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  1. This game may not be for everyone, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory for more information! The very fabric of reality begins to fray as conflict spreads to engulf the realm, its erstwhile rulers fade and wend t'wards the morrow- bleak and despoiled. Ever traveling, searching for a way to avert the coming of the end. Planets, Stars and Moons all do naught but make it seem in vain. Do not forsake it, the legacy they leave you. A calamity comes to serve as shallow comfort in lieu of cosmic deletion. A bitter choice between a transient existence and an infinite hell. In that morass of sadness and sacrifice, find your truth. Use that truth to lead the way that others may follow. Demo Coming December 2022 Raised by a single father from youth to the cusp of Womanhood, three girls enjoy a life of luxury on an unusually shaped Island on a World called Vahnus. One day, one of the Sisters notices the Sun of their world is shrinking, but despite a track record of being wrong in terms of apocalyptic prophecy, she is not given much credit. But it isn't long before she and her sisters find themselves plunged deep within a conspiracy that is bigger than all of them. The Sun Soon would set on this mortal world. A compelling onslaught of tricky twists, trifling turns and charming tirades. This is Project Fantasia. In a universe similar to our own but different in many ways, awaits a menagerie of magnificent worlds to explore and peoples to meet. The rules of the cosmos are strange, yet can be bet or broken... A malleable form from which only the secrecy of its nature stops it from being a utopia. The administrators who are often refered to as "The Twins" deem this universe a mistake, and seek to rectify it's deviation. Of monkeys and fae, of elves and gods. The world is a fantastical blend of sci-fi and culture pronounced in a way that feels genuine and yet alien. The features are many and the bullet-hell combat is an intense ride with magnetic music and crazy mechanics to help up the ante! However, if you don't wish to be challenged to a degree you can't yet face, there exists a story mode to help make the story more prominent. - Fast-paced action combat, with lots of bullets, color mechanics, maneuvers and gear progression to make it more manageable. - Relatable well thought out characters with a lot of dynamic appeal and charm. -Intense conspiracy-based story that grounds the game from the first moment and keeps you there to the last. -Explore several planets and recruit heroes to join in the Final Battle of Freedom, some places and heroes you may recognize, some... not so much! -Alike most of the CCC's games, we intend Fantasia to be easy to grasp even if you've never played one of the others in our line-up. -Well thought out cinematics that have pushed my abilities (and Vegas Pro's stability) to their limits. -A Brilliant Musical Score by a Composer who is incredibly talented. "You lost the moment you let her live." "Above the jungles of Haven floats Spaceport 9, upon which a crisis recently occurred!" "There is no mercy Power thinks to harbor, you... are on your own." "A visit to the past reveals the trauma a decade suppressed." "An instigator, but not an assassin." "The Ruler of Wisdom questions the authenticity of an Evil God's words."
  2. Starmage11

    Esper Unleashed

    Hello everyone! This is my submission to the 6th Annual Driftwood Gaming Game Jam "Build Your Own Game Jam"! I picked the themes "Purple" and "Survival" for this entry. https://itch.io/jam/build-your-own-game-jam/rate/980407 The game had the honor of having 7th place for the overall ratings of the jam. Story: Screenshots: Download: Features: - Fast-paced turn-based battles - Immersive Sci-fi setting - Short and gameplay focused
  3. Take on the role of R3-M1, a newly activated robot, as they venture through a dark, dystopian world in search of answers. Yet, the clues lie buried within dust and ash, data files, and audio clips left behind by decaying corpses from a not-so-distant past. However, in the shadows lurks an ancient evil--creatures stalking and hunting you at every turn. You must follow the breadcrumbs left behind by your creator in hopes of locating and protecting her. She gave you life, and you must save hers. R3-M1 Battle Model. Equipped with Mech-Blade and Particle Gun. Buy yours today for just $5999! Scavenge for resources and craft items/upgrades. Sideview battle system with melee and ranged combat. Combine abilities for a variety of unique reactions. Fully animated, custom enemies. Upgrade armor and abilities for unique combinations. Fully voiced dialogue by a talented cast of actors. Unique puzzles and hidden areas to discover. No random encounters. All enemies are scripted into each map. Dark and atmospheric with a horror/sci-fi theme. VIDEOS Sagrim's Emporium Official Teaser Trailer Just before your creator vanished, she wanted a codex hub to store data and audio files. She converted KARN into this hub. Sadly, it was left unfinished, with the machine still resembling the arcade game's outer appearance and playing the classic chiptune music it's so well-known for. Full Gameplay Trailer Free Demo! Make love, not war! !!WARNING!! This game will contain horror images, sounds, and music, including blood and gore.
  4. Metthink

    Heroes of Time

    3 hours of game There are 7 different endings SECTION A: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION B: CONNECTION IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION CHARACTERS DOWNLOAD LINK https://gamejolt.com/games/heroetime/575794 https://metthink.itch.io/heroes-of-time
  5. Fan-project (ver 3.0.0) Genre: JRPG Platform: RMXP Studio: Lokator & Di.H Prod WARNING: game translation is in beta stage. The game itself is fully ready and translated to english, but wasn’t much tested by native speakers, so you can encounter various errors. Please report these kinds of things, and we’ll patch them out! Readme file inside. STORYLINE/PLOT 2304 AW. Algol Solar System. Motavia. Twenty years passed since the elimination of Profound Darkness . Ancient technologies were hidden from the people’s eyes again. Hahn Mahlay is the first man on Motavia, principal of Motavian Academy, exemplary family man and the best scientist. He starts a new organization in the east - The Guardians. Defenders monitor the ecological state of the planet and any of its deviations. Our story started in Zema, where two Guardians ready for a mission are having a rest. FEATURES The ideological sequel of the beloved series Well-designed hand-drawn cutscenes Music made with the same tools as the original one Old familiar characters and bright new ones Complex variety of battles Additional quests, a lot of secrets and references Good humor CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS TRAILER DOWNLOAD LINKS CREDITS
  6. Psychronic

    Star Shift - 0.63

    The year is 2357. Humans have explored the stars and colonized many worlds under the authority of the Earth Systems Alliance (ESA), a government controlled by powerful interstellar organizations. An alliance in name only, it is in reality, a brutal empire. The Earth Systems Alliance (ESA) is embroiled in a civil war with a faction known as the Novus Federation. They are made up of former ESA colonists, corporations and military personnel who oppose Alliance rule and actively undermine ESA activities. Both sides have committed war crimes on civilian populations. This has destabilized the balance of power in the region, creating chaos. FEATURES: - Tactical Battle System (Fleet/Army battles) - Over 100 playable characters - Epic Space Opera Storyline - Branching story arcs - Over 100 hours of Gameplay - Base/Empire building - Active Time Battle System - Multiple side-quests/short stories - Starship and human combat - Class/Job System with trainable skills - Amazing soundtrack from various independent artists Star Shift on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072840/Star_Shift/ Itch.IO: https://psychronic.itch.io Website: http://psychronic.com Discord: https://discord.gg/TjQ5dBg Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/psychronic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psychronicgames/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pkhNirMTaVLy0gEaPulXQ VIDEO EXAMPLES:
  7. Galacti-Chron's Abusive Prison tileset has been released! This contains a full prison tileset. This includes characters (prisoners, a guard, and a warden), animated computer consoles, music, and tilesets (all layers). It can be used for any purpose but is sized for RPG Maker MV. The video above shows a short preview of the pack in action. You are free to use this in your commercial and non-commercial projects. The pack is being created for our game in development (Star Shift). While Star Shift is a commercial product, the development process and assets are using a 100% open development model. As a bonus, the pack also contains a proof of concept for a tactical battle system (The Plugin is called LETBS) If you'd like to use the pack in your game, you can download the files here: https://psychronic.com/abusive-prison-tileset Star Shift on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072840/ Website: http://psychronic.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/psychronic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psychronicgames/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pkhNirMTaVLy0gEaPulXQ Hashtags: #StarShift #RPG #JRPG #Psychronic #scifi #indiegame #space #aliens CREDITS: Vector of some body parts: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/internal-organs-set_4167311.htm#page=1&query=guts&position=0 Skeleton - LPC Character Generator http://gaurav.munjal.us/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/ 16x16 Pixel Food Sprites - Sanglorian: https://opengameart.org/content/64-16x16-food-sprites Pixabay - Dragon Sillhouette: https://pixabay.com/vectors/dragon-lizard-monster-chinese-149393/ Evil Satan Devil Sillhouette: https://svgsilh.com/image/1299299.html Ninja Sillhouette - Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/vectors/ninja-japan-fighter-martial-arts-153354/ Grim Reaper Sillhouette - Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/vectors/death-grim-reaper-reaper-scythe-2024663/ Thinking Woman's head - Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/think-women-head-silhouette-2234711/ Various Textures - Eric Matyas http://SoundImage.org Music - Deceased Superior Technician - 0nis http://nosoapradio.us Music - Alexandr Zhelanov - Caves of Sorrow: https://opengameart.org/content/caves-of-sorrow Music - Gundatsch-InnerCore: https://opengameart.org/content/inner-core TACTICAL BATTLE SYSTEM (LETBS) - LeCode: https://www.patreon.com/lecodeMV/ Alexandr_Zhelanov-Caves_of_Sorrow.ogg Gundatsch-InnerCore.ogg DST-0mnis2.ogg
  8. Galacti-Chron's Sci-Fi Warehouse tileset pack has been released! This contains a full sci-fi tileset. This includes animated computer consoles, music, an iconset and tilesets (all layers). It can be used for any purpose but is sized for RPG Maker MV. Sound effects and plugins have their own licenses however and while included in the function of this pack, are not authorized for re-use unless the original copyright holder deems it ok. The video above shows a short preview of the pack in action. You are free to use this in your commercial and non-commercial projects. The pack is being created for our game in development (Star Shift). While Star Shift is a commercial product, the development process and assets are using a 100% open development model. Star Shift on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072840/Star_Shift/ As a bonus, the pack also contains a proof of concept for the Star Shift Battle System (Which uses a mix of plugins) Website: http://psychronic.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/psychronic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psychronicgames/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pkhNirMTaVLy0gEaPulXQ Hashtags: #StarShift #RPG #JRPG #Psychronic #scifi #indiegame #space #aliens CREDITS: Music - Deceased Superior Technician - AngryMod http://nosoapradio.us Music - Alexander Zhelanov - Battle_1: https://opengameart.org/content/post-apocalyptic-and-cyberpunk-melodies DST-AngryMod.ogg Alexander_Zhelanov-Battle_1.ogg
  9. Galacti-Chron's Interstellar Society tileset pack has been released! This contains a full sci-fi tileset. This includes characters, animated computer consoles, music, and tilesets (all layers). It can be used for any purpose but is sized for RPG Maker MV. The video above shows a short preview of the pack in action. You are free to use this in your commercial and non-commercial projects. The pack is being created for our game in development (Star Shift). While Star Shift is a commercial product, the development process, basic gameplay and assets are using a 100% open development model and are freely available. Star Shift on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072840/Star_Shift/ Itch.IO: https://psychronic.itch.io Website: http://psychronic.com Discord: https://discord.gg/TjQ5dBg Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/psychronic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psychronicgames/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4pkhNirMTaVLy0gEaPulXQ Hashtags: #StarShift #RPG #JRPG #Psychronic #scifi #indiegame #space #aliens TERMS: Tileset layers are created by Galacti-Chron and are free to use for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Character sets which are human are modified from the Looseleaf character set, made using Game Character Hub. It should be ok to use these but were not exclusively developed by Galacti-Chron. All character sets which are computer consoles or doors are free to use for any non-commercial or commercial purposes as part of this set. Music is free to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the artists who made it. CREDITS: Paintings: All paintings on the Art Gallery Layer come from Pixabay and are free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes without giving credit: https://pixabay.com Music: Deceased Superior Technician - Gangster Credit Deceased Superior Technician - Gateway Deceased Superior Technician - Honor Guard Deceased Superior Technician - Orbital Rain https://nosoapradio.us Eric Matyas - Dream Voyager Eric Matyas - Techno-Isolation https://soundimage.org All Music is free to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the original artist. DST-GangsterCredit.ogg DST-Gateway-Long.ogg DST-HonorGuard.ogg DST-OrbitalRain.ogg Eric_Matyas_-_Dream-Voyager.ogg Eric Matyas - Techno-Isolation.ogg
  10. Starcaller is a new Fantasy/sci-fi RPG adventure game focused on story and exploration. Browser based demo.. no downloads needed. All original pixel art and music score, and the rtp sound fx are being worked on as we speak to replace the default assets. We wanted to take a slightly different approach to retro RPG gaming. Exploration is split between side scrolling (for overworld exploration) and top down(for Dungeons and other instances). IT is set in the same universe as a previous release called Myrkvidr. Most of the graphical elements are done with Parallax layers as opposed to tilesets. The purpose of this early Demo is to gather feedback for improving the game going forward. please check it out and we hope you enjoy it! Play the demo here
  11. Animebryan

    Sci-Fi Tileset edits

    Made some recolored edits to some of the sci-fi tilesets. Includes a SF_Inside_D I made with colored lasers & some floor tiles so they can be used as event images (since you can't set A Tiles as event images, which is still really stupid). Also have a SF_Inside_A5 with recolors of the cyberspace floor tile. Haven't gotten around to making matching A4 walls with them yet though. And I also turned the Cyberspace battleback into a parallax background (Resized for screen Resolution). But you may need to resize it based on whatever screen resolution you have your project set to (if using Yanfly's Core Engine or Screen Resolution plugins). Sci-Fi Tileset: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rngi7o4rlc35t6k/AABjL91xV3hYRvzHCy6DzNMGa?dl=0 (Had to remove attached thumbnails due to running out of space)
  12. sriden

    OTHER Polaris 03

    The FAMAS community presents Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0PlgTzeSwg Status: completed game, collaborative project with varied gameplay Genre: science fiction, puzzle, adventure Languages: English & French Game length: minimum of approximately 2 hours Engine: RPG Maker XP Graphics and music: custom In a near future, your space shuttle crashed in the middle of Antarctica. You are unharmed but your spaceship is shattered. In order to survive, you will have to explore the depth of an odd structure, nearby the crash site... DOWNLOAD POLARIS 03 v1.2 - final version - 113 MB Other link via itch.io : https://sriden.itch.io/polaris03 People who have worked on this game: Criket forêtnor NanakyTim Nemau Roi of the Suisse sriden trotter Zam Alex RoiEsper + foretnor + Zeus81 We also want to thank these people for their help: AlterEgo, Darxenas, Felwynn, Shin, Zim Check the original soundtrack of this game on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVMZOdhK5G0 DOWNLOAD POLARIS 03 v1.2 - final version - 113 MB
  13. Orgaya


    The first in any incorporeal step is to rise and become cognizant of your own desires. All walks of life must adhere to this simple concept. Resistance to such is to follow what is laid out before you, progressing infinitely through kalpas created over nonsensical dreamstates. How? Because all paths are laid out regardless of prior choice. The most difficult area in this regard is to accept this as an absolute, and move forward with what is necessary. Defiance is not optional. You only have a single directive - comply. Description Geiken is a mystery/philosophical story set in a fantasy/sci-fi world, inspired by games from the Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout series. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness. Decisions can be made that alter the course of the narrative and the landscape of the finale. There are six different endings that occur based on prior choices. Abstract: A narrative-focused game with an emphasis on player-protagonist engagement and unintended consequences based on player choice. Genre: Mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi Game Progression: Complete (Download is at the bottom of the post.) Trailer Story Characters Current Features - A 20-30 hour main storyline spread across 10 quests. - A quest journal system. - An in-game compass that points to your current objective. Can be turned on and off. - Combat is ABS, meaning you fight on the map. Companions are also able to fight alongside you. - 30+ optional dungeons. - 20+ side quests. - 100+ unique weapons, armor, and items, all with different abilities and stats. - Many readable, in-game books that expand on the lore. - Open world gameplay. Screenshots Videos Version History Credits Downloads (RTP stands for "Run-Time Package", which is required for RPG Maker games to work. If you've already played an RPG Maker VX Ace game on your computer, chances are you already have the RTP. Download the Non-RTP version if that is the case; if this is your first time, download the With RTP version.) Non-RTP With RTP
  14. MakerZeroOne

    MakerZeroOne's RMMV Resources

    Ok, I'm going to go ahead and share these little guys. Hopefully they'll find a nice home on your icon sheets, and bring a little bit of the modern world to your game. More to Come. Feel free to use these in commercial or non-commercial games. Also, feel free to edit however you wish. Please give credit to MakerZeroOne. Icons: Character IMG sets:
  15. presents... Four Eyes is a story-driven, sci-fi/romance adventure game about a spaceship captain and a narcoleptic alien stranded on an unfamiliar planet. Download it now on itch.io and GameJolt! Stuck on a puzzle? A full walkthrough of the game is now available! Want to help support this project? Just pop this banner in your signature and link it back to this topic! Thank you so much for viewing my game!
  16. Pedrovin

    Steel Zeroes

    DEMO AVAILABLE - RTP NOT NECESSARY http://www.mediafire.com/file/7j353lkhfpnnx27/SteelZeroes+DEMO+1%2C2%282%29.7z http://steelzeroes.tumblr.com/ This game dates back to early 2013 when it was going for a more “realistic“ and steampunk-ish approach, back then I didn’t really had much in mind other than a ripoff of Final Fantasy VII where two renegades would rise up against a greedy, oppressive corporation, they would eventually have to fight a dark pseudo-mage that used science to do magic stuff who wanted to reset the world from it’s “rotten†state. Eventually though, idea faded away as I lost interest in it. Next I came up with a more "colorful" idea for a game with a sillier plot! One that involves robots going up against big bad aliens, who are trying to obtain important Crystals from planet Earth. I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it! "An otherworldly thread awaits us all, and it's up to a bunch of toasters to save the day!" A long time ago, mankind had a society based on magic, that existed thanks to a Magic Crystal who lent it's power to every living creature in the planet. However, man's greed generated conflict after conflict that ultimately shattered the crystal, which in turn, made magic fade away from the world. And now... many centuries later... "It is now the year 2450" With magic completely gone from the world, mankind migrated to a more technologically advanced society based on robotics. In this era, a scientist by the name of Dr. Anette created two domestic robots, Luke and Eva. They all lived peacefully, until one day, Anette gives them a new job that'll change their lives forever, by embarking on a journey to save the Earth from an otherworldly threat. Luke - A rather naive, yet kind toaster! Very gentle, optimistic and obedient. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but will do his best to please everyone. Eva - A somewhat snarky and cynical domestic robot, she sometimes say things without thinking first, and that can rub some people the wrong way! Her brother is always accompanying her everywhere she goes, they're both pretty close siblings. The soundtrack is being composed by Will "Ultigonio" Bowerman https://soundcloud.com/ultigonio The game contains tons of hidden artwork scattered around the world! Can you find 'em all? Feel free to try! Guest NPCs Karbonic "Snek" Fidhell Froiland Planet Silent Maid Little Paw Goshaag Rozel Gaiax2 Scripts Yanfly Racheal Galv GaryCXJk Yami Engine Symphony Zeus81 Shadowmaster modern algebra V.M of D.T Fomar0153 MOG Levi Stepp Xaiu IXFURU Hime KMS Zerbu Raizen JohnBolton
  17. Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9189/downloads/8500/ About: A McBacon Jam 3 game, featuring the collaborate work of four members of RMN, including aspects from various games and genres compiled together which have inspired us on our game making journeys. Cold at Heart is a sci-fi dungeon crawler, where you experience what it means to survive in a brutal environment, being hunted by an enemy you do not understand. Alone, on an icy planet, wading through an abandoned colony. Will you survive? What horrors await you in this colony? You and your intelligence drone step into the maw of darkness in search of your wife. Embark on this dungeon crawling sci-fi experience with custom graphics and music as you journey into the remains of an environment overcome by a nightmare. Screenshots: Features: - A party of two! - No leveling up! Characters mainly progress through equipment and various upgrades. - Skills learned through equipment. - Setting inspired by Metroid and John Carpenter's The Thing. - Tons of things to examine that will both provide you with items and small pieces of the game's story and world. - On-map encounters (not featured in the current DEMO). - Exploration-based gameplay inspired by "Metroid/IGAvania" games. - Survival horror gameplay mechanics (limited inventory, haunting atmosphere, horrifying enemies). - Fully custom graphics and music reminiscent of the classic SNES games. - Turn-based battle system. Credits: Lead: Gredge109 Tileset and Sprite Art: Gredge109 Level Design: Luiishu535 Musical Composer: Luiishu535 Character Portraits: Ratty524 Battler Graphics: Ratty524 Consultant: LockeZ (Things may change over the course of the game's development. Estimated release date is set to late September, 2016.)
  18. The year is unknown and has been for some time. Decades, perhaps centuries have passed from where you stand today and when the world came crumbling down. What was once a bright green future has turned into a barren wasteland in which no life can sustain itself. Human ingenuity kept your race alive, and now you all live underneath the ground which was once walked upon. However, no amount of cunning or quick-mindedness can save you from a natural death. Your resources are depleting rapidly, and your life support is running dry. To be blunt, you are nearly out of water. You are a Practitioner: A member of a controversial group created shortly after the world went to hell. Your organization has accomplished some of the greatest feats in this era, but at great costs to both the financial and moral well-being of the people. You are liked by few and respected by next to none aside from the rest of your peers. But this is not a popularity contest: What must be done, must be done. Your group consists of some of the finest members to ever enlist in this service. You've all contributed plenty towards your name, defending the population from the horrors of the world above you. Today, you celebrate the seventh year anniversary since you all became a team. But tomorrow you carry the weight of a mission that no one before you has had to bear. Tomorrow, you take an indefinite journey into the Outside. Your goal is to find water so those remaining can survive. If your team fails, the human race will die. --- Gameplay So, that's the pitch we're going to use for The Woodcutter's Daughter. But what is the game? What can you look forward to? The Woodcutter's Daughter is an Adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is told in a chapter-based story format, and is dependent on the path you choose. Your actions will have consequence. It will not always be bad, but it will always happen. Now, is every decision in the game like this? No, absolutely not. Some make a minute difference, and some make no difference at all. However, the absolute most important decisions in your game will be obvious. Ordering a grilled cheese in a diner will not determine who lives and who dies, but it might improve your mood enough to open some new dialogue. Choosing to assault your guards or sneaking out of prison may lead to someone being captured/killed depending on other factors. This isn't meant to keep you constantly guessing if you made the right choice. It's meant to give you a unique experience. The player is supposed to discover these things, not seek them out. Let's move on to another important aspect. Exploring. Exploring is a pretty big part of this game. NPCs and objects aren't always just there for the sake of the environment. About 90% of this game has things that you can interact with. Some things will reward you for discovery, some things could possibly shape your story, and some are there just for fun. You should enjoy the world you're in, and I'm pretty confident that I've done a rather nice job of creating that world. There are a few places that might pop up in this post, so just to let you know what they are I'll give you a short description. The Compound: Where your team, other teams, and the Practitioners are stationed before combat. Traders and merchants are sometimes allowed, as well as scientists and researchers, but the Compound is often on lock-down. Why? Because not only does the Compound hold the majority of humanity's water supply, it also connects to the Outside. EDIT: This is the first, albeit low-quality (I use free recording software) look at the Compound. Click here to take a peek. The Outside: What earth used to be. It's a wasteland, only holding the most hardened of hostile creatures and remnants of what used to be. It is incredibly hot. Your team must wear protective gear to enter the Outside. Nova: The big, big, BIG underground city. The central hub where people live, where businesses set up shop, where governmental procedures are conducted, so on and so forth. The Compound is connected to Nova, and other smaller, less significant towns connect to Nova as well. That's all well and good. But what are you going to be doing in this game, then? What's the content? It's a complete quest-fest. You have your main objective, which is to find water. You can go full-red-zone on that objective and not worry about anything else in the game. However, it will not be an easy thing to do. And it will be a shorter game. Side quests aren't meant to be necessary, and if the player doesn't want to do them then they're not going to be heavily punished for it. Just keep in mind that a game that is heavily based on questing rewards you for doing more of those things. You will not be forced to do them, but they will help you with your game. Can you fail your initial quest, though? Yes. You can never take a hit of damage and still lose the game because you failed to complete your initial mission. It doesn't matter if you've gotten to the highest level, if you don't find water, everyone will eventually die. Of course, this means the game can have multiple endings. I've gotten about four figured out so far, but I'd like to have around eight or ten. Let's move on to something else in regards to gameplay. In this game (this will be in the demo, please don't worry about spoilers right now), there are two formats of play. The first is... Well, your own. Your existence in the era you live in with your team, your occupation, your home, and your way of life. However, there will be things found along the way of your quest that are called 'fragments'. A 'fragment' is a literal piece of history, and has energies surrounding it that can be analyzed. (In order to save space, I have left out a bit of detailed explanations in the forum post. All of these things will be explained thoroughly throughout the game's development and in the game when it is released.) Doing so will transport you to the past, to another time before the apocalyptic nightmare that took place. For the sake of convenience, I'll refer to this as 'Memento mode'. In 'Memento mode', you will play as Madeline. She is the woodcutter's daughter. She is not a fighter, and thus you will not encounter combat in this mode. You will deal with things like questing, exploration, story-expansion, and perhaps some puzzles/problem-solving. Again, HOW you solve your problems is more important that solving the problems themselves. Please note: Madeline WILL NOT BE KILLED as a result of your decisions. However, that does not mean that there will not be other consequences. To sum this up, you are playing a story: Your story. You will uncover what happened, why it happened, and who was responsible for man's downfall. You will get to figure out how the world went from a lush paradise to the metal, underground fortress you live in now. You will get to mold both the past and the present. I'm the developer, the creator, and the owner of the content... But this is your game. Past Times I know what you're thinking. I just said the game's main focus was on exploration, so why would you need a past time? What purpose does it serve? Well, it depends. Would you like to learn how to cook, to make food that will restore more health, focus, and energy as well as increase your team's morale (morale is a mechanic I'm working on, but is not currently implemented)? Or, perhaps you'd like to learn how to make armor? You could learn how to reinforce armor to make it more durable, lighter in weight, or simply just better. Maybe you're curious about this world's religion. Maybe you'd like to learn about the history before you, and how it affects you. Maybe you'd just like to learn how to better strike a conversation. Past times are in the game to improve your content and experience. Not all of them will be immediately present, and they all do different things. Some will help you in combat, some will unlock different dialogues with characters, and some might add to the story. For example, if the player thinks they might like to learn Communication, it's possible that they can approach subjects more diplomatically than those who choose not to invest in this field. There is not a limit on how many past times the player can have, and that really depends on how long the player wants the game to be. I will let you know, however, that it is far more effective to invest more time into one past time than it is to invest little time into many. However, it is the player's choice. Past times are not necessary, but much like questing the player will be rewarded for doing the content (and not being harshly punished for skipping over it). I have five past times in the game so far: Cooking, Armor-Making, Religious Study, Communications, and Historical Study. I would like to have a minimum of ten past times for the player to choose from. **PLEASE NOTE**: These past times DO NOT change the player's or any other character's class/combat skills. Some are useful in combat, but it will not change what everyone is. We'll move on to that, next. Combat 5/23 UPDATE: I'm going to be doing custom hand-drawn animations for battles. Short, 5-10 second clips of the characters performing their attacks. One of the ideas I had was to make different animations based on the levels of the characters. As in, a lower level character might have a more basic animation for an attack, then develop a more flashy or impacting one as they gain experience. I just got this uploaded, it's a basic wireframe sketch of what a low-level Enigma's attack might look like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qil5aUAACIo I was going to do an animation of what a higher, more skilled level character would look like performing the same attack, but it's about 2 AM right now, so expect it to be updated sometime tomorrow. As of 3/17/16, the combat is nothing spectacular. However, there are a few unique features. Instead of Mana and TP, you have Focus and Energy. Every class requires both of these stats, some more than others. A Seeker will require a massive amount of focus in relation to energy (ranged combat), whereas a Brawler will require more energy than focus (physical combat) to deal greater damage. Enigmas require a great amount of energy, but needs a bit of focus to perform their abilities. Finding the balance for each class is important, but not hard to learn. The game will walk you through it in the early stages. Your combat is meant to be skill-based. The different types of skills include: Physical, Ranged, Energy, and Defensive. The Player and Weasel both use Physical attacks, Seeker will use Ranged attacks, Enigma will use Energy attacks, and Alan will use both Physical attacks and Defensive skills. All characters will be given a base physical attack called 'Jab'. It's not good. It does very insignificant damage and is meant to be your last resort. I'm looking for a way to remove it entirely, but for now it's just something that exists. The Player, as a brawler, will use fist weapons and claws-- One for each hand. Seeker will use a ranged weapon, starting off with a bow but may later discover rifles. Enigma will get to use a staff/stave. Alan, as you could imagine a Knight having, will be able to equip a sword and a shield. Weasel will have daggers that will also require both hands. If he does not have a dagger in each hand, he can not attack with his weapons (well, he can 'jab', if that remains in the game). The Player can use their attacks without fist weapons or with just one equipped, but it will not be nearly as effective. Because the combat is so simple, I'm looking towards a way to make it more visually appealing. Battle animations, maybe longer, more detailed animations for special attacks, those kinds of things. That is all I have on the combat, so far. I suppose we can't really go forward until we meet our characters, now. Main Characters **Not all art here is original. As original art is created, content will be changed. Please also keep in mind that original art may also be altered later down the line. ** The Player The Player is someone I can't really talk too much about. By which I mean, your story is your own. What I can definitively tell you is that the character you play as in this game is a Brawler. The only customization you can make is the ten character 'enter-your-name' slot in the beginning. Your gender is undetermined. Your physical appearance (your sprite) can not be altered. Enigma An Enigma is very attuned towards energy, though no one is quite sure what makes them this way. Your team's Enigma is the youngest member in your group, very cheerful and passionate, and very, very loyal. However, her age tends to make her less emotionally stable than the rest of your team, and she's more likely to have more dramatic and extreme reactions towards pivotal events. She takes interest in cooking for a past time, and loves the color pink. Everything she can make pink is pink. She's very close to Seeker, and thinks of her as a best friend and an older sister. She sees Alan as a brother-figure, as well. The Enigma is the only class who has three different routes to specialize in: Archaic, Lifewarden, and Entropy. Archaic is relatively similar to the way she is initially played. It focuses more on dealing damage, but is still a very important support class. Lifewarden is, as you can guess, the healer option and will focus mostly on restoring life and granting buffs towards your party's damage. Entropy allows control over nightmarish energies that can be used to terrorize enemies, leading towards weakened attacks and even frantic panics to leave them immobile and stunned in battle. Alan Alan is the only member of the team (with the possible exception of The Player) who refuses to abandon his first name. The reason for this is that he doesn't believe his training defines him, and this is a common mindset in this field. His field of training is referred to 'Knight', skilled with the sword but moreso the shield. That means that he is the first line of defense. Alan's eager in combat, and will happily join you on any side adventures to practice his combat and reap the rewards. Alan and Seeker are married, and have been for several years. He's generally a warm personality, though has the tendency to sometimes be deadpan and sarcastic. Knights are a full support class. You can deal damage with them, yes, but if you choose to ignore Alan's defensive abilities then you're going to be seeing a lot of 'Game Over' on your screen. His defensive skills (what he's been trained for) can sincerely make the difference between life and death for your team. Seeker The Seeker is the only class of the Practitioners who will not always be trained/used for offense. While most of them prefer to fight in a team, some Seekers will be researchers and historians. Following the models of archaeologists and anthropologists, these types of Seekers dedicate their life towards observing the changes throughout the years. Seekers that take on the role of combat perform these jobs as well, but not to the same extent. Your team's Seeker is very calm and composed, with a steady mind and a stable hand. Like the Enigma, she is able to use energy for attacks but does not control energy itself. Instead, the weapon she is able to use (bows and rifles) will be imbued with a 'synthetic' type of energy. To save space in this post I won't explain exactly how that works here, but it will be explained clearly by the time the game's demo is ready to play. Seeker is married to Alan, and is a close friend of your team's Enigma. She's warm towards The Player and Weasel, as well, but she discloses very little about herself. She's a history-buff, obsessed with when the world was once green and full of life-- Even though she's never seen it, herself. Weasel If you were comparing this class towards a traditional RPG class, then I suppose it would be a rogue. However, I hesitate to call it that, because a Weasel is much more. A Weasel must possess several skills and qualities: First, to be swift. If the student can not complete certain trials of speed, then they aren't permitted to follow the lessons. Second, to be able to identify weaknesses/certain points in targets that would benefit themselves. These could critically hit an opponent, or if something is terribly wrong with your own team, a Weasel could identify it so the team would know where to improve. And thirdly, the Weasel must be able to build and engineer their own objects. Objects include, but are not limited to, explosives, weapons, appliances, and armor modifications. The Weasel isn't just a stabby-stab-stab class. Every single one of these human beings is incredibly intelligent. You have one on your team. Use him for what he's trained to do. He's mostly skilled in engineering explosives, and dabbles in a bit of armor modification. He is very quiet, and doesn't give his opinion very often unless it has to do with tactical planning, or if someone asks it of him. Despite being a bit anti-social, he's rarely wrong about what he observes. Having been trained to spot enemy weakness as well as knowing the strength of his team is vital in combat. The Weasel knows how important it is that they're effective and efficient. Your team's Weasel is very reliable. I know I've said it a hundred times, but seriously. You'll find that it's a good idea to harness each member's abilities to be used to the fullest potential. Obstacles, enemies, roadblocks... Sometimes, when it's possible, it's just quicker and easier to just blow it all up. Madeline This is the woodcutter's daughter. She lives in government housing with her mother and several other young women. She is the one who has left behind the fragments, though whether this was intentional or just something that happened is not known until much later in the game. Madeline always speaks positively of her father and often misses him. She has a very close connection with her mother, as well. She does not have any siblings. While she is a friendly person, the only true friend she has is a girl around her age named Karen. You will play as Madeline when you are accessing the fragments in 'Memento' mode. Remember, Madeline will not be killed because of the decisions you make, but will be affected by them. I'm not really good at drawing cute, younger girls, so I have a feeling that Madeline will be the one who's most edited over the course of the game's creation. Nashtavara: The only things you need to know about this character right now is that she is self-motivated and incredibly violent. Nashtavara is a huge part of this game, and an obstacle that will not be easy to get around. You won't meet her until later on, but your interactions with her are very, very important. Minor/Unmentioned Characters There will be many characters in this game that are more than just some lady in a park talking about her cat Chippy. However, for the sake of space, I'm going to leave them out of this forum post. Artwork and Music All final artwork and music will be completely original. There are substitute images and sounds in the game until I can work on the final pieces, but I will randomly do a little bit of art at a time. I'm not doing the artwork first, as it'll be easier to add it at the very end when everything's built into the game. Here's a couple of pictures to give you a preview of the style and quality. As you can probably tell, some of the line art is clunky. The right half of my right hand has recently been affected with numbness and it can be very hard to use a stylus. So, these pictures, the character icons, and other images may later be edited to have a smoother appearance. Nothing here is final. In-Game Screenshots These are required, even though right now they're not very attractive. This will, of course, change later on. (You approach a Practitioner in the Compound who tells you a little about himself.) (You begin your mission to find water-- Time is of the essence.) (Your room in the beginning of the game.) Features I've already gone over most of the features of this game, so I'll just list this as kind of a summary section. This concerns the final product. + Completely original music and art. + Weighted dialogue/interactions between your character and the other characters in this game. + Multiple endings based around your game choices. + Animated cutscenes. + Many, many, many side-quests that will impact your game but are not necessary to complete. + Skill-based combat, which differs for every class. + At least 10 pastimes. Follow Development This game is still very far from completion. Website is not available right now. Credits Original Artwork: Self (CynaMarqi) Stock Imagery/Music/Programming: RTP (This is all for now, this may be edited in the future.)
  19. philteredkhaos


    93 years ago, the last bomb was loosed to deliver its final message of destruction & chaos at the close of the Shattering War. Society wasn't completely wiped out, but it was close. 'Humanity' seemed to have left the world, and man-shaped beasts with weapons were all that remained, roaming the desolated earth, and furtively battling each other for motives beyond the reproach of logic. Nobody really knew what the fighting was about to begin with. Certainly none of the soldiers and none of the populations of the planet. There were no indicators of any animosity between nations but one thing led rapidly to another, and before anyone could blink, armed soldiers were blowing each other to bits, while bombs razed entire cities. Fighting went on, somehow, for 10 years, massively reducing the world's population to a fraction of the previous 19+ billion inhabitants. It was the Human Race's long prophesied twilight, our dark, self-destructive fantasy of erasing ourselves from the face of the planet was finally coming to fruition. Eris & Enyo were having a field day. When the fighting ceased, just as suddenly and mysteriously as it had started, the scant remaining inhabitants on each of the continents were brought together and given shelter in the Consolidated Cities, a network of 7 cities built in varying locations about the northern continent, each with populations reaching into the tens of millions, with the largest reaching nearly 80 million residents. These cities are linked together by a high speed train system, since unapproved travel methods through the wastes is discouraged, I.E. anyone who voluntarily exits through city gates will not be allowed to reenter upon their return. The citizens are allowed to, at any time, inform the city they will be leaving, and upon the exit be fitted with a device which will bar their entry from the cities electronically. Any found to be on the registers and without their device are immediately apprehended and taken to... no one knows where, exactly. The few brazen enough to regain unauthorized access to any of the cities are usually regarded as crazy or delusional, since it is widely believed that the Wastelands are filled with potent neurotoxins which would melt the mind of an average man before the day had closed. Civilization has been at peace with itself for 93 years. Humanity learned a few hard lessons from the Shattering War and has diligently been employing them in an effort to never return to our barbaric past. Society has developed methods of providing for all the population, while making any kind of physical labor unneccessary, though some still took up occupations in various fields to while away the time. Outwardly society at large has finally achieved peace with itself, but the vast majority of the population feels a deep longing for something more. Something primal, unfamiliar... and yet, strangely comfortable. Something that would have once comforted our ancestors, but we seem to have lost our path. Advances in science only seem to deepen this calling, and causes an uneasiness in every individual who lacks that contact. For many, they simply visit a doctor and have a medicine prescribed to them for their anxiety, or whatever may be troubling them. Some few heretics dare to see the 'Witchdoctors', the raving lunatics on the fringes of society who claim to be in contact with Spirits and myriad ethereal intelligences. The mages, the shamans, the witches. All claim to be privy to a world beyond the five senses. All are officially banned from practicing their rites. They claim to be in contact with beings who are trying to elevate mankind, but they are nothing more than disturbed individuals who are in dire need of professional assistance and intervention. To the government of this new world, the Shamans and their ilk need to be removed, like a cancer from the societal body, lest they drag humanity back into the dark ages of religious fervor. The shamans, and any of the unorthodox or otherwise unapproved spiritualists need to be removed before they can poison the minds of the new society, who each do their part faithfully to ensure that humanity is ever marching towards progress of reason, and farther from our roots as spiritual beings. Drifting gently into the yawning abyss of materialism, humanity is not quite sure what is missing, knowing only that it's absence is deeply felt. This is the nebulous lump of words on which I found my magnum opus, for whenever I get around to starting it. They say you don't want to use your masterpiece idea before you have a few games under your belt, so I am just establishing the world for now. Enjoy! (And 'Ennui' is pronounced "on-way".)
  20. I'm back for another around of head scratching Q&A. This time around, I'm hoping somebody can point me to, or assist me, in locating and/or creating an event for a hard light bridge. What I'm attempting to achieve is a bridge made of light for a sci-fi game. When the bridge is first activated when the player enters the room, I wanted the bridge to manifest and then shoot across the level before solidifying. I've attempted this a little the other night, with varying success, but ultimately would require a tremendous amount of switches. I was wondering if anyone has done this before and knows of a way that is much simpler. (I'm probably over complicating this). Furthermore, I wanted the bridge, after forming, to do a little shimmer of light for added effect. Maybe make noise when the player steps on it. Thank everyone for taking the time to read through this and respond. It means a lot.
  21. Okay imagine this. Out somewhere in the depths of space sometime in the distance future, a starship flies through the stars. It's brave crew are out way past the edge of known space, far far from home thanks to a mischievous god-like entity. You know how those rambunctious god-like entities can be, always playing around with mere mortals like that. There they find a mysterious sphere which seems to be covered in seemless white plastic of some sort. The fearless crew approach and scan it, As they do a few strange figures beem on to the bridge, they are human-like but they seem to have parts of themselves that are also covered in smooth white plastic, as if they are half human and half very sleek machine. All of the figures have cheery looks on their faces, and bow, one of them a cute looking girl speaks in a clipped cheery but artificial tune. "Hello visitors! I am a representative of the iBorg collective! And it is you and your species lucky day! We at iBorg are here to offer you and your species a free upgrade to our new iBorg G7 technology! With this new wonderful technology, you can..." She cuts off as the lights cut out and the view-screen turns on displaying a cheery and sleek marketing video to go with her speech. "Improve your body! Tired of dealing with the old meat sack you carry around? Why not augment it! Be free from all known disease and old age! And if something were to happen to you our back up software can upload you mind to the cloud to make you virtually immortal!" Improve your mind! Network with billions and billions of other iBorg systems to help your decision making and informational processing capabilities! Keep in contact with any iBorg, being able to send messages across a huge galactic network that is growing bigger every day! Explore a huge database of knowledge and amusements!" "Improve your society! No need for complex political systems and bureaucracy, just submit your need to the collective and the collective will work on it for you! No crime to worry about, and everyone get's 100% guaranteed job security! Every job will be uniquely created to suit the individual's skills and desires, guaranteeing 100% job satisfaction as well!" "Still not convinced? That's okay! We have no need to force new species to upgrade. We know that someday soon someone will choose to upgrade anyway. Even if you don't believe personally in our product, maybe someone who hears this pitch will, or peer pressure from other converted beings will convince you, or It may be the only way to save yourself or a sick or dying loved one. Eventually more and more members will upgrade and tell others about how great it is and become believers in the iBorg family." "We realize that our slow cultural assimilation of your species will cause some backlash, and we understand. We will of course guarantee protection for everyone who upgrades or even expresses interest! It is not a bad thing to desire the personal freedom to join us. We will of course retaliate if attacked, and we have vastly superior numbers and technology, but there is no need for such drastic measures! We are sure the free complementary upgrade to those that survive the retaliation will change our attacker's minds!" "We are iBorg! We are here to help you become part of our family! Yes, you will be assimilated and yes resistance is futile, but there is no reason to be sad about it! We at iBorg are committed to serving you!" What would you do? 1. Join the collective. 2. Resist to the last of your ability! 3. Just shoot yourself now... 4 . JAILBREAK YOUR UPGRADES!
  22. Purple Phantom

    Unnamed Sci-Fi School Game?

    I'm not sure where to begin... I got this idea from one of my writing ideas about a scientific corporation that turned certain people into robohuman hybrids for military use. This is different, though... And the rest of it came from this dream I had... A game about a post-dystopian world where robohumans are despised by most of the population. The remaining robohumans are trying to fit in with society, under the disguise of completely normal humans. You are a robohuman high school student, trying to fit in with the human students without being discovered. Game over upon being discovered by five students, two teachers and the principal. One person knows what you are. This one person is willing to help you. This one person does not count for the score towards game over. Some students don't immediately count towards the five and may try to either help you or hinder you. Now, I don't have a name for this writing-inspiration dreamed-up game, so help there would be lovely. If you have any suggestions for more robotic actions, let me know! So far, I have this idea that you could end up responding to questions robotically, but I need more than that. I was thinking, if you get into a scuffle with a student or something, that your sleeve could ride up and reveal an arm. Dependent upon the student, this could cause problems... If you have any ideas, let me know! I'm always open to suggestion!
  23. CrowTheAlmighty

    Skills must be reloaded here!

    So a modern rpg? Hmm... Of course, guns and molotovs can't just appear out of your ass so how does this happen? Since crafting may be boring, what if skills had a certain amount of times they can be used? For example, a Pistol skill could be available only 20 times. Afterwards, it can't be used until you get to home base and rest up. Anyone think this would work? With tweeking, the idea of crafting the reloads could work
  24. (Evil Ways) Abstract: Story: The World: The Characters: Features: Screenshots: Credits: Download ________________________________________________________________________________________ Glossary: KNOWN ISSUES (reserved space) CHANGELOG (reserved space)
  25. Sughayyer

    Iter Impius - WIP

    Iter Impius (Evil Ways) Iter Impius is a sci-fi, J-RPG style game based on the universe of Adamah. It is basically a dungeon-crawling game with a mission-driven story. There are six characters plus the main character whom you can select from to assemble your party in different missions, each one with its own special features and abilities. Abastract: Characters: Supporting Cast: Gameplay: The gameplay is very traditional – the story advances as you accomplish the mandatory missions. Side missions are also available to collect experience, money, items, etc. Early in the game you meet all characters and you can assemble your party according to the missions – some characters are better at certain situations than others. In addition, having certain characters in your party will yield different results in some missions. The characters have inherent metamagical abilities, and some of them can cast “spellsâ€. But all of them unleash special attacks when they get into “surge modeâ€. Game Progress: Character Design -> 95% Graphics -----------> 80% Scripts -------------> 98% Mapping------------> 50% Music and SFX ----> 80% Database-----------> 70% Credits: Scripting: Graphics: Music & SFX: Soon I’ll post pictures and post it on the showroom. Glossary: Adamah – heb.: Earth. Adamah is the name of the universe where a couple games are based on. Iter Impius – latin: Literally wicked ways or evil deeds. It’s a scenario in the fictional universe of Adamah. Judge – Special agents of Opet. Judges are the police, task force, paramedics, judges, attorneys and executors, having full powers granted by law. They are infused with metamagical powers from the womb. Lilium Cruentus – latin: Literally bloody lily, a flower species. Another scenario within the universe of Adamah. Mox – latin: Panel, slab, stone, tombstone. Plural – moxen. Mysterious objects in the world of Adamah, in Lilium Cruentus they are suggested to be remains of an ancient civilization and in Iter Impius they are said to be mystic objects made by the ancestors of Adamah. Opet – A fictional city in the Moon. Also the name of an ancient Egypt festival. In Iter Impius, Opet is the City of Dreams where a “perfectly organized society†was created.
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