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  1. Im Currently Making a Game in RPG Maker VX Ace Thats Set in an Alternate Reality where 9/11 and the JFK Assassination never happened With Zeppelins, Anthro Characters, Mythical Beings, Magic, UFOs and Space Stations Exist and Want Something like a Script that Can Show Off The Scale and Size of the Zeppelins and Space Stations Similar to How the Super FX Chip Works in Yoshis Island or How the 3D Acceleration Works in DS Games like Pokemon Black and White i want a script to show off the scope of things like zeppelins, space shuttles, ufos, space stations, satellites, or simple things like the brooklyn bridge, statue of liberty and the twin towers of the alternate ny skyline heres the current progress on my game im making i dont want anything with too much polygons i just want something simple to use in cutscenes or while the level is loading or to give people motion sickness /j kinda like this scene from sonic heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYkyUT0ZTIg=0m12s or this or even this
  2. I am Kiyasu Oka and my home page is at www.kiyasugreen.com. I am a Taiwanese known as an illustrator, designer, and entrepreneur; one of my recent career focus includes being the proofreader and editor for video games. [EDIT: This post is last updated on November 12th, 2021.] I have two newly released Steam games during the past three months, and am currently working on a sci-fi RPG with a friend that is scheduled for release sometime next year. The "solo" game project I am currently working on is an LMBS-RPG (Linear Motion Battle System Role-Playing Game). LMBS is the battle system used in many Tales of games. My game staff includes my friends Barry Leitch, Tim Haywood, and Lani Minella. My favorite Tales of games are Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (PS2), Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2), and Tales of Eternia (PSX). I also like Tales of Rebirth (PS2) and Tales of Phantasia (PSX). I am a part of what I call the "VX Ace club." This is a term I started saying in referring to anyone who is firm to sticking to VX Ace forever. I do own the full licenses for MV and MZ as "just in case" purchases but basically almost never used them. I will never jump to MV or MZ. I like the lightness of the engine and how it can already do so much beyond what I thought. It's lovely that people who don't use the latest machines can run VXA games. I own around five laptops, and one of them is a Mac OS X. I like Windows XP and I don't own a smart phone. Lunar New Year kind of just passed, but I would like to attach my illustration greetings to this post! Happy Lunar New Year!
  3. Tarq

    Script Call Master List

    First things first. I did not compile the following list. I don't remember who did, its not the same one Archeia posted previously. If the original poster has some issue with this being reposted pm me or report the thread and I'll remove it. Anyways, I'm just reposting this as I had a local copy and I remembered that a lot of the previous links to 'script call master lists' were broken when this site and the Degica one upgraded software. So, here it is: (I'm too lazy to reformat it ) Variables $game_variables[n] Switches $game_switches[n] Conditional Branch if #something #something else #something end Show Picture screen.pictures[index].show(file_name, upperleft/center, x, y, x zoom, y zoom, opacity, blend type) Move Picture screen.pictures[n].move(0/1 (top left or center), x, y, zoom1, zoom2, opacity, blend type (0,1, 2), wait) Picture Tone screen.pictures[n].start_tone_change(Tone.new(0, 0, 0, 0), wait) Looping For #something end Move Event move_route = RPG::MoveRoute.new move_route.repeat = false move_route.skippable = true m = RPG::MoveCommand.new m.code = 45 #The List of M Code can be found over Game_Character, this current m.code is call script m.parameters = ["script call here"] move_route.list.insert(0,m.clone) $game_player.force_move_route(move_route) Transfer Event Location $game_map.events[id].moveto(new_x, new_y) Transfer Player $game_player.reserve_transfer(map_id, x, y, direction) Screen Tint t = Tone.new(red,green,blue, gray) screen.start_tone_change(t, duration) Shake Screen @params = [] @params[0] = power or $game_variables[x] @params[1] = speed or $game_variables[y] @params[2] = duration or $game_variables[z] Note: (Neonblack and Fomar0153 found this glitch!) The shake screen has an option in the editor where you can add a "wait" or not. But the glitch involves that it will wait no matter what. But it will only wait a number of frames equal to whatever the speed is set to the default option. For example, the setting is 5 power, 5 speed, 60 frames, and wait. It will wait for 5 frames, no matter what. Call Common Event: $game_temp.reserve_common_event(id) Play SE/ME/BGS/BGM: RPG::SE.new("SE Name", volume, pitch).play RPG::ME.new("ME Name", volume, pitch).play RPG::BGS.new("BGS Name", volume, pitch).play RPG::BGM.new("BGM Name", volume, pitch).play Show Text: $game_message.add("Text") Gain/lose Item: $game_party.gain_item($data_items[id], amount) $game_party.lose_item($data_items[id], amount) (For weapons/armor use $data_weapons or $data_armors in place of $data_items.) Gather Followers: $game_player.followers.gather Change Player Followers: $game_player.followers.visible = true or false Erase Event: $game_map.events[event_id].erase Some conditional script calls to add to Celianna's: Button pressing Input.repeat?:)A) Input.press?:)A) Movement $game_player.dash? $game_player.jumping? $game_map.events[event_id].moving? $game_map.events[event_id].jumping? Location $game_map.events[event_id].x $game_map.events[event_id].y $game_player.x $game_player.y Remove Actor $game_party.remove_actor(actor_id) Add Actor $game_party.add_actor(actor_id) Remove Party Member from position (where x = party position. 0 = 1st member, 1 = 2nd member, etc.) m = $game_party.members $game_party.remove_actor(m[x].id) If you ever wanted to add every item/skills/weapons for debugging purpose (or something else?) it can be kind of tedious to add them all if you have alot. This small script call will help immensely: $data_items.each { |i| next if i.nil? or i.name == "" $game_party.gain_item(i, 99) } Of course, if you want you can change $data_items to $data_weapons or something else and the amount you want. When checking for input triggers/pressing you can actually shorten that a bit: Input.trigger?:)CTRL) There is no need to write Input::CTRL anymore. To get the leader of the party you can do this: $game_party.leader Gain/lose gold: $game_party.gain_gold(amount) $game_party.lose_gold(amount) Check for current max gold: $game_party.max_gold Get map id and name: $game_map.map_id $game_map.name To correct the screen shake bug thing do the following at Game_Interpreter: def command_225 screen.start_shake(@params[0], @params[1], @params[2]) wait(@params[2]) if @params[2] end Now it will wait the right amount of frames and not 5. $game_player.region_id == n $game_map.events[event_id].region_id == n Show Choices params = [] choices = [] choices.push("choice 1") choices.push("choice 2") params.push(choices) params.push(0/1/2 this part is where you press cancel and which choice to default) setup_choices(params) It is pretty easy to fake the When [**] command (402). The definition is just command_skip if @branch[@indent] != @params[0] Where @params stores the choice number for that specific branch (0, 1, 2, ... ) So all you have to do is replace @params[0] with an integer if @branch[@indent] == 0 # branch for first choice elsif @branch[@indent] == 1 # branch for second choice end Editor line continuation $game_variables[12] = ($game_variables[6] == $game_variables[10]) && ($game_variables[7] == $game_variables[11]) && ($game_variables[8] == $game_variables[10]) && ($game_variables[9] == $game_variables[11]) change the text dialog background: $game_message.background = 1 #0 = default blue, 1 = dim, 2 = transparent Equip weapon $game_actors[1].change_equip(0,$data_weapons[1]) the 0 value in the above code snippet can have the following values: 0 = weapon 1 = shield 2 = headgear 3 = body-gear (armor) 4 = accessory Transfer player $game_player.reserve_transfer(map_id, x, y, $game_player.direction) $game_player.followers.visible = true or false Audio.se_play(name, volume, pitch) Is Weapon Equipped? $game_actors[actor id].weapons.include?($data_weapons[weapon id]) Access self switches $game_self_switches[[mapid, eventid, 'A']] = true Make sure you use [[...]] and not just [...] Get Currency Unit $data_system.currency_unit For any equipment, you can use this: right_hand = $game_actors[actor_id].equips[0] left_hand = $game_actors[actor_id].equips[1] To get the items. Replace the index in equips for the item you're looking for (0 = right hand, 1 = left hand, 2 = head, 3 = body, 4 = accessory, provided you're not using any scripts that change that). You can check their types with: if right_hand.is_a?(RPG::Weapon) # do something elsif right_hand.is_a?(RPG::Armor) # do something else end Or get their properties with with right_hand.id right_hand.name right_hand.icon_index right_hand.description # etc.. i.e. if you want to check if you have a Prinny Gun equipped on your first weapon slot: right_hand = $game_actors[actor_id].equips[0] if !right_hand.nil? && right_hand.name.eql?("Prinny Gun") # Do something end You don't even need to keep track of the IDs, really (unless you want to, for some reason). If there's no way to not have a weapon equipped in your game, you can also take out the ".nil?" check. Showing a text box with pure script $game_message.position = X 0 -Top 1- Middle 2- Bottom $game_message.background = X 0 - Normal 1 - Faded 2 - Transparent $game_message.face_name = 'Actor1' <- Name of the graphic plate $game_message.face_index = 0 <- Position in the plate of the face you are using. $game_message.face_name = 'Actor1' $game_message.face_index = 0 $game_message.background = 2 $game_message.position = 0 $game_message.add("Text") $game_player.passable?(x, y, d) and $game_map.events[event_id].passable?(x, y, d) are extensions to this that do a little more detailed checking. $game_map.passable? only tells you whether you can leave one tile in the direction of the other. The player and event versions take it further and tell you if you can leave that tile in the direction of the other AND if you can enter the other tile from the tile you're on now (for example, if you are facing right and the tile in front of you is the edge of a cliff that is higher than you - $game_map.passable? would tell you that you CAN step right from the current tile. But $game_player.passable? would tell you that you could not move onto the next tile from the left). It also looks to see if there is an event on your target tile which would stop you going there, but $game_map.passable? would not tell you that. Check HP You can check an actor's current hp with: $game_actors[x].hp Or the leader's current hp: $game_party.leader.hp Or a member of the party: $game_party.members[x].hp Check Items Here's the script from Game_Interpreter that places the quantity of an item into a variable: $game_party.item_number($data_items[param1]) So you'd just change param1 to the item id you're interested in, and add your condition around it: if $game_party.item_number($data_items[32]) == 15 Checking how many of a particular type of weapon or armor is very similar: $game_party.item_number($data_weapons[param1]) $game_party.item_number($data_armors[param1]) Access Event by Name # Code by Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter # Place this under Materials and above Main Process and before any scripts that would make use of it. # Allows you to also use Game Switch *names* instead of just IDs in $game_switches[] calls. class Game_Switches # Overload the [] method so we can also call switches by their name, for instance: # $game_switches['my switch'] alias_method :find_by_name, :[] def [](switch) switch_id = (switch.kind_of?(String) ? $data_system.switches.find_index(switch) : switch) find_by_name(switch_id) end # Overload the []= method so we can also set switches by their name, for instance # $game_switches['my switch'] = true alias_method :set_by_name, :[]= def []=(switch,value) switch_id = (switch.kind_of?(String) ? $data_system.switches.find_index(switch) : switch) set_by_name(switch_id, value) end end Recover All for your entire party: @params = [0, 0] command_314 Show a named animation (in this case 'Sleep') for the player and wait for it to end: animation_name = 'Sleep' animation_id = $data_animations.find_index{|ani|ani && ani.name == animation_name} @params = [-1, animation_id, true] command_212 Move_Route_Turn $game_map.events[eventid].set_direction(#) 2 = down, 4 = left, 6 = right, 8 = up. Event Ballon $game_map.events[eventid].balloon_id = # where # is the row of the balloon spritesheet you want to show (I think the top row is 1, not 0), and eventid is the id of the event Player Facing $game_player.direction 2 = down 4 = left 6 = right 8 = up If ActorX or ActorY is in party $game_party.members.include?($game_actors[X]) or $game_party.members.include?($game_actors[Y]) Or $game_party.members.any? {|a| [X,Y].include?(a.id)} Change Actor Graphic actor.set_graphic(character_name, character_index, face_name, face_index) Use Item $game_actors[id].use_item($data_items[x]) $game_party.leader.use_item($data_items[x]) $game_party.members[index].use_item($data_items[x]) Show Battle Animation Show Battle Animation: @enemy_index = 0 @animation_id = 1 iterate_enemy_index(@enemy_index) do |e| e.animation_id = @animation_id if e.alive? end That will show a battle animation. Shop Processing # goods = [[type, id, price_override_flag(, price)]] Ex: goods = [[0,1,1,25],[0,2,0]] SceneManager.call(Scene_Shop) SceneManager.scene.prepare(goods, true) Or goods = [] for id in 1..20 goods.push([0, id, 0]) end SceneManager.call(Scene_Shop) SceneManager.scene.prepare(goods, true) Store Actor Level $game_variables[x] = $game_actors[id].level Control Weather $game_map.screen.change_weather(type, power, duration) where type is :none, :rain, :storm, or :snow, and power and duration are what you would have set the sliders to on the box. followed by Wait X Frames if you want it to halt processing until the weather is set. Move Set Route -> Change Graphic $game_map.events[id].set_graphic("character_name", character_index) id is the id of the event you want to change. "character_name" is the name of the graphic file you want to change to (make sure to keep the quotation marks). character_index is the index on the character sheet (it starts counting at 0).
  4. Hi there! I'm making a horror game and I noticed alot of people wanted to know how to make a monster that chases you through different maps and I came up with a way that worked for me. I hope you can use my system! NOTE: If you want a video tutorial click here! Switches and Variables The first thing you need to do is make a few switches and variables. Switches Enemy Chase Enemy Appear Variables Player X Player Y Enemy X Enemy Y Enemy Chase Length Enemy Chase Counter (Optional) Life Note: Because my enemy is a robot all my switches are named a little bit differently Setting up your enemy So your enemy event will look something like this If you want the enemy to insta-kill just remove the last 2 lines and replace it with "Game Over" My custom move route is: "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move at random" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" Of course settings such as speed move route and the event itself can be changed just make sure you have "Enemy Appear" as a switch. Note: You must have the enemy pasted in EVERY MAP for this to work where doesn't matter Setting up map transferring For your enemy to transfer maps you must have an event that looks like this What the common event "Player X and Y" does is later in this post. What "Wait [Number] Frame(s)" does is for example: When the player enters a new map after 2 seconds (120 frames) the enemy will appear. Note: The set event location is "Set "Enemy" to Robot X, Robot Y" Note: You must have this event pasted in EVERY MAP for this to work where doesn't matter Common Events You will need 2 common events: Player X and Y Enemy First you will need to make the Player X and Y common event what looks like this Make sure the trigger is "None"! Now you need to make the Enemy common event what looks like this This common event is basically a timer. If the time is up the monster disappears. Now let's move on to the last event! Summoning Enemy Of course you need to summon your enemy! This event is only an example. The "Enemy Chase Length" is how many seconds you want the enemy to chase you in this case 25. The "Battle6" BGM is just an example for chase music that's why in the "Enemy Chase" common event there is "Fade out BGM" Note: The "Enemy Chase Length" and "Enemy Chase = On" are required! The rest is optional!
  5. I've been working on a passion project, remaking Dragon Warrrior/Quest 1 on RMVXA. I need someone to make a video recreation of the Gameboy port's intro. I have 0 experience with animation, and could use a helping hand. Since it's IP is from Enix, it's a free project so I can't pay, but I do parallax mapping and am pretty handy with some other stuff. I could also use the help of a really good pixel sprite artist to recreate some characters from the SFC DQ1.
  6. I have a somewhat unique problem, and it requires an explanation. Since 2011, I have been developing a Final Fantasy tribute story. This is my pride and joy as a storyteller, but it wasn’t created as an rpg. Since my late return to RM, I’ve begun to seriously consider adapting this to a non-commercial JRPG. This comes with a plethora of technical issues and hiccups that need to be reconciled. One of the major hiccups being Casius Magnus. Cas is a Black Mage from my verse. They don’t toss magic around in cheap, or use it as a weapon at the drop of a dime. It’s a power given to mortals by the Gods, and the Black Mage people recognize and respect this. It is a very rare, extreme occasion that any Black Mage casts a spell. (This is done so magic never becomes some cheap parlor trick.) After centuries of ancient warfare with Odinspawn, the Black Mage people migrated to the most savage, uninhabitable part of the world. Rather than depend on magic to solve their problems, they developed proficient martial arts used to disarm and counter foes. Now for my story, this worked just fine. Cas always shows a great deal of restraint so his OP nature never became a visible problem. If anything, he ended up being the guardian angel of the group. Now for JRPG format…this is a serious problem. The story and characters are so developed, it’s hard to just hack and slash at them, changing things to suit the needs of the format - I’d sooner not make the game if that’s what it comes to. I have thought about several solutions to this conundrum: Nurf his physical power (which essentially makes him like any other mage, and takes away from his people’s backstory and culture.) Nurf his Magic (same results just reversed) Adjust spell ‘learning curve’ Adjust Max MP curve Use his spells like a ‘limit break’ feature, only being accessible when his health reaches a certain %, or the HP of party members Or make the top shelf spells only available when his HP is at a certain % Needless to say, I can’t reconcile the nature of the character with the rpg format. I would have to toss everything about my Back Mages out the window and make them like any other we’ve seen before.
  7. That One NPC

    [VXA] Seeking Team For N.C. Project

    (Willing to release under different name, or no name, if a good team comes together) Greetings, RPGMaker Central, my fellow game developers, players and enthusiasts alike. I am Angry Choco, or Mike for short. I have been messing with RM titles since RPG Maker 95 for the Sony Playstation, but never released anything, even during my time on 2000 and 2k3. I took a long break from RM, but my passion for story telling has never left me. After just over a decade of creative writing on RP boards, I have returned to RM to hammer out several story concepts in JRPG format. The first of these concepts is Legacy Frontier. This game draws inspiration directly from - and pays homage directly to - Square's SaGa Frontier. I am sure more than a few of you are intimately familiar with this game. It's certainly no stranger to me, as I have spent (and still spend) hours playing this title. I want to be clear about the nature of Legacy Frontier. It takes place in a unique universe, on a unique world, with unique characters. By all rights, Legacy is a stand alone game that has nothing to do with any game from Square's SaGa franchise. It just has properties and elements which are reminiscent of SaGa Frontier. It is a tasteful love letter to one of the greatest rpgs to come out of the 90s. It was rough, messy, and imperfect, and yet somehow it got away with every last bit of it. The goal with this project is to recreate some of the aspects that make SaGa Frontier so timeless, in a different setting with new aspects and features to tell an original story with an original cast of characters. The cosmos is a vast and ever-expanding labyrinth of burning stars and spinning planets. This swirling orchestra of energy and matter plays home to innumerable variations of life. But the cosmos has a secret...she hides both wonders and horrors alike. . . 'Acosta' is a smuggler from the Angora star system who makes her living trading weapons, medical supplies, food, and technology between planets and star systems. She leads a lonely life on the razor's edge. We find her on a space station in the middle of a financial quarrel with a crew of fellow smugglers. Acosta has an outstanding debt and it's finally caught up to her. Betrayed and set up by her current employer, she makes a hasty escape. Her foes give chase and just as a deep space dogfight is about to ensue, Acosta's ship is sucked into an anomalous void of energy. When she reemerges from the void, her tiny ship is cutting through the atmosphere of Terra, a small planet with cultures ranging from late medieval, to post-industrial, to post-modern. As her ship careens toward the surface, so too does a meteor of unknown origin. Distance between them is created during descent, but they both land in Hedoras Region, a quiet, post-industrial area of the Karakus Nation. Terra is a world in turmoil. Her cultures and peoples are divided by war, politics, and resistance to the growing influence of technology, and the Karakan stink that always seems to follow it. Karakus has occupied and assimilated most of the continent, threatened only by the vastly superior technology of the Tanis Region. Primitive kingdoms such as Lagira struggle to maintain independence and identity in an ever-changing world that seeks to industrialize everything. Acosta crashes in a wooded area north-east of Mosberg, a small, cozy town tucked into a sleepy forest. The mysterious meteor crashes south-east of Hedoras City in a large forest. The impact blast shakes the region of Hedoras to the core, and leaves a massive crater in Hedoras Forest. Faris Hogerdy and Jean Deckland are acquaintances from around the streets of Mosberg. Faris is a well educated young man who is yet to find his path in life. On the morning of his 21st birthday, his mother has sandbagged him with an eviction notice. It's time he spread his wings and find that aforementioned path. Jean is a rough customer with a reputation for having a questionable past. To those who know him, he is merely a complicated man. Sierra Petrova is a Special Agent for the Karakus Intelligence Bureau. She has been assigned to investigate the incidents in Hedoras. She is a dedicated, loyal, no-nonsense Agent who is determined to figure out exactly what transpired in Hedoras. The paths of these four individuals will collide, forming an unlikely bond of friendship. They will embark on a journey to navigate the political and militaristic waters of Terra, and discover what secrets this mysterious meteor may hide. Genre: [JRPG] Hybrid (Fantasy/SciFi/Modern) Characters: 21 (22 if you wanna get technical ) Depth & Flow: So far, there are no plans to give certain characters individual quests. Instead, it is one massive quest with many optional side characters who expand player access as they are recruited. In true SaGa fashion, Legacy has a main quest line, and it will be beefy and long enough to satiate the average palette. In addition to that main quest line, there will be many sub, side, secret, and character quests. The world of Terra will be ripe with secrets, easter eggs, and optional content for the player to explore and discover. The 22nd character for example. Someone has a secret! Features: Large, diverse cast of obtainable characters that both challenge and reward the player. Skills and magic are learned by preforming skills and magic on enemies. Combo attacks pair skills and magic to deal major league damage. Characters have bonus features like item crafting, lock picking, and mini quests. Automobile vehicle that can travel overworld roads to quickly switch regions (vs the standard airport travel), as well as transition into cities and towns. Radio stations for vehicle. [Your ideas here!] Screenshots: All I really have right now are some drafts I did of a few key Karakan Regions. I was mainly giving some texture to the World of Terra, and testing some tile set combos. They are by no means final drafts or concepts I'm married to. I'm not even a mapper by trade. I am looking for just about every position on this one but there are a few which are in high demand. STORY WRITERS It's not that I won't be writing a lot of the story, but there are many characters, many side quests, etc. Some help is always a welcome dynamic. PROGRAMMERS Balancing the actors, classes, enemies, skills, items, and gear. I will make the templates and concepts for every last one of them, that's never an issue. EVENTERS Pretty straight forward. Eventers, you know who you are. MAPPERS I am looking for individuals accustomed to and skilled at parallax mapping. Interior, exterior, dungeon, and overworld maps. Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, and Steam Punk themes required. ANIMATORS I need some skilled animators to manage, even create skill animations for use with skills, magics, and even Eventing. This is huge because I suck at animating. In addition, Script Coders, Graphic Designers, and Composers are welcome too. Goes without saying I will need a fleet of game testers. Lord knows, I'll need testers. ^-^' You can find me on Discord: Loco Choco #6154 I've set up a server for the game developers. Thank you all so much for your time, I hope to hear from someone, at some point.
  8. In my latest game project, I've decided to use TP as a third vital meter. You know the deal: If your HP depletes to zero, you're done, MP, no more magic/skills/whatever. But TP is by default a safe thing. Not in my game. If TP goes to zero in my game, it's almost worse than a Knockdown (death status), because that character gets hit with a nasty status ailment that weakens their every ability, and is difficult to recover from. Also, every action that requires movement (attacking/casting magic/etcetera), will deplete TP, or in my game, it's EP, Endurance Points. If you don't have enough Endurance, you may as well wait, or defend. Also, some equipment will make actions cost more Endurance, some less. The idea is that you want to end battles quickly, but not so quickly that fatigue sets in before the next battle. I've always thought this was a good mechanic to have, but maybe not everyone thinks so. I appreciate all constructive thoughts on this. Let us discuss with full hearts and open minds.
  9. (Due to the original script writer being good at making ticking bombs, another script writer has written a better version and so this script/aid request is no longer needed) ... So, I found that with DoctorTodd's script, if one wanted to have it so that the autosave function didn't work if there were like battle cutscenes going on or if one has a menu tutorial that uses the menu call, or if a cutscene is stretched across several maps, one couldn't really do this unless if one compromised and only used the Autosave.call script command, which would only work with evented battles. So, I decided to make an add-on script that can further bind these features to switches, if one desires, and I've run into a snag I don't know how to troubleshoot. What I am going to do is post both the Autosave script and my add-on here, and I'll also post the error I've been getting. ... DT's Autosave: ... My Add-On: ... Error Code: ... Any assistance I can get with this, much appreciated, merci beaucoup.
  10. I came up with a way to have @Calestian's Multiple Currencies show up in Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine. @CristorcusHelix, no, the Class System script does not interfere. Now, for simplicity's sake, I won't throw my entire script in the fray, just the pieces needed to get this working. Below is the command that goes under COMMANDS: COMMANDS =[ :currencies, # Opens the currency window. ] # Do not remove this. Below is the hash for all custom commands, which is what Currencies will be. Note that you can change what the menu command appears text wise by changing the Display Name (be sure to keep the quotes and comma there!), but don't change the command or the handler method. CUSTOM_COMMANDS ={ # :command => ["Display Name", ShowSwitch, EnableSwitch, Handler Method], :currencies => [ "Currencies", 0, 0, :command_currencies], :debug => [ "Debug", 0, 0, :command_debug], :shop => [ "Shop", 0, 0, :command_shop], :gogototori => [ "Synthesis", 0, 0, :command_totori], :grathnode => [ "Grathnode", 0, 0, :command_install], } # Do not remove this. end # MENU end # YEA The handler method will go below the Scene_Menu portion at the bottom of the script. Be careful to copy and paste the code correctly. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # new method: currencies #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def command_currencies return unless $imported['Clstn_Currencies'] SceneManager.call(Scene_Currencies) end And that should do it. If there's any issue, give me a ring.
  11. This is a neat little idea that can make your typical boulder-pushing puzzle a little more interesting. It took me a while to figure out how to do this through events (although I'd like to learn, I currently have no ability to script), but I have it sorted now and hope it might help someone else. Hard mode: Multiple boulders and gaps. (<if this anchor doesn't work, just scroll down) Pushing a rock into a gap. First thing's first - create an event that will be the boulder, or whatever your character will be pushing. You also need an area of water or a hole or something of the sort, which the boulder can be pushed into. The gap must be one tile across, the the boulder can act a bridge when in the water. In this case, the player is pushing a boulder into the river in order to get to the island. I added a chest that can only be reached this way, for added incentive. The boulder event will eventually have several pages, but initially, just set up the first event page. The settings should look like this: 'Event Touch' means that the boulder will move when the player stands beside it and pushes a directional button. Other people may prefer setting the trigger to 'Action Button' so that the player must press the 'A' button to activate the movement. You will need to use a terrain tag to label the water tiles. Doesn't matter what number you use, but tag the water tiles you want the player to be able to push the block into. You need several variables for this. Two will store the boulder's current X and Y location on the map, two will store the X and Y location of the position the player is trying to push it to (when they walk up to it, or press 'A'), one will store the terrain tag of the new position. So, let's do some eventing! As soon as the event is triggered, we want the boulder to store its current position in the variables. We can then use conditional branches on which direction the player is facing to determine which direction the boulder is being pushed towards. With this information, we can store in variables the new position. We then get the terrain tag of the new position. If the player is just pushing the boulder over land, the boulder should just move normally as these tiles are passable. We check if the terrain tag is equal to the one you set up for the water. If so, the boulders move route includes setting it as 'Through' which means it can pass into impassable tiles (like water). Self Switch A is then turned on if the boulder has fallen into water. It's not mandatory, but I added an extra bit of eventing here so that the boulder wouldn't reset back to its original position if the player left the map. This only activates if the boulder is in the 'goal' position and the puzzle is solved. Use two conditional branches to check if the boulder's new position is equal to a designated goal location, and if so, turn on a switch. This isn't a self switch, as we need it to link to another event. More on this later - first, let's finish setting up the other event pages on this boulder. Here's what the first page looks like: Page 2 is relatively simple. Once the rock is in place, this page sees when the player is trying to cross over it. It takes note of which side the player is on. Because switch A turns on if the boulder falls into ANY water, we need to check if it is in a goal location first. Page 3 is triggered if the player touches the rock and is facing left. This page must be set to 'Autorun' and the priority 'Below Player'. This is important, because the 'Below Player' priority means that the player will walk on top of the rock, rather than appearing to walk behind or underneath it. The event autoruns and moves the player over the rock to the other side. The switch then turns off, so that if the player touches the rock again, Page 2 runs, which looks at which side the player is on and redirects to the corresponding event page. Page 4 looks exactly the same as this, but is for if the player approaches from the other side. The only difference is that the move route contains 'Move Right' and it's a different self switch. Of course, you can also make boulder bridges which are north-south. So that's it - for the most part. What about Page 5 though? Well, it's completely empty! Remember that part at the end of Page 1 where I said something about getting the boulder to stay put after it's solved? If you want to add this feature, create a second event using the same boulder graphic. Put it in the place where the boulder is 'supposed' to be when the puzzle is solved. The second event contains a copy of pages 2 to 4 of the first event, with an additional condition that the 'Solved' switch must be 'on'. This switch also removes the first event from view. Hopefully this was useful to somebody - it's the first tutorial I've written and I'm not particularly confident in my ability to explain things, hence the use of pictures. Here's a short demo of how this looks in-game. *** Hard Mode: Multiple boulders and gaps! (Uses more switches and variables, but the basic idea is the same). It's here that I must stress the importance of keeping your switches, variables and event names organised. Otherwise, you're gonna have a bad time. Depending on just how complex you want to go, here's the switches and variables you need to use: The good thing is though, that you can re-use some of these for other boulder puzzles you might wanna make in your game and it won't make any difference. Namely, you can re-use the variables in any number of puzzles. The switches must be set up individually for each puzzle though, as they recognise which puzzles have been solved and which rocks have been used, and allow the player to leave the map and the puzzle still be solved. I used 3 boulders when I was figuring this out. You can easily use more than that without it becoming more complex to set up, but you'll need the extra switches and variables. Variables Rock_X_Location - Stores X location of the boulder that the player is about to push. Rock_Y_Location - Stores Y location of the boulder that the player is about to push. Pushing_Towards_X - Stores X location that the boulder is currently being pushed to by the player. Pushing_Towards_Y - Stores Y location that the boulder is currently being pushed to by the player. Terrain_Tag - Stores terrain tag of the location it is being pushed to. Goal_X_Location - X location of first possible solution. Goal_Y_Location - Y location of first possible solution. Goal_2X_Location - - X location of second possible solution. Goal_2Y_Location - Y location of second possible solution. Goal_3X_Location- X location of third possible solution. Goal_3Y_Location - Y location of third possible solution. Switches Boulder1_Solved - Switches on if any boulder has been pushed into goal location 1. Boulder2_Solved - Switches on if any boulder has been pushed into goal location 2. Boulder3_Solved - Switches on if any boulder has been pushed into goal location 3. Boulder1_Used - Switches on if boulder 1 has been pushed into any goal location Boulder2_Used - Switches on if boulder 2 has been pushed into any goal location Boulder3_Used - Switches on if boulder 3 has been pushed into any goal location To give this a sense of meaning, here's the cave where I'm setting up this puzzle: You can see the three boulders. I've named them 'Boulder1', 'Boulder2', 'Boulder3' for convenience. The three 'empty' events are locations where the boulders can be pushed into to enable our hero to cross the water. These events are named 'Solved1', 'Solved2', 'Solved3'. You might notice that it's possible for either of the two boulders near where the hero is standing to be used for either of two goal locations. I have considered this. Let's look at the event pages. This is the first page of Boulder1. If you read the basic part of my tutorial first, you'll notice that the general structure is pretty similar. We check the rock's current position, which way the player is pushing it, it's new position, and the terrain tag of the new position. If the terrain tag is the one for water, it makes a 'splash' and falls in. Then comes the extra bit.... It gets the data for the variables 'Goal_X_Location', 'Goal_Y_Location' etc. from the positions of the events which are at the goal locations. We then need conditional branches to check whether the rock has been pushed into ANY of the possible goals in the area. This is done by using branches of the form: Conditional branch: Pushing_Towards_X = Goal_X_Location Pushing_Towards_Y = Goal_Y_Location Branch End Branch End Repeat this for each goal location. Within these conditional branches, we need to flick on the switches that indicate which boulder we have pushed into the water, and at which goal location. This is why I numbered my boulder events and goal events. If it's pushed into water (as recognised by the terrain tag), self switch A turns on, which is just a blank page. This is just so that the boulder is not able to move if it's in the water (eg. if the player stood at the waters edge and pushed). The reason I didn't use the A switch to allow the player to cross the boulder is because depending on where the boulder is placed, it might form either an East-West bridge or a North-South bridge. As such, this movement is tied to the 'goal' events which appear when the rock is moved into place. ((I used 'empty' comments for the sole purpose of spacing this out into sections so it looks neater and was easier for me to work on)) This event above is Boulder1. The other boulders look exactly the same, except that the switch turned on when they fall into place is 'Boulder2_Used' or 'Boulder3_Used', etc. etc. for however many boulders you have. ((My switches for this include the area name, in case I later want to use a similar puzzle on a different dungeon)) Okay, this has probably been slightly confusing. I'm trying hard to keep it as organised as I can and sometimes I have to look back and think things through again. Hopefully looking at the other pages of the events will help all these switches and variables make more sense. This is pages 2 and 3 of the boulder events: Page 2 is empty and is triggered whenever the boulder falls into water. It's just there so that it stays put and acts as an unmovable object. Page 3 is triggered when this particular boulder has been pushed into a goal location. It makes the original boulder event invisible. Now let's finally get to these 'goal' events... Page 1 is blank and has no image. Because having a crossing before a boulder has been pushed here would defeat the purpose. So, page 2... Looks rather familiar, huh? It's the same eventing as you may remember from the basic tutorial here, which triggers a self-switch when the player touches it and allows them to cross in a certain direction. This activates if the switch 'Boulder1_Solved' is on. Not to be confused with 'Boulder1_Used'. The 'solved' switches correspond to the goal or solution locations, and can be triggered by any boulder if it is pushed into the goal location. Then as you may guess, the B and C self-switch pages are exactly the same as before. .... done. Finally. Let's see it in action!(unfortunately without the pretty mapping this time)
  12. (all typed on mobile - I know, yuck - so help me out already dammit) There isn't much to say about this project other than that due to a couple of reasons (one being more prevalent than the other), Throes of Damnation is being indefinitely shelved. The first reason is obvious; I no longer have a working computer, and the possibility that all my files are gone and/or corrupted, leaves a strong possibility that the project may be gone altogether, but until I know more, I have to presume that I might not have any of my files, but definitely no access. The second reason, which is more prevalent, and even if I still had a working computer, would be enough for the indefinite shelving, is due to my heavy use of a tileset that I borrowed from Luxaren Allure (I did get permission to use it), which is now no longer an option due to the artist disallowing any use of her work by anyone else. Ultimately, that's fine, but it really puts a stopper on the project because I have never seen a tileset quite like that one (because it quite simply doesn't exist). If I can mitigate these issues, especially the lack of a dark, demonic and empty-feeling tileset, then I will continue Throes of Damnation. Until then, the project is shelved. Shame, really; I haven't seen another RM game that uses a Duel Monsters like battle system...
  13. Hi! I was wondering if I could make an event move between several other events. In the game I'm working on, there's a part where you have to stealth around. If the guards see you, they'll stop doing their typical routine and actively search for you. However, this is difficult to do since they'll actively chase you down if they see you, resulting in move routes breaking. A lot. Is there a way I could have them move by event locations? Maybe by, like, a script call or something? Thanks in advance!
  14. So I am working on a large project called Fallen Petals, I can draw faceset/battlers, I did most of the jobs in my project such as eventing and setting up animations, skills, scripting boss's battles and more, but there is one problem that I can never do it, which is spriting characters, I am currently using Default Actors in RPG maker VX Ace, but since now I drew the facesets for my OCs, I decided that I need a spriter. Game Sypnosis: Fallen Petals is an RPG game talks about a twisted story of a prince and a Goddess who exiled from their own country called Elusia after the prince was charged of affiliation with Regusia, the enemy of Elusia continent, he was ordered execution by his own father, but the Goddess planned a successful escape out of Elusia Continent with him, he is now residing in an unknown village, starting a new life with the Goddess. What I need: A spriter, can draw cute/chibi style, prefer drawing "tall" style (I don't know what to call lol) , not "default actors" style (and this too). 1: My characters's clothing are pretty simple, only the hair is slightly more difficult, their clothing are mostly almost-mono-colored. 2: I will send you the faceset + the full body of a character through PM box or other kinds of communication, and I wanted you to sprite it based on what I give you. 3: Try to keep the arms close to body and only moves when it's walking. Example: (image from https://grandmadebslittlebits.wordpress.com/2015/08/) If you wish to participate in my project, just inbox me or post on this thread, but show me your examples and I will consider it, we can discuss about spriting, I will send you the materials like I said above. (I am a simple person, but a bit picky.) Ah...I have tried many ways to draw sprite but I am not skillful enough with photoshop, I would like to commission someone to do it for me but my family is pretty much in tight condition. I feel like I am desperately in need of someone's help of drawing sprite for me...The clothing are pretty simple and not too complex... I don't really want to drop this big project though... It meant a lot for me since I have been working on this project for 2-3 months. Thank you
  15. Purple Phantom

    Tree with Tireswing (VX Ace)

    Hello! I am in need of a tree with a tire swing, similar to the one pictured here: I need it about 3 tiles high by four tiles wide. :3 However, if it's easier, i could also handle a simple edit of the oak tree-looking graphic. I would prefer this to be formatted so I can just event it in, as I don't know how to add something to the tileset. Thank you in advance!
  16. Synopsis Dungeon Dodgers is a unique RPG Maker Game being created in RPG Maker VX Ace. The player assembles their team of characters and conquers dungeons. The players compete against other players around the world in leagues to become the top dungeon dodger. Features Leagues Bazaar (Global Shopping System) Immersive battles Much Much more... Current Team Dungeon Creators (0/6) Writers (0/3) Artists (0/4) Testers (0/16) - Testers will have access to the first release of the game and will be able to play on the beta server. Once the actual game goes live all tester data will be cleared. News & Progress Currently all networking and online features are complete. Progress until tester release: 37%
  17. Story Steven, who is too tired with the life in the crowded city, decided to leave the city and move to a rural village called Sunray Village. Here he meets many people, each of them has their own story to tell. On his first day in Sunray Village, Steven meets an old man who has fainted on his farm and takes the man to the clinic. The man is too old to do jobs on his farm any more, so he permits Steven to live and work on his farm freely. Steven's farming story now begins... Features Farming System coding by me! Yay! Farm Decorating System. - You can build your dream farm from nothing. Farm House Decorating. - Customize your house I will update this more later. Screenshots Author's note I code these stuff by myself. That's a big challenge for me. I also draw the tileset and plant sprites with my friend.
  18. Lord Vectra

    RM VXA Auto-Shadow

    RM VXA has an auto-shadow so I'm wondering, do you guys take it off, do different shadows or just keep it as is? In all my maps, I didn't bother to change it, but how do you guys feel bout the auto-shadow?
  19. Hey RMers, If you ever have an event on loop that should work but doesn't then try putting a wait command of 1 frame at the end. Idk why, I'd speculate that this is to prevent it processing it a billion times at once and freezing in the process. Whatever the reason, its been like this since at least 2k3 and still persists in MV. Anyways, here's hoping it saves someone few hours of needless agony.
  20. Hello Community. So... I just create scene about epilog on my games and there's some weird things appear when run the game, I was creating a disaster and i use shake screen function on event, and also i create new event with paralel process on it, and there's some text storying about that, but when text is come, the shake is freeze, and when the text is hide, the shake is shaking again, so i wanna ask how to make shake and text run toghether without any glitch.
  21. So to put it simply paper mario goomba jump... In paper mario if you used jump on goomba they died instantly but others it just did damage, so is there a way to have a skill like that in VXAce
  22. Lord Vectra

    eventing Continuous HP Drain

    Hello, this is Vectra, the Master Eventer. Recently, I've been asked about this from a friend and I thought: "Why not show everyone else once I'm done with the demo." Description This allows you to absorb HP from enemy for x turns. It's not damage HP which is negative HP Regen. This can be don Just so you know, this can also be done for Mp Drain, Atk Drain, Defense Drain, etc. All but TP since there is no way to pinpoint how much TP someone has by events. . Things to look at: Common Events Skills Noteboxes "EXTRA NOTE" common events Troop Page of Vectra Here's the demo, it explains everything very thoroughly Demo: Link Note: It is not encrypted so you wanna go in and battle-test against Vectra. Vectra, how do you make a variable equal to an enemy's (or actor's) stats? Go to Control Variable Go to Game Data On the right, click on the 3 dots Go to actor (or enemy) On the right, you'll see level Click on it and choose a stat In this case, you would use MAXHP I will answer any questions/concerns.
  23. I helped someone with this a few seconds ago. This does not require eventing. This is how you do it. State 1 = State to Target State 2 = State to Caster b.add_state(1); if b.state?(1); a.add_state(2); else; 0; end; damage formula There you go If you want it to be done by chance, I suggest using this: Let's say you want a 60% chance for states to work rand(100) <= 60 ? b.add_state(1); if b.state?(1); a.add_state(2); else; 0; end; damage formula Any questions or problems?
  24. RetroExcellent

    Clock and Time with events

    Okay! It's been a while since I've written one of these, but lets dive right in shall we? This tutorial is going to show you the basics of how to control time, time of day, days of week and so on with a few simple variables and common events! The first thing you will need to do is create three events; Time, Time of Day and Day of Week as I chose to call them. The first one acts as a clock, counting time. You will need to create a common event, the very first step is to set a variable of Time and have it constantly add 1. This will count as a timer with each 60 variable counting about roughly 1 second, similar to the wait event. Secondly you will need to create a conditional branch, this will check for Time to have hit a certain point, and will allow you to change the Time of Day. I chose 3000 for testing purposes, giving about 1 minute per change. Now within that conditional branch you will Add a set +1 to Time of Day, this causes the time of day to change, night, morning and so on. Next you will wait 5, this allows the variable to change before you reset the Time by setting it to 0, which causes the process for the next time of day to restart. Next you will have another conditional branch, this one checks the Time of Day to allow it to reset. I set mine to 5, for sunrise, morning, daytime, sunset and dark, this is done using variables of 0 - 4. Once it hits 5 it resets to 0 and becomes sunrise again. I then increase Day of Week changing the day as it indicates. The following step is to have another conditional branch, this one checking the Day of Week variable, once it hits 7 it simply resets Day of Week back to 0. Now for flavor I have multiple conditional branches to check the Time of Day so that I can adjust the tint of the screen for effect. Look below for the event itself. Now you can use this for a variety of things, simply have your events through out the game check the variables to see the Time of Day, or Day of Week or even both to allow your entire to game to really live! Feel free to add on, you can make more variables to do weeks of the month, month of the year and even year itself! It just depends on how much detail you want to control! Next I actually created an event to display the day of week and time of day. I attached this common event to an item, but you can also set it to do a button press by adding the following event into a conditional branch to check for that button being pressed. This one is pretty simple so all I am doing is going to display the event. I hope this was easy to follow as I am a bit rusty in the tutorial department. Enjoy!
  25. Hello Folks, today I will teach you How to event a Character select Screen, Below screen is How it will look like. First you might need a little understanding of Variables and switches before you begin, i suggest you read tutorials on variables and switches. So let's start, first thing is to have the characters pictures for the screen. I have 12 pictures for my 12 Characters. I used photoshop to edit the pictures, I made a map for them to stand on and I used Hime's Map Screenshot, But u don't need to use this if you aint using sprites standing on something. Then I made my pictures in Photoshop and added some text and glow effect and the other characters darkened so when i don't have them selected the player KNOWS. Next step is exporting into the game folder, u can either use this in rpg maker itself, or just placing in the project folder under grapics/Pictures. Which I myself find easier. This next part is the the trickiest, getting it to appear right. What I do is conditional branches and variables, and when u have selected a character turn a switch on (for story purposes). Below is the branches i did : Its very simple really, the variables are telling which characters is what, and when u move to another character it increases to whatever number is next. I only have character 1 Go to next event. But u can just copy and paste the event to do same thing or a different thing depending on what you want to happen. For the picture events, i have it set up like this: If you followed all the pictures the same as me, you would get the same result. Remeber the variables and switches(if you want people sayng different things depending on the character). Hope I helped, If you used this tutorial in any of your games, please give me some credit :)I Won't mind if you don't, but it would be nice if I helped you in some way.
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