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  1. RyenSaotome

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    Summary: Renryuu: Ascension is an adult fantasy RPG that follows the story of Ryen, A half dragon. After stumbling upon a plot to place an imposter on the throne Ryen takes the opportunity to seize power himself. His duties and adventures as the new king will take him from the streets of the Capital to the far corners of the world. Renryuu is a fully realized RPG filled with excitement, Danger and the company of beautiful women! Your party starts with just 3 characters, but during your travels up to 12 people will join your group. All 9 girls from the party will have at least 3 CGs, Going from a naked scene to a full night of fun once your relationship is high enough. As well as additional CGs of side characters that can be found around the world during your journey. Features: - Explore an open world environment filled with quests! - The economic system is varied and multi-faceted. - Construction projects for your country, Like roads, A laboratory, Mines and others - Game mechanics include skill trees, Battle dynamics, Trading maps, Minigames and more. - Engage in international Diplomacy. - Many hours of gameplay .. and more with every update! Partymember: Screenshots: World: CGs: Game systems: Downloads: HI-Drive | MEGA Credits: Devlog: www.naughty-netherpunch.blogspot.com You can support my work at: https://subscribestar.adult/naughty-netherpunch
  2. AceOfAces_Mod

    Immortal Sins

    Genre: RPG Average Demo Time: 6 hours+ (depends on play style) Latest Stable version: D0.40 (0.40.0-20220415) Download from GameJolt, from itch.io or from the Windows Store (Windows 10 Version 1607+ only mirror) Story Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island who was exiled for a murder she never committed. Now away from her mother and her little sister, she and Elena, a trainee Dragon slayer, will travel across cities and kingdoms to uncover the truth and seek redemption. However, what she finds may be the key to change the entire world... Screenshots:
  3. Latest Version: Download Version 0.745 Walkthrough: (sorry, no walkthrough yet!) Saves from previous versions will not work with version 0.74 due to new scripts that were added. Sorry! I am leaving the following for future versions, as saves should be compatible going forward. Transfer Saved Games: You can copy an old saved game from the game's folder and pop it in the new folder. (Will not transfer some things and some events might respawn). Subscribe to my Patreon to help me commission more art, animations, and lots of other enhancements that will help improve the quality of FSA. I also provide weekly updates at my Patreon on what I'm currently working on. My Patreon Page The Fairy, The Succubus, and The Abyss Seventy years have passed since the War of the Purple Dragon. Peace reigns across the land. The few remaining monsters are content to remain in their dark caves and underground passages. Now, as past threats of evil fade away and become mere legends, dark forces stir in the depths. War is coming. The six kingdoms are not prepared. Features -Play as Sienna, a fairy living in seclusion, as she is captured and thrust into The Abyss, A place so Hellish that none have ever escaped. -Eat, drink, sleep, and bathe as enemies inflict wounds, infections, poison and disease. Struggle to survive in the harshest of environments, including hot and cold zones. -Defeat in the Abyss is not always the end. A large variety of monsters will eagerly rape Sienna if she falls in battle, inflicting trauma, disease, and possibly even pregnancy. -Give birth to ten different varieties of sprites, then nurse and feed them daily so they will age and grow. Equip them for a variety of bonuses. -Monsters die permanently (with few exceptions)! Kill all enemies in an area and solve the Light Lock to make the next time through a much safer experience. -A variety of boss fights that often play more like an action mini-game or puzzle. Don't forget to save first! Just one mistake here and these bosses will kill you. -Choose morality or partake in guilty pleasures. Sienna can be good or bad. The choice is yours. -The nice choice is not always the best choice. NPCs can sometimes die just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. -At key points in the story you'll make final decisions that will permanently shape Sienna's character, changing her personality or giving her unique (and often useful) traits. Sienna's personality affects her behavior during sex, and later in the game Sienna will automatically make choices based on her personality. -During the story Sienna will give birth to six other fairies, and later on they'll join your party and help you fight. Your fairy children and other allies have personalities and battles of their own. At key points during the story you'll need to backtrack with them to discover hidden locations, events, and even bosses that only they can activate. Screenshots: Screenshot 1 (Warning! Mature Content!) Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Script Credits: No music change script - Modern Algebra Override Change BGM/ME Animated Battler Graphic script - Original by Neonblack, modified by ???nOBodY??? Graphical Credits: All fairy sprites, new portraits, and sex animations by Bebecake: Bebecake | Patreon Fairy baby sprites by Arsministrator: Arsministrator | Patreon[/B] Some commissioned images by Obakawaii: Userpage of Obakawaii -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Many sprites taken from VH (Violated Heroine) and modified for use. Some sprites by Evolution. Various artwork by Mavis: www.mydirtydrawings.com If anyone has a problem with my use of any of the art included in FSA then let me know and I'll remove it. The only exceptions being default Rpg Maker assets that I have modified. Unless someone says so then I have no idea which art is actually public domain, free to use, royalty free, etc..
  4. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    Abstract: A game loosely based on the first Dragon Quest. Genre: Classic RPG (Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior style) Average Demo Time: At present, can be completed to the point I have finished entirely in two hours if you speedrun, about three to five for the average player. Game Progression: I have decided to split my progression into how long it takes to complete each landmass. So far, I have finished the first landmass (save a dungeon that will accessed later), out of a planned total of five and all the areas unique to them, hope to be finished by the end of this year or sooner, time permitting. Recruitment: I need help in bugtesting (scripting help especially) and some musical and possibly graphical assistance (mostly either with making my music loop and/or helping me with some graphics I may need to finish my project I cannot cull from other sources). Story/Setting/Purpose: The same as the original Dragon Quest. Rescue princess, stop the Dragonlord. Will have some story alterations, elaborations, and some things invented out of whole cloth, but the core remains the same as the original. Character Bios: (fully fleshed out, everyone else is a WIP) * (Playable) Roto - Descendant of Loto (I know, Roto is the same name in Japanese, meta joke), farm boy from the province of Kol who likes to read, is a bit shy around girls, but has a big heart and wants to be as heroic as his ancestor. * (Playable) Mara - A mage of Tantegel Castle, friend of Princess Lora. A snarky hedonist, yet is often practical and to the point. Idolizes the Queen of the Succubi, Lady Tera. * (Playable) Sarah - Soldier in the army of the Constitutional Monarchy of Tantegel, was the bodyguard to Princess Lora, was given a scar trying to prevent her capture, was given dispensation by the commander of the Tantegel Army to assist Roto in recovering her. Very serious, a devout follower of the Goddess Rubiss. * Tera: Of all the demons and spiritual beings who defied Rubiss long ago when the Demon King Zoma decided to oppress humanity, Tera and her followers sided with Rubiss and aided humanity. Tera's followers are considered allies of humanity and Rubiss in return, and Tera had artifacts from her realm stolen by agents of the Dragonlord which were cursed which she is trying to retrieve in the present day. Credits (so far, Readme at Github repo for this game will have the latest info) == Features (taken from readme, repo has latest info) == * In battle, you have a "TP Meter". Once it hits 100%, you basically get several stat boosts due to the adrenaline flowing. It will only last at least until the battle ends, though, or unless you die. Using any move that uses TP points will lower this below %100 and remove the boost until it recharges, so bear that in mind. * Speak with the castle chancellor (the guy between the king and queen where you start) if you want to change the difficulty of the game. * You can change most of the other game options via the "System" submenu in the player menu. * Added a "Biography" menu option, so you can learn a little more about your playable characters. * Speak to Brent the castle librarian to receive a Key Item that will serve as the ingame encyclopedia, usable from the item menu. It's still WIP, but does have the bestiary worked in at present. Downloadable Links: https://mega.nz/#F!VM8iGYzL!pc8SDIOJ7H-aoPqDdQ3hEw (All public betas including latest release found here)
  5. KainLightsworn

    Ad Lucem

    Abstract: A return to the days of old RPGs, when the world was simply focused on Black and White Morality... or so it seems. Genre: High Fantasy Turn-Based RPG Game Progression: This game is still in the early stages of development. I seek, by the end of it, to have a 15-20 hour+ game on my hands. The latest demo has been added as of April 27, 2016! https://soundcloud.com/kainalexander/sets/ad-lucem-music A deep and engaging choice-based story which can lead to multiple endings, varied party reactions and interactions with events on-map, combat which requires a bit of forethought and fast reflexes, a deep skill combination system which (with the full party) can lead to over 80 new skills in-battle, NO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS, combat in which the tide of battle must be carefully monitored, a stealth system, a dueling system for periods of mano e mano, a crafting system, fully-voiced battles, (eventually) fully voiced cutscenes, ORIGINAL SCORE and ORIGINAL FACESETS. RPG Maker Source Seer UK and Original Wij Victor Engine Yami Raizen Blackmorning Yanfly Moghunter Jet Kread-EX Galv Vlue Coelocanth Archeia Tsukihime Modern Algebra WilliamtheUnproPro (for his many tutorials used in making this project!) =SCRIPTS= Enterbrain (RTP+DLC) Game Character Hub Woratana (Windowskin Generator) =MAPS, SPRITES, SFX= Steven Kelly/Sarifus Alex/Aldrius =VOICE ACTING=
  6. Abstract: Fantasy RPG In the world of Utopia, the Gate to the Realm of the Stars has been opened, and only Braev and his newfound friends can save the day! 17% complete overall, NEW working demo uploaded(about an hour and a half)!
  7. Fisherolol

    Rance - The Brutal Legend

    The new challenges are now up, The first player that defeat the last boss of the Scarlet Devil Mansion will get $20 equivalent of steam wallet. The first player that defeat the last boss of Leazas Castle will get $10 equivalent of steam wallet. This version mainly: Updated plugins for MV versions 1.3.3 Fixed a bug causing Damage over time effects to not do damage on the first hit TP no longer take damage/reduction into account for gains/losses You can see Mana Costs in Passive Learns Menu Boss Damage increased by ~20% All Difficulties nerfed by ~10% Added black lines on bosses HP to see when the next phase starts Added black lines on characters HP to see when you are low life : +50% Fade when high Life (>= 80%), -5 Threat Regeneration Nothing when Mid Life (>= 50 < 80) +50% Threat when low life (< 50), +5 Threat Regeneration Added black lines on characters MP to see how fast your Mana can regenerate Fixed a bug causing the last stage completed to give less rating than intended A boss fight driven gameplay Rance Kichikuou Rance Timeline Fangame http://rpgmaker.net/games/7118/ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RanceTBL Genre: Visual Novel, Strategy, Fantasy RPG Average Demo Time: 1 hour Game Progression: Early 2019 Recruitment: Writer - Must have played at least Kichikuou Rance and have interest in the Rance world. Playtester - Spelling mistakes, grammar, textchecks, skill balance. Story: Character Bios: Mostly focused on combat, Rance - The Brutal Legend will keep you on the edge with hard and smart boss battles. Credits: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4vfzniydkwsfw0x/Credits.txt?dl=0
  8. Destiny Chronicles - A Gamer Story [Demo] Destiny Chronicles is a visual novel with RPG elements using League of Legend sprites, icons, and images. Tags: Role-playing Game, Science Fiction, Romance, Mild Violence, Choices Disclaimer: I reiterate that that sprites, icons, images, and music belong to League of Legends from Riot Games, Persona 4,3,2 from Atlus, Devil survivor from Atlus, Yugioh FM from Konami and The King of Fighters from Snk. You're looking at the excellent character selection menu made by Moghunter in the screen screenshot above. The screenshot above shows the Monogatari menu script created by Moghunter, Tarot cards made by PoisonCage. More Pictures Game Progression: Chapters 2 of 5 Download Beta 3.5 Spanish Version http://www.mediafire.com/file/721c5nx2365czmn/Destiny+Chronicles+%28BETA+3-5%29.rar A special thank you to everybody who made the scripts and helped to improve this RPG's Engine. THANKS TO League of Legends (Battlers Sprites, Icons, Items, Weapons, Armors, Skills) Moghunter(Animated title A, Advanced load bar, Scene character select, Scene file) Galv(Party Selector, Visual novel choices, Menu themes) Yanfly(Ace core engine, Party System, Shop Options, Menu engine, Party Sized menu, equip engine, status menu, item menu, command equip, command party, Battle engine) Galge (Conversation System) Saba kan (Conversation System) V.M(Enemy HP Bars) Manga studio(Actors)
  9. Seriel

    A Temporal Journey

    Credit to Eien Nanashi for this awesome logo. Story/Setting: Characters: (Minor gameplay spoilers!) Progress: Screenshots: Download/Play: Credits: I accept and encourage any form of comments, criticism, complaints or bug reports. Put those down there in a reply ↓ ~Seriel (Jackus)
  10. Download: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9189/downloads/8500/ About: A McBacon Jam 3 game, featuring the collaborate work of four members of RMN, including aspects from various games and genres compiled together which have inspired us on our game making journeys. Cold at Heart is a sci-fi dungeon crawler, where you experience what it means to survive in a brutal environment, being hunted by an enemy you do not understand. Alone, on an icy planet, wading through an abandoned colony. Will you survive? What horrors await you in this colony? You and your intelligence drone step into the maw of darkness in search of your wife. Embark on this dungeon crawling sci-fi experience with custom graphics and music as you journey into the remains of an environment overcome by a nightmare. Screenshots: Features: - A party of two! - No leveling up! Characters mainly progress through equipment and various upgrades. - Skills learned through equipment. - Setting inspired by Metroid and John Carpenter's The Thing. - Tons of things to examine that will both provide you with items and small pieces of the game's story and world. - On-map encounters (not featured in the current DEMO). - Exploration-based gameplay inspired by "Metroid/IGAvania" games. - Survival horror gameplay mechanics (limited inventory, haunting atmosphere, horrifying enemies). - Fully custom graphics and music reminiscent of the classic SNES games. - Turn-based battle system. Credits: Lead: Gredge109 Tileset and Sprite Art: Gredge109 Level Design: Luiishu535 Musical Composer: Luiishu535 Character Portraits: Ratty524 Battler Graphics: Ratty524 Consultant: LockeZ (Things may change over the course of the game's development. Estimated release date is set to late September, 2016.)
  11. Mars has just moved to a new city with his family. It's his first day at a new school. Except every day is his first day at a new school. Every morning Mars wakes up and relives the same day. Every night the world ends. Features Do anything you want in a consequence free world! Dynamic music that took ages to program and will be unnoticed by 99% of players! NBS battle system (No Battle System) - this is an adventure/exploration/puzzle game. It has no combat! Explore Phobos City Solve the mysteries of Phobos City and try to escape the timeloop! Interact with the charming and witty citizens! Make friends! Relive the same day over and over: almost as tedious as real life! About Me and Influences Hi, I'm Matt and I've been making this thing. I've been playing around with software like RPG Maker since the late 90s trying to make my own game. Mars Underground initially started after finding out a new RPG Maker engine was coming out. I checked out the DLC graphics packs available and was particularly taken by "Old School Modern" by Jason Perry. At first I started planning on making a game that was largely Earthbound inspired. As a twist I thought I'd set it in a timeloop. Eventually I removed all the RPG elements and made it into an "adventure" game. I've been heavily influenced by the classic LucasArts adventures. I have also always loved the way Zelda games open up as you play them. It's a feeling I'm trying to capture in my own game. As you unlock topics and gain items you can get to new places and have different experiences. Dynamic/reactive music has been a passion of mine since listening to the music of Monkey Island 2 on a decent soundcard. I've been trying to make the music in my game as "dynamic" as possible using events. Outside of video games I'd say Mars Underground is influenced by movies like Groundhog Day and Donnie Darko and novelists like Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut (that's where my user name "Kilgore Trout" comes from). Demo (updated 30 March 2016) Play online: http://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/mars-underground-demo Download (PC): http://rpgmaker.net/games/8513/downloads/7991/ Credits Design Matt Sanderson Music Matt Sanderson Paul McMahon (Akumenn) Graphics Old School Modern, Fall Tiles and Time Fantasy by Jason Perry Pop! Horror City by Vexed Enigma RPG Maker DS+ Modern Shop by Lunarea Scripts TerraxLighting: Terrax MVCommons: Zalerian, Ramiro, Hudell, Dekita TDDP PreloadManager and FluidTimestep: Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth WebAudioCache and AdvancedMenus: orlando ChangeTileSize and MV Smart Path: Shaz DMV Core and DMV MapButtons: Dekita (www.dekyde.com) Copyright © 2015 - Dekyde Studios Dekyde Studios Developer: Dekita - dekita(at)dekyde.com YEP CoreEngine, MainMenuManager, RegionRestrictions, MessageCore and X-ExtMesPack1: Yanfly SilvSkipTitle: Silver MBS SmoothScroll and MapZoom: Masked TTKC EventBaloonAlert and TTK ChoicesCursor: Fogomax Orange EventHitboxes and InstantTrigger: Orange Hime ConditionalChoices, HiddenChoiceConditions, LargeChoices and DisabledChoiceConditions: Hime --> HimeWorks (http://himeworks.com) Font Xeliard by Alex G.
  12. ​Abstract: An epic tale about the struggle between the people of Mundar and the dark forces of evil, one which transcends time and space. ​Genre: Classic story driven fantasy RPG. ​Average Demo Time: 1 - 2hrs (Depending on whether you're a player who looks for secrets/talks to everyone or a player who just goes straight for the objective.) ​Game Progression: (1-5%) Hard to say really, I have the broad outline of the story written down, like the main events and story points of where the game is going and how it'll end, but as many of you must know, as you progress along through the game all kinds of little details come to you that not only enrich the story but all lengthen it. The current demo is just the "prologue", much like in a novel. It sets the tone and sets up the events of the main story to play out but in actuality is a very short piece of what's to come. Story: Set in medieval times on the world known as Mundar, the kingdom of Haligonia has been enjoying a time of peace for the past 16 years since the conclusion of the War of Nations, a war in which King Faliard of Brictonia suddenly crossed the ocean with his armies and attempted to conquer Haligonia. Some say Faliard was possessed by evil forces and was driven insane by voices in his head, though nobody knows for sure. One day, on the southern shores of Haligonia, at a small settlement called Newbark Town, true evil suddenly and without warning appears and starts slaughtering everything in its wake, looking for someone they call The Ancient. Miraculously this seemingly unstoppable evil is contained and peace resumes, the people of Mundar never knowning what even happened. It would be another 16 years of peace before once again the evil surfaces, and this time it's here to stay, that is unless a group of ordinary people thrown into extraordinary situations can find a way to end this cycle of evil once and for all, if they can't, the world of Mundar will undoubtedly be consumed and destroyed forever. Characters: Raiden Raiden is a serious well-mannered man. He lives in Newbark Town and works as the town hunter. He fought in the War of Nations as a young squire but gave up pursuits of becoming a knight for a simpler life as a hunter. Respectful and caring, he will always be there for you when you need him. He grew up at Oakland Castle with his best friend Darien but has no real family of his own, so his friends and neighbors are everything to him. His strong sense of honor and loyalty guides his choices and life. Darien ​ ​Darien is arguably the best knight in all of Haligonia and he played an integral part in many battles during the War of Nations. Now however, in times of peace he lives in Newbark Town with his wife Marilynn and their two twin baby boys. Even though he's technically retired he still trains and patrols various parts of Haligonia with his dragon partner Gardock. Honorable and loyal to the crown and kingdom of Haligonia, he would give his life fighting to protect it. Marilynn Marilynn is the wife of Darien, she is a quiet kind-hearted woman with patience and love for everyone, she wouldn't even hurt a fly. Though she is a very honest person there is something mysterious about her. Darien and Raiden first met her a few years before the War of Nations one day while walking through the forest. She was being attacked by a bandit and Darien saved her. Her life before that day is completely unknown as she refuses to say anything about it other than saying that her home was destroyed and she had nowhere to go. Darien brought her back to Oakland Castle and got her a job washing laundry. Before long they fell in love and then a few years after the war, when Newbark Town was first founded, they got married and decided to start a new life together in the small settlement. Gardock Gardock is an extremely smart dragon that has a special bond with his partner Darien and they have been inseparable since Darien was just a little boy. Gardock, a lonesome dragon, too smart to relate to other dragons, lived his life in the mountains near Oakland Castle. One day Darien, just five years old, stumbled across Gardock's Cave and they came face to face. To Gardock's surprise though, Darien didn't run or scream, he just stood there for a moment then began talking to him. After that Darien would return almost everyday with food and he would sit down on a rock near Gardock and just talk to him, Gardock can understand English but can't speak it so he would just listen. One day dragon hunters found Gardock and nearly killed him but out of nowhere, Darien, just a small boy, came flying in from behind and killed two of the hunters, Gardock just watched on as this boy fought for him. Darien was struck down and almost killed himself, but when the hunters realized who he was they took off. Ever since that day Gardock and Darien have been best friends, something no man and dragon have ever shared before. Gairick Gairick is a retired war general who was given the position of commander of Newbark Town for his years of service. Because of the peace times and his age, he spends most of his time sitting around the Newbark Keep with his men drinking brew. He's kind of an asshole but can be relied upon when the fighting starts. More characters to come There are lots more characters to come, but I will add their bios as they become relevant in the story as to avoid giving away story plots and spoilers. ​ Credits Blood Tileset - "Lololo Games" http://lolologames.blogspot.mx/2014/12/pack-de-recursos-de-terror-rpg-maker.html Dragon Face - "ZororoWhite" http://www.rmakercom.net/t375-vx-ace-megapack-de-recolores-y-edits-del-rtp (Everything else in the game so far is from RPGMaker VX Ace itself.) (I am the only person working on this project.) Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/0lezus30qizbvja/Spirit%20Summons.exe?dl=0 I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out this post and a big thank you to anyone who actually downloads the game and plays it through. I'd love to hear about any feedback you can give me, good or bad, what you liked or didn't like. Also, I don't think there are any issues or bugs, but please let me know if you find anything wonky. Well that's it then, hope you enjoy my game!
  13. Nex What is Nex ? A turn-based RPG taking place in a fantastic world. It is a hardcore/dark rpg game. The game itself is progressing fast, I've been working on it for about 2 years now and it is slowly transforming into what I wished it to be. This game is not about graphics, its about good, intense gameplay and crazy replayability. For now there's about 5 hours of gameplay but since I've spent so much time on the system, the hours of gameplay will rain soon enough ! And once its completed I would like it to be about 70 hours of gameplay minimum. The strongest inspirations for my game are the Dark Souls series (obviously), Pokemon and I guess every Anime I've watched for the past 10 years. If any scripter or artist is interested in the project please pm me, if you are none of those things but wish to contact me to comment on my game you are highly welcomed to do so ! Is the story any good ? In Nex you play Totems, which are a species able to connect with Animas (Spirit Animals). Each Totem has a particular Anima; Rat, Lion, Boar, Honey Badger. There are only examples of the diversity of the character range. For now the game contains 31 playable characters each with a unique set of skills, masteries and backstories (which ranges from boxing champion to simple cheese store owner). Totems are going extinct and may it be for your personnal benefit or for the greater good, you must reclaim all 7 Kingdoms (Sun, Cloud, Sand, Sea, North, Thundering, Night). In each Kingdom reigns a King or Queen and you must defeat them in order to complete the game. To reach these Queens and Kings you must first defeat their Champions. As for the characters backstories it will be revealed through flashbacks, finding certain spots will reveal additional information on each character. Character design much ? I do like character design and it is clear in Nex. Right at the start of your quest you are allowed to choose any of the 31 current characters (Ultimately there will be 155). Since describing all of them would be crazy, let's be iiiiinnnsaaaannne ! Are you ready ? Respect artists ! /!\ Hype Alert ! /!\ Here are some screenshots of Nex's features ! Extensive Equipment ! 7 slots of Artefacts are available The Beginning Intense Boss Fights !! Sweet Fast Travel ! and much much more !! Unique Features ? Nex is full of unique features here's a few : 1.Artefacts; Each character starts with 5 unique items providing unique skills which can be leveled until the player has to decide if it wanted to obtain the final version of the artefact or transform it into another playable character ! (All the possibilities !!) 2.Saving; Save points are scarce in Nex. The first one is located in the starting area (the catacombs) and the others are located in dangerous zones but the player will need to find special items hidden across the kingdoms to unlock the save points ! 3.Crafting; A unique crafting system allows the player to farm Champions artefacts ! The player has to eliminate each spirits in a very specific way to obtain crafting materials. 4.Flashbacks; Has mentionned before each character possess a unique backstory which will be revealed by observing flashbacks from your character's past life. 5.Immortality; The player never dies, it returns at the catacombs everytime the party wipes. Killing enemies reward the player with ''Memories'', granting it experience rate bonuses and boosting all stats. Memories are lost when the party wipes. Playable content : - All 8 first branches - Terra's second branch + Champion - Jupiter's second branch + Champion Get it NOW !!! Download This game seems perfect !! No it is certainly not ! It is still in early developpment and new content will be released every week or so, so it might not be bugless but my playtest team and I will try our best to make sure there is no major bug before putting it here !
  14. BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra. Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back to real world. But what will happen next? Is the game world in danger? Do Super Coolstory Brothers find another way? > Unique Gameplay! (As for RM) > LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! > Bring Back Memories From Your Childhood! > Original Soundtracks! > Original Sound Effects! > Old-school gameplay! (8-bit style) > Travelling Through Various Game Worlds From NES Console ~ Mario, Contra and many more! click to see: GAMEPLAY PREVIEW - GIFV COLOSSAL ANT - A murderous ant. For some reason it damages humans when touched and HOLY BALLS! It takes few bullets to kill and is annoying to hit! Drastically upscaled so you can see. Spuder - Dis Spuder can shoot cobwebs all over the place. It can't aim properly to be honest. Wox - A hybrid of a wolf and a fox. This cute dogie will gladly run through hug you. =3 Rock - It has hard character. It wants to prove, that you don't need life to move and not be grounded. SMALL DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 1. BIG DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 3. SMALL HEART - Restores HP by one heart. BIG HEART - Restores HP by three hearts. 1UP - Gives one Extra Life. Time - Gives some Extra Time. Super Coolstory Bros! BETA 1.0
  15. Though the comet in the sky has been around for ages, the majority of people on the planet do not realize it is headed their way. Soral, an orphan boy who was rescued by a lonely old man in the woods, has been having visions of the event. During a hunt, he happens upon a princess, named Leanne, who knows of a powerful crystal that could very well be the key to saving the planet. Characters: Screenshots: Animated Battlers: Download Demo 15-30min of Gameplay. This is the Indie in a Week entry version that has been updated with more skills, enemies, and various fixes. Let me know what you think! Development will continue on this project! The graphics are pre-rendered 3D backgrounds using the Ancient Dungeon Tileset as textures. The trees are the only thing that I made the textures for. I am currently in the process of creating my own custom textures and having custom charcter battlers made for me as well by RLMurphey. Credits:
  16. -Summary- This game is a prototype. It was my first attempt at making a game, and it suffers from me having a lack of any experience. It will not be canonically associated with the full Time Whisper game when it comes out, nor anything else really. Time Whisper is an RPG about walking in other people's minds. You play in an open world, where you can go up to any person you come across, and enter their mind. Each persons mind is like a little world of it's own, where you can read their thoughts, cure mental illnesses, just mess with them, and other stuff like that. Get the demo Here When you try and download it you might get a few warnings. I'm using a script called Khas Ultra lighting, which doesn't legally allow me to give out open source versions, so I had to use encrypted files. However it is safe. If you get a virus (you won't) you can sue me or something. -ScreenShots- -Characters- Pip: A girl with no memory Paradox: He wears a suit Princess Wizard: She's exactly what she sounds like. (I'm purposefully leaving information about the characters to a bare minimum) -Credits- Borrowed scripts: | Basic Enemy HP bars by V.M of D.T | Animated Parallax by Modern Algebra | Fullscreen ++ by Zues81 | Melody Simple Gold Hud by SoulPour777| Multiple Storage Containers by Galv | Ultra Lighting by Khas Arcthunder | Expanded Actor Menu by Mr Trivel | Music by Ross Bugden Everything else by me
  17. Zenman Empire is the greatest nation in the world. It's located in the central region and surrounded by the bloodthirsty Martia Kingdom (formerly the Martia Tribes) in the north, the deceptively powerful Amazail Kingdom in the south, and the unpredictable House Lagidis in the west. Each year, the vassal factions must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, women and gold to the Zenman. Its capital city, Zalumi, has been protected by the four most powerful noble families. Those four families are the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens and the Rileys. One morning, Leonardo, the only child of the Sutherlands, was nowhere to be found. The news shocked the whole nation. People freaked out by the mysterious disappearance of Leonardo, a young nobleman with unlimited potential. Meanwhile, in the north, Martia Kingdom has been staring at Zalumi for years. The Amazailian are also lurking around from the south. Both of them are growing tired of being a vassal nation. They are getting tired of paying tributes to the Zenman Empire. They have been watching Zalumi like a hawk, waiting for a chance to take action. Sources from the Iron Eagle from Zuda Kingdom revealed that Martia and Amazail have been trying to form an alliance. If the two indeed become allies and something happens in Zalumi, they will launch an invasion to Zenman. With their powerful forces, they should reach the capital in no time. The once great Zenman Empire suddenly faced two big threats from both the north and south. The conservatives in Amazail - led by Gaer Capulet, the General Eunuch - always want to maintain the status quo. They always want a peaceful environment for economic development. They are against wars and want to maintain good relationships with neighboring countries, especially Zenman Empire. The Amazailian conservatives obviously want to prevent the alliance so they can prevent the war from happening. It seems that they are the only hope to stop this madness. General Characteristics ✓ Jumping, lock picking, finding secret treasures (chests), solve mysteries, explore hidden caves. ✓ Scripted side-view battle system with visible opponents (no forced random encounters or invisible monsters). More aggressive beasts are going to chase you down. The bandits obviously will approach you. Less aggressive opponents will leave you alone, unless you attack first. ✓ A more realistic spoils system that make more sense. You won't see the "heroes" broke into people's houses, open chests and take the gold away right in front of the owners. It just doesn't make any sense. Beasts and some monsters don't drop gold. Why would a wolf carrying around gold? How does it carrying gold anyway? In this game, they drop body parts instead. You can sell body parts for some quick money or save it to build weapons/armors in the shops. You won’t see any chest in a public place and people around doesn’t even bother to get it. You won’t see any chest in jungles, deserts. Other types of reward are available. We’re trying to make everything a bit more realistic and get rid of some common annoyances in a J-RPG. ✓ The game features a loosely and flexible classes system. The game focuses on characters, every character is unique and different from each other, depends on their figure, appearance, schools, profession, orientation and career path, as well as fighting style and cultural background. ✓ Grinding is unnecessary. All you need to do to win this game is to be careful with each decision, look out for quests and secrets, managing your money wisely and using your skills, potions and items precisely, and... save often. We're trying to make this game and other games in the series unique and different from other RPGs in the market. We have made many little tweaks to make it different from other RPGs and hopefully better experience for you. Specific Gameplay Features ✓ There are tools and gadgets for exploring secrets and finding treasures. ✓ A more diverse and non-linear boulder system for puzzles. You need some strength to push the boulder. You'll need more strength to pull it. ✓ Two simple Quest systems. One for Story Quests and one for Side Quests. ✓ A more realistic Party management system. ✓ Special treasure chests that required special tokens. ✓ Fun minigames to collect your treasures. ✓ Grinding is not necessary for level advancement. However, there are grind areas if you want to grind. ✓ Simple mining system and gathers natural resources. ✓ Advance scripted jumping systems. ✓ Good replay value. Multiple endings. Multiple dialogues depend on various game progress and party member availability. The endings will be decide by many variables, including multiple choices (like Visual Novels) and subtle triggers. For examples: When you go out of your house in the morning, who will you go to see first? Which house did you go to first? After you got the quest to gather the party, which party member will you come to see first? ✓ We focus on the growth of the characters, on not only levels and skills but also intelligent, maturity, confidence, mental toughness, and personality. The plots and dialogues will be managed very carefully to execute that plan. Leonardo is the only child of the Sutherlands, one of the four most powerful families in Zenman Empire. Unlike other spoiled brats that we used to see in royal and noble families, he is a nice gentleman with kindness and compassion. He never lacks of enthusiasm. He's been groomed to be the next great nobleman. Unfortunately, during one morning, a servant brought food to Leo's room in the Sutherlands' mansion and the young master is nowhere to be found. The Sutherlands and the Imperial Court have searched everywhere for him but have not find anything. Rhyna is the daughter of an Amazailian noble and an Elf from Everland. She always has a pure love for Leonardo. She isn't sure what kind of love is that, but it didn't prevent her from cling onto him and made him promised to have a big wedding with her when she grows up. Elves sometime can be very lovely and straightforward. They don't hide their emotion like human does. A long time ago, Rhyna's father, Frank Slade, tired of the political struggles in the Imperial Court and ran away from home. He also ran away from a pre-arranged marriage that his family forced upon him. He traveled to Everland and met Rhyna's mother, Fydia. They eventually fell in love. However, when Frank took Fydia home to introduce her to his family. His family freaked out because she is an Elf. Obviously, they were against this marriage. Frank angrily left the house and swore to never return. Frank eventually married Fydia anyway. They wandered around the world fighting corrupted officials as well as bandits and monsters. Later, Rhyna was born. Years later, Fydia passed away because of an injury in a battle. Frank is still taking Rhyna wandering around the world to this day. However, the death of his wife woke him up. He is unsure of their current lifestyle. He is not confident in his ability to protect his daughter. He's been thinking about going back home to Amazail, but still reluctant due to his pride and ego. If he's really care about Rhyna's safety then he'll have to make some hard decisions. Gaer Capulet is the General Eunuch of the Amazailian Imperial Court. He was Frank's teacher when he was younger. He taught Frank magic and the art of fighting. Gaer single handedly defends the peace in Amazail Kingdom. He is the number one public enemy of the liberals, including the military leaders. They want wars. Gaer wants peace. The liberals and military leaders want wars so they can sell weapons, and so they can get huge military funds. Gaer basically block them from making money on people's corpses. Therefore, he must die! The liberals have been trying to assassinate Gaer for years. Nevertheless, he keeps on survive. Some of the liberals and military leaders were also mysteriously vanished or perished. Gaer is not a person who just stands there and doing nothing. He will retaliate. He is a peacekeeper, but he's also one of the most dangerous person in Amazail Kingdom. Wherever he is, wherever he goes, someone tries to murder him! Yet, he's still here. * An Eunuch is an official who is very close to the kings and the royal families. He helps them with day-to-day operations. Every Eunuch is either homosexual or had been castrated before they can serve the Imperial Court. This practice is an effort to forbid the inappropriate relationships between the Eunuchs and female members of the royal families, as well as to prevent adultery and scandals in the Imperial Court. As the General Eunuch, Gaer is the leader of all the Eunuchs in the Amazailian Imperial Court. No one knows what her name is. No one knows what she looks like. Everyone refers to her simply as "The Orc Princess". However, everyone knows her father, Murlock, the Slaughterer. He is the most feared humanoid monster in the world. He is a legendary leader and widely considered the Orc's greatest fighter of all time. While her father locked himself inside the mountain to practice magic, she is the one who leads the Orcs and manages everything from top to bottom. She has done everything behind the scene, therefore, no outsiders ever saw her. There are rumors that she is hiding behind the mountains and never shows up in the public is because of her bad appearance. People speculated that she's so ugly that she's afraid to show her real face. The setting of this game is in Shaola, a different world in another galaxy. Shaola is a world of love and war. It's a world of romance and power struggles between 1 empire, 8 kingdoms, 1 republic, 25 smaller factions and 4 main races. Main human factions: I. Zenman Empire, the largest and one of the oldest nations in the land. II. Martia Kingdom, a nation of war and violence. III. Ankania Kingdom, an old and weak kingdom that formerly a rival to the Zenman Empire in the past (thousands of year ago). At the present, it's widely considered the most cowardly kingdom in the world. IV. Amazail Kingdom, deceptively the strongest and most powerful nation. V. Zuda Kingdom & Kazen Kingdom, together, these two small kingdoms formed the Southern Double Alliance. They feeds of each other and watching each other's back. The northerners called them "The Twin Dragons of the South". VI. Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom (common usage: Greendom) is located on Everland, an island on the Eastern Sea, southeast of the mainland. They have unique cultures and customs. The islanders dress differently from the mainland people. Therefore, the mainlanders called them "The Weirdoes of the Far East". VII. Republic of Aquilon, the most civilize and technological advance nation in the world. It's an isolated country that located on the other side of the Great Desert. In the past, there were some smaller neighboring countries but Aquilon conquered all of them, as swords and arrows have no chance against guns and bullets. Except for Iron Eagle agents, no one from the other side of the Desert has set foot on Aquilon. Other races: I. Elves are well known for their grace and mastery of magic and weapons such as the sword and bow. They are famously long-lived, capable of living much longer than the average human. Slightly smaller and shorter than the average human, elves tend to be quicker, faster, slender and graceful, this is reflected in a bonus to Agility and a penalty to Physical Defense. The Elves were divided into two basic groups: the Wood Elf and the High Elf. Wood Elves are a reclusive race, preferring to the old ways of life in forests and jungles. They are conservatives who preferring old habitats in tropical woods. They are hiding and staying far away from human. Trees are their friends and wild beasts are their main source of food. The Wood Elves have been produced some of the finest hunters, archers and bowmen. Majority of them have been living in Greendom. A Wood Elf in Greendom. The High Elves were once members of the Wood Elves, the original group of elves. They are liberals who decided to go live in the cities with human. Other races commonly encounter them. They're the most open and friendly of their kind. They believe in peaceful coexistences. They travel to everywhere, while Wood Elves stay in the woods. The decision of the High Elves to leave the woods always has been controversial. Some of them have found success and happiness in serving human, even in the local government or Imperial Court. Some of them having great career as bounty hunters or mercenaries. However, others have been miserable, suffering from depression and having to endure unemployment and hunger. Some have sold themselves to the slave owners. Others have been forced into slavery. The High Elves have been produced some of the best swordsmen in the land. Overall, the Elves are the largest minority community in the world. A High Elf serving a Human kingdom. II. Dwarves are very short, but are wise and have great strength. They dwell in mountain and in the earth, and are good at smithing and mining. They are the second largest minority community. Dwarves tend to be miners. They have a natural fascination with minerals (especially iron and gold) and feel more comfortable underground. They are much shorter and stockier than Men, Elves and Orcs. They able to withstand both heat and cold and have a longer average lifespan than the average human. They are great metalworkers, smiths and stoneworkers. Fierce in battle, their primary weapons are hammers and have produced a lot of great axemen, but they also use many type of weapons including large crossbows, broadswords, falchions, pikes, slingshots and shields. Dwarves live in anywhere that has mountains, mines and minerals. Dwarves don’t need to sleep as much as human do. They are diligent, hardworking and work in the mines through days and nights. All they need is few hours of resting. Consequently, dwarves are unaffected by sleep-inducing magic and effects. While Men, Elves and Orcs generally hate each other, the Dwarves have stayed neutral. Their ultimate goal is to find their traditional ally, the Snow Palace on the Snow Mountain, a hidden and mysterious place that no one has discovered. According to ancient books, the Snow Palace are the Dwarves most trustworthy, reliable and closest ally from thousands of year ago. "The Boss", leader of The Luxia, the world's largest international underground criminal organization. Yes, he is a Dwarf. He is also a leader of the Dwarves community. Everyone called him "The Boss" out of fears and respects. No one seems to remember his real name. III. Orcs basically are a large group of bully. They are the third largest race of humanoid creatures, behind the Elves and the Dwarves. They are brutish, aggressive, repulsive and generally malevolent species and generally pressed into the service of some evil powers. They are tall, big and strong who are used as soldiers, slaves and henchmen by the greater villains. They are miserable beings, hating everyone including themselves and their masters, whom they serve out of fear. They make no positive things, but rather invent cunning devices made to hurt and destroy. Majority of the Orcs have been led by "Murlock, the Slaughterer", a legendary leader and the Orc's greatest fighter of all time. He has claimed to united all the Orcs and fight for their freedom. He called for fellow Orcs to revolt and kill all their masters. He has even bigger ambitions to unite all minorities (Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, other monsters and demons) and declared war against the human. Murlock and majority of the Orcs reside in Amazail. In case you're wondering, this is a different character, not the Orc Princess. The Orc Princess' real identity is one of the biggest secrets and plot twists in the game. So, we don't want to spoil it. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIwePwzxwAM Tech Demo <removed> FAQ Q. What are the basic info and Minimum System Requirements? A. Rating: Teen 13+ Type: Commercial Price: TBD Platform: PC Operating systems: Windows 98 to Windows 10 Processor: 1 GHz or faster RAM: 128 MB or more Free space: TBD Q. How do I get this game? A. Once the game is ready for release, we'll go through the options and post the necessary links in our blog ( http://rpgfaction.com ). My guess for now is the game will definitely available via itch.io. We'll also put the game on Steam Greenlight and see how it goes. Hopefully it will get greenlit. Q. Is this game episodic? A. No, it's not episodic. No prior experience with other games is necessary.
  18. The messenger and the cursed one Abstract: A messenger and a cursed woman team up to deliver a life or death message Genre: Classic fantasy with dungeon crawling and a little twist here and there Average Demo Time: an hour and a half Game Progression: 40% Story / Setting / Purpose: Follow the story of Riev a wanted man carrying a message that could decide the destiny of the kingdom. He is joined by a misterious mercenary woman named Gia. Together they must make haste to the capital before it's too late.The story is mostly a tale of friendship I don't intend to make some grand epic, but to make you care about these people. Hopefully, I've succeded at least partially. The game is a simple town-dungeon-town classic rpg and a little on the hardish side of things, I've worked pretty hard on this and I hope you enjoy it. Character Bios: Riev A messenger commited to his cause, he may seems too obstinate and single minded at times and he struggles to understand that duty and honor don't trump common sense and good will. Still, his heart is in the right place. During battle Riev is a jack of all trades, able to use magic and melee skills, he'll be there to support whatever other party members need of him. Gia A mercenary with a misterious past and a carefree attitude, she tries to get Riev to smile more, which will not always be appreciated. In battles Gia is a stereotipical warrior, big and tough, but known to faint when a rabbit is pulled out of a hat in her nearby area, her curse actually bolsters this as she takes an extra 25% magic damage. Soanna An envoy of the mage's guild in the town of Levin, she joins the duo in their attempt to protect the town from orc attacks. Scatterbrained, yet extremely intelligent and a little ruthless Soanna will puzzle (and even entice a little) Riev. As magic user, Soanna is exactly what you would expect: a glass cannon, nonetheless she's very powerful and her spells will be a necessity in order to explore the forests of Levin. Credits: Screenshots: He needs all the help he can get! Ever played Luxaren Allure? The city holds many misteries Features: -Blends action and humor! -Hopefully charming characters! -The ds tiles are beautiful! Testimonial: "I liked talking to the hermit's cat. It was cute" - Tenshi Download: Once you talk to Aldes after meeting the thieves guild PR guy the demo is officially over. But there is quite a bit of city for you to explore if you haven't done so already. http://www.mediafire.com/download/7n92ycolcn8tnjy/Messenger+and+Cursed+1.28.exe Changelog:
  19. Abstract: Magecraft is an indie developed A-RPG, reminiscent of the oldschool games of the SEGA / Snes era. Genre: A-RPG Average Demo Time: Varies a lot. I would say around two and a half to three hours. Game Progression: The game should be around five chapters. The game is at chapter two at the moment. Recruitment: Any help is always appreciated. Testers, coders, anyone willing to be part of this project with relevant experience is very much so welcome. Trying to write this spoiler free, keeping it as vague as possible... Synopsis: In a land where the many fall under the complete dominion of a small oligarchy the political climate reaches a pinnacle of tension. On the brink of war, the old alliances have fallen and the rulers of the land grow more paranoaic every day. An evil long forgotten, thought to be destroyed ages ago, found it's way back into the world. Creeping itself inside the softer minds and the colder hearts, it managed to manipulate their will to create discord amongst the people. Blinded by their greed and their lust for power, the leaders of the world ignored wise counsel from the erudite scholars and seem set in their warmongering ways. After imploring those in power and being cast aside, those with reason lost faith and started to despair. Only a few, with their eyes open, recognized the signs of the old evil coming back. As it's power grew, entire villages started to fall under it's curse. Blaming each others, kings and emperors gathered their armies, ready to strike. As none seemed to want to listen to reason, a resistance had to be organised to stand a chance against the armies of darkness. As the light of hope started to grow dimmer, a divine being descended upon the mortal lands in the moonlight, in search for the Chosen One, that could one day lead the resistance and cast back the Ruler of Darkness to the shadows. Waking from a deep sleep, riddled with strange dreams, Axar, an odd boy with silver hair, started to walk to the nearest village to meet the voice he heard in his sleep... Character : Axar lives a reclusive life in the mountains. Never quite fitting in, he prefers the solitude to the busy life of a villager. One morning, after having the strangest dreams, he feels compelled to leave his isolated home to travel to the closest village, but he is too clever to believe in coincidences... Videos: More on the Youtube channel Website: http://magecraftrpg.proboards.com/ Screenshots: Full album : http://imgur.com/a/KtxaT Features: Dynamic combat system, challenging enemies, see for yourself in the videos! Download: Current version as of April 4th : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfk65gvh2iou1pm/Magecraft4.exe?dl=0 Always up to date version can be found : http://magecraftrpg.proboards.com/ (click the Join the Alpha! text) Known Issues: None Credits: Special Thanks to : Galv Hime Kread-EX Lethrface Falcao Ninjamida Zylos RAFAEL_SOL_MAKER V.M of D.T Modern Algebra Casper Gaming Yanfly orb Khas Matt Sully (Gump) Fomar0153 Syvkal Shadowmaster/Shadowmaster9000/Shadowpasta efeberk (alongside OriginalWij) Neon Black Absurdiness Zerbu Nicke
  20. ++STORIES OF SHEIDH II : ALL STARS++ Demo version Developer : Radian F (cradth helverd) Website : www.hossistudio.wix.com/home Latest version : v1.5 "...You're not the same kind of those around you..." +STORY+ [...This is the First Book of the Lumina's Awakening Prophecy, a Divine Magic that will exterminate the darkness powers and sinners into nothingness... ...A fate designed by our ancestors, the First Human race, the Morning Stars... Carried on by this generation, the New Human race, the Dawn Stars, exodus in Sheidh world... ...A story familiar to all priest and priestess... Four warriors will unleash the power of Elmsh to save their homelands... Thus this journey will draw the curtain of the dark age of history... A constellation of the Dawn Stars shall lose its shine... ...Who will stay alive...? And who will die..? It will always be the same hint... ...The Book may vanish...But the Words will not...] -776 M.A- You are Ferde, an attractive yet reckless? guy, who made his best to the 10th seat of the strongest Archmages in the northern land of Reigeia. No one knows about Ferde's past, including his adopted sister, Elena, and even himself. The only thing he can remember is, he is there to protect everyone in Greymoyr, his hometown for the past 7 years where he live peacefully. It's not like he lost his memories of childhood, he just can't remember a thing from before 15 years old... ...And one day on a winter shiny day...A weird event is come to turn everything upside down... +CHARACTERS+ +FEATURES+ + 8~10 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY + Classic SIDEVIEW BATTLE SYSTEM + 40 CHARACTERS to play~ + TOWER SIEGE *Check Post #2 for more informations + MULTI-PARTY + UNIQUE SKILLS SET for each characters + UNIQUE TALENTS to explore the maps + NON-LINEAR STORY + MULTIPLE ENDINGS +SCREENSHOTS+ +CREDITS+ +DOWNLOADS+ or play it online : I hope you like my works. Support my games and enjoy. Website = www.hossistudio.wix.com/home Facebook = www.facebook.com/hossistudio +++++ MY GAMES : STORIES OF SHEIDH - THE ANCESTORS ENG Full vers STORIES OF SHEIDH IV - ORACION MEMOIRS IND Full vers ONE PIECE - TRIPLE DUELS I ENG Full vers ONE PIECE - TRIPLE DUELS II ENG Full vers ONE PIECE - TRIPLE DUELS III ENG Full vers
  21. Development Stage: 2 (Chapter 2 - Dev Stage 2 Code Name - Leo ) This game has been approved on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/448570 What Is Origin of Destiny? Origin of Destiny will be an RPG style game a bit like the system in Final Fantasy 6. Story: The Story Line Follows the 2 main characters (Sophie and Mike) who live in 2 different worlds (Not sure on the world names yet). Sophie's Adventure starts with a battle that she is unable to win and ends up with her dad being held captive. This awakens her powers and now she must fight save him as well as learn how to control this new power. Mike's adventure starts with him being locked in an arena where he must fight for his life. A group, who is currently with out a name, want to use him as a blood sacrifice. After he manages to escape he must run for his life. Character Bios: (Incomplete) Sophie (Fallen Angel) Sophie is a young girl with the power to summon creatures with powers that, In the wrong hand, could destroy the world. After her dad was taken by the dark forces he powers start to awaken. Now she must learn to control them if she wants to save her dad. Jessie (The Pink Cat) Jessie is one of Sophie's best best friends. With her speed and skill she is able to launch 3 attacks as well as cover or heal her friends in times of need. James (Magic Swordsman) A wandering swordsman looking for his master. However he is heading down the path to darkness in order to achieve his goal. Mike (Caged Cub) A young boy who has never known who he really is. Kidnapped as a baby he only ever knew his name. Now he must find his own path. Nuru (Red Dot Sight) A young girl who has a sharp eye when it comes to battle. When she finds Mike she knows he life will be changed for good. Please note this list is not complete and will be updated with new characters. Bad Guys will also be here to. Images: If you have any ideas for names (players, gear and items), Locations or a story line let me know Will try to post updates as much as I can Controls: Move: Arrow Keys Action: Z Cancel: X Menu: Escape or X Sprint: Shift Tools: W (Menu), A (To Use), Action Key (Select Tool) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OriginOfDestiny Credits: *THIS LIST WILL ALWAYS BE CHANGING* Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com) Yanfly (http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/) MOG (http://atelier-rgss.com) Victor: (http://victorscripts.wordpress.com) MGC Mode 7: (http://save-point.org/thread-3151.html) DoctorTodd: (http://beacongames.com) ESTRIOLE: (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/user/11700-estriole/) Zeus81 (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/14081-fullscreen/) (All non RTP Images and vids are place holders until I find someone who can make some eipc stuff) Forum Sigs: Video Reviews: King's RpgMaker Showcase: "Origin of Destiny" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IO6BQ8r5xs Release Notes: Alpha: 0.0.1 ======= Initial Release 0.1.1 ====== Intro Added New Character Added to Story line implemented. 0.0.2 ====== Changed some fights Added new areas New Party Members New Items New Item/Status Icons 0.0.3 ====== More items New Events Longer story No end of demo limit. (you will still see end of demo but will be able to continue playing 0.3.5 ====== More items New Events Fixed player traps in Karo Town (after Ifrit), Dragon Cave B2 and Woodland Pass (After Ifrit) Fixed Mega Flare Glitch 0.0.4 ====== video glitch fixed time/date added day/night added weather randomized 0.4.5 ====== New Batlle System 0.5 ====== Story Line Extended Multi-Inventory System Added 0.6 ====== More storyline added some bug fixes 0.6.1 (Non-Puplic) ================= Cleared Some old data and files 0.7 (Not Release Yet) ================ Extended Story Line Full Screen Added 0.7 Bugs: Battle Moves Out Of Shape 0.8d (Dev) ================ Extended Story Line Map Re-designs on some existing maps 0.9.0 ================ Some Tile set Bugs Fixed Re-mapped a few areas 0.10.0 ============= New Introduction Starting Levels changed from 1 to 5 0.10.1 ============== Small Bug Fixes Story Line Improvements =========== Minor Bug Fix Dev R101 - R102L ================= - Some graphics bugs have been fixed - New NPCs added to the Castle - Some of the books in the castle are now readable (More will be added around the world) - And finally, New Scripts have been added!
  22. The story is simple and straight forward, you control three characters, Aron, Alice and Vera, and they must go on a rescue mission the turns into bigger problem that they initially thought. More details on the profiles to come. Unlike traditional rpgs here you can’t buy items, you have to survive with what your given or find, you can’t as well change equipment asides from gems that you find or are given along the way. There are no Inns or rest areas (you recover completely automatically in certains parts of the game). The game in divided in six parts (Prologue, Chapter 1, 2, 3 4, nad Epilogue). You can save whenever you wish (expect during dialogues or battles). Some of the music is borrowed directly from rpg maker resources or other sources, but there are many that were made by me, using Mix Craft 6, which are: Norken Norken Boss battle Border Forest Border Forest Secret boss Grotte (not in demo) Ware House District (not in demo) Ware House District Battles (not in demo) Reuo (not in demo) Reuo battle\pub fight (not in demo) Reuo Forest battle\secret boss (not in demo) Hideout Boss battle (not in demo) Mountain battle (not in demo) Snow Mountain (not in demo) Final boss themes (not in demo) Part are rpg maker resources other part are my own which are: The main character sprites\battle sprites\dialogue boxes All enemy battle sprites Some tiles in Reuo, Reuo Forest, Mountain, Snow Mountain (areas not ine demo) All battle backdrops (either edited or original) Yanfly Galv's Pacman Moghunter Hime Khas This game is for most part complete, only a few balance adjustments needed, and before I decide to try to publish I would like an opinion of the demo (it’s the Prologue and Chapter1). Please be honest and constructive so that I can improve the game in the best direction (though some aspects I won’t change since they are an important aspect of the game). The demo will last about an hour or so depending on exploration. This's a simple Rpg that I made mostly for fun all by myself, so I apologize for any "errors" you might ( and most likely will find) along the way. https://www.dropbox.com/s/19eq1152k4mgl33/the%20three%20guardians%20(demo).exe?dl=0
  23. WARNING: THIS GAME CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE You've been warned! - Wild Gold is a story about the Old West. You'll find many funny moments, intense battles, duels, mini-games, and many other things. Please, download the demo at the end of this topic! Some of you may notice that I was with a farming project, but due to some circumstances (more information on the game's thread), out of my reach, it was abandoned. I've found this project, pretty advanced, in my old laptop, so I decided to give it some light. SYNOPSIS In Wild Gold you'll play as Bill, a young cowboy that loves money and women more than anything. Together with his best friend Carl, their journey to become rich will spend lots of bullets. Fight bandits, pirates, wild animals and many more! CHARACTERS Bill is the main character. He uses the gun given by his father. With his cowboy skills you'll spit on your enemyes, blind them by throwing sand on their eyes and do lots of gun tricks. Carl is Bill's best friend. He is a very skilled Gunslinger. With Bill they'll embark into a journey which the goal is, after all, have fun. There's more, but showing them will ruin the story. Let's just stop here for now. SCREENS AND FEATURES - DOWNLOAD LINK (DEMO v 1.0) IMPORTANT: please, donwload and install this font before playing Wild Gold, or it will be very buggy. Download the game using this link. If broken, please let me know. - CREDITS Enterbrain / Whitedragon / Raith / Victor Sant / Khas / Yanfly / V.M. of D.T. / Galv / Pacman / Mr. Bubble / Synn / Modern Algebra / Pineda / Grandma Deb - "POOR GRAMMAR" I'm not english native. The final version will be revised by a native speaker, don't worry. Please, if you find bugs, liked, disliked, or anything, please, comment.
  24. Ryan Entertainment This is our first project about an Action-RPG game and the second project created by RPG Maker VX Ace. Despite of lacking experience, we have tried our best to make this, to test our skills and to enjoy our passion in game development. Your supports are the motivation for us to keep on working and providing a good quality game. Thank you so much for paying attention. 1. About Project - Game Title: The Yggdrasil - A Tale of Cindrivia - Genre: Free to Play, Turn-Based Action RPG - Engine used: RPG Maker Vx Ace - Platform: Windows - Language: English (However, English is not our mother language so we are only able use some simple structures and there might contain some grammar mistakes. We are truly sorry for this, but we will try our best to improve the in-game texts) - Number of Scripts used: 138 (Might increase in the future) - Author: Ryan Entertainment Studio - Progress: Under-developed (50%) - Number of Participants: 2 (James Ryan & Forte Chaos) - Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8o9TplGHyh5eUJGdm9MV082ZEk/view?usp=sharing (Update: Please avoid downloading this because of some critical bugs, but it is still playable.) - Contact us: via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RyanEntertainmentStudio 2. The Story 3. Playable Characters 4. Special Game Systems 5. Screenshots & Videos 6. Credits Thank you so much for supporting our project!
  25. Hello Everyone, I hope to start my plannings of the game series: the ShadowVerse here. The Journey of the Truant King New and Improved Map of Sammia Story In the Time of Ancient Heroes, there stood many clans. The Church had fallen away and now stood as an inferior to the superior World Council. Because of this, the Church lost many grips on clans, who after their fall, waged war against each other to do battle. It was only until thirteen major clans, and their Daimyo's remained, where the true battle for supremacy begins. The Warring States Period, Sengoku Jidai, had begun. The stories now starts at 225 AD, the true beginning of the Warring States had begun. Major Battles and Historical Battles Rescue of Ryouta Musete: 227 AD: Ishkander’s Forces Battle of Itsukushima: 225 AD: Lester’s Forces Battle of Cryptinal: 230 AD: Ishkander's/Greyson's/Mari’s forces Battle of Oda Castle: 230 AD: Jin's/Shade’s Forces Battle at Kawanakajima: 231 AD: Shade’s/Exdulgan's forces Battle at Ironfold Castle: 231 AD: Greyson/Shade’s forces Assault on the World Council: 237 AD: Ishkander/Laker’s forces Battle of Kanoki Castle: 238 AD: Leon’s Forces Battle of Graypeak Castle: 239 AD: Jin’s/Exdulgan’s forces Siege of Suruga Castle: 239 AD: Greyson’s/Fujimura’s forces Battle of Tosa: 239 AD: Saxrot’s forces Siege on Razion: 240 AD: Exdulgan’s/Jin’s Forces Retreat from Kanegasaki: 240 AD: Ishkander/Greyson’s/Leon’s Forces Battle of Kamisuhama: 240 AD: Greyson’s/Ishkander’s/Leon’s forces Siege of Odani Castle: 243 AD: Ishkander’s/Leon’s forces Battle of Mikatagahara: 243 AD: Greyson’s/Exdulgan’s Forces Battle of Nagashino: 245 AD: Exdulgan's/Ishkander’s forces Battle of Kizugawaguchi: 246 AD: Zelzar’s Forces/Ishkander’s Forces Munenori’s Rebellion: 247 AD: Munenori's/Ishkander’s Forces Battle of Tedorigawa: 247 AD: Shade’s/Ishkander’s forces Battle of Kozuki Castle: 247 AD: Zelzar's/Hades’/Rexas’ Forces Kisaragi and Selve’s Struggle: 248 AD: Kisaragi/Selve’s forces Battle of Mimigawa: 248 AD: Shi’s Forces Battle of Tenmoku: 252 AD: Ishkander’s/Greyson’s/Ryouma’s forces Battle of Tadamitsu: 252 AD: Zelzar’s/Hades’/Rexas’ Forces Incident at Kyokai: 252 AD: Ny-Ineor’s/Ishkander's/Saxrot's Forces Battle at the Duchy: 252 AD: Ny-Ineor’s/Rexas’ forces Conflict of Shizugatake: 253 AD: Laker's/Rexas’ Forces Battle of Nobufuku-Nagakute: 254 AD: Greyson’s/Shade’s/Rexas’/Jxemas’ Forces Battle of Angelean: 254 AD: Shi’s/Ribon’s Forces Battle for Draconia: 255 AD: Rexas’/Saxrot’s forces Battle of Hitotoribashi: 255 AD: Jxemas’ Forces The Sammian Campaign: 256 AD: Quan’s/Rexas’/Kashiwazaki/Shi’s Forces Eisenberg Uprising: 260 AD: Rexas’/Jxemas’ Forces Battle of Koshinuma Castle: 260 AD: Rexas’/Jin’s Forces Siege of Oda Castle: 260 AD: Jin’s/Jxemas’/Rexas’ Forces Battle of Sekigahara: 270 AD: Eastern/Western Army The Kenkoshi Campaign: 285 AD: Greyson's/Ryouma’s Forces What else to Expect? After beating certain scenarios and battles, if you go back to the main hub, you can go through different scenarios if a certain faction lost that part of the war. These are called Hypothetical Scenarios, and they're not recommended to play during the main story. In addition, you will have over thirty characters to choose from in each story, each having their own weapons, and development along the way. Characters Major Daimyo Lester De'Rosso Age: 55 DoB: 170 AD A man who had lived in lowborn status, and served Harutamu Sasaki, before slowly using his intellect to become a major daimyo of Itsukushima. However, he dislikes war, and teaches that war is never the right path to go upon solving things. As major ruler of Itsukushima, he was birthed two sons, the first son who was named Zelzar Alucard, and given to the Alucard family, before Lester merged his own house with the Alucard's. Together, Lester and Zelzar actively try to end the land of war. His weapon is the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Major Crest: Ishkander Sun Age: 32 DoB: 198 AD Daimyo of Cryptinal, he is known as the Fool of Cryptinal, or the God of Conquest, in the World Council. Constantly making rash decisions, he rushes to save Ryouta Musete, but fails to after Ryouta is injured in the battle. He inherits Ryouta's dying wish, which is to rule the land, and end the chaos. In 230 AD, he pulls a miracle by defeating Mari Imagawa and Greyson Rhasphody, a force of 10,000 Troops, after surrounding the army during their celebration party. From then on, he is known as Ishkander the Demon God of the Sixteenth Hell. He uses a Glowing Sword in battle. Major Crests: tbwo http://puu.sh/meQQ6/9604f0e370.png Laker Shibata Age: 30 DoB: 200 AD Leader of the World Council and the Shogun of the land, he is the one who controls most of the lands problems. The name Laker is passed down to each leader of the Shibata family, so he is the fifth one from the Shibata tree. He pledges his alliance to Ishkander, only to break it due to Ishkander's invasion of the capital. He is spared of his life, and dedicates his life to the Sun from then. His weapon is the Giant Axe. Major Crests: Greyson Rhasphody Age: 22 DoB: 208 A descendant of Zero Scope, he was a wanderer in the streets, until he was picked up by Hydra Phantom, the pope of the church, and was made Daimyo of Yatasuruga Province, and was given multiple officers in his name. He is rather lazy, but his fighting strength is immesnse and he is not afraid to show his power. After the Battle of Cryptinal, he sides with Ishkander, and from there on, becomes partners in Ishkander's conquest in the land. After being defeated at the Battle of Mikatagahara against Exdulgan, he is the one who led the attack at Nagashino. His weapon is the Tombo-giri. Major Crests: Minor Daimyo Hades Pluto Age: 25 DoB: 200 AD A Mercenary Daimyo who lives in Aki, Eternia and lends his sword to Lester De'Rosso. Known throughout the country as the King of Heroes, he strives to further his efforts to ending the war, and bringing about the end of the Warring States Period. Later on in history, he serves the Rhasphody Emperors and is apart of the World Council, and is known as the "God of Nuclear Fusion". His weapon is a broadsword and a double barrel shotgun. Major Crests: Ny-Ineor Age: 32 DoB: 198 AD Leader of the Hasokawa clan, though he may not seem like it. Also having blood ties to Akechi Musete, and Oxsum Keinichi. Retainer of the Sun, he desires Ishkander's rule for the land. However, unlike Ishkander, once the land is ruled under one ruler, he wishes for a world of happiness, rather Ishkander's dream of turning it into a living hell. Ny-Ineor uses a simple katana as a weapon. Major Crests: Other Characters Zelzar Alucard Age: 37 DoB: 188 AD The first son of Lester De'Rosso, and an active learner, Zelzar is a man of strategy and tactics, and aids his father in his campaigns. He also controls the Alucard, his foster clan, since he was taken under the previous clan's leader many years ago. He is constantly with a book, and always tries to learn new things. His weapon is the Demon Sword. Major Crests: Celice Kobayakawa Age: 23 DoB: 214 AD An archer who's a strategist, she works for the Asagi, the Sun, the Hashiba and her own clan the Kobayakawa, before it was swallowed up whole by Lester De'Rosso. She also dislikes Ishkander Sun for his actions, in awe of Rexas for his ambition and devotion to Ishkander and conquest of Eternia. Because of that, she joined Rexas' clan officially and left the Sun. She's also partners with Cyrus Zanbolti as they're known as "Kobayakawa Zanbolti", childhood friends with Laker Shibata and Akechi Musete. However, 249 AD, she passes away to a disease. Her weapon is a Strategist Bow. Major Crests: tbwo http://puu.sh/meQX4/a2b1401ddc.png Crest Key Screenshots In Progress. Working on. Thanks and good luck! 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