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Import Parameters

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Import Parameters



This script allows you to maintain your class parameters in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, and then import them into the database editor.


It should be somewhat easier to fine-tune your parameters.




Script: http://db.tt/lcT1R4Fh

Import Template: http://db.tt/UOhKJsaM (fill this out)




1. Download the import template: http://db.tt/UOhKJsaM


2. Create a backup of your classes.rvdata2 file.


3. Each file contains data for a single class, so if you have multiple classes, then you will have multiple copies of this template.


4. The first number in the top-left corner (cell A1) is the class ID. The rows represent the parameters for that level (given in column 1), and the columns along the top are the parameters: you simply need to fill out each cell in the table. Only up to level 99 is supported.




5. Place your csv files inside your project folder the same place where game.exe is)




6. In the configuration, enter the list of csv files to load data from, and optionally specify the delimiter if you are not using a comma.




7. Run script. If successful, a success message should appear


8. Close testplay, close project without saving, and re-open project


9. The new data should appear in your database editor

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It would certainly help teams who want to split up work on the database, instead of having to keep sharing the game file they could just coordinate excel spreadsheets.  Can something like this be used to also handle skills, weapons, armor, enemy, troop, animations, or other database tabs?

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CSV files are very limited when it comes to working with data.

You can only realistically work with simple values like numbers or strings. It would be unfeasible to try to manage things like features.

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