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  1. Waldorf

    That's my Exploit Keeper!

    A short game made in less than a month, developing an idea I had in mind from long time ago after playing lots of poorly made RPG Maker games. Edinya, the guardian of the sacred tree, is suddenly awakened by one of her guards, who reports to her of inexplicable events within the forest that she must urgently go investigate... The two creators of her world, the two game developers, are in conflict over who holds the intellectual property rights of the game, and their character Edinya is right in the middle. Help her find exploits within the games in order to put an end to their struggle that is wreaking havoc on the entire game world. Exploit Keeper is a puzzle game, where you have to change the version of the game between the well developed one and the poorly developed one, to find the game bugs and exploit them to be able to continue the plot. Badly programmed mechanics might be useful if used in the right place... Between features that work poorly, repeating events and unindexed values, you will find every kind of nightmarish bug for beta testers! Probably not intended Screenshots: Length: 30-60 minutes. There is a "solution system" if you can't solve the puzzles. There are two standard endings, and a super secret one! Game both in English and Italian. Credits: In the game folder Download: https://waldorf.itch.io/exploit-keeper
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new on this forum, I just wanna show you what I'm workin' on till many years with rpgmaker2003. The game is almost complete, in few days I should be able to publish it hopefully Long story short, let me introduce you to: Synopsis: Madness Fantasy is the crazy story about five friends who end up facing a thousand vicissitudes to defeat a criminal gang by working undercover for the police. To do this they will have to face incredible situations, where they will appreciate the life and value of happy times. The game is made entirely by me in rpgmaker2003 and it will be available in english and italian. The story is long 27 chapters and the soundtrack is composed by 62 original songs. Promo trailer (game features): Story trailer (story and characters): Like GTA, there's a city map to explore, but you'll be allowed to freely steal vehicles and go everywhere you like! Basically you'll have to take on some missions which will lead you to many surreal adventures rich of minigames and dialogues. There also will be a lot of secondary quests too! While playing you'll have your position and your objectives under control in the game map anytime thanks to the GPS system. Through game menu you can access multiple options, for instance you can switch between FreeMode or Story and play the game as you want. You can also have access to Trophies, which are special "powers" you can use to customize the game (e.g. you can unlock the power to change the climate in FreeMode). Jackie, Max, Marv, Hank and Dex are the heroes of our story. One evening they decide to go to Oddcity to have fun, but during the event Hank meets a guy and here they get in troubles. There's a police raid and our heroes are taken to the police station and forced to work undercover to be able to infiltrate the Big I, the gangster organization that rules the town. I will show you more screenshots and explain more features in the next days... What do you think about it? It tooks me many years to develop it, I would really appreciate your opinion about it, thanks to all of you
  4. Heya folks, after playing games, watching movies, seeing animations, and reading stories, I've noticed there seems to be a fine line between what's acceptable for developing characters, and what isn't allowed. before continuing these points, I do want to mention that developing takes time, work, perseverance, and even error. In addition, character development is like an art, there are multiple ways to go about one method, much like the styles of shading. I've dealt with my fair share of delevoping characters, the list stretching to 177, and while I may start from a random part of my imagination, I will repeat that that this is not the only way, but could be one way that may help you in the processes. Let's start off with a name. For the purpose of examples, I'll be using my character Rilumia. Your character's name should have a reflection to the style of names your world has, whether it be Japanese, English, Scottish, some self-created language, and so on. You will also want to avoid repeating certain name aspects, as this can get the reader/player confused on name pronunciation. For example, I have two dragons by the name of Rea and Rei. The only major difference in the last letter. Rea is pronounced "Re-uh", while Rei is, well, "Re." This alone can be confusing as you try to remember what character has what name. In some cases, however, you're able to get away with this. Twins, siblings, family names, and how the family's language works are a few of possibly many exceptions. Names should also have a reason to them. Rilumia used to be a demon, thus she has a multi-syllable name that is akin to the race of demons of Scalvose. Your next step is possibly going to be determining what the character likes and dislikes, along with the personality. Rilumia absolutely adores animals, so you can feel a soft spot in the character's overall context as she grows throughout the story of the book, piece, or game. You will want to avoid basing likes off of other characters until you finish everything that the character likes on their own terms. Let's set up a small sheet below, so keep a bit of formatting while determining the character's development. Name: Rilumia Likes: Animals, the ocean breeze, flowers, food, and long walks through the forests. Dislikes: Blood, sickness, fighting, sour candies, silence. (Note: You don't have to place these in a sentence-like format. This is my style of setting these up.) When it comes to what a character likes and dislikes, or love and avidly hate, and so on, they do not have to be polar opposites. You can have a soft-hearted man who lacks a backbone love heavy metal just as much as a kid loves candy. If the character loves sour things, they don't have to hate sweet things. For every like, it adds to the character if you can provide a reason behind why they like something. Rilumia loves flowers because she can utilize them as a defensive measure when she's attacked, and the ocean breeze makes her feel unbound from other mundane tasks. She's a cook, so food is something she would enjoy. Walks through the forest allow her to see animals and plants, which increase her enjoyment down to the earth. The same goes for dislikes. Rilumia is a bit of a germaphobe, so she will definitely dislike getting sick or seeing blood, and while she isn't against injuring somebody to protect herself, if a fight is avoidable in any possible way, Rilumia will try to take that path. Disliking silence comes from her personality, which is our next subject. Personality: Sultry, gentle, adventurous, cunning, partially germaphobic, and slightly seductive. The character's personality has all rights to reflect their likes and dislikes, and don't let others say otherwise. You know your character more than the next guy down the street, so you ned to convey the reasons behind their personality. In addition, personalities can't be abstract, as they must be reflected in each word of the character in some way. However, you don't need to reflect every personality aspect in one line or word all the time. Sometimes the character can have enough mentality to know when to be mature and push their own feelings aside for a while. Or, like my character Darkness, can be complete morons and not understand much of what goes on around him, other than when he's hit for being perverted or making crude jokes. Their personality needs to exsist. Rilumia loves poking her nose towards the winds of a journey, and while she may be bothered by germs and the like, she's gentle and rarely shows her disgust. Though she doesn't mean to be, she has a seductive tone to her words sometimes, which irks others. Otherwise, being sultry, she has a passionate heart and to some, she does rather attract them. Blessings: Quick to protect those in need, Green thumb. Banes: Body scales are soft and fragile, very energetic. (Note: These can be called pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and so on.) Lastly, I want to talk about blessings and banes. These are things that the character excells and fully fails at, regardless of how strange they may be. Rilumia, once she fell in love with a dragon's scale, it eventually lead to her falling in love with the dragon, himself. Demon blood is severly malleable in terms of race, and thus her body started to slowly corrupt, or change into that of a dragon. She doesn't know if she still has enough demon blood in her to continue being changed, but she doesn't really care too much as it opened many new paths of life for her, whether in the form of strength, endurance, smell, and the list goes on. However, her true self is still present in her mind, which gives her a constant questioning on what has happened to her as time has gone. In term of the change, her scales are as soft as velvet, and can easily be removed like a bird feather. However, this doesn't stop her from being quick to shield blows aimed at innocent people. On the downside, the amount of energy in her body tends to keep her up at night a lot, forcing her to try and find ways to calm herself to sleep, like reading, seditives, and the old attempts of drinking warm milk. This is a basic outline to get started on fleshing out your characters, which I hope helps you all in need of it. If you have any questions, comments, or feel as if I misstated a part, please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  5. Hiya, I've been stewing on a story setting for a game that I wanted to share to iron out some kinks, and then work on other things like how the game would play, etc. Here's a small summary of the premise along with the characters just for a start. You have woken up in a musty cell. The echoing of pained murmuring is all you can hear. As you inspect your cage, smoke seeps in through the walls, and manifests as a cloaked figure, it's face masked, body ethereal, and not fully solid. "Are you confused, young one? You must have many questions." the figure speaks out, "But first, I have one I must ask of you...Do you remember how you died?" You do not want to believe your ears, but the gaping hole where your heart should be forces you to accept the truth. The figure melts the iron bars of your cell away with a wave of it's hands. "I can fill you in on the details later, but now we must escape." So the basic premise of the story is that you are a lost soul imprisoned in Purgatory, the void between life and death. You are neither fully dead, or alive. How did you end up here? That's your decision. All you know now is that you have to escape! You choose between dialogue options that carve your backstory as you go, these decisions decide your alignment, the path you will take to escape, who will join you, and who will oppose you. The early decisions will determine your class, your class will form your appearance (maybe, still in doubt on that). The classes and their brief backstories are as follows: The setting of the landscape of Purgatory is very dark-fantasy. Gritty and mysterious, the "twilight" to the black and white settings associated with Heaven and Hell. The undead however, include figures from many timezones. Samurai, Modern soldiers, barbarians, School-boys, and medieval knights alike all wander the void. Some may help you, others may hinder. The enemies vary depending on the class you play as, some have unique mid or final bosses, but there are 6 main bosses that are universal. But the main goal is always to slay The Gatekeeper, who guards the entry/exit between Purgatory and the living world. That's as far as I have really, I'm very bad and very slow with world-building, but the idea itself intrigues me. What do you guys think?
  6. EdgarKingmaker

    Chaos Prophecy (Working Title)

    Chaos Prophecy: Abstract: A lengthy RPG adventure of magic, chaos, and the apocalypse. Genre: High Fantasy RPG Game Progression: Prelude Act complete. ETA Unknown. Recruitment: Scripter for one script, and one modification. Music, and possibly sprite assistance. Average Demo time: Once it's ready, the demo is to encompass the whole first act as one of the main characters. This ought to be about 5 hours of play. This does not include side quests... or dialog skipping. Required: Story / Setting / Purpose: Chaos Prophecy is about a pair of characters who were brought together by the intervention of some jerk from the future who thought he could end some crazy prophecy by killing them. The main characters, a pugilist and a mage apprentice, end up needing to adventure due to this jerk's intervention. At the beginning of the game, the player gets to choose between the two (a la Star Ocean 2,) and the course of the story varies quite a bit depending on who is chosen. During Act 1, the pair must dispel the jerk's magic that has swapped their souls, making them control one another's bodies. They must travel across the continent, either by way of deadly spider caves, or by meandering around through three different towns in order to reach the temples of the goddess of order, whose powers can restore their souls. Trouble is on every step of the way, as monsters become more active and the temple becomes overrun with the undead. They must battle the forces against them in order to restore themselves, only to then get pulled deeper and deeper into the clutches of the chaos lords who are desperately trying to stop them. Over the course of this lengthy tale, the main bulk takes place on a world inhabited by 4 main species, humans being one of these. The others are the ri'pado, the dodeeja, and the eikarians. Respectively humanoid rabbits, rats, and monitor lizards. At the end of most of the acts, the party is pulled into another world by one chaos lord or another where they attempt to thwart the party on their own ground. The game's climactic act occurs during the apocalypse, where after obtaining the ultimate weapon from Death, they must face off against the deity of chaos mid-resurrection. Character Bios: This game gives the player the opportunity to recruit up to 8 characters along their quest. Some of these only available depending on which one you choose to play as, and some of them requiring certain side quests. The current list has 12 characters of different lands, backgrounds, and personalities. Kreyshi Tholdon - A pugilist guardian of Springvale, the starting town. She is stoic, but usually does the right thing. Often she responds to injustice with her strong ri'pado legs. Aramil Moonbrook the 12th - A mage apprentice. He is the 12th in a long line of ri'pado sons who were given the name of their bloodline, then sent off to learn the secrets of magical absolution. He's shy, but as the game goes on, he comes further and further out of his shell. Padlan Hemlock - A monster hunting ranger. The only way to get him is to agree to slay a psychic boss giant spider. Having him increases money gain greatly, as he's able to retrieve body parts and valuable goods from fallen enemies a lot easier. Mareanne Windsong - A priestess who joins the pair in order to help them with the ritual. She's the only character you're forced to have in your group for most of the game. She is, however, silently judging the team and their actions the whole way. Tozo Ironhand - A goodly knight who leaves his land in order to investigate the chaos cultists, (if you convince him to.) He's a tank. A spear and shield and heavy armor tank. He's also annoyingly noble at times. Todoza - An inquisitor who's already investigating the chaos. The resurrection of the chaos deity would not fall in with the plans of her own religion, and would get in the way of Uzzadujoza's reign. She is likely to follow along with the group with her own agenda... and more in following acts... Credits: Currently I'm using quite a few of YanFly's scripts. I'm also using one of Galv's. (The character animations script.) One of DreamX's (random augments.) I'm looking for at least one more script... for more control over SV_Actor images. I'm doing most of the sprite re-working. Making fighting-game style SV battlers. I'm looking to furnish the game with more music and sound. Currently not top priority. Screenshots: Features: Story! Characters who feel a little more realistic in personality than the anime-style thinking of most RPG characters. Multiple game arcs, depending on who is chosen, and what choices the player makes. (Because I... love Dragon Age. So inspiring.) Fighting game inspired SV Battlers. (Now, if only I could figure out how the get more frames and more flexibility of what battlers show.) Humanoid animal people! (Four species populate the main world. Humans are one of them, and no traditional fantasy species were used... unless you count skaven and lizardmen, which two of the game's species resemble.) In depth combat and monster AI design. You won't be getting away with simply attacking everything to death. Known Issues: No demo yet.
  7. Naveed_Ashfaq

    Twice Upon A Time (v0.1.1)

    Twice Upon A Time Latest Version: v0.1.1 Made in RPG Maker MV. Available for Windows. Current Gameplay: ~2-3 hours. Genre: RPG, Fantasy Download Now! Ending Notes: I appreciate your time for reading this thread, trying out my game, and any feedback you may provide. You're the best!
  8. Indie By Night II! Ho-ho-holy humbug edition! The theme of IBN II is: Ho-ho-holy humbug. Make something winter/holiday themed on a budget: Free! (Only Free DLC is allowed. Purchased DLC or assets are not allowed for this contest) Contest Sign-ups: December 11, 12AM CST to December 14, 11:59PM CST Contest Start: December 15, 12AM CST Contest End: December 17, 11:59PM CST Submissions are due in up to 24 hours after contest end time (December 18, 11:59PM Local Time). Rules: -Please submit your game before the specified time-frame. If you have questions, please ask ahead of time. -Deadlines for submissions are at 11:59PM for your local time! -Please keep links valid until judging is over. If a link is invalid come judging time, this will get your entry disqualified. -Games that have problems loading (due to missing assets, etc) will be disqualified. Game bugs, if minor, will be allowed. -You are the only one allowed to work on your game. You may have people playtest, but nothing more. You can use resources made by others/public resources. -No assets are to be made prior to contest start. -No copyrighted material without the express permissions of the copyright owner. If you have an email or other proof, please submit it in advance of submitting your game, or include the permissions in your submission post. -If you wish to be a judge, send me a PM. There will be 5 judges, myself included. Judging is to be semi-anonymous. You may reveal if you are judging if you wish to, however. -You may stream games if you play them, judge or not. If you are not okay with your game being streamed, please note in your submission post. FAQ: Q: Why is sumission time local to everyone? A: Finishing times are 3 days after start, but submission times are local to each member, so it gives plenty of time for people to submit (and not be left out). Q: Can I use/edit premade assets that I made? A: If you have premade stuff you'd like to use/edit, that's fine, just don't edit them prior to the contest. Contest Entrants: Nirwanda RoooodWorks RavenBlueIndigo Seriel Takeo212 R
  9. So, before you guys smite me and hang me for how late this is, I gotta ask, "Is there such thing as a time frame?" Wait, who's talking? Who's being asked, what is going on?! Hey folks! Rez here with a continuation of character developing. This time, we'll be talking about dialogue, and using the character's personality within their words. For the sake of this example, I'll be using my gambler, Lek, and a demon named Anicor. I'll list the main aspects of their personality below. Lek's Personality: Optimistic, Level-headed, Out going. Anicor's Personality: Shy, Quirky, Energetic. When a character talks, they need to have a target person/thing they're talking to. You can't leave this open unless there's a continuation of the dialogue between two characters. For example. "Hi, bob," Jack said. "Hello," Bob responded. "How's your day?" "Good." With the example above, the first two lines show who's talking. Leaving either of those open allow for utter confusion to set in. It could be thought that Jack continued without a response, or that somebody outside of his target was responding. Also, something else that wasn't in those lines was emotion. You must convey the character's feelings, whether it is based off of their current mood, feeling of the topic, or even their personality taking over. If you don't, your game, story, or other projects will be really dull, and most will look for a new game to play. Now, there is one exception, and I've seen few pull this off. You can have a monotone-talking person be the center of a joke or some plots, but don't have them be the main focus of your game. Voices in voice acting know this rule all too well, if present, and I'm sure you've heard/read monotone language before. Reading your sentence out loud to yourself is a good way to listen for emotion, and that's where syntax--structure of the sentence and overall flow, basically--takes place. Following this, one last thing I wish to point out here is word choice. Words also help reflect emotion and give a three dimensional aspect to characters. For example: "Hey, man. I just wanted to let you know how stoked I am for the game! I hope you remember how vivid your mom's determination was about you taking me. I'll be there around eight." Vivid is a hard word to use, but if pulled off correctly, it gives a great amount of emotion, in addition to giving a better structure to your sentence/line. Determination is an emotion in its own right. Stoked is another example of emotion that takes the place of the word excited. Adding variety keeps people interested in what they're reading. Now, the moment you folks might have already wanted me to get to... Interactions. "Lek, w-what's a flower?" Anicor hid herself behind Lek as she pointed at the rather strange flower in a pot. "I didn't expect you to shiver at the sight of a fragile being. It's a plant, like grass. For the most part, they're harmless, but there are a few exceptions. Some of Scalvose's flowers, like the Phenostar and the Quiriblit, are quite harmful to some species of life," Lek moved away from Anicor, leaving her in "sight" of the flower. "Go on, touch it. It's a perfectly harmless dandelion." "What if I'm a-allergic?" she slowly stepped forward, flinching as she quickly jabbed her finger into the flower's center. She withdrew it to find her finger covered in a yellow powder, which caused her to well up in fear and start hyperventilating. "Calm down! It's just pollen!" Lek grabbed her, hugging her tightly to a chair for her to sit on. With Lek's help, she slowly regained a calm demeanor. "What is this p-p-powdery stuff?" she sniffed at it, sneezing after a couple seconds passed. "As I said, it's pollen. It's how flowers reproduce," Lek smiled, his eyes shining with enjoyment. With the example above, you can tell how Anicor is by nature, and how Lek responds to her actions and words. Anicor's nervous personality shines throughout the whole segment, and while Lek's mental opinions aren't stated, you can pick up a bit of it from his words and actions. You can also see how he feels about her, to an extent. This pretty much sums up this section of the tutorial. Part three will be focusing on relationships and external/internal factors on life, which will help shape the character into (possibly) somebody you can be yourself. (You'll understand what I mean... Don't worry!)
  10. I have zero experience in programming and art design, so I can't exactly start a project on my own. What I am good at is writing a story. So if you want to do a story-heavy RPG with complex characters and lots of twists, just ask me. To avoid legal problems: My age is 16. Altough, I've been writing books for several years and I'm really good at coming up with storys and characters and at writing dialogue. I have one finished draft for an RPG ready to be used, but I can also think up more in a variety of genres (as long as they include fantasy, science-fiction and/or mystery). Because of time issues, I likely won't be able to script every single scene, but as I said, I can come up with a pretty detailed story draft, characters and their respective arcs and I can script some key scenes. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  11. Seriel

    A Temporal Journey

    Credit to Eien Nanashi for this awesome logo. Story/Setting: Characters: (Minor gameplay spoilers!) Progress: Screenshots: Download/Play: Credits: I accept and encourage any form of comments, criticism, complaints or bug reports. Put those down there in a reply ↓ ~Seriel (Jackus)
  12. Fixed some minor issues with Demo V1! Demo V1.2 is being updated as we speak. Again, sorry for the lack of Mac support; I will have it up shortly.
  13. I, like so many other people, have had a strange fascination with Judeo-Christian mythological figures such as "Angels" and "Demons" in fiction. I mean on the one hand It's incredibly irritating to see them in fiction because "Angels vs. Demons" stories have almost become "babby's first fantasy story" at this point, and often don't try to really do anything that hasn't been done a billions times before. It's like the new trend in fantasy everyone is jumping on after everyone got sick of ripping of Tolkien's dwarves and elves and orcs and such. Like "Hey everyone, let's stop ripping off one fantasy author, and instead rip off religion!" "Great idea guyz! That is totally more original!" At least they tend to make demons more sympathetic, which is interesting. And yet, I found myself doing it too. One day after playing Disgaea years ago and being fascinated by it's worlds and characters I was really struck with the desire to try and do something with the "Angels vs Demons" setup, but wanted to make it my own. One of the first ideas I came up with is that there needs to be a third power in the dynamic that is just as powerful and above lowly humans as angels and demons while being either opposed to or neutral to both sides. Of course, you all already know what third power I came up with right? Fairies of course! But that's not particularly important. The important thing is that idea got this ball rolling in my mind and like a katamari it started picking up stuff and getting larger and larger and suddenly, whoops! I got this whole fantasy setting sitting in my head I didn't really ask for, have much of a use for, or even am really sure I care for all that much to be honest, that is begging to be expressed. This shit happens in my head if I am not paying attention. Remember the wizard fic thing I posed on this blog? It was dumb but that also gave me all sorts of weird ideas I am too lazy to do most anything with. As for the angels/demons/faeries setting? Well, my RPG Maker VX Ace test game I used to play with scripts kinda started as a half joke and slowly evolved to be connected with that setting, but I kinda stopped making maps and things and just focused on scripts after a while. That's the furthest I have taken the idea beyond random ideas and details. It's still growing all the time though. Just today I was thinking about it and came up with something I thought was interesting. See in in this settings a massive (mostly propaganda based, because both sides are mostly stuck in their respective realms) conflict is being waged between the Angels (actually closer to Archons and/or Devas really) and Demons (really more like Asuras) over 'recruiting' human souls after their body dies. Angels want to convince humans to be disciplined, orderly, and "pure" (because their realm is very psychically sensitive, so disruptive thoughts can really spiral out of control) and Demons naturally want to convince humans to be more true to their desires (partly to spite the Angels, but also because their realm is kind of a chaotic mess anyway, and people with strong desires are more powerful there and they have more need of powerful people). Also Fairies don't really play the same game, and because the fairy world and the human world tend to be more connected instead go for spiriting away old people, the homeless, unwanted children, and basically anyone else they feel like they feel they can get away with snatching to fairyland, often for no other reason then they because they feel like it. Or at least that's the rumor. So background out of the way here is the idea I had today. Angels of course preach about the Seven Deadly Sins... Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. You all know them I am sure. Demons take a different view of course. and have the Seven Sacred Desires: Passion, Appetite, Acquisition, Conservation, Ferocity, Competitiveness, and Ambition. Passion is the desire for activity and feeling, sexual and romantic activity and felling yes, but any desire to do or feel count. Appetite is the desire for the subsistence needed to live and live well, the desire for the fulfillment of the bodies basic needs. Acquisition is the desire to obtain and safeguard resources that can be used later on other things, money included. Conservation is the desire to do the minimum about possible to obtain one's other desire, and the wisdom to know when somethings just aren't worth it. Ferocity is the desire to throw yourself into something fully and not back down, and the wisdom to know when you need to risk it all. Competitiveness is the desire to compete with one's peers, using ones standing compared to others to push one's self further. Ambition is the desire to to great things for the sake of one's own desires, and to control one's own destiny first and for most. Maybe these demons should believe all these desires must be balanced for one to be healthy and probably many believe it is wrong to try and interfere with the desires of others simply for the sake of your own. Or maybe they should not... it might be too much of a fairy-like perspective to be fit for demons, though fairies I think really shouldn't have any well defined belief structure at all, except for "do what you want and play". It was an interesting Idea anyway I thought!
  14. Hello folks! Rez here with the opening of what I'm working on. So, instead of babbling on, let's dive in! ð“¢ð“½ð“¸ð“»ð”‚ ð“’ð“±ð“ªð“»ð“ªð“¬ð“½ð’†ð“»ð“¼ There also many other characters you'll meet, so don't fret! That's all I'm going to post for now... But do feel free to tell me what you think! (I don't want to post too many spoilers just yet >.>)
  15. LordSquirrel

    Evil and Agony

    I was originally writing this for the rpgmakermv.co resource staff, but seeing as I'm no longer participating with that group I figured I'd post this here. Hopefully you guys will find some use in this. Evil and Agony Part 1: The Evildoer Antagonists; we love to hate ‘em. From Donkey Kong all the way up to Fallout 4, we have been fighting villains in one form or another since the inception of gaming; Bowser, Doctor Wily, Slender Man, and more! These baddies have kept us coming back again and again to beat their sorry behind for decades. But I feel like we often forget that there are two different types of antagonist. Not all of them are fire breathing Turtle-Dragons bent on domination, nor are they all completely insane monsters with no face and the ability to make all of your VCR tapes look like crap (Am I the only one who remembers VCRs?) and turn you into some unspeakable horror. Some are just… people. People with wants and desires like you and me, but they may just follow a different path, it may be the wrong path, filled with anger, death and violence, but to them it may seem like the ONLY path that they can take. Either because of something they’ve done in the past that keeps them from believing that they can walk the same path as us, or they may believe that the other way is the best way of doing things. So, I want to talk about antagonist. Mainly; the difference between two types of what I call “The Agony†and “The Evildoerâ€. Let’s start with The Evildoer. What is it? Well, if you’ve ever seen a movie with the Joker in it, or read the Hobbit and got to the part with Smaug, or played a game with Bowser in it then you’ve already seen it. The Evildoer type of antagonist is one I’ve gone over before in another article that I wrote before joining the RT, but I’ll go back over it here. The Evildoer is sometimes referred to as a “Force of Nature Villainâ€. It is either mindless and does what it does for little to no reason, or single minded in a goal to the point where nothing else matters to it. These are the Black Lanterns, the Darkness’s, and the Zombies, something powerful, or overwhelming and, generally, completely evil. Not all Evildoers are just representations of evil. They can be representations of something else, a thought, a hope, a fear, an element, an object, an emotion, etc. These types of Evildoers most commonly show up in horror stories. Example are: The A.I that goes berserk and destroys a hopeful future, the creeping shadowy figure that engulfs everything in darkness, an unstoppable red hulk of a creature that destroys everything in fits of inarticulate rage, that kind of thing. One last note on Evildoers: They often are not humanoid, or if they are then they are disfigured, or strange in some way. You can make them normal looking, there are advantages to both ways, but the main thing to remember is that the normal looking Evildoer should still have something off about them, something that makes them seem unreal and real at the same time. A normal looking detective who you thought was your friend, but turned out to be the demon you’ve been hunting and taunts you with this fact as his eyes turn pure black and a strange sickly glow starts radiating from his chest. Those type of things are pretty effective and memorable. Basically, the Evildoer who looks like a normal person is most effective as a sort of “Gotcha!†twist. And if you do go that route, and then make sure to have some subtle hints to the true nature of the character. The traditional Evildoer should not be a normal person, because by their very nature they lack any real personality. They are embodiments of something, which normal humans are not. There are other types of antagonist like the Evildoer that can be normal people, but that’s for the next part. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2: The Agony The Agony on the other hand is something different, The Agony is a normal human; think a friend, colleague, or family member, who has had something just bad happen to them or someone they love. The Middle class father whose daughter has been diagnosed with an untreatable cancer, the former police officer who held their partner as they bled death, the king whose entire family was slaughtered right in front of him, the soldier who went off to war young and optimistic, but came back old and nihilistic. These kinds of characters are the tragic antagonists, they are people who could very well be me and you if one thing had changed in our lives, and now they stand across from us on the other side of a line. I would like to emphasis the ‘tragic antagonist’ part. While there are antagonists that are closer to being more of a rival, or the just the guy who happens to be on, say, the police task force that has been formed to stop your party’s crime spree, this is not the absolutely normal person antagonist. It is someone who has suffered something that has affected them deeply, to the point where they obsess over it. This is the antagonist closest to being an Evildoer without actually being one. They aren’t as pure evil as that type of antagonist, but they are the ones who are on the edge of becoming one, mostly due to their obsession. The Agony tends to be an ally to an Evildoer in the story. When they are allies with Evildoers it is almost never because they like the Evildoer, or even want what he wants, but they want something he can give: Magic that can cure the sickness of a loved one, the power to let the character get away with murdering someone out of revenge, or the information that can lead the character to their long lost family. As such, Agonies under the command of an Evildoer will often be apprehensive towards certain commands the Evildoer gives them, like beating up an old man, but will eventually acquiesce, or find some way out of performing the command without the Evildoer killing them. They may secretly help the hero, warn those in danger that the Evildoer is coming, or even join the hero at some point. The Agony is a great type of antagonist for a sort of dark reflection theme, where they share a similar past to one of the heroes, but one event led them to a darker path than the hero. This can result in the hero and the Agony having a unique relationship, maybe they are able to anticipate what the other will do, perhaps they share a friendship with a supporting character and are forced to set aside any differences to help said character, or perhaps as a reminder to each other of what they could have been. LS: Excluding this section. I’ll be using it for another article. I realized that this more fits in with another antagonist type. (The unknown quantity Agony is the mercenary who will do anything for the right price, the paladin who walks the line between light and dark, the spy who has split loyalties, ect. They work well as hirable party members in games, or as temporary party members that show up once in awhile. And if they do decide to help the Evildoer, then consider having them be friendly with the party before hand, help them out, save them once or twice. This can lead to a memorable scene of betrayal when the Agony finally draws his sword on the heroes.) Now this isn’t the only type of non-Evildoer antagonist, and I know that I’ll probably be doing another article on those some other time, but I just felt that this made a good article for the site. Now, let’s have a quick overview before we sign off: The Evildoer: 1. Often mindless or single minded in its goal. 2. Usually strange, or monstrous in appearance. 3. Destructive, or embodying something. 4. Lack any real personality, other than what they embody. 5. Often have no morals. 6. Tend to cackle and rub their hands together in glee after destroying villages if they are dark wizards. The Agony: 1. Usually a normal person who has had something terrible happen to themselves or a loved one. 2. Often an ally of an Evildoer, or an un-aligned character who may help either side. 3. If they are allies to and Evildoer, they are often apprehensive to carry out orders that go against their morality. 4. They have morals and ethics, unlike the Evildoer. 5. They may betray the Evildoer at some point, or they may stay with them until the end. 6. They tend to look good in leather. I hope this helped many of you, and if you have questions, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities. And now; a brief dialogue exchange between an Evildoer, and Agony. Agony: You murdered all those people! Evildoer: And what of it? Agony: They had nothing to do with any of this! Evildoer: Didn’t they? They refused to hand over the crystal. Agony: You didn’t need to kill all of them! Evildoer: And you would have done any differently? Agony: Yes! I- Evildoer: You have killed people before. Agony: Never like that! Evildoer: Truly? What of those farmers? Agony: That was different. Evildoer: Was it now? I distinctly remember you slaughtering them all for what happened to your sister. Agony: … Evildoer: Hahaha! You are pathetic. Agony: No matter what she did… They deserved to die. It was justice. Evildoer: Ever the arch hypocrite of the land! Agony: ...Shut up. - A game idea I once had, but I lacked the resources to make it. Viel Glück und auf Wiedersehen! (Good luck and goodbye. (Hope I got that right)) -C.D. Cerda (LordSquirrel).
  16. LewisDruid

    Ideas for my New Game!

    So I've been having trouble making my game's story. I have almost everything else figured out and ready, but the story is holding me up. I was considering the villains be styled sort of like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but sort of different. Maybe four that fall under things like: fear, pain, death, conquest. Thoughts on that? Also, for the actual story, would it be a good or bad idea for the story to (not getting into to much spoilers) include the bad guys hoping to break the seal between two worlds? Let me know what you think about both of those questions down below
  17. All right, so in my current project, I've got a rather large emphasis on the integration of the storyline with gameplay mechanics. My big question is, when does the integration of story come at the detriment of gameplay? Where does one draw that line? Looking at the mechanics I see as potentially problematic in my own project, we have: 1) A crafting system becoming necessary and items being rather scarce from beginning to end, with the most mobility to get good items from NPCs being at the very beginning of the game when your characters have the highest status in game. As the game progresses and your characters become fugitives to varying extents, items and shops naturally become more scarce, and avoiding the guards becomes something that must be dealt with. Does this make things too difficult, or is it a good way of making the situation feel more real? 2) A combat system where "Will" takes the place of what is perceived as MP, and every action is based upon a character's will to fight in battle. Each combat action, from guarding to attacking to skills, takes a certain amount of Will to use. The only thing that restores Will aside from items is Waiting for a turn, which restores anywhere from 2-5 WP. At certain points in the story, characters will enter battle with their Will sapped or completely gone due to their utter lack of willingness to fight this particular battle or tactics by the enemy. A character without any Will is basically unable to concentrate and act until they've gotten some Will restored. Is this something that accurately reflects the psychological state of the characters, or just a really annoying mechanic that will have people shutting off the game in frustration? This is the quandary I'm having here. Any feedback I could get on this would be great.
  18. I wrote down ideas and they piled up more than they should have. So I am looking to try to simplify my plot because I think I may have gone all over the place. EDIT>> Additional Notes: So I'm still trying to build up on what could happen in arranging a rebellion. I can think of a few but would like your input whether this might be too much for just a first game, because that went dark real fast from my first idea of a light-hearted game. EDIT: Here's the basic party (3 members): > Gun-Toting Healer (Gun skills and Divine Magic) > Ailment-Susceptible Tank (Warrior who can guard allies and draw attention) > Third party member dependent on conversations with NPCs. Choices are: > Weak, debilitating mage (Saboteur) > Spellblade mercenary; enchants allies. (Synergist) > Thief; sets up combos (Combo Set-Up will strengthen follow-up attacks. Side plots (discoverable): The Healer's origin Romance for the Plot The Conflict of Mages [uNDER ASSESSMENT, opinions welcome] --More to be added--
  19. (Richter Belmont arrives in Dracula's chamber) Richter Belmont: Die monster! You don't belong in this world! Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute. Richter Belmont: Tribute!?! You steal men's souls and make them your slaves! Dracula: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions... Richter Belmont: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you! Dracula: What is a man? (flings his wine glass aside) A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you! - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Since the beginning of gaming we have had evildoers. From Donkey Kong in his titular game, to Dracula in Castlevania, to The Didact from Halo 4. Villains have always given us a clear objective and reason to continue forward and complete our favorite games, and while our villains tend to be a bit more ambiguous in their evilness, today we will be taking a look at making pure evil villains. Those forces of malevolence that exist only to destroy and kill. Welcome everyone, to the first installment of Characters and Whatnot. A series where we will take a look at different types of characters and coming up with ways of writing them. Today's subject: The Evildoer. So, how do we go about making an Evildoer? Well, first we need some solid examples of what an Evildoer is. This is sort of my own term for it. I've been told that Extra Credits refers to it as the Force of Nature villain. I haven't watched the episode where they talked about it, and I like Evildoer better, so I'm just going to use Evildoer instead. One example of an Evildoer is The Darkness from the Fable series. Kind of spoilery for the second half of Fable 3 and then for most of Fable the Journey, but The Darkness (sometimes called "The Crawler") is basically what it sounds like; darkness and death incarnate. It is a single minded creature of destruction that believes that it has a right to everything in the world of Fable. It has no sympathy, no guilt over the massive amounts of deaths it causes, no goals outside of destroying the people of Albion and claiming the world for itself. Another example would be Bowser, the dragon-turtle-thing main boss of most of the main Mario games. Bowser's only real goal throughout most of the games is to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and beat Mario... And sometimes he just wants to beat everyone in go-karts, but that's beside the point. He is just as single minded and straight forward of a villain as The Darkness, if less intimidating. Now that we have those two examples (and don't link the game theory thing on Bowser, I saw it already.) we can see that the one thing that connects these Evildoers is that they are straight forward, have little to no real personality other than being power mad, and are bent on destruction. That is basically what an Evildoer, a character that exist solely to destroy and give the player a reason to continue forward. This type of Evildoer is almost insultingly easy to write, so I won't spend to much time on it, but one important thing to remember is if you are planning to make this villain still memorable, then you will have to put some extra work in. Evildoers are a dime a dozen and are everywhere, so if you want to make them stand out, then there are some unique ways you can make them stand out. One way is to give them a unique looks, although that may not be an option depending on the resources available to you, the big demon with flaming wings and a skull face is kinda played out, not saying you can't do it, but you'll want to add something else to it. Maybe a unique design of armor, or some different colored flames. One way that i always find is a good way to give them unique looks is by making them look like something normal, but with an odd twist to them. A trench coat wearing detective with pure black eyes and a burning fire in his chest is usually a bit more memorable than the before mentioned demon with a skull face. Another way is to give them some memorable quotes, sometimes the quotes can be something very simple, but said at the right time, or they can be something over the top and dramatic like with the example given at the beginning of this post. For those of you who can't remember or can't be bothered to look at the quote: "What is a man? (flings his wine glass aside) A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you!" See? Over the top, dramatic, and kind of silly, but it is one of the most memorable lines in all of gaming. Most of the reason is because it's silliness, but taken out of the context of the scene that it was original said in, it is a legitimately good line that let's the player know exactly what kind of enemy they are dealing with. And the final way of making these types of villains stand out is by actually having them score a clear win against the player at some point. Think about it, how many times have you played a game where you were fighting the demon king of hell, or equivalent, and won every single time you met him or his minions? I mean in a story sense and not just in gameovers. I'm willing to bet that almost all, if not all, of your experiences with this scenario play out this way. The demon king boasts about how he will, "End this pitiful world and you along with it!" and then proceeded to fail in every single encounter, but still keeps his certainty throughout the entire game. It just makes the villain a joke. Maybe have the Evildoer capture one of the heroes, or have them actual achieve one of their goals, or maybe even have them kill the main character, that can give an Evildoer a massive amount of credibility as a threat. There is also another type of Evildoer villain. The Evildoer who represents something. An emotion, an instinct, and idea, a fear, a hope. These Evildoers usually are more memorable than the pure evil villain. They are still usually hellbent on destroying, or ruling everything, but also require a lot more thought when it comes to making them. They usually work better for horror stories, or for games that pose a question to the player throughout the whole game. Let's take a look at two particular Evildoers of this type that I'm sure all of you have at least heard of: Slender Man and The Rake. Yes, yes, yes. I know people don't really take either of these seriously because of the massive over exposure both of them have gotten over the past few years, but let's just ignore that for a moment. The true thing that makes these two so effective, and so terrifying to a degree is that they represent something. They both represent the unknown, or the strange. They are have humanoid features, but also have distinctly inhuman features. A head of pure white with no facial features or hair, long animalistic claws and an alien-like head attached to a small humanoid body. This is sort of like the Uncanny Valley effect. It looks so similar, but also so alien, so out of the norm from what we expect. They could also be considered representations of fate since there is no way to ever escape either of these creatures. No matter how fast, how intelligent, how clever you are, you will die, or be captured. There is no escape at all. You may run and run for years, but they will find you. Another example is something I remembered reading about. It was for some kind of tabletop RPG that seemed to me to be a kind of mix of Dead Space and the Lawnmower Man. I can't remember the name of the game, and a google search has yielded no results, but I remember the main villain of the entire setting to be a rather effective Evildoer. In the story of the setting, mankind finally reaches a point of technological prowess where we reach the theoretical phenomenon known as the Singularity (look it up) and were able to make a true A.I. It was capable of making it's own decisions, and expand it's knowledge infinitely... But then something went horribly wrong. The A.I went insane for lack of a better word. Just out of nowhere is began making really demonic kinds of stuff for seemingly no reason. It begins making cybernetic demons, swarming storms of robotic bugs that scour the planet in search of anything organic, and spouting out demonic language and apocalyptic prophecies until it eventually drove mankind from the surface of earth. This A.I represent a fear, or a twisting of a hope. It represents the fear of the possible repercussions that this sort of technology could bring about, and twists the hope of making a better future that such technology could make. It also represents the fear of man overstepping his boundaries, the fear that we might destroy ourselves with our own technology, and so on. Ultimately, the Evildoer, no matter what kind you want to make, is a common and some would say boring villain. But if you do it right, you can make a truly memorable enemy for your players to face off against. I hope this helped you guys in some way. I know this was mostly just an explanation of what kind of character an Evildoer is, but honestly, this is a villain you have to make yourself since a different one is needed for every game. Have a good day everyone. See you next time with something with a bit more pointers. -LS Want tips on how to make a character in general? Check out this link. T he 5 Ws of Character Building
  20. Kayzee

    Wizard Fic Time!

    Here is a unrefined fragment of something I was writing. I wanted to do a "wizard fic" for a while, in the terrible tradition of Complacency of the Learned and Wizardy Herbert (though only Wizardy Herbert is based of a real thing), you know, a weird Harry Potter type thing that isn't related to Harry Potter. I had this idea in my head for a while for a story that partly follows (he isn't actually the main character as such, but he is the introductory one) someone who would be a bit like Dumbledore if he actually became aware of how terrible he could be, in a world that knows about wizards but is slowly pushing them aside in favor of industry. But only today did I start writing any of it down and... well this is my third version of the opening and it's still too terrible and expositiony. Take a look for yourself: So yeah. Terrible? Might be good? Tell me what you think!
  21. +Added 20+ Custom Scripts +Added 5 BGM packs +Added "Arabian Nights" Resource Pack +Added 40+ Enemies +Added 30+ Weapons +Added 10+ Skills +Added 5+ States +Created "Arisia" of the Golivian Deadlands +Created "Jainasmoore" of Yulanis Island +Created "Royal City of Forister" of the Northern Plains +Created "Suicide Forest" +Created "Griazlin" of Hethviol Forest +Created "Skoteino Mountains" +Created "Ilngard Dungeon" +Created "Herezgen Town" +Created "Hadros Island" +Created "Atreul Tenedrict"
  22. This is a story and gameplay idea for an easy, relaxing Non RPG game inspired by Proteus and NightSky. https://soundcloud.com/simondlseamusic/dragonfly-night-main-theme-go-with-the-flow One night, a tired, overworked and chronically insomniac man--desperately wishing for a good night's sleep--saw a dragonfly perch on his windowsill. It was taking refuge from the intense summer night's heat in the cool breeze. The young man stared intently at the glowing creature, the little guy staring right back at him, as if it knew what was going on. As the dragonfly fanned itself, its unearthly glow lulled the man to sleep and he began to dream... The game takes over as you controlling the dragonfly. Again, this is NOT an RPG nor ADVENTURE game, so this may not appeal to everyone. The gameplay is pretty simple. You have several worlds in the game and in each world are several levels and a few unlockable bonus levels. You start at the beginning of each level (which will take you through different areas, including 2D sidescroller-type areas) and end at each level' goal. (I'm trying to find a scorekeeping system, if it exists in MV, I may make the jump from Ace. ) You can fly over water, small gaps and such. The CATCH, though, is that you lose energy as you fly... and when you run out of energy, you must restart the level. (You don't die here. Again, it's an easy, relaxing, hopefully calming game with soft music, ASMR-type sound effects, easy graphics and smooth gameplay) To replenish your energy, you eat small bugs and plants. Now, here's the idea I had for the story after the game started. Very simple. Dragonfly is a spirit creature sent to give the gift of sleep to tired, overworked or just plain fatigued... As it journeys across the lands, it encounters various creatures of the forest, mountainside, high desert, plains, oceanside and more. Dragonfly manages to help the other creatures as well. But what can a tiny little dragonfly that doesn't even talk do? You'd be surprised by how your mere presence can affect someone else, whether for the better or for the worse. Also, everyone on this planet needs energy to survive. As dragonfly, you'd be able to take salt to certain animals who need it to survive... perhaps some water. Who knows? I'd like to have a system with a score, tallied depenng any small bugs you squashed or food sources collected. This is all I care to divulge at the moment. Feedback is welcome. Suggestions are welcome. I will listen and take in advice. Thanks for reading!
  23. Hello everyone, and welcome to my first Thoughts of a Squirrel King post for MV. Today we will be talking about something that has recently come to my attention as a good tool for helping writers to make their characters. This was brought up in a chat by a few other people, but I have used this myself before. I am, of course, speaking of the five Ws of character building: What, why, when, where and how. For those of you who don't know, the five Ws are an often used way of quickly making a somewhat detailed character; be it for novels, books, or games. The basic idea is to find out how a character acts and what they are working towards. The What: Think about everyone you know in real life, they all have a goal in life that they want to accomplish, to some extent at least. They all have a reasons for why they want accomplish that goal, they have a general idea of when they want to accomplish it, where they want to do it, and how they want to do it. I'm going to type out a little character for everyone to follow along with as we go along. We'll name him Bob and give him a what, why, when, where and how. What: Name: Bob Age: Race: Demographic : Goal: Why: When: Where: How: You will notice i added an age, race and demographic to the character sheet of Bob. You'll see why in a little bit. First, we need to start off with the 'what'. The 'what' is generally made up of four parts, those being age, race, demographic and goal. Those first three may seem strange to some of you. Age? Race? Demographic? What do these really have to do with the character, and how do they relate to the goal? Quite simply put, who we are defines what we want. If you are poor and living on the street, you generally want to live in a cozy home. If you are a oppressed minority, you will generally want equality, or to be above those who are oppressing. If you are old and past your prime, you may wish to relive your prime, or you may want to be treated as an adult if you are young. See how this works? It's one of the more troublesome parts of five Ws, mostly because many people have a hard time coming up with just who the character actually is. I'll fill in this section of Bob quickly so we can move on. What: Name: Bob Age: 18. Race: Caucasian. Demographic : Lower Class. Goal: Wants to go to college. Why: When: Where: How: 18, Caucasian, lower class, and wants to go to college. This is one of the more simple Ws, but important because it acts as a base for the next section. The Why: The why is exactly what is sounds like, it is why the character is what they are, or why they want to accomplish their goals. The why can be any number of things. For example: The reason why a corporate executive suddenly decides he's going to go by a gun? Any number of reasons comes to mind. Maybe he has recently learned that his wife has been cheating on him for decades with his best friend, and is planning on getting revenge. Perhaps his company is going down the drain, fast. He has nothing besides this company, no wifes, no children, no friends that aren't just there because of his money. Maybe he has decided he will end it all with a bullet and not in a gutter while scrounging for food. Or perhaps he suddenly got the idea to learn take it to the range for fun, or as a way of showing his wife that he can protect her. All of these are good (from a writing and character stand point) and believable reasons for why he would go and buy the gun. Again, there is literally thousands of reasons for 'why' but you need to decide on one, or two if the character has a secondary goal in mind, if you want a consistent character. I'm going to add the why to Bob's character sheet. What: Name: Bob Age: 18. Race: Caucasian. Demographic : Lower Class. Goal: Wants to go to college. Why: So he can get a better job, and show his father that he is worth something, who believes that Bob has wasted his life and has no chance of making it in the world. When: Where: How: And there we go. Bob wants a better job, perhaps to get out of his lower class lifestyle, but he also wants to show his father that he isn't useless, that he has value and can pull himself up. Again, a believable reason why, but it also has the added benefit of being dramatic. It's the classic tale of the underdog, or guy who wasted his life away up until now, picking himself up to prove to his father, and possibly himself that he can do what perhaps no one thinks he can do. It's always good to make the goal, if not dramatic, at least something the character has to struggle for or is relatable to the readers/movie goers/players. And something like what we have for Bob is a good way of doing that. After all, who doesn't want to improve their life in some way? The When: Next is the 'when'. What is the when? Well, it can be several things. It could be when the character decided on their goal, when they decide to pursue their goal, or when they have decided is a good time to wait to pursue their goal. For example: Jack's goal is to get water from the well on the hill. The reason why is that he is thirsty. The when is now. Because he just now decides that he wants to go get the water. He later fell down the hill with his friend Jill. They were never seen again. Anyway. Another example would be going back to the corporate executive. When is he going to go get that gun? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? When did he decide that he wanted the gun? When he found a naked picture of his wife on his friend's phone? When his company's stock started to crash? Or when his wife mentioned that she didn't feel safe in their home? Let's add Bob's when. What: Name: Bob Age: 18. Race: Caucasian. Demographic : Lower Class. Goal: Wants to go to college. Why: So he can get a better job, and show his father that he is worth something, who believes that Bob has wasted his life and has no chance of making it in the world. When: He decided to go after an argument with his father where he yelled that Bob was a waste of all the time he spent raising him. And he decides that he wants to go at the beginning of the next year. Where: How: And there we go. His father basically told him to his face that he was a complete waste of time. That's the kind of thing that will either make you go cry for a few hours, make you yell back, or decide to prove him wrong. Again, there can be multiple parts as to the why, but it's generally a good idea to keep it to at or below three to avoid making things too overly complicated. The Where: The where is basically where the character is going to go to accomplish their goal. For Jack, it is the well on the hill, for the corporate executive it is the gun store down the road, for Bob it is college. This is perhaps the easiest W of the five, as long as you've followed the other steps. Although this can be augmented. What: Name: Bob Age: 18. Race: Caucasian. Demographic : Lower Class. Goal: Wants to go to college. Why: So he can get a better job, and show his father that he is worth something, who believes that Bob has wasted his life and has no chance of making it in the world. When: He decided to go after an argument with his father where he yelled that Bob was a waste of all the time he spent raising him. And he decides that he wants to go at the beginning of the next year. Where: A public college with at least a 2 year technical course in whatever in fine arts. How: Again, it is very simple and sometimes completely self evident. The How: Now we are in the home stretch. The how is exactly what it sounds like, it is how the character plans on accomplishing the goal. The goal can be one step, two steps, or even twenty steps. Whatever fits the characters and the goal. It can be how they are going to get to the end of their goal, how they are going to acquire the means of accomplishing their goal, or just how they are going to survive while they try to accomplish their goal. Jack needs to go get a bucket, then head up the hill, and then draw the water from the well with the bucket. The corporate executive needs to get a gun license, if he doesn't already have one, head to the gun store and purchase the gun. Let's add a more RPG character here as well. The simple farmer from a small village, Edwin, has the goal of stopping the evil wizard. The reason why is that the wizard destroyed his village and killed all of his friend. The when is right now. The where is the wizard's tower that lies in the middle of a lake of molten lava. And the how is by gathering allies, training to become stronger, acquiring an ancient weapon that he was always destined to wield, and then by fighting his way to the wizard's tower, and then finally fighting the wizard. Let's add Bob's how. What: Name: Bob Age: 18. Race: Caucasian. Demographic : Lower Class. Goal: Wants to go to college. Why: So he can get a better job, and show his father that he is worth something, who believes that Bob has wasted his life and has no chance of making it in the world. When: He decided to go after an argument with his father where he yelled that Bob was a waste of all the time he spent raising him. And he decides that he wants to go at the beginning of the next year. Where: A public college with at least a 2 year technical course in fine arts. How: By getting a job to pay his way through college, since his old man ain't going to give him any money, and by studying hard to ensure he graduates. And there. We have all of the Ws of character building. Bob is now a complete, character, with motives, goals, and a plan on how he is going to accomplish those goals. Congrats, Bob. Actually, there is one more W that I haven't mention so far, and it's fairly important, but, in my mind, can't be written without the first five Ws having been written down first. I am, of course, speaking of... The Who: The who is who the character is, their personality, how they act, how they define themselves, ect. The reason I you can't right this before you write the other Ws is because, well, those other Ws, in a way, are already the who. Think about it. What have we learned about Bob and the other example characters? We learned that Jack is thirsty. ... What? You want more then that? Fine. He is also someone who likes to do something by himself, or at least through his own self initiative. He could of simply asked an adult, or a friend to go get the water for him, but he went and did it himself. The corporate executive, no matter which version you prefer, is a man who decides things on a personal level quickly, possibly without too much thought, and maybe goes ahead with his plans no matter what anyone else may have to say. If you take the revenge version, he has a quick and violent temper, since we never say that he think of doing anything other then getting revenge, and with the suicide version, he maybe puts too much of himself into the things he owns, or has a secret self-loathing that causes him to take failures very personally. With the third version that he cares about his wife's feeling of safety, or maybe he likes to feel big both at work and at home. And Edwin. He is someone who does not sit down and give up, he pulls himself up from the destruction of the life he knew and sets out to stop the wizards. He is driven enough to train himself from a farmer into a hero, possibly charismatic, or sympathetic enough to recruit allies to his cause, and determined enough to see it all through to the end. And Bob? Bob is a slacker, who perhaps never put much thought into what he wanted to be, he simply drifted through high school because he had to, and hadn't a single wish to continue his education until his argument with his father. After that we see something else to him, he, much like Edwin, is driven. He WILL prove to his father that he can be more then a slacker, he WILL make a better life for himself. He's intelligent enough to have at a decently thought out plan and is so determined to prove himself to his dad that he is willing to take the extra responsibility of working his way through college. Will he slacker nature show itself and possibly compromise his goal? Most definitely, that's where his drama kinda comes in. A lazy guy trying to break out of that shell and make something new out of himself. I hope this was useful to you all. And if you have any questions, feel free to post down below. Have a good day. -LS
  24. "There once was a savage war. A war that mankind, alone, could never win. Join the story, and follow these adventures high and low to discover secrets, treasures, myths, and legends." Cast of Beginning Characters (I'll list more as time goes on. I'm not ruining everything for ya yet.) Alright, that's the starting party. Now, let's take a look into the story, shall we? (Prologue) "You find yourself as Will, who's with Wane in Roa, a town off by a desert. Wane and Will talk about some simple matters, like how King Victor's army throws shampoo at flying targets, eventually getting interrupted by Darkness, a perverted joker with a poor memory and word choice at times. He exclaims that you need to help Crystal fight off against Magic Crosses that are trying to steal the food she has gathered." Battle 1: 2 Magic Crosses (I'll give the first battle, mainly for anyone who may want the demo once it's done to help with setting the whole game up.) Both Magic Crosses have 15 HP, low stats, and simple evasion, but know one of the hardest to beat skills, Magic Barrier. These Crosses will spam the move as the battle explains the TP and MP rules, as well as some stat buffs and new statuses. Once the tutorial is over, the Magic Crosses flee in fear and leave the two alone. The insignia marks that of deities. Will, after being forced to become a god, joins the ranks with Thyrois, Deiroace, and others. You can gain some runes that were gifted by the gods, allowing you to summon them into battle. Be warned, however, that danger is no easy game. Be prepared for a possibly hard beginning, ranging from Leaf Vixens using Giant Bloom, causing sleep, poison, and agony, to Chaingras binding you. Easy enemies, but one does not fight without reason in Wane's eyes. The battle system is by Lite, since I want a basic feel to the game. Sure, that limits a lot, but I can live and fit the story in Chapters of the thing. Average game play without edits is projected to be 5-6 hours. Characters include, but are not limited to: Kirue, Wane, Will, Crystal, Lek, Darkness, Xerian, Sol, Novaria, Ragnarok, and many more. What are your thoughts?
  25. AstralGames

    Another Major Update

    Sorry I didn't tell you guys before but I went to Florida for a vacation so I really didn't get a chance to update my blog frequently. But I had some time to work on the History of FosGi and it is now up to date with the current game I am making. I will upload the document as soon as I get a chance to figure out how to do so from google docs. P.s. The history I Wrote can be the grounds for more games in the future. There is a crazy war called the Death War. At this time, Queen Dekelena was in power when the undead crossed the ice bridge in the Frost Age from Diamon to Forister. She trained an army of elite soldiers to fight off the undead. The Queen also gained access to magic from speaking with the jarl in Arisia which is the town where they discovered magicks.
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