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KMS Mutable Effect

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KMS Mutable Effect

Script by Tomy



Latest Version: 2012/01/22



This is a simple script allows you to create skills and items that use the effects of other skills or items at a predefined chance.


For example, the skill Fire can have a 10% chance to use Fire II's effect when used. The battle log will still show the original skill/item name, however.



KMS Mutable Effect 2012-01-22.txt



Paste this script into its own page within the "Materials" section in the script editor of your project.


How to Use

This script uses notetags. Please read the comments thoroughly.





Terms and Conditions



Quick English summary:

-Use KMS scripts at your own risk and backup your project

-Kamesoft does not accept requests

-Editing the script is fine as well as distributing modified versions. Just don't say you made it all yourself.

-Usage does not require crediting to original author

-You cannot(?) use this script in mature/adult games(?) (ages 15+ ~ 18+)

-FREE for use in commercial/shareware games


The English version translated by Mr. Bubble, but credit to Mr. Bubble is not necessary.

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