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  1. I have a somewhat unique problem, and it requires an explanation. Since 2011, I have been developing a Final Fantasy tribute story. This is my pride and joy as a storyteller, but it wasn’t created as an rpg. Since my late return to RM, I’ve begun to seriously consider adapting this to a non-commercial JRPG. This comes with a plethora of technical issues and hiccups that need to be reconciled. One of the major hiccups being Casius Magnus. Cas is a Black Mage from my verse. They don’t toss magic around in cheap, or use it as a weapon at the drop of a dime. It’s a power given to mortals by the Gods, and the Black Mage people recognize and respect this. It is a very rare, extreme occasion that any Black Mage casts a spell. (This is done so magic never becomes some cheap parlor trick.) After centuries of ancient warfare with Odinspawn, the Black Mage people migrated to the most savage, uninhabitable part of the world. Rather than depend on magic to solve their problems, they developed proficient martial arts used to disarm and counter foes. Now for my story, this worked just fine. Cas always shows a great deal of restraint so his OP nature never became a visible problem. If anything, he ended up being the guardian angel of the group. Now for JRPG format…this is a serious problem. The story and characters are so developed, it’s hard to just hack and slash at them, changing things to suit the needs of the format - I’d sooner not make the game if that’s what it comes to. I have thought about several solutions to this conundrum: Nurf his physical power (which essentially makes him like any other mage, and takes away from his people’s backstory and culture.) Nurf his Magic (same results just reversed) Adjust spell ‘learning curve’ Adjust Max MP curve Use his spells like a ‘limit break’ feature, only being accessible when his health reaches a certain %, or the HP of party members Or make the top shelf spells only available when his HP is at a certain % Needless to say, I can’t reconcile the nature of the character with the rpg format. I would have to toss everything about my Back Mages out the window and make them like any other we’ve seen before.
  2. Hi! I want to make a skill that "captures an enemy" (lowers enemy's defense and magic defense while stunning them for three turns) but in returns, stuns the user in the process in a "Capturing state" (Prevents from attacking), but has a chance to lose the state if attacked, and if the user loses his state, so does the enemy and vice versa. I tried to do it in the damage formula, but it is not working, is there a way to do this?
  3. freakytapir

    Encounter Balance part 1

    The impossibility of perfect encounter balance. Or maybe just my failure at it. Now that I've finished bare bones mapping for most of my act 1 dungeons, I was thinking to myself : Why don't you make some nice encounters so you actually can get some playstesting done? I open up the database, create some basic enemy types (Skirmisher, Artillery, Soldier, Brute,...), give my characters some basic skills (fire, ice, darkness), and try them out. Now, I have been pretty anal about getting my stats right ( see my previous blogs), with HP's and so forth being determined by the amount of hits I want the enemies to take before dying, and the amount of hits a player will take before dying. It all seemed so perfectly balanced on the spreadsheet, until I started playtesting my encounters. Which shows again , numbers are no substitute for raw playtest data. All went well until I tried basically anything beyond a basic damage spell or attack. Then the balance shifted into weird directions. After giving it some thought, I think I have found the 4 biggest disruptors for encounter balance, in rising order of complexity : Multi-Target/Hit skills Status effects Randomness Interactions Today, I'll be tackling the first 2, the other 2 are for another time. Maybe next week. Because for these first 2 , I have found a simple tool to balance these out. 1. Multitarget spells For a starter, Multi Target/Hit skills, abilities that hit 2 or more targets, cause problems because they are damage multipliers. Unless the damage is nearly neglectible, or the cost is excessive, any multitarget spell is just an order of magnitude better than any single target spell. Any small boost or debuff is felt way harder than with single target skills. An example : At level 20 the player is supposed to do 400 Damage per attack. Now, as I am working on a one enemy per player character system, there should be about 4 targets. So easy, you say, just let the multi-target spell deal 25 % damage, so 100 per target. That's nice, but that means it is now useless in any stituation with less than 4 targets. Now, most enemies will have 4 players fighting them, so this solution works nicely for enemies. Obviously that does not work for Players, so in comes my good old friend : limited resources. Any multitarget attack should just cost a certain amount of MP/TP, even if the single target version does not. How much MP/TP ? The easiest solution I could find was to just give each MP point an amount of damage it could deal. After long debate, I came to 50 % damage (or healing) per MP point spent. So assuming I use a multitarget spell when I have 3 or 4 , so 3.5, opponents, I deal 350%-100%= 250% more damage, so a multitarget spell costs 5 MP. What about high levels, you say ? Seeing as I don't believe in straight upgrades ( no Fire 1,2,3), I have an additional solution: Monster HP escalates way faster than player damage, so by the time he can spam fireball, enemies dont take 2 hits, but 4 hits to take down, and he will need all the fireballs he can get. It allows the player to grow without needing to replace his basic skills, as I combine it with a small MP pool, topping out at 110 MP for mages at lvl 100, and rising MP generation, topping out at 10 MP per turn at lvl 100. Instead of casting fire (0MP) and saving his MP for the fireball (5MP), he can alternate between the 2 the moment he regenerates enough MP, maybe even casting regular fire a couple of turns, to save up for the big guns (25 MP/shot). Now, in the case of TP using skills, how do we balance this ? That is something for another chapter. 2. Status effects, buffs and Debuffs. The core of combat: Action economy. In combat, in the rawest sence, players and enemies trade actions for damage. Given the way I balanced my game, equally levelled players and enemies recieve an equal amount of damage per spent action , it is just the HP's that differ. So in the strictest sence, the opponent has to spend a certain number of actions to win , and the player has to spend a different amount of actions to win. In a basic combat, the 2 cavemen beating eachother with clubs until one falls down kind, aka the attack spam battle, the players will allways win or the enemy will always win, with, outside of criticals, no variance inbetween. But that is not how real combats work. In a combat with multiple characters on both sides, both sides generate actions each turn , and spend them to kill the other side. Once one side has spent enough actions , that side wins. An Example: A 4 heroes against 3 rats scenario at level 5. The rats deal about 20 % of the players hp in damage each action they takeand can take 2 hits. So the rats generate 3 actions per turn, and need to spend 20 actions to win, the players generate 4 actions a turn and need to spend 6 actions to win. So however you slice it, the rats always lose in 1.5 turns, having dealth at most 4.5 actions worth of damage, but if the player focus fire having dealt only 1-2 actions worth of damage. The worst case scenario is that all the rats hit the same guy, and he dies. This is a nice and safe encounter even if the player just divvies up his attacks evenly instead of focus-firing (which is pretty dumb for the player). Now, let's replace the rats by snakes. Suppose they have a poison attack, that deals no initial damage, but poisons with 20 % HP per turn damage , and a regular attack. How much more dangerous is this than the rats ? Assuming the same encounter, 3 snakes vs 4 players, equal level. The players still generate 4 actions per turn , and need to spend 6 actions to win. The snakes also need to spend 20 actions and generate 3 actions per turn. Supposing the snakes have basic AI and do not attack already poisoned players, is this encounter more dangerous than the rats one? Looking at it hrough an actions generated/spent lens might give us an answer. Nothing has changed on the player side, so were ignoring that for now, but the way the snakes behave is totally different than te rat behaviour. After poisoning the players, suddenly the snakes are generating damage on the opponents turns, in effect generating actions. A little turn by turn : Snakes spend 3 actions , to poison 3 players. The players take 3 actions worth of damage because of the poison. The players spend 4 actions and kill 2 snakes. The final snake attacks one player, the party then mobs him, but still takes poison damage twice. So grand total : The players take about 6 actions worth of damage before winning, therefore this encounter is about 2-3 times as difficult as the rats one, but still nowhere near a danger for the player. Now interesting things happen when the number of snakes or rats changes. Suppose we have 3/6 rats, and the player focus fires to kill rats as fast as possible, and tries to kill a rat before it takes a turn, and the rats attack randomly: Round 1: Players spend 4 actions and kill 2 rats, rats get 4/1 actions. Round 2: Players mow down 2 rats, rats get 2/0 actions Round 3 : All rats die. Suddenly the 6 rats get off 6 actions, in opposition to the 1-2 actions if there where 3 of them. So the encounter with twice as many rats is not twice as hard, but up to 4 times as hard. Notice also how the 3 rat encounter is actually 3x easier if the players focus fire. From this we can conclude that encounters do not scale in a linear fashion, and even adding one enemy does nasty things to an encounter. As a bonus the same situation with 6 snakes : Players focus fire on the 6 snakes, and the snakes spread poison as fast as possible, to a player that still has to take its turn. Round 1 : 2 Snakes killed, 4 players poisoned. 4 actions worth of damage. Round 2: 2 Snakes attack, 2 snakes killed. Snakes deal 6 actions worth of damage. Round 3: 0-1 snakes attack, 2 snakes killed. Snakes deal 2-3 actions worth of damage. So the snakes deal 12-13 actions worth of damage. So the 6 snake encounter is still twice as dangerous as the 6 rat one, and might actually heavily damage a party, seeing that 20 actions by the enemy kills the player. If the player spread his damage instead of focus firing, he would take : Round 1: 4 Players poisoned, 2 regular attacks, no snakes killed: 6 actions for the snakes. Round 2 : 4 regular attacks, 4 poison damage actions. 8 actions by the snakes. Round 3 : Kill 4 snakes.1 attack by the snakes. 4 actions worth of poison damage, and 1 regular action. For a grand total of 19 actions worth of damage by the snakes. The players might actually lose this encounter if they are really dumb and just attack spam to random targets. Now why this whole explanation about rats and snakes ? Because they demonstrate that nearly all things can be calculated in an actions worth of damage, and to show that he who generates the most actions wins. This is an important factor in encounter balance. It shows that the more enemies you add, the more turns each enemy gets, so you have a near quadratic effect on encounter difficulty. It also show the importance of debuffs and buffs and status effects, once you start to see it as trading your turn for theirs, and why status efects are annoying if used by the enemy and useless if used by the player. "Wait what ?" You might say, but it is true. As we see in the 6 rats scenario, the players have to spend 12 actions to win, but the rats have to spend 20. So each action for the players is 1.66 times more valuable than one from the enemies. Even if the player had a 100 % accurate stun it is only worth it if the rat would have lived 2 additional turns. And this is the best case scenario. And forget the classical blindness spell with a 70 % succes chance and a 70 % accuracy reduction. That would only generate on average 0.7*0.7=0.49 actions per turn. Meaning, in our rat case, the rat would have to live 3-4 more turns before it becomes worth it. I easily solve this by having the player cast blindness spell also deal damage, but cost 1 MP. As I established earlier, 1 MP gets you 50 % of an actions worth of damage/effect/healing. So with the same reasoning, the ice spell that deals regular damage and freezes for 2 turns with a 50 % chance costs 1 MP, as it negates a full enemy action (that's about 1/1.6= 62 % of a player action). Now when used by the enemies, it suddenly does become worth it. If an enemy action costs a player an action , he has traded up, seeing as the player actions are worth 1.6 times as much as the rat ones. It also poses a floor for healing spells. If a healing spell does not heal at least, in our example, 1.6 x as much as the enemy would deal, that healing spell would have better been an attack to end the encounter faster except when that character would otherwise die, then you're trading an action for an action. Buff spells suffer the same fate. A single target buff spell that raises another characters attack by 50 % is only worth it if the combat lasts 2 more turns to break even, and 3 turns to be better than a standard attack. Meaning that I find that a single target buff should cost 0-1 MP (probably 0 to encourage buff use), but a partywide buff should cost 1 MP if it lasts 1 turn ,because you spent an action to generate 1.5 actions (3*50% more damage), gaining you half an action. Any turn after that should cost 4 MP, so a 3 turn party wide buff should cost 9 MP. Now, to encourage buff use, because 90 % off players will still always go for the straight damage spells, I might just reduce this to 6-7 MP. Now comes the difficult part : The exchange rate between player and enemy actions shifts at higer levels. This is because at higher levels, the balance is different. At level 5, enemies deal 20 % of the players HP in damage and take 2 hits to kill, while at level 100 they deal 60 % of the players HP and take 7 hits to kill. So the players need to spend 28 actions to kill the enemy, and the enemy needs to spend 8 actions to kill the player. Suddenly the enemies turn is worth at least 3.5 times as much as a player one. This means that a player is spending at least 5 MP a turn (+250% Damage) to make his actions on par with the enemies actions, and should probable be spending about 10 MP per turn if he wants to win(By coincidence, that is what he regenerates in MP each turn). It also means that status effects become really important for the players to use, as each stunned/silenced/frozen enemy is worth 2-3 player turns. And I am ok with that. It just means that abilities that unlock later should be balanced for use at that level, and that some low level abilities become better as the levels advance, thereby keeping them relevant. So what I'm saying is to not stare yourself blind at the numbers in this article but maybe to try and see combat in terms of an action economy, with both players and enemies generating and spending actions, with a certain exchange rate between these 2 actions, and an MP cost to generate what amounts to extra actions. It simplifies the numbers to simple actions spent, and allows you to quickly mentally simulate important battles, and balance skills. This is most valuable in boss encounters, where you can actually start to see it on a timeline, and thus balance the boss way easier.
  4. Perang Cemen

    gold Gold Theory

    Yo there are you using gold in your game? eh no, not that Gold, I mean gold is kind of money and alike you use to stay at INN, buy item, and many more. How do you get gold in your game? defeat monsters, find it in treasure chest, do some quest? Have you thought where the gold come from? I mean you need to kill monster to get gold right? so where did this monster get the gold? some people say they sell the monster dead body but, why the gold already increased right after they defeating them, is there people in that place and buy them right after they defeated? I know this just system of the game but some game use this as nice theory like E*rth Bound, they kill enemy but didn't gain money, they will gain it after they reach town(and go to ATM of course). Treasure contain gold, who was put chest filled with gold in monsters lair? This is also system of the game I don't have tell you why that chest was there anyway, and people seems don't care about it. Get gold as reward from quest, only this make sense among all above, people ask you to do something and you gain money from it. Do you have your own? or there something you want to add? or you want to say I was wrong? leave the comment now! Yay! Sorry I just love to say that, yay!
  5. So, skilling (mining, cooking, fishing, crafting) systems are a pretty common request around the forums. They seem kind of basic and stale to me; the most common forms of diversity I see in these systems are reskins (systems that functionally demand the same of the user but just have different inputs and outputs) or just increasing quantity (why catch five different fish when you could catch ten!). So I'd like to see if we can take skilling in a new direction; to have it be more than 'extra content'. But to do that I need to understand what it is that players who currently enjoy these systems find appealing and what it is that people who don't like them think they are missing. All responses are appreciated
  6. While not particularly pertinent to RM, I thought some people might enjoy discussing this new avenue of game development. I don't own a VR set myself but I used a pretty interesting array of it during a recent science festival. Now, the phone in a box method is great, I think. I haven't researched it but I assume it works for most modern smartphones and the box is only a couple of pounds so many people can experience this level of VR. From what I witnessed its principally used for recorded footage but I don't see why it couldn't transition to something like a walking sim or very simple puzzles (ie. simon says). Now I assume some sort of sensor would be required for this but I did see someone who had some success with integrating his Xbox Kinect with the headset to do basic thing like recognise steps and arm movement without the controllers Vive uses, Vive, obviously, is amazing but the pricetag is prohibitive for most - particularly with so little an array of games to go alongside it. One thing that's interesting about designing for the Vive is that its control scheme so similar to existing games, its a bit like dual-wielding Nintendo's nunchucks in a way, that I can't see any reason why the games for it aren't more advanced yet; it seems like we're treating it as an entirely fresh experience despite the fact that we've been making 3D environments for games for about two decades now. What are all your thoughts and experiences of VR? What direction should we be taking to maximise the potential of this new technology?
  7. Most genres have progressed or have the capacity to progess as a form and I'd like to discuss whether VN's form is inherently inhibitive in this regard. I think the best way to preface this discussion is to actually define 'form': Form is sort of like a framework; its the underlying rules that structures the content. To give an example, poetic form would be things like the rhyme scheme, the metre, the number of lines per stanza, the number of stanzas even. Most games alter mechanics sufficiently to differentiate between them, heck, most sequels even. VN's, on the other hand, are a pretty flat experience. Some VN's let you make one decision every couple of hours and that's about it for gameplay. This is the basis for most of the debate against even considering VN's as 'games'. Since there was little way to progress as a form via gameplay the more advanced VN's started to add voice-acting and short animations but these seem counter-intuitive to the idea that these games are 'novels'; more so if these features are developed upon further or become uniform for the genre. VN's would become more comparable to films. So, here, I'd like all you wonderful game developers to gather around and discuss whether it is possible to improve this poor genre and the means to do so
  8. lonequeso

    Unique Bosses

    One of my favorite things about RPG's are the boss battles. I like them because generally, they're not something you can just spam the same skills over and over to beat. They force the player to actually stop and think about what they're doing. This post is for those bosses. The well thought out ones that require more than "attack "attack" "heal" "attack" Repeat. I'm curious to see what unique challenging bosses people have come up with. I'm working out the fine details of one myself atm the moment, too. I'll show you mine, and you can show me yours..... ...that came out all wrong NOTE: At this point in the game the player will have 10 actors in the party and can switch them in battle. There's a five turn cool down before they can switch again so they have to be cautious. I was having some fun recently with some of Thazlon's Battlers. He was some Goos, basically bigger slime that have some facial features (eyes, mouths, etc.) He has a "Goo King" that I'm using for a boss. He is surrounded by his loyal subjects: 2 "Goo Knights" 2 "Goo Mages" 2 regular "Goos" They are fiercely loyal. The very first turn the King uses a skill that gives the knights and regular Goos a special cover status using Hime's Cover Conditions. They cover only the King regardless of his HP. So to get to the King, you have to eliminate the 4 enemies covering him first. This is easier said than done, of course. All the Goos in general aren't particularly hard to kill. By the time the player gets to the fight, they should know some of their elemental weaknesses/resistances thanks to the Ace Battle Engine. Problem is, the regular Goos can heal their allies. The King can also fully revive dead allies, and can and will use his special "Cover" skill throughout the battle after "X" turns. I'm going to have it so he does that only 1/3 of the time when an enemy is dead. Otherwise, it'd likely be damn near impossible to win w/out leveling waaayy up. The King also likes to buff his and his subjects' DEF and MDF. The Mages can silence the player's party, too. Fun fun But wait! There's more! After the fifth turn the King summons his "Court Jester Goo." Yep you read that right I'm playing with his specific skills/parameters atm. Stat wise he's fairly weak, but he is very hard to hit with magic or physical attacks and almost impossible to crit. He won't Cover the King. He does use a fun Provoke state I made. It works like Confuse, but the Restriction is set to "attack an enemy" It also puts "Provoke" on the Jester, so the afflicted will be more likely to target it. He probably won't have any damaging skills, maybe just the basic "Attack" skill so he's not spamming debuff and status conditions. There's lots of obstacles to stop the player from damaging the King. While the player is dealing with them in the early turns, they are sure to notice the King heals HP and MP every turn. HE is vulnerable to two different damage over time states to counter that. Even after you eliminate his defenses, he can revive allies, so you have to be ready to eliminate the ones that can Cover him again. Devious, no? The most fun part of this is the complete lack of backstory I provide the Goos. I want to have a very fantastical feel with it. I offer no explanation to how this society of Goos came to be or why they live in the cave they live in. All they player knows is for some reason they're protecting the mineral you're trying to collect. And that's after the battle. It's all up to the player's own imagination How'd ya like it? I can't wait to hear some other people's ideas.
  9. Hey guys! Spuds here. Before you continue reading, (this sounds patently obvious) there are spoilers ahead for The Legend of Jerry Quiver: Rise of The Dominion. You have been warned. So for the last month or so I've been working on this game that isn't the nicest game with shining rainbows and such. I've been thinking over a idea that's not the nicest but it has meaning. I mean, that's why I can't make up my mind though; this character dying has a meaning towards it and can work, but then there is the fact, 'is it actually necessary?' This character's backstory is in here: The meaning of this character's death is if he was to die, it would be to emphasize the reality of war. Considering that this character has 'a thing' for someone else, who has not gone through the living hell than this character has, it would develop that character even more. And also, I think of it as he would finally be at peace, if you would call it that, with his father, and that this death would actually bring harmony. But, is there a need for the character to die? Does he need to still be alive at the end of all of it? I keep thinking that the need for killing off this character is exactly what I've been through: it would show the audience what the situation really is. I need help. My brain is clueless. From your loving Ferret, Spuds
  10. lonequeso

    Sneaking around

    I'm playing with some different ideas of how I want an event to run. The player reaches a city called York. When they go near the town center, they find a small crowd gathered. Some of the King's soldiers are standing there. They are hunting for a resistance movement that they believed is headquartered in the city. This is both good and bad news for the player. The main objective is to overthrow the King. By overthrow I mean kill. Don't worry, he has it coming This resistance could provide valuable allies. Problem is, if the soldiers find them, there's going to be a bloodbath. The King is kind of an execute first, ask questions later type of guy. The King is also aware of the player's own quest to kill him. After the soldiers give their speech about loyal citizens reporting strange activities or any sighting of the resistance, they bring up the main character and his party. There was already a bounty on the player's head. Beforehand, bounty hunters and mercenaries were the only ones who knew of this. The King expanded that to the people of York, offering a reward for any information on your whereabouts. Luckily, everyone hates the King so no one is going to rat you or the resistance movement out. (I may have one or two NPCs summon the guards on you.) The soldiers are now garrisoned in the city, and they are using York police force for some extra manpower. Night falls after the previous scene plays out. The player has to find the resistance movement while avoiding the guards. This is the part I'm playing around with. What is going to happen when a guard see's the player? I have a couple ideas in mind. I'm open to suggestions, too. Option 1: Option 2: I considered having being thrown in jail a consequence of losing a battle with the guards. Losing the battle would be a rare occurrence so I don't feel it be worth the time to set up. Those are my two ideas. I'm open to other ideas, too. What do you guys think?
  11. I just love good antagonists, like Xemnas, Darkrai, my character Xerain, and so on. But, something irks me when people make/write/have a needed piece to a puzzle as too bland, or bleak in his/her/its goals. I mean, I can't bash them if the overall game play is good, but when the whole game is focused directly on it, then I can't really follow. For example, in my games, Xerian is out to kill the gods of Scalvose to reign as the strongest being. However, Will, Wane, Lek, and others always stop him, even though there's always somebody else ripping holes in peace. In PMD, things like Darkrai and the Bittercold are both out to end the world. (Ironically both in darkness) Darkrai goes so far as to almost kill you, cause you to be taken away from the world, send you away with Dusknoir into the future, and then even then, he causes Dialgia to rampage. Xemnas, in Kingdom Hearts 2, plays with the hero, Sora, and as the game progresses, you get that taste for wanting to kill Xemnas, Siax, and the rest of Organization XIII. Problem is... You can't find where they are and they're stealing the hearts of innocent lives. Examples of poor antagonists? Well, In some games, like Colourblind (Although I love the game), there's little interaction with the antagonist, besides chasing him down in levels to rescue your friend. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity also screwed up be having the story short and game play more to the player just wandering. Sure, they made a slight bounce back when the Voice of the Earth, Hydreigon, was frozen, killed, and shattered into dust by Kyrum, with you nearly following the same fate. However, you only interact with the main antagonist, Kyrum, for three to four times, and then boom! Bittercold, who's just a giant light eating snowflake of ice. You get one fight, win, and done! Game beat. What are your opinions of good and bad antagonists, and what do you expect?
  12. Hello Guys I think this may help someone who's also making any kind of game which will have some kind of competition or contests between the characters. Place here your ideas and / or basic mechanics for any event-oriented contest or competition. Try to explain how it can be done (no tutorial needed, just the basic mechanics) and how can you "check" if the player wins or any other NPC (or even other party members) win. If something can be done with scripts, post it too. I'll explain a very basic dice rolling dispute. 1. Make now 2 variables called PLAYER RESULT and ADVERSARY RESULT. 2. To start, make the variable PLAYER RESULT to receive a random value between 1 and 6. 3. Make a way to show this value, like, a message with the \V[x] code, being X the PLAYER RESULT variable id. 4. Now, make the variable ADVERSARY RESULT to receive a random value between 1 and 6. 5. Show this result too. 6. Make a conditional branch to check if PLAYER RESULT is equal to ADVERSARY RESULT. If yes, it's a draw. 7. Else, check if PLAYER RESULT is greater than ADVERSARY RESULT. Player wins. 8. Now, if PLAYER RESULT is less than ADVERSARY RESULT, adversary wins. I know, this is VERY BASIC (so basic it don't even need a tutorial...), just the core system. You can add pictures to show the dice result, make a way to change the result for any sides (cheating), make a way to gamble some money to play the dice rolling and many other stuff. Hope this thread becomes a database for ideas about competitions / contests inside RPG Maker.
  13. Cymiril

    Pokemon Medieval

    I have an idea for a Pokemon game, I don’t know why Nintendo and GameFreak haven’t went in this direction for at least one title, but here is the idea I’ve been playing with. I know it’s long, sorry, but stick with me for a minute. So, Pokemon has quite a bit of lore surrounding the games, and though there is some information on the Pokemon world's past, there isn't much. My idea is to set the game in medieval times, before people called them Pokemon and caught them. (The idea is that the game would start right at the time of the first occurrence of the creatures being captured and trained.) My theory is that before Pokemon were caught and befriended by humans, they were thought of in much the same way as any other monster in any given RPG. Even the real games always stress how dangerous wild Pokemon can be if you don't have your own to fight them. The Pokedex entries for some Pokemon are down right messed up, and things like children being stolen by Pokemon, Pokemon eating your dreams or giving you nightmares, or Pokemon hanging around hospitals absorbing the souls of those who have died seem commonplace. So, without a way to capture and control them, the only other option would be to defend yourself from attack and fight back. The main difference I would have is that your "trainer", the knight you would play as, would actually fight in battles as well. The opening would have your character and some NPC knights fighting off an invasion of the bad guys, and they attack by sending monsters out to fight. You fight a couple battles, defeat the monsters, and they withdraw. Someone wonders aloud about how the bad guys were controlling the monsters, and your character picks something up off the ground dropped by the bad guys in their hasty retreat - a small crystal. Let me pause there and explain the crystal. In the Pokemon world, mass-produced Pokeballs are a fairly recent invention, having only been around for a few decades, it seems. A fruit/nut called Apricorns were used before that, each one made by hand. But that only goes back so far, as well. However, the custom of catching Pokemon goes back further... Even though it was from the horrible anime, there was one of the movies I read about that was set 1000 years before the present. In it, a knight named Sir Aaron kept his Pokemon in crystal set in his staff, so I went with this for the ancient Pokeball equivalent. I would also fluff any other technology as magic, like instead of the PC where your Pokemon are stored, some sort of magical device, like a Bag of Holding is used; or the TMs instead being Scrolls. Anyway, the player character decides to take the crystal to the court wizard (stand in for the professor) to be examined. He figures out that the bad guys are using these crystals to capture the creatures, and it somehow makes them docile and willing to take orders. The wizard manages to reverse-engineer the crystal, and creates some for you to try out. So, the player starts using monsters to battle too, but he can still fight for himself if he chooses to. The player character at some point after this would muse about having "Monsters in his pocket", which leads to the good guys adopting the name Pokemon. Since there are no gyms, you find out that the bad guys are trying to get these 8 artifacts together, which would summon a powerful legendary Pokemon for them to capture and use to take over the world. You stop them at every turn, fight the bosses at each location, vying for control of these artifacts. It turns out the bad guys lead you into a trap, though, at the location of the last artifact. They trick you into bringing the 7 artifacts you already have to the summoning ritual location, the player gets knocked out from being at the epicenter of the ritual, and, when he wakes up, they have already captured the legendary Pokemon and are gone. Cue the last dungeon, culminating in the legendary monster being the final boss, and you win by either defeating it or capturing it; love and friendship prevail, the bad guys could never win because they didn't treat their Pokemon as partners, yada-yada. The final scenes of the game would describe how capturing and training Pokemon became commonplace a few years after, and the King makes a royal decree that institutes the Pokemon League Challenge to honor the hero's deeds, where trainers can travel around the land and defeat 8 Gym Leaders in a gentleman's game style for badges, symbolic of the hero's journey to save the world - though only the Pokemon are allowed to fight to keep the challenges civil, which leads to the kind of Pokemon battles fought in the modern world. Now, for some actual gameplay mechanics, as I've already mentioned, the player would actually fight, and will take up a space on your team - this would make you only able to carry 5 Pokemon. The court wizard would explain this away by saying that the crystals start to react strangely in large groups, so he recommends that you carry only 5 until he can research them further, and makes it so the crystals are teleported into magical storage when you catch a Pokemon. The ending will explain that it is eventually discovered that the hard limit for crystals on your person is 6; this tradition is why modern trainers can only carry 6 Pokemon with them while participating in the League Challenge. The battles would stay the same, all one vs. one. Even though the knight would be treated basically as a Pokemon, he would have quite a few key differences. First, he can't deposit himself, of course - he's a permanent party member. Second, if the knight faints, obviously, that's game over, leading to the normal Pokemon game "blackout" and return to the last healing location. This would happen even if you have usable Pokemon left, so you'd have to be somewhat cautious when having him fight. Fortunately, our knight would have some things going in his favor. His stats would be higher than the average Pokemon, similar to a legendary. This would be further boosted by equipment, new weapons and armor, accessories, etc... Next, since he would be human "type", he would have no weaknesses to any type, though no resistances either, everything hitting him for neutral damage, unless he's using a piece of equipment that changes his resistances. Additionally, he'd need to learn more than 4 attacks, I'm thinking 24 so he can have an attack of every type plus have all the HM moves. He wouldn’t be able to learn Pokemon TM moves, so I’d probably use an NPC to teach him spells and different attacks, and you’d be able to change his moves at any time. So, would this make a fun game? Thanks for reading, and any feedback is appreciated.
  14. Okay so time to put our brains to work. I well and truly believe the battle system used in Seiken Densetsu 3 was one of the best battle systems I have ever played with. It was fun, it was constant, you always had to keep an eye on the entire battle field and enemies could pop up at any time and the fact it kept you on your toes made me love it even more. In fact, I still from time to time play it whenever I'm well and truly bored and have nothing going on. Anyways I have this idea for a game I've wanted to make for a while now but decided before I ever did anything about it I would first of all get the battle system amongst other things sorted which brings me to what I want to talk about. Here's the idea. I got a typical scene of the Seiken Densetsu battle system here just so people know what I'm trying to get at. Now in this scene we can all see where the monsters are, the main character (who's HUD is at the bottom of the screen) and her party members. What I want to focus on is the little bars at the bottom pointed to by the white line. Combos Now in the normal battle system every time you attack a monster the bar lights up by 1 until it gets full and the next time you attack you do your special move. The battle system does have an ATB element to it because obviously everytime you attack you have to wait a few seconds until your character's ready to attack again so you need to be careful not to leave yourself wide open. I want to switch up how this works. Instead of having to attack to fill up the bars, I want the bars to act as your ATB bar itself. This way it makes it that every time you attack an enemy the bar drops by one and if you use up the entire bar then you have to wait until the bar fills up to maximum before you attack again. The upside is that you can technically crush your opponents with a combo but the downside is that you can be left wide open. Skills/Magic I still want skills and magic to be affect by only using MP but you have to wait a few seconds before you can use them. Although what I don't want is that stop in battle where you watch the move being used on your opponent or team members. I want that to be reserve for Special/Overdrive-style moves. HUD (red line) Now about the HUD, in the screen you can see it's spread across the screen but I don't want the HUD to be that big at all. I'd prefer if we could go old school with it and have only the player names, HP, MP, Level and Combo Bar in 1 row for each player if possible. I'd like to save the top of the screen for a hotbar of player skills, items and overdrive moves if possible. Player Switch Just like the actual game itself I want the player to be able to switch between party members with the touch of a button. Special Moves/Overdrive Now about this, I will explain this in more detail later because first and foremost I want the basics of the system created first before getting into more complicated things. Right so, feedback?
  15. I don;t want to call it an epiphany, but I realized something important wile developing my game. I've probably done it unconsciously before or because I was being lazy :wacko: , but this is first time I actually realized why I was doing it. I reached the point in my game where it becomes a lot more open ended. There was a bit of a hitch though. There was still one character left to join the party. Not making something linear to force this to happen could potentially throw the character balance way off. There wasn't any earlier point in the game where I could add her. So I had to force the player to go to the town where they would meet her. I reconciled that situation pretty easily. As the player crossed the bridge to the open-ending area of the game, I had a merchant appear with a cart with a broken wheel. The player then was going to escort Mr. Merchant to where I needed the player to be. I was originally going to make it a full-fledged escort quest where the player was guided to the town and had to keep the merchant alive. Then I realized something. All that merchant really is, is a plot device to get the player where I need them. Why am I going to to put the time and effort into a quest when that's really all I want to do? I didn't make sense. So instead, the player is now just automatically transported there, the event where they meet the new character happens automatically. Problem solved. Everything's peachy. The reason I'm sharing this seemingly pointless thing is I'm sure everyone on this forum who actively making a game has run into a situation of deciding upon what kind of quest(s) to put in their game. It's important to understand the goal of whatever situation you're putting the player in. Simple things like my situation don't necessarily require a complex method of achieving them. If you feel you're game's lacking in quests, by all means use it as an opportunity to add one. However if you already have a variety of quests ask yourself if it's worth the time and effort to add a quest. Just some food for thought. Do with it what you will.
  16. lonequeso

    Off to the races

    When I was kid, there was this really cool SNES game I played. So cool that I cannot remember the name :/ The game itself was fun, but there's one aspect in particular that was really unique. It's probably been done again since, but I've never seen it. Monster races! Pretty much what it sounds like. Like a horse race, but with monsters! It was super simple, and really cool. The track was just a straight line divided into five (I think) sections. Five different monsters participated, all with different odds. You'd get gold on the monster of your choosing, and you watch them go! A couple games have done similar things. The dog races in Legend of Zelda, chocobo races in Final Fantasy. I don't remember one quite like this. I'm thinking of using that in my game. I'm actually thinking of putting in a full-fledged casino, but that may be a pipe dream. Monster Races. Good idea or stupid one?
  17. Morrik Inkura

    Incremental coding

    Hello, I am new to RPG Maker VX Ace, and I was wondering if it would be possible/simpleish to make an incremental game. The basic theory behind incremental games (If you dont know already ) Is that you perform an action to get a reward, repeat until you have enough to upgrade said original action. Progress is marked by unlocking new rewards and increased levels or profit/automation. Ideally this would be represented by the world changing, new buildings popping up, new shops, event etc. All of which would be driven by a selection of different currencies and the levels of your abilities/structures. Wanting to spitball/potentially find someone to assist with developing this project from a script/eventing angle. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/opinions/advice, Thanks
  18. Hello everyone, FLG'sRetnuh here . This thread is to help develop what the theme of an alternate dimension in my game is. You see, according to the story's current plot, an evil wizard from an alternate world, is trying to stretch his dimension into the regular world. What he doesn't know, is that this will destroy the universe. The hero of the story then has to battle through the two dimensions to find him, and stop him. The part i'm having trouble coming up with, is the theme of the alternate dimension that half of the game will take place in. Originally i was going to make it an 8-bit dimension, but that idea was scrapped, as it would limit the capabilities of the game, and just doesn't seem like a good idea. So, do any of you have ideas for the theme of this alternate dimension?
  19. Are there hidden forces controlling our world? It's tough to believe that after thousands of years, no one group has really reigned control in. Many nations were controlled by single or few factions for hundreds of years. Most of these factions always placed families in positions of power, and many of these factions were made up of families. With all that time and power, did they really do nothing except squander their wealth in indulgency? Social experiments are commonly performed in our modern world. Even Riot, who owns league of legends, constantly performs social experiments and constantly collects data on how humans operate. Our government does it with polls, usually quite openly, and so do our scientists. However I doubt that social experiments only started happening in the last hundred years. A group like the Illuminati, secretly planning and guiding the world and all its nations could very well exist. Maybe it's a group of tactical humans, or maybe there really are divine beings, or aliens. Opinions?
  20. Antioch

    Town Prosperity

    I've been sitting on this idea for a while, and I thought that it was finally the time to ask for the opinions of others regarding it. As you might have guessed by the title (duh?) the idea revolves around the implementation of town prosperity in my game. A bit of background information: For the sake of clarity, the system will be explained with cause, effect, and implementation; since I'm not always amazing at explaining things this should spell it out a little clearer. Cause: Effect: Implementation: Thanks all for reading this! I'd really appreciate any and all feedback, as-well as some responses to the following questions: -Would you honestly notice something like this, or more to the point, would it stick out if it was missing? -Would this help with roleplaying in the game, and how would it affect your roleplaying? -Is this something you would like to have in a game that you play?
  21. Knighterius

    Main Character's Age

    Hey everyone, I've been thinking: Does it matter what age the main character is? Because I am kind of annoyed of all these whiny teens and thought maybe I'd go with an older protagonist, maybe in his late 20's early 30's. What's your opinion on the age of a character?
  22. My character needs a reason to suddenly run onto the road (not a suicide attempt) unknowingly in front of a moving car. Any ideas?
  23. As much as the title says, do you think the Party Formation is important? From an XP and VX user, I somehow never had the need of a party formation. In case of my game's story, the characters are shifted or changed throughout the story, so the need of an extra character to wait and can be called throughout the story was not necessary. In your case, do you think Formation option in the default ace is important and has a use? If so, how do you handle it? How do you make use of this formation?
  24. GregWilder

    Space! And Stuff

    So here's a quick question; what would one need in order to survive in space? Just been thinking a lot lately and was pondering over what exactly a space survival/adventure game would need to be interesting. I thought a few points like the ones below would make for an interesting game: Basic survival meters; like Hunger, Thirst, Oxygen and so on Crafting System to help with the whole 'staying alive' thing. A decent, driven story line (pretty necessary as I wouldn't want to design a true sandbox game in Ace!) But then I was trying to come up with materials and other game details that would be necessary and make for an exciting game in Ace. What kinds of things do you think would fit well into a space survival/adventure game? I was thinking gathering resources like Minecraft, a relatively linear story, maybe jumping from point to point like Fire Emblem games, and keeping up with your ship and crew, maybe something along the lines of FTL. I don't know! I'm just throwing that out there. Would love to hear fun ideas!
  25. Hi i 'm thinking a lot about it lately, if i should use message busts in my game or something else. I'm trying different techniques the last couple of days but i cannot decide quite yet. I do like the graphic busts but i do not love the message window that much. So maybe something else? I currently came up with this: Opinions? What do you think? Thanks for reading!
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