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Crystal Noel

Crystal Engine – Weakness Reduction

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Crystal Engine – Weakness Reduction Version 1.00


by Crystal Noel

With this script you can reduce the amount of damage taken by an element that is a weakness. So, any element that you are weak to you get some damage taken off. If you don't know what a weakness is, it is an element rate over 100%.

- Damage fully controllable.
- Compatible with Enemy Classes and Levels as well as Enemy Equipment
- Works with Abilities and Augments



How to Use
Put above main and below the default Scripts. I don't think placement matters outside those conditons

don't need one this script is simple



Q: What is the definition of weakness?
A: An element rate over 100%.

Q: Do you do requests?
A: Not, right now because of Pokemon for Ace.

Credit and Thanks
- Crystal Noel

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