some weak, some fast, some dangerous, but each one has their own unique attacks and strategies to employ, so never expect the same battle twice. Also within dungeons you may find random items, or bump into/dodge traps. Some of which may hurt a party member, debuff them, or even help them, depending on the situation and dungeon-type. I don't wish to explain my demo/game any further than that, because my game is rogue-like in nature. It's just as much about exploring new avenues and encountering the unexpected, as it is "a generic dungeon crawler".. Known Issues: I've play-tested the full game and beaten it over 6 times, each with a roughly 10-hour play-through, my goal was to merely continue playing and beating the game, until I ceased to find a single bug in a full play-through, and then play-test it once more to make sure, which I've done. That does not mean my game, or the demo for it, is perfect. If there are any bugs, I have not seen them, but I won't deny that they could exist. There ARE balancing issues, where taking advantage of certain events may end you up with a disturbingly over-powered party, but this, I like to think, is similar to the :"binding of isaac" form of exploit, where though said exploits may openly exist, you'd be required to do perform very specific long-term actions to ensure said exploits were possible, and I guarantee you won't even be aware the exploits exist on your first few play-throughs. Future Plan / Ending notes: If you play the demo, and successfully beat it, you will be rewarded with a credits screen showing you what the "full" game offers.. If you hated the demo, I promise you, you will hate the game, because besides having a lot more content all-around, the gameplay remains mostly the same to the demo at its heart. If you loved the demo, and end up playing it multiple times just to see the various places you end up, the items you can gain, and things to see and do, then let me know on this thread. Three last points to make.. 1. I'm releasing the demo as an installer in a zip file, without the rtp data or whatever it's called.. If this is considered "bad" please let me know, and I'll re-upload it with said data included. 2. I'm not "holding the game hostage until I think enough people like it".. In fact, it might be easier to just personally ask me for a copy if you like it, so you don't "have" to publicly praise/shame the game on the thread if you don't want to "give me attention".. 3.The full version of the game, if given to everyone or just through a PM, will come with a free copy of a full guide that I created for the game, completely explaining every mechanic in the full version, as well as hints, tips, secrets, and even a few basic strategic exploits. I suppose that's all I can say for now.. Hope you enjoy the demo. Post what you think about it (if you want), and if you find any bugs in the demo, let me know. I play-tested the demo as well, but I'm not perfect, who knows what a fresh pair of eyes might catch that I missed.
  8. well things were going good for awhile, but then the text that pops up telling you the name of the map your on stopped working. I am currently testing my rpg, and I am confused why this is happening. If I load to another point in the rpg the map names work fine. What did I do? Do you think another script is interfering? I am using 'TDS: Map Region Names' and these are not displaying either. If anyone here knows just what the heck is going on, I'd be much obliged.
  9. Hello! i've been searching for a Kasen Ibaraki Sprite (Here an Image of the Girl:http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/touhou/images/6/67/TH14.5_Kasen.png/revision/latest?cb=20141231151020&path-prefix=es ) can someone make an sprite similar to her? (or identical if it's possible XD) every help is accepted :3
  10. I'm having trouble choosing which battle system should i use, mog's linear motion battle system or Yami's symphony battle system. Can you guys help me out? (sprites/battlers is not a problem.) My game is jrpg inspired game. I really need your advice/suggestions so i can move on and start creating my battlers.
  11. Okay, I came across yet another problem while making my game and this one is just puzzling to me. Basically, some of the BGM that I have playing in my game does not loop. It just fades out and then it's just dead silence for minutes on end. I have waited a few minutes, not that it just takes a while, but to no avail. Does anyone know why the BGM isn't looping and how I could fix it? I'm not really trying to get it to loop at certain points, I just want it to keep restarting from the beginning, as usual. If it helps, I have a custom song and that song is an .ogv file. Another weird thing is that some of the other custom songs in the game DO loop correctly, even though the songs are the same file type. Is there something I'm missing? Is there a script I need to fix this issue? Any help is appreciated. EDIT: What I did notice is depending on the converter I use, the file output will be either .ogg or .ogv. Is it that the ogv isn't registered to really loop whereas the .ogg is?? That's what my theory is at the moment and I'll probably try a different converter to get the .ogg file but if it doesn't work then I have no clue. EDIT: Okay, I converted the .ogv file to an .ogg file and now it's looping correctly. Welp, I just feel reeaallly stupid now xD At least I figured it out. This thread can be closed now, if it can even count as a thread.
  12. The year is unknown and has been for some time. Decades, perhaps centuries have passed from where you stand today and when the world came crumbling down. What was once a bright green future has turned into a barren wasteland in which no life can sustain itself. Human ingenuity kept your race alive, and now you all live underneath the ground which was once walked upon. However, no amount of cunning or quick-mindedness can save you from a natural death. Your resources are depleting rapidly, and your life support is running dry. To be blunt, you are nearly out of water. You are a Practitioner: A member of a controversial group created shortly after the world went to hell. Your organization has accomplished some of the greatest feats in this era, but at great costs to both the financial and moral well-being of the people. You are liked by few and respected by next to none aside from the rest of your peers. But this is not a popularity contest: What must be done, must be done. Your group consists of some of the finest members to ever enlist in this service. You've all contributed plenty towards your name, defending the population from the horrors of the world above you. Today, you celebrate the seventh year anniversary since you all became a team. But tomorrow you carry the weight of a mission that no one before you has had to bear. Tomorrow, you take an indefinite journey into the Outside. Your goal is to find water so those remaining can survive. If your team fails, the human race will die. --- Gameplay So, that's the pitch we're going to use for The Woodcutter's Daughter. But what is the game? What can you look forward to? The Woodcutter's Daughter is an Adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is told in a chapter-based story format, and is dependent on the path you choose. Your actions will have consequence. It will not always be bad, but it will always happen. Now, is every decision in the game like this? No, absolutely not. Some make a minute difference, and some make no difference at all. However, the absolute most important decisions in your game will be obvious. Ordering a grilled cheese in a diner will not determine who lives and who dies, but it might improve your mood enough to open some new dialogue. Choosing to assault your guards or sneaking out of prison may lead to someone being captured/killed depending on other factors. This isn't meant to keep you constantly guessing if you made the right choice. It's meant to give you a unique experience. The player is supposed to discover these things, not seek them out. Let's move on to another important aspect. Exploring. Exploring is a pretty big part of this game. NPCs and objects aren't always just there for the sake of the environment. About 90% of this game has things that you can interact with. Some things will reward you for discovery, some things could possibly shape your story, and some are there just for fun. You should enjoy the world you're in, and I'm pretty confident that I've done a rather nice job of creating that world. There are a few places that might pop up in this post, so just to let you know what they are I'll give you a short description. The Compound: Where your team, other teams, and the Practitioners are stationed before combat. Traders and merchants are sometimes allowed, as well as scientists and researchers, but the Compound is often on lock-down. Why? Because not only does the Compound hold the majority of humanity's water supply, it also connects to the Outside. EDIT: This is the first, albeit low-quality (I use free recording software) look at the Compound. Click here to take a peek. The Outside: What earth used to be. It's a wasteland, only holding the most hardened of hostile creatures and remnants of what used to be. It is incredibly hot. Your team must wear protective gear to enter the Outside. Nova: The big, big, BIG underground city. The central hub where people live, where businesses set up shop, where governmental procedures are conducted, so on and so forth. The Compound is connected to Nova, and other smaller, less significant towns connect to Nova as well. That's all well and good. But what are you going to be doing in this game, then? What's the content? It's a complete quest-fest. You have your main objective, which is to find water. You can go full-red-zone on that objective and not worry about anything else in the game. However, it will not be an easy thing to do. And it will be a shorter game. Side quests aren't meant to be necessary, and if the player doesn't want to do them then they're not going to be heavily punished for it. Just keep in mind that a game that is heavily based on questing rewards you for doing more of those things. You will not be forced to do them, but they will help you with your game. Can you fail your initial quest, though? Yes. You can never take a hit of damage and still lose the game because you failed to complete your initial mission. It doesn't matter if you've gotten to the highest level, if you don't find water, everyone will eventually die. Of course, this means the game can have multiple endings. I've gotten about four figured out so far, but I'd like to have around eight or ten. Let's move on to something else in regards to gameplay. In this game (this will be in the demo, please don't worry about spoilers right now), there are two formats of play. The first is... Well, your own. Your existence in the era you live in with your team, your occupation, your home, and your way of life. However, there will be things found along the way of your quest that are called 'fragments'. A 'fragment' is a literal piece of history, and has energies surrounding it that can be analyzed. (In order to save space, I have left out a bit of detailed explanations in the forum post. All of these things will be explained thoroughly throughout the game's development and in the game when it is released.) Doing so will transport you to the past, to another time before the apocalyptic nightmare that took place. For the sake of convenience, I'll refer to this as 'Memento mode'. In 'Memento mode', you will play as Madeline. She is the woodcutter's daughter. She is not a fighter, and thus you will not encounter combat in this mode. You will deal with things like questing, exploration, story-expansion, and perhaps some puzzles/problem-solving. Again, HOW you solve your problems is more important that solving the problems themselves. Please note: Madeline WILL NOT BE KILLED as a result of your decisions. However, that does not mean that there will not be other consequences. To sum this up, you are playing a story: Your story. You will uncover what happened, why it happened, and who was responsible for man's downfall. You will get to figure out how the world went from a lush paradise to the metal, underground fortress you live in now. You will get to mold both the past and the present. I'm the developer, the creator, and the owner of the content... But this is your game. Past Times I know what you're thinking. I just said the game's main focus was on exploration, so why would you need a past time? What purpose does it serve? Well, it depends. Would you like to learn how to cook, to make food that will restore more health, focus, and energy as well as increase your team's morale (morale is a mechanic I'm working on, but is not currently implemented)? Or, perhaps you'd like to learn how to make armor? You could learn how to reinforce armor to make it more durable, lighter in weight, or simply just better. Maybe you're curious about this world's religion. Maybe you'd like to learn about the history before you, and how it affects you. Maybe you'd just like to learn how to better strike a conversation. Past times are in the game to improve your content and experience. Not all of them will be immediately present, and they all do different things. Some will help you in combat, some will unlock different dialogues with characters, and some might add to the story. For example, if the player thinks they might like to learn Communication, it's possible that they can approach subjects more diplomatically than those who choose not to invest in this field. There is not a limit on how many past times the player can have, and that really depends on how long the player wants the game to be. I will let you know, however, that it is far more effective to invest more time into one past time than it is to invest little time into many. However, it is the player's choice. Past times are not necessary, but much like questing the player will be rewarded for doing the content (and not being harshly punished for skipping over it). I have five past times in the game so far: Cooking, Armor-Making, Religious Study, Communications, and Historical Study. I would like to have a minimum of ten past times for the player to choose from. **PLEASE NOTE**: These past times DO NOT change the player's or any other character's class/combat skills. Some are useful in combat, but it will not change what everyone is. We'll move on to that, next. Combat 5/23 UPDATE: I'm going to be doing custom hand-drawn animations for battles. Short, 5-10 second clips of the characters performing their attacks. One of the ideas I had was to make different animations based on the levels of the characters. As in, a lower level character might have a more basic animation for an attack, then develop a more flashy or impacting one as they gain experience. I just got this uploaded, it's a basic wireframe sketch of what a low-level Enigma's attack might look like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qil5aUAACIo I was going to do an animation of what a higher, more skilled level character would look like performing the same attack, but it's about 2 AM right now, so expect it to be updated sometime tomorrow. As of 3/17/16, the combat is nothing spectacular. However, there are a few unique features. Instead of Mana and TP, you have Focus and Energy. Every class requires both of these stats, some more than others. A Seeker will require a massive amount of focus in relation to energy (ranged combat), whereas a Brawler will require more energy than focus (physical combat) to deal greater damage. Enigmas require a great amount of energy, but needs a bit of focus to perform their abilities. Finding the balance for each class is important, but not hard to learn. The game will walk you through it in the early stages. Your combat is meant to be skill-based. The different types of skills include: Physical, Ranged, Energy, and Defensive. The Player and Weasel both use Physical attacks, Seeker will use Ranged attacks, Enigma will use Energy attacks, and Alan will use both Physical attacks and Defensive skills. All characters will be given a base physical attack called 'Jab'. It's not good. It does very insignificant damage and is meant to be your last resort. I'm looking for a way to remove it entirely, but for now it's just something that exists. The Player, as a brawler, will use fist weapons and claws-- One for each hand. Seeker will use a ranged weapon, starting off with a bow but may later discover rifles. Enigma will get to use a staff/stave. Alan, as you could imagine a Knight having, will be able to equip a sword and a shield. Weasel will have daggers that will also require both hands. If he does not have a dagger in each hand, he can not attack with his weapons (well, he can 'jab', if that remains in the game). The Player can use their attacks without fist weapons or with just one equipped, but it will not be nearly as effective. Because the combat is so simple, I'm looking towards a way to make it more visually appealing. Battle animations, maybe longer, more detailed animations for special attacks, those kinds of things. That is all I have on the combat, so far. I suppose we can't really go forward until we meet our characters, now. Main Characters **Not all art here is original. As original art is created, content will be changed. Please also keep in mind that original art may also be altered later down the line. ** The Player The Player is someone I can't really talk too much about. By which I mean, your story is your own. What I can definitively tell you is that the character you play as in this game is a Brawler. The only customization you can make is the ten character 'enter-your-name' slot in the beginning. Your gender is undetermined. Your physical appearance (your sprite) can not be altered. Enigma An Enigma is very attuned towards energy, though no one is quite sure what makes them this way. Your team's Enigma is the youngest member in your group, very cheerful and passionate, and very, very loyal. However, her age tends to make her less emotionally stable than the rest of your team, and she's more likely to have more dramatic and extreme reactions towards pivotal events. She takes interest in cooking for a past time, and loves the color pink. Everything she can make pink is pink. She's very close to Seeker, and thinks of her as a best friend and an older sister. She sees Alan as a brother-figure, as well. The Enigma is the only class who has three different routes to specialize in: Archaic, Lifewarden, and Entropy. Archaic is relatively similar to the way she is initially played. It focuses more on dealing damage, but is still a very important support class. Lifewarden is, as you can guess, the healer option and will focus mostly on restoring life and granting buffs towards your party's damage. Entropy allows control over nightmarish energies that can be used to terrorize enemies, leading towards weakened attacks and even frantic panics to leave them immobile and stunned in battle. Alan Alan is the only member of the team (with the possible exception of The Player) who refuses to abandon his first name. The reason for this is that he doesn't believe his training defines him, and this is a common mindset in this field. His field of training is referred to 'Knight', skilled with the sword but moreso the shield. That means that he is the first line of defense. Alan's eager in combat, and will happily join you on any side adventures to practice his combat and reap the rewards. Alan and Seeker are married, and have been for several years. He's generally a warm personality, though has the tendency to sometimes be deadpan and sarcastic. Knights are a full support class. You can deal damage with them, yes, but if you choose to ignore Alan's defensive abilities then you're going to be seeing a lot of 'Game Over' on your screen. His defensive skills (what he's been trained for) can sincerely make the difference between life and death for your team. Seeker The Seeker is the only class of the Practitioners who will not always be trained/used for offense. While most of them prefer to fight in a team, some Seekers will be researchers and historians. Following the models of archaeologists and anthropologists, these types of Seekers dedicate their life towards observing the changes throughout the years. Seekers that take on the role of combat perform these jobs as well, but not to the same extent. Your team's Seeker is very calm and composed, with a steady mind and a stable hand. Like the Enigma, she is able to use energy for attacks but does not control energy itself. Instead, the weapon she is able to use (bows and rifles) will be imbued with a 'synthetic' type of energy. To save space in this post I won't explain exactly how that works here, but it will be explained clearly by the time the game's demo is ready to play. Seeker is married to Alan, and is a close friend of your team's Enigma. She's warm towards The Player and Weasel, as well, but she discloses very little about herself. She's a history-buff, obsessed with when the world was once green and full of life-- Even though she's never seen it, herself. Weasel If you were comparing this class towards a traditional RPG class, then I suppose it would be a rogue. However, I hesitate to call it that, because a Weasel is much more. A Weasel must possess several skills and qualities: First, to be swift. If the student can not complete certain trials of speed, then they aren't permitted to follow the lessons. Second, to be able to identify weaknesses/certain points in targets that would benefit themselves. These could critically hit an opponent, or if something is terribly wrong with your own team, a Weasel could identify it so the team would know where to improve. And thirdly, the Weasel must be able to build and engineer their own objects. Objects include, but are not limited to, explosives, weapons, appliances, and armor modifications. The Weasel isn't just a stabby-stab-stab class. Every single one of these human beings is incredibly intelligent. You have one on your team. Use him for what he's trained to do. He's mostly skilled in engineering explosives, and dabbles in a bit of armor modification. He is very quiet, and doesn't give his opinion very often unless it has to do with tactical planning, or if someone asks it of him. Despite being a bit anti-social, he's rarely wrong about what he observes. Having been trained to spot enemy weakness as well as knowing the strength of his team is vital in combat. The Weasel knows how important it is that they're effective and efficient. Your team's Weasel is very reliable. I know I've said it a hundred times, but seriously. You'll find that it's a good idea to harness each member's abilities to be used to the fullest potential. Obstacles, enemies, roadblocks... Sometimes, when it's possible, it's just quicker and easier to just blow it all up. Madeline This is the woodcutter's daughter. She lives in government housing with her mother and several other young women. She is the one who has left behind the fragments, though whether this was intentional or just something that happened is not known until much later in the game. Madeline always speaks positively of her father and often misses him. She has a very close connection with her mother, as well. She does not have any siblings. While she is a friendly person, the only true friend she has is a girl around her age named Karen. You will play as Madeline when you are accessing the fragments in 'Memento' mode. Remember, Madeline will not be killed because of the decisions you make, but will be affected by them. I'm not really good at drawing cute, younger girls, so I have a feeling that Madeline will be the one who's most edited over the course of the game's creation. Nashtavara: The only things you need to know about this character right now is that she is self-motivated and incredibly violent. Nashtavara is a huge part of this game, and an obstacle that will not be easy to get around. You won't meet her until later on, but your interactions with her are very, very important. Minor/Unmentioned Characters There will be many characters in this game that are more than just some lady in a park talking about her cat Chippy. However, for the sake of space, I'm going to leave them out of this forum post. Artwork and Music All final artwork and music will be completely original. There are substitute images and sounds in the game until I can work on the final pieces, but I will randomly do a little bit of art at a time. I'm not doing the artwork first, as it'll be easier to add it at the very end when everything's built into the game. Here's a couple of pictures to give you a preview of the style and quality. As you can probably tell, some of the line art is clunky. The right half of my right hand has recently been affected with numbness and it can be very hard to use a stylus. So, these pictures, the character icons, and other images may later be edited to have a smoother appearance. Nothing here is final. In-Game Screenshots These are required, even though right now they're not very attractive. This will, of course, change later on. (You approach a Practitioner in the Compound who tells you a little about himself.) (You begin your mission to find water-- Time is of the essence.) (Your room in the beginning of the game.) Features I've already gone over most of the features of this game, so I'll just list this as kind of a summary section. This concerns the final product. + Completely original music and art. + Weighted dialogue/interactions between your character and the other characters in this game. + Multiple endings based around your game choices. + Animated cutscenes. + Many, many, many side-quests that will impact your game but are not necessary to complete. + Skill-based combat, which differs for every class. + At least 10 pastimes. Follow Development This game is still very far from completion. Website is not available right now. Credits Original Artwork: Self (CynaMarqi) Stock Imagery/Music/Programming: RTP (This is all for now, this may be edited in the future.)
  13. Mac's Games

    Hey There!

    Hello! My name is Mac, and I'm new to this community. I like to make games in the more darker side. Currently I'm working on a Five Night's at Freddy's fan game in Rpg maker vx ace(the engine I perfer but I might get MV soon). My favorite genre of Rpg games are side view, action and tactical Rpgs. I hope to become a good game maker and get to know you guys! All right, I'll see ya later!
  14. @ CAPCOM CO.,LTD.1997,2005 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED For a school project in T.C.D., (Technical College of Dupage), I would make a childhood game of mine that I, myself, loved the most.
  15. Hanabi Blaster is a platform shooter with custom graphics. Choose between two story modes! Recruiting: Characters: Jericho, the "Cobra" Jericho is a looter, who prefers the euphemism of being called a "ruin explorer" instead. He finds a mysterious tome known as the Firedrake Manual on one of his runs. Following the instructions sealed in this foregone tome, our hero crafts the lost dragonic weapon known as a "Blaster". This tool has the ability to shoot out powerful forces of an element, equivalent to a dragons breath. However, reports of inactive, mythical dragons suddenly start to appear throughout town. In the middle of the night, a serpent dragon appears and abducts his daughter, Samantha, on a floating continent. Can the uncovering of these new fire weapons have a connection to the awakening of dragons appearing in the world? Mint, the "Misplaced" The townspeople report of a mysterious golden tower appearing instantly overnight. What hides within this tower? Mint, an adolescent with bright green horns and small wings, awakens from a mist of slumber. Besides her, only a bow riddles her empty state. When leaving the abandoned tower in the middle of the night, a dragon soars above before landing on a distant, floating continent. Where did that dragon come from? And why does she have the desire to chase after it? Maybe, just maybe: following her instinct is where she will find answers. Interface: l Pick a storymode from the beginning and play as either Jericho or Mint! Both characters have different features. For example: Mint can glide in the air for a short amount of time while Jericho has access to the variety of "Blaster" weapons, but falls faster due to being much heavier in weight. Learn an enemies pattern! Certain enemies fly and defy gravity. Others patrol areas and hurt you if you touch them. Eitherway, learning how each enemy functions in a map will help you to your advantage! The day and night system makes certain things appear and dissapear throughout the 24 hour period. A few examples already implemented in the game is a purple "night" chest, nocturnal NPCs or monters, areas accessible only at night, et cetra. Progression in the story relies on the day and night system, allowing gameplay to be more naturalistic and interactive. Watch out for that tree! Falling from great heights can damage you, so be careful! The higher up you are, the deadlier the impact. All custom graphics made by yours truly! Changing your gear will always alter your characters appearance! New weapons means new bullets, and different ways to play. Also, break ALL of the things. The environment is a harsh mistress. Use tools and key items to surpass things that are unfair. Like gravity. Or water buoyancy. Or simply an area that was unpassable before you obtained that required item! Screenshots: Credit: V.M of D.T mobychan Bird Eater Yanfly tomoaky Yami Archeia_Nessiah Moghunter Fomar0153
  16. RoooodWorks

    Maps I made for my game

    Ok so I am making a horror game based of Resident evil, well here are the maps, Tell me what ya think. Please tell me what you think, and the turth, also rooms re empty as there is no events really other than the dining room(clock) and main hall(Typewriter), they have like 1 event each. Thanks
  17. Tale of Two sisters An RPG Maker Game Hello. My name is Kevin Matthews. I'm a 21 year old university student. I'm dreaming of becoming a game developer. This is just a game i'm making as I learn to use the program. I will of course try my best to make this a good and enjoyable game. It started out as just a short and quick RPG with a simple story, but as I worked more and more on the game, new ideas came into play and it looks to me much much longer and bigger that first anticipated. I really that this game will be the first step for me in game development, and hopefully I can stay motivated to make other project, and use the program to its full potential. Now for the game itself. Abstract: The game is an Adventure RPG set in a fantasy world, with a story inspired by another game of the same name. (Chantelise: A Tale of Two sisters.) Genre: Adventure RPG. Game Progression: The game is progressing a bit each day. Currently i'm working on getting the Main Quest done, and then focusing on the Side Quests. Estimated progress: 45% Estimated time of Finish Project: Late August. Story: Main Characters: Credits: Even though I try to avoid using anything out of the thing that comes with the program, I have imported a few things to make the game feel more alive. I also don't like using scripts for my very first game but I will if necessary. Screenshots Thank you for reading about my project. There will be more to come as I work on the game. I won't be doing daily or weekly updates, but I will be updating of there is major changes. Also there will be no demo. I will only release the game when it is finished and tested, so it will be a fun, bug free experience. Hope you all have a great day Updates: 13-07-2015 Updated the Story. Updated the Characters. Updated ETA.
  18. The warning is given because this game includes Male x Male relationships which some people may find offensive. Project ARK. Abstract: A game set on an "ARK" after the Earth became inhabitable. The game includes turn-based battles, an AP system that allows you to learn skills from weapons (final fantasy 9) and DISKS that teach you abilities. (TM's from Pokemon) Genre: Science Fiction/RPG/Dating sim. Game Progression: The game is still in its early stages of development with around 30 minutes of playable content. Story / Setting / Purpose: This game is set on a space station known as the "ARK" where two opposing companies are on the brink of causing a civil war. I.SPECS is a security company that keeps all 5 sectors of the ARK under control using ARMS (guns and blades) M.TECH is a scientific company that uses extraction ships to gather Meditorate - a fuel extracted from meteors to fuel the ark and its 30,000+ residents. The story is ever changing depending on your choices in game. You decide who the good and bad guys are through your actions, the game completely changes so that you will always be on the 'right' side of the battle. If you choose I.SPECS then it is M.TECH that are at fault - and the same if you choose differently. The road map is just to give you an idea, however because of the variations there's no "set" good or bad guys and therefore no set characters. In one playthrough Gane might be a great guy looking to help you out, in another he might be the villain of the story. There is a relationship system between the main character Luck and any of the other playable characters you encounter. This will form over time depending on your actions, there's also a none-romance path. It's completely up to you how it unfolds. Character Bios: As every Character in the game may change depending on your decisions there's only one worth giving a full description of and that's Luck - the protagonist. Luck is 22 and was born without permission. His parents were killed by I.SPECS for not being granted permission to have a family in Sector 4 and Luck was automatically placed into the SYSTEM for their crime. After hearing about the new game G8WAY Luck uses all he has for a train ticket to Sector 5 and begins his search for a way to play the game that is making a few people very rich. Luck's personality is naturally rebellious, he can't stand authority figures and has no respect for I.SPECS however he does fear them. He wants nothing more than to get off the SYSTEM so he isn't forced to go on extraction missions when he reaches 25 years of age. Luck is also openly gay, this is a main part of the story as their are romance options available with all other male characters you come across. Other Characters Include: Gane, Lucas, Vaius, Maxwell, Matthis, Rig, Cyan and Red. Features: 1) An ever-changing story crafted by your choices in-game. 2) A relationship system that alters the plot/ending. 3) A housing system with expansion options and furniture buying. 4) Learn skills from your equipment (Final fantasy 9) 5) Learn skills from DISKS (Tm's - pokemon) Screenshots: Credits: Script: Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine v1.09 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22 Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony Yami Engine Symphony - Add-on: Skill Effect Yami Engine Symphony - Add-on: Visual Effect Yami Engine Symphony - Add-on: 8D/Kaduki Battlers Yanfly Engine Ace - Weapon Attack Replace v1.01 Yanfly Engine Ace - Cast Animations v1.00 AP System Script II by Fomar0153 Equipment Skills System Script by Fomar0153 MOG - Battle Hud EX (v6.5) by Moghunter Galv's Menu Themes Engine by Galv Cache Back, by: KilloZapit Tiles: Rpg Maker Vx Ace Futuristic expansion tiles Inner Tent by Schwarzenacht Music: Persona 4 original soundtrack Persona 4 dancing all night original soundtrack Dramatical Murder original soundtrack Star Ocean the last hope original soundtrack Battlers and Sprites: 8D/Kaduki Battlers Rpg Maker DS resource pack Rpg Maker DS+ resource pack
  19. Presents "Hiya, guys! To reward you, loyal players of Inertia Chronicle, we have decided to make a special event!" "This event will last... forever!" One hundred thousand players of the virtual MMORPG Inertia Chronicles are trapped inside the game. It's your first time logging in to Inertia Chronicle, but you're unlucky enough to be considered as participants in the "special event". Who's behind all of this? Can you survive the ordeals? Will you be able to log out from the game? Reveal the mysteries alongside your seven lovely teammates, each with their own unique characteristics! Pick your own girl and your own story! ???? (Insert your name) Clanette Terra Dark Elf Hime Kumi Joan Sarah Fred Game Master Inertia Chronicle - Official Trailer [url=http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/40036-inertia-chronicle/][img]http://i863.photobucket.com/albums/ab199/mrsjunghoon/Signature%20IC%20Support.gif[/IMG][/URL]
  20. "NOT ME" MAPPING This topic is to be my main topic of posting screenshots of how I am mapping out Not Me, a horror game I have currently in developement. So I'll probably be posting a good amount of screenshots here for the sake of critiquing. Any and all advice will be helpful! So here are my first attempt of mapping! I am not using parallax mapping at all (due to I don't know how), and only using tilesets off from the RTP, some dlc's, and photoshopped alterations of both. So here's the FOREST! And here's the DORMS! And finally, here's the DORMS (outside)! So how are my mapping skills? :blink: :blink: :blink:
  21. Hi guys! Ailuro here! I finally found time to blog! Sometimes I wonder why rpgmakervxace lacks some functions that allow users to customize their games more. I know that the Luna Engine is out so you can make a custom menu but I don't want to pay money for something that should have came with the vxace. AHHHHHH.....the scripting part!!!! They should make a guide book or something called"scripting for rpgmakervxace" I can't find any books on rgss3 or object oriented ruby scripting(i like books a lot). I aslo wish they have a custom entry menu function where you can customize the entry menu. AHHHHH the functions that might make rpgmakervxace better. Oh well life is life. If you guys know any books on rgss3 or object oriented ruby scripting please comment and tell me!! Also if you have a function that you think might make rpgmakervxace better go ehead and comment that too! That's it for today!!! Meow!
  22. Hey, guy and girls, angels and demons, and whatever mystical being you are! Welcome to my Literature Showcase! I will be posting several of the best quotes, bestiary, dialogue, stories, and poems that reside within my "Night Core" and "Angels of Darkness" series. So, without further ado, let's begin! (Angels of Darkness:Reaper Rising) Casper: I really hope that this time, when I'm done with Aarzael, I will be delivering the final deathblow to Diablo. This guy has been avoiding permanent death for too long now. I mean, how many times must this excuse of a Hell Lord must be vanquished before he goes down for good? He just won't quit! Twynog: Because franchise...(laughs) Rin: The Eternity War, duh! It's like, the law in the Universe, Angels and Demons have always and will always fight against each other, so beings like Sanctos and Diablo never really just "go away". They're apart of the essence of the Universe itself. Casper: ...That is kinda true... *Long Silence* Rin: As much as I hate to admit it, Aarzael does have a point about humans and free will. Its so easy to choose Evil because it's so tempting and it's so easy to take. And humans love to do everything easy. But, that doesn't really mean they must to be killed because of that. Twynog: The funny thing is that Aarzael keeps mentioning that he will end the Eternity War and the fact that humans are inherently evil. However, it was the humans who actually managed to imprison Diablo in the Dark Altar and bring more progress to the Eternity War in 20 years than all the progress brought by the Angels in a gigantic period of time. (Angels of Darkness Bios) Casper Ximyia Age: 16 Race: Reaper Originally from the Underworld, Casper came to Sargosso when she was only 6 years old. She cannot remember what events led to her arrival in Sargosso but it is assumed that it was something cruel that happened in her past. She believes that someone attempted to wipe out the Reapers as part of a diabolical plot to rule the world because the dark race swore to protect the righteous and maintain the "homeostasis" of the Universe. Casper is the leader of the Guardians and is the most powerful. Casper commands death magic. She is sadistic and cynical on the outside, but in reality is very lonely and starved for affection. In rare occasions, Casper is sometimes seen as a motherly figure. Esmeralda Pendragon Age: 17 Race: Human (Infernal) Originally from Redneval, Esmeralda was caught up in the current of a river during a storm when she was 10 and was never seen again. She appeared in Dystohria, nearly frozen to death, she was saved by her father Asmodeus, the Hell Lord of Sin. He granted her the power to control the element of fire. Her power was so strong she accidentally burned down a nearby forest, Rosa and Casper arrived to extinguished the flames and rescued her. Quiet and introverted, Esmeralda prefers to remain at home and read books or browse the Internet. Despite the fact that her magic has grown very strong she still has a habit of referring to her magic tomes. She tends to ignore her demonic ancestry mainly to save herself from persecution or even Sargosso's death penalty. Miyuki Angelo Age: 16 Race: Fallen (Angel) Born into the Cherubim Hierarchy of the High Heavens, Miyuki fell from Heaven when she was 13 years old due to her defiance and suddenly vanished in a flash of light appearing in the province of Aarett. She was adopted by Master Dior, a wealthy nobleman, and became his third daughter after her two adoptive sisters. She has the ability to use light magic and has formed a bond with the Reaper, Casper at a very young age. Her relationship with Casper is now immensely strong due to her secret love for her Reaper ally. Rosa Sakura Age: 19 Race: Faery Hailing from Nehxuz, Rosa was in a car accident when she was 8 years old and her parents were nowhere to be found. In critical condition and near death, she was found by Master Dior and nursed back to health, becoming the first of his adopted daughters. Rosa has control over earth magic and uses her experience to protect her adoptive sisters and her team. She has an odd brand of humor that often serves to smooth over the differences between her team members but unsettles others. She regularly seems to playfully flirt with Ashley. Ashley Van Dalvio Age: 20 Race: Netherian, Human Born in Aarett, Ashley was in a car accident with her parents when she was 10 years old which brought them through a "door" leading to Purgatoria. Appearing in the swampy wastelands of Purgatoria, each member of the family awakened to their magical ability. Her father, Balder had never been a good man and being trapped in a strange land, suddenly gifted with magical powers, corrupted him even more. He became obsessed with finding a doorway home and in doing so opened doorways to the Burning Hells instead, corrupting himself even further and releasing Gilaial, the Hell Lord of Lies. Ashley was left to care for her sick mother and the family gradually became ostracized and hated by the locals leading to rumours that Ashley was a witch that haunted the swamp wastes. Ashley's family lived next door to Miyuki's and Rosa's family in Aarett and as a result the girls and their families are acquainted. Twynog Mechinov Age: 23 Race: Skeldian Originally from Aarett, Twynog has been put on probation for his "crimes against the Gods". As a result, he has been forced to become a caretaker for Casper for as long as the Gods wish him to. He has lived with her for 15 years and has grown a strong bond with her. Twynog has the power of the wages of the Deadly Sin Wrath. He stores his hate and disperses it in his attacks. He often shares a romantic relationship with Rin, a young scholar of the Mage's College in Nehxuz. (The only form of bestiary I have so far) Destroyers The Destroyers are fiery, mindless creatures who are controlled through a hive-like mind by Kronos. They are created from molten lava, black soulstone fragments, and the powers of the Sins. Dwarven legends say that they are the heralds of Kronos and that their purpose is to clear Sargosso of all life in order to prepare for their master's final arrival. Although it was originally believed that Kronos is their master, they are ultimately subjects of the Archangel of Valor, Sanctos.
  23. Durugla (Post Poned) A Work Ethic Production Game Progression Story: 35% Graphic: 85% Events: 35% Items: 90% Enemies: 50% Crafting Systems: 80% Audio: 10% OVERALL: 55% 83 HOURS IN, ESTIMATED 130 HOURS TOTAL Projected Started: 12/15/14 Finish: Undetermined STORY Character Bio Credits SCREENSHOTS FEATURES MORE UPDATES TO COME!!!!
  24. Hi everyone! I'm here to introduce my "experimental project". I work as a writer in the videogame field with indie companies, though I must say that my first love is Rpgmaker, the first gamedev tool I learnt to deal with, and in two weeks I started using a trial version of Ace and created a brand new project. The provisional title is Urban Fantasy. PREMISE Urban Fantasy is an experimental JRPG featuring an urban environment, social problems, thrill and fantasy. In order to melt these two different aspects (Urban and Magic) the game focuses on the commonly excluded social cathegories you never heard something about when played traditional JRPGs like students, salarymen, policemen, poors etc... the same for the representation of an environment which has a strong narrative potential as our cities are. Subsequently such a setting gives us room to portray an URBAN kind of magic, dealing mainly with the popular kinds of arts we usually witness everyday on walls, tv etc.. as Psychic abilities, Graffiti, Cyber abilities, Rapping etc... can be but those are just an example of what I have in mind. OLD TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wj6-YWtqbU WHAT ABOUT STORY? CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS NEW BATTLE SYSTEM VIDEO CREDITS If you want to know more just visit UF's INDIEDB PAGE http://www.indiedb.com/games/urban-fantasy