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Found 34 results

  1. Asharonapaul

    Elohan Chronicles

    Abstract: [spoiler = "Abstract"] The game is about clicking and winning with good luck chuck. Im no good at abstracts. [/spoiler] Genre: [spoiler = "Genre"] It's a Homebrew DND clone. Definitely not Roguelike [/spoiler] Game Progression: [spoiler = "Game Progression"] So it's nearly a third finished for the demo release in spring. Other than that, I have no idea how to calculate the overall stuff. Like, It's not finished? [/spoiler] Story: [spoiler = "Story"] The player finds themselves in the Khimra territories, seeking to empower their people with the vast resources available to the chimera folk. The end goal being the claiming/reclaiming of Kowan territories, to which the Khimra have remained neutral over. The first task of gaining support from the Khimra is important to the rest of the story. From there the player is free to continue the major storyline, or do side quests, or anything common to DND. The player must learn the secrets of the Elvish folk in pairing with a Drac-folk. The end result being a clash of powers and a new world. [/spoiler] Setting: [spoiler = "Setting"] The universe is set on a fictional planet called Elohan . The game takes place on a continental region called M’rak. There are many races and factions in the region. Many different modes of magic are also available to all races some races granting bonuses. Many gods are also present in the world. [/spoiler] Character: So there will be two race options, and 4 class options. Kowan: Vowtuh [spoiler = "Vowtuh"] [/spoiler] Nijo: Bahtu [spoiler = "bahtu"] [/spoiler] Screenshots: [spoiler = "Screenshots"] from the development of the radial menu system for interactions. from the development of a fort and interiors of buildings. the first 6 races I drew and their realistic representations in the game. [/spoiler] Features: Mouse only controls. Rolls and checks on hopefully everything. Character customization. Somewhat advanced AI mechanics for what will feel like a real world. DND style combat. The ability to alter the world, within the confines of the game's rules.
  2. MakerZeroOne

    Looking for Art Critique - WIP

    Hello everyone. I'm creating some more modernized/ Sci-Fi icons and hopefully going to move on to even larger pixel arts soon. Basically, I'm looking for feedback, and critique, as the title says. Currently, I only have a few icons for Ammo, and a couple of modernized grenades. Basically, every attack in my game that uses a gun, or skill that uses and item, will require ammo from the inventory. So. here we go. Mostly, my doubts involve lighting and shading... THESE ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS. PLEASE DO NOT USE, EDIT, OR SHARE outside of this thread. I Will be posting again when I am satisfied that they are ready to use. A bokuto, or wooden katana. Alien Mind Control (Take me to your refrigerator!!!) Energy Ammo Pack - the bottom is supposed to be a concave cube, whereas the top part is supposed to be cylindrical; silvered metal, with gold bands, and showing glowing red energy inside and at the connector tips up top.... but i'm not sure it doesn't just look flat. M84 - Flash bang. This one had so many sharp angles that i'm not sure you can even tell what it is, or if you can even make out the Pin... M67 Frag Grenade. The entire thing is OD green... so shading it to represent a light source is kind of difficult. A metal Bolt or Slug for a Rail Gun. Silvered metal with angled flanges coming off of the cylindrical core. M18 Smoke Grenade Pretty simple, but still kind of hard to draw the spoon on the side at the correct angles and to show the pull pin and the primer on top Handgun Ammo. Rifle Ammo Machine Gun Belt Shotgun shells in a woven fabric shell carrier That's all so far, and I will add more as i work through it, and need more icons to suit my game. Thoughts? (Once again, these are works in progress. PLEASE do not use for yourself just yet. I will release a new thread when I'm ready to share.)
  3. Jonnie91

    Resource Feedback Thread

    Hey guys, so I swear we used to have one of these up originally but it appears not, So I'm opening one up now! This thread is for Art only! (ie Character Art and Sprites) If you are looking to get feedback on anything else then you can visit the following links: Screenshot Critique Thread (For Mapping, and UI Design) Music Feedback Thread Please remember the following rules: 1. Constructive Criticism not being rude! equally very minimal effort answers like: "Yeah looks good" is equally unhelpful! 2. Please give feedback on other peoples work where possible! Even if it's not in an area you aren't confident in, it's polite and helpful to give feedback 3. All other Forum Rules apply
  4. Hey everyone! I’ve been messing around with RPG Maker ever since VX came out (and even got a couples of demos out here and there), and I think I’m finally ready to commit to a full game! I’d really love your feedback for this first ‘real’ project. ABSTRACT: Hailey Comet and the Tower of Eul is a role-playing game that focuses on sharp writing and streamlined gameplay. SCREENSHOTS: GENRE: The game is a Fantasy solo RPG. GAME PROGRESSION: 20% - There are no more major gameplay overhauls to be made, or game-breaking technical issues to be adressed. From here on it's just getting down and dirty with designing dungeons, coding events, and writing dialogue. - Right now, I'm actually on leave from school, so you can bet I'm making the most of my time with this hobby of mine. Who knows, RPG making might even be my true calling. CREDITS: - Yanfly for all the plugins I’ve used. - IAmGyrowolf for some of the music. (his soundcloud is -> https://soundcloud.com/gyrowolf) RECRUITING: - Artists for a custom portrait and spritesheet for the protagonist. DEMO TIME: - It's only half an hour long, but I bet you'll like it DOWNLOAD (220 MB): - Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcaszu81dyxsfse/Hailey%20Comet.zip?dl=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STORY/CHARACTER BIO: The protagonist is a member of the royal Comet family. A century past, the prince of Comet used his royal magic to seal the Dark Lord Eul in the evil king’s own tower. He fortified this seal by awakening the magic within the other magic Towers across the land. With Eul defeated, the kingdom enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity. Hailey is a skilled adventurer, herself, and does all she can to live up to her family’s reputation. However, the royal magic protecting the seal has begun to falter, and Eul’s influence is beginning to corrupt the Towers and the lands surrounding them. Monsters have begun to appear, leaving the kingdom in danger of suffering under dark ages anew. The current heir to the throne, Hailey Comet, is tasked with undoing Eul’s corruption and putting a stop to his scheming. Will she succeed? GAMEPLAY: The player progresses through the plot by completing quests, bite-sized scenarios scattered across the map. Each quest offers a different gameplay experience for the player. Monsters and rivals are fought in a conventional turn-based system that has been hyper-compressed for a light, yet engaging experience. - Before she can restore the magic of the four Towers, Hailey must complete all of the Quests on the current map. Each Quest drops you right into the action onto a small ‘board’. The player will have to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and commune with the locals to complete the objective. - Combat has been streamlined from the default battle system to a unique, but easy-to-learn system. The player’s primary options are [Attack] and [Defend]. Attacking consecutively builds up your Heat; the more Heat the character has, the stronger they’ll be and the more bonuses they’ll have. You’ll be dealing pitiful amounts of damage until you can build up a decent amount. Defending reduces damage and restores your HP, but also drops all of your Heat. It’s up to the player whether they should continue to attack to build up Heat or to fall back and start anew when it’s safe. Features specific to the Special Demo Edition: - The first two Quests take place in a cellar, and a bandit hideout. The cellar will have you searching for pests in a basement, while the hideout will have Hailey sneaking past guards to reach the boss. - The first Tower, the Tower of Gales, is played as a platforming puzzle. - The third quest takes place in the run-down, crime-ridden city of Crimeya. The player must explore the town in order to find a way to enter the base of operations of the Blacktooth syndicate. - This special demo version also features a bonus boss. A mysterious boy from another world has been sighted around the Isles of Ire. Could he know anything about the Towers? KNOWN ISSUES: - A lot of the programming during battle is done through common events, so you might run into some bugs. For example, the player character will continue to use "follow-up skills" even on a KO'd opponent.
  5. Name; Star Trek: Genesis. I am trying to make a horror themed game based around the episode of The Next Generation titled Genesis where the crew is de-evolved into various creatures by a virus. Genre: I am attempting a Survival horror game in the vein of classic Resident Evil or Silent Hill, with Elements of Resident Evil 3 as I want there to be a constant pursuer that comes after the player. Game Progression:.05% I am ironing out artwork and tilesets as well as sprite work. Recruitment: I would like someone to help me with sprite work, namely character and enemy sprites. For the character, I want three based tile sets. Unarmed, armed with a hand phaser, and armed with a phaser rifle. Also someone to help with Music Composition. No Demo as of yet Story The game follows Lt Commander Alexandria Ross of the USS Baker, an Intrepid Class vessel sent in to investigate the emergence of the USS Hood, a Constitution Class vessel brought out of mothballs and refit with new technology (Positronic systems, Isolinear circuits....replicators) to buff the fleet during the Dominion War. They find the Hood adrift with low power. Ross is sent in via shuttle due to a radiation leak preventing transport. On board she finds monsters trying to attack her and they destroy the shuttle preventing her escape. Her first goal is to restart the ships warp core to restore power, and restart the ship's computer to discover what happened. Over the course of the game, she encounters a powerful entity that pursues her relentlessly that seems much more intelligent than the rest of the "monsters." In restarting the ship's computer, she over time learns that the Chief Medical Officer, Officer Carmichael did some research on the Intron Virus, first encountered by the crew of the Enterprise-D, called Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome. Doctor Carmichael did experiments on the virus to control it and administer it to a Vulcan doctor named T'Sir, his mentor from his days at the academy. T'Sir had come down with Bendii Syndrome, a condition that causes Vulcans to lose mental control of their emotions. Carmichael theorized that ancient Vulcans had stronger mental capabilities as they were used for controlling weapons, so he attempted to activate several dormant genes in T'Sir to help him regain lost mental functions. The virus mutated and infected the ship, and the ship was adrift ever since. Ross can't defeat the creature T'Sir had become and his mental capabilities became so great that he could kill Ross with a wave of a hand. So Ross decides to set the warp core to breach by overloading the coolant lines and escape the ship via escape pod in hopes the Baker detects her and beams her out quickly before the exploding USS Hood kills her. Characters Lt Commander Alexandria Ross; Security Chief of the USS Baker, former member of Red Squad in Starfleet Academy. Sent in to investigate why the USS Hood disappeared and was adrift. Sent out alone, Away Team killed on the shuttle when Ross restored main power. Captain Sean Wei; Captain of the USS Baker. Chief Medical Officer Carmichael; Medical Officer of the USS Hood. Only known of though his logs. Was recruited into the medical program by T'Sir at Starfleet Academy. Captain Albert Miller; Captain of the USS Hood. Status; unknown. T'Sir; Former Medical Officer for the Vulcan Science Academy and later Starfleet (Retired from Service). At 210 Years of age, he developed Bendii Syndrome. As a result of the Intron Virus, his mental capabilities have increased several fold and has the abilities of the Ancient Vulcan people. He can stop your heart just by looking at you if he wishes. Attempts to negotiate are not recommended. Unknown Klingon Officer; Mutated by the Intron Virus, this Prehistoric Klingon wants nothing more than to kill you in the worst way possible, or does he see you as a mate? The main pursuer until T'Sir kills him. Based on Star Trek, Created by Gene Roddenberry. Based around Star Trek: TNG episode; Genesis, written by Brannon Braga. In the way of screenshots, all I can do is show my tilesets if necessary and partial maps. I also have some plans on graph paper, rudimentary maps so to speak. Wanted features -A Pursuer character much like Nemesis on Resident Evil 3. -Limited Ammo and resources -Ammo is in the form of power cells, which can also be used to power a replicator to get a health fill up..but there are a limited number of power cells...so food or energy for your phaser? Hand Phaser gets 30 shots with one cell, the Rifle gets 12 shots but they are 3x as powerful. -Basic Cut-scenes -3D or in game graphics?
  6. CVincent

    Brick Wall Texture

    A very simple brick wall texture using two-tone dithering patterns. Free to use, just credit me.
  7. Rezanta

    Character Backstories: Neenie

    OH MY GAWD! AN UPDATE AFTER -*grabs calculator* Subtract the 5, add the 2, divide by the reciprocal- half a year! I've been way too busy with things... That's hopefully changing Anywhom, before I'm robbed of my sweets from complaining and/or procrastination, let's get into a "masterpiece" of mine. I call it: ca- Character Backstories! Now, they do exist before I've even done this, I know, but I work mine up from start to a certain point, like how I worked all of the Avis characters I have (i.e. Krown, Neenie, Syn, and so on.) to the point they meet a certain character. Two warnings: Yes, again, there's anthros in this, but I don't get all "meh" about it and start throwing in things that are for rule 34. (no pun intended) This is a five-part section. The other backstories, including Krown, Syn and Floria, Myrla, and Grace, shall be posted before this month crests. I promise my writing heart that. With those out of the way... And with no other things needed... I introduce you to the first backstory! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's many days where an owl can't sleep, or when an owl fears losing something close to it. Neenie's short, frail build made her a jaw-dropper in some eyes, but in others, there was a female they could take advantage of. During a sharp, cool dawn, Neenie was preening her feathers, watching the snowflakes fall around her ruination of a house. Two boards leaned against a tree, with an old blanket tucked under the boards to prevent them from sliding away in storms, and a ripped tarp covered the top to protect from the elements, although the amount of holes made it better for a game of billiards than it did for a roof. She sighed sorrowfully, her thin and starved body complaining in pain for her to eat. "I have nothing I can do," her beak parted slightly, casting a look of remorse the five towers piercing the sky due east from her. The Owlina, a group of owl sages that looked over the land in their respective region, had sharp views on what races of owls were allowed to live on the land. Great Horned Owls, Snowy Owls, Screech Owls, and the sacred Golden Masked Owls were allowed full control of the land. Those that chose to live under their rule and follow law were given living land. The Elf Owls, however, were denied the choice. Since they weren't tall, strong, or silent, the owls banded together to kill them. Neenie was born two days after her mother died, only supported by her brother and father. The painful screaming of her father's death as Gradiew ripped his body apart still plagued her mind, while her brother's last, bloody gurgles for air after being tremendously injured by Dewin reverberated in her heart. "I have no friends, no family, no life worthy enough to-" Neenie was cut short by a snapping twig, and sharp calls of Great Horned Owls bouncing to and fro. This is it, I'm going to die here... Neenie shook violently in fear, as her body was never accustomed to long sprints, nor was she able to hide easily in the snow. Options limited, she dashed from tree to tree, attempting to outrun her fears. Reaching the first tree, her legs already stung from lack of nutrients and muscle, causing her to nearly fall. Her fear wouldn't let her stop as she took another daring sprint from the tree, running until she slammed into a feathery body. She fell back, rubbing her head until a scale-covered tail coiled around her, rising her broken body into the air. "An owl ran into me? This one seems half the try to make a meal of," a growl escaped the creature's throat, causing Neenie to tremble again. "Please, please, please! I need help, a home, something! Food would even work! Just please..." her wide bark covered irises sleek with moisture as she cried to the beast, "Just keep me from the owls..." A beak probed her side as the creature was suddenly confused. "This is just a trap. You owls think you're so smart, trying to fool a cockatrice like me. I should kill you here and now, but I should wait for your little friends. I'm in a hungry mood," he scratched his side with a foot, then swung his head up to spot a few owls break the ranks of trees as they neared. "A cockatrice? Those are enough," the largest spoke. "I'm Grandiew, the leader of this army. May I ask you to drop that Elf Owl?" "She's my appetizer, you bird brain!" it growled, this time hoisting Neenie above its head. "Be my guest, but she's thin, poor choice for protein, and has a debt to pay to my people," Grandiew's broad shoulders shined with bloody brown feathers, adorned with the waist down in black downy feathers. He only wore a robe, which did little to cover vital areas of his body, and showed from his chest up and waist down. Neenie shuddered, silently praying for her life. The cockatrice tilted its head in thought for a moment, then cold, emotionless eyes opened their sight to the opposing owls. "Debt? Elf Owls were long gone. Something you erased from this land. If she IS one of those, I'm changing my mind. However..." it swung its head to her, "She'll need to agree with a few terms of mine." "Then consider yourself dead," Grandiew withdrew a rapier, running to the cockatrice to leave his mark of dominance across the cockatrice's neck. Plans were not to be completed as the beast swung its body into the owl, knocking him off balance as it turned and fled with great speed. Neenie started to fall into sleep, more from her lack of food than her fear of death, and before long, the shadows of the world merged into a black blob. The smell of berries and nuts woke Neenie, turning her head to see wooden bowls filled to the brim with a wide variety of the delicacies. She jumped to the first bowl, scarfing down everything she could grab before bringing the bowl to her mouth, gobbling the remains with haste. She repeated the process for the other six bowls laid out before her, sighing in happiness once she was sated. "Glad you liked my assortment," the familiar, gruff voice startled her out of her trance. "W-Who are you?!" she whimpered softly, her eyes bleak with fear yet again. "Calm down. My name is Dir, and this is the home of my people," Dir grumbled as he stretched his wing to emphasise the cave. "Y-Your people?" curiosity started to bubble into her mind. How many of this creature's kin live around here? "Yes. The tribe of cockatrices live as one society, as you would call it, under the earth above. It ensures we're protected from those pesky birds." "But, what about me? Aren't I something against your traditions?" Neenie asked, stumbling to her feet to meet Dir eye to eye. "I think I'll come to like you. You speak from your heart, not your mind," Dir smiled, lifting his cracked beak to speak again, but he closed it as soon as Neenie spoke again. "But... I speak only for your tribe's well-being. If I spoke from my heart, I would of died with my family. Don't mind me also asking, but why give me food?" "Good question. Well, you'll need to gain some weight to even be edible, if I wanted to eat you. Also, your family died? How old are you?" "I'm... I'm... I don't know," she sighed in defeat. "Well, that's easy for me to find out, but it may be slightly painful," Dir patted her on the shoulder. "Guess I should be thankful... But fattening me up? That's out of the question!" Neenie experienced laughter for the first time, stopping when her lungs hurt. "I have a superior metabolism." "Ah, but I feed my guests with Chari, young one. We'll have you in fighting shape in no time," Dir chuckled as Neenie's eye grew wide. "Chari? I thought they only were edible on a new moon!" "Good thing it's during the new moon, eh?" Dir laughed. "Now, get some sleep. We have some work on nursing you tomorrow." Neenie watched as Dir left the small cavern her sleeping quarters were in, until finally laying down on the small straw bedding. Well fed for the first time, feeling at home, and even feeling like she had a family, it felt good. Something made her want to stay, but her mindset was still on the owls chasing her. Just how long would it be until they found her? Would it be by her fear, or would she end up giving their location away otherwise? The sudden spike of fear caused by her thoughts startled her. Maybe if I sleep, I can ignore my fears, Neenie thought to herself. It’s worth a shot. She closed her eyes, trying let her body fall into slumber, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling. Her fear shackled her to the waking world. She could hear the sleeping breaths of the cockatrice close by, the heartbeat of many small mammals hiding in the walls of the cavern, and even the scratching of insects and grub, something Neenie always felt at peace with before. Her eyes scanned the surrounding area once more, spotting a few assortments of bowls, woven nests, and a couple mounds of dirt. The nests were lined into the walls of the cave, most likely to help with keeping things in or out of them if blocked off, which was something she didn’t notice at first. “Why can’t I sleep?†She grumbled half to herself, half to the air around her. “I was able to sleep in the open so easily, and there’s no threats here. I don’t get why I can’t sleep...†“Something wrong?†Dir yawned as he lifted his head to face Neenie, eyes half mast. “I just can’t sleep,†she yawned, then smiled. “Yawning contagious as well. You’re going to cause a pandemic doing that.†“Maybe you just need to get used to being well fed in a bed, warm, cozy, and safe. Any creature would be the same way from your last situation. Plus, your fear scent is mucking up the place,†Dir shook his head, “What to do with you... Well, try thinking of your old home. Maybe that’ll help.†Neenie shook her head, looking down at her legs. I haven’t noticed until now, but my legs are still shaking from everything that’s happened so far... Maybe he’s right. I should work on being open to this land, rather than the last. Neenie give a contempt shake, grumbling to herself as she tried to get comfortable again. Neenie closed her eyes again, contempt with her thoughts as she finally fell to sleep. Light filtered through the cave entrance, fluttering across different rocks and minerals. Dir blinked the last few drops of sleep out of his eyes as he woke, scanning the surrounding until he found Neenie’s nest. However, he was in for a surprise when the nest was vacant of the new owner, plus a bowl of different fruits right under his feet. “Where are you? Miss Elf Owl!†Dir growled, whipping around, almost crashing into her as soon as he stepped forward. “I’m right here,†Neenie blinked, then sighed. “Do you really trust I’d want to expose myself?†“Well, how would I know you didn’t run from fear?†Dir countered half-heartedly. Neenie’s chest feathers flared as she was angered from the petty remark. “If I was afraid of you, I wouldn’t of given you food this morning! I wouldn’t of even trusted you last night! I wouldn’t of-†her voice trailed off as she teared up slightly. “I would of been dead with my family...†“I-I didn’t mean to upset you,†Dir brushed his body against hers, attempting to soothe her. “My, your dark brown feathers remind me of my children many years ago.†“Wha- Hey! Don’t change the topic on me!†Neenie pushed him over, smiling. “Unless you like the ground, I’m sure you’re a doofus for laying on it while you’re awake.†“I’ll show you doofus!†Dir tackled Neenie to the ground in a playful manner, nipping her shoulder. They continued for a while, roughhousing back and forth until Neenie motioned for Dir to stop. “I think I should learn some way to protect myself,†she seemed tuckered out as she fought for her breath. “Then I wouldn’t be a burden to anything.†“Well... I think one of your nature can try to learn earth magic,†Dir calmly spoke, as if he had given the same speech multiple times, “However, your body may never be the same again.†“What do you mean?†“Magic will alter your physical form over time, and shall manipulate your mentality as time dances its melody. The only cure to protect your mind, is to remember yourself, as if you had a family, friends, me...†Dir’s voice started to drop as a sullen look glazed over his eyes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, I also want to ask a couple things before I go and dwindle on other backstories to polish them up. Is this text size alright for those who read it? I mean, I hate for people to complain mainly on text size and not content, so let me know! Is there a writing challenge on the forums? XD It would be great if there was! Thanks for reading, and remember! Critique, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!
  8. Development Stage: 2 (Chapter 2 - Dev Stage 2 Code Name - Leo ) This game has been approved on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/448570 What Is Origin of Destiny? Origin of Destiny will be an RPG style game a bit like the system in Final Fantasy 6. Story: The Story Line Follows the 2 main characters (Sophie and Mike) who live in 2 different worlds (Not sure on the world names yet). Sophie's Adventure starts with a battle that she is unable to win and ends up with her dad being held captive. This awakens her powers and now she must fight save him as well as learn how to control this new power. Mike's adventure starts with him being locked in an arena where he must fight for his life. A group, who is currently with out a name, want to use him as a blood sacrifice. After he manages to escape he must run for his life. Character Bios: (Incomplete) Sophie (Fallen Angel) Sophie is a young girl with the power to summon creatures with powers that, In the wrong hand, could destroy the world. After her dad was taken by the dark forces he powers start to awaken. Now she must learn to control them if she wants to save her dad. Jessie (The Pink Cat) Jessie is one of Sophie's best best friends. With her speed and skill she is able to launch 3 attacks as well as cover or heal her friends in times of need. James (Magic Swordsman) A wandering swordsman looking for his master. However he is heading down the path to darkness in order to achieve his goal. Mike (Caged Cub) A young boy who has never known who he really is. Kidnapped as a baby he only ever knew his name. Now he must find his own path. Nuru (Red Dot Sight) A young girl who has a sharp eye when it comes to battle. When she finds Mike she knows he life will be changed for good. Please note this list is not complete and will be updated with new characters. Bad Guys will also be here to. Images: If you have any ideas for names (players, gear and items), Locations or a story line let me know Will try to post updates as much as I can Controls: Move: Arrow Keys Action: Z Cancel: X Menu: Escape or X Sprint: Shift Tools: W (Menu), A (To Use), Action Key (Select Tool) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OriginOfDestiny Credits: *THIS LIST WILL ALWAYS BE CHANGING* Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com) Yanfly (http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/) MOG (http://atelier-rgss.com) Victor: (http://victorscripts.wordpress.com) MGC Mode 7: (http://save-point.org/thread-3151.html) DoctorTodd: (http://beacongames.com) ESTRIOLE: (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/user/11700-estriole/) Zeus81 (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/14081-fullscreen/) (All non RTP Images and vids are place holders until I find someone who can make some eipc stuff) Forum Sigs: Video Reviews: King's RpgMaker Showcase: "Origin of Destiny" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IO6BQ8r5xs Release Notes: Alpha: 0.0.1 ======= Initial Release 0.1.1 ====== Intro Added New Character Added to Story line implemented. 0.0.2 ====== Changed some fights Added new areas New Party Members New Items New Item/Status Icons 0.0.3 ====== More items New Events Longer story No end of demo limit. (you will still see end of demo but will be able to continue playing 0.3.5 ====== More items New Events Fixed player traps in Karo Town (after Ifrit), Dragon Cave B2 and Woodland Pass (After Ifrit) Fixed Mega Flare Glitch 0.0.4 ====== video glitch fixed time/date added day/night added weather randomized 0.4.5 ====== New Batlle System 0.5 ====== Story Line Extended Multi-Inventory System Added 0.6 ====== More storyline added some bug fixes 0.6.1 (Non-Puplic) ================= Cleared Some old data and files 0.7 (Not Release Yet) ================ Extended Story Line Full Screen Added 0.7 Bugs: Battle Moves Out Of Shape 0.8d (Dev) ================ Extended Story Line Map Re-designs on some existing maps 0.9.0 ================ Some Tile set Bugs Fixed Re-mapped a few areas 0.10.0 ============= New Introduction Starting Levels changed from 1 to 5 0.10.1 ============== Small Bug Fixes Story Line Improvements =========== Minor Bug Fix Dev R101 - R102L ================= - Some graphics bugs have been fixed - New NPCs added to the Castle - Some of the books in the castle are now readable (More will be added around the world) - And finally, New Scripts have been added!
  9. TBWCS

    Next Year WIP Plugins

    I am just going to inform everyone of you that I will be working on new ideas next year. By new ideas, what have I come up that I will do as plugins anyway? I have been thinking of doing new things I never did back in Ace, and since everything was already in MV, it was hard for me to think what new stuff can I bring to the community and in RPG Maker that someone may have not worked with before. Here are the plugins I am working on and will be released on January, respectively, in no particular order. 1. Chapter Select - an ability to select a chapter on your game. The plugin reads saved files, so it kinda has that episodic feel to it. If your games are episodic, this is the perfect plugin for you to select only the chapter you want. 2. Rhythm Mini Game - A rhythm mini game, where you press the buttons on the screen, kinda like Cytus. 3. Rock, Paper and Scissors Mini Game - As the title says, a rock, paper and scissors game. 4. Message Choice Pictures - Uses pictures as choices. 5. Title Designer EX - I have started this project, although I think there were something lacking in it and I want to rewrite my support on this plugin. 6. Ys Action Battle System - An action battle system like the Ys series, where you bump the enemies to damage them. Still thinking for the projectile stuff. 7. Valkyrie Profile HUD - A hud just like Valkyrie Profile. 8. Particle System - A particle system which can be used for all my plugins that has to do with graphics. 9. Menu System Valkyrie - A menu system I designed for RMMV. 10. Menu System Verdandi - Another menu system I am designing for RMMV. 11. Verdandi Card Battle System - A battle system with cards instead of normal battles. 12. SOUL_MV Engine Plus - an engine dedicated to solve most database / utility problems, all for menus, battles, etc.
  10. =]--sd=a=-21

    An open world RPG

    I have been working on a a project for a bit. It is about a civil war. Here is a bit of the overview: The Empire (South) The Hetseans hail from Hetsa the empire essentially. They are considered outsiders in Cenna (The place were the game is based) (PS. I made a post like 2 weeks ago about a place with the same name, just disregard that. I was quite tired) but control most Half of it. They are gifted warriors that use strong armor but weak weapons. They want to keep Cenna to keep the trade route that the empire relies on. The Natives (Cenna) Cennians hail from Cenna, and posses many skills, from alchemy to Templar's, these people love there home but fear the great forest. Many hate the empire, but some even joined it. They feel as if the empire is using them and want freedom. So this is it for now I may post more later.
  11. Hello folks! I'll be starting a blog for my actually WIP project, Scalvose: End of Tides. This game is the first planned game of the series, and people who work on it may change later on. So far, the only people working on this project are: -(Owner) Rezanta Progress Detail: I'm currently fleshing out all 200 playable characters. Yes, you heard- er, read- that right. 200 characters. There's many different enemies, areas, weapons, armor, and even a few Easter eggs planned if I get to them. Story Description You, playing as Will, start in Lek's casino, which is oddly empty, save for the Kimern, a bird that guards his stuff while he's away. After looking around for any trace of Lek, you come to a conclusion that he isn't there as well. Thankfully, you can fight the Kimern anytime to help learn the basics of battle, and also learn what the powerful item, known as an insignia, does. You step outside to an interesting cut-scene where Wane's sister, Kirue, and captain Drake, are both awaiting you with some troubling news from Scalvose City. Once you arrive, you're swarmed by guards, guards, and even more guards. (Talk about a military. I thought it was chess!) This is where your first true battle will begin. (I'll leave you with the stats and skills for now, so good luck and hope you get to play the demo soon.) Enemy Field: Knight*2 (200 HP), Field Archer (150 HP) Your Field: Will, (100 HP), Drake (150 HP), and Kirue (130 HP) The battle may consist of you having to bring down the archer first, mainly if he uses Arrow wings, which grants the Enbody status. This status will up defenses for a while, and may be stacked. You can use Drake's Break skill to remove the buff, but be warned, if you start using stat boosts, the knights have Break as well. You can also take the tank-fighting approach. Although, Will's Flara Shotgun will be your best bet in the beginning against the knights. Whether you win or lose, you gain access to the castle and can continue on to see King Victor. (More to be added soon.) Quick Notes (Something I like to say/give when needed, otherwise there will be a N/A): Thanks to all of you who help set up most of the first steps I took! I want to also thank those who also responded to my "What do you think is a main Antagonist" and my character topics.
  12. Kanonelsebas

    Kanonelsebas's Maps

    Hi Everybody! So, after a long time of testing, I managed to finish this 3 maps: A World Map, and a Base and Peak of a Mountain. So, I would like some feedback about how it looks, since are my first "finished" maps and like to improve the next ones I make. Ok, first, the World Map: This is the first map I finished. It uses LemonLures's Realistic Tileset, which I finished Editing the missing areas. I'll attach the edited tileset, in case someone want to use it. Here full Size: And here a few screenshots: Still think that something is Missing on the continents, but didn't want to overcharge it. This is the Second Map I've finished: A Mountain Peak. I'm happy with the results. Although maybe I add some effects, like fog or something like that. I've used tileset created by Celianna. And here a few screenshots: And here's the last map I've finished so far: the Mountain base. I don't like very much the squares bases, so I've edited the floor to make it look like a more natural base. But I Really like the finish result. And here a few screenshots: I like some feedback, If something must be changed o improved, or if it are just fine xD I'll try to update this thread with next maps I make. Thanks for your Attention xD Greetings! Edit: I've Attached the Tilest Originaly posted Here By LemonLures which I edited to add the missing areas. If You use it, credit the Original Author, Limonlures Edit 2: fixed the Links lol Edit 3: New Maps! Abyss: Later in the game the abyss will be filled with water: This is a climbing area: The path avaible to cross by the player, are in the lighted rock. I've tried to make it look like it's the same wall. So I use the shadows to make all combined. I'll Add screenshots In game Later xD Edit 4: New Maps! I re-edited the Climbing Area, so it looks more cohesive. (Thanks Asura for the Advices) Also, I've made another Mountain's Peak, and two caves. Currently working on a Tent's Inside, that I assume, will take me a lot of time xD Climbing Area (Edited) Mountaint Peak 2: Cave 1 Cave 2 Thank you So Much for your feedback Guys! It Really Help to Improve my mapping skills xD I've Attached the Tilest Originaly posted Here By LemonLures which I edited to add the missing areas. If You use it, credit the Original Author, Limonlures
  13. Not sure if this is supposed to posted here. I think this forum must have a Resource WIP thread like one on RMW forums. This is both a suggestion and a request because a lot of people need help and feedback from others on their WIP work to make it better Thank you, replies much appreciated!
  14. RaZORex11

    Open World RPG (WIP)

    I'm currently making an Open World Sandbox RPG. Its name is Cryme CIty. I have worte down the story and want your help and suggestion to continue I would be posting the work in progress soon. I'll be like GTA and Skyrim. I'm sure you'll love the maps. The game takes place in early 80's. Sorry if I posted in wrong section, as I'm new here Reserved For Progress Showcase
  15. I lost all, but a single cell of my original dog set from FSM. I realized that it was an edit. I like the front and back, but the sides I think needs work. I am not sure what, though. Any advice would be, really helpful, if you get my meaning. Ihope someone sees what I need to do. UPDATE: I recreated my Cat character set, only I do not like the back side & am not sure what to do to make it look right.
  16. Lilium Cruentus (Tales of Adamah) First of all, hello there. And get ready for a VERY LONG post. As some of you know, I've been working in this very ambitious project. Of course, it will still take some time: altough I've even released a demo of the game, I had to restart mostly from scratch. The name Lilium Cruentus means "bloody lily" in Latin and is a reference to the loss of innocence. A lot of philosophical questions are faced by the game's protagonists, and your decisions ultimately bring about a few different endings. But, I want to share some aspects of the game, and while I can't afford to spoil a lot (it would ruin the game experience) I want to let people know the game's basic idea, get some feedback, etc. A Teaser (NOT a demo) is included for download. I decided to do so by telling the genesis of the game's universe. This is the game's scenario, where the adventure starts. I don't think I can reveal any further without ruining the playing value of the game! It's also about time I give a few credits. This project would not be possible without the following: ...each one for a reason. My big thank you! The soundtrack is composed by Helmut Vonlichten and Franz Vonlichten and is property of Wigshop Records. No part of it can be used, copied or distributed whithout the owner's authorization. This is the link to the teaser. It is NOT a demo, this short (20 min~) story happens BEFORE the actual game. There may be a few grammar mistakes and the difficulty is VERY EASY, because the purpose is just to show my gameplay/mechanics decisions. So please, have a look and give me feedback! https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpw0y1nokgsjkjs/Lilium%20Cruentus.exe If you'd like to help somehow, or simply like this project, add this to your signature!
  17. Cait

    Cat and Dog log

    First of all this is my work in progress for my logo. I like the logo itself but am debating about putting the faces in the left and right corners. I am a little concerned that it makes it look rather busy and doesn't add anything. Plus the color scheme for the logo isn't something I am certain of since I am not a logo person. It is suppose to be a game with a fun game with a little seriousness with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. Hence why you have the sprites in the logo I wanted to give you a picture of the characters in question as you first start the game. Anyway thanks for reading and hopefully giving me a few tips. Note: Onecutstudio did the cat face, which I am grateful for.
  18. Development Stage 1 (Alpha 0.2) Suikoden Online 2 is a game based on the concepts on progressing ones' character to the best they can to complete the story. Developing your weapons that your purchase or find, your rune that you obtain from the beginning and developing your very own village that you could turn into a town and eventually a city. NPC interation, player interaction and exploration are crucial to becoming the best you can be at this game. It is a spin off of a classic game that is renowned for its story development and its adventurous nature. You can explore classic locations or travel to locations not known in the Suikoden Universe. Story: The world is plagued by division. The species are at war with eachother. Humans, Elves, Vampires, Kobolds and all mystical being are fueding. The Scarlet Moon Empire is being targetted by mysterious parties and a female vampire may be the key to understanding why. It is the Hero's mission to understand what is the relationship between the war and the Scarlet Moon Empires internal conflict as they discover about the world and the different sides involved. Character Bios: Hero: A visitor travelling through the scarlet moon bordering region of Crystalis. The Hero finds them self on a journey in which they never expected. They are trained in multiple forms of combat and visited this land after hearing about opportunities of being a warrior for hire in a conflict ridden village. Video of Gameplay Screenshots: These will be updated. Download link: (This is for 0.1 and not the absolute latest). http://rapidshare.com/share/3BADFD7E8B2A0A795EAFEE38A92122A7 Here is the updated version. http://rapidshare.com/share/824B3C32859A16CC63563CEB8D48AB2D Credits TDS Stat Distribution (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/user/29-tds/) Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony http://symphonyan.org/battle-symphony-introduction/ DeathShrimp - Sprites Mithos - Sprites GrandmaDeb - Sprites
  19. Kidd The Maniac

    My First Sprite Base

    For my first project, I decided that making my own custom sprite base might be a cool idea (especially since I prefer the look of XP-ish, three-head tall sprites). I don't really have any kind of background in drawing or any other type of visual art, so she came out looking a little...off. I'd really appreciate some honest critique so that I can make a better base to build my sprites from. EDIT: Here's the update sheet of WIPs, once again going from right to left (with a few attempts at making facial expressions because why not). I tried experimenting with some things, changing the position of the arms, the width of the hips etc, and it made for some interesting differences in figure. In the end, my current 'final' base ended up uncomfortably close to charlesthehurt's* edits, which is something I'm hoping to work on over the next day or two. EDIT PART DEUX: Decided to lengthen the arms a bit as per everyone's suggestions, and yeah, it looks a lot better. I tried to tweak the shape of the hands to give the impression that her palms are facing slightly more inwards (so that you can kind of see the change in length from middle finger to ring to pinky), not too sure if it worked. I also messed with her feet a little bit, wanted to make it look more like her feet were pointed forwards. Finally, eyebrows! The one's that I'm using on my most recent tweaks are probably going to be my 'feminine' eyebrows, and then the ones on the far right top face are probably going to be used for more 'masculine' characters. (I'll probably bump this thread once I've gotten around to working on everyone's suggestions for clothing.) EDIT THE THIRD: And here's my first attempt at a back view. I can tell that the shading on this one definitely needs some work, I just need some more time to figure out where and why. EDIT THE NEXT: Aaaaand here're my first few attempts at a side view, which haven't really been all that successful thus far. Working with the base as it is, though, I decided to dress it up as one of the main characters in my current project (minus the hair, because learning how to get that right'll be a whole nother' process. The tank top ended up being a near-recolor of the base's swimsuit, but when it came to the loose shirt and the coat, I tried to make them look a littler flatter and less skintight, to give the impression that maybe these clothes are a touch too big. Learning how to make clothes look good's probably something else I'll need critique with, so any advice about the clothes would also be greatly appreciated. *Just to clarify, the edit itself was awesome, I just feel compelled to try and give my base as much additional tweaking as I can, so it doesn't just seem like I'm ripping off his suggestions and not learning anything from them.
  20. Neverward

    Building a Castle

    Hey there, just introducing this new Blog which will have everything from wip's of my current projects/non-classified commissions, to story speculations and generally anything I feel like talking about! I have never kept a blog or a journal or anything like that so we'll see how it goes! Right now I thought I'd share what I'm working on tonight! I'm creating all the tiles and parallax for a commission. The tiles for this have taken me in total perhaps... 5 hours. But I'm going to be calling it a night, and work on it more later! However, if anyone has any feedback for improvements or changes that you see, feel free to let me know! It's modeled after this lovely castle picture (which I certainly didn't do xD):
  21. AJNR

    Sadira Fan-Art

    So I've posted a couple of shots in the status feed a couple of days ago. For some reason, fanart seems to look much better than my original work (I guess it's because I have a solid reference). But the only reason I'm uploading this is because of the amount of time it's taking me and that I feel confidant that I can finish this. So I'll post up updates of the work that will go up as a final slideshow for Instagram, then I'll resume on my original work that I said I would update last week. I'll put the images - "update" shots - in chronological order in the spoilers. I'm using Paint Tool SAI and hopefully (not to sound pretentious) help someone learn new methods of creating Digital Art (along with learning some tips myself). So here's the progress so far: Warning, I wasn't able to resize the images so they will be large images (1280x1280) I know there's minor errors that need fixing (lighting, contour, symmetrical errors and all that jazz) and they'll be cleaned up and fixed before the final version. I might extend the canvas outwards horizontally to a 1:1 Ratio, but her arms and hands will always be in the foreground. Along with her stage as the background. I'M GOING TO BED NOW
  22. OneCutStudio

    Sample Tileset

    Hi Everyone, Awhile ago I posted this sample for a tileset I am making on my resource thread. I thought that I would post it here to get some feedback on what the community thinks. Honest, constructive criticism is appreciated. My two-cents: I know the wood doesn't have any texture. I know the books appear shiny...almost like balloons. I don't particularly like the drapery over the four-post bed. Something seems off... Yes, the old man and old woman are stain-glass windows. The coloration on the knights is still a bit weird. As you can see I am highly critical of my own work. With that said, I really do like my mounted animal heads. I haven't seen anyone do these yet for a tileset so I thought it might be good for a castle, tavern, or hunter's lodge. Thanks -One Cut Studio
  23. Cait

    Forsaken Menu

    I have been thinking quite a bit about my game and how I'd like it not to be just a push button fest. Yeah I am aware that in the end you do just push buttons. I was thinking about my menu and how I would like it to be more interactive than most RPG Maker games are. For example this is what I am thinking about. Now the description wouldn't appear unless you chose 'look' and each item could have a different first one. Armor or swords would have 'equip' instead of use. Of course it would have yes or no but still I was thinking of a document section that uses XS history book script. I would use the common event in items. I am willing to budge a little but this is what I am hoping to get. I know there is something like it. There has to be. I just hope that some kind soul has created a menu like this and is willing to share. ()v Have a great week! Cait
  24. Beware, this game may contain some vulgar language! Good day sir/madam! Welcome to my forum-thread to my RPG which is still WIP. My game is called Final Fantasy: Erik and Tai and the Others. As you can see, my game is mostly inspired by the Final Fantasy series from Square(soft)/Square Enix. But my game is also inspired by other games and several series I watched. Keep in mind that this is still a WIP/béta. I'm currently working on the game and I've fixed most bugs that already appeared in the demo. GENRE: Fantasy, Turn-based RPG ESTIMATED TIME OF GAMEPLAY: 1 - 2+ hours _________________________________________________________________________ STORY: Once you've waked up and sent to an errant for your sister. Things have slightly changed in the world of World. The flow of time is getting messed up and more evil has begun to show up. You, as the hero, travel in the vast world looking for an epic adventure to make friends, explore, but most likely, to fight the evil. CHARACTERS: Currently, the demo offers you 4 playable (main) characters. In the end game there will be 7-8 main playable characters and several guest playable characters. Here's a list of the characters that appears in the demo. Tai A young boy from the town of Hown. Tai is a very youthful and excited boy and spent his whole life inside the walls of Hown. Tai thinks on one day he should see World and set out on an adventure. Tai is also the character you start with in the game. Cas Tai's best friend and also Tai's neighbour. Cas is somewhat of a clown and can be very stubborn. He also doesn't mind his tongue and will say anything what comes up in his mind. Known better Cas is actually a caring boy and really nice towards people he feels comfortable with. Frank Frank is a Highwind Soldier, which serves the mighty King Cain Highwind. Frank is a really shy man and tend not to speak too much. But Frank is really a warm-hearted man when known better. But, this is also difficult for him, since he doesn't open himself to others. Jorinde Not much is known about Jorinde. Only that she has a weird ability connected with animals and creatures and that she is very reckless girl. Jorinde acts before she thinks, and because of that, she gets in trouble many times. Here are the main characters for the game _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CREDITS In the demo, I haven't used any scripts/modifications in the game yet. But in the end-game I've used many scripts of Yanfly and some moderated music of games, like Golden Sun. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KNOWN ISSUES These are some known issues in the demo (which I still remember), but I've fixed them all in the end-game, though. Hopping in your bed will recquire to step next to your OWN bed. (fixed in end-game) When trying to enter Cas' house, you can face the bush and still enter the house. (fixed in end-game) When in the Popur Tower, once you've found the hidden room, the music will stop playing in the rest of the dungeon. (fixed in end-game) After the tower dungeon and when you return to the Soldiers Hangout, talking to the wounded characters, their sprite randomly changes. (fixed in end-game) After the soldier hangout event, the boss battle music remains instead of the main battle theme.(fixed in end-game) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD Here's the download for the beta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDf5q1AfEvlVVVFMnFQeWNFc3M/edit?usp=sharing _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SOME SEVERAL SCREENSHOTS
  25. Cait


    I decided to start my graphics for my buried city, only it's going to be a little longer than I thought, as I want to see if I can create from scratch as many pieces as I can. I do have something to show, like the walls and the roads for the set, even something I did majorly edit for a sewer entrance. o_o Rusty metal is going to be my heel in this, so if you have any sites that tells you how to create this affect, I'd be grateful. I would like to create grates to the sewer by the road side, and as I said, the modern version needs signs that are broken and rusted. I think I might get away with using the metal pattern I've been using, only I need to learn to create rust. Rust is complicated, depending on what you create, so.. That's what has me stuck. T.T