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  1. So yeah, I finally got my computer up and running once more. It's not a done deal; need to do more upgrades, but I do have a nice start. Upgrade 1: New Disc Drive; I once had a DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, I have a DVD+-RW now (it reads and writes to DVDs as well as CDs) Upgrade 2: New (to me) HDD; it's a 1 TB HDD, that runs at up to 15,000 RPM, and when it does, it's very f*cking loud, reminiscent of old school PCs. I've made a Win 7 partition, and a secondary partition, and thus far, it runs decently. However, in many areas, there is much that could be improved upon. I haven't installed Linux yet; I'm not so sure that the version I had downloaded will actually run because although my CPU is 64-bit, I'm not so sure it'll handle a 64-bit OS. I had tried running XP from a burned DVD disc that I had been sent some time back, and kept getting an odd error message that made no sense whatsoever, until I saw that it was loading up 64-bit files. That's the only thing I can come up with. Ah well, I have Windows 7 running, it'll work for now. Another odd thing I ran into was when I reinstalled VX Ace. I did not have this issue before where starting a new project would lock up the program, but it started doing that all of a sudden. I was able to circumvent this by opting into the old non-Steam version beta, but still, odd. I also moved my MV Steam install files from my old HDD, and it started right up Of course, it still lags badly and I'm damn sure that if I didn't have that opengl32.dll file, it wouldn't run at all, but I'm still glad that @Radiant Arin bought the engine for me. I'll eventually get to do something with it, just need better hardware, lol In speaking of moving all my old Steam install files, I could do that for all of them and just have Steam verify them. It would make much more sense, lol (I'm going to do this for RPG Maker and GCH:PE) Oh, but what's the verdict on Throes of Damnation? Still shelved, but I have all the files; I can take what I need from them for other projects. Especially the scripts; those are important as I don't have backups otherwise... @Kayzee, darling, all that work you helped me with was not lost.
  2. 'Ello there peeps. I was going over my world map collection and decided that it would be nice to post it here for you guys. Enjoy. TILE MAPS: Proto-Zulavin Map Judgment Map Map I made for my friend Wish to the Stars Setting Map Nameless Peninsula DRAWN IN GIMP Vallenfell Map Celium Map Old Age of Fate Setting Map Old Pale Range Map Central Carrion In Progress Map(no name) Hope you guys enjoyed this little look through my works (most of these are works in progress simply to avoid people using stuff I plan on using).
  3. Welcome to the first post of a new series: World of Zulavin(zoo-lah-veen), the series where I blabber about all the random stuff I've written down for my game that I can't find a place for inside of said game. The game in question being Legend of Amara. In this opening we will be going over regions on the continent known as Vallenfell, the homeland of the Valnius and the first splinter continent. We only have two regions today, I have more written down but I don't want to drown you guys in fantasy words right off the bat. We'll do three regions next time, but for now let's start with... The Shaded Range: Population: 2,071 Settlements (population): Hamlets: Aider (21), Pickstone (27), Wilhelm(54), Orerun (64), Whistling Hills (17), Cloud Peak (22), Knight's Rest (8), Inal'tor(ruins), Alewood (32). Villages: Woodspell (243), Pickter (589), Masa(ruins), Tracker(abandoned), Entha's Trail (207). Towns: New Albrin (787), Twilight Mist(ruins). Description: A mountain range on the southern west area of Vallenfell. The region is dominated by the mysterious Night Shade Woods, a large forest that stretches from the far western tip of the continent to the banks of the Darren River. The region is dotted with a dozen or so small villages and hamlets along with one town, New Albrin, that sits on the southern border near the Amaran Plains. With the area being one of the more mountainous on the continent, the population in the area is small and scattered. Only a few locations are capable of sustaining large quantities of crops and as such the few settlements here rarely export produce. The only true exports of the region come from Pickter, a small mining village where the rare Iyite ore can be found within the local caves. A small cast of wildlife populates the region, Enthas, Grasras and Yalins make up a majority of the wildlife, but large bats, insects, slimes and spiders are found within the Nightshade Woods that cover most of the region. Valnius of Enrial descent are the majority ethnicity, with Amaran, Vonak, and Altira making up the minority tribe. Small numbers of Ganths and Sigth make up around one percent of the population. Valnius of Amuri descent were once the dominant ethnicity in the southern areas of the region, but they were almost completely wiped out by the Scourge that the Zinuthu Dominion led against the tribe thirty years ago. Few, if any, remain in the region today. There is also a small Omrak'ral settlement hidden in the mountains known as Wilhelm. People from this region are often known as Rangers. (Look to the end of the post for explanations for any words or terms) Amaran Plains: Population: 19,329 Settlements: Hamlets: Fen (24), Rider's Breath (16), Windwheel (46), West Rest (59). Villages: Border Shade (361), Havel (257), Remembrance (583), Derex (472). Towns: Old Albrin (509), Zinuthu's Watch(destroyed), Gilligan(destroyed), Feyhills (602), The Howling Hill (565), Keystep (1453), Oakhatch (1054). Cities: First Horn (4576), Far Bay (5621), Zinuthu's Dawn(destroyed) Holdfasts: Oakstone (176), Birchstone (294), Pinestone (152). Fortresses: Ironstone (586), Silverstone (754), Goldstone (1056). Description: One of the most fought over regions in the history of Vallenfell, the Amaran Plains is a verdant region that stretches from the borders of the Shaded Range up to the foot of Mount Windpeak and down to the glistening waters of the Howling Coast. The region is home to many biomes and mysteries such as the frozen shore, the thirteen stones, the ruins of Inal'tor and many others. The climate of the region ranges from sub-tropical in the south to a perpetual autumn-like state in the north, though the majority of the region remains relatively moderate all year round, making it the breadbasket of southern Vallenfell. The region also was the most prolific participant in the Panwa invasion of 1958 AoM, aside from The Scarred Stones, and was once home to hundreds of the greatest holdfasts and fortresses to ever exist, but now there are only six, the legendary Six Stones. The Six Stones are the oldest and strongest fortresses and holdfasts on Vallenfell, all have survived countless assaults over millennia, and were never captured by enemy forces until the Second Tribal Wars of 912 AoR. The Six Stones still stand today and Goldstone acts as a small city in the region. Valnius of the Amaran tribe have always made up the majority of the population in the region, with a slightly larger than usual population of Sigth nomad tribes. Other tribes make up minorities of the region, such as the Malik and Amanusi. The Zinuthu once made up a large minority in the region, but none reside in the region after nearly all of them were butchered in the Second Tribal Wars. The Plains were once the third most populated region on the continent, but after the Amaran Scourge and The Second Tribal Wars the population fell to the tenth, just above the Shaded Range. It is quickly recovering, though. Now standing at the fifth most populated. The wildlife of the region is mostly docile herd herbivores with a few predators. Enthas, sheep, wild Grelhorns, rabbits and Nothirs make up about half of the wildlife population. In contrast to the Shaded Range, the main export of the Amaran plains is produce from the large number of farms, and fish from the coastal towns. The region is also cited as the birthplace of modern music on Vallenfell and is reflected by the people's love of the art and the sale of every type of instrument one could think of. People from this region are often referred to as Amaran, though since the founding of the new Amaran kingdom, many now use Amani. And now some explanations of certain things. Races: Valnius - The closest to humans, but with bone spikes lining their forearms. Generally secluded and unconcerned with the world outside of Vallenfell or even outside of their individual tribes. They are well known for their prowess in agriculture and for their impressive resilience against repeated invasions of their homeland in the waning day of the Age of Mourning. Their patron Ruler is Lokrale. Sigth - Think half-giants. Formerly slaves of the Ganth, the Sigth are now a tightly connected set of nomad tribes who have spread to every continent on Zulavin. They have tried to found cities and empire many times in the past, but their inherent wanderlust has seen all of those attempts ended. Their patron Ruler is Nalan. Ganth - Think slightly short humans with insane healing factors. Formerly the glorious kings of the surface of Lothander, the Ganth are now known as mole lords, forced underground when the Sigth rebelled against them, scorching the entirety of the surface of Lothander. They are known for their ceaseless wars, unrivaled combat prowess, and highly resistant bodies. They have no patron Ruler. Omrak'ral - Think of a regal looking gargoyle. Considered the closest to the Iyana of old, the Omrak'ral are the lords of Eboncrest, the largest continent on Zulavin. They are known mostly for their strict form of government that fits everyone into a specific societal roles from birth as well as their long standing hatred of the Ganth. Their patron Ruler is Silth. Animals: Entha - A strange creature that has the general build of a wolf, but the fur patterns, tail and ears of a wild cat. They often hunt in packs of six and are able to paralyze prey with their glowing eyes, or dissipate into mist when threatened. Grasras - Think one of those giant sloths if they had horns on their heads and razor sharp claws. Grelhorns are an oddity on southern Vallenfell, as they are the only creature with such fearsome features combined with such a quiet personality. They are pure herbivores and use their horns and claws to either help push down trees or to cut through thick brush. They will defend themselves if necessary, but rarely kill any attacker, usually hitting any such creatures with the back of their paw. Yalin - A silver and bronze colored bear with green eyes. Yalins are smaller bears that are well known for their very docile nature, often preferring to sit in place idly eating berries all day than to bother with anyone who enters it's territory. They are also often kept as pets by wealthier citizens in the Floating Isles. Grelhorn - A pig sized armor plated lizard with tusks growing out of their chins. A much despised creature by the the citizens of the Amaran Plains, these creatures are well known as scavengers, willing to anything that will fit inside their maws, even using their tusks to break into houses and storage buildings. Nothir - Think of a massive crow. A very skittish and generally harmless giant bird, the Amuri tribe often considered them to be omens of good fortune. While they are largely harmless most of the time, they have been known to become very aggressive for apparently no reason.
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    aggressive behaviour

    So I have been living alone for like 3 years or so now. Ever since I moved in my **** Neighbor has been complaining of talking, flushing toilets, washing hands, making tea, slamming doors etc. But yesterday it got really bad, when my mum was leaving she confronted her and told her to not come back as she don't live here saying she shouldn't be woken up at night to hoovering (when it was 6/7pm) and to door slamming in morning at around 7am.... We live in London, in flats, u shouldn't complain about everyday noise, and you can't tell my mum to come round when I just had an operation on my foot, so I need her around to help me with bits and pieces and to give me my medication(i get injected every-week by my mum). She ony came round the morning at 7AM to give me my painkillers as i had run out and to feed my cats cos she was there. She thinks just because she has a daughter and is 6 months pregnant she has a right over everyone else.... when my left my other neighbor asked if I was ok, as she heard the fighting, and I was like yea I am, and told her she was yelling as my mum, not me, as she thought it was me yelling. She told me she was like this before with the bloke who lived there before me. So my mum rang the police cos of her threatening behavior and i Told them everything and they said that behavior aint right, they will talk to her and will talk to my mum and the landlord. *** is gonna get screwed by police, landlord and everyone around here. A warning to those who want to live alone Becareful who u live next to, they maybe the neighbour from hell, even tho they look like a peaceful lot.
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    Really Stupid Riddles

    I got really bored today and came up with a couple really stupid riddles. And I have nothing to do with them other than posting them here, so enjoy my crappy riddles. I am not red, nor am I blue I come from blue right to you I am not yellow, I am not glue I am not wood but stick to you From you comes red, from me comes flu Flames to you bring my doom I leave you scars, my final boon What am I? Kings need me, peasants hate me Steel rings for me both here and there Soldiers serve me, battles please me In my time you run and hide What am I? White chapels praise me, dark corners hate me Angels serve me and demons fear me Emperors bow and kings remove their crowns Four great horses pave my ground What am I? From king to paupers From paupers to kings I am the thing they all need I am the glint in their eyes The greed in their heart Magpies see me and squawk in joy You turn to look for me and the scoundrel is gone What am I? Yes. I know these all suck. Feel free to try and figure them all out and post what you think the answers are.
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    Evil and Agony

    I was originally writing this for the rpgmakermv.co resource staff, but seeing as I'm no longer participating with that group I figured I'd post this here. Hopefully you guys will find some use in this. Evil and Agony Part 1: The Evildoer Antagonists; we love to hate ‘em. From Donkey Kong all the way up to Fallout 4, we have been fighting villains in one form or another since the inception of gaming; Bowser, Doctor Wily, Slender Man, and more! These baddies have kept us coming back again and again to beat their sorry behind for decades. But I feel like we often forget that there are two different types of antagonist. Not all of them are fire breathing Turtle-Dragons bent on domination, nor are they all completely insane monsters with no face and the ability to make all of your VCR tapes look like crap (Am I the only one who remembers VCRs?) and turn you into some unspeakable horror. Some are just… people. People with wants and desires like you and me, but they may just follow a different path, it may be the wrong path, filled with anger, death and violence, but to them it may seem like the ONLY path that they can take. Either because of something they’ve done in the past that keeps them from believing that they can walk the same path as us, or they may believe that the other way is the best way of doing things. So, I want to talk about antagonist. Mainly; the difference between two types of what I call “The Agony†and “The Evildoerâ€. Let’s start with The Evildoer. What is it? Well, if you’ve ever seen a movie with the Joker in it, or read the Hobbit and got to the part with Smaug, or played a game with Bowser in it then you’ve already seen it. The Evildoer type of antagonist is one I’ve gone over before in another article that I wrote before joining the RT, but I’ll go back over it here. The Evildoer is sometimes referred to as a “Force of Nature Villainâ€. It is either mindless and does what it does for little to no reason, or single minded in a goal to the point where nothing else matters to it. These are the Black Lanterns, the Darkness’s, and the Zombies, something powerful, or overwhelming and, generally, completely evil. Not all Evildoers are just representations of evil. They can be representations of something else, a thought, a hope, a fear, an element, an object, an emotion, etc. These types of Evildoers most commonly show up in horror stories. Example are: The A.I that goes berserk and destroys a hopeful future, the creeping shadowy figure that engulfs everything in darkness, an unstoppable red hulk of a creature that destroys everything in fits of inarticulate rage, that kind of thing. One last note on Evildoers: They often are not humanoid, or if they are then they are disfigured, or strange in some way. You can make them normal looking, there are advantages to both ways, but the main thing to remember is that the normal looking Evildoer should still have something off about them, something that makes them seem unreal and real at the same time. A normal looking detective who you thought was your friend, but turned out to be the demon you’ve been hunting and taunts you with this fact as his eyes turn pure black and a strange sickly glow starts radiating from his chest. Those type of things are pretty effective and memorable. Basically, the Evildoer who looks like a normal person is most effective as a sort of “Gotcha!†twist. And if you do go that route, and then make sure to have some subtle hints to the true nature of the character. The traditional Evildoer should not be a normal person, because by their very nature they lack any real personality. They are embodiments of something, which normal humans are not. There are other types of antagonist like the Evildoer that can be normal people, but that’s for the next part. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2: The Agony The Agony on the other hand is something different, The Agony is a normal human; think a friend, colleague, or family member, who has had something just bad happen to them or someone they love. The Middle class father whose daughter has been diagnosed with an untreatable cancer, the former police officer who held their partner as they bled death, the king whose entire family was slaughtered right in front of him, the soldier who went off to war young and optimistic, but came back old and nihilistic. These kinds of characters are the tragic antagonists, they are people who could very well be me and you if one thing had changed in our lives, and now they stand across from us on the other side of a line. I would like to emphasis the ‘tragic antagonist’ part. While there are antagonists that are closer to being more of a rival, or the just the guy who happens to be on, say, the police task force that has been formed to stop your party’s crime spree, this is not the absolutely normal person antagonist. It is someone who has suffered something that has affected them deeply, to the point where they obsess over it. This is the antagonist closest to being an Evildoer without actually being one. They aren’t as pure evil as that type of antagonist, but they are the ones who are on the edge of becoming one, mostly due to their obsession. The Agony tends to be an ally to an Evildoer in the story. When they are allies with Evildoers it is almost never because they like the Evildoer, or even want what he wants, but they want something he can give: Magic that can cure the sickness of a loved one, the power to let the character get away with murdering someone out of revenge, or the information that can lead the character to their long lost family. As such, Agonies under the command of an Evildoer will often be apprehensive towards certain commands the Evildoer gives them, like beating up an old man, but will eventually acquiesce, or find some way out of performing the command without the Evildoer killing them. They may secretly help the hero, warn those in danger that the Evildoer is coming, or even join the hero at some point. The Agony is a great type of antagonist for a sort of dark reflection theme, where they share a similar past to one of the heroes, but one event led them to a darker path than the hero. This can result in the hero and the Agony having a unique relationship, maybe they are able to anticipate what the other will do, perhaps they share a friendship with a supporting character and are forced to set aside any differences to help said character, or perhaps as a reminder to each other of what they could have been. LS: Excluding this section. I’ll be using it for another article. I realized that this more fits in with another antagonist type. (The unknown quantity Agony is the mercenary who will do anything for the right price, the paladin who walks the line between light and dark, the spy who has split loyalties, ect. They work well as hirable party members in games, or as temporary party members that show up once in awhile. And if they do decide to help the Evildoer, then consider having them be friendly with the party before hand, help them out, save them once or twice. This can lead to a memorable scene of betrayal when the Agony finally draws his sword on the heroes.) Now this isn’t the only type of non-Evildoer antagonist, and I know that I’ll probably be doing another article on those some other time, but I just felt that this made a good article for the site. Now, let’s have a quick overview before we sign off: The Evildoer: 1. Often mindless or single minded in its goal. 2. Usually strange, or monstrous in appearance. 3. Destructive, or embodying something. 4. Lack any real personality, other than what they embody. 5. Often have no morals. 6. Tend to cackle and rub their hands together in glee after destroying villages if they are dark wizards. The Agony: 1. Usually a normal person who has had something terrible happen to themselves or a loved one. 2. Often an ally of an Evildoer, or an un-aligned character who may help either side. 3. If they are allies to and Evildoer, they are often apprehensive to carry out orders that go against their morality. 4. They have morals and ethics, unlike the Evildoer. 5. They may betray the Evildoer at some point, or they may stay with them until the end. 6. They tend to look good in leather. I hope this helped many of you, and if you have questions, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities. And now; a brief dialogue exchange between an Evildoer, and Agony. Agony: You murdered all those people! Evildoer: And what of it? Agony: They had nothing to do with any of this! Evildoer: Didn’t they? They refused to hand over the crystal. Agony: You didn’t need to kill all of them! Evildoer: And you would have done any differently? Agony: Yes! I- Evildoer: You have killed people before. Agony: Never like that! Evildoer: Truly? What of those farmers? Agony: That was different. Evildoer: Was it now? I distinctly remember you slaughtering them all for what happened to your sister. Agony: … Evildoer: Hahaha! You are pathetic. Agony: No matter what she did… They deserved to die. It was justice. Evildoer: Ever the arch hypocrite of the land! Agony: ...Shut up. - A game idea I once had, but I lacked the resources to make it. Viel Glück und auf Wiedersehen! (Good luck and goodbye. (Hope I got that right)) -C.D. Cerda (LordSquirrel).
  7. (Richter Belmont arrives in Dracula's chamber) Richter Belmont: Die monster! You don't belong in this world! Dracula: It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute. Richter Belmont: Tribute!?! You steal men's souls and make them your slaves! Dracula: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions... Richter Belmont: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you! Dracula: What is a man? (flings his wine glass aside) A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you! - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Since the beginning of gaming we have had evildoers. From Donkey Kong in his titular game, to Dracula in Castlevania, to The Didact from Halo 4. Villains have always given us a clear objective and reason to continue forward and complete our favorite games, and while our villains tend to be a bit more ambiguous in their evilness, today we will be taking a look at making pure evil villains. Those forces of malevolence that exist only to destroy and kill. Welcome everyone, to the first installment of Characters and Whatnot. A series where we will take a look at different types of characters and coming up with ways of writing them. Today's subject: The Evildoer. So, how do we go about making an Evildoer? Well, first we need some solid examples of what an Evildoer is. This is sort of my own term for it. I've been told that Extra Credits refers to it as the Force of Nature villain. I haven't watched the episode where they talked about it, and I like Evildoer better, so I'm just going to use Evildoer instead. One example of an Evildoer is The Darkness from the Fable series. Kind of spoilery for the second half of Fable 3 and then for most of Fable the Journey, but The Darkness (sometimes called "The Crawler") is basically what it sounds like; darkness and death incarnate. It is a single minded creature of destruction that believes that it has a right to everything in the world of Fable. It has no sympathy, no guilt over the massive amounts of deaths it causes, no goals outside of destroying the people of Albion and claiming the world for itself. Another example would be Bowser, the dragon-turtle-thing main boss of most of the main Mario games. Bowser's only real goal throughout most of the games is to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and beat Mario... And sometimes he just wants to beat everyone in go-karts, but that's beside the point. He is just as single minded and straight forward of a villain as The Darkness, if less intimidating. Now that we have those two examples (and don't link the game theory thing on Bowser, I saw it already.) we can see that the one thing that connects these Evildoers is that they are straight forward, have little to no real personality other than being power mad, and are bent on destruction. That is basically what an Evildoer, a character that exist solely to destroy and give the player a reason to continue forward. This type of Evildoer is almost insultingly easy to write, so I won't spend to much time on it, but one important thing to remember is if you are planning to make this villain still memorable, then you will have to put some extra work in. Evildoers are a dime a dozen and are everywhere, so if you want to make them stand out, then there are some unique ways you can make them stand out. One way is to give them a unique looks, although that may not be an option depending on the resources available to you, the big demon with flaming wings and a skull face is kinda played out, not saying you can't do it, but you'll want to add something else to it. Maybe a unique design of armor, or some different colored flames. One way that i always find is a good way to give them unique looks is by making them look like something normal, but with an odd twist to them. A trench coat wearing detective with pure black eyes and a burning fire in his chest is usually a bit more memorable than the before mentioned demon with a skull face. Another way is to give them some memorable quotes, sometimes the quotes can be something very simple, but said at the right time, or they can be something over the top and dramatic like with the example given at the beginning of this post. For those of you who can't remember or can't be bothered to look at the quote: "What is a man? (flings his wine glass aside) A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you!" See? Over the top, dramatic, and kind of silly, but it is one of the most memorable lines in all of gaming. Most of the reason is because it's silliness, but taken out of the context of the scene that it was original said in, it is a legitimately good line that let's the player know exactly what kind of enemy they are dealing with. And the final way of making these types of villains stand out is by actually having them score a clear win against the player at some point. Think about it, how many times have you played a game where you were fighting the demon king of hell, or equivalent, and won every single time you met him or his minions? I mean in a story sense and not just in gameovers. I'm willing to bet that almost all, if not all, of your experiences with this scenario play out this way. The demon king boasts about how he will, "End this pitiful world and you along with it!" and then proceeded to fail in every single encounter, but still keeps his certainty throughout the entire game. It just makes the villain a joke. Maybe have the Evildoer capture one of the heroes, or have them actual achieve one of their goals, or maybe even have them kill the main character, that can give an Evildoer a massive amount of credibility as a threat. There is also another type of Evildoer villain. The Evildoer who represents something. An emotion, an instinct, and idea, a fear, a hope. These Evildoers usually are more memorable than the pure evil villain. They are still usually hellbent on destroying, or ruling everything, but also require a lot more thought when it comes to making them. They usually work better for horror stories, or for games that pose a question to the player throughout the whole game. Let's take a look at two particular Evildoers of this type that I'm sure all of you have at least heard of: Slender Man and The Rake. Yes, yes, yes. I know people don't really take either of these seriously because of the massive over exposure both of them have gotten over the past few years, but let's just ignore that for a moment. The true thing that makes these two so effective, and so terrifying to a degree is that they represent something. They both represent the unknown, or the strange. They are have humanoid features, but also have distinctly inhuman features. A head of pure white with no facial features or hair, long animalistic claws and an alien-like head attached to a small humanoid body. This is sort of like the Uncanny Valley effect. It looks so similar, but also so alien, so out of the norm from what we expect. They could also be considered representations of fate since there is no way to ever escape either of these creatures. No matter how fast, how intelligent, how clever you are, you will die, or be captured. There is no escape at all. You may run and run for years, but they will find you. Another example is something I remembered reading about. It was for some kind of tabletop RPG that seemed to me to be a kind of mix of Dead Space and the Lawnmower Man. I can't remember the name of the game, and a google search has yielded no results, but I remember the main villain of the entire setting to be a rather effective Evildoer. In the story of the setting, mankind finally reaches a point of technological prowess where we reach the theoretical phenomenon known as the Singularity (look it up) and were able to make a true A.I. It was capable of making it's own decisions, and expand it's knowledge infinitely... But then something went horribly wrong. The A.I went insane for lack of a better word. Just out of nowhere is began making really demonic kinds of stuff for seemingly no reason. It begins making cybernetic demons, swarming storms of robotic bugs that scour the planet in search of anything organic, and spouting out demonic language and apocalyptic prophecies until it eventually drove mankind from the surface of earth. This A.I represent a fear, or a twisting of a hope. It represents the fear of the possible repercussions that this sort of technology could bring about, and twists the hope of making a better future that such technology could make. It also represents the fear of man overstepping his boundaries, the fear that we might destroy ourselves with our own technology, and so on. Ultimately, the Evildoer, no matter what kind you want to make, is a common and some would say boring villain. But if you do it right, you can make a truly memorable enemy for your players to face off against. I hope this helped you guys in some way. I know this was mostly just an explanation of what kind of character an Evildoer is, but honestly, this is a villain you have to make yourself since a different one is needed for every game. Have a good day everyone. See you next time with something with a bit more pointers. -LS Want tips on how to make a character in general? Check out this link. T he 5 Ws of Character Building
  8. Greetings lower lifeforms! Welcome to the second entry of the Wish to the Stars development blog. Today, we will be going over some things I've been doing in chapter 1. First off: We have a functioning chapter selection area! Yes. We have chapter selection. There will be 11 chapters, most will have 2 parts to it. One where you play as the character Aiden, and another where you play as the character Aria. Some of you may be wondering why I decided to do a map instead of pictures for selecting the chapters. Well, the main reasons is because I am not very talented at drawing pictures, which would have led to very boring and uninspiring chapter images and a map made for a more interesting way of navigating. The other reason is because I really like Fable 3... Yes. I know what you are thinking. Feel free to ostracize me. I won't complain. Anyway. I really like the idea of all of the menus being abstracted out and having everything from the menus being put into an interactive environment. Now, Fable 3 managed to make it a massive chore more then anything fun since they literally abstracted almost every single menu out of the game. I'm only doing this for the chapter selection area. I also like the chapter selection in the game Sacred Tears TRUE (http://store.steampowered.com/app/316840/), which is similar to this. So, I'm basically stealing from other, probably better, games. Anyway. The chapter selection will allow you to go to any unlocked chapter and play through it at whatever level the characters currently are, along with what equipment and money they have. Being certain levels will unlock new events and such in previous chapter. This is meant to give the player as much freedom as possible when going through the game and to allow them to play through whatever chapters they feel like without feeling like they have to find everything right as they are going through them or else they will have to restart the game or load a save. The next thing on the list: Mapping! The first town area of the game is complete! The village of Ander. Which is the home of the two main characters. It has six sections to it: The Grove, Village Center, Waterfalls, The Eastern Side, The Farms, and the Brody Homestead. All of which will be accessible during both sides of chapter 1. There really isn't anything else to say. And now the last thing on our list is: Characters! Names, nick-names, descriptions, and some side notes on every character has been entered into the database. Aiden and Aria's class information has been entered into the database as well and are currently under going some testing. The rest of the character's class information will be entered at a later point as well. Here is a current status on all of them: Aiden: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: TESTING. Aria: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: TESTING. Cavall: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Marcus: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Galahad: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Eden: Names, ENTERED. Description: ENTERED. Class: NO PROGRESS. Anyway, There really isn't much else to say since not much of the story has been put in yet, outside of a small intro scene, so I will leave you guys off with the percentage completion of each chapter. Chapter completion percentages. -Chapter 1 completion: %30 -Chapter 2 completion: %0 -Chapter 3 completion: %0 -Chapter 4 completion: %0 -Chapter 5 completion: %0 -Chapter 6 completion: %0 -Chapter 7 completion: %0 -Chapter 8 completion: %0 -Chapter 9 completion: %0 -Chapter 10 completion: %0 -Chapter 11 completion: %0 Have a good day everyone. -LS
  9. Wish to the Stars – Plot and stuff – theory and development thread Hello everyone! With MV coming up soon, I've wanted to come up with a medium length RPG sort of in the vein of the older Final Fantasy games. And I thought that I could do this as a small project to show the capabilities of MV. Project Title: Wish to the Stars Rating: T Length: 6-8 hours Battle system: Sideview Plot Premise: The player takes the role of two siblings, the older Aiden, and the younger Aria. The live in a small village where they work as the local monster hunters for the village, although, it’s mostly fighting pathetic slimes, and chasing away the occasional wolf packs. Aiden finds the work boring to say the least. One night, while watching the stars with his sister, he utters a wish to be able to go on an adventure. The next morning the two awaken to the village under attack by a knight clad in black armor and a wizard dressed in sky blue robes. The two attempt to fight back, but are defeated and Aiden is taken. Aria wakes up three days later and sets out to find her brother and to discover why the knight and the wizard took him. Aiden, meanwhile, awakens in a cage in the camp of his captors. He devises an escape with a fellow prisoner and the two go on the run from the knight. The player will switch between the two every time a new chapter begins. Gameplay: The game will focus on combat and exploration. The combat will be a classic turn based rpg system that focuses more on synergy with party members. The none combat part of gameplay will focus on exploring areas and unlocking secrets, as well as visiting towns and having dialogue with NPCs. Characters: -Aiden- Age: 29 Class: Tracker Strengths: Single target physical damage, self buffs. Equipment: Swords, Shields, Medium Armors. Weakness: Magical attacks, defense debuffs. Stats: Above average health, and ATK. Average DEF, and Skill(LUK). Below average AGI. Low MDF, MAT, MP. Biography: http://pastebin.com/aGizJu3a -Aria- Age: 23 Class: Tactician Strengths: Multi-target magical damage, healing, buffs. Equipment: Swords, Magical Gauntlets, Medium Armors. Weakness: High defense enemies, focused physical attacks, element changing enemies. Stats: High MP. Above average AGI and MAT. Average health, MDF and Skill. Below average ATK and DEF. Biography: http://pastebin.com/U9fBQkdv -Hillary- Age: 30 Class: Wanderer Strengths:(To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: (To be decided) -Galahad- Age: 48 Class: Fallen Knight Strengths: (To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: (To be decided) -Cavall- Age: 3 Class: War Hound Strengths: (To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: (To be decided) -Phin- Age: 22 Class: Magus Strengths: (To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: (To be decided) -Marcus- Age: 23 Class: Mercenary Strengths: (To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: (To be decided) -Eden (Race; Deut)- Age: ??? Class: The Last Strengths: (To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: “Sometimes, a sleep can be a boon, other times a curse. I am unsure which of the two could describe mine.†Born at the end of the last age to the ancient and powerful race known as the Deut. Eden was raised in a society that’s very being was magic. Being the daughter of a great hero of her people, she grew up as a noble in the Deut crown city of Morning’s Beauty where she learned the ages old traditions and magics of her people and family. -Sebastion- Age: 27 Class: Exiled Prince Strengths: (To be decided) Equipment: (To be decided) Weaknesses: (To be decided) Stats: (To be decided) Biography: (To be decided)
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    RPGMaker Class Database

    Hello everyone, good day to you all. I have recently been thinking about how classes in RPGs, mostly how there is a hell of a lot of them, but I've also been wanting to come up with a new topic for this section of the forums, so I decided to come up with something of a group project: The RPGMaker Class Database! What is The RPGMaker Class Database(TRMCD for short)? Well, it's what it sounds like, a database here on the forums for people to post classes for others to use in their own games. I think this will be nice for anyone who has problems coming up with their own classes, or just want to use ones from other people on a short project and don't want to spend to much time coming up with stats, or strengths for certain classes. Rules: 1. You must include the following: -1a. Class name. -1b. Combat roles. (what they do in combat such as, Single target physical/magical damage, physical/magical defense, status effects, ect...) -1c. Strengths and weaknesses. (Things like elemental affinities, stat values - High, medium, low are fine, but you can give exact numbers if you want.) 2. Please nothing sexual, or offensive. This is a resource for everyone, let's not get trolly here. 3. Please don't double post a class. Class formatting: Class name: Combat roles: Strengths: Weaknesses: Stats: Additional information(Read the Additional Stuff section below): I'll start us off with three fairly basic classes. Warrior: Combat Roles: Single Target Physical Damage. Strengths: Half damage all physical attacks. Weakness: Ice, Electrical, Fire. Stats: -Medium Health points -Low Magic points -High Strength -Medium Defense -Low Magic Attack -Medium Magic Defense -Low Agility -Low Luck Thief: Combat Roles: Status Effects. Strengths: Electrical, Slashing attacks. Weakness: Fire, Blunt. Stats: -Medium Health points -Low Magic points -Low Strength -Medium Defense -Low Magic Attack -Low Magic Defense -High Agility -Medium Luck Wizards: Combat Roles: Group Magical Damage. Single Target Healing. Strengths: Fire, Ice, Electrical, Earth. Weakness: All Physical Attacks. Stats: -Low Health points -High Magic points -Low Strength -Low Defense -High Magic Attack -Medium Magic Defense -Low Agility -Medium Luck Additional Things: You can add on an "Additional Information" section to your class where you can add any additional information on the class that you want, such as backstory for the class (How you came up with it, where you got it, or what the backstory of it in your game's world), equipment, additional quirks, so on, so forth. If a class is meant to be a joke, maybe consider tagging it with (Joke) in the name. Just so people know ahead of time. Feel free to edit and change any class you find on this thread to better suit your game. Hope this gets big, I really think this will be helpful to people. Have fun, and be creative! Forum Member Classes: Warrior-like: Rogue-like: Wizard-like: -LS
  11. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE Drawing Stuff

    Welcome to EpicFILE Drawing Stuff! (I think I'm gonna change the topic name later because it doesn't sound really good...) It's been a while since I'm doing serious drawing. Recently I play Soul Calibur... IDK why, it makes me want to draw again. xD (Maybe because its great arts... Or fancy costumes? It opens up my inspiration traffic anyway) Here's a picture I made today.
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    Boredom #6

    And so it returns. In all it's boring glory. Gonna try and work on these more. Anyway. Have a good night everyone.
  13. Unproductive Meetings is a 'sorta' podcast. In each segment, I sit down with a friend or two and we'll talk about literally anything while playing a (usually retro) video-game game. You could say it's like a more casual version of Game grumps where it's less focused on the actual game being played. I was mostly interested in documenting the funny banter that I have with my friends and sharing those experiences. Full segments of the podcasts: Shorts/Highlights as well as funny parts that had technical difficulties:
  14. LordSquirrel

    So, RPGs.

    So, I've been playing a number of RPGs lately on a multitude of platforms, consoles, PC, mobile devices, even watching a small portion of a DnD game. This is mostly due to me putting off work on my own projects because I'm a lazy punk with the physique of an obese telly tubby, and partly because I've been trying to find an answer to a question I've had for awhile, the question being "Why do we always say that story is the main strength of RPGs?" This is a common opinion I hear, "The gameplay is generic, but the story is good, and honestly, that's really the only part that matters in these games." or something similar, mostly when going through RPG Maker forums. I always want to challenge this stance, but whenever I think about the metric ton of RPGs that I've played, I honestly can only ever come up with one or two examples, that I end up realizing later were just as boring as other ones. Now, this is probably just me, and I'm perfectly willing to except that. I know a few people who really like the gameplay in Earthbound and the Persona series, but I honestly feel that the RPGs that follow in the veins of these game, or other Final Fantasy esc-games, have never had good gameplay, or un-engaging at the very least. I don't really have much of an answer to why this is, even after playing somewhere around twenty RPGs in the past three weeks, but I do have a few ideas as to why. First possibility: Gameplay that never really changes. Through the multitude of games I've played recently it struck me that most RPGs never really shake things up. For example: In final fantasy 4, you learn everything you ever need to know for the entire game. There is never a time where the game throws you a curve ball that forces you to adapt or radically change up your strategy or ways of playing, even games like Dark Souls fail at this, all you ever need to do in that game is roll around until you learn the enemy's moveset and then wait for an opening. There is the occasional boss that plays with this, but it's usually only one boss and you never have to adapt again. Second possibility: Slow, or uninteresting gameplay. Let's face it, turn based battle isn't the most interesting combat, now is it? And fancy side view battles can only remain fancy for so long. It's another thing that I've noticed in most of the games I've played recently, they always have either frontview/sideview TBB/ATB systems with the normal Physical attacks, four elemental magic attack spells, light magic for healing, dark magic for curses and the like, usually poorly balanced, or lacking in any real challenge, and those that do have "challenge" mistake overpowered enemies that take five hours to kill as challenge, and not, you know, giving them some kind of interesting patterns, or strange status effects, or any kind of ACTUAL challenge. And they usually when they have ATB, then the bar takes so long to charge that it might as well be TBB. And that's really all that I have, well, at least all I have that I can actually explain without going into fifteen paragraphs like I usually do. But anyway, what do you guys think? Do either of the two possibilities seem plausible? Am I talking out of telly tubby shaped rear end? Do you have your own ideas on why gameplay tends to suck in RPGs? Or do you think that the kind of gameplay we normally have is perfectly fine? Leave a comment and discuss away!
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    Boredom Annual #1

    In the spirit of making these things for a week, and because I'm too lazy to make anything else. And, yes. I know the week anniversary was yesterday, but shut up.
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    Boredom #5

    Blaurgle. I hope this was as underwhelming as you were all expecting.
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    Boredom #4

    Here's another one. Nothing really left to say here.
  18. ♪Bored, bored, bored, bored bored bored bored!♪ And so begins the slow decline of the humor.
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    Got bored again.

    And here we are again. And no. I don't know if this is going to become more of a thing. Maybe it will if I get some extra this summer.
  20. So, yeah... This is a thing that happens when I'm bored. Nothing else to say really.
  21. LordSquirrel

    Musings on fan games

    I was going back through the threads and PM conversations relating to the cancelled fan project Persona: Forgotten, which I was part of the development team. As I looked over them I found myself wondering one thing that I can't really find a satisfying answer to: Why do most fan games fall apart? There are a few rather obvious reasons in the case of Persona: Forgotten, which I won't go into because it would pretty much just end up with me trying to divide up blame, and I don't want to throw anyone under the bus. But when it comes to other fan projects it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why, especially when one is not a part of the devs team for the game. But I have noticed that there is a rather large amount of fan games that seemed to be going very well, and then suddenly just stop. The game stops getting updates, the devs stop talking about it, and eventually the game is declared cancelled and then the people who were excited for it are left confused and wondering what happened. A lot of the time the devs don't even explain what happened and just move on without ever mentioning it, which I always see as somewhat sad, if you're going to go the effort to announce the game and make several updates, but suddenly end it and never follow up on why, it will always come across as strange and it will just upset people. Maybe it has something to do with some sort of shame for not finishing the project after promoting it so much? I can understand that; putting so much effort in and then having nothing to show is very discouraging, but at least give people some sort of closure on it. But, yes. Back to the question of why these things fall apart. As I've been writing this post I think I might have been struck with a decent answer: Perhaps it's because the dev team is made up of nothing but fans? What I mean is that everyone who is a fan of something will have a different interpretation of what is the best part, or the most important part of it. I know I've run across this in Halo forums where some people are only there for the story, some only for the gameplay, and some only for the art style (Yes, art style. I honestly don't get it.) and perhaps it is this very thing that tears a project apart. Let's say that a team of fans get together, one enjoys the gameplay of the games, but doesn't care for the story, another is all about story and just feels the gameplay gets in the way, and another who care about only about another aspect of the game. They could all get along rather well, but the division of thought on what makes the series great ends up splitting them apart. Although this is all just a random thought that has come to me while writing, so maybe I'm full of liquefied bull manure. What do you guys think about this? Because I'm honestly trying to come up with other reasons besides lack of effort. This was probably a bit of a pointless post since i don't really propose anything amazingly insightful, but I need something to do while waiting for my Sims 4 to update. And I'm honestly kind of tired of seeing fan games that look really good just dying out of nowhere. -LS
  22. Mnemomancer Narrative The following is the opening scene of the Mnemomancer project. Not too much, around four pages worth of stuff, but thought I'd share it to display what sort of narrative I'm looking to incorporate in my story. I've been influenced greatly by games such as Shadowrun (1993), Planescape: Torment (1999), Fallout: New Vegas (2010), and Shin Megami Tensei IV (2013). _______________________ Where was I going again? Am I running away from something, or.... Perhaps it was toward something instead? The air felt too thick to breathe in. My movements were that of an old man’s, I could barely see now. The sounds of chains hitting each other. The dance of gold and iron on my fingers. A cross which once had a purpose. I think I too had a purpose, a long time ago… But it’s a distant memory now. [Twenty-Eight Days Ago] [Mysterious Voice] “Oh, yes, I wonder how long it has been since I expected you to arrive here in this graveyard. It must’ve been…I’m actually not sure. It has been a long time, for sure, to the point where I can’t even count the number of years.†“Kehehehe…†“The journey is straight ahead, mnemomancer. I am the Undertaker, and the opportunity to offer my services once more is nothing less than absolutely thrilling for me. Kehehehehe…†{The Undertaker] “But it would seem that I must pardon my excitement – you have been sent here for a purpose. The cycle begins anew, and your very existence has been called to prepare you against the dangers to come.†“Standing behind me is my home, but inside my home is a mirror – for most, it’s simply an ordinary mirror, but its true abilities will come to light when those in need of it stare at their reflection.†“My assistant, Maiden Torri, shall lead you inside. Do not be surprised as to what you see inside that mirror, mnemomancer. This mirror is there to place the pieces of your future together – do take it seriously.†[Maiden Torri] “This way, mnemomancer.†“This here is the mirror. It was a gift, long ago, meant to be the left hand to the madam as I am her right. However, despite all this time, none has uttered its true name. Perhaps you and the mirror share some common ground – neither of you really own a name nowadays.†“Come, stand right here.†[Protagonist] > You stare at your reflection, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Usually, you would’ve walked away, but the bizarre situation planted the seeds of curiosity, and you continued to stare into the depths of the mirror, wondering just what exactly you were meant to see. > A few moments later, your reflection began to warp. Your body would’ve jumped in surprise, but the mirror paralyzed you, holding your gaze. You watch as the warped reflection transformed into a vision of your former teacher, Ms. Farrell… > Except it wasn’t Ms. Farrell. The reflection held a crimson aura, making her appear as a red-colored ghost. You could almost feel heat leave the mirror, except it wasn’t that of a fire, but temperature, that of a human body. [scarlet Phantom] “I am the one who has walked through the brilliant red flames of Michael the Saint, who has been bathed in the blood of my pride and the heart of my shame. I am both brave and cowardly, for while I flee from death itself, not once have I never burned myself for deciding to ignore my destiny and making my own path in this life. [Protagonist] > The reflection of Ms. Farrell began to change once more, and you find yourself facing the supposed murderer of your aunt – her boyfriend, Garrett. His handsome face and carefree grin did not incite any anger in you, however; this was the Garrett before he was a murderer, and perhaps deep down, you did think he was once a kind and sane young man. > The reflection was almost incandescent to look at, as it glowed with energy – yet it was not blinding, and the visage began to speak as well. [Golden Phantom] “I am the one who sacrificed myself to the spears that rained from the heavens, choosing to be the martyr who carried the weight of the world’s sin on my shoulders. It was not bravery that drove me, but an overwhelming desire to show just what one person could do when pushed to the utmost – the only thing capable of pushing me was fate.†[Protagonist] > Garrett’s smiling face dissolved into the mirror once more, warping itself into yet another form. However, you knew that there was little room for surprise anymore, as the face and body of Adrianna took form within the mirror, as lovely and cheerful as she was in life. > However, it was not joy or remorse that took form, but an overwhelming emptiness. Ms. Farrell was most definitely alive, Garret was possibly alive, but Adrianna was most definitely dead – yet you could not cry. > The phantom, cloaked in blue, brimmed with a familiar essence. You stood there, silent as ever, as it began to speak in her all too familiar voice. [Azure Phantom] “I am the one who is neither survivor nor martyr, for I walk the path of strength itself. Never would there be songs or stories written in my name, and over time, I shall be removed from history altogether – yet, I was the one who made the journey possible, and I was the one who brought victory to my companions, and for that, I will transcend beyond human memory to become part of the worlds for an eternity.†[Protagonist] > The smiling face of Adrianna began to warp in form once more, constantly shifting between the faces of all three phantoms. It would seem that you have a choice to make, and the true purpose of the mirror began to dawn on you. [scarlet Phantom] “Will you walk the path of the fire, and cling to life with all you can, for the chance to live out your life to the fullest, a gift all too rare for most?†[Golden Phantom] “Or the path of the light, for perhaps you find meaning in sacrificing yourself to protect everything you hold dear, whether it be a cause, a friend, or even a stranger.†[Azure Phantom] “But if none of those paths are fitting for you to walk, then the path of the memory may be the direction you seek, to trade happiness and legacy for transcendence.†[Phantom Mirror] “The future has set itself out for you. How you choose to grow in power, to become a reflection of the decisions you make, will begin with this one answer.†[Protagonist] 1. “I wish to live my life to the fullest, forgotten but happy.†2. “I wish to die a hero, entombed in the words of man for an eternity.†3. “I wish to transcend to a form above my human self, to be a part of existence itself.†[Phantom Mirror] “Your decision shall stand alongside you for the duration of the journey ahead, mnemomancer. The consequences of previous cycles and past decisions shall affect you no longer.†“Hark! Mnemomancer, the events that are to unfold are yours to determine, and yours alone. No longer will your choices affect your lonesome existence, and you will be the one to orchestrate the moments of history that will be procure a new world!†“Now, look deeper into the mirror, and undergo the first of your many tests!†[Protagonist] > You feel yourself being drawn into the bottomless depths of the mirror. You could not struggle, and out of the corner of your eyes, you could see the Undertaker walking into the house, waving farewell as Maiden Torri simply bowed. > Your forehead pressed against the surface of the mirror, and it began to ripple. No sounds could leave your shocked mouth as you fell forward into the darkness, devoured by the nothingness that now surrounded you. > It was silent. The world was silent. Existence was silent.
  23. Welcome back to Writer's Resource everyone. This week we'll be looking at http://fantasynamegenerators.com/ a great place for those of us who are a little creatively stifled when it come to making up names for out fantasy game, or even for our modern games. Yes, that's right. I said modern games as well, because, despite it's name, fantasynamegenerators.com isn't just for coming up with names for your elfy elves, or drunk dwarves. It actually has quite a large selecting of generators for modern, and sci-fi settings. Granted, most of these are based off of names from popular franchises, but it really doesn't take that much to edit a name into something new and unque. And for those of you who are thinking, "I don't need names for my characters. I need names for my towns and cities and giant squirrels towers!" Okay maybe I'm the only one who says that, but the point is that the site doesn't just do character names, it also does village/town/city names, monster names, race names, mountain names, forest names, star names, ocean names, continent names, country/nation names and plenty more that are all available for free. I personally use this all the time when I don't have time to use more own personal name generator (It's complicated. I may bring it up in a later post.) and I think it's just a great website. Heck, it even has helpful little guides for creating the magic, society and several other parts of your world. Hope you guys enjoyed this. See you next week. -LS
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    Writing and stuff.

    Hello there Ace users. I was wondering what I could possibly do for my next blog post since I'm still playing through the next game I have planned for "Yay, or Nay?" and I figured that I might as well talk about this stuff if only to try and help people avoid doing some of this in their games. I guess I should also mention that I'm currently on my fifth cup of coffee, so I might end up switching back and forth between different things. Just putting that out there. The first thing I wanted to tackle was something that I keep on seeing in Rpg Maker games and that is a lack of urgency or direction in the story. Urgency, for those uninitiated, is basically what keeps me wanting to play the game. I've played a few games lately, the most notable would be Enelysion, where the game starts off, introduces the main character, introduces some main item that is important for some reason, and them dumps me into a house where the character lives and then I'm told that I should go find someone who the character apparently gave the item to when I feel like it. Now, I usually wouldn't have a problem with this type of thing, it can be used as a good way to setup how a character lives their lives in the world before anything insane starts happening. But with games like Enelysion it sets up this kind of thing and then proceeds to tell you jack squat. Sure there are a few characters standing around that apparently know your character, but the conversations between them and the character don't really reveal anything that interesting about the character. It takes about two hours into the game before you really start to get anything new, or interesting on the character at all. If you're going to use this kind of opening, have characters that the main character plays off of well, or that the character has a past with and can talk about some events that they both experienced together. Something as small as a fishing accident that the main character doesn't want to talk about because it is embarrassing can give a lot of information about who they are. Just something to think about when planning out your story. And actually, another quick tip. Don't just have the NPCs around your world be completely boring. I know that isn't exactly helpful, but when I play a game and I just run into a bunch of NPCs that say nothing interesting, or don't mention events currently going on in the world then I quickly find myself rowing bored and just running past any NPCs I see. At the very least have them talking to another NPC, just something to make them seem like they aren't just a bunch of set dressing. And while I'm still near talking about Enelysion, let's talk about direction. Enelysion unfortunately has a pretty terrible sense of direction. Almost everyone I've talked to who has also played the game has said, "Yeah. I liked the art style and the main character seemed kind of cool, but it took me about twenty minutes before I found where I was supposed to be going." The main reason for this is because all you're told about where you're supposed to go is that it's a church somewhere on the map. So you go to the actually pretty cool looking over world map and see that there is a temple looking thing to the north. That has to be the right place, right? WRONG! After that you look around the rest of the map, maybe walk into the nearby town and see if anyone says anything about the church, and of course, no one does, you go out into the overworld again and just start looking everywhere, but still don't find it. So now it's been about fifteen minutes, and you're getting a little ticked off and decide to go back to where your search started, maybe there is a clue you missed then, as you're just randomly going around the town and going up to every building and seeing if you can go inside, you find the church by accident when you go looking into a normal looking building stuffed into the north eastern part of the town. I shouldn't even need to tell you what's wrong with that whole process. You want to know the best way to counter act this? Just tell the player where the place is. Have a character say, "you mean that place in so and so town?" or have a text box fly up saying "This place is in the north eastern area of so and so town." A lot of people I know actually ended up not finishing Enelysion because of this problem with direction. I'm actually contemplating quitting all these hours in due to lack of even simple direction. Geeze that was a big wall of text. Anyway. On to the next thing I wanted to talk about and that is the lack of moderation in gaming in general. As much as I admit to enjoying Call of Duty Ghosts is does have this problem of never bringing us down to relax and feels the need to constantly throw larger and larger events at us every freaking mission. We start the game with a pitched gunfight in space God's sake and it only gets more and more over the top from there the apex of which I still think is sliding out of a collapsing skyscraper while having a pitched firefight with enemies who are also falling out of the skyscraper until eventually you pull out a parachute that you had for some reason and happily gliding away as the skyscraper levels an entire block. It was exciting, I'll give it that, but it would have been much more exciting if it was preceded by the previously mentioned space fight, running through an area that is being bombed from orbit, stealthing around the grass as a dog (No. Seriously that happens.), attacking an enemy big with several exploding trucks and defending an american base against an entire enemy fleet with nothing but a few drones and a machinegun. On paper this makes it sound like the game will never get boring and only become more exciting as it continues, but in practice it just makes the big set pieces become less special, and by extension, less interesting. Let's look at another game in the CoD series for how you do this right. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. This game is probably one of my favorite shooters from the past decade and the reason being that it made all of it's big set pieces feel special by not making them happen every three minutes. And while the game does open with you sinking a massive ship in the pacific it immediately follows this up with simple ground assaults, stealth missions, defending certain objectives and then suddenly a character you've been playing as for most of the game, along with several thousand american troops, are wiped out in a freaking nuclear explosion where your helicopter crashes and you are forced to play as that character as they slowly die from a combination of radiation and blood loss which still ranks up in top 10 lists the world over because the game didn't have big set pieces like that all throughout the game. (I would have spoilered that part, but honestly if you haven't heard of the nuclear scene from this game then what rock are you living under?) It actually felt important and was even shocking to have something like that happen because the game had gotten you into the feel of taking out baddies in small engagements. Now this isn't something that is only a problem with set pieces, I've always said that swearing is over used in gaming today because people seem to think the only way to sound mature is to shout fifteen swears in a conversation about the weather. I personally think that swears should be treated like an exploding building, in that you shouldn't use it too much, or it will, like the Ghost example above, just become repetitive and boring. And when you finally have some kind of moment where the character swears out of rage at some great tragedy it will be completely lost on us, because they've been swearing since the first line of dialogue and people will just be wondering when the scene is going to end so we can get on with the story. That isn't to say that you can't have a character that swears a lot, like a mercenary, or some washed up bitter hero, but you have to justify it because no one starts a conversation by saying, "Hey, you! Yeah you, F***bend! How're you doing?" nor do they say the word sh*t thirty times within half that many minutes unless they happen to be a plumber. I guess that's really all i had to ramble about today. Just a bunch of complaining about things that annoy me really. Eh. Hope you found it funny at least. -LS
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