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Khas Awesome Light Effects

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Awesome Light Effects 1.0

by Khas Arcthunder


- Introduction:

Hello there! This is an advanced Light Effects script, which provides realistic effects. You can setup your own effects (static light sources) and create a lantern (dynamic light source).


- Features:

Realistic Light

Light does not pass over walls, blocks and roofs

Static Light Sources

Dynamic Light Sources (like a player's lantern)

Multiple effects

Easy to use (comments)


- How to use:

All the instructions are on the Awesome Light Effects demo.

Please read them carefully.


- Video:



- Screenshots:






- Links:

Terms of Use: English - Read before use

Download: English - Latest version at the end of the post

Donations: Click here!


- Credits:

Created by Khas Arcthunder


Edited by Khas

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I'd recognise that theme anywhere, Mirai Nikki opening?

Lighting seems to look alright though.

Would be good if the character itself had a shadow though since I don't see one in that video.

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Thomas Edison VX fades in comparison to this masterpiece! You sir are amazing!


EDIT: Question! Let us imagine that one day we get an "Overhead Ceilling" script for Ace (I'm hoping everyone is familliar with), and so the player can go underneath the ceilling and behind the wall. Now, I noticed that in this script, the shadow from the wall will start on the ceilling's edges if the player stands above it. But what if I used the "Overhead Ceilling" script, and had the character holding a torch go behind the wall, the shadow should realistically begin at the wall's base, no? So, any chance of this script getting that modification?


P.S: I tried to explain it the best I could, if picture is needed for better understanding I'll provide it :)

Edited by ~NeXy~

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I didn't understand it well, can you explain better please?


Alright, here's the deal. In this first picture I marked my issue, it would seem that ceilling is casting the shadow, and not the wall (which is pretty weird, no?):




Now, considering that the wall is two tiles high the shadow should actually begin at the wall's base (Marked in red lines), which in this case is two tiles bellow the ceilling. So, the blue line marks where the shadow should really appear:




I hope this clears things up a bit.

So is it possible to make this at all? Thanks in advance :)

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Now I understand :D

Everything is possible. I'll make an special version with this kind of "correction".


However, I'm a little busy these days, so I think I'll be able to make this change next week.

When I finish it, I'll post it at my blog and here.

Thanks for this awesome sugestion!

Bye o/

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I have a question. Can you make so that events, such as say foes would react to your light source of the lantern and come to explore what it was? Meaning you'd have to snuff out your fire and be still in the darkness? And once the foe does not find you they move away?

Edited by MISTER BIG T

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Is it possible to make screen completely black? So that only light comes from character with flashlight? Also is it possible to change range of light?


As I understood from deep research, :P I need to make pictures in Light folder and connect them with script?

Edited by DJPrichard

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Just put a little opacity on the effects surface.

You may test it with white color.



Yeah, it is.

Change the effects surface's opacity to 255, it will be completely black.

To change the light's range, just create an image with the desired range, but read the script and follow the image making rules!

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My question on this is if say I go into a cave and it goes dark, as all caves without light is,

and I leave said cave how do I fix the lighting effect so the over world wouldn't be dark as in the cave?


You add the script command to the transition event from the cave to the Overworld so it sets the lighting back to the overworld lighting effect.





I have two questions! Can you make it so it doesn't darken the map name pop-up window, and what are the best light settings for Night, Dawn, Day and Dusk?

Edited by mykehdoom

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