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Recruitment Rules

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Recruitment Forum Rules


Note: The purpose of this forum is for you to recruit for your game project. Game developers looking to be part of a team can come here and view this thread to see if there is a position that fits their skills.


When posting in the Recruitment Forum, you are expected to read, understand the following rules and meet the minimum requirement to post new thread in this forum.


The following rules will override any Board Rules.


1) This part of the forum has been set up to allow you to create a recruitment thread. As the OP, you will be able to edit your topic as often as you want.


You are allowed to 'bump' the thread every month to let other members know that you are still available for recruitment. Threads that remain inactive for three months will be locked and will be archived after six months. If you would like a thread reopened then pm the local moderator (@Tarq).


2) Provide As Much Detail As You Can: The more details you provide about your project and what you are looking for, the better chances you will have that somebody will want to join your project. It's highly encouraged that you have a game topic as well that you can link to, as this will have a better chance of gaining interest, however it's not required.


3) Take Initiative: The more active you are, the better chances you will have. Take the initiative, and don't wait around for somebody to come to you. Check out the Skill Display to see who might be looking to join a project, and send them a PM.


4) Do Not Spam: Spam threads will be met with a warning.


5) Compensation: For recruitment topics that offer compensation, these matters need to be handled privately between the recruiter and the ones being hired. No forum action will be taken in the event of any disputes, as this is strictly a private arrangement between the parties involved.


The Board Guidelines still apply.

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