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  1. Dilvish

    Datsville RPG

    Abstract: Datsville RPG is based on the community LEGO project of the same name started in 1999. There is a Facebook page that talks about Datsville. Releases: My progress so far is mainly in getting the graphics working. The source 3D models need to be converted to POV-Ray format, rendered into images, and then cropped and imported into RPG Maker. A tech “demo” for the project is hosted on GitHub. There are no “releases” yet. You’ll need to download/clone the whole repository. You can find a high-res isometric render of the whole town here. There are only a few characters in the game “demo” at this time, mainly to help me figure out how to script events. Genre / Features: The game “demo” currently features a true-to-scale overworld map with separate combat encounter maps, and one simple scripted side-quest. Combat is going to be TRPG style, like Shining Force or Fire Emblem. Incorporating d20 rules somehow would be nice but is not mandatory. (I have already worked with d20 in a programming context in the past, and could re-use some of the code.) [Note: the latest RMMV “demos” for the project only include a single scripted combat encounter. The older VX Ace “demo” includes the overworld map and side-quest. The LeTBS “demo” for RMMV is not working correctly. The SRPG Engine MV version seems to working okay.] Game Progression: Linear, no branching narrative. Recruitment: I have no ideas for an overarching story at the current time. If someone were to join the project and contribute some story beats that would be awesome! Story / Setting / Premise: I don’t have much as of now. I haven’t written a story since High School! However, I want the RPG to start out in a contemporary residential or small town setting. Sci-fi and fantasy/occult elements will appear later on. I’m not sure yet how much combat there will be in the game. Thematically, I am aiming for something between between Earthbound (video game), Farscape (TV show), Alien Resurrection (movie), X-COM (video game), Independence War 2 (video game) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (novel series). Sort of a semi-whimsical story involving aliens, deities, government agencies and possibly time travel, that concerns a rag-tag band of misfits who find themselves (unjustly) on the wrong side of local/global/galactic law and are seeking to clear their names. I would like it to be a “PG-13” or “Teen”-rated game. Maybe a couple of mild or cloaked drug and sex references. I would like to incorporate some of the original Datsville model designers as NPC “Easter eggs” in the game, with their permission. (There are already two such named NPCs in the game.) I’m not sure when this game is set, though. Late 20th century? Early 21st? Today? Dunno. Does the entire group travel through time? Character Bios: Here are the characters I’ve come up with so far. (From left to right, and top to bottom:) More than a few tropes. Owen, American, teenager or young adult, hero, maybe a typical anime “do-gooder”-type blank slate character, or a less narcissistic Bart Simpson/Zach Morris, I’m not real satisfied with this and may change him to something with an actual backstory, for instance maybe he’s a wimpy nerd/bookworm/orphan with glasses and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead (okay, I haven’t actually thought of anything interesting on my own, yet) Gabriel, Latin-American, small time thug/criminal, thief & barter & gambling, passionate and romantic, ties to criminal underground, in search of his lost significant other, melee & small guns & shotguns & knives Terell, African-American, hero’s best friend, martial artist, strong & athletic, physically adept, blunt melee & unarmed, musician/bard, gamer, kind of sarcastic/jerk, nerd about something (what?) The Doctor, former Eastern Bloc/USSR, science/chemist/medicine, heals stuff, somewhat of an intellectual elitist/snob, implied or openly gay Ingrid/Ursula, German, Technomancer, all things technical & computing, possibly connected at all times to a cyborg hivemind, pansexual/polyamorous including machine intelligences, two separate personality “programs”, high mechanical/physical strength, hacking and “cyber mage” (Sir) Sanford, British, late 19th/early 20th century big game hunter/officer/explorer, unwillingly transported through time, lots of anachronisms, “Fish Out of Temporal Water”, military officer training, tactician, highly optimistic & adaptable, but sometimes callous, tracking & long guns & explosives (need to come up with a name), rock star, vaguely “British” with links to Ancient Egypt, antiquity & pre-history, possible alien life form and/or minor deity, think Zaphod Beeblebrox or Spinal Tap, “bard” and mystic, can summon undead Esmée, British/French/Scandinavian?, ninja and spy/secret agent, access to government funds, gadgets, knives & small swords & small silenced guns, thief & rogue Skelly, not much is known about this guy, he was summoned by “Zaphod” and simply never left the group, maybe that makes him a “groupie”, also who was he when he was alive? … n. Need to keep brainstorming. Additionally: Jeff Stembel is the mayor of the Datsville. He always wears a bow tie and top hat. Offers some dumb quest. Brian Sauls owns and runs the apartment complex at the northwest end of town. He is looking for tenants. Story beats/themes: Falsely accused/mistaken identity: The group has been falsely accused of doing something they didn’t do. Don’t know what yet. Maybe they were mistaken for someone else. On the run: The group is on the run from a variety of members of authority. Local/global/intergalactic authorities. The whole shebang. One group of “enforcers” you battle with will be pretty similar to what you see in X-COM, including a possible cameo by some aliens. False motives/divided loyalties: Are the members of your group really who they seem to be? What are their real motives? Are they loyal to the group/hero or to another faction? Are members of other factions manipulating things from behind the scenes? Esmée’s professional loyalties. Esmée’s boss is also her father. Sanford’s loyalty to a once-great but now-diminished empire, and what it stood for. What are Ingrid/Ursula’s hivemind’s views on things? The Doctor is kind and generous, but also an ideologue. Terell is fiercely loyal, but also an ass. Time travel/cultural anachronism: 1. Sanford likes to trophy hunt, but hunting is not considered fashionable today. He holds what we would consider to be antiquated views on a variety of other subjects, as well. Yet, he remains upbeat and positive, and is well-liked by the rest of the group. 2. Skelly has been dead for God-knows-how-long. But he remembers virtually nothing from before he was summoned. Who was he, and what sort of life did he live before he died (the first time)? 3. “Zaphod” is an ancient being, and possibly immortal. What sort of experiences and wisdom does he bring with him from eons past? What are his actual motives? 4. Esmée and The Doctor seem like (and possibly literally are!) refugees/holdovers from the Cold War. Are they resurrecting/perpetuating old conflicts and fears into the present day and future for their own gain? 5. Ingrid/Ursula comes from a very “futuristic” society and culture. She brings with her ideas and mores that many of us would find radical and shocking. Does she represent mankind’s ultimate evolutionary terminus? Or, is our future not (yet, or at all) determined? The game will hopefully touch upon the subject of what it means to be a “fish” out of the “water” of time, including a trip or two through time together as a group. There won’t be any “causality loops” a la Back to the Future, though. Just possibly a couple of visits to alternate time periods while on the run. Lost/unrequited love: Gabriel is searching for his lost girlfriend/fiancée. Sanford left his wife behind in the past in England. Esmée loves another spy in secret. Did Skelly have a family when he was alive? Sanity: Ingrid/Ursula has two personalities and issues/conflict with hivemind. Unrequited love is also causing some group members issues. Mystery: What are “Zaphod’s” motives? What are Esmée’s faction’s motives and involvement in the plot? Tragedy: Not sure yet. Intellectualism: The Doctor and Terell are both very highly educated, but are also ideologues. Creativity: Terell and “Zaphod” are both musicians and performers. Terell formed his own school of martial arts. Spiritualism: The universe is full of needless complexity that acts to entrap people. The heart/love/simplicity are what matters. “Zaphod” is a mystic. Supernatural/occult: “Zaphod” can summon undead. Need to create a subplot for “Zaphod”. Friendship: Doubts and suspicions are voiced/raised at various points in the story, but everyone ends up being the very best of friends. Romance: No or only limited “shipping” among the aforementioned characters. Gabriel will eventually find his lost love. Not sure if I will create a love interest for Owen, or who that will be. Fun: Terell and “Zaphod” are musicians. Terell and Owen like gaming. Sanford likes to hunt rare and wild animals for trophies (as opposed to sustenance) but shouldn’t. Training/discipline: Esmée, Terell and Sanford spend a lot of time in training/preparation. “Zaphod” never trains for anything. Other: Redemption should be another major theme in the story toward the end. Not sure how, yet, other than that the group is struggling to clear its name after being falsely accused. Other members of the group may have other issues with the law that get resolved. Running gags: A dumb idea for a running gag is that one or more of the party members is secretly a scholar of some silly and arcane subject matter (the mating habits of spotted leopard toads, for instance) that at first seems totally useless, but ends up being a crucial source of information when the group finds itself in a pinch. This begins with The Doctor, where you kind of expect the subject matter to be nerdy given his high level of education and scientific expertise. It (maybe) ends with “Zaphod”–the most outlandish and mystical member of the group–incongruously having a mundane and ordinary subject matter of interest, such as plumbing or auto repair. The joke gets sillier and sillier (in a “Dad joke” sort of a way) with each iteration. Locations: The town hall is in the center of town across from the James Jessiman memorial. There are a cricket stadium, park and Buddhist temple in the northeast of town. A mosque lies to the southwest. I removed a chapel from the center of town because it is not a MOC and is therefore copyrighted by LEGO. I may re-add it. Outer Space Command and a plutonium storage facility are located on the south side of town. Tore Eriksson may have some story suggestions for this area… A shopping center lies to the north. An office complex and apartment building are in the northwest. There are two schools: a grade school and a high school. There used to also be a university, but it was an official LEGO model. An industrial area and airport are on the far west of town. The town has a police station, fire station, hospital and construction yard. Other locations, such as futuristic corridors, caves or wilderness, should be pretty easy to set up. Maybe even using procedural generation. Credits: The following people have created LEGO models for Datsville: Allan, Nicholas Andersen, Jacob Sparre Bliss, Steve Burger, Thomas Dennet, Ryan Eriksson, Tore Farver, Rob Gallagher, Mike Gatrelle, Ben Gerber, Alan Gevaryahu, Jonathan Glöckner, Fredrik Gonzalez, Joseph Gould, Tim Hess, Duane Horvath, Michael Isaksson, Anders Jackson, James Lambrecht, Bram Loch, Kevin Moolhuysen, Manfred Probst, Joachim Sauls, Brian Sproat, Jeremy Stembel, Jeffrey Svensson (now Palmberg), Martin Teed, Tamyra VanZwieten, John Virsik, Rene Virsik, Robert Walton, Calvin Wilson, Jonathan Zide, Leonardo JAYSTEPHER The Lego Nerd Dennis Osborn Kevin Wilson David Till Joe Davenport Kevin M Bane Alex Taylor D M Garcia Michael Heidemann A full list of creators and what specifically they contributed can be found in this table. New contributions are always welcome! Currently, I am still using some Enterbrain resources, but am fazing them out. Third-party scripts I have used/am using at various times include the following: "SRPG Engine MV" by Gakuto Mikagami and Doctor_Q "Lecode Tactical Battle System" by Lecode "Yanfly Engine Plugins" by Yanfly "TDDP_BindPicturesToMap.js" by Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth "SilvSkipTitle.js" by Silver "Rhyme_MapSmoothScrolling.js" by SpeedDivider "fullscreen.js" by Christian Schicho "easystar.js" by Bryce Neal "AS_InputSettings.js" by Astra Cat "ARP_TitleCommandExit.js" by Atreyo Ray Slide show: Videos: More videos here. License: Probably Creative Commons/GPL wherever possible. (Use of plugins and LEGO elements makes this problematic.) Disclaimer: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this project.
  2. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    The Crystal Knight: (created with VX ACE - COMMERCIAL) Kickstarter Story: Character Bios: Features: Why play my game? Game progression: Copyright and distribution: Screenshots: My downfalls: Any questions? Donations: To Do list: The facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thecrystalknightofficial Credit list: Download section: May contain graphic violence, please ensure that you are the age of 16 or higher, play at your own risk.
  3. Saltwater Croc

    The Music of DLSea Studios

    Hello there! I'm a longtime professional composer and musician. I'm here to show off my work. I'll be updating this thread from time to time. I was inspired to start making music since I was very young, from playing games like Super Mario Bros 3. The catchy, tinny music captivated my ears and my imagination. Some of my biggest musical influences Include Koji Kondo, Jun Ishikawa, Aivi Tran, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Loreena McKennitt, John Williams, Joel Chernoff, and many others. The biggest single thing to influence my works are music from early Kirby games (Characterized by their heavy usage of rhythmic arpeggios in their music). If you have any questions, please ask away. Some frequently asked questions: Here is my portfolio preview. Please enjoy! I'll be adding to this thread periodically with some old favorites and some new uploads.
  4. Tsarmina

    Sugar Sweet

    unreasonably proudly presents.... Story: 95% Characters: 90% Graphics: 20% Eventing: 02% Databasing: 30% Mapping: 30% Overall progress: Getting tougher :< Welcome, welcome! I’m Tsarmina, resident redhead and confuzzled game designer. Sugar Sweet is meant to be a short, cute, and completely adorabilus game! And of course, it’ll be sweet. As always, tankyas for supporting me in my endeavour! I love you all! XOXOXOXO "There’s a tale from a long, long time ago. Yes, it’s one of those ancient tales that people think never happened." "May I see your IDs?" "Look look look! It’s beautiful!" "These boxes full of…um…prawn-a teeth. What are these??" "You have to understand the connection." "A spoon full of sugar…brightens my day!" "You're making me blush! Stop it!" "…Thank you." ♥ Support me (and Spec hehe) and Sugar Sweet! Here's a fair share of support bars which you can pick from. (Or you can pick ALL of them!) Just highlight, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V into your signature.
  5. RayChan


    beta is out in testing : http://arion.my-free.website/download or https://www.mediafire.com/?eir3dmi11i1dhc6 Story :In the Beginning of Arion you open to chasing the main boss of the story while you are drugged on a potion that will in 2 minutes make you forget everything. after you lose to the boss you will have to start from the beginning of arion which is at Hermes's territory you fight Hermes, and after you defeat him he teleports you to the Field of Kato which is filled with slimes, rest of the story you unfold as you go. Setting :it is mostly in the older time periods of the forest. for first town its more Forest like second town is a Snow town and third village is forest like. Purpose : i Actually started on RPG maker to do 1 thing make a Action rpg game because as i was looking in the Game List for RPG maker VX Ace i saw there weren't many Action games only around 8 to 10 and i thought it'd be unique to make an Action RPG game where even though the characters are 32 x 32 you can still change the way you look and stuff. Game Progression : 33% (demo coming out in 11/1/16) Recruitment: I am looking for a scripter, Artist, and a mapper. Characters: only 1 Character is Available in Arion because having 2+ characters would mean making 2 different stories and basically copy and pasting a lot of text from the story and just changing names. Since there is only 1 character in game and the character is mainly a sword user I will make it so that for your second Weapon you can basically use a Staff or a Gun still deciding. Credit : Features : Feature ScreenShots : Game ScreenShots :
  6. It has been more than a year since I've started to work on A Long Road Home. Which started as a basic project to get to know the engine, turned out to be a full game, with a decent ammount of gameplay. Now, the game is finished, and it is available for purchase on itch.io and Steam. Check the game out on these links: Itch.io store page Steam store page "A Long Road Home puts players in the role of a young man (with any name of your choice) who becomes wounded and separated from his family when they are attacked along the way to their new home. Behind this plot is a secret cult "led by an alien being called Amuna, who is able to travel between the infinite numbers of planes (dimensions)." Having conquered numerous worlds already, she now has her sights set on this one, and aims to use our hero for her own devious ends. If the protagonist is to reunite with his mother and sister, he must venture through "catacombs, secret temples and frozen mountains" while escaping the clutches of the evil invaders." - AdventureGamers.com The gameplay of A Long Road Home harkens back to the adventure games of old, thus featuring a mouse driven interface, item management and clever, interesting puzzles which the player has to overcome in the game. The game offers 5-6 hours of gameplay, an interesting story, and a captivating soundtrack which creates a fantastic atmosphere in A Long Road Home. The game has been greenlit on Steam, so you can see it on the store after a few weeks, after everything is sorted out. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=802297803 If you are unsure about the game, you can already check out the demo, downloadable from either of these links: Demo download (itch.io) Demo download (IndieDB) I would also like to give credit to the following people, who provided resources to my game either through DLCs, Restaff or otherwise: RPG Maker VX Ace RTP by Enterbrain/Degica (rpgmakerweb.com) Graphics: Windowskins by Maker Systems - RPG Maker Source Windowskins by MonDez Lightning Effect by BustedEd Night Sky parallax by Luchino Transition Vortex by Matthew Ashworth Windowskins by Matthew Ashworth Iconset-small by Adventure Tile Starter Pack - [Copyright]© Celianna Windowskin by RURAL FARM TILES - [Copyright]© Celianna WWSwitches by - WILD WEST TILES PACK - [Copyright]© Sherman3D High Fantasy I Resource Pack - [Copyright]© PVGames PocketKnife by Andinator Tilesets by Candacis Tilesets by Liberty Windowskin from Luna Engine Additional Artwork: Rubén Carral Music: Fireside Tales by Darren Curtis Labyrinth Of Lost Dreams by Darren Curtis The Mystic Le Fay by Darren Curtis Illusory Realm by Darren Curtis Hollow's Eve Ritual by Darren Curtis Drifting Through Space by Darren Curtis The Witch's Lair by Darren Curtis My Dark Passenger by Darren Curtis Unmatched Treachery by Darren Curtis Into Oblivion by Darren Curtis The House in the Middle of Nowhere by Darren Curtis The Horror Returns by JStewartMusic Whispering Angels by JStewarMusic The Magician's Sorrow by JStewarMusic Fantasy - Sad by Joel Steudler FANTASY STARTER MUSIC PACK - [Copyright]© Joel Steudler Hatching Grounds by Joel Steudler FUTURISTIC ATMOSPHERES - [Copyright]© Joel Steudler Either Side of Eternity (Instrumental) - REBEL RAPTURE MUSIC PACK - [Copyright]© Murray Atkinson Deserted Streets by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org Horror Game Menu by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org Too Quiet by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org The Darkness Below by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org Drinking Alone by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org RPG Theme v001 by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org The Cursed Rose by Allusion Sound Effects: Pablo Zumarraga, aesqe, dheming, Richard Frohlich, zandernoriega, Dreadshadow, Alastair Cameron, acekasbo, RICHERlandTV, Audionautics, qubodup, cameronmusic, thebigdawg22, newagesoup, LittleRobotSoundFactory, y89312 Scripts: Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine by Yanfly Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System by Yanfly Yanfly Engine Ace - Parallax Lock by Yanfly Yanfly Engine Ace - System Options by Yanfly Victor Engine - Basic Module by Victor Sant Victor Engine - Fog and Overlay by Victor Sant Victor Engine - Light Effects by Victor Sant Audio Fade In by Maker Systems – RPG Maker Source Super Simple Mouse Script by Shaz Mouse HUD by Evgenij Remember Event Position by Shaz Galv's Use Item on Event by Galv Non-combat Menu by mjshi External Text by Enelvon Word Wrapping by KilloZapit Simple Text Input by Tsukihime Graphical Object Global Reference by Mithran V's Custom Animated Title Scene by Vindaca D13x Core Module by Dekita D13x Keyboard Name Input by Dekita Text Sound Effect by Zerbu Autosave by DoctorTodd Crystal Engine - Variable Windowskin by CrystalNoel Full Screen Prompt by Bigace360
  7. lonequeso


    Ooookay. My posting what I've been up to all this time is far overdue. As I inch closer to having a demo, I felt I should get this all down. So the title of my game is the same as the thread's: Regicide A simple, but bold title (get it? Bold? Like the font?...) Anyway moving on, Genre- Well, seeing I'm using RPG Maker to create it, you probably already guessed it's a first person shooter- I mean, RPG. A very traditional sprite based RPG. LIke something you would've played on SNES. Game Progression- Hard to say cuz I keep adding more and more stuff and sometimes things to it. I don't have as much free time as I used to, but I hope I can get a demo out at least within 6 months. I really would like it to be more like two or three, but that's looking more and more unlikely. =========================================Story========================================= ==========================Characters========================== ==================Screenshots=============== ================================Features================================ I'll lead with one of my favorites. The combat system. It took a ton of working and reworking, and required me asking for a ton of help especially for scripts to create the system I now have. Here's the rundown: ==================Classes================= =============================Credits=============================
  8. tlbearer

    Suikoden Ace

    Story: This game takes place 10 years after Suikoden III and takes place in Harmonia. Sasari has decided that he is tired of seeing non-humans treated as if they are not people and is taking the fight to the government. He was slowly forming a rebel army that the Hero comes into after her father is killed. She decides to join the rebel army because her best friend and bodyguard is a kobold. Not long after she joins the army, Sasari is killed by an assassin and she takes over his army and starts to pursue the True Circle Rune that Hikusaak is believed to have. She also knows that they will need a new base of operations and more members and she starts with that. Characters: Screen Shots: Demo: Taken down as I fix some of the bugs. Credits: (Some of these people are from different forums.) Scripts compiled by Lucofthewind Scripts made by the following lovely people: Estriole, V.M of D.T, regendo, GubiD, Yanfly , Galv, Kread-EX, Fomar0153, Mr. Bubble, Tsukihime, Tidloc, TheoAllen, richter_h, modern algebra, Jet10985, AdiktuzMiko, Moghunter, MakoInfused, DiamondandPlatinum3, Yami, Khas Arcthunder, KilloZapit, Mithran Title Screen by kire Story by tlbearer MP Level by Victor Characters by tlbearer, Alsojames Maps by tlbearer,Lucofthewind,Armagik Faceset Edits by Ms Littlefish ​Music by Allinardo Sprites by Eyehavey0u
  9. Warning: May contain adult content such as gore Title: Dead End Abstract: Naya Ambrosius, a normal teenage girl, gets sucked into a twisted and haunted metro station. She is met with many dangers, obstacles, and a mystery that needs to be solved. Genre: Horror and Little Romance Current Game Progression: Demo is 5-10% done Recruitment: Digital Artist Sprite and Tileset Artist Scripter Music and Sound Effects Artist- position taken Setting: The setting of the story begins in a normal metro station in the city of Taipei Taiwan. As the story progresses, Naya Ambrosius will travel through alternative universes, dimensions. Dimensions include an ominous and creepy metro stop/mall, twisted and gory slaughter house, monster filled universe, a place of shattered memories, and some other settings are still being thought up of. Story: Naya Ambrosius, a 15 year old girl, finds herself trapped within a haunted metro station. Her only hope of escape is to travel through many twisted and horrifying dimensions and universes to solve the mystery causing her to get trapped within these universes by a mad man and his sick daughter. As Naya travels throughout dimensions she meets a boy and a young girl who accompany her on her travels. Through all hardships and challenges the boy and Naya fall in love, but this love will possibly become Naya's own downfall. In the end, will Naya make it out happy or sad and tattered. It'll be up to the player's choices to decide her fate! (There is an uncanon lightnovel version of this story i've written, I'll link it below) https://www.mediafire.com/?a67s7qtxc7m27s0 Characters: Naya Ambrosius Age: 15 Bio: A strong willed and tough girl. She hates being alone. Traumatic events often render her tattered and/or insane. She lives with her mother but doesn't get much time to talk with her mother since her mother works long hours. Even though she's strong willed she is easily swayed by emotions. Depending on how players play the game, she will slowly and slowly go insane. Her favorite clothes is a white button down top with a blue mini skirt. She has brown short hair with two bows on each side of her head. Has Brown eyes. Jaiden ????? Age: 15 Bio: The worlds biggest scaredy cat. Naya's lover and significant other. Runs away from any form of danger. Even though he is a giant wimp he will still fight for his friends if needed. Very determined. Survival expert. (Personality mostly based off of Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan.) Has Brown short hair and brown eyes. Leila ?????? Age: 10 Bio: Creepy girl. There is something very suspicious about her. She is very weak and frail. Likes to play. Is very shy and reserved. Doesn't talk much. She has crystal blue eyes and long blond hair. Wears a very frilly Victorian style lolita dress. Always keeps a stuffed bear in tow. Will be a very key character in the story. Has very pale skin. sometimes shows murderous tendencies. Credits: Script Yanfly- Custom and Save Menu, Name Above Text, Slippery Tiles Lemongreen- Simple Item Menu Seiryuki- Left-side Currency Soulpour777- Choice Box Position Hime and Rycochet- Tile Switch (I made my own tilesets and sprites and used the RTP audio and artwork) Screenshots:
  10. Hio. I have recently resurrected a project I began last year some time. It is undergoing major changes, but keeping some concepts I had originally, even expanding on those concepts. So let's get to it Abstract Genre Game Progression Recruitment Story/Setting/Purpose Character Bios Credits Screenshots Features Crafting Resources: Raven's Tribute Gems Videos(Gameplay) *Order of Skills subject to change when added to game.
  11. This game was made for Indie In A Week, however wasn't finished in time. Instead, I plan to work on this in my spare time and continue development. ​All assets are subject to change, so please bare with me. Game Details What is this game about? Characters Screenshots Features Known Bugs Credits Support
  12. Game Title: The world is a lie (current version: Beta 0.0) Abstract: Travel to a world of dreams to save it from the darkness. Genre: Fantasy RPG. Game Progression: Story events: Completed. Battlers: Almost there. Sprites: Almost there. Maps: Completed. Story: Completed. Music: Completed. Items: Almost there. Weapons/Armor: Completed. Recruitment: I am not searching for anyone at this moment. Required: Story / Setting / Purpose: Story: It is a bit long so bear with me please. Setting. A fantasy world that its a dreamwolrd Purpose. To save the world by embarking on an epic quest to save a dreamworld from the darkness Character Bios: Ravyn. A eleven year old girl that is considered a weirdo by her peers. She is taken to a dreamworld to save it from its destruction. Kindhearted and brave. Lycoris. A witch over a millenia old that wants to save her world. She is bossy and brash. Nathim. A bountyhunter that just started the business a week ago. He is deadpan and sarcastic Rym. A stoic assasin, even tough she is just a bit older to Ravyn she considers her a goddess avatar and bowed to protect her. She is sotic and logic and can be childish when alone. Credits: Plugin: Exp_plugin by Hime works. Artwork, sprites (some of them at the moment): Yours truly. Audio, tilesets, sprites (some of them at the moment), effects, battle animations, etc.: Rpg Maker MV default resources. Every other resource not listed here is provided by default in the RTP. Screenshots: this is a work in progress, it may change. Features: Some battlers are quite disturbing.
  13. Cupid's Universe Abstract: A game based of my novels, taking place after the conclusion of the final book of the Cupid series. Genre: RPG, Choice and Consequences, High Fantasy Game Progression: 1% complete overall, characters 1%, story line 25%, dialogue 1%, music 1% Recruitment: Currently looking for voice actors, any English speakers will do, must have a microphone and a way to save audio as wav, mp3 or ogg (audacity can handle these formats and is free). also animators, for cut scenes, this position does pay, we can discuss how much in convo. I am also welcome to anyone that has ideas for the game they want to share with me, credit will be given. Story: Character Bios: Credits: Screenshots: Features: that is all I have so far developed or planned out. some concept art to come later.
  14. Abstract: Island survival Genre: Survival Game Progression: Early testing/developing phase Recruitment: Could use people to help with new content Story: You wake up on a strange island after a plane crash. You have to find a way to get off the island, but in order to do so, you must use various skills. The longer you stay on the island the more you realise that this isn't your average island and that there are some strange things going on. Character Bios: You are the main character. Having just survived the plane crash of which you are the only survivor, you set out to find a way home. Credits: Used 'erze' tileset from 'community resource pack'. Also used the default graphics and sounds. For the final release, looking to replace those by self made ones. Screenshots: Features: It is a survival game in which you wake up on a mysterious island after a plane crash. You will have to find a way off the island and use various skills to do so. The skills include: Woodcutting Mining Fishing Blacksmithing Leatherworking Cooking Herbalism More skills can be added later. At the moment the game features Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing and a working battle system. You will first wash up on a smaller island which will be your intruduction to the various skills before you are teleported to the real island. You can download the game from drive using this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6Mfusl8T0OwVmFwRlIzWDI0STQ I would like feedback since this is my first project and I would like tips on how to improve the game, such as new skills. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, my name is Wendell. I'm the creator of "Helvetios, a Sci-Fi Adventure", which you can find here on the forums. Welcome to the Countryside. Adam, a young man who used to live alone in the city his entire life, decided to quit his stressful job and live on the nature. He used all his money to buy an old farm in a village far from the noises of the city. You're the one who'll lead Adam on his way to find the peace he wants. You will uncover Adam's past and decide his future. Despite of his personal issues, Adam will have to deal with other characters, with their own problems, needs and interests. A complex net of relationships will be established. If Adam's arrival will change the village it all depends on you. Adam: Adam is the guy you control. He left the city to live a more peaceful life. He has nothing but his new home: a farm and a village with lots, lots of possibilities. The Bachelorettes: of course, you can marry. Choose a girl, win her heart and live happy forever. Valerie, a regular interior girl, born and raised at the Village. Works with her parents at the local market. Loves the nature and she doesn't bother when it's raining and she's outside. Usually calm, but she have her moments. June, moved to the Village a year before Adam. She runs the Animals farm along with her father and her brother. She's has a cowgirl style, strong and energetic, kinda masculine sometimes. Her mother disappeared when she was very young. She's always fighting with a local guy named Kyle. Wendy, the nerd. Likes videogames, comic books and stuff like that. Very interested in technology. She doesn't like to live at the Village, but their parents moved in because her mother was very sick. Her father thought it was the best chance for her to heal. He works as a Miner. Angela, the sweetest of all the girls. Very shy, incapable of hurting any living thing, but also, very smart and mysterious. Works at the clothing store with her mother. Her father works at a neighboring town, and he doesn't comes to the Village very often. She likes to go to the church. All other characters will be introduced to Adam as you play the game. I mean, if you want to meet them. This is the main part of this game. Below you'll find everything you can do on "Countryside". Please, proceed. - You can plant, water, cut and harvest crops in a system entirely made with events; - Each seed you can plant has its own growth rate, measured in game days and each one grows only on a specific season; - If it's raining, you don't need to water your crops; - You can check the next day weather, the local news and do some online shopping on Adam's computer; - Cooking system; - You can buy some clothes; - Adam has parameters: "Intelligence, Charm, Bravery and Faith", which will increase or decrease, depending on your actions. The villagers have their own interests, so, this will affect your relationship with them; - Advanced time system, with the current hour, day, day of the week, season and year; - Raise Cows, Chickens and Sheep; - Fish! - Buy machines to make cheese, butter and chocolate; - Work too much and you'll end up on the hospital! (Stamina System); - A quest system to find treasures and rare items; - Interact with the villagers to raise their interest on you: this way you can unlock more quests and, who knows, meet your soulmate; - Each marriage candidate has her "love meter", which will increase or decrease, depending on your actions; - All villagers have their own behavior: some will appear on certain places only under some specific circumstances, like, the time, the day of the week, the season and other requirements. Some locatons will only be accessible under some conditions too; - Custom menus; - No songs from RM Ace; - More to come. The game is on its early stage of development, so, more screenshots will be added as the development progresses. - - - - The menu: - The items menu: - - The crafting menu: each book gives different crafting options • Credits Rikifive / Victor Sant / Celianna / Galv / Bravo2Kilo / Hime / Jet / IzumiWhite / Shaz / Vlue (V.M of D.T) / Raizen
  16. GAME DEMO AVAILABLE! : http://crescentskygames.wix.com/decayingdamnation Decaying Damnation is a turn based rpg taking place in a modern setting, primarily in Hon Kage city and the various areas surrounding it; The game has a chapter-based story progression system, akin to that of games like Paper Mario or Tales of Xillia 2. As of right now, I have the prologue and chapter 1 completed, which is about 4-5 hours of gameplay time. Story: Umbras are feared by just about any living being that inhabits this world; These creatures consume the souls of the innocent, and nobody ever does anything to stop them. Most people are too afraid to stand up to the Umbras and therefore allow them to remain the superior species. However, a select few set out to rebel against the Umbras. Their reasons, very different; Their goal, mutual. Throughout their journey, the group discovers the secrets and origins of the Umbrian race, as well as certain secrets about themselves and their unique pasts. Characters: Kazu Norowa: Kazu isn't your typical hero; He fights for a different reason than "Saving the world" or "Helping the ones you care about". In fact, he doesn't have a single person he cares about, and he sure as hell doesn't give a damn about the fate of the world. He's just sick and tired of being on the same boat as the "Inferior humans" that don't do a thing about the Umbras. Some think he's a jerk, while others claim he's flat-out heartless. He has a different view on himself: "I'm not heartless, I just don't give a damn." But throughout the journey with his new comrades, will he find a different way of seeing other people? Phay Hikari: Phay's just about as "polar-opposite" of Kazu as a sole person could possibly be. Phay is always smiling, and can turn the most depressing of moods into the happiest mood they've ever experienced. The only thing she loves more than smiling is seeing her friends smile too, and she fights the Umbras for the sake of the innocents who were killed. Jin Shiro: Jin has a dagger-weilding dog named Kabi, and together they form the greatest mercenary duo known to man. Jin hunts Umbra for money, as he has quite a demand on his hands when it comes to money. However, when unforseen circumstances strike Jin and his pup, he's offered an interesting deal. How will this affect his struggle against the Umbras, and his personal struggles as well? Airi Akemi: Airi is the assistant to the mayor in Hon Kage city. She spends the beginning of the quest sending the group out to find powerful Umbras to take down, until she eventually joins the party because of an interesting ability she finds herself able to use. Some call it summoning, or even taming of the Umbras. However, she considers it more of a mutual pact between human and shadow, and thinks of her Umbrian partners on equal grounds with her. Hiro Miyazaki: Hiro, like Phay, certainly knows how to make a mood more positive. However, he has a rather strange way of doing this. Hiro spends most of his time flirting with women, especially Airi, and making vulgar jokes that nobody really laughs at but him. Sometimes Jin pretends to go along with his jokes, if only to embarrass the rest of the party. Credits: Created By: Kazenna Voices: Kazu: Kazenna, Phay: Sierra Hyde, Jin: Gotti, Airi: Katerinu, Hiro: PMONickpop123, Shopkeeper: Arwennick Scriptwork: Yami, Kread-X, Yanfly, VM of DT, Modern Algebra, Pacman, Music: The World Ends With You, Zelda Series, Xenoblade Chronicles, Noragami, Dan Alvarez, Katerinu, Persona Series, Tales Series, Panty and Stocking, Corpse Party, Yasushi Ishii, Bakemonogatari Artwork: Slime-Frog Screenshots: (Click to Enlarge) Extra Features: Eliciter Gems: Eliciters are technological weapons imbued with elemental power. However, Kazu has the ability to change the "Eliciter Gem" in his, which alters the elemental abilities available to him. For example, equipping a Ruby gives him skills like the single-target "Fireball" or the Area Of Effect, "Flame FIeld", while a Sapphire would give him abilities such as the single target "Pop" or the light healing skill, "Holy Water". Note that Kazu has the Sapphire equipped in the third screenshot, enabling the Pop skill used. Fusion Skills: With the use of a script, certain skills, when used in succession, will combine into what is known as a "Fusion Skill". An example would be that when Kazu uses "Fireball" directly before, or directly after Phay uses "Light", Phay will propel Kazu's fireball with a light beam, significantly amplifying the damage output of the skill. Note that a fusion skill is being used in the third screenshot. Interchangable Costumes: There are various costumes available throughout various parts of the game. They are found in different ways and methods, and allow you to change your character's sprite into a different one that we have made for them. Try to find them all! Note that the screenshots display the party members in different outfits, whether they be Alternate Colored default outfits, or completely different costumes.
  17. In 2021 we have been contacted from a planet in a distant universe, claiming it's Earth. There was not really much we could do about it, as we cannot communicate with it from our side... and travel seems impossible from both sides. But it's not. SciFi RPG I was expecting the project to progress slowly. Sadly, it's progressing too slow. Nothing i can do about it though. 20% is what i got so far... June 2021 By the time Jiro realizes that a big Pharma company is for some reason after him, he disappears. While Jiro's friends are looking for answers, they realize that their life's will never be the same again... (This is an over-simplified version of the story. Full story elements are provided within the game. I decided that rather giving the player walls & walls of text to read even before he starts playing, providing the player with story elements in-game, is much more player-friendly.) I make use of scripts made by the following people: (a more extensive list will be provided once the project nears competition) TheoAllen SoulPour777 Tsukihime Galv YanFly The following screenshots are outdated. Instead of update them i think i rather upload a short game-play video in a few days. - A story driven game - - Dark Comedy elements - - Use of Adventure-genre elements - - Character relationships & Decisions to make - - Items & Enemies Encyclopedia - - Fully interactive in-game A.I. with supported speech - - Turn-based battles - - No revivals. If a character dies in battle, he's out of the game - More that one ending Thread edited for the 4th time
  18. Abstract: An adventure about a woman who owns a tea shop in the middle of all realities. Genre:RPG, side-scroller, puzzler, side scroller, Sci-Fi, Horror, H.P. Lovecraft Game Progression: 5% [media] [/media]Story / Setting / Purpose: Mrs. E Chapter One "On Reflection" is a serial RPG about a woman who owns a tea shop in the middle of every reality, finding herself on various adventures throughout the Multiverse. Ironically all she wants is to get tea for her shop but ends up saving the day from all manner of evil. Mrs. E will be a side scrolling mystery science fiction RPG with a unique artistic scrap book montage to the GUI and some other goodies. Set on alternative realities, planets and times Mrs. E covers many adventures on countless worlds. Playing as either the titular character or one of her companions, you solve mysteries, fight mastermind villains and make choices at the end of each game that will have a profound impact on the ending of each game, and the following game should you wish to continue your experiences from the last. The biggest myetery you have to face in the 13 episodes of the series is who Elizabeth was in her previous life, and why it was so important she forget about it. Character Bios: Elizabeth (Mrs. E): The owner of the strange little tea shop who's doors open to literally anywhere. She is very English and quirky, dark and mysterious and insists she is married. To whom is probably the biggest mystery in her life. She has lead many different lives before, with many different faces and many names, all beginning with the letter "E" and often refers to a time where for her "Everything changed". Whilst caring and emotional on the outside, she has lived so many lives she often finds herself aloof and out of ouch, constantly needing that human interaction to keep her focused. Her greatest frustration, however, is not remembering her previous life and spends most of the series trying to solve that mystery. Credits: Music: TBH Artwork: Josh Clark Scripts: Atelier Rgss Screenshots: . Features: A side scroller adventure spanning countless realities in which you must solve the mystery of your past and in the process make sure your multidimensional tea room stays in business. Little combat, but any there will be will be adapted from a unique system I am currently researching.
  19. Story/Setting: Axius Chronicles takes place on the planet of Guan Alis. It is the year 110, and there is a complete disorder in the Axius realms. Two young adventures are called upon by the Order of the Devine. Unaware of what lies ahead, the two take to a journey across the country of Illikrit, and soon find themselves fighting a wave of ever spawning demons from the Axius realms. Not knowing how to proceed on the matter, the country of Illikrit breaks out into civil war, and the Order of the Devine task the adventures with choosing a side, although; it soon turns out to not be that simple. Character Bios: Taruk: A young boy from the town of La Puk. Kierra: A young girl from the town of La Puk Credits: Graphics in game demo/screenshots are subject to change. Scripting -Falcao -Modern Algebra -Vlue -Mr. Trivel -Soul Pour Story/Quest Writing -Balter Screenshots: Video Demo: Coming Soon Features/Mechanics: Axius Chronicles features the following. -Day/Night System -Quest Log -Crafting System (Including Enchanting) -Action Battle System (Featuring things such as mining, and woodcutting) -Level up/Skill point system (very Diablo-esque) -(Soon to come) Fast travel/Location discovery Genre: Fantasy, Open World(ish), Adventure, Rpg, Puzzle Game Progression: Axius Chronicle is in a very early stage, I am currently spending the majority of my time on mapping, scripting, and database work. I will however have a short 20 minute demo within a week (10-22-15). Story: 25% Side Quest: 4% Mapping: 10% Scripting: 40% Database: 45% Eventing: 1% Graphics: 0% Recruitment: I am recruiting a small team to help me, as I would like to produce a full scale project with about 25-40 hours of high quality gameplay. I am recruiting in the following fields. -Creative Writer/Quest Writer (looking for 1-2 writers) -Scripters (looking for 1 other scripter, only for working with pre-written scripts such as the quest, and crafting scripts I am using.) -Graphical Artist Welcome (While it is not a position I need to recruit for, if I do recruit a legit artist it will increase the chance of this project going commercial, and all of us making a little cash) I am only looking for serious partners with plenty of time on their hands. More information on this project will be available soon. (:
  20. Ruby Queen, Inc. Website http://www.rubyqueeninc.net/ Lover's Rift Blog http://rubyqinc.blogspot.com Please support Lover's Rift by visiting: Twitter -- Facebook Screenshots Genre: Visual Novel [with puzzle and RPG elements] Detailed Story Description: Lillian is a librarian assistant that has her ups and downs just like anyone else. Perhaps a tad more lonely than most due to being a nerd, she still finds things to enjoy in life. Everything is going okay - it could be better, like her love life, or having more friends, but things are good. It isn't until she finds herself suddenly thrown into another world that her life seems to get worse. With no knowledge besides fictional stories to help guide her through the dangers of these new and strange worlds, she somehow manages to surrive the first encounter ... only to find herself back in her room. Now the question is, what is going on? Features • In Depth Story & Complex Characters • Meaningful Plot Choices - Your choices may change more about the world than you realize. • Stats that Matter - From charm to wit, your choices in how to develop your character impacts the way you interact with the world. • Hidden Dialogue & Quests - Use the ability to explore to your advantage and earn experience, shards (money), or items. • Dynamtic Areas - Sometimes the door you couldn't open before will allow you access now. • Parallax Mapping - More realistic environments to explore! • Choose your lover - Three unique characters to share your heart with. Game Progression • Story: 5% • Art: 5% • Mapping: 2% • Music: 5% (Being worked on by guitar74man) • Scripting: 90% (May increase/decrease as need arises) • Eventing: 2% Note! I plan on making this a commerical game in the future, so please be aware of that. Thank you! Recruitement • Any help is appreciated! Credits Graphics PandaMaru BrownFox Celianna Lunarea Indrah Nicnubill Flaming Teddy Productions heisenman Ayene-chan BenBen kitten2021 Music Chris Rosenberg aka First Gemini/Guitar74man Scripts blackmorning84 Galv kirinelf Saba Kan Tomy V.M of D.T Raizen884 Johnbolton Gab! Seer UK OriginalWij Napoleon Yanfly Hime FenixFyreX Special Thanks Bernedette - my wife Enterbrain CVincent DrassRay Jinumon Lover's Rift Support Banner [url=www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/30848-lovers-rift/][img=http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r181/lydyn1/LoverRiftSupport1_zpsxqgqn2j8.png][/url]
  21. Hello! I'm EQuesTrian! I'm not sure if I set this post up right, since this is my first post ever So, I made a game. I released the Beta/Demo Online on itch.io and I was looking for some feedback. The link is embedded below--the screenshots are on the page. <iframe src="//itch.io/embed/30025?dark=true&linkback=true" width="552" height="167" frameborder="0"></iframe> I'm not sure if that embed worked cause I can't tell right now so here is the link too http://equestrian.itch.io/master-of-storms Thanks! EQuesTrian
  22. Tale of Two sisters An RPG Maker Game Hello. My name is Kevin Matthews. I'm a 21 year old university student. I'm dreaming of becoming a game developer. This is just a game i'm making as I learn to use the program. I will of course try my best to make this a good and enjoyable game. It started out as just a short and quick RPG with a simple story, but as I worked more and more on the game, new ideas came into play and it looks to me much much longer and bigger that first anticipated. I really that this game will be the first step for me in game development, and hopefully I can stay motivated to make other project, and use the program to its full potential. Now for the game itself. Abstract: The game is an Adventure RPG set in a fantasy world, with a story inspired by another game of the same name. (Chantelise: A Tale of Two sisters.) Genre: Adventure RPG. Game Progression: The game is progressing a bit each day. Currently i'm working on getting the Main Quest done, and then focusing on the Side Quests. Estimated progress: 45% Estimated time of Finish Project: Late August. Story: Main Characters: Credits: Even though I try to avoid using anything out of the thing that comes with the program, I have imported a few things to make the game feel more alive. I also don't like using scripts for my very first game but I will if necessary. Screenshots Thank you for reading about my project. There will be more to come as I work on the game. I won't be doing daily or weekly updates, but I will be updating of there is major changes. Also there will be no demo. I will only release the game when it is finished and tested, so it will be a fun, bug free experience. Hope you all have a great day Updates: 13-07-2015 Updated the Story. Updated the Characters. Updated ETA.
  23. The Cracks Children understand it better than adults. They know the path in the woods will lead to an inescapable labyrinth. They know the basement is bigger and scarier than it has any right to be. And they know that sometimes there are monsters in the darkness. Even when we grow up and learn how foolish those ideas are, sometimes we still feel it. The tingle in your neck we call deja vu. The glimpse of shadows that for a moment you were certain was some strange creature, watching you. Birdsong that for a brief heartbeat sounded like an orchestra from the forest. The truth is, the ordered world we know is an illusion. For those that choose to see will find magic and mystery, danger and delight, secret lives and struggles hiding between the cracks in reality. In The Cracks you play a transfer student just moved to the City, and it will fall upon you and a ragtag group of friends to understand and face a growing, sinister force as it emerges from the shadows. Characters In The Cracks you must divide your time between investigating and combating the supernatural and keeping up with your commitments in the real world. Although the main story is linear, who you choose to spend time with and the side-quests you choose to do will have an effect on the narrative and your chances of survival in battle. Screenshots The only additional materials used are Victor's Engine. I intend to update this thread quite regularly with new locations, characters and developments so stay tuned! Bonus; the City is a big place, full of NPCs to interact with. To make it more interesting for me making them and as an easter egg for players, if any of you want to be in the game as an NPC let me know! Just say what their job/name/appearance/whatever should be!
  24. LOST FurVoice LLC / Titanuim Quill Design [Pre-Demo Stage] If you hate My Little Pony, Bronies, or anything related this game is probably not for you. So please don't leave hateful comments below. Current Production Cost Estimate: 2000$ Cost to Download and Play: Free Abstract: When your miles away from home... there's only one thing to do. Find your way home and hope to god your plan works... Genre: Fantasy, Dark, RPG, Adventure (My Little Pony & Grandia Cross) Game Progression: Demo almost ready. Recruitment: Artists, Musicians, Voice Actors Languages: English, Japanese Age Rating: 12+ Medium: Digital Download (No Discs) WARNING: Contains elements of fear that may be unsuitable for younger players. Story / Setting / Purpose: Applejack had long since taken the Hearth’s Warming Eve story for fact. When she and Fluttershy find themselves in an untamed wilderness, they’ll learn that not all history is preserved. In their struggle to find their way home, the two will unearth secrets unknown to any living being, pony or otherwise. Half a world away, the others have problems of their own. As Rainbow struggles to discover exactly what she is to her friend, and Twilight must face the stunning truth about her long-time mentor. Character Bios: (Main) http://i.imgur.com/ndqsTfE.jpg - Credit: scarletlightning565 (Not actual game art) Applejack: A hardworking, honest and dependable girl who would do anything for her friends. Fluttershy: A timid and scared girl who loves looking after her animals and loves her friends. Credits: GAMEARTS / ESP - Inspiration for battle system icons and spells J STEWART MUSIC - All Music content supplied. TITANIUM QUILL - Background Art Cloudy Skies - Story Author on which this game is based. Screenshots: [Please note the game is in early development and these do not represent the quality of the final product] Features: Over 60 Hours Gameplay Post-Game Stories and Missions Secret Dungeons and optional bosses. New Game Plus features What we will be doing over the next few months: - Improving face tiles - Creating Custom tilesets for mapping - Improving mapping - Constructing Storyline - Polishing battle system and abilities - Creating 300+ items and gear for customization - Organizing talent and media - Switching all characters to anthropomorphic Author Note: I'm tired, it's 3 AM so if I miss anything I promise I'll add it later.
  25. Story / Setting / Purpose: Before Game: The Game: It has been 500 years since the world was split apart, much has changed in the world of Nurus. A rouge mage by the name of Fal is attempting to restore the world into its original shape. In order to do this Fal has killed the father and mother of Ophelia to create a portal to Agi using ancient dark magic, and creating a army of followers to overpower those who resist. When Ophelia finds out about his plan, she is Fatally wounded by Fal's soldiers and left for dead in the snowy forest. As her life fades away like the blood from her body, A being from the world of Agi gives her the chance to avenge her family all it would cost her is her mortality. Character Bios[WIP]: Credits: Kaduki - sprites/graphics TheoAllen - Script/sprites/animations Yanfly - Scripts Mog Hunter - scripts/Huds Izu. - Title Graphics Khas - Awesome lighting effects Screenshots: Features: Choices feature - chose your actions Ring/piercings equipment - Forget armor and all that clutter, all you need is jewelry!!! Theolized Sidebattler engine!!! Progress: Story: 8% Characters: 80% Maps: 20% music: 50% Graphics: 50%
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