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Crypt-EX, custom data encryption

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Crypt-EX is a script that provides a custom archive format that provides a different way to pack your data and graphic resources.




Crypt-EX page: http://www.whiteflute.org/wfrgss/?vrp=1,35


Download link highlighted below






Some things to watch out for, based on some experiments while trying to get it to work myself. It probably is mentioned in the readme, but I can't read it well. If you find anymore you can post them and I will add it to the list.

  • For graphics, only png images are supported. If you have other file formats, their tool doesn't seem to pack them into their archive. I don't know if they have other tools for this, but so far the ones that I've tried only supported png's.
Basic Usage


It is in the readme, but here's how I got it to work


1. Start by downloading crypt-EX package from White-Flute's site and extract it somewhere.

2. Copy cexpackdata.exe and cexpackimage.exe to your (unencrypted) project folder

3. Run cexpackdata.exe, and you should get a data.rpack file

4. Run cexpackimage.exe, and you should get a image.rpack file

5. Create a new folder that you will contain your encrypted project and copy the following into it

  • data.rpack
  • image.rpack
  • Game.rgss3a and Game.rgss3d from the RGSS3 folder that came with crypt-EX
  • System/RGSS301.dll (you must use 301, not 300)
  • Game.exe and Game.ini, properly referencing RGSS301.dll
  • wfPcrypt.dll that came with crypt-EX


Test that it works.

There are other instructions in the readme, one regarding transition files...and probably other stuff.

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This utility was removed by the author from their site as there was a fundamental flaw in the implementation of the encryption system such that it actually provided very little, certainly far less than was intended, protection and there was no realistic way to quickly nor easily rectify this deficiency.


Anyone that has used this program should consider implementing alternative and/or additional protection strategies for their products.

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Care to share which other protection methods there is?


I've seen a few over the years, none that either worked nor were particularly good at their intended function.


It's a persistent void that is just screaming to be filled by a talented individual or group. However, I am not that person. I am far better at breaking walls than building them (but, I am not the person that broke the system used in the OP).

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I don't have a copy of it and if white-flute doesn't want it to be distributed then...well that's it lol

is there any old methods that will work as Crypt-Ex ? i need it because when i try to upload my game it is with all files and large size =S

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I am not sure what you mean. Crypt-EX just provides a custom encryption routine. It might have done some compression I'm not sure.


You can use RM's built-in encryption by compressing your game when you publish it.

If your game is too big...well crypt-EX wouldn't have helped make it smaller anyways.

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This will be a very old bump but I assume that is fine if its relevant.


I noticed you talked about certain dll version and this is a bit worrisome because I want to use a custom version the high res one.

"System/RGSS301.dll (you must use 301, not 300)"


Just wondering if I will run into issues on this. 


Thanks :)

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