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Adding monsters

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First, go to the database.


Second, Enemies and follow the direction of the other enemies.


Finally, make a troop off them.


On those two pages, just follow the example of the examples.

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Oh, sorry I wasn't being specific. I meant custom monsters. Like adding new resources,how do i add custom monster? Not the ones that the program already have. I feel there isn't enough pictures of monsters,

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If you have already imported the pictures, then skip to the next section below.

Click on Resource Manager (or press F10).

Select the Graphics/Battlers folder.

Click on Import...

Navigate to your saved monsters image files are located on your PC.

Click OK, then close the Resource Manager.


Click on database (or press F9).

Go to the Enemies tab.

If you do not have enough room, click on  Change Maximum and raise the number.

Select an empty slot (or one that is used that you want to overwrite {you could also right click and delete a mob, but a lot of us save them for reference. Just increase the maximum and place them at the bottom).

In the General Settings to the right, enter in the values you want for the monster.

Do the same for the Rewards, Drop Items, Action Patterns (if needed) and Features. The Note box is simply for your notes, the players do not see them.

Double click the Graphic box.

Select your monster.

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